YI Home

YI Home

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-11-11
  • Current Version: 4.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 89.58 MB
  • Developer: Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 14 801


The YI Home app is the intuitive and easy-to-use app for all your YI Home Cameras. Follow the simple onscreen instructions to add your YI Home camera then easily access 24/7 live view of your home, from anywhere. With push notifications switched on you’ll be alerted through your smartphone of unusual activity. Set motion tracking, camera settings, alert frequency, access your YI Cloud, and more. App Features • Real-time video streaming from your camera to your phone • 2-way conversation and audio • Activity highlights of unusual motion detected activity • Pan, tilt, and zoom on your phone to see more details of the room • 1080p HD video with both day and night vision • Secure your videos with a micro SD card



  • Great product

    By Bcorbb
    Great product for the price. It is a little late on catching movement but other wise great product. We are using one for a baby monitor I love how you can talk through them. Other wise just all and all great product.
  • Issues lately getting worse.

    By ds121245
    So many times wasn’t able to connect gets stuck on 90% until I unplugged and plugged back in. Also fails to load motion activated clips randomly 5 out of 10 times. Super annoying. Past week wasn’t recorded out of nowhere.
  • Good product

    By jmanofrock22
    We got this for my dad for Christmas and he is obsessed with it. He wants 3 more so he can watch what’s happening in and around the house when we aren’t there. Set up took a bit of finagling but once we had it going, everything ran smooth. Would recommend this product over other WiFi cameras on the market.
  • Ideal for my needs

    By B Fournet
    Gives me a great panorama of my living room/kitchen area. Providing some peace of mind while I’m away...
  • Works half the time

    By jbluepit101
    When I first got these cameras I was so happy with them because as I got an alert I was able to view the alert within a second of two and everything was working fine after a couple of months of using the cameras I might get an alert I go to beauty alert dealer it’s not there sometimes it is there but it doesn’t blow it’s telling me that it’s on able to load video there’s a lot of things I think they need to fix with this and I hope they take care of it because the cameras a great and did pretty good for the money so please look into this and try to fix these problems
  • YI going out of business?

    By iPhoneUserApple
    Why delete reviews that ask? App hasn’t worked for weeks! Fair question!
  • Errors Occur - Please FIX

    By jibboy
    This WAS a great app, but after the most recent update, I’m no longer able to view cameras or do anything at all. Please FIX so the positive reviews can come back!
  • No longer getting notifications pop ups

    By Gopro24248765
    Everything in the application was fine as I've been using this app for many years now. However I'm no longer getting notifications pop ups on motion detection. Which is my main purchase of picking up this camera.
  • All I get is a big fat fail.

    By Mescolito
    “Network connection failed. Please check network settings and reconnect. (-3030)” 98% of the time. UNABLE TO VIEW CAMERAS WITH APP! (No wifi issues in locations where cameras are located. Happened suddenly, all worked fine until 2 days ago. Please fix, or suggest what I can do to fix. Once fixed and working, I cannot recommend this app and its associated hardware.
  • Good

    By lou816
  • Fix your app!!!

    By Orical154
    It take 5+minutes for video notifications to load. And now every time it says motion detection and I click on the clip it shows 0 clips for the day. Fix it!!!! The motion detection videos always say fail to load.
  • Used to work

    By deesgrp
    When I first got these cameras and this app they seemed to work well. Unfortunately they have become almost useless. I was thinking about buying some new cameras but will not waste my money on Yi cameras or app nor do I recommend anyone else buy them.
  • Used to work well, now bug central

    By ajviejsbwuoqhrjf
    The Yi home app used to work pretty well for an affordable system. After the app UI updates find it extremely buggy. 70% of the clips don’t upload from camera to app, giving me a “failed to load data” error. I want to support this company and buy more cameras but a one year lifetime for the system is unacceptable.
  • Alert playback issues

    By melande1310
    I am quite annoyed with accessing my alerts. I would say 90% of the time they will not play or even show up. I will see a whole list of alerts and it would disappear in front of my eyes. Inserted a SD card to make sure that was not the issue. That did not fix the issue. I am sure it is a problem with the app.
  • Push you to the cloud.

