Lords Mobile: War Kingdom

Lords Mobile: War Kingdom

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 1.85
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 387.80 MB
  • Developer: IGG.COM
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 40 835


The empire is no more. Peace has been shattered by the ambition and greed of Lords seeking power. The world has split into factions and Guilds, and Monsters and Darknests are appearing more and more frequently. A war is starting, and the time for powerful heroes has come... Restore the balance of power by creating the biggest empire ever! Recruit warriors, soldiers, and heroes, forge alliances, conquer and expand your territory, win epic battles, and become the world's greatest warlord in this strategy RPG! A new world order is needed to re-establish peace! Explore LORDS MOBILE and its exotic magical lands thrown into war and chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Choose your favorite battle hero, recruit combat troops, and fight and conquer fearlessly in a war of epic dimensions! An Open-World RPG Multiplayer Game: Build and Conquer to Create a Mighty Empire Explore, conquer, and clash in the arena with other players in this MMO game! Join a guild and play with millions of players in an open world, on mobile! Defend your Territory Secure your troops and heroes, survive against opponents, and defend your empire's castle at all costs. A perfect war strategy requires an invulnerable defense! Find Friends Fight and counterattack with your kingdom's army allies, and ride into war together as a guild against enemies in an endless fantasy MMORPG! Rule as the Emperor Claim the throne in a MMO battle royale for the kingdom! Will your legacy as a conqueror be just or cruel? Powerful Heroes Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills for the battle arena! Let them lead, attack, and conquer enemy kingdoms, or group them into teams to complete an RPG-style campaign! Master Your War Strategy Plan your tactics for the clash! Plan your troop lineups, perfect your strategy, and counterattack! Discover the best strategies to defeat enemy warlords in this mobile RPG MMO! Epic Multiplayer Battles: Different Types of Troops Lead your warriors and soldiers as a king-emperor in these clan wars! Carefully choose your troop types before going into battle: infantry, ranged, cavalry, siege, or a mix! Switch Kingdoms Establish your empire on new lands by moving to any server you choose with a simple tap in this combat MMORPG! Choose Your Battle Path: Fight or Trade Create an economic empire based on trade, treasures, and alliances with friends, or become an offensive player and attack and conquer enemy kingdoms? Will you liberate prisoners of war? Or will your army and kingdom crumble to dust? This online multiplayer village builder game is all about planning your battle tactics and warfare strategy! No kingdom can stand in your way in this RPG! Wage war with your allies in multiplayer RPG LORDS MOBILE. Attack and conquer enemy warlords' territories, plan your combat strategy with your hero, and build a great empire. Fight against enemies' legendary monsters, warriors, and soldiers! Achieve victory using different clash tactics! Your kingdom awaits. Are you ready for the MMORPG showdown challenge? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile



  • It isn’t a war game, or a sim... It’s Lords Mobile!

    By BlastOffGames
    This game is definitely a hard game! There are way more people bigger than you, than there are people smaller than you. However , that doesn’t mean this game is not loads of fun! Once you’ve played the game for a little bit, it can be easy to avoid the bigger enemies by shielding, and/or hiding your troops and leader. In this game, you can help your guild by collecting resources, hunting monsters, helping in events, fighting enemies, sending troops to rallies... I could go on, and on!... Even if you are a small player, you can always help out your guild. This isn’t a war game, or a sim. It’s Lords Mobile. It’s my favorite mobile game yet, and I plan on playing this game for a very long time! I’m no big gamer, but I love it... and highly recommend this game!
  • Lag

    By Cucu4games
    The game is fun and all, but it can be laggy, not to mention, you have to keep your troops alive every 12 hours, do not recommend this game unless you have a lot of free time.
  • Bad game

    By mrhchdhhd
    If you want to spend hours waiting for upgrades and to spend thousands of dollars of money to invest this is the game for you where you get farmed by higher levels and the only way to defend yourself is to buy money or spend years of gameplay even having a guild won’t protect you when your attacked by someone with twice the Might of your guild it’s just a repeated process of waiting 9 hours on a upgrade and to do one more the next day and to also regain the things lost by a recent attack this game is just dumb
  • Join the right guild

    By tailofthesun80
    I love it so much fun and made some friends along the way
  • Can’t play

    By gee$140
    Game won’t load keeps freezing and going back to home screen
  • Great game

    By jaxsonbaker
    The game is fun and is great with the Family
  • Terrible

    By Loudrexx
    Not even close to the game play that’s advertised. Another pay to win that is totally unbalanced. Do not waste your time downloading.
  • First time playing

    By icDR0
    Decent game. Still getting the hang of it
  • Awesome but there’s a problem

    By Mama Librarian
    So I think it is awesome but there is a level that i can’t beat every time I lose so if you could make it easier that wold be grate
  • For the Love of Thor don’t get this game

    By Kellen13
    This game has to be the worst. Upgrades take forever unless u spend real money. And even when u do spend money there’s always someone that spends more. And I’m cool with that in most games. But in this game anyone can attack anyone. So someone who’s been playing and spending for years will come and destroy you. Just save yourself the time and money and get another game.
  • Lords mobile

    By sammykrabs
    Awesome it’s a grate game
  • Good game but time consuming

    By Captdsparrow
    I like the game,, but waiting 2 days to build? Unnecessary af. They are forcing you to spend real money. You have to do everything one by one which is ridiculous. 8 hrs, 10hrs, 3 days way to long to wait for ONE thing to finish
  • good game

    By xly99999
    good game
  • Awesome so far, but too much upgrading

    By Nz007
    As title
  • Good game

    By idkdklapw
    Good game
  • Amazing

    By bs dhskdbdhjsbd djshdv
    Really fun great game GET IT!!!!!!!!!
  • Good game but there is one thing

    By Every where
    Look I know this will sound like I’m complaining but I just have to say it there hasn’t been a single deal where you can get a migration scroll in a while and it’s honestly starting to piss me off besides the deals I really like this game
  • Love but very addicting!!!

