Huuuge Casino™ Vegas 777 Slots

Huuuge Casino™ Vegas 777 Slots

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-09-11
  • Current Version: 4.1.1313
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 109.05 MB
  • Developer: Huuuge Global Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 33 847


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  • Super fun

    By harrellz😎
    Super fun going to make me go to the real casino.
  • Fraud charges and autopilot dust service

    By Jason Tobin
    Multiple fraudulent charges, deceptive pop ups and convenient big crashes when jackpot occurs. You will not receive your chips or credits EVER or under any circumstances. Please find a review where customer service did anything other than one of 5 canned autopilot responses. A V O I D
  • Players are Last Thought

    By Countrydrive
    There are so many changes that have placed the players in last thought of this game app. Fun is a word of the past for this game. So many constant changes that are never ever to give the player ease in building chips or ease in leveling up. All changes are to eat chips as fast as possible . Players fun should come first always. You make money on commercials yet act like you ration the commercials. The jackpots, free spins, huuuuge wins are all a tiny drop of what they used to be. You have expanded ; but player fun has severely declined. I watch club teams lose scores of team members and leaders and coleaders losing their hard built chips. Clubs do not build any more... too broke and no fun. Where is the fun this game was??? You are spiraling and we are sad to see this free fall that you seem bound to take Huuuge on. Events should not be like a big hole in the bottom of a money bag. This is a game folks. Have you forgotten that people like to win by building and not losing billions of chips? Your greed is becoming your fall. Too bad for you and some Huuugely sad players. Only you can open your eyes and rescue this game. Update: continues maintenance updates which is a continuation of player’s demise as the slots continue to pay less and less imaginary chips with zero value. These slot games are the worse I have played. 5/15/19. After spiral of bad Huuuuge changes, I am finally walking away after nearly two years of playing. Not the same game anymore. 💀
  • Where’s my X7 bonus chips

    By Beach90740
    My team won the league challenge and was suppose to pay 65M X7. My accounts on the winning team only received the 65M; and not X7 bonus. Not one account received the chips. I shouldn’t have to write a review to get my bonus chips. My team members are always emailing about discrepancies on their accounts. Why?
  • Sneaky

    By Kakelling1
    I play all the time and am really tired of the purchase screen coming up EVERY TIME I try to close it out. I don't have auto purchase activated, but what about your players that don't require a password for purchases? I believe it to be very sneaky on Huuge Casino's part that the pop up windows for purchases are so prevalent. Make it stop please. When I want to purchase additional gaming credits I will do so actively, not passively on your never ending solicitations. 🖕🏻🖕🏾🖕🏻
  • Billions of Coins lost in a APP Failure, sticky auto spins AND Cust service very rude/no help!

    By Bird Blu
    I sent a message to support about the loss of a substantial amount of coins, approx 10 billion! I was winning and everything was going great, I had won 7 billion in the gold lottery ticket purchase I made and grew this into over 10 billion! But! After taking a break from the app for about 30 minutes I came back to No Coins in my bank!! Support will not help me and call me a liar, stating I used them! I have some coins to use from my club rebates, but I will be deleting the app once these are gone! You just lost a very good player and you will not get anymore of my money! DO NOT download this app! Do Not waste any money! It will rob you of earned wins, and customer service could care less!
  • Not sure yet

    By nitsure
    I am really not sure just yet. Just started playing
  • What a joke

    By korbin420
    The games USED to be good, I’ve been playing For years, had fun and won big, now you can’t even win a little, and spending money on chips does no good. Don’t bother, they have ruined the game and DO NOT value loyal paying customers at all! Huuuge is a joke
  • Rip off

    By splash 68
    On Mother’s Day.Shame on you!
  • Great gaming

    By Hmstrat
    Amazing new games..never bored
  • Awesome

    By alaska69gurl
    Great game

    By Smartin89765
    UPDATE: I left a platinum team to see if I could win any jackpots not being on a team. Nope. Ain’t happening. I kept buying lots of chips the past month and now I have stopped. Conclusion: They let you win a large JP to get you used to playing and then you pay to play. I have concluded that if I am not winning with the little, bitty, tiny amounts of chips I get daily then why would I think I would win if I bought any???? Solution: Don’t pay to play. I play on many sites and they all give you more freebies a day than this site.....move along. Even if you get free spins which use to be common or almost nonexistent and then many times you won’t even get your bet back on free spins. I am in the 800’s so that shows I gave it a great try. I had fun and will continue to pay with my freebies once I save up enough to play.
  • Fool

    By Livingthedream63
    I feel like such a fool! I love the game but I have spent so much money. The more you buy it’s like you can’t win cause they know you will buy more. Shame on me!
  • Love it

    By russ0208
    I love the game,the club I joined is awesome.i do however wish there was an option to give chips to other players,I have more then I need and have friends who could use them.
  • Huuge mistake

    By Jen reeder
    I have played this game several years, and when I first began it was so much fun. You could at least win frequently. NOW, it is no longer about fun, but about losing so you will spend real cash and purchase chips, just so you can get caught up in this vicious cycle...lose, buy, lose again. Tonight was my last night with Huuge, you have ruined a good app by your greediness. I hope many more players will do as I have done and leave. DONT SUPPORT HUUGE!!!
  • Great game!

