Flipd - Keep Focused

Flipd - Keep Focused

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 3.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 84.88 MB
  • Developer: Flipd Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 433


• Flipd has powered more than 1 billion Mindful Moments • Try the app people are calling a life saver + must-have • As seen in TechCrunch, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, and more... • "Game-changer. Get your life back." - happy customer • "100% recommend" - another happy customer ------------------------------------------------ With Flipd, you never have to be distracted by your phone again. Backed by research, Flipd is the leading productivity app helping over half a million people around the world find focus, balance, and mindfulness in all of their daily tasks. Flipd keeps you motivated to stay on task and present by hiding social media apps and games, challenging others in our community groups, and tracking your progress over time. A perfect tool while you study, work, sleep, or daydream, Flipd empowers you to get the most out of your time well spent. What people are saying about Flipd: • "Helps curb my phone addiction!" • "Flipd is extremely effective and helpful!" • "Destroys distractions!" • "Helps me study!" FLIPD IN EVERYDAY LIFE >> Stay on task • Challenge yourself to unplug from your phone • Flipd will remind you to stay on task and focused • Motivate yourself by tracking the time you've saved • Join & create groups to compete with your friends on our community Leaderboards • Schedule reminders for whenever you need to Flip Off • Use the Full Lock to hide distracting apps and games FLIPD FOR CLASSES >> Unplug and engage • Boost your focus and engagement while you learn • Receive automatic notifications to Flip Off for class • Measure and keep track of your progress over time • Check in with Flipd Attendance • Use Flipd at home to maximize your productivity and mindfulness FLIPD SOUNDS • Listen to mindfulness, self-care, and motivating audio content from our partners • Listen to soothing white noise sounds like Campfire, Ocean, Wind, and more • Stay focused and tune out distractions for studying, sleeping, and self-care • Transport yourself to a calming environment whenever you're anxious or stressed GO PREMIUM >> Boost your productivity X10 • Unlock 10 white noise sounds • Unlock custom Flipd times • Unlock unlimited schedules • Join multiple classes and groups APPLE HEALTH APP Flipd integrates with the Apple Health App. Challenge yourself to be more mindful and keep track of your time well spent with Flipd through Mindful Minutes in the Apple Health App. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING $29.99 per year (charged per year) These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew at the subscription price unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the current subscription once activated during the subscription period. Manage your subscriptions in your iOS Account Settings after purchase. Other in-app purchases available for students: Class/group access access 4 months: $7.99 USD Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Group access is a one-time consumable product and must be purchased again after expiration. Read more about our terms and conditions here: http://www.flipdapp.co/terms-privacy Contact the team for help here: info@flipdapp.co



  • Icons Disorganized

    By YTRockyTop
    I love the concept of Flipd, as I tend to get too distracted with my phone when it comes to studying, but after my lockdown period is over, all my apps in folders are unorganized, and sprawled out on multiple screens. I have apps in designated folders to prevent clutter, and it’s annoying that this has to happen after the lock time.
  • Phone gets stuck in Flipd mode when I need my Amtrak pass and other work related apps

    By Datsolalee
    I would love to give this app 5 stars and was on my way to do just that, until I put my phone on Flipd mode for the night (8 hours.) when I woke up, it was still in Flipd mode. I thought I miscalculated my time. But I didn’t. For the WHOLE DAY, my phone stayed stuck, I couldn’t access my Slack, work mail apps and the other excruciatingly important functions of my phone. I had to get my monthly commute pass printed out because I couldn’t get my Amtrak pass. And I had no way to communicate with my co-workers on my commute. Nightmare. I emailed them from my laptop later the day. No response. At 5pm I had it, and googled it, and figured out a way to get into the system and delete Flipd’s override. To this day they still haven’t contacted me after my email cry for help. I thought perhaps it was just my phone that were funky and reinstall everything to make the app run smooth. 2 days later it happened again. GUYS - this is really pathetic. Yes - I need to take a break from my phone. But when the time is up, I have work related apps I need to access.
  • 2nd trial. Still not working.

