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The Great Courses Plus

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-10-12
  • Current Version: 3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.43 MB
  • Developer: The Great Courses
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 254


Over 11,000 college level videos and lectures at your fingertips! Learn from the top college professors in the world. Stream videos to your device, or download and watch them offline! The Great Courses Plus online learning subscription offers access to more than 11,000 educational videos taught by experts in many fascinating and useful fields. With The Great Courses Plus app, subscribers learn everything about anything, from anywhere, with the world’s greatest professors as their instructors. Learn Everything About Anything Use the free The Great Courses Plus app to access more than 11,000 educational videos for streaming online to your iPhone. Learn about science, health & wellness, professional development, and much more. New subjects, lectures, and professors are added each month. Enjoy learning about thousands of topics including travel, photography, and even cooking. You can binge watch college-level courses over a weekend, or take a course a day or a course a week. You choose when and how you learn. Thousands of Topics The Great Courses Plus is the best app to learn about new subjects, or to brush up on your skills in a specific field. Whether you’re a beginner in a subject or advanced, you can find something intriguing to discover by browsing The Great Courses app’s streamable video classes. Learn languages, programming, web development, and other skills – and many subjects just for fun - from the greatest professors in the world. The Greatest Professors in the World Award-winning and brilliant professors from Ivy League colleges and other top schools teach streaming video courses through The Great Courses Plus. Noteworthy instructors share their knowledge of science, business, writing, and more by teaching classes you can view from anywhere with The Great Courses Plus app. Our professors are experts from heralded organizations, including the Smithsonian, National Geographic, The Mayo Clinic, and The Culinary Institute of America. No Homework, No Tests, No Pressure The Great Courses Plus app is the best way to get an education at your own pace. If you love learning then The Great Courses Plus app is for you. This free app lets you explore subject matter you’re interested in without requiring a commitment to attend classes. With the Great Courses Plus app, you learn while commuting, exercising, or just enjoying down time at home. Download The Great Courses Plus app today! Subscription Details The Great Courses Plus offers Monthly and Annual Subscriptions. A Free Trial is available. Payment Details: - Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period - Subscriptions may be managed or cancelled by accessing your iTunes account - If you cancel during a free trial period, you will have access until the end of the trial period. Get to Know Us: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • I love GreatCourses

    By adonyz
    Money well spent.
  • Absolutely Love!

    By Phefferdoll
    As a busy homeschool mom to 3 gifted kids, I love great courses plus! I’m constantly watching (or listening) to the course while I do housework or drive. I enjoy being able to learn alongside my kids and am able to help them better understand their schoolwork because I’m using great courses, and when I don’t have the resources to help them go as in depth in a subject, I know I can find a course or lecture on the app.
  • Charged my card immediately!!!

    By Textus Receptus Lover
    I signed up for 1 month free then 9.99/ month for the next 3 months cancel anytime. It was a promo that I took advantage of. When I tried to sign in on my iPhone it wouldn’t let me. Then miraculously it accepted and instead of free month iTunes charged my card $19.99 immediately. Of course Apple makes it very difficult to reverse this. This is a terrible practice from Apple. This is fraud and I want the charge reversed NOW.
  • The Great Courses

    By hmorgangriffith
    Life long learning made easy in any fields of study your heart desires. Some days while driving I feel like learning history other days I choose science.
  • S'okay

    By Oomkasa
    Lectures could use more visual pizzaz- some better graphics and whatnot. Lecturers are very competent. App crashes a bit more than I can ignore. Use the free trial before subscribing.
  • Great product

    By 48547
    Our family has learned so much from these courses, about subjects we love (like medieval history) and ones we didn’t even know we were curious about (like the Incans). Also the app always functions well. Cannot recommend The Great Courses Plus enough.
  • Wonderful. Amazing.

