Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines

Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-09-11
  • Current Version: 3.7.1180
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 103.34 MB
  • Developer: Huuuge Global Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 31 445


Join the world’s biggest casino community with SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO. Play the best slot casino, compete in leagues, join clubs and have great fun - Las Vegas style. SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO is the ultimate slot casino experience! SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO lets you play over 100 TOP SLOT CASINO MACHINES, POKER, BACCARAT, ROULETTE and many other casino games! Download Slot Machines Huuuge Casino now - The #1 slot casino on mobile! Play the best Slots on the market! SLOTS™ HUUUGE CASINO offers the best Slots in the world, from retro classics to modern slot machines, you’re sure to find something to fit your fancy! Huuuge Diamond Wins – Spin the Wheel of Wins to win billions of Chips. Aztec 2: Eclipse – Discover the secret wins hidden in the Sun and Moon temples. Respin Ranch – Check out the richest animals and hit massive wins! Cash Madness – Hit Huuuge Jackpots in this classic hit! Blaster Cats vs Aliens – Get up to 100 Spins… IN SPACE! Buffalo Rush – Your screen will shake from the massive wins you will hit! The biggest Jackpot of them all! Play HUUUGE LINK – a set of four Slots that share a truly HUUUGE Grand Jackpot to see how easy it is to win massive Jackpots in no time! Prepare to be amazed with the wonders of Ancient Egypt and China in this amazing Slot adventure. Join a Club and compete in the Billionaire League! The Billionaire League is an amazing place where you can play with your friends in order to compete for the best prizes and earn your bragging rights against the top spinners in the world! Join your friends in a Club, or create a Club of your own Meet awesome new people and spin together Win awesome rewards for your dedication Spin your Club to Masters League glory. It’s not just Slots Huuuge Casino offers way more than Slots! If you’re not a slot maniac, we have other casino games that we’re sure will give you that same winning thrill! Video Poker – Awesome, engaging, with multiple variants Sit’n’Go Hold’em – Play thrilling tournaments! Roulette – Place your bets and win big! Baccarat – Get some old school wins! Awesome Bonuses Huuuge Casino offers many ways to win big on top of the Slots! Get the Betty Bonus in the Lobby every 15 minutes! Visit the Shop every day to collect an additional bonus! Play the Lottery to win up to ONE BILLION CHIPS! Participate in Daily Giveaways on our Facebook page and via Push Notifications! Install now to receive a Huuuge Welcome Bonus! Read our Terms of Use (, Privacy Policy ( and other important information. Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only. The game is intended for a mature audience. The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes. Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards. Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling.



  • A lot of $$$

    By AmmSoDoneWithIt
    Not worth spending $$. You can spend a lot of money for tickets or chips and lose it VERY quickly. Not a lot of fun. Totally geared to make you keep spending $$. Not worth it.
  • Five stars

    By solow1323
    One of the best games ever
  • Trash

    By Semaj708
    Cheating every hand trash
  • HUUUGE waste of money

    By Voyageur du Monde
    So I’ve played this game for a long time now (over a year) and didn’t buy anything at first. It has slick graphics and a fun interface without too much hassle with ads. I won some and lost some, but had enough fun to keep me interested without having to purchase anything. BUT somewhere in the last three months this game has gotten to be impossible to win, and nothing but a drain on my wallet. I have purchased a ton of gold and silver lottery tickets and do you know how many gold or silver lottery tickets I won? Zero! This didn’t happen once or twice, but EACH time I purchase! I just paid $2.99 for 38 silver lottery tickets. Again—not even a single silver ticket! I contacted the developer a while back and asked how this is statistically possible to purchase so many lottery tickets and not win any gold or silver, and their response was ‘they have no control over the algorithms’. Seriously? That is precisely what they control! This game is a total rip off, and more importantly it’s no longer any fun. Once you have a small amount of cash, you can’t win on any slot. Just HUUUUGE LOSSES! I have purchased the VIP packages (stupid me) so when those expire, I will delete this app. Save your money for more fun games. This one is a major RIP OFF!
  • Director

    By Vickismith
    Slots won’t pay lg wins. Please advise
  • Its a game!!! Play it like a game

    By willis2017
    Enjoy it havefun with it its a game! Its like any casino they don’t build them by loosing money
  • Huge waste of time

    By Travelonanon
    Scrooge McDuck is more generous than Huuuge has been with any kind of wins lately. Sadly no fun anymore.
  • Yaaa

    By Tho24
  • Huuuge slots

    By Skunky4life
    This is my experience i can not speak for anyone else i have hade my ups and downs but it’s really a fun game they did a nice job making it fun!
  • Stay away

    By Kninekid
    Played this game for a while, stopped, then dropped $75+ to get 1 (one) gold puzzle piece. Thanks for reminding me why I stopped playing. Rip off.
  • Crooks

    By Jeffro6250
    These guys are crooks. Game is horribly rigged to get you to lose and buy more chips. Their support is a joke and all answers are canned scripted useless responses. Stay away. There are far better casino games available that are not just about the money. This is a foreign company out of Cypress that bought the app and with no rules or regulations to govern their app and support, they just don’t know how to support their base. Everyone in the app is complaining about how crappy its become, you can’t win, bets are not paid out properly, app crashes often (suspiciously often during free spins and bonus rounds). This could be a great app if they learned to listen to their customers and allowed them win a little more often. If you don’t believe me just go into rooms and talk/chat with the other players. Such a disappointment. Take your business elsewhere.
  • Huge bonuses

    By DBAP5009
    Many games to choose from and they are HOT! Huge bonus payouts!

