Google Keep - Notes and lists

Google Keep - Notes and lists

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-09-24
  • Current Version: 2.2019.46203
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 80.28 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 662


• Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere. • Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep. • Organize your notes with labels and colors. • Set and forget. Get reminded about a note at the right time or place. • Record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed. • Grab the text from an image to help you quickly find that note again through search. WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store. Need to finish a to-do? Set a time-based reminder to make sure you never miss a thing. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS Next time you go to the store, share your shopping list on Keep and watch as items get checked off in real time. No need for text messages back and forth. Get things done together, faster. FIND WHAT YOU NEED, FAST Quickly filter and search for notes by color and other attributes like lists with the label “To-dos”, audio notes with reminders or just see shared notes. Find what you're looking for even faster, and let Keep do the remembering for you. ALWAYS WITHIN REACH Keep works on your phone, tablet and computer. Everything you add to Keep syncs across your devices so your important stuff is always with you. Try Google Keep on the web at and find it in the Chrome Web Store at Permissions Notice Camera: This is used to attach images to notes in Keep. Contacts: This is used to share notes to contacts. Microphone: This is used to attach audio to notes. Location: This is used to set and fire location-based reminders. Storage: This is used to add attachments from storage to their notes.



  • Could be better. Or not

    By Jangjang 454
    Cool app. Easy to use and makes organizing fun. But not being able to use the app with a non-gmail account makes it more useless then it should be. Come on google. Get it together. And dark mode this stuff.
  • Nice service; sucky app

    By Samuelitooooo
    I would recommend Google Keep as a whole. It's a simple note-taking app with checklists and no text formatting, but you can save images, color-code and label your notes, add time and location reminders, and share with others to collaborate. Not only that; it's saved online so you can access your notes from any device, even another cell phone from a mobile web browser, and it's fast unlike and works great. The app for iOS, however, seems neglected (hence the three stars) as it's prone to freezing and then crashing right after opening. Not always though; if I can get past that, the app runs like normal and I can edit and manage my notes. Still doesn't give me confidence to just open and start working. Even on a 3G connection I just open Keep up in Firefox sometimes; with it's image-disabling option it loads Keep surprisingly fast and I don't have to deal with the app. Also, dark mode isn't available on iOS 12 (yet I have that option in a web browser…)
  • Never got it to work

    By Minaa4444
    I was looking for a simple note taking app, this was recommended to me but I could never get past they choose an account screen. I tried everything, I gave up.
  • Dark Mode

    By Jocollier133
    I would like dark mode with IOS 13 update please. I would love it even more if there was.
  • Always crashes :(

    By Charliemuhfugginmurphy
    I want to give this app 5 stars SO bad but it constantly freezes and closes and has never really worked in those public moments where I need to share. It will literally will just crash and crash and has for the last couple of updates. I haven’t been able to edit the in-note photos for months now :(
  • It could be good

    By Catiepooooo
    It’s super glitchy. I love lists so Google Keep is great for that, but nearly every time I try to rearrange items on my list, the app either crashes or the item shifts randomly around in the list and never where I actually want it.
  • The good and the bad

    By pogopogo
    As a teacher I love Google Keep for keeping track of things I see or read to clip and save for later. Whether it’s a site that might be useful to my students or an image for a future lesson, I can easily Keep things and even sort them by topics. So far so good, but there’s one “feature” that has killed me over and over. When I choose to Keep something I have to manually select the Google account I want to use even though I only use Keep with one account. There is no way to even set a default account to be used for new notes. There is no way to disable Keep for an account. As a result, every time I Keep something I have to first choose the correct account before I can submit it. It takes what should be a very quick process and turns it into a multi step process. Things sometimes get put under the incorrect account when I’m in a hurry and then I have to go find a note that’s missing. Losing things in an app designed to keep things organized is less than ideal. It’s such an easy fix, but it remains a problem. Minor fixes getting ignored makes me worried about Google’s plan to keep Keep.
  • Sharing from app does not work

