• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-08-21
  • Current Version: 2.18.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 42.75 MB
  • Developer: flowkey GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 749


Learning piano has never been easier! Play your favorite songs and learn all there is to know about notes, chords, and the proper technique. Works with your real piano or keyboard, acoustic as well as electric. Ideal for beginners and advanced pianists. DISCOVER THE NEW WAY TO LEARN PIANO: - Play your favorite songs – hundreds of songs, from classical to pop, at your disposal - Practice effectively with learning monitoring via microphone or MIDI connection - Reach your goals with interactive step-by-step instructions on reading music, chords, improv, technique, and more - Develop the correct playing technique with high-quality video tutorials of professional pianists flowkey is endorsed by some of the most famous YouTube pianists as well as teachers and musicians worldwide. Join the movement now and become one of over a million pianists and experience flowkey through 8 songs and selected courses, free of charge. GO PREMIUM TO BECOME A PRO You can download the flowkey app for free and immediately gain free access to selected songs and course content. For full access to all songs and course content, you will need to purchase a flowkey Premium subscription. You can access flowkey Premium content on all your devices. Your subscription options are: 1 month flowkey Premium subscription for $19.99 6 months flowkey Premium subscription for $83.99 12 months flowkey Premium subscription for $119.99 (These are US prices. Pricing in other countries may vary.) Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Once your subscription is renewed, you will be charged the same amount as during the first purchase through your iTunes account. Your membership renews itself automatically unless you cancel no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. This is also where you can cancel your subscription and turn off the auto-renewal option. If you cancel your subscription, your access to the full library of flowkey content will expire at the end of the subscription period. SUPPORT We look forward to your feedback! Contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns through: feedback@flowkey.com or directly within the app under “Support & Feedback”. Have fun learning piano! Your flowkey team Terms of service: http://www.flowkey.com/en/terms-of-service Privacy policy: http://www.flowkey.com/en/privacy-policy



  • Outstanding way to learn piano

    By Drrjr
    This app is the best way to learn piano. Takes advantage of current interactive technology to help learn piano with a wide selection of songs from all genres and levels. I especially like the slow playback learning modes and it will even wait for you to find the right note before moving on. The only thing this app doesnt do is pick me up off the couch and set me in front of the piano.
  • Good but issues

    By dinéa
    I really like this app to learn the piano but sometimes when I’m playing the left hand I read the sheet music and I don’t look at a the hand. The music will tell me to play an A for example, then the hand is telling me to play a C and it won’t go till I play the C. Very confusing.
  • App doesn’t pick up in keys

    By chrisbawb
    It was really frustrating to use this app because I would play the correct key but the microphone could not pick up on the sounds
  • Little Scammy

    By Gubble201
    Just gives you a taste then charges for a $120 yearly membership which is worded as a certain amount per month. Definitely a way to cash in on the people who forget about the 7 day free trial. So make sure you really want it.
  • overall good app

    By yahyoteson
    The only reason I'm giving this app three stars instead of five is because of the wait mode. While practicing using this app it says that I've clicked the correct keys when i know i didn't or it says correct even when i don't touch my piano. Besides that Flowkey is a great app for learning but i wont purchase the full version because of this issue.
  • Easy to use

    By Only three stars
    Haven’t paid for it but so far it’s nice and simple to use
  • Super good and educational

    By maddoxt388
  • 🙌🙌🙌

    By s.charity
    I downloaded this app just for the free version and loved it! Sometimes while playing in wait mode the app will think I’ve played the right notes when I haven’t played anything at all, but for free I’m okay with that. There was a slight problem with one of the songs loading but that is fixed now
  • Wish I could have more songs to play

    By 🐩🐕🐩🐕
    I already play piano but this app was really nice for learning songs! I loved it a lot and it made Learning the songs so easy! Highly recommend this!!!
  • I love and hate it

    By Rudi Lueg
    I have a acoustic piano. So, starting a song and practicing it works for a while. It gets super frustrating playing it more fluent. The app stops, can ‘hear’ a single note, but flys over complex accords. I bought a fancy mic, reformatted and reinstalled my iPad, disabled ‘background activities’ and disabled all notifications. Nothing helps. You also, cant display the notes full page. The support guys are very nice, but can’t really help. BTW: with a MIDI it works like a champ.
  • Not Free