    By soxy46
    If you like losing, wasting your time and throwing your money away then this game is for you. Been playing this game for over a year now and have given huuuge every chance for them to redeem themselves but to no avail. They lie, cheat and steal every chance they get. They didn't use to be this way. Something happened and they are the Worst App, Game on the market with multiple lawsuits in different states and countries pending. Please consumers beware and heed this warning if they will even allow it to be seen. They control every aspect of their game. You have NO CHANCE, PERIOD. They control and constantly alter algorithms to their benefit. The outcome is that you LOSE, PERIOD. That is it plain and simple. No fun here, YOU JUST LOSE!!!!! I would like to add this, it has been a while now since I made the first part of my review. I think at least a couple of months or more. It is hard to believe that this game could get worse but it has. It is harder now to make jackpots than it was just a few months ago and then it was virtually impossible!!! Now forget it. You will never win. There lottery is crooked also. BIG WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!! The powers that be should take HUUUGE off of the market to protect the public!!!!!!!'
  • Rate

    By Firewolf31
    Love playing Huuuge Casino 🎰- big win’s lots of slots 🎰 to play. Love it so much I have it on my iPhone 📱 and iPad.
  • Returnable

    By Hospital lady
    I play here every day. My favorite
  • Another Huuge mistake

    By Jewel Player
    I have stupidly spent thousands of dollars on this game. I had 5 billion coins when I went to sleep and nothing in the morning. I was not playing while I was sleeping. I contacted customer support and they said that I was betting 750 million chips. I suggested they look at my history and they would see that I never bet more than 25 million. They told me their records are correct and they would do nothing. Well they are not getting one more penny from me and I recommend no one else give huuge money either. One star rating is even too much.
  • This is the best casino game...but was better

    By fire the nickname idea person
    Most bonuses Easiest to level up Most bonuses Most bonuses But it was better before the last update. The new surprise mini games are a pain
  • Used to be fun

    By Imz14udaryl
    When I first started playing this game as with ALL slot games it lures you in with BIG WINS & than slowly goes down hill with any wins I thought Huuge casino was different but they aren’t the first few months or so was great the higher you level the harder and longer it takes to level and the wins get far and few in between and when you get towards the end to level it takes millions upon millions and days just to move that line a 1/8 of an inch I noticed that one day you can play 300 million and the line on your level barely moved so play have fun but be CAREFUL! It also HELPS if you join a good club to get jp bonuses from other team mates...I changed my rate from 5 stars to 1 if I could do half I would right now unless it drastically changes it’ll remain ONE star 💀🤪😰
  • I love game but

    By Floridagatorlady
    It’s down again. I just purchased vip to get cash n diamonds everyday and it’s on day 3 nothing!!! It’s frozen again.
  • Scam scam SCAMMERS

    By A jack Jr
    Don’t bother to download this game You will be sorry.They are bunch of scammers they will let you win as you get addicted you will loose so fast and they will want you to buy they’re really good at making you buy again and again so do your self a favor stay away shame on them and Apple
  • Huuuge rip-off

    By HanoraCMalorny
    They comb through logs but not for your protection but to make sure you stay broke and buy their chips. Once you hit some wins be assured they will take back every chip. Tech support is a joke. They will explain how their program duplicates a real casino and that losing is all part of the fun. Teams can be okay for free chips but the games you need to play are set to keep you broke. Only way to stay rich is to not to participate too much to lose too many chips but play enough to stay on your team. You will hear from team members how much they spend on chips daily. Don’t buy any of their chips or tickets which are ate a terrible ripoff.
  • Unfair and rigged games

    By cheval1911
    It has become impossible to win and as soon as you hit a jackpot, you are a target to lose and it is relentless until you are depleted in hopes to make a purchase.
  • Good

    By udlhdlhdlhdl
    I think the games are good think everything is working great far as the timing and the coins great job
  • Huuuge rip-off

    By Mrs. Zak
    I have been playing Huuuge for a couple of years now. I used to love it and spent my share of money on it but the payoffs came fairly regularly....until about three months ago. Now I find it difficult to stay alive even on the beginners slot without putting more $$$$$$ in. I’m so sad that they had to get greedy and take away what used to be one of my favorite pastimes. What a shame they got blinded by profits.
  • Fun addicting

    By odessamax
    people are complaining how they watse money and how terrible the game is, they loose everything, lol its a fun game, dont waste money, play for fun and don't complain. I enjoy it, 1 of the best casino games, lots of small slot games, and other types aswell. Bright and colerfull design. Nice!
  • Hours of fun