    By twslre
    Nothing happens after I try to share a text to Google Keep
  • Too slow

    By KoJimm
    It was great for me before and now it's worse. Why google why?
  • Very good. Has great potential. Will it survive? (Remember Notebooks)

    By fjpoblam
    Could obviate notes+reminders. Voice memos? Only as long as YOU keep speeking: not sounds or meetings in general. ¡Important! Impressively fast to load. Nice display as Post-it notes style array. Nice ability to “collaborate” with someone at another email address. Nice drag to “Archive”. Beware: as with ALL Google products, NO developer support! A shortcoming? Paste of a photo pastes *above* the title instead of into the body of the note. Also, export of a PDF into Google Keep fails: simply doesn’t happen. One may only hope Google Keep doesn’t disappear as Google Notebooks did so many years ago when I was forced to take my Google Notebooks content and restore it all to a different app (which itself later went defunct). Very tedious. (I would →strongly← advise you to keep Google Keep backup in another notes app such as Apple Notes or Notability: very tedious.)
  • Great organizational features and structure

    By Hiatuse
    Plenty of ways to organize your notes, add labels to sort by group thereby giving structure. My one complaint: needs a “Read” mode button. The keyboard in addition to the “Edited” bar gets in the way with a slight tap, getting in the way of reading and scrolling. Add a “Read Mode” button on the top panel to disable editing, so users can read/scroll without the keyboard consuming half the screen.
  • It’s getting better.

    By corefusion
    Addid a star for recent improvements. App is slow to boot up, but seems fairly snappy after that. Would like faster launch time though. At least it’s not stupid slow like Evernote. Wow that app blows. Please add night mode and one tap labels please On the web and mobile interface, please make adding labels a one-tap capability. This is my most painful daily reminder of why keep could be better and improve my workflow. Sincerely, Someone with thousands of keep notes
  • Almost

    By Brittjm18
    Always loved this app since my Android days and was glad to find in available for iPhone but lately it has been freezing up a lot. Used to be great but something needs to be done about this issue.
  • Terrible delay, go back to iOS Notes

    By Jessegpierce
    When it works, I really like it. Unfortunately, an update several weeks ago made both web and iOS apps sync before I can even view or make a note. What if I have terrible network coverage and just need to quickly view a note I made?! This is why I’ve been going back to iOS native Notes app.
  • Search doesn’t work efficiently

    By cb1o1o
    Search for any text brings you to a note but doesn’t show where exactly that text is. In case of a big note, I would want the search result to go to exact location in that note so that the search result is actually useful. We have this feature in Evernote and I expect it to be a simple and basic feature. I logged 2 feedbacks related to this but no one seem to care. Disappointed
  • Just a small suggestion... 💫

    By WinterStar_7
    I really like this app and I use it daily, mainly for writing/journaling since I want to feel secure that my data will always be in one place I could always access... and it’s all good, but I REALLY wish there was a way of highlighting sentences so I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of words and notes just to find what I’m looking for, or having to change apps to get that feature. Please, consider adding a highlighter in the near future. 💡 (Also, I personally think it’d be nice to be able to change fonts to bold, italic, underline or strikethrough. And also being able to lock the app and/or notes too. Just sayin’. 🤷🏻‍♀️)
  • Okayest Note App

    By Shep02
    I use this app exclusively for things I want to keep track of at work because it’s the only note taking thing I can use in a web browser because it’s not blocked. I like that it syncs up with Keep everywhere else, so I can update work related stuff on my phone. I kind of wish it were more notebook style like OneNote, but meh. It’s great for quick notes, which is what I use it for. I wish they would roll out with dark mode for iOS 13 already, though. I don’t use it on my phone as often as I use it on a browser for that reason.
  • Love but wish it had some other features...

