Just Press Record

Just Press Record

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-09-21
  • Current Version: 3.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.78 MB
  • Developer: Open Planet Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 001


Just Press Record is the ultimate mobile audio recorder bringing one tap recording, transcription and iCloud syncing to all your devices. You can even start a new recording completely hands-free with Siri! Life is full of moments we would rather not forget - like your child’s first words, an important meeting or spontaneous idea. Capture these moments effortlessly on iPhone, iPad or for ultimate convenience, Apple Watch. RECORD • Use a Siri Shortcut to start a new recording. • One tap to start, stop, pause and resume recording. • Unlimited recording time. • Record discretely in the background. • Choose to record from the built-in mic, AirPods or external microphones. • Start and stop recording from the Lock screen widget, with a 3D Touch Quick Action or via the URL scheme. • Record independently on Apple Watch and sync later. PLAY • Seek backwards and forwards during playback. • Adjustable playback speed. TRANSCRIBE • Turn speech into searchable text. • Edit your transcriptions right inside the app. • Support for over 30 languages, independent of your device's language setting. • Format as you record with punctuation command recognition. SHARE • Share audio and text to other apps on your iOS device. • Share to iTunes on Mac or PC via the Lightning Port. ORGANIZATION • View recent recordings or browse your library by date and time. • Search by filename or transcription content. • Dedicated tab for quick access to recordings made on Apple Watch. • Peek and Pop the contents of folders in the Browse tab. • Rename recordings. • Slide Over and Split View support on iPad. STORAGE • Choose to store recordings either in iCloud Drive or locally on-device. • Recordings stored in iCloud Drive automatically sync across all your devices. • Transcriptions are stored within the audio file. PRO-AUDIO • Support for high quality external microphones connected via the Lightning Port. • Customizable Audio Settings to enhance your recording experience. • File types include WAV, AIF or standard iTunes M4A (ACC). • High quality audio up to 96kHz / 24-bit. ACCESSIBILITY • VoiceOver support throughout the app. • Magic Tap gesture to start / stop a recording. • Dark Mode makes the app more comfortable to use in the dark. APPLE WATCH Just Press Record includes an Apple Watch app that gives you the freedom to record anywhere, even when your iPhone is not around. • Start recording with a single tap on the Complication, or just ask Siri! • Record discretely in the background. • Unlimited recording time. • Recordings automatically transfer to iPhone for transcription and iCloud syncing. • Listen to recent recordings through the built-in speaker or AirPods. • Adjust volume with the Digital Crown. • Pause recording with a downward swipe. • Accessibility support with VoiceOver, reduced motion and support for the extra large Complication template. IMPORTANT: • Transcription requires a good, clean audio signal. Avoid recording in noisy environments and ensure the microphone is positioned close to the source. • Recording from AirPods is not available on Apple Watch. • Just Press Record for Mac is available as a separate purchase on the Mac App Store. • URL scheme implemented by Just Press Record can be found on our FAQ page.



  • Waveforms?

    By airic
    Really enjoying this app. Would love to see better waveforms added similar to Apple Memos or even the Mac app of Just Press Record is an easier to read waveform.
  • Love it but wish file organization was different.

    By KevinPurcell
    I originally gave Just Press Record a 5 star review but lowered to 4. First it's a great simple easy app that does what I need so buy it. You'll be glad you did. I've tried most of the more popular recording apps with Apple Watch integration and this one is best. I just wish I could choose to have all the files sync to iCloud and store them in one folder. They all go into folders by day. I use this to record mileage and then at the end of the month I go through them and create a spreadsheet to turn in to my work. It would make my life so much easier if the files were in one folder.
  • Great app

    By puppya
    Thank you for giving us a great app. I use it a lot and plant to in the future.
  • Works great

    By Ghenley
    This is a great app to have if you need to make a quick memo or perhaps to record an event without being noticed. I turned it on at a meeting in a restaurant and it picked up everyone in the conversation around the table. Would be a great thing to have on your watch if disputed words needed to be used in evidence. Using it with a complication on your watch makes for seamless activation.
  • Just press and record!

