Password Manager - mSecure

Password Manager - mSecure

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-05-15
  • Current Version: 5.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 84.85 MB
  • Developer: mSeven Software, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 661


Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. From desktop to mobile, no matter the platform, mSecure is the most secure and straightforward solution to managing your passwords and other sensitive information. From the user interface to the encryption model, mSecure 5 represents an entire redesign of the app you trust to protect your most important and private information. We've combed through every byte and pixel to make sure your information is easy to use, easy to access on all your devices and secure like never before with industry standard AES-encryption. Over one million downloads! mSecure 5 includes both Free and Pro features. The Free features can be used forever at no cost. The Pro features are free to try for 30-days. After that, you must purchase a Pro license to continue using the Pro features. FREE - Here's what's included for free: • Unlimited number of records • Over 20 built-in templates • Group and filter records • Strong password generator PRO - Here's what's included when you upgrade to Pro: • Sync all of your devices • iOS 12 Autofill feature • Backup & Restore • Customizable Templates • Security Center • Touch ID & Face ID support • Apple Watch support A Pro license entitles you to use the software on all of your devices on multiple platforms at no additional cost. We want to emphasize this is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION, it is a one-time purchase. Once you purchase mSecure via In-App Purchase on one device, it is instantly unlocked on all of your devices. NEW FEATURES • Modern, attractive user interface • Sync all of your devices via iCloud, Dropbox, Wifi or the new mSecure Cloud • Security Center helps you identify and fix old, weak or duplicate passwords • Custom icons • Photo attachments • Record level fields • Recover deleted items • Batch editing of records • Many more features and enhancements SECURITY — Protect your passwords and data with confidence • Encrypts your data using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption • Password Generator creates and stores random, complex, unique passwords • Auto-lock and Auto-backup features keeps data safe • Touch ID and Face ID support allows quick, secure access SIMPLICITY — Easily add, find, manage, and organize data and passwords • Over 20 built-in templates for quick and easy data entry with the ability to create custom templates • Integrated search, collapsible headers, plus intelligent sorting, filtering and grouping makes organizing and finding your information quick and easy • Mark any item as a favorite for quick access SYNCING - Sync all of your devices Supports iCloud, Dropbox and Wifi syncing, as well as the new mSecure Cloud, an optional integrated sync service that provides convenient, reliable, and secure syncing of all of your devices on multiple platforms. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS - One low price for multiple devices and platforms A one-time purchase of mSecure allows you to use mSecure on all of your devices on multiple platforms. This is a one-time purchase that unlocks the Pro features on all of your devices and is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION. Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. Keep your data safe and secure with mSecure 5! SUPPORT - Please contact us if you have a question or need help by visiting us on our support forum - - or via email - Stay connected with us at and



  • Old Version Versus New Version.

    By Pogo IQ
    I Purchased ($9.95) this new version prior to it being issued. When it was released I tried it on one of my devices to compare it to the old version. Just the other day I loaded it again on one of my devices while not deleting the old one and found that there were no real significant changes to improve this version. The Old Version is so much better in it’s layout and it was more user friendly. I just purchased a new phone and I hope I can get the old version loaded back on my new phone. If you have the old version, I strongly recommend you keep it loaded until you can try this one out.
  • Missing a big one

    By Macorin
    This app is really pretty good, but it’s been missing (and is still missing) a huge feature. It has no browser support on the desktop so you can’t simply fill in passwords from the browser. You have to open the application, search and copy and paste. Thankfully it does offer browser support in iOS, but the desktop version is really lacking in this area and until it catches up, it makes the whole experience a notch down.
  • Not Impressed

    By Apple Mixer
    I paid $29.95 for it. The only significant thing I see is face recognition. I can’t find a password generator that was on version 4. It looks like I’ll mainly use the iOS password app.
  • The Best ✅

    By MiladMirzaei
    The best app in its kind
  • Bait and switch - please stay clear of this

