War and Order

War and Order

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-04-06
  • Current Version: 1.2.12
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 135.57 MB
  • Developer: CamelGames INC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 19 992


Orc Knights, Elf Sages, Dragon Riders, and other incredible warriors are waiting to fight for your empire! Raise a massive fantasy army for HUGE, spectacularly animated battles! Axes fly, dragons roar, and fireballs sizzle as you clash with enemies from all over the world in real-time. Call on your allies to rush to your aid on horse- and lizard-back. Repay them with your undying loyalty as you take castles, slay ogres, and stake new territory as a tribe! THIS is the game you won’t be able to put it down as your screen lights up with constant new battles, chats, and upgrades! You must battle to become more powerful than any king in history! But you can’t do it alone. It’s up to you and your allies to unite the fantasy races like never before as you conquer an endless world of empires and imagination. ◆HOMELAND • Recruit and train over 30 unique soldiers. • Construct and upgrade tons of buildings for new soldiers, buffs, and resources! • Research new technology FAST for cutting-edge tactics and weapons! ◆ALLIANCE • Friend, feud, and chat with players from around the world in real time. • Help each other build and expand your cities faster. • Rally together to take down enemies you could never face alone! • Share and expand territory to enjoy exclusive buildings and bonuses! ◆CONFRONTATION • Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches! • Build your force to leviathan proportions! • Engulf other lords' castles as you expand your territory. ◆CONQUEST • Attack other player's castles to plunder their resources and climb power rankings! • Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from man-eating Ogres to massive Dragons. ◆EMPIRE • Take over the Royal City to rule over the realm with unheard of power and privileges! • Explore unknown lands to find elite resources, ancient ruins, and more surprises! • Grow your alliance territory for richer rewards and resources! Follow War and Order on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarandOrder1/



  • War and Order

    By Blast 19191919
    Great Game!
  • Wonderful

    By aliz1982
  • Addictive

    By Snake61891
    I hate this game so much, it’s way to addicting while honestly affordable. You don’t even have to pay and still do just fine. Be prepared to lose your real life and always carry a charger on you!
  • WAO

    By capt blast
    Great game And affordable
  • Very poor support.

    By Spcycwgrl
    While I love the game and spend way too much time on it the consistently poor quality of support is about to lose me as a customer. You report an issue, they request screenshots. Once you send them they refuse to ever reply again. Open another ticket including the screenshots from the beginning still ignored. Has happened on several issues. If they do actually deign to reply they’re not even friendly or polite.
  • Honestly a great game.

    By SkyTraceur
    I played this game a lot on my old phone, when i upgraded and lost my save i decided to stop playing. But after trying dozens of other games of this type i came back and realized that this is the only one that isn't really pay to win and is really just genuine fun.
  • Good but one thing (more than one)

    By Mr.Billy19
    So I like this game except I have one problem. In my first account, I sent my whole army to defend an alliance flag. I was kicked from the Alliance for no reason and there was no way to get my army back. So, I deleted the game. I got it again months later and I have a lvl 10 city and have unlocked tier 4 soldiers (highest for lvl 10 city) but I have learned to not reinforce anyone. I think you should be able to set the territory tax amount higher or lower than 15%. I also think it should be easier to get an alliance castle and it should be were a leader isn’t demoted until 20 instead of 3 days, since the leader could be on vacation or something. I also think there should be more than two races per soldier category. It should be more than the current two races per category. I am listing the current races per soldier category(Infantry: humans orcs, cavalry: dragon riders and horseback, Archers: humans and elves, mages: humans and elves. Also make more monster types there is only like 4. I’m also only on tier 12 monsters and they are way overpowered they defeated my whole army of 20K men 1-4 tier, and my dragon was part of the army, and it was only a Cerberus thing. By the way my in game name is Micenia.

    By KINGmoocow501
    The game was fine before you stole textures and items from Skyrim to use on the artifacts
  • Addictive

    By tilldeathfindsme
    Very fun, addictive game. I'm an outdoorsman and don’t usually play games like this but i have to say after trying it I'm hooked. Go realm 783 😂😂
  • No response for help

    By SkitzoMarg
    I haven’t gotten to kill the new monsters or join rallies in quite some time and put in a ticket about it, no response. I was loving this game up till now. I’m missing out on getting rewards and coins. I’ve spent too much money on this game to be having these problems and not being fixed
  • Wrongly accused and gems taken away

