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  • Current Version: 2021.28.0
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  • Bad

    By dirtynappkin
    I can’t click on anything
  • Video bugs

    By fmg noe
    When you click on a video it sends you to a whole different video it need to be fix now if so I’ll get this app five stars
  • Video playback

    By GrimeyRing
    Whatever they changed about the video player is trash. I think it’s supposed to allow you to scroll through the comments while the video plays but I hate everything about it. Make it good or go back to how it was
  • Stop changing everything

    By Zombiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Updates are consistently god awful, the designers of the iOS app clearly can’t resist the urge to not fix something that isn’t broken and love jamming new and pointless features down users throats.
  • Overall good app

    By tstites19
    I’ve been using this app for years, overall it’s great and easy to navigate. I’ve been struggling mightily with the new feature they added where videos scroll separately and have a different style comment section. It’s horribly cumbersome to use. With that fixed it’s a 5 star app.
  • Atrocious Video Player

    Worst app ever. Devs keep making arbitrary changes to the video player, horrible
  • Not much junk

    By Mytthew
    Reddit allows one to pick fairly specific categories and is well administered so there is less junk than other apps.
  • Cheese

    By HondaJon
    Cheese is cheese
  • Please remove the new video player.

    By anoonooonymous
    The new bootleg tiktok player is terrible. Change it back, I want to watch my videos without swapping to other subreddits like it’s a tiktok for you page.
  • 1 star for forcing me to use the app

    By Pred53
    The fact that I am forced to use the app and not in safari browser, deserves 1 star in it self
  • Zero stars. Video player update

    By smanigal
    If I could give this zero stars I would. The new video player update is GARBAGE. Can tap the video thumbnail on your timeline or you get taken to some random video that Reddit wants you to see, not what you have chosen. No way to get to comments on videos from your timeline. You must go to the subreddit to even have a chance. Worst update ever.
  • Revert the video player

    By Bigcat😼
    The new video player is awful. It completely ruins watching videos on the app. You moved the mute button to the right side for some reason, made it so small that I can almost never hit it first try, made it to where opening the post mutes the audio for some reason, closing the post also muted the audio, and then ruined the comment layout in video ports. It’s terrible. At least give us the option to change it back
  • updates ruining reddit

    By Rindarrr
    the recent update makes it so i can't click a video from the main page of a subreddit and watch it. it brings me to a completely unrelated video on the tiktok clone time wasting video player that ruined what used to be good
  • Loved it until the new video player

    By peakot
    Loved it for years until the new video player. I tried to get used to it but couldn’t.
  • Fix the glitch poG

    By DiscoLifeless
    Glitch was strange but it’s chill now
  • Hate the new video format

    By Linkdaly
    FIX THE VIDEO PLAYER!!! It’s terrible. It’s super awkward when trying to pause the video (you have to click precisely in the bottom left corner), and reading comments is god awful. The video stays at the top and continuously plays. I already saw the video, I just want to read the comments now. Change it back to how it used to be. It was easier and more enjoyable to use. The button to scroll to the next set of comments is now nonexistent when it’s necessary. On top of that, when you click on a video to watch, it shows you a completely different video.
  • Needs Bug Fix!

    By StormClan21
    Reddit experience for me has been great so far but since this last update we have been getting a bug where when you click on a video it will play something random. Instead you have to go into the subreddit and click it from there and sometimes their videos won’t work and will play something else also. All in all it is a great experience except for this issue. Please fix as soon as possible.
  • No where near as good as it was.

    By Dano A
    The app was, at one point, fine. No longer. ALL the video play back has been changed to look like TIKTOK because I guess that’s super important. That WOULDN’T be a problem but they no longer allow you to scroll through comments by scrolling to the next top comment. This means you scroll endlessly through garbage replies to each top comment in order to look like other social media platforms. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for this issue to get resolved but now I guess I have to leave a review to only hopefully reach someone’s ears. Please fix this.
  • Fix video interface and bug

    By Reaboyyyy
    I hate the new Tiktok style I just want to click on a video, play it, and read the comments all in one go like the old version. Why fix what isn’t broken? Also the video I click goes to a completely random one???
  • Butt sex

    By J.sod
    So it
  • New video player is awful

    By MajoraLink
    The new video player is absolutely horrendous. Reddit is starting to become another TikTok copycat because of it and I hate it. I would say that if I wanted the video player to be formatted like TikTok I’d go to TikTok, but this is somehow worse. It’s a pain in the rear to pause and unmute videos, and this new format has made it basically impossible to work around a recent glitch. This started a few days ago, but whenever you try to play a video on a post marked either NSFW or spoiler, it’ll take you to a completely different post sometimes in another subreddit. I saw a dude eat a live rat because of this bug. If we still had the original video player, this could easily be worked around by just pulling up the comments and watching the video from there, but you can’t even do that now since you have to play the video in order to pull up comments. Stop trying to be TikTok, just go back to how the video player was before.
  • Frustrated

    By Rhodey88
    Click on a video, get something completely unrelated! Yay! Fix it, bruh.
  • Great app until recent update

