Password Manager - mSecure

Password Manager - mSecure

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-05-15
  • Current Version: 5.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 84.85 MB
  • Developer: mSeven Software, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 15 625


Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. From desktop to mobile, no matter the platform, mSecure is the most secure and straightforward solution to managing your passwords and other sensitive information. From the user interface to the encryption model, mSecure 5 represents an entire redesign of the app you trust to protect your most important and private information. We've combed through every byte and pixel to make sure your information is easy to use, easy to access on all your devices and secure like never before with industry standard AES-encryption. Over one million downloads! mSecure 5 includes both Free and Pro features. The Free features can be used forever at no cost. The Pro features are free to try for 30-days. After that, you must purchase a Pro license to continue using the Pro features. FREE - Here's what's included for free: • Unlimited number of records • Over 20 built-in templates • Group and filter records • Strong password generator PRO - Here's what's included when you upgrade to Pro: • Sync all of your devices • iOS 12 Autofill feature • Backup & Restore • Customizable Templates • Security Center • Touch ID & Face ID support • Apple Watch support A Pro license entitles you to use the software on all of your devices on multiple platforms at no additional cost. We want to emphasize this is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION, it is a one-time purchase. Once you purchase mSecure via In-App Purchase on one device, it is instantly unlocked on all of your devices. NEW FEATURES • Modern, attractive user interface • Sync all of your devices via iCloud, Dropbox, Wifi or the new mSecure Cloud • Security Center helps you identify and fix old, weak or duplicate passwords • Custom icons • Photo attachments • Record level fields • Recover deleted items • Batch editing of records • Many more features and enhancements SECURITY — Protect your passwords and data with confidence • Encrypts your data using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption • Password Generator creates and stores random, complex, unique passwords • Auto-lock and Auto-backup features keeps data safe • Touch ID and Face ID support allows quick, secure access SIMPLICITY — Easily add, find, manage, and organize data and passwords • Over 20 built-in templates for quick and easy data entry with the ability to create custom templates • Integrated search, collapsible headers, plus intelligent sorting, filtering and grouping makes organizing and finding your information quick and easy • Mark any item as a favorite for quick access SYNCING - Sync all of your devices Supports iCloud, Dropbox and Wifi syncing, as well as the new mSecure Cloud, an optional integrated sync service that provides convenient, reliable, and secure syncing of all of your devices on multiple platforms. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS - One low price for multiple devices and platforms A one-time purchase of mSecure allows you to use mSecure on all of your devices on multiple platforms. This is a one-time purchase that unlocks the Pro features on all of your devices and is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION. Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. Keep your data safe and secure with mSecure 5! SUPPORT - Please contact us if you have a question or need help by visiting us on our support forum - - or via email - Stay connected with us at and



  • I love mSecure

    By ldawn46
    I use it all the time, I don’t know what I would do with out it!!!!
  • mSecure FTW. Good on most points. My choice so far…

    By fjpoblam
    NO password manager is perfect. BTDT. Tried 5, paid and free (including a couple ridiculously pricey ones). Where does mSecure succeed? - Reasonable autofill on iOS (but none on MacOS…) - Passable iCloud sync, though it requires brute force at times. - Templates? There’s a plethora. YOU may find them helpful. As for me, I prefer to order record fields by frequency and urgency of use—and sometimes the provided templates do not reflect this. I use the base “Login” template and add fields as needed. Item icons? mSecure handily fetches known favicons from big-time sites, and lets you put in icons of your own. But all this cosmetic decoration is probably secondary to the essence of a password *manager*. Password auditing? Superb. We get notices of old, duplicate, and puny passwords. Some password managers use an outdated entropy test for password strength. I prefer the test used by mSecure. 👏🏾 Where does mSecure fail? - Autofill requires at least one, usually two authorizations for userid/password. This is IN SPITE of the fact that my mSecure preferences DO NOT have “auto-lock” turned on. Tedious. - Autofill doesn’t pick up data beyond userid/password (e.g., PIN, secret questions/answers, etc.) - No re-ordering of fields when editing items. This is (for me) an important editing skill: I understand it is “in the works”. Change the password on an app or website? Save a copy of the OLD password. For it’s awkward insofar as mSecure’s autofill is concerned, to transition between the old and the new. I suggest using Notes or some such in that small interim to copy and paste old and new. Support? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “ick”, 10 being “yay!”, 8.
  • 5 Stars!

