Bobby - Track subscriptions

Bobby - Track subscriptions

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-03-30
  • Current Version: 2.3.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.68 MB
  • Developer: Yummygum
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 282


Bobby is the easiest way to get insights in your fixed costs. Manage your subscriptions and get notified when a bill is due. EASILY ADD SUBSCRIPTIONS Adding subscriptions is easy, choose from hundreds of existing subscriptions or create your own custom subscriptions. Enter all contract details to get the most out of Bobby, or use Bobby as a quick way to calculate your monthly payment for you. YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS AT A GLANCE Bobby provides a clear overview of all your subscriptions and upcoming bills. This way you'll always know the amount of money spent on subscriptions, which helps you to control your monthly spendings. GET NOTIFIED Bobby also notifies you when a bill is due, so you'll never have to deal with late payment fees you didn't know about again. Besides that, it prevents you from having insufficient funds on your account on the day a payment is due.



  • Good but...

    By 1010bobby
    I like the app and it’s design is gorgeous. Unfortunately the notifications don’t come on and when I make a payment it won’t let me add my payment to the app.
  • Notifications do not work. Wish I read the reviews first.

    By Sharks6
    Update: Notifications randomly started working, and I didn’t change anything. If they stop working next month, I’ll update this review again. But for now, 5 out of 5! Love it. Original: The app is gorgeous and easy to use, the upgrades are cheap and I paid for the full unlock. Other than one issue, it’s perfect - but it’s a big issue. Notifications simply do not work. I’ve messaged support so hopefully they can get back to me and resolve the issue. But without notifications, it’s worthless.
  • Beautifully simple app

    By akshay.patil
    Keep adding more subscriptions and you are golden 👍🏻
  • Simple and Perfect

    By ooAliceoo
    I’ve been looking for an app to keep track of bills for a long time. I wanted something that was simple to use and would remind me when they are due. Every other app I’ve found has you link accounts and the user interface is difficult and muddy. This app is exactly what I have been looking for. It is so easy to use and has a very simple and easy to use interface. You can add custom items if they aren’t listed and set alerts. I rarely write out reviews but this app is so great I just had to say something! 10/10 💗
  • Simple and Useful

    By DavidTBM27
    Really a great app that is useful to keep track of my subscriptions (ex: Netflix). Best part of it for me is the simplicity. I’ve tried other apps but stuck with this one because it has all i need and does a good job of not overwhelming me with things i don’t need. Also, the customization is top notch.
  • Good App

    By Danny_acevedoo
    very good application the only thing that is missing is to add a widget and it looks good
  • App is great but

    By Rune monster
    I have been using this app for a couple of weeks now and the app is great. The only problem I am having with the app is that notifications never come from the app. I have set up multiple different subscriptions and none ever tell me when they are due on their respective days. I have the notifications setting where Bobby is allowed to send me notifications but they are never sent meaning I have definitely almost missed a couple of payments.
  • Almost There...

    By caseytoops
    If this app had a Weekly / Monthly / Yearly total on the top of the main screen, it would get 5 stars. @Bobby developers: please look at adding a spending roll-up to the top of the main screen.
  • Excellent App

    By iJobsFan
    Excellent App. Please add additional icons, subscription vendors and add notes field for each record, to store discount codes, credit cards to use etc.
  • Simple app that does exactly what it’s supposed to!

    By dordevic
    Clean and simple design, let’s you keep track of all your recurring bills. I recommend buying the subscription as it gives you a lot more options. 😊
  • Great, but needs export

    By David_R
    Please, please, please add a way to export data to a spreadsheet.
  • Awesome!

    This app is simple but beautiful in design. Shows you an uncluttered look at all upcoming subscriptions. Plus it is refreshing to only pay once for the app (at a supreme reasonable cost). Most apps want you to pay for subscriptions.. thank you for not imposing a subscription on us.
  • Great so far

    By seanchristensen
  • Simple subscription tracking

    By dfabs
    I like that you can manually enter your subscriptions and track upcoming bills and renewals. There are enough options to handle bills on a weekly, monthly, multiple-monthly, or annual basis. It’s also handy to see your average weekly, monthly or annual cost. I do wish there were a widget, as upcoming bills would be handy to see at-a-glance on the -1 widget screen. Overall I recommend this simple app; I like that it’s not trying to sell a service or subscription other than a simple tracker. I found it useful enough to buy the $3 upgrade.
  • Great

    By Outboundstream4
    This is the best app i have ever used to manage all of my subscriptions and keep track of what I'm spending each month.
  • Great!!! but lacks Calendar integration

    By helownarrower
    I love the simplicity of the app Tagging Coloring Description/caption Currency fixture Monthly Average expenses, GREAT! But we need calendar integration, most of the people (me included) snoozes notifications NOT our agendas, hope you can achieve this in further upgrades. Cheers, Bobby!
  • Great functionality

    By tyjonesnc
    This app is great! It keeps all my bills organized and reminds me when to pay. One thing I would like to see added in a future update is letting the user pick the time of day they wish to be reminded about the bill.
  • Won’t Restore Purchases!

