Legendary: Game of Heroes

Legendary: Game of Heroes

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-08-20
  • Current Version: 2.5.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 225.13 MB
  • Developer: N3TWORK Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 24 185


Legendary: Game of Heroes is a card game, RPG, and match 3 game all combined into one. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Korelis and battle your way to dominance. Fight alongside over 1 million players worldwide. Play today! Features: • Collect and evolve hundreds of monsters, each with their own abilities and lore • Magical match 3 battles • Fight with friends and share your spoils • Join a guild with other players and defeat other guilds • Master missions and earn special quest rewards Connect with the community at: https://n3twork.vbulletin.net/forum/legendary Legendary: Game of Heroes offers a paid VIP subscription on top of other Legendary gameplay features. VIP players get loot sent to their Inbox daily, access to exclusive VIP activities and offers, ad free play and more. VIP subscription is available on a monthly tier, which auto-renews. This monthly subscription is priced at $29.99 / month. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of the purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off in at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Privacy policy: https://static.n3twork.com/docs/privacy-policy.html Terms of Service: https://static.n3twork.com/docs/terms.html



  • Server issues

    By Razrstyle101
    These need to be addressed. I love the game but buy a larger server for God’s sake.
  • Guild stolen from me by this game

    By zagrljaji
    So my friend and I made a guild together awhile back. We both couldn’t play for a good while cause of personal reasons and when I came back on the game today not only was I kicked from the guild but so was my friend who was the LEADER. Our guild is named Universal_Nightmare and some random person was put as leader in my friends place even though my friend never stepped down from the guild. I want my friend Baroness lilith reinstated as the leader of the guild that HE created. I will put back 5 stars to my rating if this issue is fixed but if it is not then I will be deleting the app and telling everyone I know to never play it because of how unfair it is. Pease change how and when you get kicked from the guild because this should have never happened.
  • Can’t play event

    By Cillabobilla
    For some reason when “the honor of ice” started, I couldn’t play it, like when I click on one of the bosses the battle buttons is all darkened, even when I am in a guild it still doesn’t work. I mean it worked for all the other events on the past, besides this one. So plz fix it...
  • Actually really cool

    By Margrave16
    The ads are annoying but it’s genuinely a well designed and fun game.
  • Legendary!!!!

    By Merrrysunshine
    I WAS playing Spider Solitaire this app ad came on & now I cannot get rid of to continue playing. So I unloaded it and STILL CANNOT GET RID OF IT so that I may continue Spider Solitaire! Please fix this!!!!
  • Thanks

    By rain water
    Good works congrats to the creators but what happened to the war gulids malfunctions starts but won’t open or let you participate in game 4 updates an now this I really hope the creators can put a fix in other then that great game.
  • Sour milk

    By Strawberry Shinobi
    So, the artwork is amazing, the game is enrapturing. That is where the good news ends. A subscription costs at least twice the amount I pay for any mmorpg I play on my pc. Unless you are willing to part with at least $100 a week, don’t plan on going very far in this game. The teams you invested your money in have a shelf life of about two months, after that they depreciate rapidly. Every event team is stronger then the last one of the same affinity and type. If these things bother you, don’t play. If you are up to that, jump in and enjoy it!
  • Legendary Game of Heroes Review

    By TheBSWilliams
    I picked up the game when it initially released. It was very enjoyable but I was into another mobile game at the time. Had been having an urge to play through the puzzle quest rpg series on mobile but realized that it was no longer available to download. So I decided to give this a wing again. Very glad that I did because it’s definitely filled the void. Learning the game and enjoying the gameplay and while doing so.
  • Graphics

    By ReggiesRabbit
    The graphics are beautiful but I sometimes get confused with the interaction of the game, I’m confused where to go. Just feels a little crowded. Also I wish we can play more then once in the war.
  • Fun Game

