YI Home

YI Home

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-11-11
  • Current Version: 4.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 100.45 MB
  • Developer: Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 701


The YI Home app is the intuitive and easy-to-use app for all your YI Home Cameras. Follow the simple onscreen instructions to add your YI Home camera then easily access 24/7 live view of your home, from anywhere. With push notifications switched on you’ll be alerted through your smartphone of unusual activity. Set motion tracking, camera settings, alert frequency, access your YI Cloud, and more. App Features • Real-time video streaming from your camera to your phone • 2-way conversation and audio • Activity highlights of unusual motion detected activity • Pan, tilt, and zoom on your phone to see more details of the room • 1080p HD video with both day and night vision • Secure your videos with a micro SD card



  • Fraud

    By Maggie Maggz
    This app used to work great but stopped recording in February 2019 and has never Recorded since. Barely got a refund. Save yourself the trouble.
  • Needs volume control

    By Kennymartin3
    Great camera for a great price But my only complaint is you have no control of the volume. When you listen in it’s outrageously loud and will feedback from the other side of the house from the sound recycling through.
  • Great product.

    By Vtbarnsie
    Great camera. Great price. Great support. Earns the five star rating.
  • Very good camera

    By shalimar713
    Love the sound, clarity and the night vision is awesome. I have it in the kids room to check on them at night time and also have a shared camera with my elderly uncle because he is in bed rest all the time. I even communicate with him when I see he is awake and wants to get out of bed. Is a peace of mine be able to check on him and now he is safe. The best camera ever. Shalimar713
  • Nice set

    By waynetx
    These are very nice and easy to use, video and pitcher quality is very nice on the hd setting but I do wish it would let you pick the WiFi to to use since I have two,but other then that it’s nice. Power cord could be 10 or 15ft instead of seven but I use the TVs or Xbox to power them since they are also usb ends. I would highly recommend these for people.
  • Takes days off

    By oky42674
    Can’t use for security. Only works occasionally.
  • So far

    By Lynz2004
    So good
  • Can’t sign up on macOS, can’t upload profile pic, can’t submit feedback!!

    By terriergal
    First I tried downloading the Mac iOS app and there was no place for a new user to sign up. Then I tried my phone iPhone and there was a place for me to sign up, great it worked fine, but then I couldn’t upload a profile picture. It just kept failing, no reason given other than the upload “failed.” Then I tried to submit feedback through the app using their interface and it said “invalid data format please try again later.” ???
  • Best by far!

    By billyswrld
    Easy to use & very happy with the two I have!
  • Cameras are nice. App needs work

    By cabbit007
    This is a review about the app and not the camera. I like the camera but the app needs some work. First I will state the good parts. The app allows you to turn off the IR lights without turning off the IR cutoff filter. It has a 6 second cloud storage on activity detection. The camera loads pretty fast. You can add additional security via PIN number and it supports Touch ID. You can select activity area for motion detection. Now, the bad parts. The motion sensor on lowest setting is still pretty sensitive. The app only supports custom activity area for up to 2 cameras. My third camera doesn’t even have an option for activity area despite it being the same model as my other cameras. The notification icon will show old videos that are not deleted every now and then. It doesn’t support auto orientation. I can live with most of my negatives. However that first one of being restricted to just 2 cameras for activity area really renders my third camera obsolete as I get too many false positives to be useful.
  • Camera keeps disconnecting

    By Verified Vector User
    The camera doesn’t work anymore
  • Excellent cameras

    By scarrero777
    You can everything clearly. I haven’t put any sim but monthly payments and the app it’s pretty useful. Easy to install and connect to your WiFi. Impressed by the quality
  • Really like these cameras

    By Drednokz
    I have one in my kids room and one in the living room watching the front door and rotating down the hallway to mi kids room ..... I can see how often they go to the restroom at night and if they have covers on them at night .... even while I’m at work I can check on the house just Incase my maintenance man comes in I can intercom communicate with him to guide him to any problems ..... I REALLY love these two, I’ll be getting a house soon and I’ll be getting 4-5 more
  • Assurance

    By AppGrace
    This camera w/audio is giving me needed peace of mind w/my mom who is in a tiny house in my driveway! Thank you YI technology :))
  • Love my Camera!