    By jumpr626
    Check review dates before you think this is a good app. It WAS a great app. Then they updated everyone and now for the app to do what we originally paid $5 for cost an additional $30.00 - very very disappointed. I used to recommend this app to everyone I knew but now I just hope to save you all from this scam. Wish I could get my purchase price refunded as the upgrade they forced on everyone says I’m using the free version and not the paid version.
  • You'll be getting more than you bargain for

    By Just plain BILLIE
    I bought the $30 version of this app. So far it seems to be OK at its job. BUT! Without prior disclosure, the mSecure app comes with the capability of allowing my ad blockers to be completely bypassed and, for example, allowing a number of big ads to be dropped into and around the newspaper I read daily. Moreover, mSecure has apparently outsourced its customer support work to some third party, with which they are careful to explain they have no connection. This third party--with which mSecure says it has no connection--has no customer support telephone number I can locate. The third party company does have a website but that site has only been capable of sending me around in circles without being of any help at all in solving the problem of the unwanted ads that mSecure has allowed to be inserted. In short, I've found this third party website essentially useless. as a source of assistance. So, I've paid for the newspaper, I've paid for the mSecure password vault, and I've paid for the ad-blocker only to find that mSecure has found a way to bombard me with unwanted ads and no way to turn them off and no way to get a refund.
  • Annual fee

    By T-Mac8396
    I chose this because it appeared to have no annual fee. After I put in one entry I noted that my 30 day trial had started after which I’d have to pay, yep, an annual fee. I’m fine with a one time charge but if you are charging me annually I wish you’d make it crystal clear.
  • Very pleased!

    By 12jz
    I used mSecure 4 for many years and found it very valuable. When 5.0 initially came out I procrastinated doing the upgrade because transferring my data seemed like it would be a daunting task. Well a couple of days ago I jumped in to the upgrade. First I would like to report when I submitted a question to the support team I got a response faster than expected, +1! Next I did the upgrade with mSecure cloud syncing and very quickly my passwords from my 4 version populated! Syncing my iPad worked without a flaw and only took about a minute. This morning I got an email checking that my initial question had been resolved because they had not heard back from me and wanted to be sure all was working. I’m very pleased!! I will certainly recommend mSecure to others.
  • Love the Syncing

    By Golfhack20
    Wanted an app that would sync all my logins and passwords across all my devices. Love the simplicity of this program. I use iphones, tablets and a PC the program works great for all devices. Very user friendly as well!!
  • Life saver!!

    By Jäger & Clyde
    I’ve had this app for years, probably one of my first ever downloaded apps! It’s never let me down, works as advertised and as it should. Never had a “glitch” or any issues. Highly recommended.
  • What a pain

    By I3G
    Lost password and now it’s all red tape trying to login again. Can’t just reset and get new password.
  • It's security at its best

    By downeast
    I've been using this since it first was available. It's simply the best personal security software available for all your needs.
  • Used to love the app but now wants me to upgrade

    By Rob1124a
    I used to love this app but now after using it for a few years it is asking me to upgrade. It won’t even let me use a simple feature such as face ID without paying $30. I cant even backup and restore. Contacted support and they cant even figure out why my account is showing as a free version. I guess it is time to move on and find a different app.
  • Upgrade process has cause much grief

    By Usethes
    I’ve been a mSecure user for many years. After months of being hounded to upgrade I finally moved to mSecure 5. The process has been painful enough that I’m considering moving to another app. I’ve completely lost my password vault several times. I was locked out after the initial upgrade and the only solution was to start from scratch and restore. Now I’ve gone back after a week or so and the vault is completely empty. After I restore again, I’m going to find a new app. This new version is proving to be very unreliable.
  • Totally useless

    By Gingersnap1
    If I could give this app a zero I would. I have used the older version for years. Can’t even get into my account now. Keeps saying my password is incorrect. You have to jump through hoops to get to reset your password. I still can’t access my account. I get directed to a bunch of “Help” articles, but none of them are of use. Support responds very fast, but all they do is redirect you to read the same useless articles you just read. A lot of time and frustration.
  • MSecure

    By redheadedyaya
    Excellent app for storing passwords. Easy to set up, edit and add items. Works across all devices. Backup is also very quick and easy. I have been using it for years and love it!
  • Excellent