    By DiaNyuszi
    I’ve enjoyed playing this game for almost 2 years until recently when Camel wrongfully accused me of asking for refund from Apple and they took all my gems away. I’ve sent several mails and proof to them but it did not made any difference. I hope it won’t happen to any of you because it’s really upsetting they can do that just take away the gems what have been paid for.
  • False advertising

    By Mattatag
    Looks nothing like the add I saw that made me want to play the game.
  • Overall not a bad game

    By AYP Guy
    Seems to be like most other games but main thing I don’t like is city is too clustered together with many things you need to do are hard to find or overlooked with unneeded details.
  • Terrible customer service

    By Adam with an H
    If you’re gonna get this game and invest don’t count on Camel being of any service. Without a doubt the worse customer service you can imagine. If you spend 3 years on your castle only for the game to lock you out of your castle don’t expect much from them.
  • Lie much?

    By Skynner McGee
    The ad I installed this from said you start with 5 farmers and build up your city from there. The actual game is absolutely NOTHING like the advertisement. It’s just yet another build this build that build this again so you can upgrade that build more build more build more...... These games are a dime a dozen. I thought I finally found something different. FALSE ADVERTISING REPORTED AND UNINSTALLED
  • Review.

    By aporter2403
    The game is great. Not too expensive for play packs easy to advance
  • Good game if they stop making it FarmVille

    By Lisa3280
    Would be a good game to play war if they didn’t make training and healing and actually fighting practically impossible. You have to farm always continually which isn’t what a war game is really about.
  • Review

    By Joe49!
    It’s been quite fun so far
  • Amazing Game but needs a few upgrades

    By lok at ya nose
    This game is so fun to play! I am totally addicted to it. I wish the game would make every building easier to recognize and also be able to place anything anywhere.
  • Great fun

    By Floater76
    A very large format of kingdoms and battles and cities.
  • ....

    By Hiflyer420
    It’s a fun game but the micro transactions make it less enjoyable
  • Worst

    By 3281896
    This is as bad or even worse than GOW. No customer service at all. Account was stolen and after sending screenshots daily. Still not response. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • 🙌🏼😱

    By 🥰🤫
  • The customer service on this game is pretty much non existent.

    By Msgordon 69
    Tickets go for weeks or even months without a response and when they finally respond and ask for screen shots they will ask for the same ones multiple times and not allowing uploads on the same ticket then get mad when you actually open a new ticket.... I’ve had it and I am destroying all 4 of my accounts as I will not support a company that is this incompetent or caring for their customers...
  • Welp I am done

    By the cooking show
    So if you do something bad in the game welp rip you. Come on can you make the
  • Another pay to win

    By LeMastertheMoment
    Yet another pay to win, for all the richies and bullies out there. Liked it and was enjoying it until I had to rebuild absolutely everything every time I log in. Garbage. Deleted.
  • Pay-to-play

    By realpersonleavingrealreview
    I got it because it said it was not a “pay-to-play”. It’s a pay-to-play. Not exciting. Eye bleedingly repetitive otherwise. You do the same thing, wait, do the same thing, wait. Fighting isn’t interactive at any level. Same outcome with every fight of a particular type. Three, maybe four different monsters. Just a pay-to-play.

    By Maxwjdie
    the people at war and order stole one of my favorite youtubers vids for a stupid facebook ad for this i am deleting the game.i am disgusted that they didn’t even show their own game bec its a bad game and made lazar beam sound like a frickin jerbal in the ad to avoid copy right.
  • It’s all the same

    By Nighthowler3531
    This game is just exactly like Z Day. You better build a stupid alliance and drop some serious money if you want to actually enjoy this game. The are better strategy games than this. And all I want to do is turn the stupid music in the game off!! Where is the stupid settings button? I don’t want to constantly listen to that crap.
  • BEWARE!!!!!!

    By ImpulseAddict
  • Awful false advertised game

    By TheEverything
    The game is nothing like the adds because the were stolen from others adds and YouTubers. Just a bad game. Do not get it.
  • Great strategy game

    By tman8456
    This game has been great it’s not all about spending money at least yet
  • War and Order

    By =McGruger=
    This is the best game I’ve ever played.
  • Lying Ads and Boring Gameplay

    By Draxonix
    I found this game through an add that seemed very interesting and it grabbed my attention, however when I downloaded and opened the app the game was COMPLETELY different from what I expected, the gameplay was boring and told you how to do everything. It had NO CHALLENGE and I immediately thought I might as well have not played.
  • Just another rip-off PtP