    By 234,LIZ
  • Double & Triple Billing Players

    By ReconMarine911
    I’m Disabled American Veteran on a VA Pension, which means I’m on a budget. I buy two sets of their Lotto tickets but get billed for four and six sets. Ive complained to them until Im blue in the face and they just give ya the same bs. Then they Apple do all the dirty work for them by using an update to block you from your clubs and to prevent you from doing any Apple updates. This has to end!
  • Lawman 20+

    By lawman20+
    Y’all are messing up by using all these pop ups on our games If we want them we put them on. Our phones so please when we are using your product do not try to get us to load any others
  • Doesn’t work

    By HousewifeHacker
    Game crashes every time. I’ve tried several times and waited a few weeks in hopes they would push an update to fix it but it’s impossible to play because it crashes within a second of opening the app
  • Ughhhh

    By lildebi
    I’ve made purchases and am not receiving my chips.
  • Poor advertising locations

    By .12sn61
    Need to choose better locations
  • No point for leveling up

    By negus0712
    I live the game I even spend my money to get chips and promotions but since level 189 I have not received and if my chips for leveling up even when I press collect If you guys can fix that I will give this game another chance
  • Jude

    By Juda126
    I just started but have not won anything big can’t say a lot but so far fun hope it’s not like all the rest an have to buy or I will delete
  • Used to be

    By DrDigler
    When I first started this game it was better then the other games. Now you never win anything, I have ent months without winning anything. At this point I would tell you to play anything else but this one. The terrible part was that they had a winning formula
  • Never feel like a loser

    By Vinnie & Maria
    Great game. Plenty of wins!
  • Huge casino

    By Tazsue
    Awesome Game!
  • Chips From Events

    By TJ Redd
    I’m not receiving chips from the events I play in my group.
  • Didn’t receive 24 XP boost from lottery ticket win

    By Justme183
    I purchased the large package of silver lottery tickets, one of the wins was the 24 hour XP boost... but I didn’t get it, and I can’t find any way to get support for this. This is the LAST time I spend money in this game. Once my chips are gone, you will be deleted.
  • Why do I bother?

    By Petsize
    Why do I bother playing this game? Do you ever win? It seems that you are trying to not let people enjoy this app! Now, I have not bought any coins, but that’s because I’ll be waisting my money if you do. Unless you win if you buy coins. I’m not going to take the chance to loose my money.
  • Glitch with no fix from support

    By Panda814
    I used to love this game. Hey you lose a lot and you get free coins every, but I always end up buying more cuz I like to play. But I Wait for specials or when tickets are worth more so it’s. It bad. But it’s been kicking me out, this is the Second time and all support has to say is delete and reinstall. Well seriously, when you do, you lose your coins, tickets, and levels! I already did that once and worked my way back up to my level but come on, seriously that’s the only fix? Forget it, I’m not giving them my money. If I want to keep losing my level, might a well just delete and restart every time I run out of coins! Time to find a new game.
  • Awful app

    By 12$45
    Don’t download this app the owners and creators are cheats and just want your money. This app was fun at one point in time and now it’s just awful because they just want your money! Don’t download I repeat don’t download Huuuge you are going to lose a lot of people because your greedy!
  • Huuuge let down!!

    By quuuge
    I shouldn’t even bother writing this cause I already know the response... same as all the other complaints responses..blah blah blah!!! But I am anyway, it will get it off my chest. Please read these reviews before you get too invested and believe what we all say, we are telling the truth. Same as the other responses, I have had similar experiences with this game. It is very fun and very addictive and you get attached if your in a club, all they say about clubs is true, I worked my way up to coleader and was a very dedicated member, lol I spent A lot trying to stay in the game and would have continued to be a loyal player if it wasn’t so rigged, and they will swear that it isn’t but don’t believe it, I paid very close attention to others and talked to many players to know!! I purchased often because I usually needed to cause my coins would usually go quickly... don’t do it, I won big a couple times but then they would shut off my luck, literally, and take it all back forcing you to purchase again if you wanted to keep playing. Others who didn’t purchase were luckier but when they knew you would buy they targeted you and as I said I know they will deny this but trust me it is true!!! I would have stayed a loyal customer if they had played fair, I would have purchased so much monthly and probably stayed a long time.. I know it has to cost some to play and I was willing but the more you bought the faster they would take so my advise is don’t do it, purchase very little and just play small and hope to win, you will probably be luckier. I gave them three stars because the web site and games are amazing, the graphics are beautiful and the games are so fun to play, I just wish they could be fair, I had wrote to support a while back about it and it did get better for a while, also proving they can control it but then it went back after not too long to just sucking the points as fast as I built them up. It would be great if you could buy a membership and pay a monthly fee to play as much as you wanted!! I would join if it was reasonable but they are too greedy for that. Good luck all!!
  • No longer any fun.....

