Mutual - LDS Dating

Mutual - LDS Dating

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-04-26
  • Current Version: 2.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 74.06 MB
  • Developer: Mutual LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 961


Mutual is the largest and fastest growing LDS dating app! Mutual is a place where LDS singles can make meaningful connections that lead to real dating. The app was created by BYU grads who know how difficult it can be to meet others with similar interests and standards, especially outside of Provo. Mutual offers features that help you get to know other single Mormons beyond their profile photos, by highlighting information such as mission location, mutual friends, and interests you share in common with potential matches. The Mutual team is committed to upholding the standards of our faith, and making Mutual a genuine and safe place you can trust. Everyone is required to sign in through Facebook to ensure people are who they claim to be, and all profiles get reviewed by one of our LDS team-members before entering our community. We also make it easy to report inappropriate behavior in the app, to maintain a positive environment for everyone. In the words of Brigham Young, "This is the place." MUTUAL UP - MORE FEATURES Upgrade to Mutual Up for access to exclusive new features, including: Ward Hop to change your location and match around the world, Unlimited Double Takes to undo past swipes, Ninja Mode to go invisible to everyone except people you swipe up on, More Filters to filter by height, and Daily Notes to stand out and increase your chance of matching. ------------------- Mutual is free to use, but if you choose to purchase Mutual Up, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Mutual Up subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Privacy: Terms: Mutual LLC is not owned by or affiliated in any way with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the LDS Church)



  • Stopping

    By Susardenta
    This application stop every time not working very well I can't saw all message and match
  • Facebook

    By pencils97
    Lol why would you make it available for Android first?
  • People don’t respond

    By karlacount
    Really poor app. It seems like people don’t swipe they just add their instagram username and expect you to find them. If someone matches with you the odds of them having a real conversation are 5%. Are they even real people? It seems like the people here are either robots or not looking to date. Also, you have to pay to send message. Why pay if nobody answers anyway.
  • Hyper zoom

    By Haydr89
    This app does something weird with all my photos it zooms in and won’t allow it to be adjusted. Also it loads them at an extremely low grade quality.
  • Horrible app support

    By amyghoul
    If you can't take care of an app you create, you should just do us all a favor and delete it. Or sell it to someone that will actually do what you "claim" to do.
  • Well, I Found Him!

    By Laurel.GB
    I was living in Aurora, CO and not finding any men I was interested in dating. About a month into using Mutual I was visiting my family in Southern California for the holidays about 30 miles north of where Andrew was stationed in the Navy. Andrew also went home to see his family for the holidays but only after my profile popped up on his mutual app during the narrow two-day window we were in the same city. Without Mutual it’s possible I never would have found this wonderful, handsome, charming man who is now the love of my life. We’ve now been married 3 months and are even more deliriously happy than we were during our months of dating. Though yes, like dating outside of an app, you have to sift through a lot of frustration and unmet expectations, Mutual helps people find each other when they never would have otherwise.
  • Do girls even receive the notes?

    By Thewazaagamer
    I’ve used various techniques on the notes for girls to open up and text. I’ve sent so many notes the past 2 weeks and not even one match. I don’t consider myself ugly, I’m just wondering if some times girls don’t receive the notes or if they always do. Great app, but I’ve been matched more with swipes than notes 🤷‍♂️
  • Nobody is active

    By Jefhald
    The good majority of girls I saw weren’t active on mutual anymore. Needs some verification of activity. The messaging sometimes is slow to load and crashes.
  • Getting Married in June!

    By Pretty52807
    Best app ever!!!! 10/10 would highly recommend! 🥰
  • Pictures

    By Laina.94
    I like the app as a whole. My only complaint is when I edit my profile and take pictures off, people can still see my old pictures and my new. I never know what my profile really looks like.
  • Easy and straight forward

    By evreeday
    I like the functionality of this app.
  • Won’t let me login

    By Zj1134
    The current version won’t let me log in. After I have triple checked that I am correctly entered my login information and hit return, it sends me back to to the login screen with no explanation why I haven’t been logged in.
  • Super glitchy

    By les85g
    Lately I seem to get the same guy/profile 2x in a row, it duplicated a couple of pictures in my profile so it looked like I had uploaded the same picture 2x in a row, and I hate that it doesn’t show that the person you’ve messaged has “read” the message it just says delivered. It would be super helpful to see a “read” message, sometimes I’ve sent messages and then checked back and it didn’t get sent. Just having the “delivered” isn’t always helpful because of how glitchy it can be at times. I’ve had times there I’ve gotten a new match notification hours after the new match appeared in my match queue.
  • What happened to being able to message matches?