    By Maui Kid
    3-16-19 Update The best password manager in my opinion. Great product and responsive customer service at a very fair price. Thank you! _____________________________ Five stars!! Just purchased the PRO Upgrade! I was a long time user before they messed around with Dropbox and WiFi syncing forcing me to a competitor. Although I did not like their new business plan I have always found mSeven to be an honest and reputable company that I trusted with my data. Thanks for listening to your customers even though it took a while. :) I’m glad to come back as a customer, and to share with others how mSecure is back on top! Nice looking app with lots of features! Thank you!
  • DELETED after 10 years. Suddenly I have to create an account.

    By GTD Meister
    Very disappointed 😢 since ALL my passwords are in mSecure. Was excited to see version 5 download for “free” but ... it UNNECESSARILY requires me to create an account. Will keep using the old version of mSecure, it’s gonna be a REAL PAIN transferring all my data to another app. 😡
  • Very happy with upgrade

    By Jacob Hantla
    I initially was frustrated by the need to rebuy MSecure which I have used for years to get the newest version. But now months later I am very happy with the new service and think that the upgrade is well worth it. The cloud syncing, new formats, interface, and ongoing maintenance make this a valuable upgrade for me. I have told many friends about MSecure and have about 8-10 others who have made the purchase recently and love it. UPDATE: Now more than a year after the release of the newest mSecure, I am glad at just how seemless it is to install on my devices as well as my wife’s and syncing is absolutely seamless and doesn’t require any extra thought. It just works. I’ve continued to recommend mSecure to family and friends who have likewise been very happy with the purchase
  • After Spending Time Reading, Testing and Money

    By Buona Notte 1
  • mSecure Excellent Password Manager

    I replaced my DataVault app with mSecure after two friends recommended mSecure as it’s much more robust, enhanced and very intuitive.
  • Love it!

    By cooldarkone
    Been loving it for over 5 years now! Great App, awesome updates every time and on time with the IOS updates.
  • App doesn't load after master key is entered

    By Capps
    I downloaded the iOS apptl today for the first time. I've linked my mSecure account with my cloud of choice. After attempting to kogin, the app continues to close.
  • Almost Perfect

    By Mr. zOoLaNdEr
    Great UI, similar to other far more expensive products. Works better on mobile with iOS password manager integration. So nice to have a password manager that is NOT a subscription!!! I’m saving big $$ over using Dashlane. What it needs: - Attachments in secure notes - Optional browser extension for quicker desktop use (but I understand why they don’t!) - Emergency contact designation/recovery
  • ❤️❤️

    By Dogman Prime
    I ❤️❤️❤️this App.
  • Very good app.

    By Cricket cat
    I share this app on 2 iPhones and 2 pc’s. They have updates regularly and respond quickly to questions and issues.
  • Disappointed with this product

    By PI34159264384
    I purchased the upgraded version of this app to be able to use the fingerprint ID to login. It didn’t work, I still have to type in my password. I am not very impressed with this product.
  • Excellent App

    By JameRoberts
    This is an excellent app it’s very secure And it is been extremely helpful for me, I’ve recommended it to others and they feel the same way about it. I’ve also tried a few other ones and I truly believe that this one is the best.
  • Like ability to sync without cloud

    By Gotkaren
    This is the only app I could find that would sync PC - iOS without cloud. I little clunky how it works, syncing over Wi-Fi, but it does.
  • Simply the best

    By Joeiggy613
    This app is by far the best password protector/wallet available on IOS. I’ve been using it for four years and its only improved over the years for me.
  • Outstanding

