Circle with Disney

Circle with Disney

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-11-04
  • Current Version: 2.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 55.66 MB
  • Developer: Circle Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 269


The Circle with Disney app is used with supported NETGEAR routers and Circle with Disney hardware. Not compatible with Circle Home Plus.​ ABOUT CIRCLE: Circle products help families better manage time spent online. Filtering content and balancing online usage has never been easier. From devices on your home network, both wireless and wired, to connected devices, Circle has you covered. Customizing Circle for your unique family is quick and easy. Circle’s mission is to improve families’ lives, online and off. Don’t have Circle with Disney hardware or a supported Netgear router? Please visit to learn more about our products. NEED HELP? If you have any questions, need help with Circle, or want to provide feedback, you can contact our Support Team at or go to NETGEAR OPTIONAL IN APP SUBSCRIPTION - Pricing & Terms Circle Premium (for supported NETGEAR routers) is an optional automatic renewing subscription. Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renewing is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. Current subscribers can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by visiting iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Circle Premium (for supported NETGEAR routers): $4.99 USD / month ( Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • Disappointed

    By 4GHGTP
    When I purchased the $300+ Netgear Orbi, I assumed the Circle parental controls were included. I thought the subscription was for outside-the-home controls only. Extremely irritated to find out I need to shell out $$ for another subscription service when other mesh WiFi options have these controls built in.
  • Netgear and Disney should part ways

    By sharpie__pen
    Very glitchy for a premium product.
  • Does not work

    By Johaan77
    The app does not prevent what ever is filtered from being used.
  • Iphone xs max circle issue

    By np6666777
    Circle app is not accessible from Iphone xs .Circle is enable in router but its keeps pop message enable circle
  • Trouble logging in

    By Bababohi
    Has been working pretty well for month with a few hiccups. The past week I have been unable to log in reliably and the app seems to have changed a few times etc would give it five if it was more reliable
  • Ineffective

    By SkipWilson
    I really wanted this app to work - it’s a great attempt - but the realities of how devices leverage the Internet makes it impossible to properly measure usage and enforce time limits. If we just use it for game systems, it seems to accurately track usage. It reports a whole bunch of IP addresses and hostnames, but the app seems smart enough to realize that many of them are concurrent, and the one that matters (epicgames a.k.a the devil Fortnite) seems to define the critical path and triggers the usage limit as intended. But as soon as we have the system try to govern iPads or iPhones, it goes to hell. Those devices seem to constantly be reaching out to a ton of hostnames and IP addresses in the background, which completely messes up the usage and time limits. I don’t have the time or patience to manually manage all of those things, and even if I did, it would require constant upkeep
  • Needs improvements

    By K2intimidator8
    The app worked and looked good at first. After getting it all sep up everything looked good. I was looking not only for time spent by device but also the amount of data used. This should be able to do both. Let’s see if the developers over there can get data usage per device added and I may start using the app again. I already have great screen time monitors for my kids. I need a data tracker.
  • No Circle Go

    By awboys
    I just bought this and set it up, only to learn Circle Go is no longer an option. I’m disappointed that I can’t filter my kids phones away from home, one of the main reasons I purchased the product.
  • Premium subscription is a joke

    By Barathj
    You pay for the device plus they want to pay for premium subscription. My circle came with Orbi and totally surprised they want to pay for premium. My linksys router had all these features for free. I hope the circle product fails big time
  • Garbage

    By Yaah...
    you heard me
  • Deceitful

    By Cross fitter29
    Signed up for the Circle Go and get charged $4.99 a month. I’ve been trying to cancel this service for several months, doesn’t show up on my subscriptions from Apple so can’t cancel. Sent emails and no response. Called Apple for help and they can’t do anything because it’s being billed through a 3rd Party. Looked on my bank statement to try and cancel and no information or phone numbers show up through the bank. Pretty deceitful and dishonest way for a multi billion dollar company to make a buck.

