Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Game of Thrones: Conquest™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Current Version: 2.4.239324
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 155.04 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 44 257


Power up your best dragon and fight for The Iron Throne today! The fight for the Iron Throne is real. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens to battle the realm in this RPG and RTS hybrid, GoT: Conquest. Live out your GoT fantasy and join the war in the best GoT RPG to date. Join millions of players living the fantasy of the great lords of Westeros. Build your house, raise your army, and find the best way to manage your resources as you aim to rule the Iron Throne. Based on the award-winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest is an RTS with RPG elements that allow players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Wage war, clash swords, raise your dragon and join the battle today to best your foes and capture the Iron Throne! Will you bend the knee, create a great allegiance, or fall victim to the other great lords of Westeros in this RTS game? “In the game of thrones, you win or you die.” - Cersei Lannister - Become a lord of Westeros:Build a great house, create your sigil, and master the strategy as you Fight for the Crown to rule the realm in GoT: Conquest, a RTS/RPG hybrid game based on Game of Thrones - Interact with key charactersfrom the hit HBO series - Conquer 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell, Castle Black, and King’s Landing - Live out your fantasy of claiming the Iron Throne and winning the Great War as you navigate a dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System - Raise Your Dragon - Grow your own dragon: Dragons have arrived in Westeros and each kingdom has their own dragon egg. Will you use your great dragon to best your enemies or protect your castle? You decide! THE SEVEN KINGDOMS WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME IN GAME OF THRONES: CONQUEST “It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on.” - Tywin Lannister - Build your house and rule your territory - Raise your army and clash against rival lords in an epic fantasy - Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades for your kingdom - Conquer the map, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence in this strategy RTS game based on the hit HBO series - Craft Powerful Gear, much like a fantasy RPG, you can craft and build powerful gear sets and equipment to gain an edge and best your enemies in this RTS game MAKE KINGS RISE AND FALL This is the best GoT experience available on mobile, combining the best RPG and RTS elements to bring you a GoT fantasy like no other. - Master the strategy of our innovative pledge system recruit bannermen, fight great battles with your allies, and live out the GoT fantasy of being a great lord - Claim the Iron Throne- Choose between deception and loyalty, use your dragons wisely, as you shift your allegiances and clash with foes just like in the hit HBO series Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and Fight for the Iron Throne? Build your army, muster your best troops and devise the best strategy for battle. Interact with key characters and conquer iconic locations from the award-winning HBO fantasy series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise in a war to take The Iron Throne, rule The Seven Kingdoms and awake the dragons. LIVE THE FANTASY - PLAY GAME OF THRONES: CONQUEST NOW TO FIGHT FOR THE IRON THRONE AND RULE THE SEVEN KINGDOMS! Join the conversation: ™ & © 2019 Home Box Office, Inc. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s19)



  • Pay to play trash

    By WyldeExpanse
    This game is your run of the mill build base/gather resource idle mobile game and it actually does those mechanics pretty well. Having different soldier types for the rock paper scissor mechanic and different type of traps to defend against is a interesting take on a genre run into the ground. What makes this game trash however is that to hatch your dragon (which is arguably the main reason most people play this game including myself) you will have to spend over $25 or spend near two months doing excessive grinding every day to unlock the ability to just hatch your dragon! This is simply ridiculous considering how large a benefit having a dragon gives you in this game. Which is why I call it pay to play trash, because if you don’t pay an absurd amount of real life money you won’t be able to hatch your dragon in time for players who did over run your base and continually raid you preventing you from making any meaningful progress in the game. I honestly would love to give this game less than one star based purely on this mechanic. That being said I understand they need to make money and provide incentives to spend money, and I would have been more than happy to pay ~$5 dollars to hatch my dragon with the crazy grind/~$25 to make the transition to the highest lvl adult dragon. But starting with such a huge pay wall (also considering everything else at this level is easily accessible from normal game play) for the lowest lvl makes me shutter at what future upgrades would cost. This is just a money grab utilizing the popularity of the show and is so greedy that it would probably even make HBO its self uncomfortable.
  • Greedy Game Play