    By Dazzling Dad
    I have owned this app for years. It has been one of the best investments in apps that I have ever made. My wife no longer writes passwords down on paper for anyone to see or get ahold of. I feel mSecure!!
  • Password software that will not work with fingerprint Touch ID

    By gdp1320
    Don’t upgrade from previous version. You have to pay $24 to activate the fingerprint Touch ID on iPhones. The old version worked but I upgraded and they charge for features that once were free. Too many other options that are better and cheaper.
  • Great Password Manager

    By Atillius
    It is an excellent password manager. The only thing keeping me from making it 5 stars is more compatibility as a real single sign on software. I still have to look up passwords and manually save them. It doesn’t offer a service that allows auto capture and fill in.
  • Turbo tax

    By jxgdrb
    Love this app. Used for 8 years. Never failed us.
  • Great App

    By DebsLeebr
    I have been using mSecure for several years without any security issues.
  • I don’t know what I would do without it!!

    By Nursepage77
    This is vitally important to my everyday life. I don’t know what I would do without this app. I tell everyone about how often I access this app to log into various apps and websites to carry out my day to day work. Since it is no longer safe to use the same password or a slight variation of the same password, there would be no way to remember every password to every account. I love mSecure, and I trust that my passwords are safe.
  • Beautiful app

    By SFConcha
    I’ve been using mSecure almost from its beginning, and have always loved it, primarily because of its functionality. But mSecure 5 is beyond functional. It’s also beautiful. Something about the design... the experience... I can’t really describe it. It’s intuitive and simple, but extremely rich. All I can say is that I’m happy and will never need any other password manager. Ever. Thanks, mSeven. You nailed it.
  • Love mSecure

    By splooda
    I’ve been using it for several years, I love it, got my wife to start using it and she loves it too! Highly recommend.
  • $30??????????

    By LP0716
    Am I the only one who thinks $29 is a ridiculous amount to pay for the upgrade???? I have used this app for YEARS and now I have to upgrade to do all of the things I could do for free on the previous version??? No. Thanks.
  • Msecure

    By Adagasguy
    I couldn’t function without this app. It keeps so many passwords and login ids for us. My wife and I share the app and it keeps all of our updates synced almost immediately. We don’t have to remember to inform each other of changes. I use it to keep important information in the notes section of each listing. Imagine keeping up with over 200 password/login ids. My sister uses s notepad! I can’t imagine.
  • Best App in its Category

    By LaneLmac
    I love the way this synchronizes with my MacBook Pro.
  • Long-time user-it’s the best

    By drstevenj
    The app works flawlessly. The price is very reasonable. Please support is excellent. Doesn’t get better. Update 2/16 Still works flawlessly!!! A gold standard.
  • Wendell

    By WenDor54
    Could not imagine a better tool for secure and easy to use storage of not only passwords but a host of other personal information. And, available with the touch of my finger!
  • Horrible customer support

    By jw4689
    App was working great until iPhone XS broke and had to get new phone. Tried using QR code for new phone and there were no directions on how to use it on new device. App would NOT let me use password although it works on the website. Tried EMAILING (no phone number from developer) and got the run around. App works great until you need developer support and BELIEVE me you won’t get it. Developer is all about the buck not customer support. Too many other passwords app out there.
  • Awesome app

    By ExecJean
    I’ve used this password vault since its early days. I love it! I’m totally dependent on it. I do not use the cloud to store the information. Great support when I need it.
  • Must Have App

    By Millser1
    This app is a must have. It’s, easy/intuitive and compatible with Apple biometrics (fingerprint/facial recognition). Easy to update, easy to organize.
  • Pretty good

    By Miseyt
    I really like this app and it has saved me a gazillion times, since I cannot ever remember my passwords. Why not a 5 star rating? I’ve hand mSecure for awhile now and when they upgraded about a yr ago my info transferred over yes, but the information was jumbled. ie... it has the password under name on card, or as the phone number. I can figure it out but it’s frustrating. Feature I really like: on Apple phones when entering passwords into website you can either use mSecure or passbook to login. MSecure will also make passwords for you and remember them so you don’t have to. I really like that mSecure will sync with your other devises so you don’t have to email a backup. I sync with an iPad and my husbands iPhone and iPad. So if he makes changes or additions I get them as well.
  • My only issue is with syncing over WiFi.

