• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-11-16
  • Current Version: 1.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.63 MB
  • Developer: Scholly, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 719


Scholly takes the hassle out of the scholarship search process so you can focus on what’s important - getting free money for school. We have helped students win over $100 million in scholarships so far, making college affordable and dreams a reality. Scholly was created by Christopher Gray who won $1.3 million in scholarships through grit, sweat and hustle. In realizing how broken and time consuming the financial aid and scholarship search processes were, he created Scholly to make things much easier. How does Scholly make it easy? * Personalized Scholarship Search: Find scholarships for college and graduate school tailored just for you * AI-Powered Proofreading: Instantly proofread and enhance scholarship essays and writing assignments with Scholly Editor (desktop only) * Easy Tracking: Manage and track your application statuses all in one place * Mobile & Desktop: Access your scholarships wherever you go, on all your devices



  • A mess!

    By Wildcats1865
    This app matched me to sooooo many scholarships...most of which I was ineligible for. It took hours to wade through all of them, just see that I’m not eligible for half of them, and the deadline has passed in most of the other ones. Somebody needs to work on this, it’s ridiculous. I saw it on Sharktank, and thought I’d give it a try. Lori Greiner, get ur stuff together, this is terrible!
  • Loading problem

    By SharkTank456
    I downloaded this a few hours ago and I filled out the application with my name my gender etc, and I waited it for load scholarships for an hour and a half and I’m still waiting. I’ve been looking for scholarships for weeks so I can start applying and got no luck. I thought maybe this app would help. Please fix this issue or I’m going to end up deleting the app.
  • Doesn’t even open. Waste of time.

    By x111
    Major tech issues here. I was able to make an account but it stopped there...Scholly, if you’re going to charge $2.99 per month please make sure that you’re app works instead of making people waste their time.....go get some tech help.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By a grad student who is annoyed
    The app request for you to include your personal information (e.g. level of education), so it can narrow the search. Unfortunately, you can include anything in your profile and you will get the same results (thousands), which majority you won’t qualify for. Google is a better source and it’s free!!!

    By doi#2
    A waste of time unless you want to pay $2.99 a month and not figure it out until you finish and waste a good 30 minutes you will never get back.:)
  • There is no free version!

    By Smileyshelby
    No free version, meaning you MUST pay the $2.99. Wish it stated that instead of me spending time filling out my profile and then showing me nothing. You will not see any scholarships unless you pay.
  • Waste of time: Not actually free to use

    By CaliforniaBorn1997
    If you keep skipping to pay for it for $2.99 a month they will STILL have you go through and fill everything out and make you go through a long list of stuff you’d qualify for just to tell you you HAVE to pay $2.99 a month to view any of the scholarship options or else you can only view advice from scholarship winners. So the app really isn’t free like you think it is and a huge waste of time filling stuff out until you figure that out in the end.
  • complete garbage

    By jill67900
    waste of time energy and money
  • Amazing

    By DatBlackie
    If you are a student download this app.
  • Complained about crashing and they fixed it!

    By hshahvduxhsnb34
    Obviously I probably wasn’t the only person to complain but it’s nice to know they listen!
  • I need up with my subscription plan

    By damephil007
    I recently subscribed for a month but it keeps on saying you now have full access to the app but I don’t actually have access to see the scholarships. I need help urgently!
  • You have to pay to get the results

    By Nicole246J
    I spent like an hour thoroughly going through the list of things to check off and when I got to the end it said I have to pay to get what the app is made to do which they do not tell you when you start. They still give you essay suggestions but what’s the point of a scholarship app when you need to pay in the first place to even see your scholarships.
  • Paid for monthly service and all program does is crash

    By wvugirl92
    Purchased the monthly service, entered all my info and now all I get is app will load and then immediately crash. Now that my personal information is entered in the app and I have no way to remove it, feeling as tho this app is a scam.
  • 👎👎👎

    By No Scholarship Guy
    3 dollars monthly haven’t got scholarship uninstalled and then realized it still charges me bc I forgot to cancel subscription last year after I uninstalled :((( whoops
  • Don’t bother

    By Xbox superstar
    Yet another app that requires personal information for no reason. Sad that the internet has devolved to this state.
  • infuriating!!