    By SWT112233
    The app won’t restore my previous purchase and the developer will not respond to my emails.
  • I love this app.

    By Wee-G
    I love this app. I don’t have to put in my financial information and I just put in my subscriptions and it’s very. simple.
  • Great, but room for more

    By /u/f1sh98
    One of my few gripes is the lack of custom Favicons. They have a small selection of generic ones available, but for the actual brand name logo, you need to rely on their list. Granted they do their best, but it’d be nice to be able to import your own! They SHOULD add AMC A List MoviePass (hah) Allow to import for better customization and experience. Also maybe allow an option to only show ones that are renewed every month?
  • Great app

    By Jasondavis2009
    This app is very nicely design with a good UI and UX. Very clean design and useful to see your subscriptions at a glance
  • very useful

    By tea and philosophical thinking
    i was skeptical about this app at first, i thought it would be like every other app. i decided to give it a try and purchase it for $1.99. it gave be the ability to customize the font, app style, and gave me unlimited things i can add to my lists. truly i think this is worth it especially if you buy it. 10/10 recommend!
  • Concept of app is good

    By K296
    This app is a good way to track subscriptions or even reoccurring bills. However the notification feature doesn't work on a consistent basis. I've had the app for over a month and I may have gotten two notifications and I have at least 15 items entered.
  • Decent

    By Damionm
    This is a decent app but my first little issue is the lack of certain generic icons, particularly a ‘ticket’ or ‘movie reel’ icon? I mean with a growing number of movie subscriptions services, and just for general venues, I’d think these would be some of the first icons you’d have...with that said...PLEASE add them!
  • Good app - lacking in subscriptions

    By RadBradH
    Simple, easy to use, and very functional app. I’d really love to see some other subscriptions added - things like Moviepass, AMC A-List, etc.
  • Very elegant

    By Bestuser_name
    This is a nice simple app done well. I do wish it had a month view to visualize subscriptions a bit better
  • No notifications

    By Crearl85
    Would be nice to have some of the features work. Kinda regret spending money on this.
  • Only halfway there to being useful

    By LuckysClub
    This simple, pretty app lets you track recurring expenses, but really has no tools to help you dig into figuring out what they mean and how to evaluate them. It should really have a tagging system so you could get info on narrow categories and answer questions like “How much am I spending per month on entertainment services?” or “How many weather app subscriptions am I paying for?”. You can only figuring out things like this manually, which defeats the point of putting them in this app. The app is a locked box, since you can’t even export the data you enter and then try to analyze it somewhere more helpful, like a spreadsheet. I can’t really recommend spending the time to enter data into it when you can do so little with what you’ve entered. The only reason I really keep it is that I like having the cute squirrel icon on my screen.
  • Great

    By dreyna07
    Literally just got this app, and it is amazing. It tells me everything I want to know. There is only one down side which I won’t let it get to me too much. I can not find some other subscriptions. I subscribe to some other places that do not have their own app, and it would be cool if I can add that. An example is, I subscribe to Stance. Stance is a sock/shirts/ and underwear company but I can not seem to add any subscriptions manually. If that is something that can be done, this app would be the bee to my honey.
  • Best app ever

    By Scammed from this app123
    Recommend highly use this app
  • Notifications

    By Adeflem
    Notifications are not working for me.
  • iPad?

    By Bearu
    Any chance for an iPad version at some point? Got a lot of data to input and would be easier with and iPad and keyboard.
  • It’s cool and all...

    By Ig: x3xSlimm 🏀🔥
    It’s cool but when my internet bill was due I didn’t get not one notification for it. Please fix
  • Needs better notifications

    By dnlrva
    I have been looking for an easy simple to the point bill tracker and you guys nailed it. Everything I need to keep me on top of what's due and when. My only input is that it needs better notifications and maybe an option to add more notifications. I tend to miss the banner of when a bill is due. So maybe add badges as well. I think that will make this app a 5 star.
  • Thanks

    Something I needed
  • Great!

