Cooking Craze- Restaurant Game

Cooking Craze- Restaurant Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-26
  • Current Version: 1.34.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 232.43 MB
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 140 459


Join the Cooking Craze! Prep, cook, and serve tasty food to earn achievements while you expand your culinary skills and grow a restaurant empire across the globe. Play this fast & fun cooking game anywhere, anytime, no internet needed after the initial install. Simply download the restaurant content and start cooking! Create a Restaurant Empire! • Utilize a variety of time management skills as you create a restaurant empire • From bakeries, to burger joints, to five star restaurants - cook and serve your way to the top of the food chain • Earn Golden Comment cards to unlock new restaurants Master a Massive Menu! • A variety of foodies with different cravings are waiting! • Explore unique cuisines and wow customers • Looking for a cooking game with an expansive menu? Make hundreds of dishes including burgers, pizza, escargot, sushi, baklava, gua bao and more Travel & Cook in Exotic Locales! • Conquer the food scene in Paris, Rome, Rio, New York & more! • Satisfy exotic cravings with unique cuisine from each city Level up with Cooking Quests & Powerful Boosts! • Win achievements by completing combos, cooking perfect meals & earning big tips • Complete Daily Quests to earn more bonuses • Complete all 3 tiers of level difficulty and earn more spoons and coins Enjoy Fast & Strategic Game Play • Equip your chef with treats for customers, non-stick pans, AND MORE! • Upgrade your kitchen & increase your speed • TAP and PLAY! Serve customers FAST with a simple tapping mechanic! Time Management meets Strategy meets Questing! • Solve special time challenges & 100s of levels • Earn fantastic customer reviews that will help you become a notorious chef! • Get golden comment cards to unlock fun, NEW locations! Cooking fast is fun! Cooking Craze, the popular cooking game from Big Fish Games, combines a simple tap and play mechanic with exotic cuisine from over 15 cities around the globe. Master new recipes, play in limited time food challenges and special events. Download today and join the Cooking Craze! Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: @cookingcrazegame



  • Fun at first

    By Reticence813
    This is a terrible game. It was fun and first, but then in later levers (I.e., 45 onward), the levels become impossible to beat unless you pay for some major boosts. In short, no matter how efficient you might be, the levels are set up for you to lose.
  • Pay to play game

    By NotSoMysteriousX3
    They decide that you don’t get anymore customers unless you pay them in spoons. They stop giving you spoons as a reward after a while. So basically if you want to keep playing you need to spend your actual money on imaginary spoons to give to them so they give you more imaginary customers. What a waste of time.
  • Don’t get hooked.

    By 342221
    It’s a beautiful game and lots of fun. Unfortunately the developers have gotten greedy recently, and 1 out of 3 of the upper levels in any city require cash outlay in the form of extra customers or extra time; some levels require as many as three boosts to overcome. It’s a shame- it really is a cute fun game.
  • It was fun but don’t play this unless you want to spend real money

    By Color19972015
    This was a fun game but now the levels are impossible to win. When a location is fully upgraded, it should be close to possible to win, but the money challenges aren’t even close. In multiple areas, the game doesn’t give you enough customers/orders to fulfill the requirements to win. You can only advance if you use boosts or spoons. There should at least be a chance to win. The game is not getting any more of my money and will be deleted when I’ve used all my purchases.
  • Problem serving on level 78

    By Ronda Pryor
    I have deleted and reinstalled several times and if I link it to Facebook it loads the game the same way. When I got to the 78th board level the game will not serve and there is no way past because customers walk out because they can’t be served
  • Rip off

    By Bear man orlando
    Once you reach a certain level, 90, you can’t complete the missions without using power ups which you have to buy. How in the world is this even fair? You need to make a game so that everyone can enjoy without forking our money.
  • You will have to spend $$$

    By Camroe123
    There are quite a few levels hat are impossible to pass without paying your own money which is very scammy and unfair. I will not be continuing to play this game unless they take out these “pay traps”
  • New update’s bug

    By Ssonow
    This game was my favorite and I gonna live Prague but what happen in this update? The game won’t be able to open without net connection so why?I don’t like it and i don’t like new faces .pleas fix it
  • Not really worth the hours spent

    By MchelleV81
    Was having fun when first started playing. It can be addicting to want to advance to the next level. However the fact that you can’t carry over the money you made in a previous city is what kills the game. Advancing thru Paris is a bit impossible as the cost of stuff is a lot more than normal and you don’t get as much money for accomplishing goals.
  • Used to love it

    By Leenerzzzzzz
    I used to really enjoy playing this game. The further in you get the more impossible it is to win without using boosts. And when you run out, it’s too hard to get the boosts and you have to pay...not worth it anymore
  • Need help

    By Amyrph96
    Game keeps reverting back to the sign on screen and asking me to save to either device or Facebook. Do that hit play then goes right back to the same thing. Help!!!
  • Please help

    By Jjessohh
    Fun game, but today every time I finish a round it takes me to the main loading screen and tries to force me to pick a save. I can’t switch cities because it pops up every time I try. What is going on??
  • Glitch glitch glitch

    By jackief518
    Used to love this game! Took it off my phone for a while and just downloaded it again. Every 2 seconds it keeps asking me to save and overwrite the existing file. Can’t get to other levels and I downloaded them. If I can’t play it without being able to do the daily challenges and having to override a saved file I’m deleting it again! Also cant do anything unless I log into Facebook. None of the progress saves if I don’t.
  • Not working today.

