Flipd - Keep Focused

Flipd - Keep Focused

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 3.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 131.02 MB
  • Developer: Flipd Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 907


* #1 app for distraction-free focus * 85% of Flipd users feel more productive Flipd is the #1 app for distraction-free focus, productivity, and presence. Join millions celebrating improved wellbeing through practicing tech-life balance in all of their daily tasks. When it’s time to focus or be present, turn on Flipd to track your sessions. If you exit Flipd, your session will end. Feel motivated by your progress through Day Streaks, Daily Goals, Leaderboards, and more. Plus, access the Wellness Hub library for soothing audio tracks that keep you focused, calm, and mindful. Every *Mindful Moment* you achieve with Flipd will leave you feeling motivated and encouraged.Mindful Moments that Flipd tracks include: * Studying * Sleeping * Working * Writing * Creating * Meditating * Napping * Cleaning * Reading * Exercising * Chilling * Relaxing * ...and so much more OUT OF 2000 USERS SURVEYED: * 85% of Flipd users feel more productive after just 10 days * 2 out of 3 users say their well-being improved since they began using Flipd USER TESTIMONIALS: “Helps motivate myself everyday.” “Flipd has made me a lot more productive and creative.” “I feel Flipd helps me stay on task with what I want to get done.” “Best app I’ve found by far for this sort of thing — I honestly prefer it to Forest.” “Flipd is amazing — I started using it more frequently and my marks went from 66% to 90%.” HOW FLIPD WORKS — Flipd in everyday life: * Stay on task by challenging yourself to unplug from your phone * Schedule reminders to create daily mindful habits * Join community groups to compete with your friends * Listen to music tracks for focus, relaxation, and white noise * Full Lock Mode hides distracting social media apps and games DAILY STATS — Stay motivated with: * Day Streaks * Daily Goals * Mindful Minutes THE WELLNESS HUB: * Transport yourself to a calm environment whenever you're anxious or stressed * Listen to soothing white noise sounds like Campfire, Ocean, and more * Listen to meditations and motivational audio tracks from top creators * Tune out distractions for studying, sleeping, and self-care FLIPD FOR CLASS — Unplug and engage: * Boost your focus and engagement while you learn * Receive automatic reminders to Flip Off for class * Keep track of your progress over time * Check in with Flipd Attendance and track your class Leaderboard * Use Flipd at home to maximize your focus GO PREMIUM — Boost your productivity with: * Full library of audio tracks for focus, mindfulness, sleep, and more * Unlimited customization for your Flipd sessions * Unlimited daily and weekly habit reminders * Access exclusive community groups * Full detailed stats history Apple Health App: Flipd integrates with the Apple Health App. Challenge yourself to be more mindful and keep track of your time well spent with Flipd through Mindful Minutes in the Apple Health App. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING $29.99 per year These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew at the subscription price unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the current subscription once activated during the subscription period. Manage your subscriptions in your iOS Account Settings after purchase. Other in-app purchases available: Class Access 4 months: $7.99 USD Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Class Access is a one-time consumable product and must be purchased again after expiration. Terms and Conditions: http://www.flipdapp.co/terms-privacy Support Contact: info@flipdapp.co



  • Could be great—see below

    By Yaharasoccer
    I have two major problems with this app. First, after full-lock mode ends, I need to manually allow notifications for each and every app AGAIN. Can you imagine trying to do pomodoro with this? Second, how about the people who try to skirt the system (myself included)? Let’s be real, if you need full-lock, you also need a foolproof way to be locked out. I can break this lock by going into settings and removing the permissions I granted to go into full-lock mode. This may seem petty but imagine working on something with a deep work session that lasts 4 hours and then realizing you needed to do something on your phone midway through—completely destroys the purpose of this app
  • Totally messed up my phone

    By edavismt
    I used this for the first time and locked it for eight hours. I loved the fact that I couldn’t be distracted by it. However, when the eight hours were up, all of my apps were out of their folders and were all over the place. It took me a long time to get them put back. If it’s going to do that every time I lock it, no thanks. Also, it’s very cumbersome to get set up for use. Make it easy and people will use it. This wasn’t worth the effort when there are several other options that don’t screw up your apps and are easier to use.
  • Please Fix the Icons Issue

    By Davidb231
    So I love this app. It has helped me regain many hours back into my life. With that being said, I wish you didn’t have to download and install the add-on every single time! I was downloading/installing every time just in case anyway, but decided to not do it today because I still saw the “Flipd Organize” on my home screen. Nope. Even though it was still there from previous uses, I apparently still have to do it each time to keep my apps from being an absolute mess when they return. The only way to fix it is reset and restore my phone from my last backup. I will continue to use the app, but I really wish this could be resolved.
  • Technological problems

