Design Home

Design Home

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.23.0026
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 207.52 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 136 185


Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too! PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:



  • Great but missing stuff

    By erinefree
    Wish there were competitions and unlimited uses of items like in covet fashion. It would make this 5 stars for sure. But right now there’s a lack of competition and freedom because of those restrictions.
  • Please fix the hacking issue?

    By Jenny6brains
    It happened again an HMac in Challenge A Blushing boutique used blackening, please stop rewarding hackers. I know there use to be a way to report a broken image, but Its no longer there. I’ve been running into a lot of images where the furniture has been altered either by flipping the white to black or putting an ombre on the product. And a couple of those recently got 5.00 rating so you can clearly see what products they placed where an then confirm their in the wrong color. I remember a sofia and a noir imagination being a people who had these product customizations. Please fix the issue of cheaters being rewarded for poor sportsmanship.
  • Many designs won’t render

    By callene33
    The app has technical bugs and many designs won’t render. These designs appear blank to voters so don’t receive votes. Reaching out to customer support yields no response. Extremely poor customer service and reliability in this app.
  • Love

    By shamiele
    I’m addicted to this game😩😩😩
  • Smooth Design

    By ChrisTin CipoLLa
    easy to use, addicting and you will want to spend money on diamonds but you can earn them in the “free” section, which i do a lot! but i also happily spend a little cash too because i enjoy my designs~ love it! thanx developers 😊
  • If possible, developer please respond 😁

    By 🌹🌸🌸🌹
    Very nice game for the most part. I wish it could be easier to get cash and gems. I usually DONT spend money on games and so I was very happy the home design was free. Almost NO adds, (which is surprising, but true) I wish that you could get your results for your designs back sooner, but I understand why it takes 1-3 days. (I’m not always very patient 😊) Also things are very expensive (fake/game money, of corse) when you buy things like couches or dining tables. At least you get 5 uses out of it, instead of 1. I also wish that once you buy an item, that you could sell it, or even rent it out! (That might be a fun twist 😋) I also think that you should not HAVE to have Facebook to barrow furniture. Other than that it is a very nice game, and the graphics are better than I could ever imagine. I would give it more like 4.5 stars but it won’t allow me to do that. 😁 I hope you try this game, I mean, it’s free! But I think you will find that you very much enjoy it! Was this review helpful to you? Then say so! Dear developer: If you are reading this: first, thank you for taking your precious time to read this, and second, if you could respond to me that would be amazing! 😁 Thank you!!
  • Another pay to play game.

    By Becness1
    It’s addicting and then more diamond purchases are required for each design. You only get 500 diamonds a day but most paintings cost more than that. If you don’t fill in all the optional items then you don’t get a good score. So, you have to buy diamonds if you want a good score. Also, most people have no fashion sense and think black and white is best. Definitely grew up in the 80s. You can be more creative than black and white.
  • Love it

    By tbretzer
    I’m not a big game player. This I love and as I don’t have any extra $$ to spend on games, I’m using the different ways to get free diamonds. I love love love the grand rooms that are more dramatic than every day homes. Loads of fun and super addictive.
  • Terrible support

    By Dynadogis#1
    I didn’t receive gems for a challenge and contacted their support team immediately. They didn’t respond for almost a week and by that time I wasn’t sure which challenge it was. We’ve went back and forth which has lasted over a month because they don’t respond. You get automated responses. Too many game glitches. Cool concept. Terrible support and customer service.
  • Not trustworthy

    By Gypsy attitude
    I just joined a week ago and I agree with other reviews that your prizes are gone before you have used them and they purposely try to squeeze money out of you by withholding rewards you have earned ! I enjoy it slot but am listing interest due to these factors ! I’ll try to find a similar app that is trustworthy
  • So much pink

    By subsubbing
    I’m noticing a weird voting bias towards obnoxious pink decor and find it baffling. Maybe it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday, or maybe it’s the fact that the core demographic in this community is preteen girls? I don’t know. Otherwise fun. I wish there was more wall art available at lower levels. 3/5 stars because I’m now considering dropping out of college and spending my entire waking life watching ads in this app for 15 diamonds a pop while waiting for new challenges to open.
  • Money

    By TexasMomTam
    When you make a purchase you only get to use the item a few times then you’re forced to buy it again. You also have to meet certain criteria which forces more spending and you may not even like it. Stop taking our items and forcing criteria, Let US TRULY be designers please. Also, I don’t mind spending money on a game but this is ridiculous. Side Note: voting results takes forever.
  • Fun Game

    By Asnia18
    This is a pretty fun game. It provides a nice little break in your day. My only gripe is the voting system. You can create a great design, but you likely won’t get a high score because the people playing & voting only seem to like monochromatic or black and white rooms. There have been countless occasions where I’ve seen poorly designed rooms or rooms that don’t follow the instruction, get a score of 5 close to 5. At any rate, it’s a cute game to play for fun, forget your score.
  • Hmmm...

