Endless Learning Academy

Endless Learning Academy

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-12-03
  • Current Version: 9.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 710.47 MB
  • Developer: Originator Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 429


Prepare your child for Preschool, Kindergarten, first grade, and beyond with this interactive educational app from Originator - Endless Learning Academy! Kids will learn across a broad and growing curriculum all while having FUN with the help of the adorable Endless monsters! Based on classroom-proven learning techniques developed by Originator and now used by tens of millions of children, your child will be engaged and delighted while getting a head start in school. Endless Learning Academy includes thousands of interactive learning activities covering: - ABC’s - Reading - Vocabulary - Phonics - Spelling - 123’s - Quantity - Counting - Sequences - Arithmetic - Music - Spanish - Art & coloring - …and much more In addition to activity-based learning, Endless Learning Academy includes hours of video lessons on hundreds of subjects to deepen your child’s early learning. The video lessons include: - Time & duration (e.g. morning, before, after) - Colors & shapes (e.g. red, blue, circle) - Size & weight (e.g. big, small, tall) - Direction & orientation (e.g. top, bottom, over, under) - Physical states & conditions (e.g. on, off, fast, slow) - Actions (e.g. throw, catch, sit, stand) - Anatomy (e.g. eyes, ears, hands, feet) - Human senses & functions (e.g. sleep, smell, hear, yawn) - Hobbies (e.g. bicycling, climbing, baking, dancing) - Social emotions (e.g. share, help, determination, friendship) - Feelings (e.g. brave, curious, excited, proud) - Weather & seasons (e.g. rain, summer, thunder, wind) - Geography & places (e.g. farm, garden, lake) - Plants & animals (e.g. bird, elephant, fruit, flower) - Physical science (e.g. sun, stars) FEATURES: - Thousands of interactive puzzles let your child see, hear, and feel concepts come to life. - Thousands of delightful animations reinforce basic concepts, deeper understanding, and subtle nuances. - Activity & Progress dashboard allows parents to track their child's learning progress as well as lessons needing additional practice. - 7-day free trial gives you unlimited access to all activities and lessons in the app before paying. A limited version of the app is available even for non-subscribers. - 3D Touch on enabled iPhones makes letters and words react in an extra special way! - Designed and developed for children of ages 2-6. - 100% free of advertisements and offers. - Learn on the go. Offline mode gives you access to all activities and lessons even when the device is not connected to the internet. - Endless Learning Academy was designed with your children in mind. There are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace. ** NOTE: In online mode, the app must be connected to the internet and have ample disk space to play most lessons and activities SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: Endless Learning Academy is a subscription service that gives total access to all lessons and activities, plus new material as it's added! - Subscribe to Endless Learning Academy for only $6.99/month. A lifetime subscription is also available for a discounted one-time fee. - Your subscription gives you complete access to the app on Apple TV. - You can cancel the subscription renewal online anytime. There is no cancellation fee. - Payment will be charged to your Apple iTunes Account after the 7-day free trial or at the confirmation of your purchase of the lifetime subscription. - You can use the subscription on any device registered with your Apple ID. - Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current active period. - Subscriptions can be managed by going to the user's App Store Account Settings. Privacy Policy: http://www.originatorkids.com/corporate/privacypolicy Terms of Use: http://www.originatorkids.com/corporate/termsofuse_ela Audio technology in music activity by Superpowered.



  • Yes we can

    By ififbj
    Endless Learning Academy was that you can get it a lot of people you have in a good way and Big Blue has a great little story with the new year dynamic in my book that I was thinking Scampi May be next week I hope to be home with
  • We love endless apps!

    By angl7
    I have purchased all of the Endless apps. Why do I need to pay $89 to be able have all of them in one app? Is there a way to purchase the music app separately? It is the only one that we do not have, but I don’t want to pay $89 or $6.99/month just for the music content.
  • You need to review your purchase policy

    By Marilu W
    I would pay for the lifetime app purchase, but I already purchased 3 of their different versions. You will have way more parents buying your app if you discount the previous purchases from the full price. I know 3 other moms who have the same issue I do. There’s no telling how many more are out there. Why would I pay the same amount to get the same apps as others when I already own three of them? See where the fault is?