    By ReviewsbyBRM
    i went through this whole thing to set up my profile only to find out that in order to see ANY scholarships you HAVE to pay the $2.99 a month!! waste of time.
  • I need the money

    By Therealyungthug
    I am applying for these scholarships and hope to get at least a few.
  • Not Happy

    By xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcxcxx
    My account keeps getting automatic monthly charges that I thought I had canceled, but it renewed somehow. Now, when I go into the app it’s telling me to purchase their monthly subscription, which I’m already paying for but can’t access and I can’t find where to contact anyone to get it canceled. VERY ANNOYING, plus my daughter used it and didn’t receive one scholarship!!! Totall rip-off
  • Monthly Subscription? No thanks!

    By David Kirby
    I’m not going to pay $2.99/month for something I can get free elsewhere.
  • Would give 5 stars but...

    By DeirdreJDesigns
    ...this app shuts down like 20 times in a save session for scholarships. It’s kinda nuts. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice on iPhone X and keeps kicking me out when saving a matched scholarship. So frustrating!
  • Keep getting charged even though I cancelled my subscription

    By Aren da
    Buyer beware, can’t cancel your subscription. They keep charging you
  • Junk app

    By mdhillison
    You pay 99 cents for stuff you can find online easily - and no scholarship matching. To find scholarships it appears you need to pay $2.99 a month. Very disappointed.
  • SLOW

    By P0cketsized
    Cannot use this app. It’s extremely slow. I had to wait a few mins each time I set a parameter. Gave up and deleted the app

    By India L.H.
    The app crashes, & all of the scholarships are just contests, so there is no guarantee that you will get the scholarships. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP! I WANT A REFUND!!!
  • Crash

    By Sydneyxo11
    This app does help with scholarships but it crashes every time I try to save one or delete one that doesn’t apply to me. It is very annoying waiting for the app to reload since it crashed
  • iPhone Xs Max crash

    By 34werdtgtycd
    Amazing App, Trying to apply for everything I can, however it seems to be having a very difficult time on my new xs max. Hoping this will be fixed very soon as I am getting close to deadlines for scholarships. Again, amazing idea and well worth the 2.99, just hope this gets fixed ASAP.
  • Worthless don’t waste the money

    By duqtodd
    My son went to college this fall. We signed up for Scholly at the end of his junior year and subscribed until last March. It was a waste of $3 per month. He was a 4.0 student captain of the cross country team. Section chair in orchestra, supporting lead in the school musical. He was on the mock trail team. Yet he never had any serious scholarship to apply for. It was all basically contests and scholly scholarships. Waste of good money.
  • Good but has tech problems.

    By PK5678123
    I recently downloaded Scholly thinking that it would be a very easy to use app. However, it’s done nothing but kick me out of the app and been loading very slowly.
  • Crashes whenever I try to save a scholarship..

    By The creator💁
    It is a good app but not being able to save the scholarships you find is not very helpful.
  • Great

    By Ghostsem
    This app is extremely effective. It’s easy to navigate, consistently up to date, and has a large selection of scholarships to apply to. That being said, here’s how it could improve— 1. I would love to see a way to report inaccuracies or irrelevance of a scholarship. For example, if I am a high school sophomore looking for scholarships, I likely won’t be enrolled in a school yet, so I don’t want to see scholarships with that requirement yet. Scholly does a great job of this for the most part, but for the rare times the scholarship is irrelevant or misrepresented, it would be nice to have a report button. 2. What’s a Scholly Score? Maybe I missed the explanation, but I still don’t know what that is. Could you put a brief description under the scrolling “advice” place on the dashboard? Overall— great app! I definitely recommend it to scholarship-hunters. —————— Update: some scholarships explicitly require the student to be enrolled in a college/university. It would be great if people who have not been accepted yet could filter out those scholarships. Perhaps add a “accepted to college” part in the profile?
  • Isn’t free

    By 01203619
    You go through all the steps then they demand a $2.99 subscription to actually see any scholarships that match you. Just put the app up for $2.99 instead of pretending it’s free
  • Completely Horrible

    By FC: ULG9QX
    So I get the app, open it, spend a literal hour going through repetitive, poorly designed menus, only to find out that I need to pay an insane amount of money just to use the baseline app. (I couldn’t even apply to a scholarship) waste of time, waste of money, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!
  • Not what I thought it was going to be.

