Clash Royale

Clash Royale

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-02
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 193.45 MB
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 752 474


Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community. Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory! New features: ● Goblin Drill joins the Arena: unlock this brand new card and tunnel your way to victory!  ● Extended Trophy road with additional Arenas: earn more rewards and loads of Gold! ● Clan Wars 2 changes, 5 more deck slots, and lots of Quality of Life improvements! Features: ● Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles ● Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones ● Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests ● Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses ● Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents ● Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top ● Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community ● Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel, or play side-by-side in a 2v2 Battle ● Work together with your Clan to unlock Clan Chests ● Take on daily and weekly Quests for big rewards ● Play new events every week ● Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required. Support Are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent’s Guide:



  • The game is pay to win.

    By L0ng $Hlong
    The game dose not have random selection. It is made to steal from you and make you purposefully loose after winning one or two battles. I have sat around 6.5-7k cups forever and my match ups are impossible. I am a low level king tower with clearly much greater skill playing against players with maxed out cards and king towers. This makes me want to quit
  • yea

    By steph2bute
    epik game
  • This game is annoying

    By GSBHyper
    Too many overpowered cards. There should be more elixir for overpowered cards. I want it to be 10 elixir so it’s fair. The electro giant isn’t balanced at all and it should be 10 elixir
  • Was amazing

    By cool-G.
    Elite barbs are the sole reason why I don’t play anymore
  • Terrible meta

    By Pho Q.
    Meta has been so trash but they can’t care less enough about the dead game anyway, clash of clans is better, don’t waste your time on this game
  • fix game

    By whiteman_alex
    your game is awful it kicks me out everyday and won’t let me back in un less i restart my phone and that happens every time i’m in a game making me lose trophies
  • Great strategy game

    By Oh highflying
    The moment I started playing this game I got addicted everyone has that moment where they get frustrated but overall I would hive this game a 10/5 probably more
  • Rigged

    By FrancisDoyne
    This game is absolutely Rigged!
  • Clash royal

    By JdsSalsa
    It won’t let me get the game!! But other than that it’s amazing!!😷
  • Pay to win

    By Godzilla Logic
    Ever since being purchased by TenCent, this game is unbalanced and requires you spend money to win. Secs don’t listen to any feedback from the community regarding balance changes, new cards and modes are centered around keeping things unbalanced. Don’t waste your time (or money), find something else.
  • Fake reviews

    By Clash3333333
    Filled with fake reviews this game tops the charts as the quintessential “ every kid gets a trophy 🏆 game “ rated 5 stars so my review doesn’t get taken down , this game is the ONLY game I know of where no matter what level you are ….you can still defeat any level higher than you. “ every kid gets a trophy “. Just like in real life , you are always a winner !!! 🤣
  • Wasting time

    By donotquestion
    I played this game for 1 year and 6months now and this game is just wasting time. When you play 1v1 and you win this game only gives you 29 trophies and when you loose it takes away 31. I played 4 hours today and there was no proses at all. I still have the same amount of trophies that I had before 5 hours. This game is just wasting time.
  • No skill based match making

    By da car420
    Good game but the people I face are 50x better so there is no skill based match making just arena matchmaking
  • Clash

    By fkhvhgh
    This game is unfair because I play and I go agents level 10 and I’m only level 8 this is not a game do not play this game and the game is trash
  • Sad

    By Biggest Rabbitt
    This game used to be better
  • Game use to be good now it’s trash.

    By nickname123456789010
    It’s not fun and to many toxic people🏋️‍♂️
  • Pay to win

    By bdjzbdiwndofbsisbej
    Don’t waste yo time this game is all bout the money if u want to win make sure u buy the good cards
  • There are people with cards from higher arenas

    By Fromthecoolbus14
    These people don’t let you proceed in the game and you end up staying in the same arena for a week and then you get close and all the sudden a card way better than all of yours pops up and you lose one battle away from going to the next arena. other than that it’s a great game.
  • Again another deleted review

    By MCC1982
    I would remove the 1 star if I could. It isn’t worth 1 star. Look at the latest reviews. I agree with the latest comments. I have experienced them as well. I have an idea. Why don’t you put a forfeit button in so when you are stuck in one of the screwed up matches you can forfeit and move on. It’s just such a POC I don’t think there is any hope, I know the developers don’t know how to fix it. Yet again came in tried to play a game. Yet again the first match in my max deck was destroyed again by all lvl 10 cards. There is no hope for this game. They absolutely stink. Prove me wrong, I say you can’t fix this POC game. I just played a deck that had lvl 10 and 11 troops. His deck cost was 6.3 my deck is a max level deck that cost 3.4. I literally couldn’t play troops fast enough to keep up with him. Had a pekka, golem and 3 musketeers attacking and could only deploy a freaking cannon during that attack. PO$ Game. I have seen it all max deck was just beaten by lvl 7,9 and 10 troops. What a PO$. This has to be the worst developers in the country. They are a joke. This is the biggest POC. This is my 6th time leaving a review. It isn’t worth 1 star, but can’t give it 0. The game continues to be terrible at match making. Why have card levels when cards that are lvl 9 or 10 can destroy a max deck. They refuse to balance certain cards because it’s the one that makes their money. I have literally counted elixer being generated in the match. My opponent generated 26 to my 19. I have submitted all of this to the developers, they respond with check the faqs. Stupid answer. I have posted on their Facebook wall as instructed and no response. It is the worst game in the App Store. Sort the reviews by most recent and you will see the 1 stars. They don’t care. I have played this game since it came out and it continues to go down the tubes with every update they give.
  • Must read

