Uber Eats: Food Delivery

Uber Eats: Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2016-03-01
  • Current Version: 1.277.10004
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 234.06 MB
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 600 856


Find Food Delivery On Your Budget Hungry? Find the food you crave and order from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your food order in real-time. Get your food delivered by delivery people using the Uber Eats app. FIND YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Browse nearby restaurants and search for food by cuisine, restaurant name, dish or meal. Choose from a variety of food to order: Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. Chinese food. Skip the line and reservations. Order food using the Uber Eats app now. SIMPLE ORDERING Pick your food order from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. That’s it. Order food to be delivered by delivery people as soon as possible. Or, schedule your food order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice! PICKUP OR DELIVERY Now you can also order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart and go to the restaurant to get your food. Or, choose the new no-contact delivery option and request your order be left at your doorstep. EASY PAYMENT Pay easily with a credit card or Uber Cash. Add a different card easily. Enter a Uber Eats promo code to redeem a discount on your food order. Tip easily in the app. No cash needed for tipping. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Track your food order on a map as it heads your way. See the estimated delivery time to your address. Get notified when your order arrives. RESTAURANTS INCLUDE: McDonald's, Subway, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Starbuck's, Five Guys, Panda Express, Denny's, Jersey Mike's Subs, T.G.I. Friday's, Hooters, Sonic, Red Lobster. Firehouse Subs, Moe's Southwest Grill, BurgerFi, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Boston Market, Qdoba, Steak 'n Shake, The Halal Guys, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Tijuana Flats, Church's Chicken, White Castle, McAlister's Deli, Jack in the Box, On The Border, Fatburger, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Famous Dave's BBQ, and more. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY Join the thousands of others in your city who use the Uber Eats app to order from their favorites restaurants and schedule delivery Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more. Visit ubereats.com for more details!



  • Missing/Incorrect Items & Unprofessional service

    By iPhone-user12
    I have been using Uber eats for a while now but recently the service has really declined. Not only is there no way to open up a chat or speak with someone when you need help unless there’s an order issue but I feel that the help I receive is not nearly as good as it used to be. We ordered McDonalds and the received missing items and incorrect items - we reported a problem through Uber and got. refund so we reordered. I even called the location and spoke to a manager to confirm it was all correct only to receive our order with incorrect items yet again. I reported and issue with Uber and received messages regarding the order saying they needed more information on what was wrong - despite the fact that I submitted photos and a detailed description. After describing the problem yet again they told me they still need more information to resolve the issue. Finally they “resolved” the issue by refunding me 50¢ on my order. Not only is the outcome absurd but the entire time it felt like it was being insinuated that I was lying about this issue. The tone and the outcome was honestly a slap in the face.
  • Hacked!!!!

    By nanejskjahau
    I’ve been using this app for quite a while now but recently it somehow allowed a person from a totally different country than me to order a large meal. It charged my card off of my account. I’m not sure how they got my information because I have never been to that country in my life. I had to call my bank to get my money back because this apps cancel button somehow just disappeared when this happened. Uber eats needs to tighter up their security on this app.
  • Customer Support

    By Chambles Team
    I offered recently and has a question about my order. None of the help topics help and I cannot find a chat or way to contact Uber Eats directly.
  • Will not help you if restaurant delivers on bad customer service

    By mcwreked
    Uber is a corporation through and through and will not help you and impact will make sure you are penalized monetarily for restaurants bad behavior. I made an order to McDonald’s left something out of my order Uber suggest that I call McDonald’s and adjust my order that way so I did, long story short the McDonald’s employees were very unprofessional and very dismissive and refused to straight up look up my order so I go back to the Uber eats app to cancel of course there’s no button so I have to chat with an agent, Who actively buys time so that Uber has time to to give the restaurant to work on it because after a certain amount of time their policy states they won’t cancel it without charging you no matter what the restaurant does. This behavior by Uber and subsequent restaurant should be penalized.
  • I don’t recommend this service.