    By lolsrslysarah
    I used to be a really big spender on this game. Can hardly find anything under 20 bucks anymore. All I see are $49.99 and $99.99. But I wouldn’t waste any more money anyway when ultimately, teleports and shields should be FREE. This game has gotten so much greedier since I started playing again. Can’t even find a $5.00 shield and teleport pack, but oh yeah... those should at least be FREE. 🙄 You guys make it harder for anyone to level up and try to be one of the top dogs. Just sayin’.
  • Unfair rulers

    By Eddienpatsy
    Do not download this app is ruled by biased bullies who only allow the rules to apply to people they deemed fit it’s not a fair game in anyway instead of the higher up following the rules and enforcing them properly they use it to bet up lower level players. The keeper of the game is horrible and awful.
  • So much fun!

    By Searay83
    The ability to communicate and work with friends to build up your allies, take over other houses, become a leader and that’s just the beginning! Dracarys!!!! You can get your own dragon! Just wait till he gets big as you custom your dragon into a weapon of mass destruction that will decimate opposing forces! They did a great job designing this game. My only complaint which makes this game hard to enjoy outside of my cell phone is that I accidentally bound a new game on my iPad to my Facebook and Game Center now it’s forever bound to it. Which means I will only be able to play this game on my cellular device and not on my iPad like I wanted to do because of the issue with being able to transfer profiles once they have been assigned. Carpal tunnel here I come because of this :( Game developers please fix this my wrists are killing me lol.
  • Pay 2 Play

    By TWali1
    Hard to advance without paying. Seats of power battles seem arbitrary (why should the 7th person to attack it win it, regardless of combined total strength of surrounding allegiance). Game would be a lot more fun if more seats of power were more based on geography, so it would be harder to take seats of power on opposite sides of the map but easier to take ones closer together. Pay to teleport is just lame ... shouldn’t you at least have to march to your new keep site? Best players get recruited into already strongest allegiances, which can then take over everything and bully medium-strength allegiances.
  • Don’t stand a chance unless you want to spend $100 a day

    By DeAtH2_4StRoKeS
    The game glitches nonstop it’s absolutely ridiculous who they set you up with obviously there’s 1 million different kingdoms and they should take people with certain power and put them in kingdoms with people with the same amount of power they have. Don’t even get me started on the money you have to spend. If you don’t spend 100 dollars a day you don’t stand a chance. The first week was great, But then after that all these credit card Warriors got on and started ransacking everybody and it happened to me three different times it just ruins the game for me absolutely I will never play it again I put $60 into it and it’s all God for nothing because of the glitches and also when I did buy the packs I got overcharged ALL three times, one time 5 dollar extra ,and the other two times 20 dollars extra I’m so sick of this game. And then people make alternate accounts which is really them, just to sneak or spy on other allegiences and SalB from BWB is the biggest scammer I’ve ever seen, he’s completely ruined the game for me and NUMEROUS other people. I’m deleting this app and will never spend another dime with Warner brothers
  • Monopolies

    By pleaseeatmyassplease
    The way that each kingdom opens one at a time makes it easy for a monopoly to happen and God forbid a team of money spenders gets together and that’s a dead server right there. This needs to be fixed.
  • Let the game begin

    By Blajun
    Breaking wheels and roasting pigs
  • Uneven playing field

    By Korkman228
    You get trounced by higher level players before you truly even get started
  • Pay to play

    By ShanAbq
    This is definitely a pay to play game. If you don’t invest money into this you will fall behind drastically. The gameplay itself is very fun but does have some bugs. Mostly connection issues.
  • Com'n

    By qegxtjbphdg
    I spent about 2 minutes on the game and then immediately deleted. Instantly you can tell that whoever made this was rushed and wanted to be done as soon as possible. The lack of efforts offends me cause it had some much potential if it was put into the right hands.
  • Pája

    By pājã
    Game is not bad, good graphics and very good details. One thing what’s not really good is, you don’t have even change when somebody bigger attack you. And if this happens it’s like start game again.
  • Fun Game

    By Malarky420
    Love playing this in my down time. Takes a little while to get used to certain things but the community is great at helping you out.
  • Not even close, PTW

    By Jockinjsee
    Not even close to what the advertisement is endorsing. Super pay to win and nothing like the show. Just another reskinned of games like last-shelter in Game of thrones themed. PvP is the worst
  • Great game!!!!