    By Tbfblacky1206
    This game was fun, until every game you play starts getting on your nerves, I think the matchmaking isn’t really good. Considering that every match you play you go against players who have leveled cards that are way too high and strong against yours. Imagine being level 10 with level 10 cards going against people with level 13 cards. Then almost every match you play you go against someone who has the perfect deck to counter yours. Another thing is that I am really fed up going against unbalanced cards such as the electro giant, balloons and mother witches. There is very few amount of matches that I play that we both have good decks and it take strategy to win. Right after that game I immediately go against electro giant.
  • Matchup

    By Alpha Glacier
    I’m sick and tired of getting matched up to someone who’s level 13 with all maxed out cards. I’m literally level 12 and I’ve had to go against level 13s literally every match because of my trophies. It’s ridiculous, I barely have any level 13 cards and lose just because of that reason. This games terrible for that reason and the fact it takes literal years to get to level 13. Also it’s pretty much pay to win so good luck if you don’t wanna spend any money.

    By ☎️ ☎️ ☎️
    STEALING PLAYER TROPHY PROGRESS EVERY 30 DAYS DOESNT MAKE THE GAME DIFFICULT.....IT MAKES IT A SCAM. Remind me again...What are the match-ups based on? It’s simple... We woke up one day to find that Clash decided to change the rules (AFTER we paid money) and they started to steal our trophy progress ….that makes Supercell & Clash Royale low life criminal scammers. REFUND THE MONEY YOU SCAMMED FROM HONEST PEOPLE WHO JUST WANTED TO PLAY A GAME AND ENJOY THE PROGRESS THEY GRINDED OUT AND/OR PAID FOR. Oh and NERFING cards is a LOW LIFE SCAM know as BAIT & SWITCH …it is NOT balancing!!! Supercell and Clash are criminal MORONS!!
  • He ye

    By hidhjb
  • Fix it

    By qudbehfb
    Please fix the match making just because i win 2 in a row doesn't mean i am the words best player. In arena 6 i went up against someone with a ice wizard and ICE WIZARD that is unlocked in arena 8!!
  • lol

    By 'dhshgshshs
    games a joke
  • A returning player.

    By CryOfDavid
    I bet there are many like me. We played a lot a long time ago. Even pumped some $$ into the game. I returned out of curiously. No big new changes yet enough CC small changes it is just annoying rather this being nostalgic. It’s the worst of both worlds. Either make it REALLY new or make it like it was a a few years ago. As it is right now… 😒 This could have been a true classic. Seriously, Age of Empires level. Our it could be built new. But this is more like an old pro athlete that’s lost his magic and still just won’t quit.
  • Bad

    By nsiwhsja
    This game is the worst way to lower your self esteem

    By OG Swag Mobile YEET
    There should be no emote limit. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. If they don’t wanna see my emotes after they get slapped they can just turn them off and mute them. This is taking away my first amendment right of freedom of speech. I live in America, let me be free clash Royale.
  • Unfair and Pay to Win Game

    By sqvcx
    This game is becoming worse by the day. The battle pass gives players coins to level cards up . Once you buy the battle pass, your win rate will increase because of all the perks you get when buying it. The developers most likely care about money more than their players. Very disappointed
  • .

    By mlce68
    Me mete con pura gente que tiene mas nivel de las cartas y del Rey por lo tanto es imposible ganar yo no puedo subir de arena 11 por eso
  • Yarikz hahaha

    By yadikz lol
    Good game
  • Wow what a game

    By Xyz22388
    This game is very fun and takes little to no luck I love it
  • Fun game

    By mr fun2.00000
    Fun game I just wish you could type whatever you want and you could add someone without having their contact
  • This game is bad

    By hydvhhgg
    This game is so bad I can’t do anything and it won’t let me do anything
  • Needs to be addressed

    By MrMet77
    Being matched by an enemy who pays to play and is 1k or higher stronger. No where leveled in game play, resolution is send us the game play or place in YouTube so people can critic and help. Lol
  • Broken matching