    By bandjoe
    They only allow 7 days on your ssd. They want you to pay for the cloud.
  • Unsatisfactory

    By JGC153910
    Nothing but frustration with this camera. And the support team is not helpful either. I would never recommend this camera and will never be purchasing any Yi product.
  • Alerts do not load

    By MichaelJaison
    For the past two weeks your app either does not send me motion alerts or when it does send them, they do not load. I have emailed your customer support TWICE about this in two weeks and never recieved a response. I've been using the Yi home cameras for a few years now and have had a few temporary glitches with the app, but never for this long and with no support from the company. I can no longer recommend Yi for any type of reliable monitoring, they do not provide support to their customers and release horribly designed updates to their buggy app.
  • Cameras are good but app is awful and glitchy

    By Pleasemakeitstop
    The app was ok, but it’s been awful the last 2 weeks. I’ve called twice, the rep said someone would call me back the next day, haven’t heard anything and that was 3 days ago. Can’t view half of my alerts. Half the time it says I have none until I close out the app twice and then they all show up, click on them, says no SD card...which isn’t even needed to view alerts. But I also pay for storage anyway.
  • Motion Capture Failures

    By Kslom
    What’s going on with my YI outdoor camera? Playback is often hard to retrieve and a lot of playback can’t be deleted. No option to delete.
  • Used to be great...

    By Chazzy_26
    Upon the last update, alerting and clips/previews are very buggy. About half the clips won’t play or load. You have to swipe to refresh 10 or times then it shows up. I’d love to go back to the old app. Much more reliable and it “worked”. Notice many recent reviews are having same issues. FIX!!!
  • Great

    By Hyumo110
    It would be really appreciated if the detected motion is highlighted with a box or a circle... It is quite difficult to find out what triggered the system.
  • Not what it used to be since update

    By Bgnsty1
    Loved this app until about 3 weeks ago. Hardware is still good and picture quality is grest for live view. However the alert system and the video clips viewing is now really buggy. You have to often close the app or switch between days to play video clips. It also often fails to load clips now which I had never seen previously. Honestly, if I could go back 3 weeks ago it would still be a 5 star app.
  • Subscription service is flawed

    By DbombRN
    I subscribed last night to a monthly Yi plan. The next day, when I opened the app it said my subscription had expired. Thinking there was an error when I tried to subscribe yesterday I did the process again. Only AFTER I went through the subscription process for the second time did the app disclose the prior purchase and confirm that I was already subscribed. Instead of renewing my monthly subscription for another month, I now have two contemporaneous subscriptions that will expire around the same time, and there’s no way to contact them about to fix it. They’re shady crooks.
  • #1 Cam

    By Bsmoove247
    User friendly and great quality even at night
  • It’s great quality

    By adiaysr
    Don’t really like the fact that when I put in the sd card does not save the video it only saves a picture and that is it but the quality of the video it’s absolutely fantastic
  • Unreliable

    By zreplap
    App crashes pretty frequently. Says that no alerts are available when I know there are alerts saved. When the alerts do show up, an error message of “Can’t play past videos” shows so you still can’t view them. Please fix this issue!
  • Detection not working

    By _Fe_
    After the latest update, the detection works really bad. The outdoor camera works much worse than the indoor 360* camera. The notifications pop up but when I log into the app, the videos either do not play or disappear. It is disappointing.
  • Bug report. Latest version looses notification videos

    By Jwhiteman
    I get a notification but i dont see any videos. I can see theres videos also on past days but when i go there, all the videos dont show up. I am using an SD card to save files and not the cloud. On the latest update, it focused on those who bought the cloud and broke the SD card retrieval
  • Great cameras

    By Eroc-C
    Ever since the most recent app update my notifications are non stop, but when I open the app I see nothing? It now takes 2-3 minutes to load anything. Using Apple IOS?
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By stupidlamb666
    Alerts don’t work anymore - every time I try to load a video it says no sd card detected failed to load. I’ve canceled my subscription until they resolve this and I’ll be disputing for a partial charge. Why am I paying for a service that’s not working? It’s been like this for at least a couple weeks.
  • Notifications broken

    By Swithy61
    Latest version has broken notifications playback. You get notifications but when you try to view, no clips display for viewing. Please fix.
  • It’s pretty good

    By Ale6894
    The app has been good and works well as well as the camera but with the last update every time I get a detection and go to view it, it doesn’t show up...yet I still have a notification for detection. Other than this it’s been decent.
  • Great product