    By ThelionWolfguy
    I thought I’d give it a try. It gave really basic lessons and then you need payment for the premium membership. You get very little free songs (less than 5), unless you pay DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • Extremely poorly designed

    By Long-suffering
    This app is good in theory but plagued with awful design choices and is totally inept at hearing what notes you’re playing, once you start playing with 2 hands. Constantly ha I g to tap Next and OK after EVERY SINGLE THING is excruciating. It’s hit rate on hearing your notes is about 80% when you’re playing one note at a time, and drops to 50% or less when you’re playing with both hands. The tempo on the example tracks changes speed inexplicably. The whole thing is a piece of junk. After about 90 minutes in, I’m giving up in extreme frustration. Just glad I was still within the free trial period. Avoid this lousy app.
  • If there was an option

    By The nickname Ian was taken
    If there was an option to turn off the background music during video lessons. It would be perfect. I can barely hear the lessons and it would be easier if it was clearer.
  • Uhhh...?

    By happybutdissapointed
    Alright so the things that this app teaches you is very helpful and slow but the app doesn’t needs some tweaking to the pitch it hears when you play. I have to play another note that isn’t the right note to move on and some of the double notes move on when I play another note.
  • Dumb

    By LydiaTuttle
    The app would not pic up my music at all and I blew my speaker worst app ever
  • Great app

    By 3638282627
    I have been loving this app ever since I got it. It's easy to follow the course and if you don't want to be for the songs you could either get a piano song book or look them up. It's a great app for learning and really enjoyable
  • Perfect way to Start Learning!

    By Middle Curry
    Illustrative and immersive design gets you learning piano while learning to read music at the same time!
  • This is a great app recommended for everybody in the world

    By techno beat electronic keybord
    I love this app it’s awesome everybody should have this app I mean it’s a really good app I love it so much thank you I really love this app and when I don’t know how to explain it but I love the app

    By itsfunnehfan247
    This app is terrific I play on keyboard and when you try to Learn a song it’s doesn’t help I CANT EVEN HEAR YOU PLAYING THATS Y I GUVE THIS DUMB APP A TERRIBLE RATING PEOPLE NEVER GET THIS APP ITS SUPER FAKE
  • Excellent!

    By JayLive42646
    Finished the first course and so far so good. I’ve looked up many pages and tutorials on how to play the piano but this works perfect for me since this is my first time playing a piano. Thank you so much!
  • Thanks

    By popkygrhfjgd
    Had no idea how to start learning until a friend told me about this app. I’m happy to start learning because I’ve liked piano for a while and really wanted to be good this app helps so much.
  • Slight problem

    By oofschool
    Ok the app is amazing but the only problem is whenever I hit middle c (when I’m supposed to) I get it wrong. I have a digital piano just so you won’t be like “OH MY YOU NEED TO TUNE YOUR PIANO LOL,” other than that, it’s amazing!
  • Rated by me

    By Imoressed
    So amazing! I learned soooooooooo much!
  • Great software but much too expensive

    By Ben Pitcher
    I love the product itself and the ease of playing through the pieces with the note recognition. It is definitely a big step up from just printing out sheet music. With that said, sheet music is MUCH cheaper and still effective. The free trial made me love the app but because of its high price I will not be paying for a subscription. My advice to the owners would be to reduce the price to where a teenager like myself who enjoys to sit down and learn a piano piece every once and a while would be able to afford it. In conclusion the product is fantastic but drastically overpriced in my opinion.
  • Very frustrating

    By Mastergirlofmagic300
    Sometimes wait mode glitches and it doesn’t even show me what to press and I would like to be able to know where on my keyboard I’m supposed to find the note. Please get back to me
  • Amazing app!

    By Thisnickname76586
    Thanks for helping me learn piano!! I haven’t spent a dime on this app and I’m beginning to understand and learn piano!! I love how it waits for me when I haven’t got the note right. Overall amazing app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Garbage.

    By Jason.belgian
    This app gives a free intro lesson ( here’s where your fingers go, type lesson) and everything else is an overpriced subscription. Don’t waste your time.
  • Full song.

