Just Press Record

Just Press Record

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-09-21
  • Current Version: 3.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.78 MB
  • Developer: Open Planet Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 067


Just Press Record is the ultimate mobile audio recorder bringing one tap recording, transcription and iCloud syncing to all your devices. You can even start a new recording completely hands-free with Siri! Life is full of moments we would rather not forget - like your child’s first words, an important meeting or spontaneous idea. Capture these moments effortlessly on iPhone, iPad or for ultimate convenience, Apple Watch. RECORD • Use a Siri Shortcut to start a new recording. • One tap to start, stop, pause and resume recording. • Unlimited recording time. • Record discretely in the background. • Choose to record from the built-in mic, AirPods or external microphones. • Start and stop recording from the Lock screen widget, with a 3D Touch Quick Action or via the URL scheme. • Record independently on Apple Watch and sync later. PLAY • Seek backwards and forwards during playback. • Adjustable playback speed. TRANSCRIBE • Turn speech into searchable text. • Edit your transcriptions right inside the app. • Support for over 30 languages, independent of your device's language setting. • Format as you record with punctuation command recognition. SHARE • Share audio and text to other apps on your iOS device. • Share to iTunes on Mac or PC via the Lightning Port. ORGANIZATION • View recent recordings or browse your library by date and time. • Search by filename or transcription content. • Dedicated tab for quick access to recordings made on Apple Watch. • Peek and Pop the contents of folders in the Browse tab. • Rename recordings. • Slide Over and Split View support on iPad. STORAGE • Choose to store recordings either in iCloud Drive or locally on-device. • Recordings stored in iCloud Drive automatically sync across all your devices. • Transcriptions are stored within the audio file. PRO-AUDIO • Support for high quality external microphones connected via the Lightning Port. • Customizable Audio Settings to enhance your recording experience. • File types include WAV, AIF or standard iTunes M4A (ACC). • High quality audio up to 96kHz / 24-bit. ACCESSIBILITY • VoiceOver support throughout the app. • Magic Tap gesture to start / stop a recording. • Dark Mode makes the app more comfortable to use in the dark. APPLE WATCH Just Press Record includes an Apple Watch app that gives you the freedom to record anywhere, even when your iPhone is not around. • Start recording with a single tap on the Complication, or just ask Siri! • Record discretely in the background. • Unlimited recording time. • Recordings automatically transfer to iPhone for transcription and iCloud syncing. • Listen to recent recordings through the built-in speaker or AirPods. • Adjust volume with the Digital Crown. • Pause recording with a downward swipe. • Accessibility support with VoiceOver, reduced motion and support for the extra large Complication template. IMPORTANT: • Transcription requires a good, clean audio signal. Avoid recording in noisy environments and ensure the microphone is positioned close to the source. • Recording from AirPods is not available on Apple Watch. • Just Press Record for Mac is available as a separate purchase on the Mac App Store. • URL scheme implemented by Just Press Record can be found on our FAQ page.



  • Unreliable App - Buyer Beware

    By Mysticurls
    This app has on at least 3 occasions failed to save an event I recorded. Each time it appeared to be recording. And each time a new recording appeared on my list of “recent” recordings. But when I attempted to play those recordings nothing happened. What’s more, once I closed out of the app those recordings disappeared. This app is far too expensive to be so very unreliable. I could’ve used the built-in recorder that came with the iPhone for free and gotten better results. Buyer beware. Don’t waste your money.
  • Doesn’t work

    By igotskittles7
    Was really hoping I found a way to transcribe the meetings in my second language better but keep getting an error message each time I try to transcribe it... really disappointed and a waste of money
  • Transfer to phone not working

    By byarg85
    Could someone please help me out with the transferring to watch part? I hold down on the recording on my watch and hit transfer to watch, but after an hour of waiting with no “transferring” or anything notification to see, it still has not appeared in my app under watch or even the list of regular phone recordings... please help thanks.
  • Doesn't work on XS Max

    By Stuey021
    Worthless app. Doesn't record ANYTHING.
  • Seems promising except for random recordings

    By Hang 2
    This app seems to randomly start a recording on my Apple Watch. Two hours later and I’m wondering why my watch battery is drained. Now I know. Hopefully this will get fixed soon and I will update my review
  • Reliable, Thoughtful, please make renaming easier!

    By danoz73
    This app has become my go to recording app. My primary reason for using is the clear foldering and saving to the cloud. Additionally, the renaming of files is less buggy than Apple's app, BUT I'd love it if renaming a file could be done easily, for instance in the home screen with a long press and an option menu pop-up that highlighted the whole name so I could quickly rename from the home view. Thanks for all your work!
  • Audio sound verses Transcription

    By Jacqynette72
    Audio is very clear and can pick up sound from across the room, but transcription needs a lot of work. I was sitting right next to the recorder and it still didn’t transcribe what i was saying, just a word here and there. It transcribed some funny sentences but thats not why I bought this app. I need it for work, please fix it, other than that i love the clarity of the sound recordings.
  • Deleting

    By TheRealityofit
    Needs major improvments to deleting files and folders from iPhone. 1 by 1 is very slow. I have the app set to a corner press on my watch so I am hitting it all the time. So when I go in and have 40 recordings to delete, 1 by 1 is not acceptable. Needs a selection process and batch delete.
  • Terrible waste of money. $4.99 that was not spent well.