    By keepup24
    The drivers aren’t always trash but they’re are some. It’s just not set up good. Ordered food from a place 2 miles away because I didn’t want to leave the house. Waited over an hour and a half with a “order in progress” for 2 burgers. Good idea but there is too many holes to be worth the money for this service. Their problems are reoccurring, I don’t recommend using food delivery of any kind. You too will probably face issues 1/3 of the time you use it; from orders not arriving at the time estimated to drivers not knowing where to take your food so they just guess, even after you give them specific instructions to not getting your food at all and having to make a claim and then after waiting for your food you have to go get it yourself. It’s comical. They usually refund you but don’t let them waste your time.
  • Horrible Service

    By dissapointed100x
    We ordered dinner on line and were told it would be ready on 25 minutes. On the way to the restaurant we received a text it would be 30 minutes more. We waited in the car and when a text came to us informing that the order was ready we went inside and was told it would be another 15 minutes. We waited and when we went back in we’re told they hadn’t started the order yet. After a heated discussion the order was started and given to us. Several others were inside waiting and were very upset. We will not eat at this place again. Absolutely horrible service and the food is just average. Dissapointed100x
  • Price higher than restaurant menu

    By jzgmail
    Please be attention that the price on the app is higher than that you order from restaurant directly.
  • Do not order anything from this app

    By Matt5996
    I ordered food and the food never got delivered tried to contact the driver multiple time and they just ignored my calls submitted for a refund and I didn’t get my full refund
  • Poor customer service

    By PD331
    I ordered some food and after 2 1/2 hours my order was canceled and like always I received a pending charge on my bank account statement two days later when I’m looking over my statement I see that I was charge for the order that’s been canceled and when I went to go check the app it said it was delivered although I never received any notifications that I received the order. when I contact customer service they did absolutely nothing to try to solve the issue except to say that they are able to do nothing because of their policy when it typically takes 3 to 4 business days for a pending charge to go through.
  • I am frustrated!

    By madcustomer2021
    I ordered food from Red Mango. The driver said he had a problem finding my location because he was from another town. He called and I tried to help him get to my address, instead he sounded reluctant and did not answer my questions or anything. A couple of minutes later he cancelled the order and did not communicate with me anymore. I was starving and waiting for my order. I was completely mad.
  • Unreliable

    By Speedstreetz
    I ordered my food at 5:36. The driver came right by my house at almost 7:30. I watched her on the screen. She didn’t even give an effort to find my home. It flashed on my screen that she tried to contact me, yet I received no message or call. Then my order was cancelled. I tried to contact customer service, but they only apologized for the inconvenience. That doesn’t help feed my family. If you’re trying to feed your family, don’t rely on Uber Eats.
  • Prefer to enter address. Did not grant location permission but it mapped me anyway..

    By PixelRogue
    Prefer to enter address rather than auto locate. Did not grant location permission but it mapped me anyway. Shady.
  • Never Easy or Helpful

    By Madeline SG
    80% of my experience using this app has been terrible. I’ve tried to give second and third chances and I am disappointed every time. I’m happy that I have uninstalled this app and found an alternative for food delivery in my area.
  • Wall Twp

    By wall twp
    30 degrees out tonight.....driver just left food on front porch but never bothered to ring doorbell.....all food cold !
  • Other apps are better

    By shajaowk
    I waited over an hour for my food to be picked up. They change my estimated time three times. I canceled my order and they still charge me a cancellation fee which was the whole amount. They won’t give you a refund because it’s still in the estimated time of arrival. Which means you can be waiting for hours for food
  • Uber is unethical

    By Thor2552
    This app has predatory UX, designed to charge folks before they have adequate time to understand the poorly proffered communication structure. Uber is bad actor and should be subject to significant fines for fooling hardworking people.
  • I don’t even...

    By Keys fan
    I’ve thought to use this app on multiple different occasions, and each time it tells me there are no couriers nearby or I’m too far away to deliver. I mean, I don’t live on a farm in the country or something, so where are the drivers?
  • Too far to deliver

    By Mr. Forever Salty
    Been ordering from the same restaurants for a while now. Message appears before checkout. Too far to deliver. This app is simply the epitome of poor execution.
  • Discount is a farce

    By phillythebeaut
    Unlike every other app that will automatically apply your discount... if you press the “order now” on the discount it offers, it does NOT apply it. While scrolling down, I accidentally tapped the place order button and couldn’t stop it. Unfortunately, it was a $30 off your first order. Now that I can’t cancel it, and have placed my first order... deleting it and sticking with Grub Hub and Door Dash.
  • Non-functional app

    By Jacob0724
    Uber eats continuously send me emails for promo codes so I finally decided to try it for the first time and get some food delivered. I had the order ready and was ready to check out, I tried to promo code and it told me I didn’t qualify for it which is false because I’ve never used Uber eats before. I then tried to place the order anyway and the app told me that it could not place the order, then told me to clear the cart to start over. I cleared the cart and tried to get help within the app only for it to tell me that there wasn’t an order for me to get help on. Smh horrible app I’ll never use this again
  • Glitchy App

