Legendary: Game of Heroes

Legendary: Game of Heroes

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-08-20
  • Current Version: 3.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 218.87 MB
  • Developer: N3TWORK Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 27 490


Legendary: Game of Heroes is a card game, RPG, and match 3 game all combined into one. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Korelis and battle your way to dominance. Fight alongside over 1 million players worldwide. Play today! Features: • Collect and evolve hundreds of monsters, each with their own abilities and lore • Magical match 3 battles • Fight with friends and share your spoils • Join a guild with other players and defeat other guilds • Master missions and earn special quest rewards Connect with the community at: https://n3twork.vbulletin.net/forum/legendary Legendary: Game of Heroes offers a paid VIP subscription on top of other Legendary gameplay features. VIP players get loot sent to their Inbox daily, access to exclusive VIP activities and offers, ad free play and more. VIP subscription is available on a monthly tier, which auto-renews. This monthly subscription is priced at $29.99 / month. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of the purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off in at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Privacy policy: https://static.n3twork.com/docs/privacy-policy.html Terms of Service: https://static.n3twork.com/docs/terms.html



  • Ultra aggressive monetization with an immoral company behind it

    By >Lacrimosa<
    This game is number one. Number one in its shamelessness in making every single nook and cranny of the game to be all about monetization. To not gently nudge, but violently shake you until every penny in your pocket drops to the floor, and then some. Ever since the game’s 3.0 update, this aggressive monetization push has escalated exponentially. Every weekly event brings about changes no player has asked for, and all the changes were purely implemented to force players to spend more by either reducing sources of rewards they can earn by playing or putting things one needs behind massive paywalls. The game currently requires players to collect complete sets of runes in order to earn the high powered cards that are released every week. This is the infamous kompu-gacha, or “complete gacha” system that requires the collection of a complete set of items before the desired/featured item would be awarded. This paywall system became controversial in Japan to the point that the major publishers voluntarily banned it right before the Japanese government stepped in, much like how the US video game industry voluntarily established the ESRB ratings system when the original Mortal Kombat and Night Trap garnered the attention of politicians. Long story short, this game’s loot box system is one so bad it was practically banned in Japan. How Apple allows this cancer in their App Store, guess we will never know (cough money cough). The company promised that players will have collected enough runes over time to put together a full deck, but before it happened, they pulled a bait and switch by changing the format to dusts instead of runes, practically setting everyone back months of progress. The app’s developer is proud of how successful they are able to manipulate players psychologically into their ridiculously priced “micro”transaction schemes (one can easily buy all the major consoles and AAA titles with the money needed to spend regularly to be competitive in this game), there is no shortage of industry blogs or articles where they brag about this. Do yourself a huge favor and run the other way. Many people who have played this game for years and even defended the company have finally had enough and quit out of disgust about their constant lies and deceits. They would always give an inch only to take away a whole foot not long after. Don’t take my word for it, go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and read what everyone has to say about N3TWORK. Some of these horror stories you can’t even make it up. No surprise their CEO is a former EA exec, bad apple doesn’t fall far from the monetizilla tree.
  • Love the game but not spending the amount of money they want you too.

    By Matt C . 1234566789
    I love playing the game but everything revolves around you having to buy card and relic packs. I’ll admit I did spend money on it but it’s a waste. The amount you have to spend to get the good cards so you can compete in the events is ridiculously high. If they would cut the amount you have to spend in half I’m sure more people would buy because they could afford to buy the lower packs you have to go thru to get the good ones.
  • naw

    By --Y33T--
    sweetie, nobody wants to play this more than their Nintendo Switch
  • Once was

    By tracyp01
    What once was best game has just turned into a big mess....
  • Paywall Extremist

    By J0momma
    Growing downhill. Company more concerned about their paywall. Add-on purchases (packs) have horrible odds. And the game play is terribly slow. Bumping my review from 1 to 2 stars bc they finally fixed their VIP program showing true appreciation and value. However, overall this is a greedy company, that is losing my trust. And I have reduced my purchases accordingly.
  • Don’t do it