    By K___B
    If it would sync over WiFi correctly then I’d give it 5 stars but it refuses to sync more often than it works. I’ve tried all the suggestions on their Website to no avail. Fix this and you have a great product; until then 3 is all I can give.
  • Can’t sync anymore. Useless now!

    By Apple Id my Itunes
    Can’t sync anymore. Useless f I have to enter every change or addition on 4 devices. And I paid fir the extra devices, too. No help from tech Suppirt as of yet.
  • MSecure App

    By RNeo
    I have been using this apps for years now and it is a piece of mind knowing all your personal info and Cards are accessible 24/7 on you cell and it is secured! Lately I upgraded to the upgraded app and found a little issue on my part. I forgot my log in and Password! The developer was so prompt and helpful to assist me with this issue! I will recommend this apps for not only convenience but for an amazing customer support. Thank you and your apps is worth it!!!
  • Efficient and no reason to doubt secureness

    By every grandmother needs this.
  • Used for years. Now ugh!

    By Stovietex
    Sync does not work well. My desktop often opens to no data. I have to add a new item to my phone version to prod it to sync. More trouble than its worth. Can I go back to the old versions that worked?
  • Excellent Password App

    By Steve E-
    Great password app. Don’t let fee scare you away. I only paid it to get the initials app and then smaller $5 later for the overhauled version. No monthly fee! Very flexible. Sync across your devices. Works with faceID. Can make it as easy or difficult to access based on your preferences. I don’t like to use keychain too much. So I tend to save my passwords in the app and copy/paste username and passwords I need. I have far too many passwords for the various logons. Can also store credit card data, passports, driver license, random access codes (gate/door), or anything you don’t want to memorize. Take pics (I paid $5 for that extra), and love that ability. Separate downloads for the desktop if desired and separate fee, but I don’t use the desktop version.
  • Lifesaver

    By MaureenBogan
    You can’t reuse passwords and can’t remember them all. I love that this is now available in all my devices.
  • Stable resource non intrusive

    By Measuring up
    I have used Msecure for several years and find it a reliable resource to recall information when needed. While it does not automatically log me in to websites, Dashlane, which does keeps on popping up in the middle of my screen and is so sensitive it often creates passwords I know nothing about. I appreciate that Msecure thinks I’m intelligent enough to set a strong password.
  • Used it for years

    By Tinysdivot
    I have used this app for years and am very happy with it.
  • Perfect! Be lost without it.

    By SheltieLM
    Using for years. Latest version the best yet! Very easy to use/ share and recover passwords. Great organizer!!
  • Syncing with mSecure pro on windows PC

    By 789Doug
    I purchased mSecure pro for my windows PC. It stated it would sync with all devices. I’ve had iPhone version 4.5.4 for years and recently got the latest version for my iPhone. I can’t transfer my data to mSecure pro. I’ve sent in tickets and emails with no replies. I can’t believe I’d have to transfer all manually.
  • Great App

    By Auttabee
    Easy to use
  • Wow

    By TedGag
    I have been using this app for about 10 years. It has gotten better and better until I can find no fault. It works on all my devices and I sync between all of them. It is my go to app for 90% of my needs.
  • Two of Everything

    By Darry Curtis
    MSecure is awesome but, now the app says I have two of every password. I know I don’t need two of everything. FIX this! UPDATED REVIEW: The app still shows two of every usernames/passwords. It is so FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING!! FIX THIS Problem!!
  • Awesome app

    By FLTDOC00
    Love what it does. Makes Logging in simple.
  • Msecure is the best p/w saver ever!!!

    By ByteGuy
    I have been using Msecure for about 2 years now and have loved it from day one!!! I’m forced to use many different passwords at work plus my own for my accounts, and MSecure is perfect for my needs!!! You can customize folders and simplify where your passwords are!!!