    By JCB60000
    I had the app hide my apps for 1 hour and it lasted 7. I had to email them for help. I also got premium and it wouldn't recognize it after a few weeks. There are definitely some technological problems with this app that need working on.
  • App No Longer Works

    By Derik_Collins
    This app was great until a recent update. It's full lock mode no longer works and failed to end on my friend's phone. This is some shoddy programming. I'd look elsewhere.
  • Apps don’t come back

    By anonymous1236543271
    This app works 70% of the time using full lock mode. But there were multiple times where I schedule full lock mode for 8 hours before I go to sleep, and my apps don’t come back. I have to go and uninstall the data management software which is tiresome. If it worked 100% of the time, I’d give 5 stars.
  • Doesn’t work. Horribly long set up for nothing

    By ZackGallipeau
    I wanted to use this app to lock myself out of my phone for studying, but the full lock feature says it can’t connect when I try to use it, even though I have full WiFi bars and I can use my internet to do literally anything else. Awful app
  • Don’t do it

    By AirPenguin Player
    You give over permissions to your iPhone on this app - Do not do it! I downloaded yesterday at 4am. By the time it was done they had gotten into my phone, then my gmail account then they tried to reset my password! Thankfully I had a second backup email they could not get the password reset through but this was after they had already pilfered through my private email account. Do not trust!
  • ...

    By Yum Eggs :3
    I originally downloaded this app to use the full lock feature but it won't allow me to download flipd organize for whatever reason. I have a bunch of apps and reorganizing all of them after using full lock is a pain. Other than that this app is great and really helps me focus on my work!
  • Horrible!!

    By azin.a.p
    It messed my phone up!! I set the hard lock timer for 4 hours and 24 hours later it still hadn’t unhidden my apps! Eventually I had to go to an apple store to have it fixed This by far the worst app I’ve ever seen👎🏻
  • Decent but has room to improve

    By mino099216
    Flipd is great for what it does: keeps your phone on lockdown, so you can stop obsessively playing with it. However, there are a few times I would strongly urge the developers to consider that I think would make the app near perfect. 1. Manual Whitelist: Whether or not this is a slippery slope should be the user’s discretion. I need certain apps to study that are automatically blocked on Full Lock, such as Anki or Quizlet. It would be nice to have this ability to place all my games on Lock while still granting me access to my flashcards. 2. Have the icons in the same place when they return. Everything gets all scrambled up and all the notification settings are reset. This tests my patience. 3. There are times when my apps never return after my set time has expired, and I have to manually go into my settings to uninstall the profile. I am always connected to the internet, so I’m not sure what the problem is, but I hope this can be fixed. These problems are nearly enough for me to consider a different app, so I hope they will be taken seriously. Thank you.
  • Not getting fully locked

    So first day everything went well and I loved it but now it’s only the second day n it is not locking. I read the support to remove device manager and start over, i did it and still not working. I’m using the trial version now and was going to purchase it but now I’m not. Why should I pay for something that is not functional.
  • Decent

    By ignantbanker
    So far so good, except it did disorganize my apps :/
  • It was great until.. :/

    By JuliettesCouz
    So it was awesome. Completely blocked what I had set up for eight hours straight. The problem was it did it’s job too well. The next day the blocker was still on. And then the next day. I had to restart my phone to get it unblocked, which also forced me to redo all my contacts. Please, PLEASE fix that bug in the system that caused it to go past it’s time.
  • Serious issues with full lockdown mode

    By SammyJean21
    When using the full lockdown mode, it will undo all your folders. When the lock is done, all your apps will be out, if any were in folders, and in alphabetical order. You will have to reorganize your apps. It also appears to undo notification settings on all apps that were hidden. These will have to be redone too. It basically makes this mode unusable.
  • Keeps me committed

    By smartphone addicted
    I have a problem with constantly being on my phone even at work. I needed something that I could not cheat or override and this was it. I put it in full lock down mode and all I can do is call or text. All social media, browsers and apps are totally hidden and inaccessible . Gets me off my phone. It was hard at first I will admit. I was even having anxiety issues but I have calmed down and kept with my lock down schedule. Thank you for helping me.
  • This is the worse app ever be extremely careful

    By mhshehdhd
    This is my first ever review for an app. I have been looking for an app to help with my phone addiction if it was for concept itself i would give the app 5 stars, in the full down mode it keeps you away from the phone. The big problem is that when the lock down end your phone it erases all user settings and notification for every single app. It took me more than the 4 hours of lockdown to configure my phone back. Apple should provide this functionality on its next ios.
  • Terrible, definitely avoid.