    By drjdawg
    It’s so easy to set up a complication on your watch to press and record, so extremely easy and accurate with Transcription through Siri
  • Don’t waste your money

    By user_310
    Tried it with some client meetings and calls, the microphone quality was weak and the transcripts were not at all accurate (sub 30% accuracy). Very disappointed.
  • Great interface awful transcription

    By basiceagle
    I got this to help with note taking for work meetings but the transcriptions are effectively unusable. Even with minimal accent English speech at “normal” conversation speeds the transcript is horribly inaccurate!
  • Good app “except”

    The only thing that would make this app GREAT is if you could rename your files(recordings) to what you wanted. Other than that the app is good and does what it says
  • ☆☆☆☆☆LOVE☆☆☆☆☆

    By BCSurvivor40
    ◉EXCELLENT APP◉◉VERY NICE◉ ☆☆☆☆☆STARS☆☆☆☆☆ ((NO DOUBT)) 100% all the way!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Truly the best app I’ve ever owned : ) U can’t get any better than this!! AWESOME job to the developers & designers who’ve made this happen for myself as well as so many others! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don't not use it! Definitely what I’ve wanted but couldn’t ever find❌⭕️ I honestly use it religiously ((daily)) & not once have I ever had a single problem or any issues no matter how frequently it’s used (&) how often I'm constantly putting it to use nonstop! THANK YOU to all the magnificent & intelligent individuals who’ve done a outstanding job at creating a unique useful & absolutely the 100% easiest app because it’s definitely awesome & I mean crazy awesome just superb I really couldn’t believe how simple it is from the 1st time I had used it & all the hundreds of times I’ve since then Job well done!! You’ve made my life so much more & allowed me to do more than before I began using your app!! It’s such a simple app to use & U’re a happy person every time it’s ever put to use!! Truly a wonderful app💟 Overall my experience has only been a great lil touch of reality which isn’t typically close to being able to be in any compassion to what you’ve done with this app! As we know all too well this kind of overall result isn’t a easy task & rather difficult to find!! I’m totally grateful but I’m also just in love with it as crazy as it sounds : ) To all who designed & developed & made the BEST app ever I can’t say thank you enough! It has simplified my life and has helped me in a major ways!! I love it!! Incredibly awesome with a extremely good simplicity overall & I really appreciate it!! Not once has it ever let me down!! I swear… I’m totally your biggest advocate & always referring to everyone I know! Y’all ROCK!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U Your #1 Biggest Fan •••💝••• Melanie Anderson 🎗TNBC🎗 🎀SURVIVOR🎀 Great App! It’s definitely the BEST APP & it’s so incredibly AMAZING & AWESOME!!!
  • Being charged

    By Wronged!!
    Although this app probably works well, it was listed in the App Store as being free. It is not free. I’m being charged and didn’t give consent to be. Beware!!!

    By Rebeka Steel
    Great clarity but, does not work during phone calls. It will stop recording. Fix this for 5 stars!
  • Watch app doesn’t work

    By Daustin2
    I figured I’d shell out the $5 for an app to support my fellow developers and ensure I was buying something that has regular support and would continue to work - continue being operative word as it hasn’t worked from the start. I have an Apple Watch 2 with the latest iOS and even took the jump to 12.1.2 on my iPhone last night, risking losing cell data given Apple’s bad updates, to get the watch recordings to sync to the phone Nothing works. Useless app that steals $5 and hours from your life. I feel like I’ve gone back to Android!!
  • It works but be improved

    By Christian-stone
    This is a stable app. It launches and records and saves beautifully, even the watch app is stable and actually works (which is not true for many watch apps). Just wish the time stamp file naming numbers could be something useful! It’s a shame for an otherwise excellent app. Why not give us a proper date stamp name, or let us choose something instead of the time of day?
  • Disappointed

    By every nm is taken
    After installing on my iPhone it will not install on my Apple Watch 3.
  • Just records not much more

    By Got laid a bunch 3456
    I was pretty excited about this app however it came short of expectation. It is better than the app that comes with iOS but not by much. The good: -it records -it can upload files from watch or phone The bad: -transcription could make comedy show highlights. So bad that even the topic of conversation cannot be identified. -the app is slow and takes a bit of time to playback on XS. Renaming files takes multiple attempts and typically I give up. -user interface and playback features are limited. Would be nice to have better options for fast forward, rewind and perhaps clip and bookmark.
  • Simply perfect

    By digibud
    My most favorite app.
  • Awesome app!

    By SisterDawn7
    This is a convenient app, with a lot of great features. Wish I had known about it before.
  • Free option available

    By eweed
    This is a really great app. However I was a little disappointed to see that when I looked into the App Store there is a free app that does just about the exact same thing. It’s called notebook and it is featured in the Apple Watch section of the App Store.
  • Great App

    By VegasMadMikey
    Have been using it alot lately. Recording meetings with Doctors about my Mom. Works great!!
  • Perfect!

