Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-09-02
  • Current Version: 6.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 282.54 MB
  • Developer: JoyTunes
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 80 043


Simply Piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano, from beginner to pro. Works with any piano or keyboard. Chosen as one of the best iPhone apps for 2016. - Tons of fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me and Counting Stars, also J.S. Bach - Includes courses for different musical tastes and playing levels - Learn the basics step-by-step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands - Slow down library songs to choose your own pace for easy learning - Personalized 5-Min Workouts ensuring you progress fast and always succeed - Suitable for all ages, no previous knowledge required to learn piano No Piano? Try the Touch Courses with 3D Touch to turn your device into an on-screen keyboard! How it works: - Place your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) on your acoustic/MIDI piano or keyboard and play; the app will immediately recognize what you are playing - Get instant feedback on your playing to quickly learn and improve your piano skills - Discover the magic of music with fun songs in the Library and complete courses to start sounding like a pro How the Subscription Works: - All app users can play two free courses. Upgrade to a premium subscription package at any time. - Subscribers will receive full access to ALL courses. New courses and songs added every month! - All recurring subscriptions will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - Your subscription is for your iTunes account and can be used on your iOS device. - Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. Choose from one of the following subscription options: - 3 months recurring subscription for $59.99 - 6 months recurring subscription for $89.99 - Yearly recurring subscription for $119.99 Simply Piano is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. Created by music educators, the apps are used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning piano quickly and easily. Awards & Recognition - - "EMI’s Innovation Challenge” - "World Summit Award", by the United Nations - “Best Tools for Beginners”, NAMM - "Best Tablet Game", GameIS - “Parents' Choice Award” - “Golden App”, Apps for Homeschooling Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at Enjoy Playing! privacy policy: terms of use:



  • Great app!

    By Aim28173
    Easy to use. Highly recommend!
  • Excellent and easy to use

    By Ponfek
    Great app. Easy to use
  • Auto renew the charge for the all year

    By ossi318
    Auto renew the charge for the all year.

    By does not like Nick
    I did not like this because I was playing the exact notes and it marked me wrong! I am soooo frustrated right now!

    By KCS127
    After you use the free trial, you can’t cancel it TILL AFTER IT CHARGES YOU $120!!!!! TERRIBLE APP WILL NEVER USE AGAIN.
  • Outstanding. Simply one of the best piano apps!

    By hhf
    I try to stay up to date on piano learning apps and it is my considered opinion that this is one of the best apps. The approach takes you in your own speed from novice to intermediary (and mabe beyond, ask me in a year or two). It works with you like your piano teacher does (yes, we still have one) and builds it up step by step and going back to slow when needed. It works for children from something like age six (once they get bored with Piano Dust Buster app :-) It is fantastic to have an app that is available whenever we feel like playing, adapts to your speed, gives immediate feedback and has a ton of music to choose from. New music is being added and the experience refined on a regular basis. There is one feature I would like to see: a „sheet notes“ mode where the user is presented with sheet notes and the blue line moves across the sheet, not the notes toward the blue line. This would help with transitioning between app and paper sheet music. Me and my daughter have now been using this app for about three years and we still love it. Thank you and keep up the great work!
  • This is the app you NEED

    By Jose ledea
    I started off without knowing a lick of piano. It was difficult learning from other people and seeing these tutorials that were TOO advanced for me. This app started me from the very bottom and I am learning so much at a fast pace and you SEE your own progression on the piano. This application is fully fledged with helpful courses that are awesome and fun. I definitely recommend this application as it is cheaper than real classes and teaches you way more and offers you more of the stuff that you personally want to learn.
  • This app is nothing

    By Ctfc Minecraft Creeper
    When I bought this app it’s nothing just basics and also If you want to buy for a year it’s 119.99 Dollars which is not good. Note: it promised us to learn piano put it didn’t learn me anything From:Minecraft Creeper
  • 🙈😉😮

    By Bgfyyhj
    I love this!!!
  • Key sensors

    By jordanlpatton🤣🤣
    I put a four star because it keeps sayin I am not playing the E key so I have to pick up my phone and put it by the opening.
  • Best ever!!!!!

    By made me a piano lover
    Great fun to learn app. Not just drudgery of a repetitive typical “learn to play the piano” lesson. I am 68, never played the piano and just completed essentials 2 after 8 months and am now in love with my piano. There is wonderful support for any questions and they keep adding songs and features as requested from us, the users. Thank you Joy Tunes. Frank
  • Piano academy v.s. Simply piano. omg get piano academy now it free for limited amount of time.