    By cupcakechic888
    Downloading this app I was under the impression that I would have access to at least some scholarship entries without having to pay. Although seeing the award winning essay and such is at least helpful. Wish I could actually enter some scholarships without paying each month though.
  • Consistently crashes

    By DStevens
    Downloaded and created an account but the app consistently crashes and haven’t been able to log in. What a joke!!!
  • Terrible Software

    By Rho_Ri
    The app crashes at least once a minute, especially right before saving a scholarship. Makes using the app tedious and unpleasant. Especially after spending money to use this app, I expect to be able to use one of the basic functions without hassle.
  • Time waster

    By NM Wendy
    I have twins starting college this week. They spent 6 months or more of dedicated time, applying for scholarships generated by this app. Neither received even one! The app seemed like a good idea, but their efforts on local scholarships and work study was much better time spent. It’s not a lot of money lost, but their time was completely wasted. PS - they are both honor students and applied for simple scholarships, as well as those that required essays.
  • i could pay $2.99 ONCE but not every month...

    By chelseag71
    shouldve just made it a one time payment. not very attractive to highschool students who are looking for money to pay for college. Yes $2.99 is little but its an inconvenience especially if your parents don't want to pay and you have no income.
  • Waste of money

    By a.k.a. Vlad Dracul
    Another way to beat down the poor. I don’t understand why it has so many stars? All the info you find through it his app is also available for free on the net. Useless.
  • Yikes...

    By sweasel12345678
    There are plenty of scholarships, but every time I click “save” or “delete” the app crashes. When I pay for an app I expect it to work. Really frustrating because this is such a good idea. I’ve tried restarting my phone, closing the app, deleting and redownloading it. Nothing works. Once this month of subscription is over I won’t be paying again.
  • Scam

    By Neater pita
    This app is a scam. You should NEVER use a scholarship search database that requires payment. There are countless free resources that are much better than this scam
  • Only useful if you pay.

    By fancygermantea
    The free version does not connect you to scholarships.
  • Scam

    By guitar7760
    I would give it zero stars If I could.
  • review

    By stonybaloney
    its ight, nothing special
  • I have to pay to get scholarships

    By Jay Janell
    If the app allows free download why should I have to pay to get what the app is meant for. Just have us pay from the start.
  • Scam

    By fern362
    This app is a complete scam. I put in my information and it did none of the scholarships that were “matched” to me matched whatsoever. They just give you a list or random scholarships that are not good and are mostly outdated. Terrible app.
  • Convenient, Easy, and Fun.

    By Krisroar
    This app has made applying for scholarships easy and fun. I never thought I would get so much satisfaction from applying from scholarships, but every time I hit “applied” I just feel this wave of happiness overtake my body. This app is convenient because it weeds out all those random “post your opinion and win $10,000” scholarships. This app offers the real deal and it helps you by setting goals and personalizing a profile so your scholarships match with your aspirations. I have applied to about 8 scholarships already and I am so excited to see what the future brings because of Scholly!
  • Great service but app keeps crashing

    By Daman1220
    We subscribed and downloaded the app last week, and it consistently crashes when trying to save or delete a matched scholarship.
  • Great App

    By Smackyblue
    I am a senior in high school and love using this app! It makes finding scholarships so easy and convenient. My only complain would be that it doesn’t do the best job at matching scholarships to you personally. It also doesn’t allow you to search for more matches once you’ve completed your list.
  • Waste of time

    Spent half an hour setting up my profile and checking all the boxes that match me from the hundreds it offers only to find out that if I want to actually see scholarships, I need to pay $2.99/mon. I used this app years ago when I was starting college, and they offered the chance to see scholarships you match with after just a one time fee. Maybe this change works for some, but I’ll go to a website that offers the same services this one offers for free.