Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-08-20
  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 147.22 MB
  • Developer: Pixelberry Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 162 698


What you can expect with Choices: • Romance your favorite characters • Fall in love, solve mysteries and embark on epic fantasy adventures • Character customization • Choose your story from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates • Control what happens next in immersive visual stories! Our most popular stories include: THE ROYAL ROMANCE - In this rags to riches saga, ditch your waitressing job to travel to the beautiful kingdom of Cordonia... and compete for the hand of the crown prince! Will you win his royal proposal, or will another suitor command your affections? OPEN HEART - Fresh out of med school, you’re the newest medical resident at Edenbrook Hospital working under the brilliant and demanding Dr. Ethan Ramsey. When faced with situations where you hold a patient's life in your hands, will you be able to make the cut? BLADES OF LIGHT AND SHADOW - Human, elf or orc? Create your character, gain new skills, and become the hero you want to be in this epic fantasy adventure! The forces of darkness are rising.. will you be the light that defeats them? MOTHER OF THE YEAR - Things take a turn for the worse when your ex-husband and your daughter's biological father shows up with a high-powered new job, a hot new girlfriend, and a plan to re-insert himself into your daughter’s life. BABY BUMP - Finally, after graduating from business school and landing your dream job, your life is taking off when your life is interrupted by an unplanned pregnancy with Gracetown's most eligible bachelor. THE ROYAL MASQUERADE - As the unlikely heir to a minor house in Renaissance-Era Cordonia, the death of a sibling thrusts you into a dangerous political masquerade, where secrets reign and no one is truly what they seem. THE ELEMENTALISTS - Magick. Mystery. Mayhem. Are you really the normal, college freshman you thought you were? Or something much, much more? Discover what powers lie deep within you at Penderghast College. DESIRE & DECORUM - In this regency era romance It's court or be courted when you discover you’re one of the most eligible heiresses in England! Does true love await you at the grand Edgewater Estate? RIDE-OR-DIE - Logan isn’t the type of boy you can bring home to Dad... not when Dad’s the detective tasked with taking down Logan’s illegal street racing crew. BLOODBOUND - You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller! HIGH SCHOOL STORY - It's your first day at a new high school! Make friends, find love, and attend the Homecoming dance in your very own High School Story! Choices has even more titles and releases new stories and chapters EACH WEEK! Check us out on social media: PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE - Please read our privacy policy at - By playing Choices, you agree to our terms of service ABOUT US Choices is from the team that has been bringing you narrative games for over a decade. We created the top 25 hit games, Surviving High School and Cause of Death, the first episodic games, for EA. After leaving EA, our team regrouped as Pixelberry in a small office, set out to continue creating story driven games with heart and launched the two interactive hit games, High School Story and Hollywood U. Our team has now grown to over a dozen of the most experienced game writers in the industry. In our 10 years of creating story games together, we’ve seen heartbreak, marriages, great adventures, and even Pixelbabies. Stay tuned for more new interactive story games to pick from in Choices! - The Pixelberry Team



  • Diamond less

    By IT'SME!!!!!!!$$$$
    The game is fun but when it comes to Diamonds you can’t make the choices you want because you don’t have enough diamonds and The game gives you no extra way to earn diamonds or keys. It makes you not want to play the game because of that. Shouldn’t have to spend money to play the game and that’s how it’s set up! Very disappointing!
  • Could be WAY better.

    By BOIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!
    This game is great for finding stories, but their a bit short on genres. Like, none of the stories are sad or depressing. They’re very bland and boring. The most exiting thing is when you have enough gems to actually DO SOMETHING. Please fix this game. This is a generous rating.
  • The royal romance !

    By donishamrco2222
    I have finish both books royal romance one and two and royal heir book one.. I have never stalk a game to see when it releases ! Release Friday 1 hour and 50 min left !! I have my keys and diamonds ready !!
  • Please listen developers!