    By Wolfpack318
    I love this game it’s super crazy fun. I just wish you could craft unsullied armor. A LOTTTTT of people in my server wish we could craft their dope armor. If you can craft Dothraki armor, why not unsullied armor? They are arguably popular
  • Needs improvement. Too much like Game of War

    By MariaWolf
    Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the dragon and you did too. While I’d love to stay, it’s a pay to play. Once my time is up, I’ll be gone too. If i had a dollar for every time it crashed or the UI disappears I’d be the richest player.
  • The developers don’t care, they only want your money

    By Ajda45Soljia
    It’s absolutely sad that I’ve written two reviews & they have been deleted. This is definitely a pay to win game. After installing & playing, the free 24hr shield expired & I was bombarded by lvl 20+ players who destroyed my little lvl 3 keep in seconds.
  • Fun game

    By Kalvorin
    I enjoy the game and the friends I have made playing it. It is PvP and don’t go in think you can avoid it. I do wish it wasn’t so costly to build up your keep. Also I wish they had a limit on how much lower level of a keep you could attack.
  • Great community

    By Cpt. Gorl Durain
    So much fun, lots of polite people, a few jerks who go power hungry, but lots of people who are willing to help you learn the game. Grow as much as you can and then find a good allegiance before our normal shield runs out!
  • I Can’t

    By MyLovelyBonez
    I can’t even open the game. It keeps saying that it can’t connect to the Internet but my Internet is great
  • Good so far

    By Ksi Remag
    I’m a GOT fan and saw this game. So I’m giving it a shot hope it keeps me intrigued like the show 😊
  • For Ned

    By VictoriaNative
    Just begin and a little addictive once you get he hang of understanding it
  • Pay to win

    By CFlynn81
    Definitely a prime example of a pay to win game. It’s not like it’s little perks for buying things, it’s impossibly slow leveling and being able to stay alive without spending ungodly amounts of money.
  • Pyramid Scheme glitch fest.

    By Gaby In The City!
    I really wanted to like Game Of Thrones Conquest but the software and game play isn’t worth the money we all spend. Daily glitches, false scouting info and failure to sync issues have cost me $1000 of dollars, millions of Troops and even more gold. If you dare email Customer Support about it you be given 1/10th of what their game steals from your inventory. The in-app purchase packs bounce around and on 3 separate occasions the items I’ve been shown and tried purchasing are not the packs that hit my account. Again, email support and they’re so smart and clever how could their software ever fail. Once in a while they send you some crumbs to keep the peasants quiet. Similar to the way Cersai would help the masses, only when it suits her. Don’t do it to yourself. It’s not worth the time or money. Text a friend instead.
  • Just too much"sales"

    By Tc from heroes n zeroes
    Literally cannot log in without being hit with an offer for $10/$20. I gwt that u can pay to win but it's really just taking away from the game. Game is OK. A bit slow and time consuming. Similar to base building in clash of clans but not as fun. Mostly just farming resources and waiting for builders and maesters to finish. If u wanna pass a few minutes a day few times a day its fine. If you're looking for an in depth experience and chance to really build something it's just lacking.
  • Don’t bother.

    By JaneNotJane
    The game starts off fun. That lasts a few days. Then, you start getting attacked. Before you can get any decent armor or build your keep, level 20 players (with 2 million power) attack your keep multiple times a day. You spend all your time, money, and effort trying to accumulate enough resources just so you can heal your troops, only to have them attacked, yet again, before they heal. Without troops, you simply can’t get the resources you need to play the game. If you don’t have 15 hours a day to play, don’t bother. I have better things to do with my time, you probably do, too. The game is a total washout designed to discourage new players.
  • WB doesn’t care

    By Toxicool
    Not only have the glitches gotten progressively worse, account security on this game is laughable at best. They refuse to moderate chats as they should or take reports seriously. I’ve been a victim of constant abuse by some people asking me to kill myself, which I have reported but no action has been taken against them. There is also no way to log someone out ourselves if they somehow get access to our account - they stay logged in until we create a ticket and wait for WB to force a logout. By then the damage is done and WB refuses to restore your account to the state your account was in before the hack even though they have all the information confirming the hack and what the account had before. This game is an absolute waste of money and WB fails to provide a safe, fun, and stable gaming environment. Shame!
  • No sound