    By Samuels mom100
    This is a HUGE waste of money! It doesn’t offer anything that the free trial does and it requires a subscription to unlock anything. I can’t believe they charge for this.
  • Love it

    By hans413ma
    My toddler obsessed with it
  • The best toddler learning app

    By Layla Eller
    I purchased lifetime access for my son when he was one and a half and it was worth every penny! At the time it was one of the only apps that kept his attention—he loved the characters and animations. Now at two and a half he can count to a hundred and read books unassisted and this is still one of his favorite apps. I recommend it to everyone who asks how he learned to read so well. I would love to see new content added, especially new songs in the music section, but it’s already great as it is, especially since you can use it offline.
  • Great app

    By mrsgolfguy
    My 3 year old loves this app and they’re learning so much! They play with it all the time and it’s great how this app has such interactive play and learning. We love all the characters, illustrations, and graphics, very well done. I was wondering if this app grows with your child. For instances, as they get older, the games and content are harder. I don’t think this app does that, but it would be a great feature. Also, I’d like to see different profiles so my younger child can play in their own profile, when he’s old enough for it. We paid the lifetime subscription, so hopefully it was worth the price versus a monthly subscription.
  • My toddler loves this app

    By Violetr201
    I wish there was a level that didn’t help her so much. If u could add a quiz after each level so u kno she progressing. Also when words r pronounced have her advised them to pronounce the word after. Still a great app. Do the songs change to her level too you should add words to tap on so she learning them too. Thx great graphic and design.
  • Er

    By DocumentaryGirl
    Before I got the monthly access you Said you will rapidly be adding new content LIE! There has Ben 0 new continents since I’ve got this app 😒ya not cool😒 plz add new content
  • Masterfully made

    By Mr. Wiggs
    I was looking for the lifetime purchase but unable to find anything longer than a year, other than that a tip of the hat to y’all.
  • Lovely Great App! Desperately in need of an update!

    By MrsBethNegri
    My little one adores this app! He has completed so many of the tasks but there needs to be some new material! Suggestions: Shapes Colors Community Helpers Brushing Teeth Timer New words in reading and spelling Anatomy Multiplication and division Jigsaw Puzzles of the characters for fun Memory puzzles: like cards like to like pictures (Pinkerton to Pinkerton or black cat to black hat) or concept like to related item (ex. Firefighter to fire truck) Letter and number writing (cursive & block) this could be added on by making a new section using the same words and cartoons but requiring the children to fill in bubble letters in the proper form and order Counting for larger numbers using markers Coloring section Free draw mode similar to Paint on a Windows Maybe a hard mode? Or “test mode” with Spelling needs to be done in order Reading words also in order Math an area to further explore addition and subtraction: making it possible for parents to make new math problems Music also in order and maybe a keyboard spot so they can play it? All sections should have a mode to add your own words etc but with a generic rotating winner screen or prize winning screen with definitions or problems etc. that can be read by the app Anyways hope these ideas help! We really love this app and we want to keep it going.
  • I Love It

    By jhkggyukvkghuk
    It is amazing
  • Expensive, but well liked

    By blondie2846
    I think a little overpriced for a subscription, especially since we bought all of the other apps individually, but my daughter (3 in preschool) seems to go back to it more than other apps. Not sure at 4 or more she would still be as into them.
  • Says it supports family sharing but doesn’t

    By m. alicia
    I got the app for both my kids. I subscribe to the monthly subscription so they can each have it on their tablets. When I put it on my second child tablet its trying to charge me again for the monthly subscription. I email them and they’re telling me they’re two different tablets so I have to pay for both of them even though they’re on the same iCloud family sharing account. Just sounds ridiculous.! There’s other kid apps for example “Epic!” as long it is on the same iCloud family sharing I can have it on both of my children’s tablets and I don’t have to pay twice for a monthly subscription. I love the app but I’m gonna have to unsubscribe and look for something else
  • Lifetime pass was a mistake

    By mmg1723
    I like the app. Lovely illustrations and was truly engaging for my daughter. Plus offline option for long trips? Great. I switched from monthly to lifetime. However, since then no new content has been added. Kids love repetition and it’s the key to learning, but this app found the engagement limit in my child. It was sad to have her open it enthusiastically to find the game finished until she stopped opening it anymore. Her favorite character is still Pinkerton.
  • Very expensive monthly subscription

    By Maneet701
    Good app but not worth the high subscription price
  • Worth every bit

    By tdh93
    Worth every dollar. I pay 8 bucks a month and I have been for about a year. My toddler has learned sooooo many words.
  • It’s a winner!

    By LauraSulli
    Not only does my 7yo son LOVE this program/game, but he’s learning so much!
  • How do I cancel this?

    By Mycase
    How do I cancel this?
  • More

    By Housewife247
    I love this app. My daughter learned so much in the first use and so I did the monthly subscription. I just wish the math was included. I also wish you could make accounts for each child so that the older the child got the more challenging it gets for that child. Other than that we love the app.
  • Bummer

    By rfc's mom
    Signed up for the free trial and it never worked on an updated iPad. Went to cancel and it won’t recognize that we are even signed up. I’ve already been charged for one month and don’t know how to cancel since the app says we aren’t signed up! Help!!! We are paying $6.99 a month for nothing and can’t get out!!!
  • It helped a lot!

