The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-10-12
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.16 MB
  • Developer: The Great Courses
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 11 072


Over 11,000 college level videos and lectures at your fingertips! Learn from the top college professors in the world. Stream videos to your device, or download and watch them offline! The Great Courses Plus online learning subscription offers access to more than 8,000 educational videos taught by experts in many fascinating and useful fields. With The Great Courses Plus app, subscribers learn everything about anything, from anywhere, with the world’s greatest professors as their instructors. Learn Everything About Anything Use the free The Great Courses Plus app to access more than 11,000 educational videos for streaming online to your iPhone. Learn about science, health & wellness, professional development, and much more. New subjects, lectures, and professors are added each month. Enjoy learning about thousands of topics including travel, photography, and even cooking. You can binge watch college-level courses over a weekend, or take a course a day or a course a week. You choose when and how you learn. Thousands of Topics The Great Courses Plus is the best app to learn about new subjects, or to brush up on your skills in a specific field. Whether you’re a beginner in a subject or advanced, you can find something intriguing to discover by browsing The Great Courses app’s streamable video classes. Learn languages, programming, web development, and other skills – and many subjects just for fun - from the greatest professors in the world. The Greatest Professors in the World Award-winning and brilliant professors from Ivy League colleges and other top schools teach streaming video courses through The Great Courses Plus. Noteworthy instructors, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, share their knowledge of science, business, writing, and more by teaching classes you can view from anywhere with The Great Courses Plus app. Our professors are experts from heralded organizations, including the Smithsonian, National Geographic, The Mayo Clinic, and The Culinary Institute of America. No Homework, No Tests, No Pressure The Great Courses Plus app is the best way to get an education at your own pace. If you love learning then The Great Courses Plus app is for you. This free app lets you explore subject matter you’re interested in without requiring a commitment to attend classes. With the Great Courses Plus app, you learn while commuting, exercising, or just enjoying down time at home. Download The Great Courses Plus app today! Subscription Details The Great Courses Plus offers Monthly and Annual Subscriptions. A Free Trial is available. Payment Details: - Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period - Subscriptions may be managed or cancelled by accessing your iTunes account - If you cancel during a free trial period, you will have access until the end of the trial period. Get to Know Us: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • A world of learning on demand

    By VeganWilly
    Time to really learn all the things I Find interesting! Not because I have to but for the sheer joy of learning! So many interesting and fascinating courses I will never run out of things to study!
  • It’s a scam

    By swzart
    It’s a scam.
  • Great content; bad app

    By East Coker
    This app is frustrating. I cannot get from one lecture to the one preceding it. I called the Great Courses office, and somehow we got it so that it would start working again. This involves having to delete the app and reinstall it. But now the same problem is happening again. There is some kind of homepage for each course that stops appearing once I start listening or watching a course. It will not reappear no matter what button I push. I like to move around the lectures and not just hear them straight through, but that is impossible with this app currently.
  • Horrible App!

    By Origami99
    I wish I could give this app negative stars for all of my time that it has wasted. The app is nothing short of terrible. Crashes or stalls just about every time I try to use it. Even when just browsing the content available. For example, it’s impossible just to go back and forth between the program listings and the page describing a given title. Don’t bother downloading this, it’s worthless.
  • Terrible app

    By Hotrodsv
    The app for my iPad is almost useless. Very slow and does not sync with my other devices. Even when I use my browser it still does not work well. The browser version does not show close captions. Too bad since the contents of the lessons are reall quite excellent.
  • Initial Feedback

    By Dr Hardball
    I have recently joined Great Classes Plus. I have found the lectures to be both informative and highly interesting.
  • Buggy, slow, poorly designed app

