• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-06-29
  • Current Version: 3.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 124.84 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 49 442


So begins a new tale of crystals... Enjoy a grand new adventure in the classic FINAL FANTASY tradition, as SQUARE ENIX presents an original FINAL FANTASY title for your smartphone! Join forces with legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand. With exciting battles, awe-inspiring visuals, and a whole realm to explore, this is one epic journey you won’t want to miss! ========================================= Features - Intuitive and strategic battles Unleash devastating attacks with a tap of your finger, and combine magical abilities with tactical know-how to overpower your foes! Join forces with Cecil, Terra, Vivi, Vaan, and other legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand. And that’s not all—summon legendary FINAL FANTASY espers like Shiva, Ifrit, and more with awe-inspiring visuals! - A vast realm to explore Roam freely through exotic locales, and delve into perilous dungeons to search for items, rare treasures, hidden passages, and routes to new destinations! Converse with the denizens of the realm and undertake challenging quests to reap items, gil, and even rare rewards. Enjoy all the wonders of a grand RPG in the palm of your hand! ========================================= Story Visions―― The hopes and dreams of legendary warriors given life. Lapis―― A world of crystals and the visions that slumber within. Harnessing the power of the crystals, mankind prospered, nations flourished. But just as day gives way to night, that era of peace proved but a fleeting illusion. Now, as their world stands on the precipice of ruin, two young knights summon visions to their side as they strike out on a journey to chase the shadows. So begins a new tale of crystals, and the heroes who would save them...



  • Fun and fair!

    By Fro-yo :3
    I’ve come across many games that have been great until at a certain point it becomes play to win. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius almost everyday for 2 years straight and its still amazing! The events are fun and you are always given the game’s currency, upgrading equipment, and free summons. Its completely possible to build up your teams without in app purchases. The energy system also has never really been troublesome. Some games have the same system but its almost unplayable because the energy either takes too long to regenerate or the energy is not given as a reward through ought the game so its hard to obtain. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius gets a 10/10, I recommend it to anyone looking for a good game!
  • Best game ever!!!!!

    By fhgkdudjsghhxh
    Love this game I play it 24/7 do not give 1 star reviews
  • Loading problem!

    By Miss Terra Vance
    I love this game so much! It’s the best but today I couldn’t play because there is a problem.when I enter the game After I tap the start page It shows the word loading like always but after a few seconds the game closes without any specific reason.please solve this problem!
  • It was an alright game...

    By SgtBrands
    Been playing this game for awhile. Now it won’t even let me into the app. Tried all the fixes, uninstalling, reloading data, etc... I’m disenchanted by this development and am just going to delete the whole thing. I was happy with the game before this and would have given it a quality review despite various negative games aspects. But this recent bs has just made me bitter. F the whole thing.
  • Good