    By Bralynn Wythmore
    Needs some improvement. I’m not that happy that I have limited ‘money’ on the app. I can only design 2 or 3 rooms a day which disappoints me. But a plus is that everything is realistic and stylish. I love!
  • Price $$$$

    By StephAC0787
    I love this game. It gives me so many ideas for my own rooms at home. I just wish we had an option to shop the gems by price instead of just color requirements and so forth. I shop like that on all websites. I know this is a game, but sometimes you just don’t want to spend a bunch of money on high priced items. Please look into adding that option to the game!
  • Great game

    By DonnaFirsty
    This game is a lot of fun! There is room for improvement, of course. Its goal is definitely and obviously to make money for the game developers through In-App Purchases. As a result, you can definitely have more fun playing if you have more money to spend. But unfortunately, twenty bucks worth of diamonds doesn't go as far as you'd think. I think the app developers could make more money if they listened to user feedback, and made this more playable for people who don't have $100 a month to spend. For example, if $20 bought you a lot more, you'd make it up in volume. If you got 20 instead of 5, and could trade with others, more people would play. If you had unlimited borrowing, instead of just once every four days, more people would play... and if you could borrow accessories it would be even more fun. If you could buy accessories with cash instead of only with diamonds, more people would play. The reason people submit designs that don't follow the challenge's criteria is because they can't afford to buy diamonds. Also, a way to immediately return something you bought by accident would be helpful. I'd personally love to see drapes and throw pillows added to inventory. I really think that DH would make even more money if you could get more for your buck. They would make up in volume anything lost in other ways. Developers should think outside the box on this one! The game feels discouraging when it gets too expensive to play.
  • Worthless

    By Catmanduet
    Tutorial freezes.
  • Fun but $$

    By Yayax7
    Loved the game. Lots of fun but to be able to make beautiful designs you have to fork over some cash. I reached level 13 and decided that I spent enough. Then the stuff you do buy is only temporary. Not investing any more cash in this game.
  • Great app but one issue

    By JaydaBlaze
    I used to play this all the time and then stopped for a while. I recently updated the app and tried to sign in and it’s basically making me start from the beginning again. I had a large inventory and now I don’t have anything. It kind of makes me not want to play again. My sister had the same situation but she was able to start from where she left off over a year ago. Kinda bummed. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  • Becoming un-fun

    By dabigbratt
    I started playing 12/7/2018 and was immediately addicted; however, I have found that it takes days/weeks to earn enough cash and diamonds in order to purchase in-game items to use in design, so the game appears to favor those willing to spend money. Also, there is an ongoing image glitch the developers do not seem to care enough to fix! The developers’ response to reviews is to request that the person contact them directly; this has been going on for months and the issues described in the reviews still exist, leading one to believe that the developers don’t listen. I do not recommend this game at all. Save your time and money.
  • A few changes would make this perfect.

    By littlewebbems
    I love this game. But I’ve also spent WAY too much on this. Yeah, I get that the App needs a way to make money. But come on. Things that would make this perfect? 1) give us a little more diamonds for the daily reward. 2) it would be kinda AWESOME if you could trade back what inventory you DONT use or want for cash or diamonds. I understand that you get five pieces of whatever you purchase for one price. But it would be AWESOME to trade back what you don’t use or want for the difference in diamonds or cash. I don’t want to have to buy another set of five of the same thing just to make a complete set for the challenges. 3) it would be nice to get a little more for a 5.00 design. We work hard for that. And what we get for 5.00’s is kind of cheap. Other than that. I love this game.
  • Fun but needs tweaks