    By Pamdun682
    Absolutely LOVE Lord’s Mobile!!! Very time consuming if you want the best castle tho! Also money spending addictive!!
  • Gg

    By hugbuvstbdb
  • Login On problems

    By randoneone
    I play it everyday and it lags to load even with WiFi or any service carrier 😡
  • This is not a strategy game

    By JonnyEsco
    No one new can play this game and be happy because there are players with huge strength differences that make it impossible to enjoy. I quit because it was too Pay to Play heavy... kills the experience.
  • I can’t update this game .. HELP !!!

    By Mesibra
    I can’t update this game whatever I tried .. , If I delete it and upload it again .. what will happen to my account ?
  • So fun!

    By Obugg
    This game is so addicting I love it!
  • ☹️

    By Yeschef2
    Fix the bugs! The game won't even open 80% of the time.
  • Love this game very addicting but...

    By MK1MushaGundam
    Just starting to get into it and have been enjoying it. But some issues would be like researching and constructing. I think it takes way too much of my time to upgrade. And honestly waiting for days just for something simple is a hassle. Although the games graphics are good and it runs smoothly so great game but takes too long.
  • kicks me out

    By exclusive_123
    it’s always kicking me out every time i try to collect the purple jems and when i go back to the app it’s not there anymore and i don’t earn the gems either. i mean i’m not mad but i’m sad lol. but,, this app is soo good i love it and will never stop lol
  • Bring your wallet

    By Sgator52
    While the game is fun, bring your American Express! This game is tailored to folks who spend big bucks. You will get no where in this game unless you spend a lot of money. There are folks that thousands on this game, if you are a ftp (free to play) look elsewhere. Folks that are 100 or 1000 times bigger than you who will think nothing of rolling right over you. There are no protections from big players attacking you. This is a wallet warrior game!
  • Scam

    By vvdvhecb
    I actually downloaded this game just to get some extra points in a different game and ended up kinda liking it. I had to complete a few things before I got my credit so I played nonstop for 3 days. When I finally got to where I needed to be I got nothing and the game keeps crashing. This was obviously a scam but hopefully it wasn’t a virus.
  • Vap0r

    By Jogger boy2
    So far so good.....CBHziptie
  • Crooks

    By BTBaggs
    The developers are crooks. I opened the app and it was asking me to confirm a purchase, I did not realize I was buying something until after I gave it my thumb print. Immediately contacted them, they said dont use anything and we will look into it. I did not know what I had bought but tried not to use things that might have been in purchase. After nine days they came back and said I had used a 100k gold resource packet from the package. At the time I had millions in respires packets. I had to go through Apple store to get refund - I think the delay was so I would not be able to do that. Long story short, the developers are crooks, don’t support them.
  • Fun game

    By #1244
    Fun game
  • Goodyear game

    By aeftd02
    Vere good
  • Great Game

    By Redkryptonite08
    Enjoy my friends, enjoy.
  • I’m addicted

    I love this game a lot but it’s payed to win but I’m okay with that a little. But I’m having problems with starting the game and now it won’t let me download it, I have space in my phone and my WiFi is good and it won’t let me reinstall it?😡
  • Be careful with this game!!!

    By SirDirt
    This game started out pretty cool and I was on board with it. That is until a $50 in app purchase was charged to my account that I did not authorize.
  • Great if you are a whale

    By skubala76
    Unless you intend to spend thousands of dollars, don’t waste your time with this game
  • Hot

    By RaloMontana
    Cool Game
  • Literally the best mobile defending attacking game I played

    By life1827
    Keep up the great work add new troops and new levels and new areas
  • Jay

    By kylojayd
    Love this game
  • Game is ruined after 90 days

    By S0L4R1S
    It is a pay to win game. For 90 days your kingdom is protected and (putting aside the P2W aspect) you are on even ground with everyone in the kingdom. During these 90 days they very effectively lure you into paying money to protect what you have built or to destroy what another player has built. Even these 90 days are frustrating because anyone who pays more than you can destroy the progress you have made. After the 90 day protection anyone can and will move to your kingdom to destroy the progress you have made. So now you have to contend with players having three or four times longer then you to build their base and army making it nearly impossible to win any battles. To sum up after the kingdom protection is over any MONEY or TIME you put into the game is LOST. So if you enjoy a masochistic experience play this game.
  • Bots everywhere

    By ale the dark cat
    There is literally so many people using bots to cheat at the game, makes it unenjoyable experience
  • It is a great game for Senior Citizens

    By Smitty575
    I am 74 but once you join a guild all its members are the to help
  • Fun Game

    By Cpt Katanga1
    Easy to play and enjoyable
  • Hi

    By GassyLobster
    Good game. Always something to do that keeps me active
  • Awesome Game

    By ZazieV
    I thought it would be a waste of time and take me forever to level up...but this game is awesome!
  • Yessss

    This game is a blast and very addicting. And you dont have to spend a ton of money to stay competitive. At least, not yet i havent. Some of the upgrades take a while, but patience patience. Thanks
  • The game is very fun and time consuming but they need a place where people with similar might can be

    By NatsuFT1
    U will spend lots like everyday
  • Don’t get this game

    By $;77:$:7:,!!,$
    I had this game for a while it was good then I lost my progress and I said you know what I’m done with this I’m sick of losing my progress!
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