    By FilmGo2Guy
    12 minutes of recording in a small room ( acoustics good, btw) transcribed into two minutes of transcribed GARBAGE. Completely unusable. This is with an iPhone X. Tried again at a different time, place and speaker. Garbage again. Don’t waste your money. Zero stars.
  • Great app

    By cashonlycashonly
    This is a great app! I use it all the time and particularly find the Apple watch app handy. Anytime I get an idea or thought I want to capture I just tap my watch and speak. It's very good at voice recognition and I have unlimited time to record. So many other apps cut you off. I find the voice recognition better than Siri or Google. Then the transcriptions are ready to capture or send to another app.
  • App Icon

    By Levertj
    App works great but the app icon has disappeared from my I watch series 4. When I try to create a new face for the watch, the app doesn’t show up to install on watch. I would also like to add a suggestion. Can you implement a voice activation option to start recording?
  • App was everything I hoped for and more

    By Sr2085
    Was looking for ability to quickly record ideas, reminders, etc on my Apple Watch — especially when I’m out and about or out exercising. Downloaded it and it worked immediately as hoped. Recorded tests and they were immediately synced onto phone, time and date stamped, files in a folder by date, and transcribed accurately. For my purposes - works like a charm and worth more to me than $5. Using on my iPhone 7 and Apple Watch series 4
  • What a great app.

    By johnm972
    I have been looking for an audio recording app for my iPhone and Apple Watch and this is by far the best I have come accross.
  • Doesn’t seem to work on Apple Watch

    By Danoli77
    Specifically bought this because it had an Apple Watch app. Apparently it does not. Will not install on my watch no matter what I’ve tried. If this is an important feature for you save your $5 because you won’t get it here.
  • Great! Simple and works

    By crasshipster
    It's great to finally have an excellent app that works transcribes accurately from voice recognition. No time limits with control over the recording with start, pause, stop so I don't feel rushed while I'm dictating and thinking. I've tried several similar apps over the years and had given up - because others have been inaccurate, too much a hassle to use, copy/paste only - no export, or time limits, auto off too quickly, etc. Seriously useful features. This has no learning curve - except on the Watch to pause. It's powerful, simple, and well connected to other apps for export as both audio and transcribed/text file! Very much appreciate that you can pause and continue on the same recording/file - so you don't have to deal with the tedium of piecing fragments together. Watch app! I have it on my Watch face. It starts recording as soon as it launches. It's even easier to use than the on the phone. It will save on the Watch to sync with the phone when it's near. Request: iOS file deletion with a swipe, not 2 pop-up presses per file, and an option to 'delete all' - like the Watch app. Because with regular app use the files stack up quickly. Thank you for a great app! And for maintaining it.
  • Disappointing, Uses Apple Speech to Text

    By benbjohnson
    This seems to use the same TTS engine as Siri which is awful. Speaking clearly into the mic and it still garbles the transcription.
  • Transcription what?

    By Zuwapa
    Transcribe with this app and you will come up with a brand new language. It will not help you determine anything close to what is said.
  • A+

    By economynow
    Does just what it says. Couldn’t be more pleased.
  • Deletes older recordings

    By brooknorton
    The app is real convenient to use UNTIL you exceed 12 recordings at which point it deletes the older ones with no warning whatsoever. A software should never lose your data. I lost a lot of recordings that way before I figured out what was happening.
  • Appearance!

    By Lakupala
    Please make the overall look of the app look more clean like how the native iOS voice app is
  • Disappointed.

    By Eugene's dime
    While recording, the call came in, the call was never answered, but recording stopped. I was unaware that recording stopped and missed important part of the lecture. Not worth to pay for the product that doesn’t provide essential task.
  • no transcription on my imac

    By John R Crowley Jr
    Make recording on iPhone the transcription appears on iphone but not to icloud desktop. Just the voice file is saved to icloud.
  • Stalled

    By Christian-stone
    This has us very stable. It records well. But for a non-iCloud user it’s near useless. Every single file has to be manually exported, shared, even iTunes sharing takes a multi step process, and discerning the strange data stamp in order to export and then delete ONE BY ONE. No I’m sorry forget it. Just turn on automatic iTunes sharing by default? Or give a batch export option?
  • Great looking app with a big bug