    By Blackavar015
    Fun, relaxing game if you like interior design. No guilds you have to satisfy; no logging in at weird times, whether you want to or not. But I wish the game developers would listen to some of these comments and tweak the game. First, I wish they would add more wall and table art. I’ve started playing near Valentine’s Day, and my options are pink and pink. Those little accents can really drive a room, and there’s hardly anything to choose from. They also need to balance out the inventory. When I search for a white couch, there are a gajillion, many which look basically the same. But when I search for a pink rug - because pink is what I’m forced to accent with in early February - there are only 3 or 4 options, none of which are appropriate for the space I’m designing. I’m assuming this will improve once we’re past February, but giving us nothing but pink table and wall art to design with is clearly unrealistic when it’s such a dead end with real furniture design. And hot pink does not blend well. I also wish they would let us preview more than 2 unpurchased items at a time. I’m middle aged and have enough IRL to remember - if this is supposed to be relaxing, can’t you let us preview three or four items at once? Would that really kill your bottom line? I also agree with the comments that they need to do something about the star challenge criteria. Each challenge has objective and subjective criteria - if you don’t meet the objective criteria, you can’t submit your design. Fair enough. The problem is the subjective criteria, which is buried in the client description. People don’t have to follow this, can still submit, and then based on the popular vote win top scores (and vise versa). But there are still some people who will vote down a design that doesn’t meet that client description (I do this), so we’re all stuck not knowing whether to follow those client desires. That’s not fun. Either stop adding that superfluous language, take it more seriously by reposting it in the voting screen, or do some other fix so that is not so frustrating. Please. =) Finally, I agree that the rewards should be higher. I understand that part of the challenge is the limited spending resources, but after awhile it’s like you’re designing the same room over and over agin because you can’t afford to buy new stuff. And I’m P2P, not F2P. You also have to limit your play because there’s only so much you can do each day with the cash/diamonds that you have. Games that have such a starkly limited game play don’t tend to keep players very long (because we will go play a game that is more immersive). You need to create a world that we get lost in and don’t want to leave. I wouldn’t bother writing all this out if I didn’t think this is a fun game with a lot of promise. =)
  • Diamonds and cash

    By 123456k$
    I really enjoyed playing this game. However, I feel that we should be able to purchase with cash money as well as diamonds. It’s not fair that we can only purchase furniture with the cash but we can’t purchase home Decor. Because of this i do not play the game as much as I would like because I hardly ever have any diamonds to purchase home
  • Fun but could be improved

    By dannyboy5720
    This game is so fun! It occupies too much of my time. I really enjoy how the furniture that you purchase is actual furniture that you come by online and in stores. I think it’s also fun that they’re showcasing name brands that many people can buy online like West Elm. There is not room for muck flexibility. I like having requirements but I don’t understand why you can’t choose to place a chest instead of a side table, console table, side chair... etc. also placement of rugs furniture etc. I also don’t understand why the furniture is full price and we are only getting $500 for a design job. If you think about how much professional designers and interior decorators get for a job it’s usually by percentage. That would make their commission a lot higher than $500 and one 2,500 per day. I mean we aren’t buying everything from ikea, there’s many items on her for 10k, which is normal, but 500 is what most designers would make in one day of just “advising.”
  • money scam

    By 715!
    I used to really enjoy this game however, they recently added floor items (which cost diamonds) in addition to the wall art, plants and table art already costing diamonds. The problem is there is no way to earn diamonds except buying them. (using real money) Everyday design home gifts you with 500 diamonds in your inbox, however this is barely enough for the cheapest painting. Your room is voted on and if you don’t add wall art/floor items/table art/plants the room looks empty and your score remains low meaning you do not receive the prize diamonds or win more furniture. Overall, it’s become almost impossible to even decorate a room if you don’t want to spend money. I’m highly disappointed as I used to love this game, but I will be deleting it considering it’s not fun having no furniture to decorate!
  • Love it but

    By Hdbcjeneg
    I’m not trying to be mean but you need to think more. I mean it looked fun and the reviews where overflowing with happiness but when I tried it I didn’t like it that much. 😞 things you can do to make it a better game: everything free, have your own house 🏡, make a husband , have kids ,go to the park, go to resterants , go get new clothes. I know I know that would be more of a family game but hey you should make that game then you would be famous and that would be my favorite game! I’m just saying , bye 👋

    By NikkiTthatsme
    I just bought a rug and sofa and they are nowhere to be found. Their special items that you have to purchase with diamonds in order to get five stars to purchase more items is a hoax. If you want to gets five stars you better purchase their special stuff with real money otherwise you don’t get squat!
  • Good game however hard to get diamonds😳

    By Kelly1720
    This game would be great if you could get diamonds easier to purchase items! Or use the game cash to buy the new event decorations. Seems they want you to spend your real money and TapJoy is a joke to earn diamonds! Most the time the apps don’t open or your not even gifted for doing the task or like me I signed up for something and was charged that I didn’t even know I subscribed to😳 It’s ok game but getting boring with not moving up quicker and I’m not spending real cash to decorate in a game when I can decorate my own house for less😊
  • I love this game! But would like to see more!