    By drmrjn
    Thank you
  • Doesn’t work with Windows 7

    By LaxMedia
    This version will not work with Windows 7!! Apple would not refund and directed to developer. Developer wouldn't reimburse since it wasn't purchased on their site. :(
  • Love the app hate to pay over and over

    By Phrogwmn
    I have been using mSecure since 2010 and love it. It is the best thing about my iPhone and use it daily. I upgraded to 5 right away and was happy to pay the price, because I thought it was worth it. A few months later they tell me my trial is over and I have to pay another 29$ to get all the original functionality back. Not that happy anymore. 20$ for an update then a few months later 30$ more because my trial is over. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!
  • Mostly Pleased

    By MyNicknamIsTaken
    Used the free version for years. Paid to upgrade to version 5.6.4. My only disappointment is that they don’t have a companion product for Windows 7 desktop. Support told me there are no concrete plans for a .exe version. Frown....
  • Don’t upgrade

    By ciaviper
    I’ve been using this for years. I hit the upgrade button and now it’s asking for email and passwords that don’t match and resetting wipes everything out. I lost everything. 401k info. Everything.
  • Log in

    By jim sherim
    I want to log in with fingerprint
  • Bait and switch

    By JBNormalcy
    I bought this app a few years ago, told hundreds of people this was my favorite app. I bought it for my employees, and bragged about how good and useful it was. Then they charged me again to use it. $29.99. After I paid $10.00. Way too much. Too greedy. I don’t appreciate it, and will never buy it for another employee, or anybody. There are better cheaper options out there.
  • Pay again and again and again.

    By theoPhobia
    I paid for the full version a while back. Then paid for the Mac client a while back. Spent a lot of money on this. Now they want me to pay again for version 5. Come on. I’ve already given plenty of money, and that was not too long ago.
  • Great

    By Dhockless
    This is a great app I love it also it keep all your login
  • Unstable and force close

    By Jatilq
    I purchased the pro version and it’s unstable on my Mac. It’s been frozen for 5min and I’ve not been able to use it. It force closes on my iPad Pro and iPhone X. All running the latest updates. I tried without faceid and it just sits there. Feels like a waste of money
  • Great design for saving passwords

    By MacracerX
    MSecure works very well at saving all my password info and I’ve used it for several years now, I think since version 3. Version 5 is a great improvement in functionality and visual design in my opinion. It has customizable icons. The data fields within each preset category are fully customizable to suit my specific preferences and needs. Also I use their mSecure apps across my Macs and iPhone and am able to sync them quite simply across my in home wi-fi network. I looked into all options for password apps and mSecure hits the sweet spot for me.
  • Two of Everything

    By Darry Curtis
    MSecure is awesome but, now the app says I have two of every password. I know I don’t need two of everything. FIX this!
  • Better than ever

    By Cigam_mai
    I used the first version of mSecure and this latest version is better than ever. Easy, fast, intuitive, and secure. With hundreds of passwords to manage, this was a great investment.
  • My most favored application

    By Dr Real Estate
    I never get stuck not knowing my login info and other important password data. It’s by far the best application on my iPhone and the one that I can least do without. I highly recommend it!
  • Needs better PR!

    By GrannyKat14
    Everytime I read reviews of the best password savers, I expect to see mSecure on the list but it’s never mentioned. For my money it’s the best around for flexibility and ease of use. I run a small web hosting business and I use it to store close to 500 accounts, logins, hardware and software licenses for myself and my customers. The best part is the flexibility to create new groups and templates for items. For example, a hardware item has space for date of purchase, serial and model numbers, warranty info. I can then put the item into group like “website-clientXYZ” and see all the stuff for that client in one place, instead of keeping a spreadsheet. With the sync, I can see the same info from my iPad, Android phone, 3 PCs and a Mac. Get some review copies out and spread the word!
  • 5 Stars!