    By jessica blessed spa
    I love it! I can hear and see everything clearly through my phone easy to set up I recommend 100% to anyone
  • Error logging in

    By Nickd70s
    I've had more issues with this app than any app I've ever used. How is it rated so well. FAILED TO LOGIN VIA FACEBOOK FAILED TO CHANGE PROFILE PIC FAILED TO CHANGE USERNAME AN ERROR OCCURED WHILE SIGNING IN PLEASE RESTART SERVER ERRORS SMART MOTION SELECTION AREA WILL NOT CHANGE Y'all need to get it together. This is super sloppy.
  • Happy with indoor cameras. Unhappy with outdoor camera

    By Desdsdj
    I’ve had the indoor cameras for years. Love them The outdoor camera I’ve had for less than a year and it has stopped working completely. Very disappointed.
  • Cloud subscription impossible to cancel

    By tsoms
    There is no way to stop the renewal and cancel the subscription Their online instruction does not work
  • Issue logging in with Facebook

    By Avo912
    Logging in with Facebook on computer I have no problem with. However I cannot login with Facebook on my mobile. Is anyone having trouble with this issue as well???
  • Performer

    By Didonnell
    This camera setup was a breeze and after a year it just keeps performing like new
  • Could be better

    By Thromulator
    I currently have a nest system and I bought a couple Yi cameras to see about replacing. Pros: affordable Good quality Cons: no live picture on home page of all your cameras. Nest has this and it's great to be able to see all areas at once especially from a security standpoint. No camera preview on notification. This is the other feature that almost guarantees I'll stay with nest and return these. This saves you from having to open the app if the notification is nothing to worry about. Can't set activity zone on all the cameras. I have the outdoor which has this feature but the new indoor home 3 doesn't. Indoor cam cord not long enough. Needs 2 feet more to mount up near the ceiling. Also this camera doesn't swivel.
  • Not really a 1080 p

    By Seahawks247
    Camera is good. Easy to install. Work as advertised but the picture quality is not 1080 as advertised. Picture is pretty gritty more of 420p than 720p but definitely not 1080 p
  • Awesome camera

    By big boy hoss
    Really easy to install nice and clear best Wi-Fi cameras out there.
  • Like but want more features

    By jmmalone123
    This is a great monitor. We use it as a baby monitor for our twins. We’d love if there were a few more features like a mode that bounced back from camera to camera so we can see both our babies, a function that displayed the noise level so we’d know if baby was just making noise or screaming just by looking at the screen and it would be great if the cameras could monitor temperature as well. Otherwise it’s a great system for a great price - just not ideal for monitoring twins.
  • Fix your iOS app!!!

    By Bdon121212
    I used Facebook login when opening my account and paid for a subscription. Now the app won’t sign in on my iPhone XS and customer support’s solution is to use an android phone. Unacceptable. I’ve messaged them many times and they just say to use a computer or android device. FIX YOUR IOS APP!!!
  • Makes noises when rotating / no full- iPad app

    By His Choice
    This camera makes noises when rotating. Noises come out on recording. The iPad app is basically the iPhone app. It does not take up the full screen.There is no HomeKit support. I will change my rating when both of these are addressed.
  • How did I not have these before

    By Ishmillionare
    I feel so much better now having these all over my house. You can talk through the camera in case you want to ask your wife to bring you somethings from downstairs lol
  • Too many errors

    By dapjang
    The whole point of a camera is to be able to check on my house at any time. A service where a connection can't happen or I can't login to the app because of some server error defeats the whole purpose. As luck would have it these service outages happened at the exact time I needed to see the camera footage the most...
  • Perfect for our needs

    By Reba77354
    Reasonably priced...fast shipping through Amazon...extremely easy to set up...works great!
  • Amazing!

    By Pyrgo123
    I purchased this product about 6 months ago for the sole purpose of checking up on my dog while I’m at work. Unbeatable price for 2 cameras! I see clear even when the lights are off. There is an “hd” option which makes the picture even more vivid. I get to hear and talk to my dog through this product. Amazing overall.
  • Love these cameras!