    By msjdhndns
    I have orders that say they go through, but when I go to the restaurant, they tell me that they never got an order. In the app it literally tells me that my order is complete. You all are better off buying from the actual restaurant and not using this glitchy app.
  • Not Worth It

    By EmsBK
    All the food costs way more than it normally ally does, there are tons of ridiculous fees, weird glitches happen like the app suddenly not taking your card, and when there is a problem, it’s next to impossible to get anyone to help. That about sums it up.
  • Incompetent drivers, poor customer service, RACKET

    By $+3v•
    Girlfriend ordered 4 sandwiches and 3 bags of chips from a Jersey Mike’s 3 miles down the street. Incompetent or immoral? The driver calls asking about the apartment number, which was clearly stated in the order. Shortly after, we check the front door out of curiosity (no knock or door bell) to find to find 3 large drinks from Berry Blendz. I get mistakes can happen, but to not even deliver from the right business, not to mention we ordered NO drinks (which was the ONLY thing delivered). Poor customer service. She tried to call the driver thru the app, got no answer, left a message, but never heard back. Reported the problem thru the app and received a refund, with no offer to remedy the problem. We felt fortunate to get a refund, but should we have? One would think this is obligatory, but the experience thus far was disconcerting to say the least. The racket. The original Uber eats order totaled $56. After the above incident was said and done, we called Jersey Mike’s directly and they were able to remake the order with the original order number, for pick up... they even offered to comp it to us for the inconvenience (Thanks Jersey Mike’s, you always come thru!). When we arrived to pick up the order, it was perfectly assembled with the PAID receipt attached... $35. Putting 2 and 2 together, Uber Eats was going to charge us $21 to deliver a simple order about 3 miles away, but delivered the experience above. The only word that comes to mind is racket... exploiting consumers who have limited options during a deadly pandemic. PS This is the second BAD experience my gf has had with UE, and this has been my only experience with them. They say word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, and I can only be honest while sharing my experience. UE is neglecting the most fundamental and foundational form of advertising.
  • Missing food

    By my food not
    As above order incomplete Restaurant says so what not their problem Boomer jacks Denton Texas
  • Worst Uber eats driver

    By imthegaminggoober
    Her name is Giorwenis. Ordered pizza for my family and friends (50$). She was on the wrong side of the neighborhood. So I called her to explain to her that the house is new and that Uber eats puts the gps in the wrong spot. When politely trying to explain she was in to wrong area and I’m outside the house and I will guide her to my house. She then argued with me since she was in the right spot and hung up on me. She then delivered it to the wrong house. Got ahold to her again, to tell her she delivered it to the wrong address, she then argued with me saying I was wrong and she wasn’t getting the food. So if you’re living in Jacksonville Florida and get Giorwenis as a driver...good luck. Worst person ever.
  • Horrible update

    By f.ckgirlllfailure
    I use Uber eats a lot because I don’t cook and the old version was great it was convenient and not annoying but this new update is confusing and frustrating and honestly I don’t think I want to use this app anymore. CHANGE IT BACK!
  • Worst delivery app

    By eventhenicknamepartsucks
    First time using Uber eats. Had a code for first time user. Ordered, code applied, scheduled my delivery more than an hour out. Did not receive a call from the restaurant or anyone with the app that the MAIN part of my order was out of stock. The driver had to contact me once she got there.....again more than an hour after I ordered. Then when I canceled my order there is not even a place to type comments. I have to select button responses. So now the $30 off code has been wasted on an order I had to cancel and there is NOTHING anywhere on the app or online to assist me in contacting customer service or even anything that I can simply type a response. I don’t know how this app has been as successful as it has. This was really poorly thought out. So now I wait 3-5 days for a refund for something that was no fault of my own. I don’t get any form of discount with a future “first order.” Oh and now I get to wait an hour to order through another service. Will not recommend.
  • Feeling scammed

    By Ilovefood2648920
    Messed up my first order: Delivered to the wrong place and took my money. Compensated me with a coupon that only works if I spend more. Messed up my second order: Order the item for $10 and the service fee and everything comes out to $22 so I cancelled my order then they charge me $11 for cancel fee. Be careful when you make your order with this app. I hate having to quarantine already and this is not making it any better.
  • Food takes forever now

    By Julia2691
    I see that there is a standard, priority, and no rush option for delivery now. What they fail to tell you with standard is that they STILL pick up other orders on the way so now my food is going to be sitting getting cold while this person bikes around the city doing god knows what. I ordered tacos and they are now going to take nearly an hour to get to me. I’m not happy. I shouldn’t have to pay extra to not get cold food.
  • A Total Rip Off!!

