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LinkedIn Learning

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2016-09-22
  • Current Version: 1.1.87
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 79.21 MB
  • Developer: LinkedIn Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 910


Advance your career with LinkedIn Learning. Discover the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills with personalized recommendations and courses taught by industry experts. Learn on the go with the LinkedIn Learning iOS app. Get the skills you need to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime, anywhere. Learn from courses taught by industry experts in leadership, management, marketing, programming, IT, photography, graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D animation and much more. Get the most out of your LinkedIn Learning membership with the app: • Access 4,000+ courses in business, tech and creative with more added each month • Get personalized course recommendations • Download courses for offline viewing • Explore curated courses for a guided learning experience • Save courses to watch later • Watch entire courses or individual videos at your own pace • Share courses with your network • Add certificates of completion to your LinkedIn profile • Access to LinkedIn Premium networking tools, and exclusive insights like Who's Viewed Your Profile LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With a subscription plan, you can watch the full courses across technology, creative and business topics. For Monthly Premium: $29.99 monthly USD For Annual Premium: $299.88 annual USD If you choose to subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew and will charge your credit card through iTunes account, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Requirements • iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch 5th Gen or later • iOS 10 or later • Connection to 3G, 4G, or WiFi network LinkedIn privacy policy: LinkedIn terms of use:



  • Fix! Organization Sign-in Issue

    By prxyanka123
    I want to sign in using my organization URL which is: This URL works for me online, but doesn’t work for this app. Please fix!
  • Best skills learning platform

    By ffoulad
    Best refresher
  • No Apple TV native app

    By GC111111
    Once you transfer account to linkedin you loose native support on Apple TV. You can try to cast to the tv but it just gives to the spinner of death and nothing plays. You also get all the LinkedIn spam
  • Not Harvard

    By MindBogglr
    Okay, so it’s not Harvard, it’s not even a junior college. It is a tool . . . A tool that can be as useful as you say it need it to be
  • Learning path certificate

    By JeffreyWho
    Please give a pdf certificate for learning path. After took 30+ classes, it is hard for me to manage on a class level. What is the point if there is a learning path but I cannot have a proof when I add the learn path to my LinkedIn profile.
  • Excellent resource to learn new technologies and concepts

    By yrmpr
    Is a must
  • Amazing

    By RobertaFisher
    Not only are these videos very helpful and interesting but the speakers are amazing!
  • Let me turn off auto-play

    By AstroPig7
    The video quality and content are still great, but when migrating from the Lynda app the developers failed to add an option to disable auto-play. This is available on the Web site and in the old app, but it is annoyingly not available here.
  • Worthless compared to the old Lynda app

    By Phoppes
    Where to begin. This app does not support landscape view when you are browsing for tutorials. If you have more than 8 topics in your profile their app and their browser player wont allow you to use them. Since LinkedIn has completed their takeover of Lynda they have basically ruined everything that was good and replaced it with useless crap aimed at social media and little if anything on actually using their service for actual training. Seriously considering dropping them completely if they don’t start fixing some of these most basic features.
  • Lynda interface was way much better

    By Pepe5
    They offered me migrating to LL from Lynda and, although price seems to be lower, they still need to do a ton to improve their iPad app, which is considerable worst and less intuitive than Lynda.
  • Construction Manager fundamentals

    By rdt11291
    Very good overview. Lots of good information
  • Great content, okay app, but forced vertical orientation on iPad??

    By UbiquitousChris
    I’ve been a Lynda customer for a very long time and just recently did the upgrade to LinkedIn learning. While the content is great and the app is okay, there is one big flaw for me: The app cannot be used in horizontal orientation on the iPad. I am often using my iPad in horizontal orientation in addition to a smart folio keyboard, and the app becomes useless unless I undo this entire configuration. The vertical orientation doesn’t make sense and makes it so you HAVE to hold the iPad when you’re watching content on here. If LinkedIn made this app work in the horizontal orientation, I’d likely upgrade this to five stars. Right now, its almost useless to me.
  • Mala experiencia con la velocidad de reproducción

    By mevCAR77
    Al ver un curso e incrementar la velocidad de reproducción, el audio y vídeo se desincronizan. La función para incrementar la velocidad no está disponible cuando se ve en pantalla completa. La misma función de incrementar velocidad no tiene opción para seleccionar la que quiero, tengo que subir uno a uno y si me paso, tengo que dar toda la vuelta. Muy mala experiencia
  • Using chrome cast feature is gone.

    By mr4eyesn
    After ran some updates, I don’t see the feature to use chrome cast anymore.
  • Lynda Purchase

    By Joshesc
    They purchased Lynda, which was originally entirely free for anyone that had a Los Angeles County library card & are now charging $30 a month for the exact same courses & nothing new. Completely disgusted not only by LinkedIn in general but with Lynda who I saw as innovative genius organization striving toward the better of humanity. Utterly despicable. I’ll be deleting my LinkedIn personal & business accounts shortly.
  • Best app I have

    By louise_wit
    I have been raving about these courses to all my classmates and professional connections. If you’re willing to spend the time, there is so much to learn and this is the future of skills based education. My school pays for a subscription which makes it even easier to gain many skills. The app is well build and easy to navigate and all the content is well vetted. 10/10 would recommend.