    By auditory reader
    This is the worst app on my phone, and that includes a super beta app for my friend’s startup where no one really knows iOS development. The Great Courses needs to hire an actual designer and some developers who can do iOS because there is so much low-hanging fruit. First off, you have to click through like 3 screens to get where you want, and it’s super easy to click the wrong thing, which wouldn’t be a problem except that it can take like 10 seconds to load up each screen. In many cases, the best way to navigate through the app is actually to force-close it and reopen to get to the home page. Add to this the video skip and sync issues and the fact that it talks 10 seconds to switch between video and audio, and 10 seconds to load up the next lecture (if it loads up at all) As a feature request, I would also like to be able to navigate through the other while playing a lecture. It would also be nice if it actually tracked and marked which lectures you’ve watched. Really, my advice to the design team would be to emulate the Podcasts app. That app has it basically right. Given these issues, I’m tempted to drop my subscription despite the great content. Audiobooks from the library are free, and I don’t have to deal with any bugged out apps.
  • Great content, not so great (but decent) app

    By mikechase3
    The content is tremendous. I’m able to start with nothing and come out of a class with the knowledge of how to write a screenplay, understand how law works, or communicate more effectively. What this app cant do is give you practice; however, the content and videos itself are well worth the $20/month if you have the time to view them and practice on your own. Unfortunately, this app needs some work. There’s lots of bugs and small annoyances. Sometimes I have to quit and reopen the app.
  • Excellent way of learning

    I was a little bit reluctant to give The Great Courses a shot but was pleasantly surprised at how thorough and informative all the topics are. I’ve read many books on CBT and the understanding of the topic that I now have from this course is better than ever. I would recommend The Great Courses to everyone!
  • Phenomenal resource for knowledge & personal growth

    By SuperJStone
    Their selections of teachers is amazing! Their vast library of information is second to none! I wish they'd add a couple more features to the app: 1. The ability to control the speed when casting it to the TV (chrome stick). 2. They'd make an app for the Fire Stick or Chrome Stick.
  • Not free as advertised

    By Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa6176666
    Advertising as listen and learn for free. How’s it requires a subscription sooo....what’s free about it?
  • Harry kritikos

    By Atactos
    I absolutely love it, learning about various interesting subjects very enjoyable, thank you great professors.
  • Like the content not the app

    By Rikkurd11
    I have been enjoying several of the lectures on the site, but when I use the app, I am continually getting error messages. One that I need to be a member to listen, so I have to exit the lecture and go back into it without changing anything else to access it. The newest one that popped up 26 minutes into the lecture was that this wasn’t available in my country. Also it has suddenly decided to not play the lecture in the background anymore on audio. That’s annoying and drains my battery. Overall, while I wish there was more courses in history and crafting I enough the app. I just wish they would fix the bugs.
  • It needs some tweaking

    By Saintwalker_9
    I am so in love with this concept but I would like to be able to hit one button to download all course related videos. I’d also like for my course watch list to be grouped by category. It is also annoying to have to keep saying “yes I’m sure I want to download...”. But again I would recommend this to any aspiring scholar.
  • Poorly designed

    By Ddort
    If you’re watching a video on your phone, switch over to check a text and come right back, you get shifted back to the main menu and it’s a giant pain to get back to where you were.
  • Great Courses!

    By richie 96
    The Courses are awesome and been able to learn about several subjects I previously never had a chance to do. Is there a way to get the workbooks downloaded or usable on my device so I can use them along with the lectures?
  • Two thumbs

    By temple bone doc
    Way better than I expected.
  • Great titles for everyone

    By tkj567
    Great course gives one an opportunity to explore new and interesting topics.
  • Buggy app

    By SteveJSteiner
    This app is hopeless. It has an option to download that is slower than streaming. It stops playing the content if a slight breeze occurs. There is good content here, but the level of frustration getting to it is simply not worth it.
  • Small glitch using the app but great service.

    By Avid_listener91
    I’ve been using the app for a week or so and have browsed all the content. There are a lot of different topics and I hope more to come. There is a small glitch I’ve had issues with a few times though. After pausing the lecture for several minutes sometimes when I come back to it the app has frozen or something and I can’t resume the lecture or even go back to the previous page. I have to completely close the app and then open it again and go to the corse again to listen. It happens maybe about 20%. This is a little annoying but over all I really enjoy this service.
  • Would only change one thing

    By fbg-1
    I love this app/program! Especially the fact that I can switch between audio only and video. However, I would like to have a read option included.
  • Great Courses

    By lcwratesonlygoodones
    Great for road trips and housework!
  • Excellent presentations and content.

