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What is Reddit? Reddit is where topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Start off with what you like and go from there. There are 100K active ones to choose from. Stay informed about COVID-19 at r/coronavirus. Visit the Centers for Disease Control at for info. Joining your favorite communities will create a constant, personalized feed of content like news headlines, fun stories, sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes, and videos. Earn fake Internet points (called Karma) by sharing your passion for books, movies, video games, sports, TV shows, music and technology with millions of people who share your interests. Or just browse what millions of other people are posting and talking about. Here are some reasons you should download it. Communities about ideas not people - There’s a Night Mode - It creates wonderful distractions - It’s free and open - Getting answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public. - r/mildyinteresting - High quality entertainment for extended bathroom breaks. - Unique usernames so your mom won’t find you on Reddit. - Limitless possibilities - Gift exchanges like Secret Santa - Bananas used for scale - Losing track of vast amounts of time - Closing Reddit on your computer just to open it on your phone - r/bettereveryloop - Very convincing fan theories about TV shows - Every kind of nostalgia - Every team - Recipes worth making - Genuine empathy - Lots and lots of cats Reddit Premium: now with less suck. Reddit Premium Subscription is $6.99 per month. You will receive an ads-free Reddit experience, access to r/lounge and 700 Coins for every month you are subscribed. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. You will be charged a recurring monthly transaction through your iTunes account. Your account will be charged $6.99 for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Your Reddit Premium membership automatically renews on a monthly basis unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription, cancel or turn off auto-renewal through Account Settings in your iTunes account. You can cancel anytime and there are no refunds for partial months. Privacy Policy: User Agreement: Content Policy: Download the official Reddit app today.



  • Good if your alt-left

    By VerticalTwo08
    Just go to r/politics and you’ll see. Any post that says “orange man bad” and it get 60k upvotes and hundreds of rewards. Reddit censors anything that aligns with the Republican Party. Yet they claim to be a platform of free speech. What’s the point of an upvote system if they’re controlling what you see anyways. But it gets worse. Since so many right leaning users are leaving even subreddits with no politics rules are getting taken over and the Reddit admins will remove mods to replace them with mods that have their political view points. Don’t come to reddit for news. It’s a propaganda machine that has literally taken $150 million from the Chinese government. Best to avoid this site in general.
  • Good app

    By dod-dog
    Good app, would recommend. Good for lookin at memes and crap.
  • Far left cesspool

    By Dasdarco
    Reddit has become a far left cesspool the moderators ban anyone that doesn’t agree with their political ideology. This is a $3 billion Company why?
  • Ads

    By GD7483
    Ads everywhere now. First time I’ve ever seen them in the comment section of any social media platform
  • It’s cool

    By Mrmeowpie
    Idk it’s cool.
  • totally left wing and fascist

    By OfficialBry
    reddit is a totally fascist website that bans you for being right wing
  • Well designed app but extremely politically biased to the left

    By Zike01
    No major complaints, usually i ignore the prompts asking for rates but this app is actually well designed so 5 stars
  • Bruh

    By red kinda sus doe
    This app is a true masterpiece I thought it’d be a fun thing to get one night, but it was much more. Me and my friends got this app to have fun and look at memes but now we realize that this app has changed us. We’ve seen so many reposts and among us memes that it has morphed our souls. We got this app as boys and we’ll die as men because of it. If you’re looking at these reviews let me say, you don’t know what’s coming when you download this. You’ve been warned.
  • The app is terrible

    By 1 devious mama
    I love using reddit but the app is terrible. I would recommend just using it on your desktop instead.
  • Barley

    By Alabenda
    Very Epic Reddit Fart
  • Great App

    It’s full of funny and interesting subreddits. Your pretty much guaranteed a laugh if you can find some good subreddits.
  • The memes

    By atx.Dannyjr._10
    The KSI memes got me on this whole thing
  • Reddit

    By moon reeper
    Amassing meme site
  • banned me for no reason

    By dikekwksks
    this app is horrible
  • Amazing

    By Lemon_&_Lime
    I love these subreddits, whenever i have a problem, i go to reddit to see other peoples opinions. 6/5 stars
  • Really good

    By B-radgamer
    I love this app, but do you think you can add a thing where you can find the posts quickly so we don’t have to scroll forever to find your posts.

    By GwenivereMoon
    All is always well and good with Reddit. Only 1 complaint... but definitely not a deal breaker for 5*’s. I understand that spamming is an issue but trying to reply quickly to comments or attempting to comment on more than 2 posts quickly always results in the “You’re doing that too fast” error and doesn’t allow you to reply, post, or comment for 10 or so minutes. Rather annoying when being asked questions.
  • Yessir

    By JayLevi777
    Love this app
  • Good App

    By A bored fat guy
    It’s an app that lets you browse Reddit on your phone and it does just that. The only issues I have are ones that I have using the website so it’s probably not the app’s fault.
  • Amazing content but almost impossible to follow

    By CMilly024<3
    Wish it wAs more clear how to gain certain things such as all the little things that will get posts removed and how to raise your karma.
  • iFunny is garbage

    By Ggfffcv
    No political memes, just genuinely funny memes and a great community.
  • Reddit you make me so happy

    By PRO_013
    I love your app. I love Reddit. I’m so entertained by you. :)
  • Server Error

    By Jingmin Z
    Tap to retry. Not working. Tap to retry. Not working.
  • Server Error

    By Benneyapr
    Nothing will open for me today. No posts or comments. I keep getting "Server Error" message. What the hell?!
  • The app stopped working

    By Ridakk02
    Idk what happened but now nothing will load
  • New update won’t load subs

    By Vmcwdd
    Awesome app, usually. Updated and now can’t look at subreddits. Fix and I’ll switch it to a 5 star. Thanks for your work
  • Waited a bit before making this review.