    By Piebitchbitch
  • Fun

    By Qwertyasdfgbhunjimko
  • Dishonest and crooked

    By Xer0000000000000
    Everything about this game is crooked. First, the terrible dishonest gacha is the #1 problem. After 800+ pulls (all free, never supporting this toxic business model), I determined statistically there are 2 hidden factors designed to manipulate players into paying more and never getting the character they want. Gacha pulls are seeded on a hidden player ID with a fixed priority weighting per player, so you will pull tons of duplicates of certain characters while others are unobtainium. It’s designed to make you run yourself out of pulls chasing a character where the odds are hidden and rigged against you in the hopes you will open your wallet and get scammed again, this time for real money. The fixed priority weighting mentioned above evens out when averaged across all players, which means the advertised pull rates are accurate when measured across all players. However, no player actually experiences the advertised rates. Legal? Yes. Honest and ethical? No. Even more insidious is timeslotted rare character rate manipulation. There’s a 3% advertised base rate for rare characters on normal pulls(the only ones that matter in the long run with few exceptions). I determined experimentally that the player’s perceived rare character pull rate fluctuates over time. For example, take a random small fraction each minute, add another random small fraction for the hour, another for the day, and finally another for the month - the sum of these is your rare character pull rate for that minute. It’s entirely possible to have an effective 0% chance on certain timeslots, although it’s opaque to the player. This insidious practice is designed to trick you into pulling a boatload of garbage, then continuing to rage-pull out of frustration on a hidden 0% chance. Fluctuating odds even out when averaged across the population, so the average rare pull rate is the advertised 3%. Except that a few people get the vast majority of rares and most others get zilch. Is that legal? Yes, because roughly 3% of normal pulls handed out by the system are rares. Is it honest or ethical? No. As if crooked rigged gacha wasn’t bad enough, this game finds a way to turn everything into a lottery system where a few people get the jackpot and most of the time you get rubbish. Item upgrading event is rigged to give you mostly irrelevant deadweight affixes. Even the average app rating (4.6 at the time of this review) is a lie. If you take the time to go through the text reviews (from people who actually take the time to write an honest review instead of blatant manipulation where people leave lots of stars-only reviews with no explanation), the average rating among written reviews is about 2.6. This game isn’t even worth the 1 star minimum rating given. Don’t support crooked lowest-of-the-low practices from a company that obviously intends to get away with as much dishonesty as possible while technically remaining just within the bounds of the law and App Store policy. Apple, if you’re reading this, please do your users a favor and boot this dishonest crooked game out of the App Store.
  • Square Enix is to blame

    By Onimusha83
    Square Enix, I don’t care who developed this Game. You are the publisher and the issue I have is the Game crashes everytime I am at the Battle Arena. Fix this now.
  • Was good, but a ton of problems now

    By TrueSambo
    Fun game, but for the past month I’ve had to delete and reinstall the whole game every time an update comes out. What makes it worse is that updates happen very frequently, and today I’m finding that even deleting and reinstalling the app is no longer working. Also, a few months ago I spend money on lapis to try and purchase a step up summon for Yuna. However, right after I bought the lapis the game updated and got rid of the step up summon I wanted. I asked if I could get a refund and they refused. I find these quite frustrating since I’ve been playing this game since it first came out and there seems to be little or no care for the customer.
  • Arianna Grande

    By Adamemaley
    Killed the game, dirty ho ho ho.
  • Can’t play, crashes when loading in

    By Bob billbo
    Been playing for over 2 years and for a good bit now I can’t play because of this, Hope this gets fixed soon :/
  • Error

    By C Cog
    The game says that I don’t have connection, yet I literally right near the source of my internet, why is this happening?
  • I’m having a lots of crashes

    By Eyeseeker21
    The game is overall good in so many ways, however I’m experiencing so many crashes in the game. Whenever I’m in the middle of battle, the game just automatically crashes for me. I don’t if it’s just me who’s experiencing these crashes though.
  • Classic that keeps on going

    By cklopez1
    It’s like a final fantasy you can’t get tired of because you get to play all your old characters, new characters keep coming, and my favorite part is called “scalability”. There are hard monsters and easy. And everything in between. I used to be a fan of brave frontier but then everything became Demi Gods and incredibly hard bosses that made no sense. Challenge is good. Strategy is needed but not to the point where it’s blind luck. Great job developer team. I’m still here 2 years later logging in almost every day
  • I got that clouds

    By CRbatonrouge82
    Clouds is my jam. He’s up there with Liam Neesons and Bruce Willie. Seriously though, this game is great. And I’ve maybe spent at most 5$ on a few things. Very rare to find such a great free game. Thank you SE for being good people.
  • To many uptates

    By kay the roblox player
    Its a great game i jusy dont like everyday i play i must update the game please fix this!!!
  • Needs serious work

    By The fattest slimjim ever
    Nothing better than loading this game up and having to wait over an hour to download 1.5 million kilobytes of data every day for no reason
  • 111KB Download of Dooooom