    By Maui Kid
    Five stars!! Just purchased the PRO Upgrade! I was a long time user before they messed around with Dropbox and WiFi syncing forcing me to a competitor. Although I did not like their new business plan I have always found mSeven to be an honest and reputable company that I trusted with my data. Thanks for listening to your customers even though it took a while. :) I’m glad to come back as a customer, and to share with others how mSecure is back on top! Nice looking app with lots of features! Thank you!
  • Terrible support and lost all my data

    By Ted Atwood
    I used this app until version 4. I made an attempt to update to version 5 and three things happened 1) the update or email sync from version 4 was blank for last 3 updates - no passwords included 2) when I updated my phone the old app came over - EMPTY! 3) the new app (version 5) required a new type of authentication but no linkage to the v4 data set. In short I lost 3 months of updates to passwords. I had to start over and if a system is supposed to be a vault for secure storage then it should do that - be secure and stable - this app has been less stable over time (as the backups have proven unreliable). It’s also important to note that before writing this review I submitted 2 tickets over the past 24 hours and neither have been responded to.
  • Great App

    By HateThe App
    I would be lost without this App. The latest version is leap years beyond the previous version. Well done.
  • Awesome

    By Eisenfuss
    I have used this system now for more than 5 years and it is installed on all my devices (5). It has never failed, it has always updated amongst them immediately, it’s perfect. With the latest addition I can even log in my sites and it will show a pop up (on my pads and iPhone) with a secure entry, either finger print our typed log in and enter the password etc info automatically. I have and manage over 200 passwords and critical information perfectly safe. Can highly recommend it, it’s worth every penny!
  • Spot

    By wandering turtle
    The best
  • Do Not Upgrade!

    By Yeska96
    Been using this app for a while now and everything worked perfectly but since they updated the app you will need to pay $30 just so you can use their basic features that were free before the upgrade. Will be using a diffrent app now that won’t deceive and take advantage their customers.
  • $29.99 really?

    By ppauly1
    Had the older version. Love it. Upgraded to the new version because I have the iPhone X max. Face ID is what I’m looking for and now I can’t have backup and restore like the old one without paying for it? You need to reevaluate your pricing for an app.
  • Sneaky company. No longer trust them

    By Toby Issacs
    Ive been using mSecure for years and have had no problem until now. With the release of mSecure5 they encourage you to download it and transfer your information to the new app for better features. Sounds great, but what is REALLY messed up is they SNEAK in that this upgrade is $30! Even if you already paid for mSecure4! I find that very tacky, sneaky and gross and don’t want my sensitive information with a company playing tricks with my info and money. I’m currently looking for a new app and will NOT be giving them an additional $30 for practically nothing.
  • Great app,

    By joe 12445
  • Navigation

    By 4funprn
    I find the new set up difficult to navigate.
  • Great product

    By ColBob
    Great protection from a faulty memory. It remembers passwords and data you might forget. Just remember one password and look up the rest. Safe and secure.
  • Disappointed

    By Blake user
    At first this app worked well on my iPhone and MacBook. Then it started falling off my iPhone. I reloaded the app and had to reload data. After doing this four times, I bought a new version. Now my data is gone. Very frustrating and I spent too much money on something that is not working.
  • Best secondary brain ever!

    By A Honest Review
    I’d be lost without this. ❤️
  • Great app

    By HawkEye1194
    Edit: issues have been fixed. Thank you Msecure devs!
  • Was good at first

    By Jennicc
    I installed this and liked the functionality of it and that it was Face ID compatible. Yesterday I was unable to access my passwords. It wouldn’t recognize my Face ID and or my password. There is t a way to reset password either. Still have yet to hear from tech support but now I have to change all my passwords and try and remember what other web pages I had listed. Not happy!!! 😡
  • Outstanding App for Passwords Security

    By Caine54
    Have used for over 10 years and always been reliable and dependable. This APP may be used on all your devices.
  • Good but not worth $30

    By Paul_PC
    Been using MSecure for a long time. Upgraded to version 5 only to find out all the basic features are now part of PRO package which cost $30. I am switching to 1password which includes features such as Touch ID, backup/restore in their free app.
  • Watch

    By D Hawk
    Had trouble with syncing records to my watch. Developers contacted me and help resolve the issue.