    By fmaker3
    I was recording a lesson and a phone call came in. This canceled my recording and I lost the rest. I’m going back to the stock iPhone app instead.
  • Works - but missing key feature

    By lzf777
    I recently upgraded to an iPhone X, and unfortunately my wonderful voice recording app that I used almost every day was no longer supported. So I had to wander into the crowded field of recording apps to find something that would suit my needs. The main thing that I had often wished for in my other app was the ability to search audio for a word or a phrase. When I saw that Just Press Record has transcription capability, I perked up. That functionality was a nice solution to my audio search dilemma. I purchased the app and tested it out. First thing: I love the fact that I can sync with iCloud, as that will allow me to play my already-existing recordings through Just Press Record. Additionally, the transcription - though far from perfect - will most likely suffice for the search capability that I need. I was all set to settle into using this app on a daily basis when I realized that it is missing one crucial feature that I used consistently: the ability to append to an existing recording. My previous app handled this brilliantly: I’d just go to a recording, open it up, and hit the Record button. Automatically, whatever I said would be appended to the existing audio. I have been trying to do the same thing in Just Press Record, but to no avail, as pressing the record button under an open file simply starts a new recording. I’ve emailed the developers to determine if there is a way to do this, but so far have not received a response. Other than this flaw, I really like the app (it even has a dark mode, which I love). 3 stars, though, for apparent lack of ability to append. Update: One additional thing that I’ve found (and perhaps it’s been fixed) is that if I have a recording that is somewhat extensive (say, 20 minutes or longer), the transcription of that recording will not be searchable. In other words, I can create a transcription, but when I try to search on any word within it, that recording will not be returned in the list of search results. I’m assuming this is a bug (as opposed to a limitation?). Would be wonderful if this could be resolved.
  • Good, but needs improvements

    By RoyRogers56
    This works great with Apple Watch, but needs more options for automatic folders. Don’t do too many recordings in a day, so having folders for each day get cumbersome. Would really prefer an option for folders per month. Also please add option for full date in filenames. Now, having just time as filename gets easily confusing when sharing files or moving them out of folder. Last complaint, when choosing iCloud storage, files gets deleted from iPhone after upload, so needs to be downloaded again to be used later on. Please add an option for keeping file both places.
  • Best and easiest to use app but...

    By not_max
    Compared to all the other voice memo apps out there JPR is a joy to use. I don’t know why *all* the other apps look like a port from a 1990s Windows product but they do. The only problem is unlike these other apps, JPR only supports iCloud Drive as a sync option and nothing else integrates with that, meaning it’s impossible to use services like IFTTT and Zapier to create workflows. So close and yet so far....
  • The Best!

    By digitalchefy
    I love this app!!
  • Fantastic

    By ozkieran
    Great app. Works perfectly. Very clear sound. Super easy to use. Someone posted that you could not rename individual recordings but I searched the help menu and found that all you have to do is touch the assigned name and it becomes editable.Easy. I would like to be able to edit the length of a recording. That would be one improvement. I make a recording, the app transcribes it and I can edit any errors in the transcription and then send it to myself and I have a written record! Amazing and easy
  • Great app - bad management files

    By Veiga, MD
    Implements old style of removing files. Needs to update to swiplable method (long swipe to delete). Should delete folders automatically if empty. Should be able to delete folders and it's contents.
  • Drains series 4 battery

    By Tony the Sailor Man
    The app is ok, not great. I had to trash it because it seems to start up and record by itself and you can’t tell on the watch face that it is running. Also, transscrptions are awful. App needs real work. Not worth the money
  • Doesn't work

    By grog-wilson
    This app can't transcribe accents. I was interviewing someone from Vietnam (in English), and it picked up everything I said but missed large chunks of her dialogue, even though we were equidistant from the microphone and the audio recording is clear.
  • Best App for Recording, Period!

    By Picture Elegance
    I have to give another shot-out to Just Record! This app rocks! Especially in combination with my Apple Watch. I set the Just Record app on my home screen of my Apple Watch for immediate access when needed. The designer issues regular updates to keep the app functional. This is a must have for any business person, college student or someone simply needing to log audio notes. Previous Review Below: Firstly, Just Record is simple, elegant and easy to use. I love that all of my recordings can be stored in iCloud. The application is seamless with Apple Watch allowing for hours of recording without sacrificing audio quality. Just Record allows its users the create transcripts of the recording inside of the app! I highly recommend this product to anyone who finds audio recording to be a valid means of retaining information.
  • Great app for recording and transcribing audio, however...

    By Joey_O.
    It would be great if it could have a function to store the recordings directly after finishing recording in other clouds services like Google Drive for example.