    By Kappasig437
    I turn on the internet but it won’t turn back on this is so stupid and my kids hate me even more now no wonder it’s so cheap this circle is trash
  • Bad

    By parenrs
    Terrible. Blocks everything even when u want to allow access.
  • Not worth it

    By Maethe
    It seems not hard to set up, to start, but when it comes to actual *using* the ap, it’s a big nope. If you have more than 2 apple products, Ring is unusable. Why? Every device appears as Apple Device. Not even a clue of which Apple device it might be. Wife was not happy when I picked one at random, and later that night she couldn’t get online with her iPad.
  • This is great - need some more controls

    By sskhm
    Hi I have been using this and this is going great My kids hates this circle For parents general control is easy But we need some controls like keyword For e.g movies* or videos* would be good That can cover some unknown sites with wrong categories are blocked. This often does not recognize other countries sites to watch online I recommend this for all who has school going kids👍👍👍👍
  • Doesn’t work

    By jadeforrest
    Has a decent UI and good functionality. But it doesn’t work. Every few days it stopped working and I would have to set it up again. Settings were all there, but my phone had to reconnect. That for me was the final straw. One of those times I had to completely set it up again. But I had lots of other concerns: my netgear router would get unstable if I used it too much. I wasn’t absolutely sure it caused the instability, but it made me nervous enough I kept my configuration really simple. Also my daughter eventually figured out the password to a neighbor’s WiFi, which made all the protections useless. As far as I can tell, there are no good parental controls out there.
  • Had it for about 18 months now

    By bsm1970
    Works great for our family. Very few hiccups. Circle Go works great. I only wish the YouTube filtering was a little more granular.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Dailoh
    Purchased app and says it can’t find active subscription even though I see it in my list of subscriptions in my settings😡
  • Circle Jerk

    By iBebad
    It doesn't limit screen time at all and the setup and identifying devices is stupid labor intensive. Disney should pay me to use it. Sorry, not gonna make it past the trial period. The apple devices have their own parental controls that are effective and easy to implement. Be warned- merely deleting the app leaves the restrictions in place. Deactivate the app before deleting! Better yet, don't download it at all.
  • Major Problems Last Few Week’s

    By wearechampions
    Circle has not been connecting when I need to unpause or pause a user. I’ve had to “locate” the Circle multiple times when this happens. Very annoying and there is clearly something wrong with your code. Please fix it or I will need to dump this device and replace with something that works better and more reliably.
  • Just what we’re looking for

    By Matt Arizona
    First off, as I told my kids when we got this device: it is not a substitute for parenting. It’s a tool to stop them from accidentally stumbling on adult content and to warn them about spending too much time on their devices. I still have parental controls on my children’s devices so they can’t download whatever they feel like and I talk with them as well. Again, this is not a substitute for parenting. As far as the device goes, we’ve had it for about a month and so far it’s working great. It was easy to set up and all of the features have been working. We also bought the circle go subscription and it’s working great as well.
  • Update broken

    By RedRocker777
    Best solution I’ve used yet.
  • What a joke!!!!

    By ~ dubbz ~
    What is the point of this app when as soon as the down times are active, u can switch over to cellular data and continue on!?! My kids figured this out in about 30 seconds!! This is not the way it used to be with this app. Oh wait. That's right cuz it was circle go....u don't support that anymore. I almost purchased this app for the year. Glad I didn't and only wasted 5 bucks! Guess it's back to Apple's screen time settings.
  • Useless if your kids have a mobile phone

    By hannapup
    As of 4.10.19 no longer supporting mobile phones... unless they are connected to supported network at the time. However, there’s still reference to Circle Go in the Circle app. Glad I got this less than 90 days ago so it’s not too late to return it.
  • Works great

    By Curcuminy
    We had an older netgear router and circle supported it on only 2.4ghz instead of the full dual band, and the circle device couldn’t be plugged into the router. We got a new router, and we’re happy to report that circle works great. There is no slowing of the internet, circle plugs right into the router. Love it!
  • This app does not work as promised...beware

    By Aenots
    I used Circle on subscription successfully for a very few months, and premium features just disappeared. After many tech support e-mails there has been no resolution. They say they’re working on it, and the months roll by. For our family, it’s the premium features which make it worthwhile. We need data, not just an on/off switch, because we are trying to build our kids’ digital awareness, and yes, we do combine active parenting and family discussion with the app control. They (Circle/Disney) have been apparently happy to keep taking my $4.99 per month, however, in spite of not providing the service I’m paying for at all. I’ve tried to get refunds of the monthly fee and have sometimes succeeded. The ONLY reason we purchased the Netgear router was for this service. Very unhappy with the result and am gong to try again t cancel. I advise anyone needing a good set of supportive parental controls to not waste your money here - look elsewhere.
  • Good but could be better

    By Wil12ken
    Worked great for a couple of months then bedtime function stopped working. Support is confusing or non existent as I use the Orbi (Netgear) device.
  • no

    By I'm 9 years old boo ya
    this app ruined my life. if you wanna have a good relationship with your child do not get this. my child left my house at 18 and never came back. she won’t visit me or talk to me. she says it’s because of this
  • Password is not excepting