    By Gump9er
    This app used to work such that when you got a match you could message each other. Well I just got a match today and can’t message her… What happened?
  • One of the best apps out there, but...

    By cougarfan94
    I can’t read my messages fully. I have the first couple lines, then it just is a blank line underneath, pretty frustrating especially when you’re actually interested in what the other person is saying. But 1/2 your messages back to them are you explaining that you can’t read their messages fully.
  • Texting bug makes it a nightmare

    By spsn22
    The one job this app is supposed to do is facilitate communication between two people who show romantic interest in each other.... but it has an absolutely fatal flaw where people don’t receive notifications, and can’t tell if you’ve texted them. So what happens is you match up with someone, you feel excited and vulnerable, and then.... then you text them. Then nothing happens. Because they never get the text. There are no badges on the app icon indicating a new unread text. There are no notification of any kind on the os level or within the app. So after hoping that you might actually have connected with someone, you instead end up wallowing in doubt and uncertainty. It feels like purposefully designed psychological torture.
  • Great App, Major Bug Fixes Needed

    By aproctor8
    @Mutual developers - Fun app, really cool people. Needed bug fixes include the app shutting down if you scroll too far into your Camera Roll when selecting a photo and tags deleting themselves from time to time. HOWEVER... the most obnoxious part of this whole app is that it matches you with people whom you NEVER swiped up on. In the last 3-4 weeks the app has matched me with 10-15 women I had never even seen, which puts me in an awkward position. It’s unacceptable.
  • Has issues but gets me dates!

    By Southpaw102
    TLDR: it has a bunch of glitches but still gets the job done. (See end of review for a hint on how to pause your account!) THE NEGATIVES: 1. My biggest complaint is glitches with messaging. I’ve been told by people that they never got my messages (and i know they are telling the truth because they want and do go out with me) I have found that other messages don’t get to the person until days later. This makes it hard when you are having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden you don’t get a reply. I have no idea if I was ghosted or if they just never got my message. Or maybe I never got their reply. MESSAGING FUNCTIONALITY NEEDS TO BE PRIORITY NUMBER 1. 2. What is with the pictures being zoomed in when you upload to your app? It’s the weirdest thing. We should be able to zoom in and out as we please when uploading. 3. The tags have glitches. There are duplicate tags floating around. I don’t know if one was made with a space afterwards are what. (I.e. 2 “Snowboarder” tags. Only shows mutual tags for some of them) 4. Bring back the message read feature 5. Pictures on people’s’ profiles often get duplicated and pictures previously deleted still show up. THE POSITIVES: I have issues with the app yes, but the app is still able to do for me what it was meant to do. It makes breaking the ice and going on first dates easier. With all the negative reviews I felt it important to show what the app can do for you. Keep in mind I live in Utah county where there are a lot of mutual users. I am a short, bald, not muscley, older white guy...and yet I am still getting tons of matches and going on a lot of dates. So it glitches aside, it works decent enough. Another positive thing about the app is there are hardly any adds which is awesome. That being said I would be willing to have more adds if it meant you could hire more personnel to maintain the app better. Please do this. Thanks for making Facebook mandatory for creating an account. As soon as you open it up to just email it becomes spam central with porn and phishing bots spamming you. Just look at what’s happened to tinder. Lastly, thanks for adding the pause account feature. It was so needed. (For those who don’t know you have to click the delete button. Then the option to pause the account shows up. This allows you to atop getting matches.)
  • Like harbor freight works at first then doesn’t over time

    By cowbkh
    At first I would get a ton of matches then as I’ve used it match’s have gone down significantly (1 a week now) At one point I swiped up for 10 minutes and not a single match. It’s a scam at this point.
  • So buggy

    By What'supwith"nicknametaken"
    So many problems I don’t know where to start, but my biggest complaint is that messages don’t always go through. I created a fake account and swiped up on my own, but it didn’t ever show up. How many others have not gone thru... 😏
  • It’s okay