    By MizzBombChelle
    What’s going on???
  • 🤦🏻‍♀️

    By hurt upset
    I have not had any problems with this app until today it keeps refreshing and won’t let me play the game I had to download it again and the problem still wasn’t fixed
  • Love the game

    By ascvnutcrd
    I will change to 5 star because this is the best app game I’ve played after hopefully resolving the issue I have. Every time I want to change restaurants or play the bonus games that appear every couple days the game restarts taking me back to the world I haven’t yet passed. So I’m able to play but only in the same country. Is there anything you can do to fix this?
  • Not working

    By maino07
    I hadn’t had any problems till today, every time I try to click on a city or any button it asks me to load from previous game and won’t let me play
  • Please update

    By Rachelo06
    Please update. It keeps restarting and not letting me go to another city. I will change my rating once it’s fixed.
  • Not

    By patricia horner 1975
    Was doing good now I can not even get on with out it starting over asking to sign in with server or device like there is someone else playing my game at the same time but I am signed in thru Facebook and I have even signed out of Facebook and after doing that it will not let me play at all. It will not let me post this without a nick name so I just put in anything and it says it’s already taken no it’s because of the rating I gave it so I’m gonna have to change it from 1 star so I can get it posted.
  • Biggest scam

    By Lachi219
    I read a few reviews and users complaining about having to buy extras to play. The only thing they left out is that since the first round they won’t let you continue unless you buy spoons or coins...DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME
  • Love but needs improvement.

    By Mstatianarenee
    I love the game but there are some levels where without upgrades there is no way to beat them even if you have all food items upgrades. Then the app gets stuck in a loop that asks how you save to your Facebook or device . No matter what you select it loops you back to the main screen then asks you to select. Then I actual purchased a booster pack and was charged twice for it but the app said the purchased failed . I’m still working on that to see if I can get a refund or the booster.
  • Rio Levels

    By ci3rajo95
    I have not spent any money on this game. I have gotten to Rio by replaying several levels and getting daily rewards. I love this game. Today, the game started glitching. It will constantly circle back to the home screen and tell me to choose a saved game, one from the server or one from my device. Well I choose from my device. Now I have lost several of my upgrades and the game will not continue. It just circle back to the same screen telling me to choose a saved game from my device or the server. I am annoyed that I lost several upgrades and I don’t have the coins in the game any longer to just purchase the upgrades again. Either way I would like my game to start working again.
  • Shouldn’t have to buy spoons for a game...

    By Moncivais13
    I love this game but gosh they make it hard for you to pass a level. Can’t move on unless you buy spoons, had to delete this app.
  • Save progress?

    By tsix14
    The game keeps going back to the opening screen and asking where I want to save my progress. I’ve never had to do this.
  • Glitching

    By Nikki is Daname
    My game is like glitching out or something, I try to play the challenges on the side and it won’t work it keeps asking me what do I want to save it server or device, it won’t even let me go to settings either.
  • Addictive to play just needs a few adjustments

    By nana chan!
    Can y’all fix the designs in the game some colors look to similar to each other.Also another thing that bugs me is when I’m clicking it doesn’t click on time it’s to close to other objects in the game.Or else I’d leave 4 stars but I’ve been playing this game for a while and that’s pretty much my only complaint!
  • Addictive

    By Tcsmom
    I love this game, however I’m stuck on level 59. It keeps saying I need to upgrade, it never gave a suggestion so I ended upgrading everything and it still says time to upgrade. I can’t pass this level because it won’t give me enough customers.i am sure there is a glitch because it keeps telling me to upgrade.
  • Awesome game

    By fun Aidan
    That is Super fantastic
  • Addictive but not enough lives

    By Jania2016
    The game is fun. It’s gets frustrating that you can only play for so long. Also when you run out of lives it says that you can ask Facebook friends for lives but that feature never works for me. I know my coworkers play the game and I’m their friend on FB. So I’m not sure what the glitch is there. Other than that the game is fun but won’t your attention span won’t last long because you have to wait SOOOOO long to play again. I usually get side tracked.
  • So addictive!