    By JLYNN8523
    In November 2020 I was credited five dollars due to the fact that my order was messed up once again of course! Anyway in December 2020 month after I was credited the five dollars Uber eats took it upon yourself to rip me off and take the $5 back without any details I have had nothing but incomplete orders and problems since I have used this app which has been almost about a year now! I don’t expect them to reimburse me because they’ll just take it back from me! By the way they are solution to a complete order being messed up when you spend almost $40 on your order is to credit you $5 Uber cash! Don’t waste your time use door dash or one of the other ones because Uber eats will rip you off!
  • No Refund

    By kkarm200921
    I do not recommend if you cancel an order they will not give you a refund. I think this is a scam and that this app should be shut down.
  • Terrible app

    By Luvmenow
    I use your app all of the time and there seems to be a problem for the past week. I used to be able to order from restaurants without a hitch. Now I can’t seem to order from them . You guys are saying it’s too far too deliver. There is even a Panera about 10 minutes away from me which I used order from and your app is telling me it’s too far too deliver. Please fix your app or I will never use your app again.
  • Our address

    By Ricky Rivera
    We live in city of Guaynabo, San Juan metro area and our phisycal address can not be set in your app map. Our home is located on Urb Golden Gate in Guaynabo and we always have to call/text your drives in how to access our community. The number of the house is in several places in your site but still your drivers keep asking us the number J-197. In any way can you guys help in setting the correct place and street and parcel number. ? thanks
  • Promo code

    By maddie01001
    I download the app because I kept getting emails about a free $25 off my first order and I made sure my order was over $25 and it said that it wouldn’t work
  • I’d give 0 stars if i could.

    By Trapalanche
    I’m sitting here at work, not able to leave. I decided I’d give uber eats a try. I ordered some food from burger king 3 hours ago, and my order still says they’re “working on it.” I figured oh well, maybe there aren’t any drivers around here. I go to cancel my order, and I’m still being charged for 90% of what i paid for originally. I don’t mean to come off as a Karen, but come on. I just wasted money on literally nothing.
  • Five stars!

    By SF Blacksmith
    The app is user friendly and the selection is great! I give it five stars!
  • Order not received

    By AFuggs
    I’ve used the app a few times, received a gift card was like heck, why not use it. Right? I ordered Panera from the app. delivery time had past, still waiting. About 10 mins later I get a receipt in my email saying thank you for my order. I tried to contact the driver, I had no information. I tried to contact Ubereats and just got a refund for my food, it still took my delivery fee, so that day I was left with no lunch during my work day and couldn’t leave to go get anything. Very frustrating. It’s happened to myself and a friend of mine at the same office within a week.
  • Pathetic app

    I doesn’t allow me to add my business credit card as payment method. So, charged my personal card for business meal. Customer support is worse. They don’t even read the issue and send same response every single time and close the issue without any solution. More than 3 days I haven’t been able to add payment method. Just to test, I removed my added payment methods and tried to add back, now even those methods can be added. Now my Uber and UberEats accounts are without payment method. I cannot add any credit card. Tried 3-4 different cards multiple times. Lame app and pathetic customer support. Can’t solve a simple issue. I switched to Lyft. Simple app and no issues adding payment methods. So, please avoid using this app. It will cause so much inconvenience and waste your valuable time.
  • Review for driver

    By ftyhkknbx16
    Driver was great... The 20.00 uber email gives you for first time users does not work... says already used..
  • Want refund for half

    By Az El Diablo
    My Orange Chicken didn’t have any sweet & sour sauce brought or added. Pulse there was no utensils for either meal. The hotel we had stayed at. Didn’t have any utensils either. Danny 480-313-5100
  • Avoid and look for the next delivery service

    By nickname8274728
    constant slight price changes what feels like every other day. less than a year ago i could have plenty of food DELIVERED for about 12.50. Now you're lucky to get a meal delivered under $18+
  • Poor Customer Service