    By TtFatGrl20876111
    I love Google Keep but I used to be able to put a gif in a note and see it move, now that feature is gone? Also I wish I could see a date on my notes... And the worst part is that you cannot add italics, bold, or underline to any words. Just some improvements I’d love to see. But I’ve used Google Keep for years now and love the way it looks and the hashtags are AMAZING. If these few things could be fixed it would be even better though. 👌🏼
  • Very unstable and frequent crashes

    By DB91090
    I have different Apple devices including iPhone Pro and on all devices with updates iOS and App versions the Keep app runs very unstable and frequently freezes and crashes consecutively. Disappointing even if I like Google Keep itself a lot.
  • Google Keep Reminders Buggy

    By Coolme7
    My reminders do not pop up on my iPhone since I purchased a Google Home. They only show up on the Home which is useless! And there doesn’t seem to be any fix or workaround!
  • iOS Large Text Accessibility

    By Coleist
    Like the app. Can’t see the text anymore. Need you to tap into the iOS Large Text Accessibility options for all your apps. It’s a global setting across iOS and other apps use it. Google Tasks uses it.
  • Only missing one huge thing!

    By DJSelfMade
    This app is missing a lock feature for notes! Would rate 5 stars if it had that.
  • Great for Workflow

    By Iqopgkamflflqnckclan
    I love the app. My place of business uses Google Keep for multiple reasons daily. I do wish they would bring back dark mode for mobile. It looks so clean and is easier on the eyes.
  • No dark mode????

    By Rico Suave 0001
    I love this app but I was using it on android and loved dark mode but I don’t see that option in iOS
  • Dark Mode/System Tones

    By Tecjunkewizkid
    No Dark Mode & No access to the iOS system alert tones are a huge miss. App does what it’s supposed to do
  • Glitches

    By fix it 007
    I so love this app but lately it has been so glitchy otherwise I would have given it 5 stars
  • iOS photos album upload limited to 2 photos at a time?

    By ChristopherJLee
    This is highly irritating that I could choose up to 5 to upload at one time but it just seems to complete but never does anything. If I upload 2 it says note created. Why does the keep app do this? I have the latest version of iOS 13.3 and the latest keep as of today. Can’t seem to find a fix online either. Also did try selecting multiple photos and trying to paste but keep only recognizes one photo so i have to do it multiple times.
  • Love Google Keep

    By RoSands
    I use it everyday. Please enable audio as an upload to Google Keep. It would be a great feature to be able to upload audio files. Thanks
  • Sunshine

    By nosmokeing
    Sunshine :perfect for daily tasks! A favorite for every-one.The opening of each week day/per month!
  • Nice cross-platform task list but

    By Jsh_Yng
    Please give it Dark Mode on iOS/Chrome. It’s blindddding
  • I don’t care what anyone says this is an amazing app

    By Gtaylor7
    Google keep is my note taking dream, it offers so much please google KEEP THIS APP. Please keep expanding on it and more, have been using nonstop and I’m in love with google keep, can study my notes offline anywhere I am on multiple devices as long as I’m signed it. Amazing app will continue to use and support.❤️
  • Suggestion

    By Baffled Teletubby
    I think it would be nice and easier to keep notes if there were folders like iPhone Note. That is, when taking notes, for example, labels could be dropped into topical folders—perhaps sociological notes in the sociology folder. While true that the label "sociology" works fine as well, it is consumed by the Google Keep label list, and you have to scroll alphabetically to find it. It seems simpler to organise it topically, and, for me, it'd get *so* much more use. For now, I can only use it to take notes in one field, and I'm deliberating on finding something else instead with a similar feature (kinda like Bear).
  • Needs a dark mode

    By Njsfinest19
    Can you guys please add a dark mode for the app like other note apps
  • All notes deleted with update!

    By long time user - disappointed!
    I’ve loved using Google Keep, until the latest update wiped out ALL my notes. I have about 20. Really disappointed.
  • App needs a “dark mode” like the website

    By Wtowtoywowoywgofqotqoqto
    On the google keep website there is an option to make it go into “dark mode” which helps your battery last longer when you’re on it and also is better for your eyes - however it is not available on the app version. Other than that this app is my all time favorite for organizing my thoughts and to-do’s as well as even providing a simple format where I’m able to focus when I’m writing poetry :) I love this app!
  • Great!