    By Taco Trucked
    About 2 weeks after the Google Login patch, the 111kb - 256kb download screen crash is still there for many of us iOS users... will it ever be fixed....maybe....maybe not. (Yo Gumi, 6* - 7* Fencer please...I would love to use her again) As a global day one player, I would say the game at this point is about a 3/5*, (if you can get past the download screen crash). If gumi ever boost the rainbow rates to 4% - 5% then it would be a Solid 4/5*.
  • Played the game for a year or so but there is an issue

    This game has been fun, from collecting fan favorite characters, like Cloud and the FF XV crew, to completing difficult challenges: Gilgamesh and level 3 espers, but there is a flaw: • Crashes. The game crashes rarely in random occasions. And NOW it’s crashing whenever a new event banner front page or when it shows me the new daily reward. But most IMPORTANT is that it crashes when I open the inbox to claim my rewards. I’ve tried multiple times to get my rewards but it crashes on me. That specific problem has been occurring since the last update, the app art change to Lasswell which I love by the way. Love the game, I hope it gets fixed next update
  • Nrg Error

    By mals641
    I bought an energy bundle, then collected the bundle, my nrg went to 105/66. For some reason after buying the bundle. I’m not able depart in any mode. The most I can do is fight in the arena. Would appreciate if this bug be fix.
  • Every download takes hours

    By Alice Valkyrie
    If they even download at all. Right now I can’t get a download of about 1 MB to complete. I have more than enough space on my phone (over 50 GB). Downloads for this game were slow (but not as frequent, and not this slow) when I played the game on my iPhone 5C. I’m now on an iPhone XR. This is ridiculous, and renders the game unplayable. I’m connected to WiFi (with full bars) and don’t have any issues downloading data on other apps. Fix it!!!
  • Thanks Ariana

    By Zombiefluids
    I stopped playing final fantasy completely after Ariana’s appearance in this game 👍🏻
  • Keeps crashing:(

    By Lass-this keeps crashing-well
    I have a iPhone 7 plus and I’ve been playing this game for months and love it but since the loading approval update I can’t get past the title screen without it kicking me out and restarting. I don’t want to lose my characters I’ve worked hard on. Please help!!
  • Open your heart! Oops I mean wallet!

    By St0lenFayth
    First and foremost... always asking to download data & game crashes CONSTANTLY since last update. (Seriously?! Asking “Do I want to download 16kb of data?” Every time I do something is annoying.) PROS +FF characters you love and then some! +Attention to detail (spell names, special weapons, character units, etc.) Character attacks are named after limit breaks <3 +Lots to do +Lots to learn (it’s engaging to always be learning something new about the game, especially when you’ve played for a while) +consistent events +Excellent visuals & sound +great community... if you’re in discord or on reddit... I recommend both +lots of team flexibility, easy to swap people in and out for certain battles, change abilities and stats with espers, etc. +there’s a Wiki ... bookmark it. You’ll need it. And maybe a spread sheet at higher levels? +easy play, challenging to master +fast load times on iPhone X and 2018 iPad, CONS -The bundles are expensive and don’t offer much value -summoning your favorite character can be... expensive, dreadful, frustrating or just plain non-existent. -Japan gets better events, always. Even though it’s the same game. Events that guarantee a ticket for the character you want, when the US gets that same event months later, we get a more expensive event, no ticket to pick our character unit and a big middle finger while Gumi laughs. -occasionally steep learning curve -difficult to do more than one thing at a time (level trust master for rewards, play through the story, events, gather materials for gear/summons/ability crafting... pick one, you can’t do them all) -rewards only the most dedicated players (or the ones willing to open their wallets ... like really, really wide) -grinding any kind of material is tedious and 100% random! Even during dedicated “material events” -menus, buried in menus, buried in menus -energy... (ugh) 1 energy every 4 minutes. It’s fine in the beginning but once you get into events or even story missions they cost anywhere between 10 and 40 energy to do. Frustrating unless you open your wallet. -difficult to upgrade characters (see: material grinding) -events are impossible without “bonus units” -unit summons are completely random. “Drop %” means nothing 2 stars because as mad as this game makes me, I still manage to play it without throwing my phone due to all the frustration.
  • Unplayable