    By Angie-Bo-Bangie
    But please update the App Store screen shot to say “stream” instead of “scream”. It is funny though.
  • The app itself needs some serious work

    By custumer1299
    Many of these reviews give a high score because of the high quality content offered by Great Courses. But these reviews should be primarily rating the app itself, which is barely functional. The difference between quality of content and the quality of the app needed to access that content is mind blowing. After using it for the first time today I’m tempted to try listening in the browser on my phone instead.
  • The bestest ....

    By Bhgar
    This is my favorite app. I do not watch tv but love to watch different subject matter on this app.... I listen every night before going to sleep ..., just wonderful!
  • Courses are amazing, but the app is horrifically glitchy

    By Skylar1311
    I LOVE the Great Courses and all they have to offer, but this app is only barely functional. Sometimes it works fine, but frequently the videos freeze and won’t load, or else they stop to buffer every few seconds. Then there are the times when the video keeps playing just fine, but the audio goes completely dead or just skips every couple of words. I really, really hope this issue will be fixed, because the content is incredible. It says a lot that I use this app so much in spite of its problems, though I frequently have to give up and try again later if I want things to actually play properly. Another thing that I would very much love is if the written material for each course could be accessed through the app itself, rather than having to log into the website separately to download the materials. This is a small issue, though, compared with the constantly freezing videos.
  • Excellent app, but needs some upgrades

    By ele7731
    This review is on the app itself, not the Great Courses service. But I do want to establish I love the Great Courses, and think if everyone watched these instead of TV/movies, the world will be a more intelligent and interesting place. This app is designed to enable the user to watch or listen to Great Courses lectures. For both, the user has an option to watch/listen to the lecture in up to 2x speed, which is awesome as some professors have a very slow speaking voice. That feature is not available on the Amazon Fire app or via their website. This app also allows the user to download videos for viewing later. The glitch is you need signed in to watch your videos, so before you enter flight mode, make sure your app is still signed in. There are four features I would need to see added to this app to give it five stars: 1. Ability to download while the screen is black. I have no idea why, but my iPhone X will not download any lectures while the screen is locked or if I switch to another app. My workaround is to set the iPhone screen to Never Off to let it alone to download lectures. 2. Ability to download audio lectures. Sometimes I want to hear the lectures instead of watching a professor walk back and forth across a furnished room. Many courses I watched have very few visuals, so downloading the audio will take up less space and keep my battery running longer (insert rant about iPhone X missing an audio jack). 3. Ability to download all lectures in a course with one click. Right now I have to click on each lecture and confirm I want to download it. About 30% of the time, I fat finger the lecture itself and it starts playing. I then have to wait a few seconds to exit the lecture and try clicking the button again. It would be easier to just hit one Download All button at the top, instead of clicking download for the usual 24 lectures per course. 4. Ability to download the Course Guide on the app. At this point I download the Course Guide on my PC and email to my Kindle so I track along as I watch the course. I can also download the Course Guide through the website. However, I would love the ability to download the guide from the native app and, ideally, take notes on the guide from the app, then download/spend that marked up copy later. In summary, this app is wonderfully designed to enable viewing. I use this app frequently while traveling and, thanks to the 2x speed option, have learned the equivalent of a college 101 course on multiple topics over a few short flights.
  • Great High Quality Content

    By woodburyben
    This is not your YouTube style content. These courses are made up of engaging material presented by experts in their fields. A true bargain for the nominal price.
  • Excellent Continuing education for pleasure or profit

    By Dallassite
    I have been using Great Courses from its previous format years ago, when I ordered entire sets of audio cassettes. Today, I love the app as it allows me to pick and choose lectures to save on my phone, for road trips. When I first mentioned it to my kids, who are middle schoolers, during a road trip, their response was no, not boring lectures. I asked for a 5 min silence to listen to a clip and then it was “hush dad, don’t talk over the lecture”. As continuing education around my interests in history arts and cultures, it is an excellent resource. I highly recommend this app.
  • Binge on Knowledge