    By ImNotFancy
    I use this app for school and it keeps me keep track on all my notes. It’s also free so I can use it on my school account. It helps you keep little notes to look at through the day and they stay permanently until you delete them. If you accidentally delete one it goes to recently deleted or you can just write a new note.
  • Mitt iPhone

    By Tia54321
  • Refresh???

    By Aaron_B1848
    What is up with the Refresh need? Why does it take so long?
  • Good for list keeping or note jotting

    By Tracemo
    I like the app. I use it to take quick notes or to keep lists or info. I like that I can go on my laptop to add things to my shopping list and that it will appear on my phone. The app could be better. I like that when you cross something off it moves it to the bottom so you can still see it. But I would like an easier way of deleting crossed off items rather than just one at a time. It would also be nice if I could collapse a task that has a lot of sub tasks under it without deleting it.
  • Please help me

    By CuteSuhad
    The application doesn’t work 🥺 I have more than 2000 notes What can i do 😔
  • Always broken

    By NovaNat
    Every time I try to share something to keep it freezes up the app I'm sharing from. Twice in the past year the developers managed to fix this for a few weeks before they release another update breaking the app again. I'm just astonished at the incompetence the devs have repeatedly shown and why they can't fix problem. Edit: wow they fixed it again with the 10/24/19 update. It no longer freezes my apps when I share. Now the question is how long until the dev considers this broken and breaks the fix. My bet is on one month.
  • Slow to start; bad with multiple accounts

    By LeonDeBoucher
    Freezes first ten seconds or so when I start it. Switches accounts if you have multiple accounts. Takes a long time to be useful if you have a non-trivial number of notes, especially on a slow (e.g., LTE) connection, and often changes the default account on you if you have multiple accounts, so you have to be on your toes, or else you’ll have to search through all your accounts to find your notes. No longer permafreezes when I share to it from Safari, so that’s an improvement. I’m pretty much resigned to using other apps for saving notes.
  • Good App, but...

    By jetscreamer01
    This app-like all Google apps for iOS- needs dark mode. Most Google apps have it on Android.
  • So close to 5 stars!

    By tomas 846
    I stopped using Apple Notes after I started using Keep because Keep is a beautiful note taking app. I love how colorful, simple, and clean the interface of Keep is. The only thing that is missing is the ability to lock notes so others who might access my phone don’t get into it. I write personal things and I store passwords in Keep but there is no privacy mode where I can’t password protect or pin/fingerprint protect these personal notes, while Apple Notes does have this feature. I think more and more people would use Keep instead of other note taking apps like Apple Notes if this feature was present. Please hear me out! Will update my rating to 5 if this useful feature is added. Thank you!
  • Freezes w every save

    By andnjfiejebeb
    No matter what I save or from what app, saving freezes so I have to force the app to quit before it will work again.
  • Share to google keep. Bug

    By cbonu
  • They keep updating it, but it still freezes up

    By Luhmann
    Useless because it freezes up after launch. Numerous updates but it is still fundamentally broken. Gave up on this and now switching notes elsewhere. (Of course have to do that on the desktop because the iOS app is impossible to use.)
  • IOS 13 Dark Mode Please 🙏

    By imperial Vox
    I need dark mode guyz for my iPhone, it’s taking too long...i have google keep on my Android and it's run on dark mode already. I keep checking if new updates has the dark mode feature. Thank you...great Job Guys.
  • It’s alright...

    By Hooyin
    It’s alright, if you want something basic and easy. The only thing I like is it will transcribe your audio recordings. It doesn’t have any markup tools or any way to change the style of the text. When you use the drawing function, the page is huge and there doesn’t seem to be a way to crop the drawn image. I think Microsoft’s OneNote has more functionality. I’m only using Google Keep for the audio recordings.