    By 27373829🌤☔️☀️💦🌧djxjcje
    I know you get a lot of these, so LISTEN! For a game called choices, why does every choice cost diamonds, not everybody is rich enough to buy diamonds just so you know. Please could we have the option to earn diamonds by watching ads. You could be still be making money, and we could be able to PLAY THE GAME! Please just fix this or do something to help with the diamond problem.
  • The Witness

    By P.M.K. the star
    This story has a lot of potential and I really enjoy the plot but it’s very irritating when every other choice costs a ridiculous amount of diamonds. I can’t just spend a bunch of money on diamonds and I don’t earn nearly enough diamonds to make any decent choices in the story. If you are going to make the best/nicest choice cost diamonds then at least add a third response that isn’t angry or hostile. This app is pretty great but needs work on how accessible the stories REALLY are.
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    By CoolCat4458
    Omg! This is the best game ever!👍🏻 It literally brung me to tears when I finished a story after another! I love the romance and the drama😍 I play it before I go to bed after work and in my free time! BEST game ever!
  • Could be better

    By daniellepell
    LOVE THE BOOKS. Hate that there’s not more ways to get diamonds or keys other then paying.
  • Best app I ever used

    By bts._.naeee
    This is a wonderful app it’s has a lot of story’s too!
  • More options

    By crimson_bblade
    If we could get more male options or male games that would be great also if we could get more fantasy
  • Good game . . . to some degree

    By Summerfire20
    I really like the horror and adventure stories—those are great. The diamond issue you just have to get used to, and I kind of like how you have to wait for keys to keep reading; it keeps you from being on this app for hours. However, I believe there may be some sort of “bug” on this app, for when I tried to delete the app, I found that my phone would not allow me to do so. There were no options provided to delete the app or anything. Strange. A couple days later I somehow figured out how to delete the app, so it’s not like the app is stuck on your device forever, it just wants to hang around for some time.😐 I wrote this app mostly as a warning, because I did not like how the the app acted when I tried to delete it. The same thing happened to my sibling, and it’ll probably happen to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • We want this!!

    By we want this, everyone does
    I would have given this game 5 starts if the number of diamonds I need to buy clothing and the time for free keys would be reduced. If that is done... this is the best game ever!!!
  • This is a good game

    By jkjkjklonp
    Good game
  • Too many diamonds needed

    By calyhoney75
    So...I gave it 2 stars because some stories require diamonds for ALMOST EVERY choice you make. Sorry but I REFUSE to pay to make choices in a story. Yes, I understand they have to make money but we shouldn’t have to pay for every little choice you want to make. Other than that, the stories are good. You shouldn’t have to pay almost $20 per story to make different choices. If you got more diamonds for the money it might be worth it.
  • Great game but too pricy

    By LMichelle999
    I downloaded Choices after seeing an AD and I immediately loved it. Nice graphics and I am enjoying my first book. However, I can’t afford the amount of diamonds I would need to really enjoy the books. I understanding charging diamonds for clothes and customizing your character but in many cases your actual choices cost diamonds! It is very hard to earn diamonds in game so you pretty much have to purchase them. After spending $30 for one book, I decided I better uninstall. I’ll check back again and see if they have they changed anything regarding diamonds. If money is not a problem for you, you will love this game.
  • The best

    By dollpie
    It has amazing story’s and and u make your own choices. Whoever created this is amazing person.
  • I love this app!❤️

    By 954runner
    Choices is easily one of my favorite apps!! I don’t really mind the diamond choices, but I have a couple suggestions that I have heard others express as well. 1. The MCs are always uglier than the LIs, maybe the witness story’s LI could be a future MC? I do like the AME mc tho, maybe you could use her more 2. The nanny affair, it might be a cute chapter if they went to a carnival or something fun like that 3. A lot of the MCs don’t have a kind of unique talent like the LIs do. Maybe one could sing, paint, play guitar, or a sport? I know you have MCs that sing like in Platinum, but so did the LIs. Maybe the MC could have a unique thing? Or just unique things in general, like being taller, or lots of ear piercings or nose piercing, I would pay SO MUCh for that 4. I have never really like the hairstyles, they seem kind of weird. Maybe if you have a wavy blonde one with two connected braids, OR A SHORT WAVY BLONDE one like madeline’s, abt shoulder length I would pay ONE MILLION diamonds for that!!!! 5. TNA would be a really cute episode if they rode bikes or to an amusement park or a lake or beach
  • You have to buy everything