    By spomenik5
    Reddit is something that I hate in many ways. This is a long review, so I have segmented it. -USERBASE- The community is a hivemind, and has a collective bias that quickly unleashes hate-spam upon individual users that even mildly disagree with their group views. The Reddit staff are politically biased, and from what I’ve seen, they appear to have far-left-leaning (note that I say “far”) views, so if you post anything that even seems to have mild conservative, right-leaning, or even centrist views about a controversial topic, it may get deleted. The subreddit moderators are very power-hungry, and abuse their admin privileges to benefit themselves instead of the subreddit. (This part is political, scroll past incase you don’t want political stuff) Every post has a comment that jumps to conclusions, and if it’s something they don’t like, then around 75% of time their comment will mention a right-leaning politician, usually to blame. (Political part over) In comments on specific content, users also will sometimes call for lynchings of demographics, which do include but are not limited to: white people, Jews, and Christians. -CONTENT- The content is repetitive and boring, to the point that you see the same image or video in the same subreddit multiple times per day. If the user is sneaky enough, they’ll steal the content and post it 29 days later, and get twice as many [or more] upvotes (Reddit equivalent of a “like button”) as you did. Image thievery is common, so if you take photos, make original art, or make your own memes, expect to see it posted on another subreddit by someone else without crediting you. There’s a subreddit called r/RedditDetectives. This subreddit is solely responsible for causing many issues and ruining many lives, including falsely accusing some of molestation (which managed to get them put on the “S” offenders list), and someone getting killed (person was subtlety trying to get someone’s address, and they later murdered said person. Post was later banned for doxxing, but was too late) Reddit staff often censor content, and this happens often so that they can hide peoples views from the userbase. This can be compared to shadowbanning. NSFW content is present on Reddit, and can be filtered in user settings. -AFTERWORD- Avoid Reddit.
  • Like this app

    By Mr_ShaneH
    I like memes this is happy place
  • Group chats keep crashing!

    By herpderpityderp
    Ever since I started using group chats on Reddit the app has been randomly freezing while I’m scrolling through the messages. And since then I have updated the app twice, yet the problem persists. Very annoying, because I then have to close the app, remove it from the background apps and then launch it again - and even after that it keeps crashing. Very inconveniencing :/
  • Icon is ugly

    By polarbear4567
    Can y’all please change the icon back to color? The black and white looks horrible.
  • It’s a well of truths

    By jsjdkdrkkrnrbxrztddd
    Just read between the lines
  • opinion

    By clipzzy
    really good app it’s fun just maybe toxjc
  • Crashes instantly

    By kcollett
  • Extremely Entertaining

    By BlaynesGirl
    So much to see that I can’t get any sleep bc I love it so much.
  • Reddit good

    By that n00b 1
    When use Reddit: stonks When not use Reddit: not stonks
  • Grate

    By fellow__redditor
    Apps grate
  • Impressive

    By King Grudy
    Very straightforward and easy to use
  • Garbage

    By reddit is a wasteland
    This app blows. The new reddit updates are a joke.
  • Reddit

    By shhshdusdhdhjdidndjixxjebhdikd
  • Forced to use an app instead of web

    By Terminationshok
    They’ve completely trashed every aspect of the mobile site to try and force you to use this app. Probably so they can siphon off data about you.
  • Best app

    By GaRbAgEsTuDiOs
    IT SOOOOO FUN,love it keep up the good work!
  • Annoying

    By Zeek1227
    After being hassled about a million times to download this I finally did. It’s pointless and provides me no benefit. Let me use the website in my browser.
  • Website broken without app

    By AnnoyedLJD
    Website experience is deliberately broken to drive traffic to the app
  • u/r/ #trumpisthepedophile

    By Levidrew
    u/r/ #trumpisthepedophile
  • Bugs

    By Mshamsi28
    The app lags while scrolling upwards, and the send button can be pushed multiple time and it will post a post too many times
  • Reddit Rocks!

    By old alaska tarheel
    Reddit is a respectful platform for sharing & learning. Love it!!
  • I love Reddit BUT...

    By Peloquin1981
    I’ve always loved Reddit, but the platform continues to have large numbers of vile racists and racist/hate filled subs. There needs to be a better process of reporting this content, and users who post it, that doesn’t rely on mods. A small number of mods run a very large number of subs, and users need a process to report hate when mods fail to act.
  • If you want honest, truth and facts come to Reddit

    By MagnoliaLove
    Stop wasting your time on the other wack social media sites that your grandma and ignorant neighbor uses (looking at you, Facebook), or watching workout videos and pseudo models on Instagram. Be smarter than that. Use Reddit. Except don’t go into the Q-Anon sections. You’ll lose brain cells.
  • Good app

    By xXBrettkillerXx
    I love Reddit but you have to be a certain type to enjoy it