    By 2TallTon
    I have played for years but I can’t deal with the cheating anymore. This game is a lot of fun at the beginning. But don’t get too comfortable because they’re matching system is severely and completely broken!!!! You will be constantly matched with players who have paid to upgrade and are 3000, 4000, or even 5000 points above you. The company doesn't seem to care or know how to fix it. The app developer knowingly allows players to cheat and chooses not to do anything about it. If you have $$ to upgrade and like being frustrated and ignored by the developer play this game!
  • Matchmaking is Complete Garbage

    By Mushroom worm
    There are too many ways for people to abuse the matchmaking system and if your opponent has a higher crown level than you you might as well quit. It’s extreme rare to beat anyone a level or more above you unless they purposely loose! What’s worse is the clan wars matchmaking which is based COMPLETELY off crown level! There are people who abuse the system and are crown level 9 and 10 yet have level 12 and 13 cards as their entire deck rendering any true player who plays properly and doesn’t spend 100+ DOLLARS on the game with out any wins! This needs to be fixed in some manner, the OLD clan wars had no problems like this. Now clans wars has become a waste of time unless you abuse the system! If matchmaking was improved the game would be much more enjoyable.
  • Funny coincidences

    By alfo_pan
    I find it funny when I have connection even tho my wifi is very good and the other person doesn’t get effected and like how every match I play I’m put with a play to win, clearly the match making and the “connection” issues are way beyond me.
  • Clan wars need rework again

    By P1NG33
    The gameplay is fun overall. If you're looking for a different type of strategy game then this one is a good download. My biggest gripe is that the clan wars are still in a bad place after multiple reworks. It may not be such a big deal to some, but for me, it's a big reason I play the game. It's not much fun when you try to contribute in battles for your clan only to match versus decks with cards all two levels higher. Additionally, the added "training days" in wars are a miss from my perspective. I just skip those days all together.
  • Amazing

    By Yoboystefy
    I love this game and every supercell game
  • The king level and a card

    By bahdbx
    Hi the game right now is pretty good i like the pass royale thing,how ever the electro giant has counters but its still an op card so maybe it can get a little nerf,also the level of the king’s tower because its unfair im level 10 and im mostly fighting level 11 and there cards are too high and good and also me fighting level 9 which both are unfair so im asking if we can get in games of people of our own level thanks if yall do.
  • Unbalanced War

    By txryyy
    War battles should be balanced lvl13 vs lvl 11 is unfair

    By youscallywag
    Yk I love this game right but look bro some of the cards are just to overpowered for instance electro giant u got be the biggest wuss to use this card another one is inferno tower I swear to god these to card are to good man when ever I see them I can’t defend good enough or I can’t attack good enough just need some of the cards man I fr can’t play cuz of the electro giant idrc about the inferno tower but for god sakes NERF THE ELECTRO GIANT ITS TO OP
  • My thoughts about the game:

    By jekndbkqlbd
    This is a fun solo Strategy game, I love the mechanics in the game, although sadly the way they nerfed already bad cards, and buffed cards that don’t need it, is already bad and I don’t like that the “pay to win” type of thing. like seriously I ran into a arena with maxed out cards while there level 8…8?! This is not good and hope in the future pass royal can be removed, But The greatness in the game helps get rid of the bad side, I do recommend this game if you, Yourself are interested in strategy and solo games. 8/10 very fun
  • Broken

    By kido's parents
    The cards are fun, the levels are too, but the matchmaking is garbage. Most of the time you are either over powered or your opponent is overpowered. Occasionally things are close, then there are some epic battles. But, this is a strategy to heavily monetize the game in an effort to build a fair battle field. Or, you have to live on it for months to build it up. All of which is solvable with fair match making. Fix your game.
  • Garbage game

    By garbage game noone loces u
    All pay to win elixir goes up too slow just trash game. Stick to clash of clans idiots
  • Fix match making

    By anonymous361997
    Been playing this game for a coupe of weeks. It didn’t take long to build a decent deck, however it pays to play. In addition, the match making algorithm is completely off. You are always matched with someone with a higher king level who plays cards that are completely OP not to mention the actual level of the card is irrelevant if you yourself have no cards that are matched on that king level. At one point, it just becomes a matter of whoever puts the most cards down faster. Will not he playing this rigged game anymore. Lesson learned
  • big rigged

    By big rigged
    every single game is just another out level hard counter. i mean seriously every single game i’ve played today i’ve had a hard counter only with this season what is going on is your matchmaking broken? you shouldn’t have to search for an opponent which means to me that you try to find people that hard counter you in the algorithm . i’ve been playing this game for 3 years and i uninstalled today probobly never to get it again because i just can’t win
  • Bad at making this game

    By wanp wamp
    This game is unfair and a waist of time and all you care about is money learn how to make a game cause we can’t stand you being lazy supercell u haven’t done nothing to the game your just making it worse learn how to make a game cause I can’t stand area 12 people having lvl 13 cards so you better do better than this🤢🤢🤢🤢😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️