    By michy262
    This game used to be cool but now you have to purchase about almost every fun choice and your only they only give you two... not fun no more 👎🏼
  • Refused to give refund

    By ZanneP0991
    I was playing a book and the next time I logged in I noticed my progress was no longer there. After contacting them and then trying to fix it for a whole month they said they couldn’t do anything supposedly because I had switched devices yet I was playing the same book and it always saved my process on the new device for weeks. They then said that they would not return the $20 I used in that one book. Very unprofessional and money hungry company.

    By fn h hvvh
    this game is way better than any other App Store games I’ve played
  • VscoWriterLOLLL🤣🤑🤩🥳🤯

    By Unhappy poop
    Hi! I’m Meredith a 12yr old writer! I have a lotta positive thoughts. Such as this game is very amazing I have written over a hundred stories! All the development in this game is amazing, like the characters! I really enjoy the comedy and drama! The top stories I enjoyed are 1st HSS, 2nd Open heart and lastly America’s most eligible! I mean they’re really the greatest! For all those people out there, inspire yourselves to write follow you’re dreams and do what you’re heart says! Stay positive and keep calm. Also keep WRITING!!!! Some genres are Drama, Love, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Magic and EVERYTHING! I hope you guys don’t smoke cigarettes or bully. It’s a bad influence on children. Bullying is a serious problem in the United States and on the other side of the world, did you know more than a million kids get bullied each day? That’s not good. Remember to write about anything you’d like even things that don’t make sense! Developers out there keep up the great work and don’t forgot to read my review? Okay, thanks!!!! I have really enjoyed the cute boys in the game but sadly I have a boyfriend. The Freshman always makes you feel young again and it makes you think about high school memories! A lot of thought goes into the customizing! You authors spend lots of time putting thought into your stories and I love the terrific plot twists! You developers are just as amazing! Choices has taught me so much about family, relationships love and the importance of making a choice! The stories are heart breaking, hair pulling amazing stories! It really helps me experience the real world and get ready for the future! Keep doing what you do best! The stories are so well- written and compelling. The authors always know what they’re talking about they put a lot of effort and detail into it and that puts a smile on my face! Choices brightens up my day! I’ve had my jaw dropping/ gasping moments a lot in each story during a twist, cheers towards a prevailing character, my laughs or occasionally a curse towards a antagonists. I tell my friends all about the stories each day! I imagine myself in the characters shoe seeing what happens, it feels like I’m reading visual novels more than just playing a game! When playing Choices all the stories tell me just about everything that happens in the real world! I just love it! Keep being you! Download this game, seriously it’s the best! You can chose your own path in life.
  • Keys & Diamonds

    By jackie17mejia
    I myself used this choices app I decided to delete it but that was last year I really did enjoy the book I was reading, but again with the keys I had to wait for like 2 and a half hours just to get a key for free, and that there is frustrating because I still don’t have money to purchase them so if the owner’s can change it up on that, we’d really appreciate it. And now for the changes of earning diamonds is not as bad but, it’d be better if we can earn more. Lastly... each time we end a book and want to read it again it makes us spend keys all over again when it’d be very nice to already have them unlocked if we already read through it. So owners of this app if you are reading this please be considered and thank you for these beautiful books especially the blood bound .
  • Great game

    By DS20610
    I think it’s a great game but you should continue on with the hero series

    By the1andonlykat
    mann i like it’s but them diamonds is not it😒😒😒😒😒
  • Addicting 😍

    By JadeCat05
    I've played this game for so long and I'm in love with it! Open Heart is by far my favorite right now!
  • Game stopped giving keys

    By k10rulz
    I like the game and the stories, but I no longer earn any keys. Even after waiting the few hours for one. It became an only pay to play. Too bad
  • No more ads