    By topgear98
    Notifications are gone for every app that was hidden in full lock mode. No way to turn most of them back on without reinstalling each and every app on my phone. While it did its intended purpose in full lock mode, it ruined my phone afterwards. I would not recommend installing this app.
  • Amazing app to keep me from using my phone too much

    By maritza6
    Downloaded it to help me concentrate on studying for exams and it helps keep me on track. Every time I look at how much time I’ve accumulated while studying I feel accomplished and motivates me to study longer. Very satisfied with this app.
  • Forget that!!!!

    By MayKadence
    I have a bad phone addiction. I only spent the money to help me break off of it by blocking the apps that I spend hours on. But to d that, Flipd is honest enough to let u know that you basically give them the permission to have access to your personal data, erase apps on your phone at their will, and literally have complete access to your entire life. Im glad they told me before I gave permission for the « full lock mode », because I’m not down for that at all. And now I have to cancel this app and account which will be of no use to me, and I’m disappointed, another non-working app for iPhone.
  • Worst app ever

    By :) no name
    The only way I could turn off the full lock was to remove management in settings
  • Fantastic

    By Barstoolbeliever
    Highly recommend it
  • Good short term. Not good full lockdown

    By three imaginary boys
    Good app for telling me to get off my phone. When I try to do anything it gives me a notification which is great. But the stupid full lockdown feature scatters your icons everywhere. Which in my opinion ruins it Cause after I use it I don’t want to have to reorganize my entire phone
  • Terrible App

    By Hunty P
    Why do I have to pay so much for you to lock my phone for me? Why does it reorder my apps? Why do I NEED to give you my email and use my email to log in? App is a total scam ran by yogi hippies. Would give it less than a star if I could.
  • Won’t Work!

    By Mamakhadijah
    I don’t know how anyone has been able to get this app to work. I’ve followed all the instructions and keep getting a message that my internet connection isn’t strong enough. I’m on WiFi at home and can’t imagine how this is true. I wanted this to work so bad. I’ve deleted and downloaded multiple times, I’ve tried to set it up again,I just can’t get it.
  • Great for studying... certain topics

    By HTX MBA
    I use this app for studying and most of the times it’s great. But Flipd needs to allow me to use the calculator function on my phone without kicking me off. I don’t have another calculator so I’m forced to use the one on my phone. Other than that, it’s a great app
  • This app is the worst

    By gek1998
    Ruined my semester
  • maybe add a feature where...

    By pastaellamy
    so first, i rly like app, i rly do. but i see so much more potential that could make this app even greater. i would like a feature where you can decide what apps should be and not be hidden during full lock. leaving text messages can rly distract me nonetheless, and sometimes i have educational apps that i require during the session. otherwise, i find it a nice app to keep productivity going.
  • Can’t even open it......

    By Nika.A.Y
    Sounds like a great idea! Now if only there was some way to create a login without getting nothing but error messages. Next...
  • I wanted to like this app...

    By Stephsteph11
    This app is almost perfect. I could see this really helping me achieve my goals by helping me get off my phone so much. I didn’t even have issues with my apps getting oh of order like others mentioned. However, the nuisance of having my notification settings reset every single time you go into “full lockdown” is enough for me to delete this app. There’s no easy fix for this. Every time to go into a different app the app prompts you if you’d like to turn notifications on or off as it does when you first install an app. And whatever your settings were for the notifications before full lockdown gets erased. For example: for my email app, I only have the badge notifications turned on. After using full lockdown and selecting “allow notifications” I then got a default notification (with sound) every single time I got an email. Which is like every other minute. Which caused me to look at my phone to see why it vibrated/made noise. The exact opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish.
  • Decent Ideas, Terrible Execution

    By Ommbre
    this gosh darn app completely messed with my notification settings, even after lock down turned off. I followed all their instructions to maintain icon placement, etc, but the app affects more than just that. most of the features are only available through premium, too. not worth it
  • Used it for Full-Lock, Almost Perfect

    By 164353
    I mainly tried Flipd for the full lock option, since basically no iPhone apps have a hard app blocker. It’s severe, which is great. Unfortunately you can’t pick which apps to save, so it means I’m locked out of exercise apps, preferred music apps, and a few others I’d like to keep on hand for work, study, workout, etc. If I could be selective about the full-lock app list, I’d get premium in an instant.
  • Won’t let me log in

    By Lildancer1313
    I try to log in with facebook, google, and my email but it says an unexpected error has occurred👎🏽
  • Flipped and focused

    By donniejn
    I really feel this app helps me to stay on task with what I want to get done. I am someone that is often distracted by my phone and social media this app allows me to set goals for myself to stay on task for increments of time.
  • Terrible App