    By JP Veteran
    A wonderful app, with overflowing knowledge and endless techniques. Extremely beneficial in every need/area.
  • Great content, terrible app

    By Basketballogy
    Pros: • The content for LinkedIn Learning is wonderful • What LinkedIn Learning is a great value. • They have a wide range of topics Cons: • Navigating courses is so incredibly bad, you have to assume the developers don't actually use the product. • The developers are so lazy that they treat a 13-inch iPad screen exactly as if it were a 4-inch iPhone. • Once playing a course, you are going to fight with the app to watch it how YOU want to watch it: landscape orientation, faster speeds, etc. • Controlling playback is just flat out dumb. If you are wanting to watch something while on an elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill, your workout will be interrupted as you stop to fight with the genuinely head shaking design of this app. I very much regret "upgrading" from Lynda. Lynda's app wasn't perfect either, but at least it wasn't a major step backwards.
  • Layout is not ideal

    By lynda>linkedin learning
    Would be much better if iPad app landing page was in landscape and not portrait. I had to take my iPad off of its keyboard so I could type this review on the touch screen. What in the world were y’all thinking???!
  • No iPad support, serious downgrade from Lynda app

    By symonty
    Useless on a pro, starts in portrait and will not rotate. Migrated from and Started app, all my progress did not appear, would not work in landscape mode. Useless on my pro. Deleted and waiting till this this works correctly Very disappointed pointed to a bad broken app , sticking with the old app for now.
  • Very Nice

    By Perkgun
    Once upon a time in my life I watched videos just as someone might binge watch Netflix. I enjoy learning things and would watch videos on all kinds of subjects. Then after a while I decided to take a break from it. I received my edutainment through Youtube and other sources. Many people I know deride the idea of paying for this type of thing stating that you can get the same material on YouTube for free. LinkedIn courses though provide a better viewing experience than many Youtube videos and are much more comprehensive. But when you watch a lot of YouTube videos about a subject you are still paying for it by enduring lots of ads that take up your time. LinkedIn is nice in that you when you have a few minutes you can watch a chapter or two without having to sift through lots videos and ads. You can get right to it. Recently I did a trial of Linked in learning and liked it. Especially when I discovered that LinkedIn honors veterans with a complementary 1 year subscription. I appreciate it and now I am back to watching them regularly. One nice thing about this model is that when you have LinkedIn premium you also get LinkedIn learning. I think it’s a great value. had two tiers: basic and premium. You only had access to the exercise files with the more expensive premium membership. LinkedIn learning has just one with access to everything and i think it’s a better business model. I also love the large variety of content they provide. It’s pretty great. Now if you will excuse me I am going to get back to watching LinkedIn Learning. Happy learning
  • Fantastic Learning Tool

    By Marife2545
    I really enjoy using this app to gain additional skills and certifications. :) some courses are definitely better than others. You can even gain PDUs from the PMI!
  • Best course I have used.

    By MTC146
    After trying out a couple different Salesforce courses, this was by far the best. Methodical and easy to follow. Tried a couple on Udemy and even Trailhead, and this course still won out! Highly recommended.
  • Pretty basic UI

    By [njsf]
    Collection creation plainly does not work which makes this product hard to manage on a pure mobile way. Contents is ok, but with so much online training offerings I can’t say it is anything special
  • Great app that need improvements to run offline

    By joejony
    Use the app offline presents serious challenges even when the courses were already downloaded.
  • Needs work

    By dave1nova
    I switched from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning and found several features I miss from Lynda. First on Lynda I could see all the newest courses and I could watch courses on my Roku. Now I have to pick a subject and then filter for the newest courses and I’m stuck with watching courses on smaller screens.
  • A Big Step Down From

    By xebeche
    The app is clearly not designed to take advantage of normal size iPads like the app. No landscape mode is just awful. I can’t log into the app anymore either. It seems to have something to do with the migration to LinkedIn. I’ll be looking for alternative training resources as a result.
  • 😍😍

    By UberEats Driver
    This is an amazing study can get skills from whatever sphere of life you are interested in. Short straightforward videos that keeps you comfortable and focused at the same time
  • Continue Ed

    By Uc8tcme
    Great app for continuing education.
  • Learning LinkedIn

    By H.Taravati
    LinkedIn is an unique social network because of its professional policy . I am sure this network have a great impact in developing of science and technology now and in future. Thanks
  • Needs improvement (No Landscape mode)

    By Stray_Trons
    A nice option for learning when not at home or the office, but the lack of a landscape mode prevents the apps use when a keyboard is attached. I don’t understand the design teams thought process in a portrait only mode, this is a rather standard function for most apps. Considering that LinkedIn is a Microsoft company and the push for tablet computing is at the forefront of mobile computing design evolution, I call this oversight a critical failure in development. I would give the app 4-5 stars if landscape display was available.
  • Good for refresh information

    By Tjfiggy
    Some of the courses are interesting refresh material .... I find any with test questions are subpar and lack of interactive modules leaves me wanting for an effective training experience. Good information video.
  • Still work to be done

    By 08-Sthlm
    I try using this app over and over unfortunately my commute is through an area with no cell cover and this kills the app every time. Even if it's downloaded content it can't figure it out. Looking forward to a fix on this issue.
  • Wonderful for PMP training

    By Brrob
    PMP training is intimidating and it’s hard to know where to start. LinkedIn learning made starting the process and continuing the process a breeze.
  • I love Learning!