    By Grace.r.i.g.h.t
    I went on to read my new chapters as normal and realized we no longer have the daily login thing, and can no longer watch ads to earn diamonds. This is very inconvenient because that was one of the two ways I earned diamonds. I get you have to make money with this game but it takes the whole point away, I can no longer “spice things up” while reading and making choices. I’m stuck thinking “ OMG I WISH I COULD PICK THAT” and eventually have to move on. This is ridiculous because this used to be my favorite choice game now I don’t even go on it. Bring back the diamonds please instead of being selfish because you want money, it’s sad. And don’t bother putting “oh I’m so sorry we always have a rewarding ending” bs JULIAN.
  • Diamonds

    By Leche María
    The diamonds are the only thing wrong with this game. SIMPLE! .
  • Super cool

    By Hahhaibrbeituwinerb
  • My opinion!!

    By Mtz.marsai
    I love this app!! It relives my boredom and it’s thrilling you definitely want to know what’s happening next, there’s not many adds and the quality it really good... Although the app has its good sides I just feel like the readers should have an option in creating their own stories! It might help bring out the creativity in some readers. AND not to mention but the app should have more options on ways to earn keys/diamonds :)
  • Diamonds

    By randomperson878
    Thank you for providing a way to earn diamonds as this makes the app worthwhile to me. I do not mind watching ads to earn. I hope this feature will not be taken away.
  • Could use some work

    By this is eden
    Choices is a great game, but it takes too long to wait for keys, and accumulate diamonds. It would be cool if we had a daily spin of keys and diamonds, or something similar.
  • Gotta pay for the good stuff

    By potato_empress
    I LOVE this game. I’ve spent many late nights staying up reading the stories in this game. The stories are great and I’m super invested. My two problems: 1) Not being able to choose chapters. While I’m waiting for new chapters to come out, I’d like the option to go back and re-read chapters. I’d also just like this option for stories that I started, paused, and want to pick up again at a later time. 2) The diamonds. You don’t HAVE to go with the diamond option, but obviously those choices get you the outcomes/scenes that you’d want. Admittedly I’ve spent a bunch of money on this app and have had to delete it multiple times because I was going overboard. Overall, great game and I would recommend it.
  • Love it but seriously so much money?

    By Valshelby
    Love the idea of this game and being apart of and controlling the story. But why does everything cost, there is no way to really have the story play out how you want unless you buy diamonds. It never fails that I am always a couple short and have to buy more. After I finish this story I will probably not do another because of this. I do understand needing to make money from the app and wouldn’t mind buying diamonds every now and then but not multiple times a chapter.
  • Keys

    By 8605388988
    It’s an awesome game and super addicting but a lot of the things require too many diamonds and the 2 hour keys thing is annoying. I love the game but if it only took one hour instead of two I would love it even more. I also have a game called episode and it only gives you one diamond every 3 chapters or so. This game also gives you some diamonds to start and episode does not. overall this one is better but in episode it gives three hearts every hour instead of one key every two hours.
  • Choices

    By jaxlol1103
    This is a great amazing game with a full immersive feeling and great story’s to it with a vast variety of genres, the only little complaint I have is that once you complete a chapter you only get 2 gems with a bonus for a extra one if you watch an ad, you use gems to unlock special dialogue but sometimes it can cost up to 30 gems plus so I feel you should get more gems when you complete a chapter
  • Suggestions!! Please read!!

    By breannabrink
    Hey!! So I really love this app, I’ve had it for about 3 years and have had it on multiple devices and I have always been obsessed with it! I do have a few suggestions and downs about this app thought. So first of all I think Mafia books would be a huge hit if you added one because I know that a lot of people love them, and there aren’t none on this app. Also maybe more werewolves and vampire books, maybe even a devil one where she falls in love with the devil and all. I would really look forward to those books if you made them!! Secondly, I really hate the keys wait, I was hoping it could go down like to maybe 30 minutes or even an hour. I know a lot of people really hate that about the app and some people dont really have the money to go and buy gems or keys. Also I don’t know if you could make it happen but add books where you can just spend 30-40 gems and then don’t have to spend anymore through the book. I know you have that for side stories for the Freshman serious so maybe more stuff like that? Besides this I love this app and I am addicted!! Please try with the suggestions because I know it would be a huge hit and would even help some people out!!
  • No good

    By why but why
    U cant make choices u want without the stupid diamonds. How do u get diamonds, you have to purchase them.
  • Best game ever!