    By labertouche
    Bought this app a few weeks ago and the title covers it all. Especially handy is the “complication” on the Apple Watch. Recordings are synced between watch and iPhone using icloud. No monthly fees or plans, just a great app that does what it says. Oh, it transcribes voice to text. I love it!
  • Easy & reliable

    By sthamikat
    This app is easy to use on my iPhone and on my Apple Watch. It’s easy to save and share recordings. The quality of the recordings is excellent.
  • Perfect app

    By 2Scoops4Me
    I commend you on the app size!
  • Transcribe

    By transcribe
    Transcribe has not work for me and it was the main reason why I bought the app
  • Best App for Recording, Period!

    By Picture Elegance
    Firstly, Just Record is simple, elegant and easy to use. I love that all of my recordings can be stored in iCloud. The application is seamless with Apple Watch allowing for hours of recording without sacrificing audio quality. Just Record allows its users the create transcripts of the recording inside of the app! I highly recommend this product to anyone who finds audio recording to be a valid means of retaining information.
  • iOS 12.1.1 Crash issues iPad Pro 2018

    By dabekong7
    Just an FYI for you folks— currently experiencing crashes the moment the application is opened. It’s a shame, as this is a wonderful program as a notation supplement.
  • Simple and useful

    By RenaissanceBug
    This is one of those nice single-purpose apps. For me, it does one thing, and does it well: lets me tap a button on my watch to record a quick note. The interface for viewing and manipulating the recordings on the phone is a bit clunky, with it taking several taps to delete a memo I’ve transcribed. I haven’t tried to export the audio to anything else — I just don’t need to — so I can’t speak to that functionality. But overall, it works for what I need it to do.
  • Almost perfect

    By jrpg8255
    Much better than Apple’s solution. So far seamless recording a voice memo on my watch, shows up on phone and is transcribed. My only complaint is that it’s very easy to accidentally tap the Apple Watch complication which immediately then begins recording. As a result, I have spent more time deleting accidental recordings than actually making new ones. A setting to be able to change the default to not immediately start recording from the complication would make it perfect for me.
  • Truly a godsend....

    By DrPsych
    This app was made for me — a consultant who regularly likes to take notes that I can then go back to paste into DRAFTS and edit and append or prepend. It works, it’s cheap, and it’s awesome. Just be sure you don’t put “confidential” information out there, as I don’t know where the recordings finally reside. One question for developer. When using JPR on watch only, do the Airpods work as audio input or is it only on the iphone?
  • Highly disappointed

    By pmelgar
    I don’t write many reviews as most apps that I have purchased have been great. This one may have good reviews but don’t let the reviews fool you. Yes it can record a conversation at a decent level. However, the transcribe feature is simply worthless. I have tried using it now about 8 times in different environments. Same result, the transcripts are useless. Buyer beware...
  • Perfect for Apple Watch

    By Bill_Johnson
    Was looking for a simple audio recorder for my new Apple Watch. This one, although a bit pricey IMHO, fits the bill perfectly. Easy to launch, use, playback, auto saves to iPhone (or iCloud) One suggestion: Allow deletion of recording(s) from the watch itself.
  • Very solid

    By jhuke
    It works as or better than expected. We had one issue on the iPad Pro where I was switching between apps while doing a recording and the audio was garbled. I suspect this has more to do with iOS’s handling of the mic. If you want to record, dedicate a device - phone and watch are perfectly viable. We lost some great data as a result and it would be great if they would add an alert that the app needs to be in the foreground to do its thing. A painful lesson but I am not going to fault them for this.
  • User experience 👎🏼

    By khashabri
    Not handy at all to share, forward or delete MULTIPLE audios !
  • Great app

    By RPR1000
    Great app. Very useful for recording quick memos. From the Apple Watch.
  • Complication

    By Maui Kid
    Watch complication needs an update. If often starts up and records by itself and can be unresponsive or slow when tapped on the Apple Watch. Transcriptions are often not accurate. Love the app, but needs a few tweaks. 3 stars for now.
  • THE iwatch app

    By PianoPusher
    This iwatch app complication simply works and doesn’t require the phone to be near. Loved it I use with an AWS 3 and am impressed with the quality and ability to record from a good distance in the room.
  • Delighted

    By Kermit262
    Works as advertised and has seamless integration with the Apple Watch. Worth every penny.
  • Notes

    By MNEMONIC6611
    I’m a doctor with a long commute. I use this app to record and transcribe my daily notes. With the cloud it’s probably the most secure for Hipaa standards plus if used with the AirPods almost every word is transcribed perfectly. I would recommend to anyone.
  • App Freezes

    By Levertj
    App has started to freeze and will not record when you press the recording button
  • Better Than I Thought at First