    By Faedrun
    Kill event 3 days every week where the developers pay the big money players HUGE rewards to kill off the weakest players in the game. If you can’t throw serious real money at this joke, steer clear. Too bad, like all these rip-off PtP, there is really no reason for the devs to pay the big players to rape the defenseless every week. Sad waste of time. Not going to print the simple truth right? Hey! Pay me like you do your PtP honeys & I’ll lie about how fair & great this rip-off is. What do you say?
  • Poor customer service

    By Awbadewbery
    I am very frustrated with Camel. Due to one of their glitches my shield dropped and I lost a great deal of troops which is equal to a couple hundred dollars. They take weeks to respond and request such information as 2 week old battle reports even though I have supplied them with the date the glitch occurred. Strange enough...only the battle reports on that date were deleted from my account...and no I did not delete them. You invest time and money in a game and the cannot even show their customers enough respect to respond to issues in a timely manner...and then to request I provide them with info that they are fully capable of obtaining themselves. Very dishonest business dealings. I will be contacting apple to lodge a complaint...as well as the better business bureau. Shame on you Camel. Your customers deserve to be treated better then this.
  • Ugh

    By In game Dallas13
    It’s is nothing like the adds. I saw the adds and figured it would be my new favorite game. When I got it I realized that this game is the same as most games. If you see the adds and then get this game you know what I’m talking about.
  • Too bad

    By JBandrew
    Too bad their advertising video is absolutely nothing like actual gameplay.
  • Absolutely Trash

    By Son_G0D
    First off, this game ripped me off with a stolen ad and or YouTuber. Second it’s like all the other games. And you do nothing about hackers. Overall it’s a trash game and do not get this game
  • Real testimonies

    By R831ChiefNope
    I’m a player in the newish realm of 830. I’m real, Cali is ablaze in wildfires and Korea is building missile bunkers right now. I’ve been playing for about two months now. I’ve been failing because my alliance doesn’t play 24/7. I decided to read the reviews for this game again and it all lines up: if you’re not running either a click farm (google it) or spending hundreds of dollars, the only way you can succeed is finding an alliance that is constantly running. The odds are so small. There are more duplicate castles in here than there are coffee stands in Seattle. So really, you need all the time in the day, your paycheck OR a couple hundred cell phones to keep up. I’m not saying ignore the five star reviews, but this game is fishy and creepy. But there are some humbling humans in the realms. Somewhere between the duplicates.
  • False advertising and copyright

    By cmu27
    I’d recommend not using Stronghold Crusader 2 game play footage to promote your game... I’d give 0/5 if I could
  • fake game

    By kunalks2003
    this game shows the video of some other game down download based on the video
  • Best game ever

    By Howiefunitistoplay
    Love building up a city and playing against others. Strangest must!
  • War and order

    By Blue1zoe
    Well you made my mind up. Im quitting your game that I played since the beginning. The void thing totally wiped out years of accumulated rss . I am not starting over because you found a way to destroy me. Thank you for nothing .
  • Lame

    By Briskiv
    This game is waste of time! It requires constant attention and at any time all your work can be destroyed. After building my city for the last month in one attack I lost all my money and all my soldiers. I think I’ll delete this app now bc it’s completely pointless.
  • I love this game!

    By Mrs. yamz💋
    This is such a fun easy game. Not only does it relieve stress but you can make friends all over the country and world.❤️
  • Realm 790 - Macro farming and Pc emulator users are in KOK Alliance.

    By Acemi bankocu
    I have complained about them several times but wao admins are not taking any action against them because they pay money. I’d like to remind one thing , me and my entire alliance also pays what they pay ! I will give you little example. Me and a friend was going to attck a farm. We checked the numbers nonstop. I checked one more last time before 1 second left and it was same. All of a sudden a guy joined from another alliance and appeared in castle less than 3 seconds. Changing alliance, approval , selecting location march army can not be done in 3 seconds. I know wao admins will deny any involvement in this but this is the truth. Everyone knows in realm 790. If you wanna go crazy by playing this game , go ahead. This game is worthless.
  • Not as advertised

    By Josh B4321
    This game is nothing like the ad that was shown to me. Not a game I’m interested in.
  • Translation is terrible

    By Ol' Mineman
    Downloaded this game and joined an “English Speaking “ alliance. It turns out most of the players, including alliance leaders, are Russian, Turkish, etc. They type/ chat in their native language and the game translates into some hideous, nearly comical, impossible to understand stew of English words. This makes it very difficult to play as a team member when you have no idea how to interpret the instructions being given.