    By DoubleeeeeA
    Good price! Easy to use and set up! Definitely recommend this to anyone. We are actually using this particular camera to monitor our dog when we are not home and have to leave him behind. He was going through some anxiety issues when we would leave him home so this definitely gives us a piece of mind when we are away that we can easily check up on him. And you can turn off/ on the camera thru the app if you don’t want it on. Simple, easy and affordable.
  • Tis broke

    By rivrunnr1
    Not sure if there was an update or something but it’s trash now. My alerts for the current day just flicker and I can’t see them. Worked fine before this. I’ll change my rating if anything changes but as of right now it’s a waste of money and a scam.
  • Cute and super useful

    By milo-guri
    I got this because someone’s been in my apartment. I love having the peace of mind with it there and the alerts and alert history so i can look back if I don’t have my phone around. The camera is honestly adorable. I haven’t mounted it yet so it’s at eye level when I sit on the floor and it will pan over to me and text me an alert and I just laugh because it just feels like my little robot is saying what’s up. 10/10 would recommend
  • Alerts view is so slow!

    By fix it now purdy please
    It is so slow to load if you want to check your camera quickly. Additionally, it fails to load video because of lack of chip instead of showing the preview like it used to. Please fix!

    By jimm00re
    It’s been one week now and we still can not access alerts. Doing a bit of troubleshooting this issue does not appear to be the app. Older versions are failing as well. - please fix
  • Security camera has not worked since update

    By Cocosilly
    New app update has caused the app to no longer store alerted motion movement. My security camera is useless now.
  • iPad support please!!!!!!!

    By ($-$)
    Please do iPad version with multicam support
  • Not recommended

    By Yyaano
    1. You don’t get motion detected notification reliably. The miss rate is more than 80% recently. 2. Even you get a notification, you won’t view the clip after two minutes. The app will just be stuck at uploading stage for two minutes. I have three YI cameras. Each of them have this long uploading time. So it must be their cloud service. The slow uploading just make this camera useless for security usage.
  • App WAS working great.

    By SamuelDTA
    Ever since the last update I keep getting my clips saying “failed to video" and just has the default screen and it happenes to all 4 of my camera's I've even switched wifi network to see if that's the problem and different SD cards and still no luck. so I'm unable to access those videos please fix.
  • Recent update

    By Mr_Dwa28
    Since the update, the app has been very useless. The motion detection is unresponsive and when it detects it's very delayed. Hoping a newer update will fix this problem.
  • Fix alert bugs!

    By Yourfavgal
    I really like this app but the latest update has some annoying bugs. I don’t like that you made the alert button so small and you removed the “all products” default option for the alerts. This change is not user friendly at all. I want to see all of my product notifications by default - at least make this an option. It’s also frustrating when I get an motion alert push notification and I go to the alerts page, its empty! I have to constantly pull the page down to refresh. Please fix!
  • You get what you pay for

    By belbers1
    While the cameras are reasonably priced and pretty decent hardware, the cloud storage and app are a joke, and have been for quite some time. I’m still using the cameras because I can’t get my money back, but they aren’t that helpful. Whenever I try to review footage from motion detected, the video fails to load and the app crashes. For something that is as important as security, this is unacceptable.
  • I paid for a year, and it’s worthless!

    By WhoDat RR
    This app was working fine for about a year, but now it’s broken. This, after I just renewed my subscription. The videos are now no longer uploaded and retained in the cloud. So the whole system is worthless. I’ll update this if they fix the problem.
  • App does not work - rendered all cams useless

    By C.J.
    The entire app is broken since the 4.0 update - and they didn't fix it. My cameras have not been recording and my cloud service that I pay for is non-existant. Trying to playback ANY video freezes the app and disconnects live link to camera.
  • Easy to use

    By daneman40
    Quick simple got it set up no time Recommended
  • no progress is two years

    By stereolt
    1. still cannot change wifi without resetting the camera 2. video stream does not auto switch to full screen when phone/tablet is rotated horizontally 3. in horizontal streaming window only one position is supported (need to flip tabled/phone upside down which is inconvenient sometimes due to charging etc)
  • Used to work great, then it updated

    By fredjjjflunntstone
    I was so impressed with the first camera I bought that I went on to get 5 more Worked unbelievably awesome until an update to the app got pushed Now it hardly works at all I hope the next update fixes this or it’ll be time to find something else to use