    By Nan Miura
    I love this game, but would like to see more! I think it would be more fun to design the entire house, apartment, condo, mansion, cabin, hotel, whatever it may be. Obviously with designing the entire building, it would require more rewards for the completion. As others have said before, sometimes I see that I have some missing items from my inventory. Such as some chairs, dining tables, or ottomans. As for the rewards, as others have said, sometimes I can’t use the item because it’s kind of out there. Or the reward item doesn’t fit the criteria of other design challenges. I’d like to see the prices of items go down or to be able to purchase the same item for more quantity at the same price it’s listed at for five items. Otherwise, I was extremely excited for this game! I have been playing faithfully for almost two years now. I plan on becoming an interior designer, and this is great practice before I take the plunge in accomplishing my dreams!
  • I wish this would stop crashing

    By Stacked Heels
    This is a fun game to play but it’s become hopeless. Awesome rooms don’t win and awful rooms do. The game constantly crashes and makes you start all over, and just when you get it almost complete a 2nd time, it crashes again. I’m about done playing this until these things are addressed.
  • Daily Design

    By Betts145
    This is cool game but wish Daily Challenge was more than Living Rooms every time. Switching it up would be great! Bedrooms, etc
  • Poorly Designed and Deleting it

    By HensByTheSea
    I do liked this game when I first started playing but after a month, I’m so over the “games” played with my inventory. My prizes and purchases disappear before they are used up. They call them a Purchase but in reality, you attain 5 of eCh item, so it’s actually more like Rental Furniture 😬🤔😢. The other thing is the reward system is small; at least give a carrot for hard work 🤔 nope, you get a few bits and only can play with the small daily reward - unless you send them money and they aren’t getting my hard earned dollars if they can’t even GIvE me the item to keep in my inventory forever. Don’t let them Make fools of you either. Going back to my drawing by hand; the app is worthless
  • Let Us Have the Furniture Forever!

    By Here's something to improve.
    I really like Design Home, but it is really frustrating when you cam only use a piece of furniture 5 times. Let’s say I bought something for $50,000. If I need it more than 5 times, I have to buy it again. I mean, what’s up with that? If we could have the furniture forever, I would give this app 5 stars. But, the fact that I have to worry about if I need to buy more of it is really annoying. Thank you for reading this. -I Am Going to Be Kept Anonymous
  • Fun but No Customer Service

    By Stefanie233
    This can be fun game however do not expect satisfactory help for issues. You are forced to spend money, through Apple Pay, to purchase items needed to complete a challenge. I had a submission corrupted when it loaded—it turned black and had bits from other rooms on it. When I sent in a request all I received was a sorry they didn’t know what happened. I sent in 3 additional requests that they either fix the issue, return the items used to my inventory to use for another room, or reimburse me with their “diamonds” (what they use as purchase currency). They have yet to do anything except say sorry for the inconvenience! It has been five days and I am not going to spend any money on this app unless they address this issue.
  • No app support.

    By Unsatisfied Mom!
    I wanted to get some diamonds to use in the game so I bought some and they never got put into my account in the app. I tried to contact support but all I got was an automated response that I would be contacted shortly. I’ve never been contacted and I have yet to see my diamonds I paid for. Long story short, don’t buy anything in this game or even “complete tasks” or “actions” to get free stuff. It doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time.
  • Where’s my stuff

    By Melinda Waybright
    I purchased items with the money and diamonds I earned and I won prizes too! I should be able to keep those items and not have a limited use on them then they disappear!!! That is ridiculous! Please fix that so the items I purchase can be used WHENEVER I want to, I still have all my coffee tables but who knows they may disappear too!! 🤬🤬🤬
  • Fake

    By Gibber9000
    If you don’t buy diamonds you score low.

    By Bugged to bits
    If you want to have any fun in this game at all be prepared to pay a whole lot of money - like $10 to $20 per week at least. This game is pretty good at allowing you to get the furniture pieces for your designs but you need to use diamonds for the “decor” element of the design and the wall decor, table decor, plants, etc. are outrageously expensive. The game considers a gem equal to a “dollar” when buying furniture or rugs but the “decor” element is just as expensive as a chair or shelf and you can only use diamonds for the “decor” plus you need a lot of “decor” in order to win the furniture prizes or it makes playing the game short lived. You can try to win diamonds by using Tapjoy but it truly is not worth your while to do so. The benefits to this game are the fact the game has really good pictures (except when it glitches and goes black) and it is really pretty. The game can be a lot of fun but becomes frustrating quickly if you are not someone with a large disposable income.
  • Too hard to earn diamonds

    By jsmith0119
    One of my favorite games to play, but could definitely use some tweaks.... first- it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to earn diamonds (you can only buy decor/specialty items/etc) with diamonds.... I’ve completed many of the “free” options to earn diamonds (5/10 times the reward is never actually rewarded) I want to give it a 5 star but this is a big hang up in the game...
  • Need a better reward system