    By DBadri
    You can’t stop.
  • Cooking fever ripoff

    By Supersqr1
    😤 when you make a game like this!!, you know that you have gone to far
  • Mejoras

    By cindy158901
    I love this game. but I think there are things that should improve. at high levels, customers should pay more for the items they buy, because the recommended ones cost a lot and the money is not enough. and also the game says that you can open and play without internet after you have downloaded it and it is not like that. I hope you take this into account and update it.
  • العبه جيدا جدا بس الزبأن يرحلون بسرعه

    By اللعبه حلوه جداً نظام بطاقات
  • Love the game but......

    By butterfliesblew
    Why do you have to be logged into Facebook to save the game? I’m in Rome and I love the game but when I run out of lives I can’t wait an advertisement it wants me to log into Facebook. I’m on of the few people who isn’t on Facebook I don’t think this is fair cause I love this game highly addictive lol!!!!! I think Facebook should be an option ijs.
  • Rigged

    By HazelR.
    The levels are rigged. I keep getting the same score on a level. It only wants you to buy their stuff.

    By sylvanlh
    I used to love this game. I read the reviews but didn’t listen. I figured, I dont mind paying a small amount here and there for a fun game. I am trying to finish the Rome level and instead of having a couple levels where you need one booster to win, it’s a MONEY PIT! I am fully upgraded, yet levels 89-100 are almost impossible to pass without at least two boosters. It is so disappointing. I got first place in every tournament Ive competed in. I can beat every bonus level. This game is RIGGED. If the developers want money for a cool game, I dont mind paying [3.99$ or whatever for it..] But don’t gouge your loyal customers! oh and now i see the developers only respond complaints about download/tech issues!? wow cooking craze for a [cooking] game i loved so much youve left a very bad taste in my mouth !
  • Quits constantly

    By waxpopper
    I want to play this game, but it constantly quits on me. Over and over and over. Ugh. I’m only on level 16 and it’s gotten so bad I don’t even want to open the app anymore. Too bad!
  • Always Needs more money

    By Game Got Game
    No matter how well you do and how fast you go it is programmed to have you pump money into it if you want to get ahead. Addicting ... yes! Fun... yes! Frustrating and unfair.... definitely. Sometimes I am not awarded the correct coins either. What I didn’t like is that there was no way of taking your money from one level to another... that’s not right either. Fix it please?
  • Awesome

    By Icecream kk
    Fast and easy download
  • Like it but...

    By Muse57
    This is enjoyable to play but be prepared to spend A LOT of money. I’ve had to delete this because of this very reason.
  • We all love this game

    By hi ppl!
    I love this game is like the best game i have in my phone! I LOVE IT and i gived it 6 stars because is the best game i have played in all my life. So make sure you can install this game its free and it is very very cool. So what are you waiting for INSTALL IT NOW!
  • Best game

    By Pure hood
    Fun to Play
  • What

    By b_bananaz
    I’ve only been able to play this game once, when I installed it. Now when I go back to it, it takes forever to load. Literally waiting 3mins for it to barely make it to 50% What
  • Money wasting game.

    By kitty-fish
    I rarely write review, just because I like this game, but cannot pass unless you keep wasting money into the game. They dont give you enough people to let you pass the game. Disappointed and will delete the game.
  • 💕A💕thx

    By Arianna💕💕
    Thad I love this game💕💕💕💕😊😊😊
  • It’s a scam

    By anonymous54656573728
    If you play long enough you see that the levels start to make it to where you will not get enough customers no matter how good you are so that you have to buy more lives and only get a life every 30 minute, 1 LIFE EVERY 30 MINUTES
  • Fun game if it wouldn't crash constantly.

    By sonomawinechick
    Seems to be a plot to get you to use more spoons and lives so clever way to get you to spend more money if you purchase in app.
  • Fun, challenging and passes the time

    By Moms tag
    I hate to see people bash a game, when the problem is the PLAYER. Be patient, strategize, and do not spend money, because it is just not necessary. I am addicted to this game. I am at the end of the London levels and I have NOT SPENT ANY REAL MONEY to pass any levels. The game intentionally makes you think and strategize how to pass levels. Yes you have to use the boosts and spend your “spoons” to pass some levels...otherwise why would they include them in the game. The game would NOT be fun if you could just breeze right through it. Yes there are updates, but they are NECESSARY to keep the game going .... for example...adding new cities and new challenges. If you have problems such as game crashing or not loading, contact customer support and they WILL try to help you. Most problems are due to you needing to either update your device or update the game. This is NOT a game that you can just blaze through and complete it quickly. It is a progressive game intended to give you months of game play. If you don’t enjoy it, just delete it and move on. But those of us that love it, will continue to play as long as the game allows.
  • Cooking craze

    By brownsud
    It’s Awesome