    By Buckwheat Fujimoto
    UPDATE: OK, my apologies to the developers. The problems I encountered with unresponsiveness were being caused by a cheap-o screen protector on my Apple Watch. Took it off and everything works exactly as it should! I used the app last night to record portions of a city commission meeting; big room, poorly-miked speakers, the whole audio nightmare. Even in that environment, using only my Watch, the recording is crisp and clear. As some others have pointed out, the transcription service is somewhat limited, but that's not an issue for me. So, five big stars and again, an apology to the developers for disparaging this awesome app. Best five bucks I ever spent! I really want to love this app; if it worked as advertised, it would be the perfect solution to my impromptu recording needs (I'm a journalist). Sadly, it doesn't. It seems to work properly on my iPhone X, but on my Watch 4 - which is the reason I bought the app in the first place - it's virtually unusable. You've got to hit the "Record" button dozens of times, at least, to start recording. Sometimes it won't start recording no mater how many times you push the button. The little white "page marker" dots at the bottom don't change when you swipe from the recording screen to the playback screen. Ditto with the "Recents" and "Recording" notations in the upper left-hand corner of the watch screen. It freezes on one or the other and then doesn't change no matter which screen you're on. On the two occasions I managed to get the Watch app to record, the quality was very good, which only makes it all the more frustrating that this thing is so blasted buggy! Another "pro" is that it offers a Watch complication, making it easily assessable when you're in a hurry. The weird thing is, when you start the app via the complication, it begins recording flawlessly. Unfortunately, when you're ready to stop recording, the "Stop" button is very unresponsive. And as to playing your recording back on the watch? Forget it. Sometimes the recording EVENTUALLY appears in the playback window, sometimes not. Sometimes the playback button works, sometimes not. It's very frustrating. I could just return the app for a refund, but it shows so much great potential. I just want it to work! For now I'll keep it installed on my phone and Watch in the hopes the developers will fix these issues. Like I said, I wanna love the app and maybe - a couple iterations down the road - I will. Fingers crossed.
  • Over time

    By Geohazzard
    I have been using this application for a while now. I realized that I have many recordings using this application. I’m always the amazed at how well the recording‘s come out.
  • It sure works.

    By Snch3j1b
    Records pretty well.
  • Watch app is crucial

    By apcclle
    Required purchase if you’re an Apple Watch wearer - I recorded a funk concert with the utmost of ease. Feels like a native app, so happy I purchased this.
  • Transcription of audio file doesn’t work well

    By A. Non E. Mouse
    Just tired Just Press Record to transcribe a 34 min audio file, and it’s pretty useless. My recording has several terms that would be unfamiliar or infrequently used, but JPR is not transcribing frequently used words correctly. It uses Apple’s speech to text service, so don’t expect anything better than using voice input to apps.
  • Blind 360

    By FireFlux360
    Not going to mince words here-but I do not regret purchasing this app at all! I’m blind as a bat but I was able to figure this app out after I downloaded it a few days ago. It met my expectations. It’s really cool & thoughtful of the app developers to make sure that it’s fully supported by voiceover. Too bad not many developers Think about people like me who have a disability. It’s user-friendly and like I said well worth the price. Just have a few suggestions-In future updates maybe it would be possible to make categories for the recordings. Create folders within folders. Append to existing recordings even if some time has passed before you decide to add to the recording. Add more export options. Make more import options. Lastly, add more to the languages selection. I’m Filipino and sometimes I have to dictate or talk to someone or record a conversation in Filipino but it’s not supported. Otherwise it’s a great app and you guys did a good job. Kudos and a big thumbs up! Hope you’ll hear my suggestions out and consider them. Have a great day!😃😉
  • Pretty good. Two complaints.

    By Lucky-D
    Great app on phone and watch. However the playback volume on my watch is pretty low. It’s not the watch microphone, because playing a recording back on the phone is loud and crisp. The other thing: why no passcode or touch/face ID option?
  • Just great

    By Tanialaguerrilleralok$
    Very useful
  • unreliable, not good enough

    By Zordan
    I got it because I saw the good reviews however on the watch, it is unreliable when I click it from a complication it works 1 out of 3 times recording does not start, and you get no record, no message and no indication that something is wrong, and you end up missing the recording you thought you were saving obviously I stopped using it
  • Love the app

    By Tanooki Suit
    The transcribe feature is very useful. Spanish language recognition could still improve a bit.
  • Does What You Want Super Easy

    By scottfillmer
    I love the fact that you can change the recording quality since I’m recording a lot for video audio and music lessons. Wish there were a few more features but I don’t even know what they might be that would keep it clean. Great job!