• Category: News
  • Release Date: 2016-04-07
  • Current Version: 2020.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 81.88 MB
  • Developer: reddit
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 084 810


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  • Best meme

    By XxDogShadowxX
  • Great!

    By shutyourmouthkaitlyn
    Been working for me great so far, tons of memes and funny stuff, advice, basically everything you’d need! Love it!
  • Stupid

    By Lucas Husli
    This app is stupid in its own way. I rarely use it but try and get info from it and I try and post something and it said my “karma is too low” so it deletes my post automatically. Why is that even a thing???????😡😡
  • Reddit

    By SwIFtyeet
    It is a great place to find all you’re daily news memes games and all that stuff it is great
  • Revue

    By opalchic
  • Used to love the Reddit app

    By CatwomanTheGoddess
    But their last couple updates have added “new alerts”, none of which I had on. The update automatically turned on alerts for EVERY sub that I follow. I had to go in and manually turn off every subreddits alerts. And yet, I CONTINUE to get alerts from subs I’m not even subscribed to, even when all my alerts are turned off except for the few subs I moderate. Ridiculous.
  • Fake notifications

    By Emmersonian
    App says I have a notification when I click there's no notification. Pretty terrible way to get people to use your app..
  • Read Review!

    By IllegalSandwich
    Good app, but kinda annoying at times. It’s really fun. I love reddit. :)
  • The community

    By Cosmic Karen
    The community here is nice as long as you don’t act like an idiot. I love this app and is like a second cure for depression.
  • Still crashing a year later

    By joeymp123
    This app has been crashing while browsing r/all for over a year now and they still haven’t fixed it.
  • Hijacked by the Left

    By Scales_
    All you see on this app are leftist redditfags trying to get fake internet points so they can influence a specific demographic.
  • I enjoy it

    By Bill73763828919374
    It nice
  • Dead

    By JakeMan1024
    Update killed the app
  • Reddit

    By boredbenes
    Is app
  • New update broken!!

    By Sheikhmister
    Since update today havent been able to use the app
  • Like the app in general but so many bugs

    By DanTran1222
    I like this social media in general. However, this app does not function very well recently, it keeps crashing and fails to refresh new contents every once a while. Please fix this and I’ll update the review Thanks
  • Dank Memes

    By AshlynMiller
    What else do you need? A free app with all the latest and greatest in meme culture.
  • One of the greatest social medias

    By zzzzzzaph
    What can I say? Reddit is amazing. It’s much less limiting than other apps, and anyone can enjoy! Great for news, memes, politics, cute animals, or just finding people with the same interest as you! I have no clue how I used the internet before I got Reddit.
  • Where the real memes live

    By Victoreatsfood
    This is a great place to look and see memes
  • Title

    By MediumWoke
    I think it’s neat
  • Are you for reddit?

    By Tuxedocatthegreat
    Do you like dogs? Do you consider that a personality? How about repeating the same joke every 5 minutes, and you somehow laugh each time? Do you enjoy being close minded? If you have answered yes to all these, or the first one, you’re for reddit, and stay away from me
  • Fix the issues and allow mobile to be a legitimate alternative to browser

    By EthanEEF100$
    I like Reddit mobile but its issues are too abundant and it’s features too limited to be a legitimate alternative to Reddit on browsers. One of the biggest issues is that the home page will break for no reason, Popular and News will load but Home Page will not. Another issue is the limits on mobile, you can only name and add a description when making a subreddit, custom votes are light mode only, editing flairs enables light mode even though it’s more than possible to do it in dark mode (in fact going to the home menu then back to Reddit while editing a flair will automatically switch back to night mode making even less sense as to why you’re forced to use light mode while editing flairs), and you can’t turn off the recommended/trending subreddits tab from appearing in your homepage.
  • This is a good app

    By ilovedogs1212
    Its good but kinda glitchy for me
  • Update Broke App

    By cassiesaywhatt
    Since updating today the app no longer loads any content.
  • New update never loads

    By Eenie320
    I just updated to the new version and now my app won’t load. “Sorry, please try again later.” The issue isn’t my internet connection or my phone because every other app I’m currently using, whether or not it uses internet, is working perfectly. Must be a problem in the code, or maybe with the server. I'll keep trying because the app is ordinarily very intuitive, reliable, fine-tuned etc.
  • It’s nice and all...

    By Jayzlie
    But, since the last update it’s constantly not connecting and you cannot actually preview images in the thumbnail for a particular topic without it suddenly being super blurred out. Never had this issue, even a week ago. Please revert things so it actually functions properly.
  • Ah doy!