    By Thay-504
    Mine has no sound no matter what I do. Try looking in settings it’s on but still no sound.
  • So So

    By Pokemon Master of Team Rocket
    The game is really fun and all and I would make only a few small suggestions of what I personally think would make it several ☆s IMHO, but what I hate is how several players get allowed to bully others which gives it -☆s.
  • GoT

    By G0DWULF
    Game is super fun! Highly recommended.
  • Familiar

    By konotayee
    Like Castle Age Warriors a good game ruined by greedy developers
  • Sucktastic!

    By Billybob red
    I have downloaded this game twice, and both times the game wouldn’t load! It gets to the load screen, and says “Consulting the Imp”, and freezes. Pretty sucktastic!
  • Love it!!

    By Miam2476
    Best game ever!!!
  • Great game here’s an idea

    By aPerson!
    The game is awesome and I’d highly recommend it and play it as much as I can and I have an idea to make it a little better! Custom dragons as in changing the colors of the dragon. In the series Daenerys had three dragons of somewhat different colors so why not have that in the game?
  • This game is pretty cool

    By RomadTACP
    Done really well
  • Pay to win

    By Redsaber624
    Great game, but unfortunately very pay to win
  • MONEY... money ... money

    By freeconservative
    Too much money to have any fun... end up paying for a non-physical item...
  • Slow Server

    By Da Waze
    The App constantly crashing. Very slow. Specially when moving through the map terrain. The icons move very slowly by selection clicks. I would hope they can fix these errors & slow progressions on the interface. Pfffff... frustrating.
  • Thank you!!!

    By Rocko da Don
    Thanks for making such a great game. I’m in love.
  • cash grab

    By rayhammond86
    makes you spend money to advance with tose who are top of game they may spend $1500 a week maybe more
  • Jaqen - H’ghar

    By jaqen - H'ghar
    Amazing game!
  • Game of Thrones Conquest

    By Samtheon
    This game was unbelievably great I had fun playing this and would recommend it to anyone who watched the show.
  • GOT Conquest is phenomenal!

    By JRSorensen
    Fun, strategic, great graphics & now you can hatch, raise & train your very own personal Dragon?!? It’s a deal sealer, if your a GOT fan then download this game !!
  • Very lousy job of developers

    By george.haraga
    Concept of the game is very nice but technically is one of the worst ever...up grades that doesn’t change your power points and a loot of crash often.
  • GOT

    By Th3Ch32h1r3C4t
    Very fun and entertaining!
  • Great game!

    By lpollaro
    Addicting but fun! But I have a deep concern about apple. Why does ITunes prevent you from updating. Free apps such as game of thrones conquest....I can’t use the free upgrade b cause my bank balance is 0 this week. I cannot get into the game so will probably quit playing after tonight. There use to be an option for free apps and upgrades to be done without a credit card or PayPal but no... you have to have money in your account even to upgrade the free apps such as this one. Boo!!!

    By MOJI00000
    Absolutely terrible. You want to play without paying a lot. Tough to compete without spending money. So I bought a $100 pack, the pack failed to load into the account. Contacted Apple, no refund. Contacted hbo games, no refund. Refused to load the items into my account manually. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND IGNORE YOUR FEEDBACK OR REQUESTS. I AM WARNING YOU NOW DO NOT GIVE THEM A DIME.
  • *Yawn...*

    By plaintiger
    This game is the same app as about a hundred others - the tired old resource-management thing - with a GoT skin on it. Seriously: who could possibly care about this?
  • Horrible

    By Nvmrukidding
    The artwork is good. The map interface is the most cumbersome ridiculous of any game of this genre. It takes several seconds and several clicks for each of three or four things you have to do to see your new location or do you find people that you’re looking for. It’s horrible there are no bookmarks there is no way to look where you’re going in any sort of a timely fashion. Totally killed it for me when we were going to war and I’m trying to find locations. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous in a war strategy game and I’ve played a lot of them. I’ve also heard that the developers are extremely unresponsive to any sort of problems or complaints. If you want to drive yourself crazy trying to find your teammates or the target go ahead be my guest