    By Jimiait
    I know my Circle admin password but it is not excepting. So I requested to send temporary password on my phone. I got the temporary password but same issue (could not connect. Please check your password and try again)
  • I love the concept, but the device is not smarter than a 7th grader

    By LadyJag73
    I got Circle at a friend’s recommendation. The device is easy to set up, provides adequate usage reports, and is great for restricting and rewarding screen time. The customer support is superbly helpful. My teen was furious at the restrictions at first, and in fact, whines about the restrictions “stressing her out.” (Sorry, dear, but deadlines are part of life, and you’ll need to learn how to manage your time while there are no extreme consequences other than not being able to chat with your online friends!) So why is my rating so low? Well, there are countless ways my 13-year-old has discovered how to circumvent Circle, which pretty much renders the device useless, even with a Circle Go subscription. Also, I stress out about my child using the Amino app, which is for all intents and purposes, Social Media. However, the Amino app itself is not in the main list of restrictions, like Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Instead, it shows up as under the “Science and Technology” category. So I put the restrictions on that category, but then my child found other ways to sneak into the Amino app, including: creating a different WiFi hot spot, using her Chromebook, turning off the Circle device (then setting an early morning alarm to turn it in again before anyone notices), uninstalling Circle Go and using data after turning her phone off for an extended period of time, uncovering old cell phones that still work on WiFi, and a few other tactics. You get the idea. I’ve installed an AppLock app on her phone to keep Circle Go from being uninstalled, but really, I think Circle Go should have its own lock, or at least, allow you to hide it behind a fake calculator icon or something. Also, we have over 20 devices on our WiFi when you count alarm systems, surveillance’ cameras, Alexa devices, printers, TV components like Roku, laptops, phones, tablets, routers, repeaters, and Alexa appliance plugs. It took me over a week to find out which device was which in the Circle app and assign it to the appropriate profile. In fact, there are still a few devices that I can’t figure out, as things like Alexa appliance plugs don’t have MAC addresses readily available, and aren’t affected when you “Pause” them through Circle. I love the idea of this Circle app, and I really wanted it to work, but I think there are too many improvements that need to be done to be truly useful. I feel that I can get the same results or better just by setting Off times or changing the WiFi password on my home router.
  • 👎👎👎

    By Qwik102
    Locked me out of internet
  • Doesn’t Work

    By UltraJoker14
    I had Google WIFI briefly and switched to Orbi when it messed with WIFI Calling. On Google WIFI parental controls were free and they just worked. Everytime. Circle costs money. Disney Circle on Orbi never worked - even after countless rounds with support. It never adhered to bedtime rules, and rarely paused a device when I manually tried to pause them. Maybe it was just my setup, but make sure it all works quickly before locking in.
  • App stinks

    By 12345alive
    This app filters out the website I’m maintaining for a dentist. Stupid app has been even been told to accept this site so that I can even work on it to try to determine why app dislikes the web page. The site never shows up in “filtered” section but don’t go there on any device because “MY Filter” will block it!!! This crap app Probably blocks Mickey Mouse too. Zero stars in my opinion total waste of security time. Don’t corrupt your WiFi with this app!!
  • Awesome device

    By doobidoobidoo2
    I purchased this device to help me control my 5 kids internet usage and content and I couldn’t be happier I am not supremely tech savvy and I had this up and running in 30 mins . It has given me peace of mind in controlling what they watch on devices and it even helps with video game content based on what filter level u have set for the individual and it blocks YouTube which for our house hold was the biggest thing the kids always mindlessly watching nonsense . Thanks circle! T B
  • Not for teenagers

    By G S p 2015
    My son can resume his iPhone in 2 seconds after I put in pause . So it is a vesting time and Money.please fix this bugs or whatever it is.
  • The best!

    By Goob443
    I love the control I have for parental settings and time limits. Makes life really easy.
  • Losing connection

    By SactoJ
    Love the app overall. Biggest ongoing problem is that occasionally the app loses connection to my Circle enabled router when I am away from my house. At that point I lose control of the router and cannot reconnect until I get home. For example right now I am away from my home for two days. I turned off internet to my son’s devices for a while. The the Circle lost the connection. Now I can’t turn it back on until I get home tomorrow night. This is a serious problem.
  • Disappointed