    By Friend138
    I realize this is an app and there is necessary maintenance that comes with running an app, however, spending a lot of the game money to decorate a room and receiving only $500 game cash, just doesn’t add up to fun for me. The items are very expensive to purchase and you get almost nothing back for completing a challenge. Perhaps I’m missing something? I’ve only found that spending real money is the only way to get a substantial amount of game money. I can’t justify paying real money to decorate a fake room. I have a lot of fun decorating, like many others do and I’m sure many can agree with me on this... Please adjust the rewards.
  • Fun but expensive

    By alysco2003
    I can not lie- I’m addicted to this game, but I spend a lot of money on it. The Tapjoy and Free videos to win diamonds doesn’t pay out enough. I just buy my diamonds now- Tapjoy is a joke. What would make this game better: drop the prices for items or make the diamond win totals bigger.
  • No support for reward failure

    By review 102705
    The game is fun but the company is all about the advertising $$$ and offer no real support if you don’t get your rewards
  • Great game!

    By Yarbus's been very glitchy since the Last update, particularly when voting. Please fix it!
  • Designed for Fun!

    By BLCJT
    Design Home is my newest addiction - love it! My only regret is that you can't rearrange furniture. That feature would make it way over the top! I would like it better IF when a design is suggested or required it must also be judged by that design style. People get 5s for making a beautiful room, never mind that it is supposed to be "rustic", "Modern", etc. Why make a requirement if it doesn't matter?
  • I really enjoy this, but...

    By conti1112
    Consider this review a 3.5. So, I’m not a designer by trade (I wish!) But like to think and have also been told that I have a good eye. Anyway, what frustrates me is that I read the descriptions in this game about who my client is (profession usually provided), the style they want their room to be, that they like a certain color or want splashes of color, etc. I take all of these into account when choosing items. I typically score in the 4’s, have gotten a 5 or two. When I look at the top scoring designs, it’s clear to me that their designers haven’t read a thing in the description. They use styles that the “client” did not request, and the winners typically design monochromatic grey, beige or black rooms. Ho hum. Boring. And not what was asked. I wish there were a way for the scoring to reflect this. Oh, well—it’s just a game. But I’m competitive by nature. Sue me. 😬
  • Scoring makes no sense

    By Nataloon
    I don't understand how I can be so close to a design that got a 5 and come out with a 4.05. That is a score for a design with no rug, mismatched furniture, etc... The scoring makes absolutely no sense. Also, I've noticed that a lot of people that score a 5 don't follow the story of the room. Maybe there should be more requirements to make it fair for the people that try to go along with it? I've got about a 10% five star percentage for how many designs I've designed, so I'm not terrible at this... I just don't get the scoring sometimes.
  • It doesn’t give you your coins

    By nicolopolous
    I’ve really like this game but I’ve had a issue where I don’t get my daily coins and rewards
  • Love this app!

    By gamegirl777
    So much better than the other home design games. Addictive!!
  • Greatest example of why we should unite against the in-app purchase system

    By Juggrnaughty
    I love the idea of this game, but you cannot play it without planning to spend far more than you ever would if it were a standard video game (yes, even including the $79.99+ video games of today). UNLESS you wanna score some diamonds by providing your contact information to numerous never-heard-of-before shady affiliates in the form of "short surveys" and the like, which pretty much guarantees it's getting sold to other shadowy third-parties, yada yada yada you're drowning in spam and fake cell calls forever and ever, all for a fake sofa. You can't afford to actually style a room how you want to, plus they include requirements that guarantee you have to buy furniture you'd never actually pick if you were allowed to play how you want. AND you have to re-buy things after you've used them in five rooms, so you can't even complete challenges for much-needed cash by plopping in what you own despite how it looks (requirements prevent that too of course). I'm really fed up with this pricing structure in general, but I especially don't get it for this game (hence the review). It just feels so unnecessary considering the product. It's excellent advertisement for these retailers (I've been exposed to at least three brands I hadn't heard of), so I'm assuming the developer gets something from them to be able to use their products and link to their sites right from the game. Up what you're charging the retailers, charge upfront for the app instead of this oh it's free wink wink garbage, and severely limit in-app purchases... ridiculously big diamond packages only, $20+ for die-hard players. Would that really not cover cost and allow for profitability still? Still sounds like a money-spinner to me. Also, get rid of those shady affiliates...cause ya know, they're shady. I just want to be able to put cool housewares in different rooms, and unfortunately I haven't found any alternative to this yet.