    By JillBH
    The ‘about me’ and tags randomly disappear from my profile. I hope messages go through. It’s hard not to be shallow, but that goes for all online dating.
  • I Pay $ and They Don’t Respond to a Support Request

    By DontAlertViewMePlz
    Title says it. I have a subscription, and 10 days later I’ve heard nothing back, not even an automated reply. I get dates and relationships through this app though, so it’s not all bad. It is buggy, especially with settings, and in particular with height. Even when I change it, it doesn’t always take effect. The “mutual friends” feature that is shown in the screenshots has been gone for months. What’s up with that? They should ante up and make this a universal app. Emulating it as an iPhone app on iPad is lame. It seems like they’re still working on the app, so keep it up.
  • Big issues/terrible crop

    By Frustrated user 32456768373
    Terrible bug issues. I can’t switch up my photos, I have to delete all pictures and re-add in the order I want and now I can’t get them to fit cause the new crop y’all got is waaaaay to close. Not happy
  • This app is beyond broken

    By IsaacN96
    This app has so many issues I don’t know where to start I just the first one is that I can’t get any matches anymore I reached out to the developers and they said there was nothing wrong with my profile people just aren’t sweeping up on me and I know that’s not true because the soon as I sent them that email I got literally 50 matches from several days ago that never showed up until now and now it’s not doing it again also whenever you move to a new city you have to change the search parameters so that it will refresh the browser because you can’t refresh it by pressing a refresh button because there is no refresh button sometimes the app will fail to send you notifications. In fact most of the times it will feel to send you notifications also if you pay for a nap you expect it to work I do not recommend getting the premium version of this app the free version is fine but only when it works
  • Scam

    By HarleeEN21
    I’m not giving this app even a half star. I advise everyone to not use it because all you get is scammers. Either they ask you for money, iTunes gift card, or they just won’t talk to you. Please do something to fix this.
  • Stop charging

    By Lil cowgirl Jeanie
    Stop charging Mutual. Scamming app.
  • judgmental Mormon girls STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP...

    By Romerista
    This app if fill up with a lot of dead profiles.. and a lot of judgmental LDS women.. I’m a convert to the LDS church and I have some tattoos.. this religion judges you for everything... I guess the church can keep taking money from poor country to help only the Utah Mormons... NIT RECOMMENDED FOR CONVERTS OTHERWISE TOU WOULD BE JUDGE BECAUSE OF YOUR PAST OR FIND RACES PEOPLE HERE
  • Awesome app.

    By Alecjp69
    I love how easy it is meet people on this app. Also I can see what our interests are before we chat so we have stuff to talk about On Dates. Perfect place for guys and girls to get dates for those shy to ask In Public.
  • Objectively bad

    By faramir882
    Good concept, and great when it works... that’s the thing: when it works. When I have problem with this app, the support crew responds once per week... much like dating in Provo, now I think about it. (Last message sent Dec 6th, 2018. Still no reply.) and yes, I sent to both addresses AND the FB page for this app.
  • Great concept. Disfunctional on new devices

    By Acedawgflyer
    IPhone xr and this app do not agree. Buttons do not function and weird layout on screen
  • Es muy lenta

    By Amilcar Hernandez
    Buena aplicación pero muy lenta la conexión. Demora mucho en bajar las fotos. Solo faltaría mejorar algunas opciones. Pero en general está muy bien
  • Nothing too wrong with the app, just the attitudes of people on dating.

    By Mdog31
    I have no issues with app development or functionality. The biggest issue is the attitudes of young LDS people these days. No one puts forth any effort. I don’t match with a ton of women on here. And about 95% of the ones I do match with NEVER respond to messages. I have tried ice breakers, cheesy pickup lines, talking about a shared connection or interests based on profiles, and flat out just said hi. Nothing. Not sure if it’s for lack of checking the app or just ignoring notifications or whatever the case may be. But you can’t have success if the other end refuses to put any effort in. There are decent guys out there that can carry on a good conversation ladies! Just give us a chance please.
  • Please add 16

    By TikkleToes
    I’m 16 and finding people to date would be easier with this, so please make some age settings please thank you for your time.
  • No Facebook account

    By 02Aub
    There needs to be a way to create an account, even if you don’t have Facebook.
  • Shouldn’t require Facebook

    By Bubba194
    It’s really unfortunate that a good app like this requires users to have a Facebook account. There’s many reasons not to have Facebook (do a little google search on what they have done with your data). Not to mention some people like myself love living without it. I won’t ever get Facebook again and I know others think the same way. Please update so everyone can use the app and have this great tool for meeting people we wouldn’t otherwise.
  • No one will talk to u!