    By ChrissyPooh76
    If you want to lose more than you win...this is the game for you. It used to be fun, but now they drain your account ...
  • Rip off

    By palintar
    Ripoff city here
  • Great Game

    By Forged knife maker
    Really enjoy this game. Very entertaining and most enjoyable. Great payouts.
  • Terrible game nothing more than a money pit

    By civicracer95$
    The game used to be great seemed to pay out and was fun to play but over the last year that have ruined the lottery and the payouts and jackpots are far and few between noticed if your not spending money you get no luck spend some it will allow very little payout for a really short time I miss the old casino where it was fun game they have made it so hard to move up took diamonds away from players where they can’t help there teammates just sad.
  • Farm game

    By mee033
    I Love the farm game! When I cant decide what to play that where I go... it’s is a bit slow but I am still going to play. Brenda sleepy redhead ( that is not my picture! I am a female!!!
  • $$$$

    By ZenAden
    It’s all about the money!! Just downloaded this game and so far it is hitting mega jackpots- but as soon as I raise my bet and they find out I’m not buying any packs(because I can’t afford it right now, limited income) I will be sunk down to $0.00 due to their manipulation of the reels!!!
  • Free SPIN = no WIN

    By cant send response
    Played as several different players for a couple of years now. EVERYONE agrees that the game no longer pays. Lots of frustrated players like myself, with the same canned responses back. “Algorithms blah blah blah...,” “improving the experience, blah blah blah...” It is a business, we get it, but loosen the purse strings a bit, will you? Give the players a fighting chance. Canned response expected.
  • Update

    By 05harriS
    I feel we should not have to update if we don’t want to and everytime a update there is just way to many of them
  • Keep your cash

    By Rjvdudeioprqejbxs23
    So here’s the deal....Most games, when you spend some cash, will at least give you some bang for your buck. Not these developers. Exact opposite, in fact. If you buy chips from these jokers they just tighten the screws on all the machines that much save your dough! Huuuge, shame on you!
  • Garbage.

    By jordorica
    This game is garbage, and this 4.2/5 rating is definitely falsely inflated. You will not win any decent amount, no matter how much you play, and will be forced to buy to keep going. But take my word for it—DO. NOT. BUY. FROM. THIS. APP. I have purchased many times, and often lost 100% of those chips in 10 minutes or less. Despite what the developer says, your odds definitely change when you buy and you will win less often the more that you do. (Industry standard algorithms? Pff. Please!) The free chips bonuses are a joke. Customer service is terrible! They would rather argue with you and defend their system logs than offer refunds or chip replacement when glitches and other issues arise. The leagues within the game are also a joke, because you have to complete challenges on the games the DEVELOPER picks in order to get more chips, which typically leaves your entire team broke anyway. Even puzzle prizes are worthless. They take weeks (or months) to complete unless you buy tickets, and the prizes are ridiculously small in the interim. Don’t download this game and definitely don’t purchase anything. Same goes for Huuuge Slots and Billionaire Casino.
  • Best Casino App

    By Idk my name nd age
    Very nice interface and I love this app! Can’t put my phone down.
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    By MENDOZA0088
    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎54 Golden and 0 🧩 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • Save your money!

    By Wish56
    Fortunately I’m not struggling financially in life, so the money I continuously lost buying chips and lottery tickets that leave you one piece away from a payday didn’t bother me. What bothered me the most is that the more you spend the less you win. Great job developers!! You’ve lost another customer. How about introducing an ATM machine option where we can just click on the ATM in the lobby and deposit $$$ right from the card of choice out of our own wallet daily and watch the Hugggge account grow larger and larger...that would actually be more fun so we can all quantify exactly how much you are ripping off from your customer base daily. Update after update to decrease your odds of winning!! I’m going to go watch paint dry....that is undoubtedly much more fun then watching you’re reels land on nothing worth getting g excited over 200 out of every 199 spins!! No need to reply with the same response you seem to post to everyone! You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of holding onto more than one billion chips for more than a day on this app..... Happy Easter Hugggeee.....thanks for the rotten eggs
  • Money

    By mjjgfg
    Love this game because I play once or twice a week and all scored high,probably just trying to keep you
  • Grammy

    By Mean and ornery
    Just got started and so far lots of fun
  • Fun but expensive

    By Shan247
    Fun at first then once you purchase chips it seems you win for a bit then lose it all. I think it’s a way they get you to continue to make purchases 🤷🏻‍♀️ after every purchase you’ll win a lot for a day or so then lose non stop. Sad cause it is a very entertaining app
  • Don’t bother

    By playtherealthing
    You won’t win. Machines used to pay fairly, now you’ll be lucky to break even on your bets once every 20 spins. You have to get bonus rounds and then get lucky there or get a major jackpot otherwise you’ll be losing constantly Used to be a good game, not anymore. Oh did I mention the ad spam?