    By Stevers86
    Reddit is fire, download it already, and upload some crazy stuff!
  • Hate the new redesign

    By AmyB8484
    I love Reddit, but I hate the last update's redesign. Hate hate hate! When you're scrolling down looking at headlines, just as you're reading one, one of the headlines telling you about other subreddits will auto-expand and move everything down and interrupt you as you're reading. They used to already be expanded as you scrolled so nothing moved, now they interrupt your scrolling experience and make you have to scroll down more to finish reading the headline you were just reading. It's very annoying. The other annoying thing is that in the view where you're reading a post, as you're scrolling down the comments, they've made it so the button that takes you down to the next comment is no longer at the very bottom. I used to tap it without looking, but now you have to look every time you tap because you can't do it by feel because it's in an awkward place, so that's annoying. It was fine where it was. Out of habit, I keep trying to hit that button, only now the button to give a comment gold is in that spot, so I keep accidentally hitting that button, then having to close out of that box. Obviously you're going to scroll down more often than you're going to give a comment gold, so the button to scroll down should be in the place that's easier to tap without looking. I don't understand what the point was of changing these things when they were fine the way they were. Please change them back. One other thing that drives me insane is that if you leave the app and come back, sometimes literally for 5 seconds, it refreshes and you lose your place. If I see I have a text, I can't check it because I know if I do I'll lose where I'm at, then I'll have to go into my history to find the article again and scroll way down back through a million comments to find where I was. I might be writing a comment, and I might want to put a web link in that comment, but if I leave the app for a second to go copy that link onto my clipboard, when I get back, everything I wrote for my comment will be gone and it will refresh and I'll have to go back and find the post again and find the comment I was responding to again. I've gotten to where I just make a draft of my comments in Notepad first so I can't lose them. It shouldn't be that difficult.
  • Great App!

    By Rob8282
    Great App! Mods do a great job stopping trolls & other non-sense. I use the app every day and plan to for the foreseeable future.
  • Epicc

    By Vintage Melanie
    I wanted Reddit to be on pewdiepie submissions the other subreddits r good

    By Zhamnov24
  • Why so heavy?

    By David Mooch
    Why does reddit have to make their app 300x the size of Apollo? Why are you saving so much data to my phone? I literally only have this app because it has a block feature...
  • “Sorry, can’t teach Reddit”

    By xxxxxxxx7384739384
    Happens about once a week. Not my WiFi, phone, or data- just your app! Been over a year, should probably fix your app.
  • I keep getting “something went wrong”

    By Qwerty uiop keyboard
    Also, things don't load when im logged on
  • App won’t load

    By jiy tv guhgft
    Ever since the update the app won’t connect, acts like I don’t have internet. Can’t use anymore.
  • App keeps freezing/crashing

    By Nicolas13111
    Just an update or two ago, they fixed the app from crashing but this update has it doing just that like before. The save button without opening the link was also nice to bring back last update. Should have kept it in this newest update too.
  • Pen

    By Fieldraccoon56
  • Tags

    By hdnells
  • Home feed is broken

    By J.S Bach1685
    It's not updating at all, and constantly showing " please try again later "... Please fix...
  • B e a n s

    By b e an s
    B e a n s
  • Post comment reply dialog is broken

    By Rbdndosken
    It’s impossible to back out of the comment reply screen, forcing you to either post a comment or force close the app
  • Chinese owned propaganda machine now

    By bigDtrey
    This app/website used to be amazing now it is a one sided automatic ban machine.
  • Easiky one of the best social media platforms

    By Gdnjrock
    I use reddit everyday and it allows me to connect with communities specific to myself. Hands down the best social media platform in my personal opinion
  • Ghost messages

    By ksw33n3y
    Keep getting message alerts with no messages. Other than that great
  • 69

    By Mike Hooopiys
    I need a 69 star review option other than that it’s good
  • Update is crap

    By Lee burns
    Did the update and now reddit won’t connect. Act like the website is down.
  • Better than instagram.

    By MeyoususSCRP
    Honestly why are you looking at the reviews for Reddit? Go ahead download and start scrolling. Recommend joining r/memes, r/showerthoughts, r/gaming, and r/Minecraft.
  • Really nice

    By Verizonuser
    Just a good place to hang out ask questions and laugh 👍🏽
  • Absolutely Life Changing

    By Mitochondria314
    Before this I was among the lowlifes of society, pilfering stale memes from IFunny and friends. After finally getting a Reddit account, I was hip with it again! Freshly baked memes, right out of the oven! And the variety was something to behold! If I wanted to see cute puppies, I’d head over to r/aww, or if I wanted to see something funny, I’d hop onto r/funny! Come, join us in eternal meme salvation