    By Fight Pass Fan
    In the last few days I’ve watched lectures on quantum mechanics, the Higgs boson, the native peoples of North America, formal logic, education research, human personality, etc. They’ve ditched the old classical music and applause intro and the boring backdrops, and those aspects are now much more stimulating and aesthetically pleasant. TIP: go to settings and turn the use data button off and on again in pure IT Crowd fashion when you get the message about no data connection. Minor bug, no problem once you know the solution. My only other complaint is that you can’t rearrange the courses on your watchlist using the app. While you can sign in to your account on, say, your laptop, and rearrange them from there, those changes don’t register on the app. My app’s watchlist is still not in the order I’d like it be on. But overall, the app is amazing, and as a longtime Teaching Company believer, I’m sure it will only get better and better.
  • Trash app

    By flu flu
    This app is so terrible! I can’t even sign in and I paid 19.99 for this app. Can someone help me please!!!
  • A buffet for the famished!

    By CJC218
    So much to choose from, so little time. Actually there’s all the time in the world, since I’ll probably never let this subscription expire ... This is a HUGE deal for curious minds. I’ve been a Great Courses fan & customer for about 15 years, but always having to budget money and time on small, calibrated doses. Suddenly the whole spectrum is shining down on me like a rainbow. So far no problems getting whatever I want streaming on multiple devices. ¡Muchísimas Gracias!
  • It’s the best indulgence since peanut butter and jelly! Empowering the mind.

    By Journey of My Soul
    I take this opportunity to thank all of the brilliant creators and all of the folks behind the curtain of success in the development and implementation of the Great Courses! Thank you all and Please continue to add more history of culturally diverse content to the platform. You have all met the challenge of this great visionary undertaking; Great job to you all!
  • Great Learning Opportunity

    By pfalgrad82
    A surprisingly large variety of courses, reasonably priced that provide useful instruction and knowledge.
  • Awesome.

    By dragongunner92
    The world would be a better place if everyone subscribed to Great Courses Plus and watched one lecture (at least) a day.
  • Buggy and slow

    By Dr. Bugged
    I have enjoyed The Great Courses for years and own many. The idea of a subscription service is wonderful and I am enjoying the access to more courses. Unfortunately, the app is terribly slow and buggy. Many times it just locks up, requiring that I completely close it and start over. Especially bad on the iPhone.
  • Great courses

    By Usagi Yotimbo
    Excellent content. Broad range of topics.
  • Thank You Courses, Very Kool

    By shadichad
    Hi, I’m Meep and this is Korg
  • Do this and I’ll renew the subscription for the rest of my life

    By Nashmyah
    Please add subtitle for Arabic translation so I can gift this to my sister who does not speak English
  • I Love The Great Courses Plus

    By Cymple569
    I used to buy the DVDs. Now I can easily watch many courses on my iPad without the need for extra equipment. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the course material is presented in a fashion that makes you want to continue to learn about new topics. My daughter is even taking a course on how to train our new puppy while I’m learning about healthy cooking. I’m so glad I found the streaming version of the great courses. I love it!
  • Account not recognized?

    By Orla Sue
    I’m locked out of the app since it updated on my device today. Is this a widespread problem?
  • Worth every penny and then some

    By ATLB2019
    I pay less for this then I do for Netflix and this is more valuable. I turned off the tv and YouTube and me and the kids have only been watching TGCP. I find it more purposeful to watch this, as we are actually learning something, not just mindlessly watching tv shows and YouTube videos that do nothing for us. Thank you for this! Best money I’ve spent. The only thing I would add is more material that is easier for kids to understand and keep them engaged.
  • Best idea ever priceless

    Just what I needed. Better than TV
  • Great courses plus an educational bonanza

    By rjamd
    The variety of courses available and the quality are superior. I have enjoyed everyone and learned so much. Only wish I had the time to sample all of them
  • Good app