    By Snacks48
    The game is always trying to download the full game everytime i open the app, i have 10gb of free space so something is wrong with the app.
  • Locked out of game

    By Thkandmeaty
    Will never play again. I played for over 2 years. Spent money and new update locked me out and no help to get back in.
  • Boot characters extremely poor drop rates

    By Dickman6288
    Is your idea of final fantasy a party of no names random generated characters. Then you’ll love this. Nothings funner than fighting with a party of Ashe, Jeff, P. Duff, Walpe, and Donny. You get Ashe free. The drop rates are horrendous. I finally pulled a rainbow and who do I get? Seaside Nichole. Who the h*ll is that. Record keeper is a much better game. Better strategy. Only battles, so no running around towns. And you can get all the characters fairly easily. The equipment is the draw in that game.
  • Ongoing app bug

    By GregGriffith
    The latest update continues to make my app crash 100% of the time I try to load the game. When will this be fixed?
  • Too many updates too little time

    By Guardboi
    I love the game to bits and I love Kingdom Hearts to bits so when I found that Sora was going to be a limited summon, I was stoked and wanted nothing but to get Sora as a character, but, unfortunately every time I had opened the app I had to deal with an update which I had to wait for that to finish before I got to actually enjoy the game, but what really baffles me is the fact that these updates were days apart, and once more classes had started again and on top of work I had very little time to even open the app much less let the app finish updating, if the updates were a monthly thing, I’d be fine with that, but I can’t wait an hour + to let the app finish updating only to play a minute before heading back from lunch, sure I only need a couple seconds to start summoning but I need time to earn the Lapis to even get said summons. Sure I could buy it but that would be $20 down drain for one chance of summoning specifically Sora. Sure there was a step up thing that guarantees one of them but I need to save money and I can’t do that if I keep on spending money that should be going to gas and food, not to mention college and ridiculous books and codes that cost $100+ EACH. If America would cool its crap about it’s stupid American educational books I would’ve gladly used my money for these things but apparently I have to pay a fortune to have a life worth something and once more I cant very well pay for these things if the stupid banks keep taking my money on stupid claims about taxes when I haven’t even been notified about anything. Just, one update a month, not once a week, not once every few days, ONCE A MONTH IS ALL I ASK. I have had to deal with the update fiasco throughout since when the app had first released but I paid no mind to it because I was not missing much and I had the luxury to wait but the fact that it got in the way of a very exciting event with limited time products just took the fun out. I thank you all for your time if you even get to reading about this but I’m not entirely sure if I will start playing again after this, especially after hearing about the little scandalous drama about an employee of Square Enix being blackmailed and sexually harassed, and when he got the courage to say something about it, he was told he might’ve liked it. Square Enix has been there maybe my whole life and hearing about this is making me lose my trust in them as a whole.
  • Amazing!

    By SirSolidCrazy
    Everything you guys do is amazing and fun love it don’t dare stop doing what you guys are doing!
  • Black screen

    By Ye Ol Bastard
    I have an iPhone XS Max and the game asks me to download some update and then I get a black screen after the update and stays black.
  • Force close

    By Lichpin
    Always force closed at loading screen on ip6plus
  • Game kept crashing

    By Ash10032
    After I updated the game to the current one, it kept on crashing right after it asks to upload additional 296k data. It’s loading then crashing every single time
  • I cant play and I’m loseing data

    I re download ffbe but when I restored it my acount was back but I kept getting messages saying download kB and I noticed my storage had a lot less and so every time I played I had less and less storage and soon ffbe stopped working but getting out of the title into the home screen I’m rlly mad at this becouse I can’t play it I didn’t spend anything but I’m a long term player so it’s really unfair how can I fix it I already restore it and a deleted and re downloaded but nothing works make a patch or something thanks
  • Feeling let down