    By CEO/MOMof4
    Tried this last year and hoped this year glitches would be fixed. The app doesn’t work. It hasn’t disabled anything. The organize option won’t download - again - this year. And I am doing the 7 day premium trial. Will be canceling this week to ensure I don’t pay the absurd fee for a malfunctioning app. The 2 stars are for the idea. I’m being generous.
  • Good app but could use some improvements

    By Vkljfsdsdhjkjhxs
    This app is great, full lock feature has worked really well but I wish there was a way to control which third party apps are hidden in full lock mode; such as keeping apps like quizlet available to be used.

    By abbeyn23
    I have been using this app for a few months and love it but the past two days it has been taking everything from my folders! It wasnt doing this before the new year!
  • Flipd is terrible

    By MEEEE👌🏼
    So I set my flipd to four hours so I could study well however after the four hours were up and I knew that they were up bc I checked the time that I set it my apps did not reappear. I waited another couple hours for them to come back but they never did and I just had to disable the management through settings. However now, forgetting about all that and passing it as a glitch, I decided to set my phone to a full lock session again except it literally won’t do anything and I’m sitting there waiting for the full lock session to begin but It simply won’t. This app only works fine for the first few times you use it but after that it just gets bad and constantly glitches and doesn’t work properly. I would not recommend this app because it doesn’t work properly.
  • I may change the stars

    By Louise14902
    I just got this app and did a 1 hour lock out and it was great. Next, later in the evening, did a 4 hour lock out.... that was at 3pm yesterday.. I just got in at 730am because I had to go into settings and try everything I could think of til I figured out to delete the management. I have great signal for my data to be strong enough to be fine so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m going to use it a few more days or only once more if it messes up and if it doesn’t I’ll change my stars higher.
  • Full lock down makes a mess

    By ufew42
    I was excited for this app. I need something like this app. When I turned on full lockdown, I was excited. And it worked great. But when it was over, my apps were all over the place, folders had disappeared, and notification settings on all of my apps had been reset. I’m not going to rearrange my whole phone every time.. that just means more wasted time on my phone, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Disappointed.
  • Get it.

    By 12StepsFromiPhone
    This is a wonderful app for the technology addicted.
  • Folder Damage

    By Nick_01001019
    I really liked the app, however, at the end of the session, it was very buggy. I keep all of my apps in folders, all on one page, and when my apps came back they took up four pages of loose apps so I had to reorganize everything.
  • My icons!

    By Mollmoll007
    So yesterday I used for first time and loved the FULL LOCKDOWN. I was able to use text, email and phone but nothing else, well camera and standard apps I basically rarely use. I was surprised to find there was no way to disable this at least that I know of. Ok so here is why I gave it only a 3. I have the majority of my icons in a separate folder because I DONT like my screen cluttered with icons! So when my phone went OFF full lockdown ALL OF MY ICONS WERE ALL OVER MY SCREEN!!!!! If you are going to block them PLEASE PIT THEM BACK! Ok so it’s a free app does that give me the right to complain???? I would never pay $7.99 a month though or is it $5.99? I forgot but either one is way too much! Ok so last thing is that you can set an alarm, an alarm that is basically worthless because it is such a faint little “ting” that if you don’t have your phone right next to you it is worthless..... plus I haven’t seen a repeat feature for the alarm so when you miss that tinny ting you can set it to ting again and again till you turn it off. Other then those complaints I really liked it and will use it again. I set the 4 hour mode lockdown and when I need google I wasn’t able to access it but that’s good in one sense I guess... I got a it done!
  • Good App

    By sgxjbeghxbs
    It works really well and keeps me on task but when it hides my apps for when I really need to focus it takes them out of my folders so I have to reorganize them, otherwise great!
  • Best Thing Ever

    By BeastBoy$$$ AKA Avi
    This app has helped stop my procrastination! I just wish they had a feature that automatically put your phone on full lock mode when it hits a certain time. Besides that suggestion, this app is flawless
  • Study app

    By kdb00
    I use this to study and it really helps increase productivity. Especially being in a group it adds a little competitiveness 😁. Super helpful !