    By kimberlykat824
    I got the app simply piano for my 10-year-old daughter it was great until it said 3.99 per week she was really sad because I didn’t want to pay for it then I got piano academy and it was free my daughter is now rockin the piano. Simply piano=RIP OFF
  • Disappointed

    By Alanigirl
    I have a free one month membership with my keyboard but I’m disappointed that the app can’t read certain notes particularly middle c for me my month is almost up and I’ve feel like I’ve gotten nowhere fast due to not letting me pass a lesson because it’s “wrong”. Another weird thing is it will work in practice mode but when you get out of practice mode it will register as a different note. Why would I want to buy a membership when it won’t even work on a free trial?🤨🤔
  • Nice but pricey

    By ennagold
    It’s a nice piano app but it costs too much
  • Great!!!

    By Keegan_M_Kelly
    I just recently got a keyboard and so far it’s been working great! Sometimes the app won’t pick up the right key, but other than that 10/10.
  • Yes!!!

    By JimmyDino
    So far so good!!!
  • Purchases

    By 56557788
    Soooo.....when I got the app...It was AMAZING!It helped me a lot...but then it makes u buy all the content!Can someone tell me if I can EARN the content instead of buy it?!
  • Lessons are locked

    By piano_learner
    The application is nice and I do like it. I subscribed for 1 year and Out of the sudden the lessons are locked and I cannot proceed with lessons. I tried so many times to contact the support and no response. This is no acceptable. I have paid for the app and I expect it to work all the time. I would really appreciate it if the owners of this app would look into the issue. I would like to get refund but it seems that there is no such way. So now I have non working app and 120$ less in my account.
  • I am very Ok at piano now

    By fbgf tfytdd vv
    It was really hard at first but since this is my first time in my whole life that I play keyboard now my family says I’m the smartest child because I can cook and clean and now I can make music 5 stars 😁

    By TD island master123
    This is the most horrible piano app ever! It won't read my notes properly and I keep getting super frustrated! I shouldn't get frustrated with the darn PIANO!
  • Too Much money

    By HAYLIE3458
    Hello, first of all I would like to say you app is amazing but I have an issue I payed to go on but after two weeks after I did it charged me one hundred dollars in advance I had to pay one hundred dollars! I downloaded this app because lessons were too pricey but turns out this app was more money then lessons! That’s why I’m giving this app a two star rating
  • Works great!

    By Essential Living
    Kids have been playing every day on this app and they love it!
  • Best app I have ever downloaded in my life😱😱😱

    By jaeda thomas
    It really helps you I’m a nine year old and I have had my keyboard for three days and already know how to play eight songs I love ❤️ itttttttttt
  • Piano Lessons

    By chemcon
    I’m sort of impressed so far
  • Good attempt...poor execution

    By B-Dubbs-123
    What the app strived to do was brilliant however, it is lacking in its accuracy. I got so frustrated with the basic tutorials not picking up the C and D cord that I gave up on this app. It’s a cool concept but needs lots of improvements
  • It’s Great

    By CyraNoavek
    This app is so helpful it helps me prepare for my real piano lessons and I love it (even though my mom doesn’t).
  • I do not like SimplyPiano

    By treywedad
    I do not like SimplyPiano
  • Seriously?

    By Pikachu and Ash
    I just downloaded it and it’s already malfunctioning. I’m playing the right key and it’s telling me it’s wrong. I can’t change the sound of my keyboard. Really bad first impression and I’m probably gonna delete it
  • Awesome

    By BookLover 725743
    I have a new Roland and this program is the best. Both my granddaughter & I are having so fun; best of all we are learning how to play. I highly recommend this program. 👍
  • Monthly subscription

    By mommacat204
    You have to pay at least $10/ month to basically do anything on it at all. Get outta here
  • Love It!!!!

    By Planespotter242YT
    Simply just AMAZING. I love to use it
  • Missing an essential element

    By AdrFlecth
    This app is missing an essential piece of sheet music, the time signature. Should you choose to pay for the app beyond the first lesson, it gets a bit frustrating when it comes to the practice modules. I have years of fundamental music background. Once you have mastered the notes, you get to practice them in a song, but the irritating part is trying to figure out beats per measure without a proper time signature. This app isn’t for those who want to learn the basics of music. If you can’t tell the differences between note lengths, rests, and repeats, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
  • I’m crying irl please read this!!!😭😭😭

    By Duffy did
    I love this game I was playing and I could read the sheet music to the first song but... I found out as soon as I was done with the beginner songs, that you have to pay for the rest of the songs and stuff😒 I know there is a free trial, but it’s a scam I bet. So yup I’m never ever gonna learn how to play piano. But thanks for trying guys, I bet those with money to spare love this game.👎🏼
  • Middle C

    By topisuebrah
    My middle C won’t pick up. I’ll play and play but it won’t work. Except for that, the app is amazing and it helps me self teach myself how to play the piano!
  • Learning A lot!