    By IzzyMom13
    This app helped my son learned and helped him pronounce words. I like how it also has Spanish too.
  • Great support from these devs

    By Cotsenmoyer
    My kids love the app, and I recently had issues with family sharing. The team at Originator was very responsive and resolved ed my issue.
  • They charge for cancelled subscriptions

    By Lcswam
    I cancelled my subscription but they are still charging me monthly anyway. Can't get them to stop. Very unhappy!
  • Shawna Ph.D

    By MISS USA BusinessWoman
    I do not want a subscription. I want the yearly option I thought that was paid for. The app has since yet started working incorrectly. If that happens again I will consider this to be fraudulent app services.
  • Only works on IOS 9 or greater!!

    By Melmo703
    Fix the game!! I paid for your game not to work!
  • Don’t buy a lifetime pass, no new content in over a year.

    By Waverly Albright
    I bought the lifetime pass last year, which was very expensive, because they were adding new content all the time back then and the ads said that would continue. Well, it has been more than a year since any new content, just bug fixes and a holiday themed home page. My kids played often for a couple of months. Now only once in a while, making me wish I’d just done the monthly so I could cut it off when they got tired of it (would have saved me over $100). Their new Math Tango app looks interesting, but I feel like it really should get added to the subscription service in addition to being available as a stand alone app. I thought the whole point of ELA was to get all their new content in one convenient app, I guess not.
  • Excellent

    By Kgersh
    This app is perfect for my 3 1/2 year old. He is very focused and entertained while learning important content. It’s obvious that the company put a lot of effort into making the content both entertaining and educational. I can’t wait to see what else they have.
  • I hate this app

    By Lalavy111
    If you want to charge for an app, then charge for an app. If you are going to have a free app, then have a free app, not a commercial for your app disguises as a learning app. I will never buy Endless because I really resent this marketing strategy. This free version is difficult to use, you have to get through many screens of marketing. And there is access to almost nothing.
  • Doesn’t do family share

    By Vinnova82
    I purchased this app on my Apple TV and when I downloaded it to my sons iPad it wanted me to pay again. The description says family share but doesn’t allow it
  • Pretty good!

    By RobertEsdale
    This is like all your other apps combined in one, except for endless music. And I was wondering. The endless apps where we drag a letter, number, or word in its correct space, do you think you could make one that can let us do our own words and math problems?
  • Good

    By jtnichols
    Good app
  • Love the app, hate buying the entire thing

    By vivalapaul
    I have about $50 into other apps, that are now redundant. I don't agree with this companies ethics about creating Academy after I've bought the school bundles. But my 19 month old loves this app and Im investing in him. I also think that asking for a 5 star rating is unethical. Someone in marketing must be getting paid well to take advantage of parents, so they get 1 star.
  • 6.99/month is TOO much money!!!

    By lilhobo
    It's decent but my son wants to use other (free) educational apps more often than this, so i think it is a waste of money. I cancelled after one month.
  • Best app for my 3 year old girl

    By Goldiehuang
    Very educational and fun!!! She could sit there and learn something and be occupied!!!
  • Great

    By Abuabu7
    My kids love this app and I love how much they are learning.
  • Well...

    By LadyAnimeY
    We really loved all the apps in the bundle but I'm not sure if I can justify spending 7 bucks a month just to access them all in one spot plus music. Problem is he seems to love the music app which isn't offered on its own. That and the roller coaster part....it's really helped my child learn way ahead of his grade level but he got the bundle as a birthday present from grandma because we aren't made of money. Little sad that you have to pay so much more in the long run for a few extras...
  • Doesn't follow basic phonics rules!!!

    By kellyd923
    I really want to like this app. It is really cute in many ways and I can see how kids would like it. But within two minutes of use I encountered two words that the app did not correctly sound out! I'm a reading specialist so this really irks me when supposed "learning apps" don't teach the correct sounds. (I know this app is not alone, almost none of them do all of the sounds correctly.) For example, the first word in the ABCs that I encountered was ALARM. (I knew as soon as I saw that this was the word that there was almost no chance it would be correct.) The kid has to put the colored letters on top of the outlined letters in the word. As they move the letters, it says the sound. Now, while it did say some of the individual sounds correctly, it ignored things like the fact that the A in this word had a schwa sound and does not make the usual A sound. And even worse, AR work together to make the "ar" sound, not "aaaah" and "ar" as they do here. (And, "ar" is not even the correct sound for an individual R.) Overall, this was a bad word to choose unless you are going to talk about advanced phonics and you are going to address things like the schwa and the r-controlled sound. Next word--same thing--ARTISTIC. Totally ignored the r-controlled "AR" at the beginning and instead broke it apart into two sounds. This is absolutely horrible teaching as it isn't teaching kids the correct way to sound out words so they will have the skills to read and spell correctly. As I scroll through the other words, many of them are not good choices as they have advanced spelling patterns that are not addressed correctly. And X does not present the correct sound at all. (Many apps make this mistake with X. They use xylophone--the Z sounds for X--and x-ray--says the name X) because there are only a few words that start with X.) X makes the sound /ks/ like at the end of fox. There are no words that start with X that make the correct sound so you have to use a word like fox, box, etc. to teach it. Not much irritates me more than this. To charge a monthly fee for something that is clearly not based in research and developed by people who clearly don't have a clue of the content they are presenting--I am highly irritated and extremely disappointed because I have heard so many great things about this app. What a shame. Luckily I discovered this before I paid for it. Very disappointed that I need to keep looking for a good app. :(
  • Phenomenal App