    By catnamedelsa
    DONT DOWNLOAD. Just throw your phone into your bag and leave the bag in your car. Not worth it. Trying to get my apps in order made me lose all my pictures from the last three years. What a waste.
  • Glad I found it. Awesome free version.

    By Andriy Ivakhov
    It’s probably my first review on the app ever. With the procrastinating soul, and plenty of time limitations installed already, i usually caught up myself “trying not to procrastinate”. Long time ago all social media was deleted from my phone but it didn’t really turned me into the productivity monster, I would find some hacks like reading telegram channels(READING can’t be procrastinating, right?!), constantly checking email/credit karma/headspace app. So far I tried: forest, focus at will, screen time internal, cold turkey on Mac, and maybe another thousand of apps like this. Most of them can be easily hijacked, probably in the lockout mode if you delete the previously installed profile you’ll get your life full of distractions back, but at least it’s harder than 6 digits of my passcode and just loosing another tree in forest. You guys did a really great job with groups, challenges, customization. I’m still surprised that your app can be easily used for free.
  • Não usem!

    By EduardoAlmeidaBezerra1402
    Coloquei no “full lock mode” por 5 minutos e depois o celular não voltou ao normal! Tive que resetar meu celular e perdi mais de 5 mil fotos.
  • Disappointed

    By mkph000
    Was super excited to try this; so I downloaded the Keep Apps in Order and followed all the steps and it completely messed up my wifi configurations. After downloading the Keep Apps in Order, I got kicked out of my wifi network and whenever I tried joining it again it kept telling me I had the incorrect password. So I tried resetting ALL of my network settings in hopes to fix my wifi and to my dismay, it didn’t. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I feel extremely frustrated with how this turned out.
  • Ok it’s good-some suggestions

    By sayen princess
    This is just something I wanted to say, you can ignore this part. So I installed the thing to keep my apps in order. Then I tested it. Guess what. It didn’t work. I followed every step and had PERFECT internet connection. Turns out I wasn’t supposed to restart my phone, so okay..... but otherwise best screen time app I’ve found. (Okay ignore that part) I have a few suggestions though: A medium lock. You have light lock and a full lockdown mode, so it would be nice have a medium lock. It would be, you choose apps to restrict for a certain amount of time, almost like the lockdown mode, or it’s like the lockdown mode, but you choose apps to keep. More apps to keep on lockdown mode. Not just any apps, but it would be nice to be able to keep some self help apps! That’s my main problem. Time tracker. I couldn’t think of a name for it, but it’s like you have say a hour to use a app every day before it disappears until the next day. Sorry for this being so long, but those are some suggestions I think would be cool. Thanks for helping with my screen addiction!!!
  • Small bugs, great otherwise!

    By MSTR Maryn
    When using the app for an hour (1hr) in Full Lock Mode my phone stayed locked. It stayed locked overnight and a majority of the next day. I couldn’t uninstall/reinstall the app. It was quite an inconvenience.

    By XxRaeRavenxX
    I like the app overall but the only thing that annoys me is when I do the full lock screen all of my apps leave the sections I had them in. I understand they disappear but i want them to return to normal and not out of the sections.
  • Perfect for a high school student

    By Wangdr3w
    As a high school student studying for tests every week, picking up the phone can lead me down a rabbit hole. What’s on the other side? BAD GRADES. This app is truly a grade/life-saver. If only I knew about it earlier, my grades wouldn’t be so TRASH.
  • You might as well have put a virus on my phone

    By Big Al 717
    Full lock went fine. Until it was over. All my apps came back out of folders, the apps that did come back. Notifications are all screwy. Very disappointed, and cannot recommend.
  • Good in theory

    By jaegnor
    The pretty design of the app tries to mask how backyard it really is. I wouldn’t have tried full lock if I had known that it would reset my all my app passwords and preferences. I also followed the instructions to get my apps back in order and it didn’t work the first time, so I spent about 45 minutes reorganizing everything. A bit antithetical. Worst, full lock didn’t hide the program I needed it to most — the News app. I wound up deleting that app. I don’t feel that I need Flipd anymore and regret paying for it.
  • Great for Studying

    By Princessbengot
    I think it’s really great for when you really are easily distracted by your phone when studying + it doesn’t unlock your apps until the time you set so it really helps you w self control! The only problem I have with it is when My full lock time is over, the organization/folders of my apps were out of whack and I had to reorganize them again which was a pain in the butt bc I have a lot of apps.
  • Okay...