    By spathers
    I’ve loved this app for a long time, but the recent changes they’ve made are a hot mess. There seems to be more ads than in the past & I’m constantly inundated by sponsored content (more ads) that have ZERO relation to the communities I’m subscribed to. With the new video interface I have given up on this app entirely. The interface doesn’t let you scroll between videos and comments easily. It’s easy to swipe the wrong way and end up on another community. Just trying to watch a video is a nightmare. After the video, it will auto play a ton of unrelated videos from other subreddits or send you to live streams for some reason. Overall, it’s just not user friendly & has more ways for Reddit to advertise to you. Do yourself a favor and install Apollo instead.
  • Don’t like the new update

    By JessGon18
    Video player is completely messed up It plays different video when you click on it Also, it forces you to watch full screen and it is playing the sound even when I have it turned off 🙄 there’s clearly a glitch somewhere.. fix it!
  • New video player is no good

    By Loren t
    Overall the UX has a lot of issues but the real problem is you click a video and it plays a totally different video.
  • Video player broken

    By yeskappa69
    Never mind all of the other reviews that says Reddit’s video player is becoming like tiktok, (which also makes the ui terrible) at least they can play videos. My videos play for a second and stop. I don’t know how Reddit manages to break their app after every update.
  • Videos load to random ones after pressing

    By DJmanny2016
    When I press on a video it loads a completely different video than what I wanted to see. Please fix!
  • Broken

    By Thetallman13
    All the updates so far this year have broken things or straight up removed functionality. What are you doing Reddit? When you click on a video it just plays something random. It’s not possible to access the comments on a post containing video. What is even going on? Also the new video player is absolute garbage. Can we just revert to when this app actually worked?
  • Undesirable redirect

    By MstrMcRwl723
    When I try to see a video I see another one from the kind of TikTok short videos function instead of the video I want to watch. I don’t want to see something like TikTok stuff or short videos, honestly this is so annoying. Fix that problem, please.
  • Fix your video player ya ding dongs

    By Greg1789
    Click videos to watch them and I’m magically transported to This-Is-Not-The-Video-You-Clicked-On Land where I get to watch some unrelated nonsense like a fool. RedDON’T you want your app to work correctly?
  • Big issue after update!

    By Bamador17
    Seems like after this update it created a bug that when I try to watch post with a video it takes me to different subreddit. I’ve done everything I could on my phone thinking it was me but it’s the app that’s has this bug. Please fix that issue thank you!
  • Random videos

    By sk1vt
    New video player plays random video rather than the selected post.
  • Very cool.

    By Ash to the Bone
    Having a blast. Hits on all the points the other platforms lack.
  • The video player is awful

    By MjPines
    When I use the new video player and scroll up the instead of down for some reason, it brings me to a different sub which is very annoying
  • Poop

    By coolpoopjaha
    Hey pooper
  • Never works

    By antttttttttthdfgdgdgdfg
    Forced to open links from safari in app yet the links just open the app download which I have. Tryna click on videos on my feed just opens that subreddit the video is posted on. So many bugs
  • Do you even care Reddit?

    By Atrice1994
    OK! There is a HUGE bug happening and I hope I can show you the proof I have. EVERY TIME I tap on a NSFW video it bait and switches me to another video that I don’t want to watch. Let. Us. Watch. What. We. Want. Correctly. Please!!
  • Videos player is absolute garbage

    By Average_Diety
    How the new video system was allowed to leave testing is actually incredible. It’s the worst UI I’ve ever seen and thats if it even loads the right video from the feed.
  • Broken links

    By mmmario
    Most of the time when I click a post (any view) it sends me to an entirely different sub and post. Get your stuff together. Unacceptable and infuriating.
  • Why did you break the app

    By hdbb kanshchsbgz
    Undo this update you broke your own app
  • Video player messed up

    By wmgreen00
    Whenever you click on a video it pulls up a completely different video from somewhere else. Great app before this update
  • Video controls are terrible

    By Forever alone201
    Please revert the comment scrolling feature when the post is video. Its absolutely terrible.
  • Video player

    By Wow an amazing I say
    Y’all gotta fix the video player ASAP
  • So many bugs and doing things no one wants

    By Leo10242
    No one wants it to look like tik tok. No one wanted the new video player. And I certainly don’t want the 5,000 bugs that came with it which significantly worsens my experience on the app.
  • Wrong video being shown

    By VBigford
    What’s the point of having an update if you don’t show the right link? I can’t go to ANY video without this app showing another that literally has nothing to do with the topic 😒 it happens I go to a “car” video & I get a “taking care of houseplants” video 😒
  • Obnoxious

    By Suz721
    New updated UI is so annoying why make a video constantly play while I look through comments?
  • Videos keep taking me somewhere else

    By Shadow_knight0
    Love the app but every time I click on a video it takes me to some random video on a different subreddit and nobody has been able to help me fix it. It’s getting frustrating.
  • Really cool

    By swag plonce
    This is a cool and good app to explore and experience vids memes and other interesting stuff hope you like my review.
  • Just keeps getting worse

    By Speed88Racer
    Horrible video player, the app is just becoming more annoying every iteration.