    By LVsJimmyD
    I placed an order that was out of my delivery area. My fault. Called the restaurant to tell them I would pick up the order and they said they didn’t have it yet. I immediately cancelled my order. By default I got a message saying I would still be charged because the restaurant started the order. After a couple back/forth with customer service I got a message I would be refunded. Now they have gone back to the customer started the order and no refund will be issued. I even sent screen shots of where they said they would issue the refund! It’s not like it’s my first time using Uber Eats. Very poor ethics, I will be using a different service moving forward
  • Incredibly frustrating

    By cstephe19
    I’ve been noticing decreasing quality service with Uber Eats lately but finally reached my patience threshold today. I placed an order with special instructions to remove an ingredient. My food arrived timely but I did not receive the drink I ordered and they included the ingredient I requested removed. I understand mistakes happen and wasn’t angry until I had to deal with customer support. There was a lot of confusion. I was refunded for my missing drink and they seemed to think this was my full refund. I explained twice that I couldn’t eat the meal I ordered and had to make my own lunch anyway because an ingredient I requested be removed was not. All I asked was a refund for my main item, not for the side dish or the delivery fee. Uber refused this and told me that I never made the request to have the ingredient removed. This was incredibly frustrating because my receipt clearly indicates that I did and so does my order history. I sent screenshots of both to customer service chat (the only way to speak with someone for help) and I was ghosted. Deleting the app because it’s not worth it anymore.
  • Asegúrate antes de aser un pedido

    By Napal 88
    Asegúrate que estes en el lugar correcto antes de aser tu pedido. Mi mala es periencia. Fue que no me percaté que no estába en la ciudad donde ise el pedido. Cuando me doy cuenta cancele la orden pero como quiera la cobraron la orden
  • Replybots

    By GodsArt1470
    Not reading and responding to app errors. trying to pay with gift card on app and by website but can’t place order!!!
  • Expedited delivery is a scam

    By Raiderms3
    Wanted the food faster so we paid for expedited delivery. Order was delivered 30 minutes later than originally noted. On the tracker,the driver was on the way to pick it up but could see other deliveries they were making on the way. The food arrived cold and obviously sat for a bit. This is not the restaurants fault. It's EE'S. My concerns were met with robot Indian template replies. Don't fall for the expedited delivery scam!
  • Horrible customer service

    By QosnxhgvN
    I ordered food and the for some reason the driver changed the order at the restaurant he contacted me and told me he ordered the food for me that’s crazy that’s why we use the app to make the order so he make the order for a totally different items so my original order total was $29 and they ended up changing my card for $42 dollars I ordered some kids meals and he changed them for a full size meals I told the driver that’s not what I ordered and he’s answer was well just contact customer service to see if they can do something about it this is stupid they can’t not decide what to order or bring what they want with out have the customer agreed to change or cancel the order customer service was useless they told me they can’t not do anything about it
  • You are not a priority.

    By Solohelion
    These food delivery apps are expensive enough already. When “Priority Delivery” was introduced, they didn’t cut the cost of delivery. Now, when you place an order, if you don’t pay for priority delivery, you are deprioritized (more than you ever were before “Priority Delivery” was introduced), ensuring your food is always cold. Competitors do not have this problem at this price point. But if you do pay extra for “priority delivery”, you get the same delivery you would have gotten before: everyone who orders Priority is processed at equal priority. So it’s not priority delivery: it’s guaranteed cold food. I order from nearby restaurants so the distance between the hot food and my hungry mouth is as short as possible. Imagine a driver picking up a pizza a few blocks away, and then driving across town, and then driving to the other side of town, and then driving back to you with a cold pizza. What a joke. I deleted uber eats and only use other delivery services. They are all priced essentially identical (disregarding paying extra for priority) in my area, and the other ones are capable of delivering hot food. I worry the first thing uber eats will do in Postmates following the acquisition is introduce the same model. Probably best to stick with Doordash or grubhub.
  • Poor Uber support

    By gaffe 2837
    The updated features on this app for contactless delivery have been great during the pandemic. My complaint is regarding Uber support. They used to be very efficient and prompt in handling any order or app issues. However, within the last month, there were two separate issues raised. One was about a restaurant rewards promo that was never applied to multiple orders from the same restaurant, and the other was about an issue with my rewards points following an order. Despite a detailed explanation with uploaded photos, I have repeatedly received what sound like automated messages asking for information about the issue like they are hearing about it for the first time. This is a waste of my time and money. It would be helpful to make contact info more transparent on the app, like making it clear that we will only get automated messages under the help section or creating an option to chat with someone in real time.