    By cdtsford
    Have to be fast. Good strategy
  • $$$$$$$$$$$

    By Tigerisabeast
    That’s what this game is all about. I was a daily player for over a year and a half and I honestly just got tired of not getting the cards I need to be effective. Unless you forget the Morgage you can forget about it. Over the past 6 months or so it seems the developers are getting more greedy. If you play this game be prepared to spend. You can play the game for free but it quickly grows old just tagging. One good thing is the awesome friends you can make. One part I will miss badly.
  • Legendary

    By Msoliven1
    This gane is fun and for my friends they ate nice.I hope you like it to.
  • Fun game with depth and great support

    By xCrosseyesx
    This game starts out deceptively simple. It looks like any other match 3 with RPG elements, but there’s so much more to it. The first 30 levels can be a bit of a grind, but once you start playing events and collecting event cards it gets REAL fun. I’m hooked. I’ve found an awesome guild with some friendly and helpful allies. I’m at rank 55 right now and still learning new mechanics. It is a free-to-play, pay-to-win game. I wish the gems were a bit cheaper sometimes. I’m happy to throw in some money here and there to make that next leap, but it’s not necessary to progress. Just helpful. The devs work really hard on this game and are always introducing new content. I’m happy to support them. The main reason I decided to write this review though, is their customer support. I submitted a support ticket for lost event keys and no joke, TWO MINUTES LATER my keys were credited to my account. At 10:30 on a Friday night. Just...wow. I’ve never gotten that kind of a response from CS. These guys treat their players very well. The rep who helped me was Nikki, and I want to give her a shoutout if anyone reads this. She’s awesome!
  • Easy fun

    By stuownsu
    I play this game while I hide at work, it’s great
  • Best game around.

    By Slacktivism
    It’s a little hard to get started, learning what cards work well together, how to best set up a deck. Once you get used to things it’s amazingly fun. There are always limited time events going and you can usually get at least one powerful card each time when you’re new. I’m hooked, have some great cards now and haven’t spent a cent.
  • Repetitive, no skill and boring (Pay to win)

    By ThomasStrife
    Same thing every week. New event. New grind. Nothing new in experience. Pay to win is all this is. Stopped after playing for about two months. Happy to say I never gave these a-holes any money. Very proud of myself!
  • Not a game for new players

    By Indemnify1786
    All games need to produce revenue which is understandable. But DO NOT buy card packs in this game. To evolve/develop the cards takes tremendous material which they do not provide to new players. If you have been playing for a year than you may have the materials
  • Legendary Customer Support Super Slow When they have your money.....

    By 1 and only Humble Pie
    I thoroughly enjoy this game. I love my guild. But I try to make a purchase of gem bag recently (TEN DAYS AGO) And for some reason it did not go through. When I loaded money on my reloadable card to become a VIP for more benefits, to gem bag purchases went through Yet I never received the Gem bags. I have been begging and pleading and providing proof to customer support 4nine days now to know avail. I even asked them to have their supervisor called me and gave them my number and that did not happen either.... I am at my wits end and patience GONE 😡🥵🤬🤬
  • User beware

    By the only herb
    It is a good game but user beware it is an unending money pit and the price points for what you get is ridiculous. The developers want you to spend on every event which take place weekly. That in itself is not a big deal. What is the big deal is the amount they want you to spend. A person could easily drop 500 to 1000 dollars weekly. Then to top it all off there is no confirmation button on gem purchases, so if you accidentally hit the wrong button poof money gone and they will not refund. So please tread with caution if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend.
  • Ugh! Just ugh!

    By Jokes a lot
    This game came up in an ad so I clicked on it because of the nice graphics. Went to install it, and noticed that I had already downloaded the game previously(should have know better). Started from scratch, and couldn’t play more than 15 minutes. The game is soooooo slooooooow! It was like playing in quicksand. Not to mention that it’s glitchy af! A game that’s been out this long shouldn’t have the issues that I noticed right away. All of this coupled with the reviews I read about the cost of the game made delete it once again. Cool graphics, but not with it to me. On the the next one.
  • Awesome Game

    By MorningJammer
    Recommend it for anyone.
  • Great let down

    By sewingwoman
    If you can’t spend about 30 dollars a month . You will get to a point all your battles are won. But.... you can not advance further. You are stuck there unless you want to buy yourself to the next level. Really it’s a good game but hidden motives to get in your wallet.
  • Fun game