    By AgentTony
    Only one problem. This and all the other apps don’t think I have a watchlist most of the time.
  • Ideology Free Education - Refreshing - Astounding

    By Meazles & Beazles
    On a whim I tried “The Great Courses” threw the new RoKu TV we purchased. I have learned so much about who I am as a person, my place in history and the history of civilization that I am stunned. The sciences, our universe, the human brain I could keep going. There are so many quality courses to choose from. I intend to master them all. The lecturers are gifted award winning speakers - they are the cream of the crop in their respective disciplines and you can tell that because they articulate so well in a layman’s terms complex concepts especially in the sciences. They definitely are not boring speakers and their sense of humor will keep you glued to your seat with the wealth of information flowing from their style of lectures. This will be a lifetime commitment of learning for me. No political agenda just excellent scholarship of knowledge given as a gift back to you form very talented teachers. It’s the way college should be. So in a way “The Great Courses” is the lost art of teaching revived that will literally bless your socks off no matter what interests you. One more thing. The various courses so compliment each other you really will get a very rich well rounded education if your hungry for knowledge that’s PURE Learning with no political leanings. That is incredible in this politically motivated US culture. Well, after reading my review I’m sure some will think I’m a simple Dotard! Stay tuned! Not for long!
  • College lectures in my family room!

    By Leisure Learner
    An occasional purchaser of Great Courses over the last 20 years I am won over by the Great Courses Plus! For $15 a month I can renew acquaintance with my college favorites or learn new subjects like Mindfulness in my family room, in my car or on my patio! I can synchronize the lectures on as many as four devices - my phone, my tv and my Kindle. You may stream or download, listen or view! This is high level college courses alongside cooking techniques and health information - this is for anyone who, like me, who enjoys learning and thinking!
  • Best on “enterlearning”

    By Orlando I.
    If you love learning and watching new and interesting programming, don’t wait for the History Channel or National Geographic to fulfill those needs. With the Great Courses you get factual information, experienced professors and engaging videography to keep you entertained and learning for weeks. If they had a life-time membership, I would want to be first in line.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    By Dr Sonny.
    One way to improve your mental health as well as helping those who struggle s with mood stability.
  • Excellent content. Poorly designed app.

    By Mts0987654
    The content in the app is fantastic and worth the subscription price. It even makes the app’s design flaws tolerable. But the flaws are obvious and increasingly annoying. This app is not designed with usability in mind. The home screen has 22 categories. They are mostly categories like “Great How-tos” or “Employee Favorites”. Why on earth is “In My Watchlist” not one of those? Why would they make it harder to watch the next lecture in a course I’m in the middle of than to start some randomly suggested new course? Why bury courses I’ve already said I’m interested in behind three clicks of navigation? They recently added “Continue Watching” to the home screen, but it’s comically badly implemented. Say you are half way through a lecture. It will be on the Continue Watching list. OK, great. You then click it and finish the lecture. After it’s done, you return to the home screen. What would you expect that course’s “continue” to be now? The next lecture, right? Well, no, it’s still the lecture you just watched, half way through. I guess they think if a lecture is good, it’s good enough to be watched again. And in this day and age, why don’t they support profiles? Everybody in my family enjoys the courses, but we don’t have the same interests. My wife and son have their tastes, I have mine. Let us each have our own watchlists. These aren’t revolutionary ideas. Just look at Netflix or Hulu and follow their lead.
  • Very useful

    By RealTerraMine
    I wanted to study evolution and The Great Courses Plus has it. I want to study quantum mechanics and they have it. My mom wanted to study celts and she could. The sections are even more useful because you can choose one topic, say, history, and boom! A bunch of lectures on that topic. 10/10 I’m still using this app
  • Great content, broken app, misguided management.