    By DavidOn2
    LinkedIn Learning is a excellent platform for learning just about anything, especially all things tech. If you’re studying for CompTIA certs, you’ll find study prep videos here from well-known authors like Mike Meyers and Mike Chapple. Default orientation of the app is portrait, but when you go full screen, it switches to landscape. It’s a feature, not a bug. I’d really like to see a skip 10 seconds back button on the playback screen just like on the web app. Very inconvenient to scroll back manually, especially on iPhone X. Please consider adding this on a future version of the app. Cancel Netflix and use your time productively with Learning.
  • Diverse selection of classes to view.

    By Jason Amrhein
    I have found numerous classes that will aid in both professional and personal development.
  • No AppleTv app

    By Minkstole
    Frustrating since I used to enjoy on Apple TV. Now it has disappeared and there’s nothing to replace it.
  • Courses don’t load smoothly offline, it doesn't work!

    By Minamzm
    Courses don’t load smoothly offline, it doesn't work!
  • Content is great! But for older iPads it is not compatible

    By JenHolm
    Content is great a viewable on desktop! But, for older iPads it is not compatible. The online version is also not iPad friendly. Would be nice if they allowed viewing on older iPads (G2).
  • This App could benefit from many of these courses

    By Storiwr
    LinkedIn Learning’s content is still as top notch as it’s days, but this app is barely useable. Simple things like supporting landscape mode while browsing on iPad still haven’t been implemented in almost a year. The recommendations engine surfaces older courses, rather than the latest iteration. (Example: took illustrator 2019 essential training and got Illustrator 2017 as a recommendation). Also resuming the course you started is buried under a tab. Upon launching the app, where one might expect to see the last course started, the aforementioned useless recommendation engine gets top billing. Two things I do like are they have made it easy to download an entire course in a few clicks and playback speed is sticky across all videos and courses. I love these courses, but I know they can do better with this app.
  • Still no landscape mode

    By loszombios
    A technologically sophisticated company like linked in can’t bother putting a landscape mode on their GUI? Every time I start the app on my 12.9 iPad Pro, the app forces my hardware into portrait mode. Ridiculous. This makes the app almost useless on an iPad. It’s almost stunning that linked in can’t be bothered to create a a landscape GUI for professionals using an iPad. That is what linked in is trying to to market to right? Industry professionals? Not teenage girls taking selfies with their phones? Give a me break... Linked in, please spend a tiny amount of time and money and put in a landscape mode like any other professional app that expects to be taken serious and utilized by professionals.
  • This is the treasure of knowledge. It’s all on your part to take what you want

    By lakshmi kopppolu
    It’s amazing. A treasure of knowledge. Spend max time by using it everywhere thank you, Lakshmi Prabhakar Koppolu
  • Study

    By CLG - Chris
    Studying for the GRE and relearning math after 13 years out of school this has been very helpful. Just wish it didn't error after answering the first quiz question each time
  • Where is landscape mode for iPad?

    By Jackie D'Elia
    I have used the app for years. I watch the course is mostly on my iPad in landscape mode. The new LinkedIn app appears to only support portrait mode, which won’t work for me. I’ll continue to use the Lynda app instead.
  • Knowledge on the quick

    By Möbius27
    My go to source for learning almost any subject I desire a valid expense for any college high school grammar school student needing assistance with their math computer English geography or any subject matter imaginable
  • A video app with no landscape viewing?!

    By lanwarrior
    This app is all about video-based learning. However, you CANNOT use the apps in landscape mode, which is bizarre. You’ll have to keep rotating your iPad if you want to navigate the UI. Furthermore, you cannot have split-view in iPad. This is necessary since you’ll need to take notes (just like in a classroom) when watching the video. Finally, everything looks bigger, as if the developer just took the iPhone version and dump it in iPad without modifying any UI.
  • No landscape mode?

    By Brawny14
    App needs to support landscape mode, not just when watching videos full screen. Lynda app seemed to be much better put together.
  • No landscape mode support on iPad???

    By Joreal Whitfield
    Love the content on LinkedIn Learning, but completely baffled that the app only works in portrait mode - NOTE: I’m using a 2018 iPad Pro. Is this being addressed quickly???
  • On access and a reliable source

    By Ersh Man
    It really helps to find my questions through short videos, great