    By DarudeBush
    It’s very easy to add bills and it’s so straight forward to navigate! :)
  • Almost perfect

    By MikeRadio
    Can you add folders or filters so we can separate business or work and personal subscriptions from each other?? Also things like DirecTV and DirecTV Now are missing.
  • Incredibly simple, incredibly useful

    By simmy131
    This is a great example of an app that defines a constrained use-case and absolutely nails it! My only complaint is that there appears to be a bug with 3rd-party icons (iCloud, Amazon Prime, etc.) where they will not show. I’m not sure what caused this but if it were fixed it would easily make the app 5 stars for me.
  • Please help me!

    By The girl is better off
    Hi .. Thanks so much for your incredible app, it so amazing but I have noticed that I didn’t receive any notification when the payment is due like when I subscribe in Netflix I didn’t get notifications from the Bobby. Please help me! Notifications doesn’t work!
  • Great App

    By Jr luis
    Works perfect would awesome to have a macOS version that I can check when at a computer.
  • Not worth the money in my opinion

    By praveenalluri
    I like the simplicity of the app. No linking banks. No personal information need to be provided. But you can add only 4 subscriptions for free. If you want more you need to pay. The paid app adds very limited features. Ability to add unlimited subscriptions, dark theme, faceid. This can be done with few lines of code. I wish there can be a simple graph of your subscription history or a couple of other helpful features.
  • Great app

    By JoeTritoneBobMan
    Beautiful, minimalistic app. Love the customizable color coding. Touch ID is a nice touch. Would be a perfect 5 stars if there was an additional space to add comments (Which I would use to save passwords and login info for my subscriptions)
  • Works very well!

    By VPCYT
    No complaints at all. Works exactly as intended and helps me keep track of subscriptions :)
  • Good

    By The girl is better off
    Hi .. Thanks so much for your incredible app, it so amazing but I have noticed that I didn’t receive any notification when the payment is due like when I subscribe in Netflix I didn’t get notifications from the Bobby. Please help me!
  • I love this app!

    By clemency_fane
    I had no idea how much I was spending on subscriptions. Once I entered everything into Bobby - an easy, user-friendly process - I was staggered. I am spending less now thanks to this app. I would pay money for it! I have a lot of apps, and this one is truly outstanding.
  • Simple app.

    By daemonium venator
    It works in the way it should, but for free you only can set up 5 subscription before it ask you to buy more spots ( security like face/Touch ID are locked behind a payment and so is the dark theme and other cosmetic stuff. ) Sure there’s only 3, and yea there only 0.99$ each ( or 1.99$ for all 3 ) but this app locks nearly everything it advertises that it can do behind in app payment and I’m not down with spending 0.99$ just to organize my subscription bills, and I think it’s absolutely ludicrous that you have to pay for security that’s BUILT INTO OUR PHONES ALREADY!
  • Fantastic app, clean, functional

    By marcusdiddle
    Love this app! It’s *almost* everything I’ve been looking for in order to track upcoming expenses and bills. It’s clean, minimal, easy to use, has tons of built-in services to select from, but allows you to create your own custom ones as well. Just a few small suggestions that would make this app amazing. - Upon initially launching, allow a user to just select all the subscription services first. This would make setup so much faster than having to search each one out and set it up one at a time. I actually entered all of mine *blank* to begin with just to get them all selected, then went back in and configured each one. - Allow a preference to display the upcoming due date as either a relative span of time (2 weeks) or the actual date (Sept 15, 2018). Would much rather see the actual date. I actually used the Description field to simply add “3rd, 11th, 21st, 30th” etc to indicate the date of the month that expense is due on. - Add a Categories field. While I know the intent of the app is to track subscriptions, I’m actually using it to track expenses beyond that, including utilities, bills, etc., and I’d love to be able to put each expense into a category and view those lists either collectively, or separately. Again, love the app, highly recommend it! Would love to see just a few small tweaks which would make it much more useful.
  • Tracy40312

    By tracy40312
    Loving it
  • Everything I’ve ever wanted in a Expenses Tracking app!

    By JNNick
    I’ve been looking for an app for so long and nothing has ever come close to this one. I purchased the full version and it has been a blessing on my life. From simple and easy UI design work to the art design, this lively app is a minimalist approach on expense tracking that just simplified your life.