    By Vajonga
    Save yourself valuable time and money and do not download this app. At its heart, Legendary is a great puzzle fantasy game, but then the developers greed takes over. This app is basically legalized gambling with the in app purchases. You might say to yourself, I have self control, I can play the game without spending money. WRONG! This game is the epitome of the phrase “free to play, pay to win”. So if you enjoy spending $100 - $300 a week to even have a chance of being successful at this game, then by all means, click install.
  • Someone had my account on my iPhone

    By Coolbro1246
    Can get on it it’s locked and I really enjoyed his game and now I can’t play because someone hacked my account please fix it so I can get back on it I have a Lotta good friends on there? Please fix it 😭?
  • Don’t be fooled by good reviews

    By RippingMad
    This used to be a good game, in the past 3 months greed has taken over and heroes have gotten nerfed. Also good heroes are impossible to get now without spending insane money. Skip it and look for better options
  • I like it.

    By Ky1-
    It is a very good game, one of the best RPG games I’ve played. No glitches for me, but one question, can the event decks be a little easier to get? I struggle sometimes with it. But it is a good game and it’s fun. Gamer name- ILikeBees. -Kylie
  • Awesome game already

    By ms,d,,d,d
    My brother was playing this game for a while then I said what are u playing? He told me about this game I just started and it’s amazing already
  • Play at your own risk!

    By Wasted $10,000+ for nothing
    Stay away from N3TWORK (games developer) products they price gouge and are extremely predatory with their advertising and sales. Company paid to have fake reviews after players boycotted for the umpteenth time and wrote scathing reviews. Developers couldn’t care less about the players much less the game. They continue to run the game into the ground because they simple just don’t play it, NO ONE who works for N3TWORK plays this game at any advanced capacity they don’t even know how half the stuff in it even works. It’s completely pay-to-play, as in if you don’t spent $500 per week you can never be a halfway decent player. Weekly events have gone from moderately fun some months ago to virtually unplayable now, it’s a monotonous grind where the rewards are underwhelming (useless most of the time) and the cost (both money and time wise) to obtain top prizes isn’t worth the effort.
  • Crystal Event

    By DiabSoul
    Tried the odds with the Crystal packs with 1x-32x drop rate. Spent about 15k gems to see what it was about. I could tell no difference from the normal packs. Loot tables still awful, odds at x32 still not enough. Packs are still terrible. Mostly green obsolete heroes??? Advertising was good, I was willing to try the odds... I think that will be the last time though. I’m not mad because I at least got some master / ultra dust... MTM shows last loot table update 28dec last year.... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD , UPDATE THE LOOT TABLES REGULARLY!!!!
  • Candy crush

    By FoMoCo1
    This is nothing but a nerd version of Candy Crush.
  • Awesome!!!

    By PapaLee328
    One of the absolute best games available on the market today! Although they do try to push you into buying a VIP account, it really is not necessary to advance in this game. If you do however decide to VIP your account, you pay on a monthly basis which is easy to cancel at any time. Support is quick and responsive to any issues which may arise and those are few and far between. Download and enjoy!!
  • If you value your money or time stay away

    By Okkikrox
    Extremely greedy developers I don’t mind spending on a game if I get what I’m purchasing the way this game is set up is to trick people into wasting money I have thousands of dollars in and I’m a small fish if. You hope to compete you’ll be spending $300-$500 per week on top of $30 monthly vip membership and even then you are not guaranteed to get what is pictured and when you try and contact customer support they ether don’t respond or tell you too bad we don’t value you as customer one bit. It’s too bad that greed is so much more prevalent than customer service
  • Rigged against the average player