    By RBM1962
    5 stars
  • At your finger tips

    By book of Joshaua
    I love that all this knowledge is at my finger tips. I use my phone at the gym to listen to the courses of my choice. So, while I build my body so I also build my mind both are essential for the best life possible. Can get an education much cheaper.
  • Amazing

    By radcap30
    I have always loved Great Courses, but they were so expensive that I could buy a couple a year and was otherwise stuck with whatever the local library owned. I signed up for Plus as soon as it was released and have since heard so many courses, I couldn’t even begin to list them. Best $19.99 a month you’ll spend, EVERY month. If I had to choose between this and every other streaming service I have combined, it would be bye-bye Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.
  • Learnin’ from Chainsaw

    By Abyranch
    Great Courses Plus makes learning easy and funnest (maybe not a “real” word but vocabulary course can (may) fix that....:)
  • Great content. Buggy app

    By veligrae
    Great Courses are terrific learning vehicles. Excellent professors, excellent delivery. App is quite buggy. History function does not work at all, lectures do not resume where one left off. Often fails to start the next lecture with a ‘you must be a subscriber to watch this lecture’ message, even when one is a subscriber. Needs a top level ‘resume’ button that works, an option to download all lectures in a course with a single click, and audio only download - or ability to play audio only from previously downloaded video. Hard to understand why these things don’t seem to get fixed or updated.
  • Original customer. Still am, probably always will be

    By True Blue 447
  • Great Courses Plus

    By CeceLady
    After weeks of just looking at the icon that I downloaded of Great Course Plus on my phone, and many many thought of should I get it, or not. I decided to go ahead and try Great Courses Plus. I watched what I was interested in learning and took notes then I paused because it’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s well worth it. I am happy I opened it. I am looking forward to learning from these courses. I am so excited. New Happy 😊 Student
  • Amazing content

    By Man With Nice Temperament
    App can be a bit glitchy, but it’s an amazing source of information
  • Great app idea with awful programming

    By c++ is supreme
    The app idea is amazing and I have been using the app for about a year, however after a multitude of glitches and programming errors I decided to write this. 1. Many times the app does not record your history of lectures so it is really hard to find out where you left off to finish a series. 2. When the app does record history and the time left that you can see in the history section, it’s starts that lecture from the very beginning. 3. The apps also freezes the play/pause button. The way to get around this is pulling down the apple control center and pausing it from there. 4. It takes way longer for video/audio lectures to load compared to apps like YouTube. I’ll add a star for each of these that are fixed ;) The app idea and quality of the lectures itself is amazing, only inhibited by the software. Sincerely, iPhoneXS plus user
  • Thanks

    By ventura51
    I have been a great courses customer for years,(10) more or less and now a the great courses plus. 4-5 years ago I saw a bill gates interview in which he stated that he used the great courses as a source of information, education etc. I decided to join the great courses plus because the easy accessibility, the practicality to have all the courses with you wherever you go. I have recommended the Great courses plus to several people and they have called me back to thank me. I will recommend to have this at home as a source of knowledge.
  • Michael

    By LearnedBoy
    Great courses indeed offers great content. However, I am writing this review so that someone at Great Courses might please improve their app. The downloads are mind-numbingly slow. You can’t do anything else on your phone while the downloads are in process or they shut down. And don’t let the phone go into sleep mode because that also shuts down the downloads. And after an average of 8 minutes per course download, make sure you are online before you start watching the downloads, not online content mind you, but the actual downloads have to be verified online before watching or the episode won’t play and your 3 hour flight time is now sans great courses. And I hope you must have tiny fingers and superhuman accuracy as you press icons in the app or else it will kick off a series of processes having nothing to do with your intention. Great Courses, please redesign your app consistent with your great content and over 100$ annual subscription. Please!!
  • Something for everyone!!