    By Imaruner
    Suprisingly challenging. If you are a true beginner this program will get you on the path to playing and reading music.
  • Can I play a song for free?

    By Preslee S.
    I already love this app I already got it but when I got done with it I wanted to play a song but it won't let me but this is a really good app and that's my only concern and problem

    By Hufflepuff-pwr
    This app is so good to learn the piano. I played the clarinet in school band and wanted to take on piano on the side. This app lets you play real songs right away. Their are many courses that are fun and engaging. The only downside is that you have to pay a lot of money to use the app. For most people this is to much to pay especially including the fact that It costs a lot for a piano.

    By aqua girl😇
    This is an awsome app but to play music u have to pay i am very young and i thought it would be free it helped me my sis and brother so ty for whoever created this
  • Awesome but..........

    By Olivia Jinan
    Yikes, the app is great but that’s too pricy for waht I’m getting!
  • Pricey

    By mytogirls
    I just bought a $120 keyboard in hopes of learning to play. I go though the basics of the app then it asks me to subscribe? It’s really expensive and I can’t pay for it. This has made me really sad and now I don’t know what I’m going to do with my keyboard. And I’m not paying for lessons.
  • Easy

    By ~(aihpoS)~
    Easy to follow. Fun to learn.
  • Jacob

    By gagsgsbsbs
    This app really helps if you are a beginner
  • It’s really good

    By Modelito0591
    This is really fun but the only thing is that I’m really confused on what hand and finger you press the keyboard or piano
  • Great app!

    By ThePoodleGal
    Simply Piano by JoyTunes has been a wonderful experience for me, a newbie, to learn to play the piano! I am enjoying this app every single day! Thankyou app developers...keep up the great work!
  • great except for one thing

    By Love The App !!
    I am a middle school student who has known how to play the piano since 4th grade. I recently stopped my piano lesson and needed some other way to be taught the piano. I enjoy it very much. I only have one complaint and that is that low c finger 5, does not work. I will play the right note but on the screen it will count it work. Only once in a while it will show up as correct.
  • Why?

    By Beandonx420
    I have a question about why it only teaches you how to play with your right hand and not your left, you have to pay for the rest, make it free so more people can download this and your app can be more useful for people who can’t find any other app that actually teaches you how to play. I’m also referring to the lessons and music sheets that you need to subscribe for. (This is a really good app by the way)
  • Yessssssss

    By Avalynnfusco
    This has helped me so much and I LOVE IT 😍🥰😘🤩
  • You have to pay!? 😔

    By Sammy sam of sam
    I do after school sports and I’m all caught up in school and my studies. For Christmas I had gotten a keyboard, but the hard part was learning how to play it, because I had no experience. All I’ve ever wanted to do was honestly learn how to play the piano. I play the flute in band, but seeing how it’s a woodwind it wouldn’t help. So I got on YouTube, and was looking up my favorite songs to play. Like I said I had no experience so I couldn’t play them and I would start to get frustrated. Before every piano video that I watched and tried to play, there was an ad for simply piano. It was even on the side of my keyboard when I took it out of the box! I was hesitant to get it because I didn’t know if it cost money, and I’m a teen with no credit card. But after four or five of these ads I decided to get on the App Store and look it up. I got on the App Store and looked up SimplyPiano, and it popped up! I was extremely excited to see it was free. So I waited an hour for it to download. Once it downloaded I quickly got on it, I thought it was free because I started to do the lessons. I got to the end of the first five notes. The the worst thing happened, the app showed me what I could potentially do with it. I started to get extremely excited again and I clicked next and put my hands on the piano to start playing. I looked back at my phone and then saw that I had to pay money!? Not to mention that the costs were extremely high! No way was my mom going to even think about paying this much money! I’m very sad and disappointed that this didn’t work out how I wanted it to! Please fix this because this was a potential app to me and probably to a lot of other people too, I’m just very sad that it’s usable practically... 😠
  • 0 STARS IM MAD!!!!

    By I vote truly not fake
    This is the worst app ever if u want to learn how my daughter had this and YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING the ONE THING you DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR IS TO LEARN 5 NOTES ONLY 5 WHEN IT SAYS OH WE WILL TEACH YOU EVERYTHING SCREW THIS APP!!!!!