    By triv123
    I’ve spent a lot of money playing this game because I liked it but the more spent the more it became clear it’s just goin to take more and more and the game will never be fair unless your spend 2 to300$ a month to play at a decent level. Same cards over and over spend 10,000 gems only to win maybe 1000, if your lucky. I think the problem with this game and most pay to play games is that the games are never played by those who make them from the stand point of us average players so they never get how ridiculous some of it is.
  • Was great before quest changes

    By QuintaviusQuire
    I’ve been playing for a handful of months and really enjoyed the weekly events. I’m in a good guild and occasionally do spend a few bucks. The last two events have been beyond frustrating since the change to the quest format. Unless you’ve been playing long enough to have a very solid deck or you’re willing to drop a lot of money this game is starting to feel more like work. I’m not quite ready to call it quits but I’m leaning in that direction.
  • Poor Decision from Devs!!!!!

    By Joseph Nelson
    Mostly enjoyed the game, wanted to see where it could go. Devs may have ruined that. Most recent update put in a “Quest” system to get rewards/materials to build and strengthen the heroes in your deck. They said something to the affect that players should receive similar reward levels as the old system. I made the comment that any time Devs say the word “similar” they really mean that the rewards won’t even be close to the same. Man oh man oh man! I could not have guessed any better!!!!! Hey devs!! If “similar” means going from six star relics to only being able to get four star relics, you hit “similar” on the head. However, that isn’t my definition of similar! Point in case. One of the quests is to take down 1,400 bosses. Yes, that is one thousand four hundred. Each battle takes a minute or so between selection, attacks, and completion. That would take almost 24 hours to do in a 5 day event. And that is ONE of several quests. Games are supposed to be fun. Not hard full time jobs.
  • Materials

    By Elsie hiover
    Collecting materials to upgrade hero’s is mind numbingly slow,
  • New update

    By killer 775
    Right after the new update the game won’t load anymore. I was working my butt off and was #1 in trophies for this current event. If I can’t load it right now I want to be accommodated for the work I have put in
  • Just don’t...

    By Vw8282
    After playing for a year I have deleted this game you... was vip level159 and since I didn’t spend 100 bucks a week plus being vip I can’t compete... just don’t even start the game ...
  • Very good graphics and game.

    By Prince morien
    The game concept is super amazing!!! The graphics, the guild etc. But it’s all about money... you can’t grow up if you don’t invest big money. For get the material is a nightmare depending on your rank. Not counting they’re always change the game and screwed the players. The costumer service its the most horrible service that I ever had. Beside the glitches are insane. Heroes disappearing after full evolution and full level up. And when you reported take months for they give you a answer or resolve the issue things that obviously will not be on you behave. I’m just still playing because my guild is amazing....
  • Hmm

    By Tigerlilly37963506
    I love this game and all, WHEN ITS WORKING. Not a huge fan of the pay wall thrown at us. Crystal event is causing my game to crash halfway through battles... please fix. Thank you!
  • Corrupt and Pay2Win Only

    By ThomasStrife
    Terrible game experience. Awful customer support. They don’t respond to any feedback. They’ll delete any negative feedback on their web site forums. You have to spend $70 a week minimum to compete in their broken events. A lot of negative feedback they’ll censor you from so you’ll never hear the truth. They make no effort to improve game. Last 2 months have been all About buying and spending money on weak and useless cards, relics. You’ve been warned!
  • It’s all going downhill fast

    By This guy ova here!!!
    This was once an enjoyable game. I’ve been playing it for over a year now and have watched it go from fun, to repetitive, to a straight up cash grab game in that time. With the changes they have made, it is impossible to be remotely competitive unless you buy into the game. I don’t mean buy once and be set, I mean spending $50-200 every week in order to have a competitive deck. Don’t download this unless you are okay with dropping thousands of dollars just to enjoy yourself.
  • Hiding drop rates

    By Bluefaux
    They are hiding drop rates out of their “mystery boxes” which are called packs. They stated that certain packs don’t follow their drop rates and won’t reveal the chances of getting a certain class of heroes. This is illegal
  • The advertising for this game is typical deceptive