    By Murderizer9000
    Maybe this is a nitpick, maybe I’m being obsessive about it, but gradients are a bad look for this app. Especially the one that appears when you turn on the dark mode, just over the record button and input device display. It makes the app look dated by several years. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the app’s dark mode. I love dark modes, that and the speech transcription were why I bought the app in the first place. But I think the app’s UI design could be a lot more successful if the gradients were replaced with flattened UI elements, as is the usual iOS aesthetic.
  • Love it - Please Add Lat and Long

    By Xlajdkfjl
    Great App - those know how customize their watch face - use the modular template and add this as one of the apps - as soon as you push the button it starts recording!!!! Excellence! Just need my location info :)
  • Great but Apple Watch playback needs improvement

    By Zoso67
    Great little app but impossible to hear playback on the Apple Watch speaker without holding it up to your ear. I know the speaker can go louder.
  • Does not work

    By Guy in Maryland
    I bought the app on1/24/19. Tried to use it and it didn’t work right. It took forever to respond to record, and then it froze. I wish I could get my money back!
  • Transcription in the background

    By skatenate11
    I love the app. Please add transcription in the background so you don’t have to be in the app while it’s transcribing.
  • Works

    By meebles
    Does just what you need...simply! Watch app is fantastic
  • Waveforms?

    By airic
    Really enjoying this app. Would love to see better waveforms added similar to Apple Memos or even the Mac app of Just Press Record is an easier to read waveform.
  • Love it but wish file organization was different.

    By KevinPurcell
    I originally gave Just Press Record a 5 star review but lowered to 4. First it's a great simple easy app that does what I need so buy it. You'll be glad you did. I've tried most of the more popular recording apps with Apple Watch integration and this one is best. I just wish I could choose to have all the files sync to iCloud and store them in one folder. They all go into folders by day. I use this to record mileage and then at the end of the month I go through them and create a spreadsheet to turn in to my work. It would make my life so much easier if the files were in one folder.
  • Great app

    By puppya
    Thank you for giving us a great app. I use it a lot and plant to in the future.
  • Works great

    By Ghenley
    This is a great app to have if you need to make a quick memo or perhaps to record an event without being noticed. I turned it on at a meeting in a restaurant and it picked up everyone in the conversation around the table. Would be a great thing to have on your watch if disputed words needed to be used in evidence. Using it with a complication on your watch makes for seamless activation.
  • Just press and record!

    By drjdawg
    It’s so easy to set up a complication on your watch to press and record, so extremely easy and accurate with Transcription through Siri
  • Don’t waste your money

    By user_310
    Tried it with some client meetings and calls, the microphone quality was weak and the transcripts were not at all accurate (sub 30% accuracy). Very disappointed.
  • Great interface awful transcription

    By basiceagle
    I got this to help with note taking for work meetings but the transcriptions are effectively unusable. Even with minimal accent English speech at “normal” conversation speeds the transcript is horribly inaccurate!
  • Good app “except”

    The only thing that would make this app GREAT is if you could rename your files(recordings) to what you wanted. Other than that the app is good and does what it says
  • ☆☆☆☆☆LOVE☆☆☆☆☆

    By BCSurvivor_Mel
    ◉EXCELLENT APP◉◉VERY NICE◉ ☆☆☆☆☆STARS☆☆☆☆☆ ((NO DOUBT)) 100% all the way!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Truly the best app I’ve ever owned : ) U can’t get any better than this!! AWESOME job to the developers & designers who’ve made this happen for myself as well as so many others! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don't not use it! Definitely what I’ve wanted but couldn’t ever find❌⭕️ I honestly use it religiously ((daily)) & not once have I ever had a single problem or any issues no matter how frequently it’s used (&) how often I'm constantly putting it to use nonstop! THANK YOU to all the magnificent & intelligent individuals who’ve done a outstanding job at creating a unique useful & absolutely the 100% easiest app because it’s definitely awesome & I mean crazy awesome just superb I really couldn’t believe how simple it is from the 1st time I had used it & all the hundreds of times I’ve since then Job well done!! You’ve made my life so much more & allowed me to do more than before I began using your app!! It’s such a simple app to use & U’re a happy person every time it’s ever put to use!! Truly a wonderful app💟 Overall my experience has only been a great lil touch of reality which isn’t typically close to being able to be in any compassion to what you’ve done with this app! As we know all too well this kind of overall result isn’t a easy task & rather difficult to find!! I’m totally grateful but I’m also just in love with it as crazy as it sounds : ) To all who designed & developed & made the BEST app ever I can’t say thank you enough! It has simplified my life and has helped me in a major ways!! I love it!! Incredibly awesome with a extremely good simplicity overall & I really appreciate it!! Not once has it ever let me down!! I swear… I’m totally your biggest advocate & always referring to everyone I know! Y’all ROCK!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U Your #1 Biggest Fan •••💝••• Melanie Anderson 🎗TNBC🎗 🎀SURVIVOR🎀 Great App! It’s definitely the BEST APP & it’s so incredibly AMAZING & AWESOME!!!