    By fkuydvgsliouvfweo
    It's good but when you come out of full lock mode, it scrambles all of your apps. Things that were in folders are now spread onto multiple screens...
  • The lock my phone mode shuffled my apps😂

    By HermioneWang
    As the titles says, my apps were shuffled after the lock my phone mode. It’s okay but kinda annoying, since I’m really used to the pattern of apps located on my screen. It’ll be ideal if you guys can upgrade it and stop it from shuffling the apps on our phones.
  • Messed Up My Home Screen Organization

    By Ü ÿ
    After the full lock I had set, I can back to my phone that had all my apps out of folders and all over the place.
  • Great app, full lock mode needs adjusting

    By squirrelgirl2749
    I like the app but I wish there was a way you could choose which apps disappeared for the full lock mode. Just because I want to stay off of Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t need to use Venmo or check my email at random times for work. I also don’t like how once the apps reappear they’re all disheveled and out of the order they were in previous to locking them. It makes it hard to find the apps I need every time the full lock mode is over. I love the ambient noise options it has for quiet time. It just stinks that I can only use full lock mode if I know for sure I won’t have any work to do.
  • Full lock mode is changing my life

    By pimgles
    All the other apps that encourage users to not use their phones were useless to me. The full lock mode on this app does the job. I use this app to study, and when I go out with friends to truly enjoy the moment.
  • All Around Amazing App

    By biblelovershavva
    I feel like I’ve Gotten my life back. I’m no longer glued to the screen of my phone and I’m able to get a lot more things done throughout the day. Upgrading the app makes it so much better and even without it it is still an amazing app. Thank you so much to the creators of the app it has done me well.
  • More options

    By Nothapppyyyyy
    I really wish there were a way to go into “full lock mode” (or any mode really) but specify certain apps to be accessed. (Such as needing my scheduling app or Flashcards app but not social media)
  • Helping with Recovery

    By JosiahBullfrog
    I’m a recovering addict and one of the ways my addiction shows up is in the use of my phone. Flipd accessibly creates opportunities for me to keep getting better. Thank you, Flipd!
  • Thank you for such an amazing app!!

    By student1000000000
    This app has really transformed how I use my phone, particularly in the way I procrastinate. I can turn off all my apps with the touch of a button and then I can fall asleep without temptation. You know how it is: you crawl into bed and right as you ware about to turn off the light you decide to check email/instagram/amazon or whatever and then 2 hours later you realize you have fallen down the scroll. This amazing app has changed the way I fall asleep! I can’t thank you enough for helping me put a stop to my nighttime phone addiction! For a hot minute they needed to create a patch or something and the app didn’t work. They were quick to fix it but for those several days I was like “ack! Where is my app!” I use it almost every night!!!
  • .

    By procres queeennn
    if you are looking for a way to stop yourself from wasting time on your phone instead of studying or doing your work then this app will solve almost the whole issue
  • I also wish it had auto lock

    By Rssssss134
    I have no self control. I need to be able to set a time in the app - say, 10 pm, when the app will lock me out of all of the “fun” apps that distract me and keep me from going to sleep. Until this app does that, I can’t give it five stars. Also, setting a reminder to turn the lock on doesn’t even seem to really work - I don’t get a sound or anything. I have the premium version and I’ve tried changing around my notification settings, but I can’t seem to get it to generate a reminder that catches my attention. Also, when you use the full lock mode, even if you have the other additional patch app installed, all of your notification settings in all of your other apps reset. This is annoying. Please fix because I really need this app. Thx.
  • Full lock - Apps in Order feature didn’t work during iOS upgrade