    By TiglathP3
    Regardless of your interests and education you can find a series of lectures to satisfy your curiosity. Production quality of most recent topics is excellent. Heartily recommend this product.
  • The Best Resource.

    By Always Amazed @70
    Just the best! So amazing to have a subscription & access to this body of knowledge. Amazing variety. I would like to download everything! (Maybe right into my brain! )
  • Minus one

    By JAW1950
    To promote Neil Degrasse Tyson as a “teacher” instead of an arrogant, exceptionally opinionated, and biased individual is in itself arrogant, opinionated, and biased. It certainly doesn’t qualify as a “Great Course” unless it is promoted as opinion versus science.
  • Highly recommend

    By ingreecenow
    I’ve had this membership just a short time but I am certain it is one of the best investments I could have made! Learning new things without the stress of tests or homework is refreshing and stimulating. Great Courses offers an array of excellent topics and the professors they hire are all top in their fields. Thanks Great Courses for enhancing my life so profoundly! I imagine I will always keep my monthly membership to Great Courses Plus. I’m planning to keep a list of all the courses I take to catalog my learning.
  • Top Rate

    By Arnoldmm54
    Truly great courses on many different subjects, very well done.
  • Cable TV alternative

    By Bored Accountant
    As an alternative to cable TV, The Great Courses Plus provides great content in a very cost effective way. At any given time I’ll be part way through half a dozen different lecture series on a wide variety of topics. All the lecturers are great, although I have my favorites. And it’s great to be able to pick and choose lectures of interest within a lecture series.
  • Perfect

    By Enchanted Minds
    My whole family uses this app. We love learning about anything and everything, and this app gives us an easy, convenient way to do this.
  • Highly stimulating and a great learning experience

    By Vahid693
    The lectures are very informative presented in a very interesting manner.
  • The Great Courses plus is great

    By NoxVipera
    It has a lot of variety in courses old and new and has a Netflix like setup, with unlimited courses to watch. I really love it.
  • Love Great Courses!

    By InspiredMom2
    With Great Courses I have the ability to take my Learning on the go with me! I can listen to lectures while driving using the audio only feature, or watch the video with headphones while on an airplane or bus. I also like that lectures are structured to be 30 minute sessions so I can easily do a session a day and work through classes I’ve always wanted to take. I have found the teachers to be interesting and able to convey content in an easy to understand and meaningful way. From gardening, to classical music, to the history of Jesus, the diversity of Courses is inspiring me to keep learning!
  • It is continue education

    By John tamayo
    It is like having an university in your packet. All topics that you can find here can give you a large amount of knowledge, good enough to understand and talk complex subjects with other people.
  • Great Courses Grievious App

    By FlashAAA
    Love the great courses. I would like a YouTube like interface with backward pause and forward buttons spaced out well and the ability to double click to go backwards quickly. With iPhone X I would like to be able to fit lecture to entire screen.
  • Great application

    By coolcycledude
    This is a powerful resource to learn new things. I’m all in next year too!
  • Freezes on iPad constantly

    By GothamGator78
    Really like the courses available, but the iPad version of the app constantly freezes, forcing me to quit the app, reopen, and resume. Wish they would put playback speed options on the roku version so I can cut out the iPad altogether.
  • Awesome Service, app needs work

    By Adk1279
    I have been using it almost daily for 6 months and this app needs some work. I have emailed them several times on this and have not gotten a reply even though it says they will. The iPhone app needs work in regards to streaming and app history. The app history has not worked for me in months, the streaming is not consistent if you are not on the app when just doing audio lectures, it will often not accurately move onto another lecture or just crash on the loading of the lecture. Another nice thing would be if they would make the guidebooks available to view via the app instead of going onto the website on your phone and doing so that way. Service: 5/5 App: 3/5
  • Netflix for geeks !

    By OFC72
    Awesome app Awesome courses Awesome instructors 👍👍