    By simple_logic
    Management is more concerned about you sharing your account than honoring their obligations to the customer to enable basic use. Do not install on more than one device. Going from iPhone to iPad freezes up playback even when the course is downloaded Do not travel with app in airplane mode, it will freeze up after a few lectures because it cannot dial home to check if you’ve been a good boy Do not travel anywhere there is a bad internet connection. Even if the course is downloaded, if the app cannot dial home between lectures, it will freeze up.
  • All courses I’ve taken

    By Morf Norfnic
    I spend a lot of time in my truck and it is so enjoyable streaming lectures as a break from music and/or traffic reports. Enlightenment is the key to my happiness.
  • Buggie App

    By -=Lynux=-
    To be clear, the content is outstanding and my 3 star rating is for the app alone. I will try to watch(AirPlay), say, lecture 6 of a series and for some god-forsaken reason it will try to play the last episode I watched. So, while it’s playing lecture 6 on my phone, the screen that I am trying to airplay to is showing lecture 5. No idea how to fix this.
  • Learning Spanish

    By Estevevan G
    Instruction clear and motivating !
  • Slow app

    By Gerritkl
    App is extremely slow and courses sometimes don't load. Synch errors. Have to watch on my computer :(
  • Love it!

    By Angel L Antonio Jr
    I enjoy learning from so many excellent subjects. On the train, at home, vacationing or just around the house.
  • Great courses Plus rocks

    By OrganicMechanic
    Like the program. Needs to play in Apple Play
  • I kept getting stuck loading content

    By Asdfghgxtccg
    I kept getting stuck loading content and unable to loose the service. Luckily, I was under a free trail so I could just cancel it.
  • Supplement to the Fundamentals

    By NYC Minister
    I must admit, the courses I have studied here have been paramount in my understanding and teaching of Christian Theology. I spent 9 years in Seminary for my Doctorate and wish I would have subscribed sooner.
  • Expensive but worth it

    By Grapesgirl1982
    I have been a Great Course customer since the beginning (when they were called The Teaching Company) and I have never been disappointed by a course. I love that I can stream courses online and can watch whatever is striking my fancy at the time. It's an yourself! The app is a little glitchy though—it sometimes “forgets” my place in a course and I have to fast forward to find where I left off. Developers, it would be helpful to have a lecture list readily available after you start a course like you see when browsing.
  • Amazing content

    By Gacie$$$4556
    Every lecture is done by an expert in their field. Packed with relevant and useful information
  • Powerful Tool to Eradicate Ignorance!

    By Cordylus
    The GCP is a powerful and effective tool that has provided my entire family members ranging from ages 6-80 with wealth of information from multiple fascinating lectures. I have enjoyed many courses from History to Astrophysics to cooking and more. The lectures are engaging and easy to follow (English is my second language). I appreciate the fact that I can log in from any device (10 in my account) and from anywhere in the wold! I can execute multiple daily tasks while learning. Getting stuck in traffic is no longer a waste of my life as long as I can listen to any of The Great Courses Plus lectures. The only thing I wish can be improve, is the accessibility of the lessons in each Course. It takes too many steps of I want to start from the beginning or play a previously studied lesson. In any case, the fact that one can have access to such incredible amount of knowledge at his/her fingertips is powerful!
  • Great content but apps needs some improvement

    By Emissary_of_Danger
    I have been a long-time supporter and student of The Great Course so I already know and trust your content. Please continue to improve the iOS app. Especially with features such as multi-tasking (iPAd Pro) so that I can watch a course and view the pdf lecture outline or take notes at the same time. Also, the user interface and download manager needs improvement. I would like to be able to organize my courses and have the ability to view other course materials (i.e., PDFs, etc.) within the app. Lastly, the downloads take an incredibly long time (sometimes more than 30 minutes to download a 30 min lecture), even with the lower quality option selected. I trust you are already aware of most of these things and working on future updates. Thank you.
  • The best online course!

    By lilygk
    I love the range of courses to choose from, the people who teach them and how they teach them. I’ve learned, and continue to learn, with love and enthusiasm. I give them an A++