    By Mommy Magic
    Kid happy; mom ecstatic without guilt. Best game for toddler. My 2 year old can recognize all 26 letters by sight. Can count to 20 ( all the -teens sound the same, lol), knows his colors and shapes. I give credit to this Endless game series, your baby can learn DVD program, Highlights Hello magazine, books and good old fashioned mothering. There is no other app like this out there. I've been looking and all found fall short in comparison. Thank you Endless Academy for adding to my mommy toolbox.
  • Amazing

    By sklane87
    I love everything about this app. My three year old learned new words within two days of using this and is recognizing words and letters now. I can't recommend this enough!
  • Love EVERYTHING they make!

    By ShannonMoc
    These are the only learning apps that have made it past my 6 year old's very particular taste. We have tried every learning app you can think of over the years and these Endless learning apps are the ONLY ones he actually uses and loves. I sit with him every day and go over reading and site words and such but if it weren't for these apps my son would not be reading as well as he does today. So why are these so good and effective? So I think it's 3 things... 1) They work for all types of learning modalities. My son is a kinesthetic/audio so all the moving and wiggling of the letters and words and characters is just so entertaining. 2) The look overall is just so asthetically pleasing and the layout and tasks just really work and flow well. Usually these cartoon shows are just hard to look at and they are clunky! The tasks in a typical learning app are either too hard too easy or just not that fun AND worst of all... they don't do a good job at even helping them learn to read. The Endless Learning Apps just get everything so right! 3) The vibe... now this sounds weird but this is the main difference I think. My son made a comment on this the other day and it really made me think. He said the Endless Learnging Apps don't talk to me like I'm a baby. Now that really hit home. In these Endless Learning apps the characters are all so personable and funny which is so great, but the thing that you really see is that they aren't talking down to the kids. A lot of these apps will have some lady saying REALLY loud..."Good for You!" Every 5 seconds after you just spelled the word "Ball". It seems like that would be something you would want... you know... encouragement, but when my son said that, I went back and listened to a few of the old apps we had and really realized... they all baby-talked at the kids. He stopped using those apps within a week of playing with them. The Endless Reader apps feel more respectful to the childs growing mind. That's the best way I can describe it. These apps truly helped my son read and I'm happy that I got a chance to share that with you.
  • bad deal

    By donchuckmartin
    want to cancel...can't . This stinks. Why is this even allowed in the app store...

    By MADMOM1984
    I can't get this cancelled and I am getting angry! I don't want it! Will be a shame if I have to cancel my card just to get this to stop!
  • No Credit given to previous customers

    By Ap4567
    As somebody in reviews said, no credit given to previous customers. We bought that app some time ago as our son liked other apps of Endless, and he was able to use it. However, recently I was putting it on and got really surprised as most of it is locked, and I need subscription to continue using it. Not too fair for those customers who already purchased the app long ago.
  • A poor value!

    By Jamesbkrieg75boom
    No credit given if you already own 4 of the 6 parts....a terrible deal for previous customers!
  • Beware easy for kids to subscribe

    By Nosniv1
    Do not download as the app allows kids to subscribe. Parents will be surprised with a 6.99 charge.
  • Excellent

    By pgrizz44322
    Very good educational tool! My daughter loves to "play" and her daycare teacher is impressed with how much she knows!
  • Tricked into activating and was nearly impossible to cancel.

    By Fjdnddmmxjwlsamdmms
    I emailed multiple times to cancel. No phone number for customer assistance. Website and mobile makes it hard for you to cancel. 3 month subscription down the drain. Did not even respond to my email. The only app that has ever deliberately made it nearly impossible to cancel. Finally figured out to click the somewhat hidden "i" after having downloaded the app on my phone. Just had a really bad experience trying to remove the subscription that I don't even remember having. Let alone have the app.
  • Horrible

    By Vazquez95
    Family sharing says yes? You definitely can not share your subscriptions with family sharing!!! Why the lie??? Absolutely annoyed and canceled my subscription on both family accounts, after I'd already paid! Never again!!!