    By GDR26
    I love this game, I’m addictive to it; however I wish there was a better way to get more keys and diamonds. The waiting time between keys and diamonds it’s too long. I could play this game all day long but I can’t because I don’t have enough keys and diamonds.
  • Diamonds took away option of getting more

    By Digitlikekris21
    So the diamonds really erk me here but i like the stories so most of the time i cant do the choice i actually want to choose. Ive bought some diamonds but cant keep buying diamonds like every week or every other week. Then they just took away the option of watching videos to get free diamonds everyday. Not chill.
  • Best Game ever!

    By rvgeyssusvzh
    This might be weird, but I like this because of the amazing stories and the fact you can also be a male.Other games like this don’t have that and It infuriates me that they do that. This is the best one out of all the similar games, hands down.
  • Nostalgic

    By a_person0129874653
    This game reminds me strongly of Surviving High School, an app that I was obsessed with almost a decade ago. Takes me back, lol. I look forward to keeping up with the stories. I do agree with other users that the paid diamonds aren’t ideal, but this app seems a little more generous with giving out free diamonds (for watching ads or reading stories) than some of the other story apps I’ve tried.
  • Money grabbing.

    By Brock54
    For a game called “choices,” they really only give you one: pay to play, or miss half the story. Ninety percent of the good choices, you’ll have to use diamonds to make...a lot of diamonds, that you have no chance to accumulate freely, but have to purchase. Do you really think it’s reasonable to charge someone two dollars for every good choice?
  • Removal of free diamonds

    By Jacen28
    Well I was debating whether or not to keep playing because of how tedious grinding for diamonds is. I stuck around because they allowed players to earn login diamonds and they just removed it. I can’t be bothered to grind 15 chapters for 30 diamonds. It just isn’t fun. On top of that everything in the store isn’t cost effective or appealing to me as a customer. 5 usd gets you 60 diamonds. That isn’t going to last one chapter, realistically. If you’re very stingy and only want certain options, maybe 60 diamonds will last 2 chapters at best. Most stories in the game are 15 and up chapters long. Do the math. It’s time I quit. This game isn’t fun or rewarding to play anymore. And seeing that they just removed free diamonds I’m foreseeing exorbitant business moves coming to this game. Eventually they may remove chapter diamonds entirely. I won’t be there to see it though
  • wth

    By angelicalucy
    What happened to the diamond ads ?
  • Fun.. but you have to pay for EVERYTHING

    By rdrdrdrd75857585
    Literally it presents you with 2-3 options, one is lame, and free. The other 1 or 2 are what you actually want to choose, and they cost coins. Which you have to wait for forever to earn 1 coin when options for a dang dress costs 20. It’s so stupid. At least give two free options every time. Not worth it unless you plan on pocketing out money.
  • Buy a book it costs less

    By PhotoG20
    To have any interesting interaction you have to pay! Not worth it at all!
  • Swearing

    By AnonymousPerson731
    This was a good app it just swore SO much. I mean occasionally swearings ok to spice the story up but otherwise it makes it sound like they are all REALLY horny and thirsty. They also sound like teens then.
  • Recommend

    By AnOnYMouse!,!,!,!,!!
    Definitely check out the freshman series,America’s most Eligible,and the Crown and the flame books. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!
  • Awesome game

    By obvhwnsfbfv
    I tried all of the story choices applications and CHOICES is the best!!! But there are 2 issues: First one: diamond’s sources are really little compared to each chapter and diamond choice, i mean at least put like minimum 6 diamonds after completing each book. Second issue: Can u pls release 2 chapters -(or more)- per week. Other than that everything is perfectly fine🌟.