    By Shafer's ipod
    The App sign in link does not work.
  • Totally hopeless and probably the worst app for your money

    By helllno!
    I wish I could give 0 to this app but unfortunately it doesn’t have that option. Totally worthless for the money. Don’t waste your money!
  • Great but glitchy

    By zuri iris
    I love being able to lock my apps, but when I came off the lock they weren’t in their organized boxes but scattered accross 2 new home screens
  • Reset other apps' notification settings

    By UO HIT
    I basically like this app so much but I have only one discontent with it. It's the point that this app makes all other apps' notification settings reset after using it. Please improve this point and it must be a perfect app.
  • Great idea! Not executed right

    By AveryMcQ
    I love the full lock feature but there needs to be a way to turn if off it need be. I saw other people having problems with apps getting unorganized when it turns off but I have not had this problem. Great to focus on studying or just take some time off your phone. Another problem is turns off notifications in setting for each app and doesn’t automatically turn them back on. Using do not disturb mode would be a better fix to this problem rather than notification turn off.
  • Could be perfect

    By bp9415
    If it didn’t pull all my apps out of their folders after using it and I could whitelist 1-2 outside apps that I use for work it’d be perfect.
  • Love the app only one issue

    By bobyjeoy
    I love the app but when I pause my device I want to be able to choose the apps I want to allow to keep on device and also when I’m done I want my folders to be still there
  • Great idea - bad app

    By premed superstudy
    Love using it but it’s so glitchy that it won’t return my apps back after the timer is done. I use it twice with success and now that I have to keep re-downloading it to use it I’ve given up. Really wanted this app to work, no unfortunately I have to look for another one. Will reuse again if they fix the issues.
  • Hmmmm

    By Ifoundabetterapp
    I loved the idea of full lockdown but it messed up my home screen. I like to organize my apps in folders but when I used full lock down, all the folders dissapeared and I was left with a clutter of icons all over my screen.
  • Icons Disorganized

    By YTRockyTop
    I love the concept of Flipd, as I tend to get too distracted with my phone when it comes to studying, but after my lockdown period is over, all my apps in folders are unorganized, and sprawled out on multiple screens. I have apps in designated folders to prevent clutter, and it’s annoying that this has to happen after the lock time.
  • Phone gets stuck in Flipd mode when I need my Amtrak pass and other work related apps

    By Datsolalee
    I would love to give this app 5 stars and was on my way to do just that, until I put my phone on Flipd mode for the night (8 hours.) when I woke up, it was still in Flipd mode. I thought I miscalculated my time. But I didn’t. For the WHOLE DAY, my phone stayed stuck, I couldn’t access my Slack, work mail apps and the other excruciatingly important functions of my phone. I had to get my monthly commute pass printed out because I couldn’t get my Amtrak pass. And I had no way to communicate with my co-workers on my commute. Nightmare. I emailed them from my laptop later the day. No response. At 5pm I had it, and googled it, and figured out a way to get into the system and delete Flipd’s override. To this day they still haven’t contacted me after my email cry for help. I thought perhaps it was just my phone that were funky and reinstall everything to make the app run smooth. 2 days later it happened again. GUYS - this is really pathetic. Yes - I need to take a break from my phone. But when the time is up, I have work related apps I need to access.
  • 2nd trial. Still not working.

    By CEO/MOMof4
    Tried this last year and hoped this year glitches would be fixed. The app doesn’t work. It hasn’t disabled anything. The organize option won’t download - again - this year. And I am doing the 7 day premium trial. Will be canceling this week to ensure I don’t pay the absurd fee for a malfunctioning app. The 2 stars are for the idea. I’m being generous.
  • Good app but could use some improvements

    By Vkljfsdsdhjkjhxs
    This app is great, full lock feature has worked really well but I wish there was a way to control which third party apps are hidden in full lock mode; such as keeping apps like quizlet available to be used.

    By abbeyn23
    I have been using this app for a few months and love it but the past two days it has been taking everything from my folders! It wasnt doing this before the new year!
  • Flipd is terrible

    By MEEEE👌🏼
    So I set my flipd to four hours so I could study well however after the four hours were up and I knew that they were up bc I checked the time that I set it my apps did not reappear. I waited another couple hours for them to come back but they never did and I just had to disable the management through settings. However now, forgetting about all that and passing it as a glitch, I decided to set my phone to a full lock session again except it literally won’t do anything and I’m sitting there waiting for the full lock session to begin but It simply won’t. This app only works fine for the first few times you use it but after that it just gets bad and constantly glitches and doesn’t work properly. I would not recommend this app because it doesn’t work properly.