    By Peg Leg Craig
    Each game has its own Gimmick. There are all kinds of varieties of games. Each one is fun. Not just boring spins. I can’t stop playing.
  • Huge Wins

    By citygirlcandee
    Totally Addictive and fun to play , helps keep the day going , excellent graphics
  • Ray

    By kitteen62
    I love playing this game so much and have fun playing but I don’t have any money to purchase any coin to play for win anything
  • Awesome games

    By Sober Eddie
    Love it
  • Humm

    By dlow bro
  • Huuuge

    By texstew23
    This is by leaps and bounds the best online slots game of them all. I love this game

    By Don't download 556677
    THIS IS THE MOST BORING GAME OF ALL TIMES. I literally fall asleep playing. I’m better off playing a child’s game it would be more fun and exciting. NOT EVEN WORTH ONE STAR. BIGGEST RIGGED SCAM OF ALL TIMES. I WARN you to NOT download this app you will be sorry. It’s a scam and all they want is your money to play with NO RETURN you will just lose lose lose, so they can get you to buy buy buy. I have reported them to the Apple Store for false advertisement. DELETED one account ready to delete this one. DEVELOPERS aware GREEDY PIGS THEY RUINED this app.
  • Chips are not real..... customer service/money launderers

    You guys are way too stingy with your chips. They keep people interested and playing but not when yalls funky machines just skip over jackpots and big payouts on the last reel. I have pics and videos! That being said it is addicting and I really like playing..... just not spending anymore real US dollars on it.
  • Awful

    By jdidjskxifismsjfifks
    Use to be fun, regardless how any times huuuge wants to claim otherwise.. impossible to win.
  • Great Games

    By Ms Olaf
    A lot of different games. All fun. Can't stop playing. A lot of fun!!!!

    By osbornlove
    This has been my therapy!
  • Hard to update

    By lunatica$$
    No good took all of me
  • Huuuge Casio Used to Fun...

    By Eyes088
    This Casio used to be a lot of fun because of the social aspects of the clubs. Unfortunately, in a recent effort to get folks to buy more chips, the developers have tightened the games substantially! Initially people bought more chips, so I guess they think it was a success, but because the games are now so tight, one quickly run through the chips that have been purchases. Everyone in our club has been loosing consistently, and now folks are leaving - 15% have quit the game in the past week! I hope Huuuge takes notice before they entirely ruin what they have created.
  • After 3 years of constant downgrades I’m out

    By Pv1821
    3 years ago Huuge was a great casino app. Fun games lots of freebies and a very enjoyable slot game. However after many “upgrades” the game has gone through a lobster boil whereby the good elements of the game were slowly taken away. To name two, you can no longer realistically hit a gold puzzle without buying tickets and diamond that you used to be able to redeem for chips are now only useful to send greetings to other players. Sure you get a daily bonus of perhaps a few hundred thousand chips maybe a million and every 15 minutes you get 100k chips but when most players spin 100k chips or more those freebies quickly run out. At the end of the day you either have to buy chips or tickets to complete puzzles very often or the game becomes a very frustrating game. I’ve decided to no longer play this game. It used to be fun.
  • Beware: Fun and addicting!

    By BAPosey
    Good times. I recommend this app.
  • Hoooorrible!

    By fscopely
    With each update it becomes harder to win anything at all! If you contact support you will be told “make a purchase, maybe it will change your luck”. It doesn’t! I would not recommend this app to anyone!
  • Argh!

    By A N I C K N A M R
    Can’t even load the game!
  • Home Care

    By Hawgus Bolas
    Wildly Entertaining and saves money by satisfying my casino visits ... Thankfully Amused. Hawgus Bolas

    By Frustrated I-Phone6 user
    Huuuge has turned from fun to play and on occasion make an in app purchase to a big joke. It’s now about how much money they can bleed the players out of, and tech support ONLY gives cookie cutter responses.
  • Best Casino EVER

    By kikcatsat
    This game is so real and honestly the best ever!

    By Scoobyspudn
    Did you guys retaliate against our team, because some of us complained?!?! Our team has dropped to 14th place, after being 7 and above, for almost the life of our team!! Now, the Jackpots are far and few...I have just put out over 10B chips in Phoenix and have not seen a bonus game yet!!! we've lost, or shall I say, YOU'VE lost fantastic players, as well as loyal purchasers. After my purchase"time" is complete, I'm out, as well as many others..YOU are greedy, greedy people and that will hurt you in the end!!
  • Huuuge letdown

    By Draft904
    My second review...still garbage. Used to be fun, but the greed of this app is beyond sickening! Save your time and your money! The developers claim that joining a club has huge benefits. This should be labeled as false advertising as participating in club events drains more from your account than any rewards they give! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! It is the biggest sham out there
  • Don’t bay any chips please

    By Rafek13
    U bay chips u stupid
  • Ripoff

    By skane136
    Bunch of scums