    By carroll7th
    I learned the song i wanted but it’s only the first part. How can I get the whole song?!
  • Midnight://3

    By Leaners :/
    Well overall it was to fast and the microphone mode wouldn't work and I waited and waited and free songs I was excited !!!! BUT there was only old songs and only like 6 FREE SONGS😭⁉️⁉️😤
  • Amazing

    By aarôm
    I can easily learn to play quickly and ya
  • Great start

    By scphillipp1
    Doesn’t get very far till you have to pay to continue but what I saw I like.
  • Got too excited

    By Angmommyof3
    My 10 year old enjoyed the first lesson... then was asked to review before the next lesson... gave 5 stars until the next lesson was locked for the “low” price of $19.99 a month or $120 a year. Not a bad overall deal, however we were not looking to purchase for a basic learning app. They are missing too much for this price
  • It’s good but why pay just for more

    I get it that it help them but not a lot of people could afford that. I really like the app, but paying I cannot get the full experience.
  • Broken

    By dyhwdubeidnd
    It is a good app... but it does have some bad things... For 1, the wait mode is broken I’ve been playing piano for like a year and I was trying to master fur Elise with wait mode and it couldn’t even catch up, when I did I read the sheet music but... it didn’t keep up it was stuck at g#... For 2, I can’t even practice my favorite songs without needing a 50$ yearly subscription So dumb... For 3, why is there no Drops Of Jupiter by Train...
  • This app

    By 29:-)3(73'd
    It is amazing and I understand it very well
  • Song

    By Grytungdsnux
  • Needs some more free songs

    By GalaxyWolf62
    Now, they only have 8 free songs, but what would be better Is to have those songs of your choice. They should also do more free lessons. As a beginner pianist I would like to learn more techniques on the piano.
  • Makes me enjoy piano

    By Oto_M
    Cool up, makes me enjoy learning to play piano. A bit too expensive though.
  • Very Faulty Wait Mode

    By Gfcfh
    While the actual material in this app is great, there are a lot of problems with the wait mode that make learning with this app incredibly more difficult. A lot of the time even the slightest noise in the background, or sometimes even in complete silence, the lesson will just skip notes I was supposed to play while trying to figure it out. It’s also incredibly frustrating to play the exact thing it is asking me to play, and it not budge until I press the key like 4 times. Sometimes nothing will happen until I play the note in a lower octave. Great idea and the resources are there but the execution of the app leaves much to be desired especially considering I payed for 6 months of this app.
  • It goes on without me

    By Emma Shale
    I’m a new comer to pianos so I use wait mode but when I do it always makes me skip a key or two it just moves on not letting me hit the key overall I still like it
  • Very good but 1 thing

    By Houngyang
    I love the way that they made it but you have to pay for only some songs so tht is good.
  • The best piano learning

    By samer alowsi
  • Best features cost money

    By howdy()
    If you want to learn chords for free, then don’t download this app. If you want to learn scales for free don’t download this app. If you want to learn how to read sheet music faster, then don’t download this app. This, plus many other basic features are exclusive to premium members.
  • Love this app but could use some improvements

    By GCRN1012
    Its annoying how you can't print out the music as sheet music. I learn a new piece better that way. I resorted to buying a music notebook and writing down the music in music sheet form which has helped alot. I learn the piece much faster this way. Other than that, it's a great app and I do prefer it over the simply piano app. I feel this app is more of a grownup version compared to simply piano without those annoying sing along. But simply piano does have a feature where you can practice piano on the go when your traveling with a built-in keyboard within the app. It all depends on what your looking for but I would do a short trial on both apps (which I did) and figured out which one is best for you before you lock in for a whole year to one particular app. And midi connectivity is a must with these apps! Otherwise you'll get frustrated while playing. I have an iPhone and bought an all in one midi cord through Amazon and it works great!
  • Best piano app

    By californiamare
    Best piano app ever!!! Tried many others and got frustrated. Now I’m playing my favorite songs
  • Im broke

    By broke 12 year old
    Im a broke 12 year old who just wants to learn Do You Hear the People Sing on piano. I have no money. “So be it! You make me sad!”
  • Really

    By noah09999
    This is a great app but it cost money to unlock premium. If you were truly trying to help people it should be free.
  • Best

    By reanhins
    This app really helped me learn the keys and let me go back to do thing perfect. This is the best piano learning app.
  • Premium

    By The Dark Oueen Pokemon
    I love this app I really do, but I can’t really use it because everything is premium.