    By Vavatch
    This game has nice graphics, but only in so much that its gameplay is stunning dull and repetitive. Perhaps people who find card type games to be fun (I sure don’t), might like this, but if you want real action, this sure isn’t it! Also, I have seen an ad for this game so many times, I can quote the idiots touting how wonderful this dopey game is, and as a result of the obnoxiously overdone advertising, I downgraded my initial rating to one star. I’d go to 0 stars if I could for that reason alone.
  • Horrible changes

    By Mlo81
    All the new changes are terrible and only make the game fun if you’re willing to shell out $$$ for each weeks event deck. If they don’t change back in a few weeks (NO more Quests, please) I will be deleting this and my guild will do the same. Many have already left.

    By JetLee7
    They will double charge you for your transactions as they so please, and not only that but they will also charge you double the amount when they do so. And when you tell them of their error, they will claim it because of “regional taxes”. What freaking hogwash 🤦🏻‍♀️.
  • Not a free game

    By zaneic
    Not for free to play player, you have to buy packs to be good player. Event is getting worse and worse. Just stay a way from this not so best game
  • Recent changes killed the game

    By rhettjwilson
    I have played this game for over a year. Recent changes have reduced the overall rewards for free players. While the rewards for pay players (VIP) went up, the most valuable rewards went down for VIP and free players. This game is not worth your time or your money after the recent changes.
  • Fun to horrible

    By Lewic23
    I really enjoyed the game and didn’t mind paying to get started I got into a good guild and stopped spending except for VIP and enjoyed it. There were ways to get decent decks and have fun, now there are quests which limit what you get and no way to get high cards. It’s awful. So deleting.
  • Good Base: Bad Execution

    By MyNam3
    The guts of the gameplay are good, and it has so much potential to be a really great game. However, over the time I have played this game it has gone through many changes that have not resulted in a better game experience. Currently, the guild system is what is holding this game together. Being able to support other people as a team is a fabulous dynamic that isn’t being used fully. I would like to see the game make more positive changes that are to the benefit of the players. If you decide to play, then don’t get greedy and be aware they will try to get money out of you at every turn. If you want to enjoy a game with minimal spending, then THIS IS NOT THE GAME.
  • Protect yourself from NETWORK

    By Lelenjuanitoooo!!
    Game is only fun if you spend about 300-400$ per event to buy the event packs. Not exaggerations, those are low bids. My most recent event I spent 54k gems(99$ = 12k gems) game is torture without event deck, that said the company network and the pack buying process is the worst gaming experience I’ve ever had, just short of gambling and network is far worse than any casino. They steal your money, fill their packs with obsolete useless crap and then respond with constant blather about improving odds, but ask them to show you those odds and they provide you a middle finger, they post the odds in generic form and those posts make no sense. This is the most dishonest purchasing process of any game I have played, and I’ve played too many to not be a problem itself. STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING NETWORK.
  • To many unnecessary updates and changes

    By long leg fan
    I loved legendary I spent so much time with it and played it for two years and then they changed everything since Halloween at first it was ok but they slowly started to change EVERYTHING!!!!! So know I play it so much less and I’m getting ready to quit after a few missions unless they for some reason change it back to what it was like during Halloween 2018 otherwise I’m done with this game but if your someone that wants to get it and you’ve never played go and get it but if you’ve played for more than one year than I hope you understand how annoying it is. If it weren’t for the stupid updates and changesI would give five stars
  • This used to be fun

    By Mrwolf11
    If you are looking for a game that wants your money well you found it this game used to be fun now is base in how much you spend. They charged $29 a month for a “VIP” my advice Don’t waste your time or money
  • How to make a good thing bad