    By fantasy lover guy
    I have played lots of games and this one was the best I’ve never played such a great game in my life
  • Very relaxing and calming

    By lovemamyjang
    Love it❤️
  • Too expensive to want to play more

    By =awesome
    I hate these types of games where it’s so easy to tell that the creator just wants to yank all the money out of you that they can while lying to you to make you think you have a chance at getting good cards when you buy packs. I have had so many of the same cards over and over and over that I’m done. I spent $5.. congrats on that $5 as I won’t play again.. now that I know your deal. Despite having read the other reviews I wanted to believe in you.. if you would have made it more fair.. you would have made more money but since you didn’t you will just lose whole hearthstone wins the battle of card rpg once again.
  • Scam

    By cren110
    The game is fun for a while if you get in a good guild but I was promised about $13 to play it from Money App which uses some advertising service to pay people to try games. It never registered correctly with money app and I contacted them and the advertisers and of course they said there is nothing they can do. So I figured let's see how good the support is for this game, surely if I explained the situation they would be able to help by giving me some in game currency which costs them NOTHING and makes me at least feel less like I've been the victim of a cyber crime. But no way, there is apparently NOTHING support in this game can do other than say they wish they could help. Which I highly doubt. After a few ails back and forth they have started to completely ignore me. All they are interested in is money and they set up there events in such a way where you get super close to getting the special characters then need to spend money in order to finish the events. This is pathetic and annoying. Avoid this game at all costs it's basically just candy crush anyway.
  • Thank you so so much for your app and happy thanksgiving everyone

    By HeathenSteven
    I started using my guys I opened a premium chest And I got a four STAR! THANK you so much for your app Happy thanksgiving 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
  • Lightning deal bosses ... not spawning

    By Lestorex
    Lightning bosses either fill up in literally 1 second or they don’t spawn at all.
  • Best Game Ever says no one

    By tracyp01
    Greediest company on the planet... HANDS DOWN...... PLAYED FOR 8 MONTHS.... WATCHED DEVELOPERS TAKE MORE AND MORE FROM PEOPLE.... Guess what? Still greedy.
  • King Match-ical

    By J0momma
    Game is on a 3 week streak of improvements. Keeping fingers crossed the trend continues. Favorite game in store. Can be a bit pricey, but it can be played free at about a 70% enjoyment rate.. Developers just too greedy...
  • Love it!

    By Cherry_Bomb94
    This is my first time playing a rpg and I enjoy playing it. I've been playing this game for a few months now, and I can't say anything bad about it because the game is awesome❤
  • Lag kills the joy

    By Mr disappointed 1234
    Fist off I’d like to say the game is great and fun! But as of late. I find myself playing it less and less. Due to the enormous lag. That has started happening in the last few months. I used to play this game daily. Almost religiously! But the awful lag definitely sucked the life and fun out of this game. I’m at a point where I trying to figure out. If I should keep playing... or simply delete the app! If they could address the lag on it. It would be awesome. But every time I write in about the lag. All they suggest. Is for you to make sure I’m on a Strong WiFi signal. I have AT&T. I have awesome signal everywhere I go.
  • Overall Review

    By Apocalypse Ranger
    I am a pretty experienced gamer. I have been playing Gems of War which is similar in nature but reached end of game and am bidding time until they add some new content, so I tried this game out. My review: Pros 1. As everyone stated, very fun and addictive. 2. Events are fun from a pure player experience perspective. 3. Possible to get some level of ranking without spending money, but unlikely. Cons 1. As stated by the majority, you will need to spend real world money to achieve higher ranking and game assets. I personally would rather spend that hard earned money on a real gaming system, like a PSVR, not some iPhone app. 2. Huge lags between events and no way to farm or level grind with limited stamina. This makes me browse new games to have something to play. If/when I find a new one, I would probably move off this. 2. Higher level relics and heroes are nearly impossible to obtain, I still haven’t seen anyone with them from profile browsing. If you do happen to find one by sheer luck, leveling it will be just as nearly impossible. 3. Gems are extremely hard to obtain and the there is nothing to “sell” for them. If you do not really care about ranking and advancement but just want something to pass the time, this is a great choice. For me, this will be short lived until I find something that is challenging, but you can achieve higher levels if you put the effort in. Understanding of course that the developers want to make money, and rightfully so for their hard work. I personally cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on a silly phone app. Hope this helps.
  • Poor boy

