Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-07-28
  • Current Version: 5.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 7.38 MB
  • Developer: Robert Neagu
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 486


Cleaner is the perfect tool to unfollow, remove ghost or inactive followers, mass delete posts and unlike previously liked photos or videos. * Bulk unfollow users * Bulk block users * Bulk unblock users * Bulk delete posts * Bulk unlike posts * Cloud automatic execution * Night Mode automatic execution * Whitelist Manager * Help Center * Support for user search, filters, undo, multiple accounts, relationship indicator * Quick selection and crop tools * Advanced quick selection: Ghost users, Inactive users, No profile photo users * Full profile and post previews * Activity log with undo * Activity statistics Disclaimer: 'Cleaner' is a third party app for Instagram not affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc.



  • @rickyflipsk8 approved!

    By RickyFlipSk8
    Around 10K Followers, def helping me unfollow people that don’t follow me, and see other stats. 👍
  • Great

    By trendy2x
    Love ghost followers
  • Worth the upgrade

    By MizzBonez93
    Just pay for it. It’s a couple of bucks. Totally worth it. I’ve had this app for years and use it daily. But it’s only worth it if you pay the couple of bucks to get the fully upgraded version.
  • Fast and easy

    By MGG2814
    Lots of people ask to follow you then they unfollow you so this app helps you unfollow people that aren’t following you 50 at a time easy enjoy
  • make it free

    By MacBookLegend
    Very useful, but I will genuinely never pay for the update. I just unfollow the people who have unfollowed me one by one.
  • Happy that you fixed it!

    By lZlElRlOl
    Is a great app, works perfect, and it is what i was looking!
  • Best App For IG

    By Madie Nap
    I have tried a lot of apps to manage followers, ghost accounts, inactive users, etc. I love this app the most! It’s so simple and I love night mode where you can have it “clean” over night so that Instagram doesn’t flag or block you from taking action on your account. You can set night mode to do a certain amount of actions per 90 seconds so you don’t do too much too quickly!
  • Solid success rate

    By bashfoal
    I use this app once or twice a month and haven't hit a snag in base functionality in the last year. The only issue I've had is trying to queue over 5000 actions in one go for the cloud. If i split it up into sub-5k chunks it executes fine.
  • Overall really helpful

    By surgicaltech1234
    I use this and captivate . And although at first it’s a bit to figure out it has been so helpful for me . I have grown my Instagram x10 and it doesn’t take much time at all!!!
  • SCAM! Read before buying!

    By jcrispmarketing
    This company was captivate & everything in the software was available in captivate. Out of the blue there is a “3.1 version update” when you click on it it brings you to this software. Captivate stopped working after I payed for the “pro” and now they want me to buy the “pro” on this. What a joke!
  • Zero complaints

    By DOMINIC086
    I been having this app for years and works perfect. 3 days ago I noticed the app wasn’t loading but today I found out why🤣 I needed to update😂 Thank you for this app, I love it!!👍
  • get it sis

    By Oml stop
    it’s one of the best out there like bible. it’s so worth paying the $2.99 for. sure it only lets you do a certain amount but once one mass clean is done, click unfollow again until you’re done. but fr, totally recommend this app
  • Awesome

    By Mehradiism
    It’s very useful
  • Update scam?!?!

    By Gggshshab
    Just received a message I needed to update but when I logged in, my PRO account status was deleted
  • Well worth the few dollars

    By Eploz
    Occasionally bugs up once in a while but they usually fix it fairly quickly. For the most part it works great and I'd buy it again if I had to make the choice over again. With its help my IG's have went to 14k and 4K in a matter of 6 months.
  • Excelente aplicación

    By Armafit24
    Sería aún más rápido si tuviera español!!
  • No longer working

    By ja993
    Is a fantastic application suddenly started crashing
  • Very user friendly!

    By Dustinalangray
    Finally a mobile app that allows multiple user deletion on IG! You can select non followers as well which is what I wanted. 5/5 stars! Love it! Update 01/10/19 Crashed on boot. Just had to delete then reinstall. Works fine now. Probably just a bug.