    By mightyshyguy
    No one will even talk to me! I never find matches and paying for the app doesn’t do anything but let u send one note a day to someone who has not picked your profile! Found one cat fish already!
  • It’s aight

    By Mikyleigh
    The app doesn’t work well with photos
  • Totally worth it

    By Lyss022
    I’m getting married to the man of my dreams because of this app, so I would say it’s pretty effective:)
  • Needs alternative sign-in method to Facebook

    By jlw24601
    The app was pretty nice - it resulted in a quite a few first dates. But I no longer use Facebook (I got sick of being its “product” and the various privacy issues that popped up in the past year), so I can no longer use the app, unfortunately.
  • Can’t even access the app

    By KDGracia
    Decided to finally download this app after much internal debate (I’m not really an online dater). Over the course of two or three days, I probably tried 10+ times to attempt to set up an account by using the ‘log into Facebook’ prompt. Every attempt resulted in an error message telling me to check my internet connection (which is certainly not the issue; my connection is fine) and contact support if the issue persists. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app a few times. I sent support an email and they mentioned that their servers had recently been down and to try again, so I did. Still receiving the same error message, so I don’t think it had anything to do with the server. Maybe this isn’t meant to be :/
  • Sorry ladies

    By nilkyrl
    I’ve seen quite a few reviews on here saying that guys don’t respond to girls. I’ve been using this app for about a month and have had no matches. One popped up and disappeared immediately. I’ve contacted the company and asked them about it. My best guess that most of the guys aren’t jerks who don’t reply but rather this app isn’t very good at actually getting them the messages. P.s. I literally went through everyone in my area the app said it ran out of people within 50 miles. To mutual please fix this app it is clearly broken and y’all ain’t doing nothin about it.
  • Mutual

    By breeskee711h
    I really like how this app is set up. It’s user friendly and fun!
  • Great app

    By Nìggêr
  • Best App I Ever Downloaded

    By BombasticFetz
    I thought I wouldn’t be very successful on here, being as ugly as I am, but I found the most beautiful young woman ever on here and we hit it off right away, I could never ask for a better relationship. I’m not sure if I would’ve gotten the chance to if I’d never used the app. Thank you, whoever made this. I am incredibly grateful.
  • Found Eternal Companion

    By katabrooke
    If you haven’t already downloaded this app, do it NOW. You do not want to end up 30 and single. You might be thinking “this app will never work” but let me tell you, it will. 💪🏼💪🏼 It’s free Everyone is mostly Mormon If you are baby hungry, so are most of the people on this app!!! 🤩 Click, meet, marry NOW!!!
  • Glitch on app

    By Sof2379
    I feel like the matching part doesn’t work... does the app still need to be fixed?
  • Login

    By baileysha
    What if i don’t have Facebook, and i don't want to create an account? How can i get on the app?
  • Fix some stuff

    By BenToddTyer
    I’m giving this a 2 star rating just so the developers notice and fix some bugs It’s a great app and one of the best dating apps because you don’t have to pay and it leads to things more meaningful than a one night stand But it’s super glitchy. Connecting over WiFi the app is slo and notifications, new matches and new messages delay about 10 minutes Sometimes it takes a few days to get notifications and matches! One time it took three days to update about 50 matches. I thought I wasn’t getting any but the App was just being buggy Great app! I just wanted to bring this to the developers attention
  • Great App! Terrible Customer Service!!

    By GallegoRay
    Basically Diet Tinder, this app is great for when you want to meet people, but aren’t into that “HookupOnenightstandCulture.” I met my fiancé on this app. She’s amazing. We wanted to laugh at some of our old conversations, Unfortunately she deleted her account pretty soon after we started dating... Fortunately Mutual told us they could retrieve it! Except after they told us they could, they stopped replying to our emails... which is Chill.... please...