    By Sorci9310
    Love the game and love the ppl. The game can be a little addictive and cost some money. But you can play free and be a great player in time. 👍👍👍
  • LGOH is Disappointing

    The land of Korelis is the place where dreams are shattered and promises are broken. The game is pure desperate money grab & the only guarantee it offers is frustration and a maxed credit card. Run Forrest Run while you still own your legs.
  • Superb mix of puzzle and rpg

    By Keaton Hoskins
    As a avid gamer I really enjoy this mixture of puzzle and rpg type of strategy. The add in of a guild/team based structure also gives a nice change to normal puzzle games.
  • Entertaining but...

    By DragonX13
    I enjoy this game, it’s entertaining and gets you engaged if you like these types of games BUT! Unfortunately it drains out your Battery! A LOT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thieves

    By awm7901
    Their game, they will not return things lost by crashes in their game. Plus the game memory needs the newest phones or a gaming computer. Recommend don’t even start. Most ppl are leaving.
  • Review

    By Leon767
    I like it
  • What cool game

    By bekoleo
    It’s really nice game to play
  • Fantastic!

    By Shrimp33333
    I started this game to get my rewardsbucks, and fell in love. Lots of challwnging levels, to s of different styled events, constantly changing new card characters, it has it all! My one and only complaint, or more wish, is that they had a trading system. Like a market type of situation. Sell/trade cards, catalysts, shards, and gear. It could bring a whole new level to the game and the gaming community.
  • Improvement

    By SenpaiLovesPanda
    Really fun I’m level 13 but I wish you could give people stuff like hero’s,gear,etc that would make it better cause really I have stuff that I don’t use but I don’t want to sell it either so it’s just stuck their. Thnx hope you consider it Yours Truly
  • Unable to connect

    By Jgkendb
    This game is unplayable due to connectivity issues.
  • Overall grate frame to play over time

    By BrillianceLLT
    Cool very integrate and in-depth game. Wish I had the ability to scroll through my defenders or skip to the end. Events are fun but get repetitive.
  • So So

    By Ms Shortcake
    It could be better. I hate when you’re trying to make continued matches quickly they freeze/block the freaking screen! This is highly annoying. So I’ll be deleting shortly. I tried to really, really like this game but its too much of a headache.
  • Won’t let me connect

    By Boochiers
    Giving it 2stars, it only let me play for awhile and then suddenly it said my internet isn’t working? My wifi is working just fine i tried so many times it won’t let me play so i removed the app
  • Money trap

    By Chilo45
    This is the worst game ever. The developers have no idea what they are doing and customer service is an absolute joke. I used to love playing the game until they got greedy. N3twork is all about the money and not the players.
  • Horrible

    By crtz-8
    It’s ridiculous how you try get event characters. The game, you can earn diamonds when you level up of finish a map.. but those will disappear QUICKLY. They have special events for you grind your hardest and you will get duplicate master runes for these 13x or nothing at all. You can craft for them but you need a lot of material to get it, which is actually difficult because you rarely receive any materials to craft for these events. I’ve pushed myself to like this game and it’s not sitting pleasant. The guild I joined has way higher level players than me and they can’t even get the special event characters. So, me, being a low level player see that the seasoned players can’t even achieve what I’m trying to achieve, has no hope for me in the future. Even when you have enough diamonds to buy a pack, the pack price increases DRAMATICALLY! It’s ridiculous. Now, I was skeptical about this game but I couldn’t say anything until I tried it. Which I did.. which.. isn’t what I expected it to be..
  • Overheating issues

    By 808MMA
    This game is starting to make iPhoneX to become hot. Fix it