    By Alpha Squad JPK
    This is a very fun and addicting game to play. I have been playing, loyally for 2 years and even paid to become a VIP. Lately, the developers have ruined the game. This new Quest format is a royal waste of time and you have to literally play all day to get anything out of the game. Otherwise you have to pay $$ to have a chance to advance from week-to-week. Constant game play format changes have made progress made by week to week play, obsolete. Very frustrating!! If this doesn’t change soon I will quit like a lot of other folks have.
  • 3.0 blows

    By Austin s Nyman
    Ever since I started to play this game it’s been fun always was a pay to win type of game but ever since this 3.0 bull it’s now nothing but pay a lot of money to win. The drop rate is garbage!!!!! And now a card the game once gave you for attacking the bosses you now have to pay for. So zero stars for me. Fix this
  • Decent game

    By Rubeldude
    Good game if you wanna play for free but takes a lot of time to get good cards, vip is way too expensive for what you get
  • bst

    By gaaqqdcgjootqacjuj
    this game needs second version
  • Disappointed

    By Jfarnzz
    I joined during the Hellboy event and it seemed fun at first but the lack of explanation of how all the systems work and what items do what is just awful. There is so much going on that I don’t even care to try and figure it all out.
  • Rally great game

    By CieranP
    Rally great game I will recommend it to anyone. The art is rally amazing to the cards you can is endless I started playing about 2 months ago and I am really addicted to it. Really fun you would absolutely love it.
  • Love it!

    By ❤️......D&dęÿæyœ❤️
    Very confusing at the beginning but I am almost 40 days in the game and I love it! Improving and learning new things everyday!👍🏽
  • Good game but extremely pay to play

    By Cbelle2345cbelle
    Too much of the content is behind a huge paywall aka LOOT BOXES. And drops are RANDOM and they obfuscate / hide the actual drop rate. To make it worse, all cards gained during weekly event are automatically nerfed after the event. Damage drops significantly forcing you purchase each event. It’s a money pit. And developers are dishonest. Game is developed for whales. Spend hundreds of $$& weekly! Find another game.
  • It’s fun. BUT...

    By Sethchas
    I have enjoyed this game, but to get real about it, if you are going to play, be prepared to pay. If you want to do well in each weeks events it will cost you lots of hard earned $. If you can afford that, then this game is for you, if not, I recommend finding something else to play.
  • Warning: Addictive and Money Drainer Game.

    By The Sky Rider
    I admitted this game is very fun and enjoyable playing with guild friends. But the this game is all about making money for the Dev. Weekly event you have to spend a lots to be competitive with other. However the event deck are not cheap and you are buy the chance to get those UR and MC card. From my experience with this game, the odd in casino is better than the luck of getting the main collection of each event. You’ll have to spend 200-400 to good deck for each event. 🤑🤑🤑🤑
  • Thanos

    By Dojoser
    You will need a lot of money if you want to progress in the game. Otherwise you won’t be able to compete very well in all of the events. Graphics are good but server goes down quite often. Support is answered by a standard form letter. They do not seem to care about players input. The devs do not play the game themselves and don’t always know what will cause problems for the players. The currency which is gems is way overpriced. If you have a gambling problem this is not for you. You can spend gems buying into card packs and sometimes never get what you’d hoped for.
  • Pretty good

    By Lborlet
    I’ve played this game for a while, and out of all the games of this style, this is probably the best one I’ve played. It does have a few issues, but none are gameplay related, more of just general sluggishness, but that might be because I have an older phone. The power creep is there, but because this isn’t a pvp focused game, it rarely causes any problems. You can indeed play with high level characters through the amazing system they set up with the missions and being able to temporarily recruit other players heroes, and the high level heroes are easy enough to get, leveling and evolving them is a bit of a grind, which is understandable. The only other problem is that it drains my battery really fast
  • BEST game Ever

    By warteefall
    I gotta say this is a game I play pretty often I love how they ask for your opinion once in a while to u how they could improve . HONESTLY it is a game I recommend for anyone👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😀😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