    By Mrswonderful
    TOTAL NIGHTMARE - app keeps making you upgrade to delete images - or que the images - whatever that means - BUYER BEWARE
  • PrettyBaked.Co

    By CoeLorenzo
    It helps my run my social media with out having to resort to big marketing companies. If you have a phone you can run your social media perfectly with this app.
  • Great service

    By Austin Wolfe
    Very useful tool highly recommend if you are on social media a lot
  • Update fixed crashing

    By Jahred777
    New update worked to fix the crash issue! Great job staying ontop of things!
  • Thank You

    By xlnxv
    Fixed, Thank You! Now can you please fix captivate & the 2 the factor authentication bug effect both apps please.
  • It started crashing today. What’s going on

    It had been working fine. It doing what it’s supposed to do. Tried opening it today and it crashes over and over. Closed it several times and still nothing. Update. Developers are very responsive. They rolled out an update in less than 24 hours. App works like a champ again.
  • Best cleaner app

    By harlem92
    Does what you need it to do almost perfect just needs to be able to unfollow more then 200 a day...also needs to be able to select automatically who’s not following back. Other that that this app is very good
  • Best cleaner out there period

    By I<3Boobies
    I’ve tried every other one. This one kicks butt. App does all of the work for you and the team is very much on top of their software. Within 1 day of discovering a bug causing it to crash upon opening they had it fixed with a new update.
  • Crashes and bugs

    By Kitty kitty Cassie
    When I try to log into the app it just automatically crashes and kicks me out! I cannot get in at this point at all and for an app I paid for, it’s a little aggravating. Please update and fix bugs and crashes. It’s wasted money to have an app that I cannot even use. Thank you
  • All of a sudden stopped working

    By chew2727
    I love this app. It helps keep my Instagram following down but one day it just stopped working. Now it won’t even load without shutting out. I’ve done everything imaginable to try and fix it but it still won’t work

    By Liimegreeen
    I paid for the upgrade and now the app can’t even open without crashing immediately.

    By 🌴 INFINITY 808
    Love the app, it’s great! Takes a while to figure out how to use, but otherwise great. Today, it started crashing, tried a hard reset, looked for updates, nothing! Please help, why is the app crashing after the load screen?
  • Stopped working

    By Es2814
    I’ve been using this app for almost a year then all of a sudden it started crashing every time I tried to open it
  • The Best App

    By Adelarosa<3
    This App is absolutely the very BEST to cleaner up your IG following. I recommended daily because I have 4 IG Accounts and I have to have something quick and efficient to do what I need.
  • always crashes

    By dvkkhgfdwwqw
    this app needs hella improvement for real. i just downloaded it twice and tried getting into to it 10 times; everytime it crashes.
  • Fix bug please

    By Juliana Vianna
    Please please fix fast. It’s crashing for me and all of my friends :( I love the app so much but I can’t access it right now without it immediately crashing.
  • but issue

    By shotluh
    I love this app and it’s alway a quick useful tool. but, I go on the app today to use it, and when I do so it juss blacks out and exits. I tried re-downloading and even restarting my phone. nothing works/please help.
  • Great app but issues occurring

    By Nicholas reviews
    Can you please let me know why it’s exiting me out of the app everytime I try to unfollow? However, captivate seems to be working fine
  • Crash report

    By jiggythegoat
    Has been crashing recently
  • Great while it worked

    By MishelleM
    I paid for premium and used this daily and love night mode. It was working fine this morning and now quits when I open it. Reinstalling didn't help.
  • Crashing

    By JacquelineJane
    This app is crashing every time I try to open it
  • App Started Crashing

    By EccentricAllure
    I was very fond of this app. But today it has started crashing. I CAN NOT GET ANYTHING DONE!! Please fix developers
  • Started crashing

    By zoocrew1
    This app worked great until I tried to get on it today and it crashed every time I tried to open it. Please fix this.
  • Crashes

    By musiclovertacoma
    This app crashes every time I open it
  • Don’t waste your time

    By toonuchtimeonmyhand
    Won’t open after putting in user name and password. Crap!!!!
  • keeps crashing now

    By Boat Drinks
    it was amazing!!!!! PLEASE FIX THAT ITS CRASHING ASAP
  • App is Crashing

    By Adrgfghjoogffuoj
    I downloaded the app to mass delete over 1,000 pictures. It was working very well. I purchased the upgrade for ~$4, and now it is crashing and will not allow me to access the app any longer. Is there an update in progress? If not, I would like my money back.
  • App stopped working after I paid

    By Darkflash777
    App suddenly stopped working! They need to fix ASAP or I want my money back.

    By scb41400
    i can’t even open the app it crashes please help
  • Please fix the app!

    By Deanna Leigh
    Stopped working and keeps crashing. Lost all my accounts and work I had set up.

    By 18289291
    the app crashes every time i try to log in please fix