    By Love My Pencil, Love my Kindle
    Very frustrating to have apps not organized after Full lock mode. I downloaded and installed the workaround to keep apps organized. After two failed attempts it worked...until I installed the iOS 12 update while on Full Lock. I put into Full Lock at bedtime to avoid peaking at the phone in the middle of the night. The workaround app disappeared during the update and all my apps were in disarray (for now the third time). Putting things back in order and the associated frustration is very annoying and totally detracts from the app experience. Any zen calm freed from the distraction of the phone have been superseded by the app mess cleanup efforts.
  • Didn’t work

    By alozzd
    I tested it out by locking myself out of my apps for 1 hr, 2 hrs later and it still hasn’t released the lock. I’m at home with a good WiFi connection. So I had to go into settings and remove the device management. Then it returned all my apps but not in their original order or folders, which is quite frustrating! I won’t be trying this again.
  • Decent

    By KoreanDefender
    Flipd is good for people with self control. Personally, my self control when it comes to playing on my phone is really bad. The Flipd app doesn’t lock your apps which makes it hard to not play.
  • This app is awful

    By midgetwithabikini
    Deleted all my apps and rearranged them once I downloaded. Do not use this app
  • Continuously stops working

    By Terpopoly
    When the app is working properly (and you download their add-on to prevent your apps from being re-organized) this is great app. However, I’m on the verge of uninstalling it but it doesn’t work two days in a row without me un-installing the app and re-installing it. I keep getting an error message for me to check my internet connection which is clearly not the issue since it works right after I re-install the app. I’m not sure what the issue is but this is a beta test quality app as currently constructed.
  • Actual detox

    By juan gal
    The only app that doesn’t let me cheat around the system, I love how for 8 hours no matter how hard I try, I can’t waste time on my phone, I love it so much
  • Can anyone help?!!!!!

    By 1995Mmmm
    I am giving this app a review because I’m hoping someone can help with the issue I’m having. When in partial lock mode... as soon as I lock my phone screen to put my phone down and be mindful, I get a notification saying I have to return to the app or else my Flipd session will end, then it kicks me off. What’s the point of this if I can’t lock my phone screen to do life?! Help
  • I f@$&?! love this app

    By laerec
    What I’ve been looking for fur. Eh. Vur. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic the flipd folks work on my phone when it goes into full lock mode, but it’s exactly what I need. I am so much happier not having those moments of ‘oh look, I just wasted 30 minutes of my life scrolling instagram’. I open my phone, see that none of my apps are there, and don’t care. Now, I have such peace of mind from not having them there (when I’m in full lock mode), that I often enable it even when I’m not actively working or trying to be productive. It’s so much easier to be present. Also, make sure you add on the thing that puts your apps back where you had them before you go into full lock mode. And read the instructions and prompts for how to do that. I know, I know, reading instructions is a draaaag but they’re short and simple and you only have to do it once. Enjoy not feeling like a squirrel anymore!
  • Best study tool!

    By amyyyyvol
    As a student this app allows me to focus on studying and not get side tracked.
  • You don't NEED my email address.

    By helenadetroy
    This app doesn't NEED my email address to work. If I have to jump though 10min of hoops to just use the app, it's just not worth my time. I downloaded it because it caught my eye and I was looking for time management apps. Just let me open and use the app without signing my email over to what is likely a flood of junk mail, and I'll consider downloading again. But until then, there are plenty of similar and simpler apps out there to use.
  • LiT

    By Koolettedavis
  • WOW! The power is in my hands

    By pay the rent
    I need a way to lock the phone so I don’t have access for a few hours. I though about locking the phone in the car before I found flipd but that was not foolproof- this app works! It’s simple to use and it can be a lifesaver.
  • App Scramble

    By App Scramble
    I spent hours initially organizing all my apps and labeling my folders to keep my chaotic life organized. Then I used this app once, and it scrambled all of my apps back out in the open without folders... Deleting immediately.