    By FantasyStud
    I bought the Circle when it first came out, worked great and I never had a problem with it. Then I upgraded my router to an expensive Netgear Orbi and I thought it was worth it because it had Circle built in. It doesn’t work properly and support has not been helpful. They actually asked me if I knew the game my son was playing was an online game (implying I don’t know the difference). When he hits his time limit, sometimes it cuts him off and sometimes it lets him keep playing. It’s infuriating. Ive lost control over the internet in my house. I tried to go back to the old Circle but it keeps fighting with the new router even though I disabled the parental controls. You guys need to support your product better!
  • Needs polishing

    By SZahler217
    Please fix the remove device feature so that the device is actually removed from the list. This causes a fatal error if a second attempt is made to remove it. Thank you!
  • Awful

    By Jets14NY
    Over the last month or so my Circle keeps notifying me almost daily it lost my connection to the internet. Not sure how this happens since I get Circle service through my router (Orbi). In addition, I don't know if it resulted from an update or something else but I was recently prompted to log back into the app, when I did I saw I lost everything, all profiles, all connected devices, all settings. Now devices connect back to circle as I use them but everything I had edited before is gone. I don't have thr patience to do it all over again, so thanks a lot.
  • Very Inconsistent

    By Kellbosko
    The allowed time functionality only worked about half the time. The initial set up took a few hours to identify/name/assign all devices throughout the household (not ideal but understandable for a one time setup process). But this week (after about 1 year of use), the app “reset” and acted as though we were starting from scratch again. It lost all of our devices and assignments. That was the last straw and we’re dumping the app and subscription. Overall, a very poor app.
  • Doesn't work

    By pappi_1
    I have been trying to link my Orbi with circle but have yet to link them together. it says it's compatible with Orbi but I keep getting it saying that it's not compatible or could not start the set up remotely?? Can someone tell me what to do or what I'm doing wrong? Thx
  • Great app to help manage usage

    By BonewellFam
    They key word there is “help”. After I first downloaded the app, I went an entire day waiting for it to patent my children for me. To my surprise, I am still the one responsible for parenting my children. I was hoping I could bail out early with this app and not have to teach my children responsibility and the importance of following rules. Nope, my dang son brought home his laptop from school and KABAAMM, I was stuck having to manitou his internet on the school laptop. Well, actually, he’s an 11 year old so I simply stated his school laptop is to used at the kitchen table where he can be monitored and no pleasure surfing was allowed on the school laptop. Holy crap, it actually worked. Now, because of this app, I can go back to not parenting my children. Whew, crisis adverted.
  • Get your family back!

    By acmrf
    Circle offers as much or as little control as you want on any given day. At least now, my children and I have conversations about screen time bc they can’t sneak it or switch to another device if I confiscate a different one. They have to ask and I don’t have a full time “screen time” job anymore —it’s life-changing.
  • Hopeful

    By Bacon:-)
    Jury is still out on the overall effectiveness of this tool. Seemed to prevent my daughter from accessing a legitimate website for school. Also appears to slow the network. But the app is reasonably user-friendly and offers many functions that give me hope that I can monitor and moderate network access in a way that is good for my family.
  • Frustrating

    By Twigee7
    I got a Netgear Router (Netgear R6700v3) with circle in it and I can never get Circle to sign into the router without a hassle. Now it sign into it at all! Ugh!!!!! Just disappointed!
  • Switched to subscription w/o warning. Lost everything

    By SiriusGraphics
    So this was a cute piece of hardware, promised some control and no subscription fees. And it was a semi-effective tracking tool for usage of electronics in our house. Then last weekend it wiped everything and rebooted.. now having to PAY for the services. It makes no sense. AND I lost all my settings!! Do you have any IDEA how many electronic devices are connected to the WiFi in a family of 6? It took me MONTHS to identify the devices based on the vague names, lump them into categories, set bedtime and screen time cutoffs for each. All gone without warning and now I have to pay monthly.
  • Innovative way to charge you more

    By mmjdi jdudmd
    I wanted to use a very basic feature to control access to the internet based on the time of day. The manufacturer and app publisher want $40 a year for the privilege of using this basic feature. The router is going back to the store tomorrow and I am never purchasing another netgear product.
  • Great!

    By Britteedawn
    We are using the circle app with the circle device that is connected to our WiFi! It allows us to limit our kids on their school iPads which is fantastic! The app is easy to use and I like that if you exit out you immediately need to re enter your code, which makes it great for sneaky teenagers who would like to take my phone and shut it off! I’ve recommended circle to friends, family and coworkers! I do wish that there was a block for categories though rather then limits. I wish there was a way to block “chats and forums” and “online games” so homework would get done first, and then I could remove the restrictions! I guess nothing is perfect, but I do think this comes pretty close!