    By SugarBean592
    I bought 2-4 packs off amazon and man I’m in love with these. I have a nanny in my home 5-6 days a week and I’m glad that I can keep an eye without being here. The motion activity for a selected area seems to work really well for the areas where the kids shouldn’t be, it does seem a bit delayed but maybe that’s just me. I wish the iCloud service did more than just 5 cameras. But that’s okay, just get 2 packages or install SD cards too. I bought the cards but ended up not using them as I feel like i would never pull them out. The app is super easy to navigate and the setup was a breeze. I hung all 8 cameras with wall mounts and everything in about 2 hours in 8 rooms! I would highly recommend this!
  • How about making it auto maximize on landscape mode?

    By Hin2007
    That's all I need
  • App Needs Fine Tuning

    By Ani Votam
    I like the cameras and app, but the app does need a little fine tuning. About half the time I want to view a whole clip instead of just the 6-sec preview, tapping the “Complete clip” link just takes me to the live view.
  • Great Value

    By BDMart
    These are easily as good as the cameras costing 3 times more. Will buy more to cover additional areas.
  • Happy

    By oyukie
    I love them
  • Awesome

    By teeny50327
    I am so glad I purchased my camera, as my son got in a pickle with the law and they said they came to our home twice. BS they lied I looked backed at the time they said they were there and no visitors. It helped my son in court. I believe if I didn’t have this my son may have gotten another charge! Thank you YI!!
  • Love it...except

    By Mst1217
    I have not been able to view video captured since last night. The error is "failure to load". I have tons of space so that's not it. I don't see anything that says where to contact. Help please!
  • Fantastic product

    By heyjohnnyboy
    Better than expected. Great night vision capabilities. Love the 2 way communication. Excellent clarity, easy to use with great app controls. Highly recommend

    By bbbmach
    I used this camera for over a year with no issues. Then I got my iPhone X and now it the app won’t connect to the camera. The camera itself says it has connected to Wi-Fi, scans the QR Code but in the final step the pairing ALWAYS times out.
  • iPad native support

    By ($-$)
    Please please make iPad native app! I want multi camera views simultaneously like PC version
  • Creating account

    By 12)&):!:&
    Having troubles finding the code it wants me to put it
  • Perfect for my needs

    By trobi026
    Easy to set up and provides a great little view into my art studio while I am away.
  • Very disappointing

    By Lost in Salinas
    The app is marginal at best. The options to reset password are not clearly defined. A 1-star app
  • Not Alexa user-friendly/iPad

    By Blackewokjr
    Been trying forever to setup with alexa to no avail. When will you update for alexa? Also when are you making the app compatible with iPad? This is long overdue, need an iPad app version that will enable horizontal viewing.
  • This app is garbage

    By Tim51388
    First review I ever written in my life because of how bad this app is. Apparently, there is no way to create an account if you are in North America because it does not generate a verification code. If you switch to any other regions, a verification code will pop up. I can’t even set up my camera because this app is such garbage.
  • Excellent

    By mee909090909
    Does EVERYTHING I need and the price is unbelievable
  • Awesome

    By Ms. Oasis
    This was the best purchase ever. The quality of the pictures are excellent. I’ve tried to others and was not satisfied, but I am very satisfied with this one. I gave this camera to thumbs up.
  • Great camera could be better

    By Yi-meh
    I love the outdoor cameras and have several on our house as well as some Yi cams inside. The outdoor cameras will beep at a person walking near them and is a great safety feature as it lets the person know there is a camera looking at them. The only downside is the expensive cloud storage and the issues I had setting up cloud storage for more than one device. I have about 10 of these and would need to have 10 different accounts to set it up properly. Maybe this is corrected now but when i tried it was as stated above. I have had one outside camera fail but it still lasted nearly a year outside in a very rainy area and fully exposed to sun. There is NO IPAD app and it is very annoying that I cannot view the cameras on my ipad or computer. Other camera manufacturers are catching up with Yi! Such as Wyze and have surpassed them in the software category. I still like the Yi! Cams but there are issues that make me want to find something better.
  • Unreliable

    By Ojedaper
    1 year of use and I get this error all the time. “90% loading”. It freezes and doesn’t work. The camera is still good but since they updated it stopped working.