    By Kaincasca
    I downloaded this game 2.5 years ago or so.... Well it started of great! Then I ended up developing a buying habit... I stopped investing and tried being patient... it was great again! It’s a never ending cycle... because this game doesn’t give you what you want unless you wait. The prices are insanely steep the way that I was. It’s unfortunate but hey if you got a cash cow why not milk it for more?! So what if the love of creating and sharing a game was over taken by greed... I know they have finally started giving more good stuff around Christmas time. Another that really made me mad. The one thing that has really pinched my nerve is that I used maxed tmr characters as enhance and gold fodder... now they have incorporated a tmr cash in... I have lost out on so many units. I will never see them again. I politely asked if they could do something about it and my reply was as follows “Good day Player. This is Reese and thank you for contacting FFBE operations team. I understand your desire to get back the said units. Be that as it may, please be informed that all activities performed within the game are final and irreversible, thus, we’re unable to process such request. Hoping for your utmost understanding. With that being said, should you have other concern, feel free to create a new ticket”..... And then they thanked me. .. Feeling let down. So how was I to know this was gonna happen is what I wanted to ask. If I had known I for sure wouldn’t have used or sold them! I pay and that was my response. Seems I should change to another game.... this is how I feel. It’s The truth and you can say I am hurt.
  • Sound bug...

    By SneakyNinjaLOL
    Love the game but for some reason when the game starts I can’t hear sound even though I have it on and it restores it self when I back out and go in again it weird please fix it Gumi and thank you for looking into these as always 😌
  • No funciona,la aplicación.

    By Spectroon
    No funciona,la aplicación no habré,desde la ultima actualización,la aplicación no funciona,mi nombre en el juego es Spectroon81
  • On going problems since 1/30 update

    By J-Mike1
    This game Is one I’ve been playing for a couple years now. Only since the last update have there been the kind of problems I have been seeing. The app now shuts down with every startup.
  • Help I lost everything!!

    By 3edcCDE#
    The new update made me loose all my progress!! I’ve been playing for 2+ years and now it won’t link to my Facebook and made me start all over!! I am not happy I have spent a lot of time and money in this game to loose everything like this!! Do something!!
  • Awesome!!!

    By JollyScrub
    I was doubtful at first, but this game is amazing. Great time waster with a kick butt story.
  • Take too much space!!!!

    By wagglie
    $$$ to win. And $$$$$$ more to get good unit and it still fail, so more $$$$$$$$$$ to even move on. End of story!
  • Love the game...But...

    By AntiElite787
    Ever since the update, my game won’t load or crashes. Is this something all are experiencing or just me?
  • A pretty good game, although..

    By Kumori I.
    Due to the recent update.. the game has become unplayable now.. it will start up normally but once you finish the update it force closes the game and won’t start at all.. it’ll keep telling you you have to install the update and keep force closing.. please fix this ASAP.. I’m on an IPhone 7
  • Horrible Update

    By chdjdjy
    Many game crashes, and the app requires additional data to download EVERY TIME you open the app for EVERYTHING. Annoying.
  • Please fix

    By Wukilaflee
    Current version crashes at log in every time after 240kb update. iOS 12.1 iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Latest update feels janky

    By Lingivey
    The game is fun and pretty great for a gacha game but the latest update is bad. There’s all sorts of downloading in spots, the display doesn’t work right and it just feels bad. Hope they patch it up.
  • Edit 02/1/19- newest update

    By Taltos7734
    Great game, love the new features!!!
  • Crashes

    By Wonder Lopez
    Every time I download the additional file for this new update(500 kB) it crashes every time Chinese New Year update fix it.
  • Crash

    By Aristocracy
    It keeps crashing while trying to download updates, the most recent update seems to be crashing it for me