King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-07-13
  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 196.15 MB
  • Developer: FunPlus
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 902


Make friends and battle enemies across the globe, your dragon and throne await! Get your armor on, the hottest real-time MMO of 2017 is here! Raise your dragon and build your army in the quest to lift Excalibur and become the King. Taste power and victory while making friends and enemies along the way. Chat, help, trade and wage war with players around the globe. King Arthur’s death has left an empty throne. Get ready to get medieval; the battle to conquer the kingdom has started! -=FEATURES=- ◆ Unique Dragons in Each Castle: Each player has a unique Dragon that they can raise and customize with special abilities, making each battle unique. The dragon’s abilities benefit the player's city development, resource gathering, and training. ◆ Alliances and Diplomacy: Players form Alliances together - constructing, defending, and attacking together. Alliances cooperate with each other and live together, managing diplomatic relationships as a team. They might lose battles together, but they can also win the war together. ◆ Global Server: King of Avalon players all over the world could battle together for the Excalibur to become the rightful ruler of their kingdom. SUPPORT Are you having problems? Visit Privacy Policy: Facebook fanpage: Terms of Service: The price of monthly subscription is $29.99, and lasts for 30 days. After purchasing, players will get exclusive privileges in game. Please note: 1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase 2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period 3. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal 4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase PLEASE NOTE: King of Avalon is completely free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required. Do you have what it takes to become the King?



  • 1 year

    By missesvixen
    I love this game.. I don’t even care about spending money
  • KOA 477

    By Meat eater2
    Love the game! Kingdom 477 is a war kingdom! Want to fight the good fight? Fight here! SWR forever!!!
  • Worst customer support ever

    By KAO_sucks
    I wish I can give this game a -0 star there’s always an issue with literally everything they can’t never fix a problem worst experience I ever had playing a game.who ever says that this game is good is getting pay by the developers or works for the developers
  • Used to be fun but...

    By Mimiwv
    They opened active kingdoms up to let players from dead kingdoms migrate into them. Their kingdoms died for a reason, because they are terrible people who couldn’t work together to make their kingdom’s thrive. Then they just ruin their new kingdoms like they did their own.
  • Awesome game!!

    By jdunc24
    A great game to play and chat with friends. I haven’t stopped playing it for almost 2 months straight. Highly recommend
  • What is up with the add for it?

    By Just-another_gamer-
    I literally downloaded this game so that I could build and shape my civilization from scrap, as well as change the world around it, which is what the add promised, but instead it’s just another copy and paste “Strategy Game” where you have a prebuilt base that you can’t really interact with, and need to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade.
  • Phones Ads

    By Shawn62462
    All their ads have nothing to do with this game, for a free game you have to spend quite a bit of money or the devs friends wipe you out. How this game is still in the apple store is beyond me.
  • Pay To Win

    By Dolly Dalia
    Quit this game after two years of playing. Every update was adding an extra feature to spend more money. Plus It got boring playing with those who paid to win.
  • Have $$$ will play?

    By Jaggyr
    This game was bad enough when it was Pay to Win... now? Read their Terms of Service (TOS), the ONLY people held to these standards are the people that don’t spend any $ at all. If you spend enough money, it doesn’t matter how many times you “bully”, threaten, and/or Violate their Rules. Players openly advertise the selling of resources and accounts and its NOT punished. If you have the extra time to and are interested in playing a new game? It might be a better idea to read a book than waste time in this game and suffer at the hands of bullies that the dev’s don’t care about. Oh an by the by, I love the people that have been clearly paid to leave 5 stars on the iTunes review board? People write less than glowing reviews an then give the game 5 Stars? Are you kidding me? *** UPDATE *** So my review of this game, although true and realistic; I was actually sent a warning in game. So basically, if you leave bad feedback here, you could get banned or deleted in game? What would have happened if I left a 5 star, but false review? People bully you constantly and the the dev’s have messaged me saying it’s not their problem????
  • Don’t believe the ads

    By SteveStolarczyk
    I decided to try this game because the gameplay on the ads I’ve seen looked really cool— choosing the formation for your armies and then watching how they do against the enemy formation, placing canons on the castle walls and seeing them take on the advancing opponents— but I played it for months and it was just building/upgrading castles and buildings, harvesting resources, etc. The combat is entirely computer simulated without any of the stuff shown in the ads. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Just ignore it and keep moving on with your life.
  • Lost account

    By swearigan
    I have been playing KOA for almost a year now. My SH is 30, my power is 108 million. I have spent thousands of dollars on this game. Last Saturday around 5 pm est, I was switching between this account and a smaller account. Both were bound. I lost the bigger account. I have been to KOA help, FB help and Apple. Both FB and apple told me that the owners of KOA is the only one that can restore the game. So I tell KOA this and they start giving me the run around like “if it was bound to FB then FB would have to restore it. FB has assured me that they can’t. I am currently in conversations with my lawyer. I am actually ashamed to tell anybody how much money I have spent but it is a considerable amount. I sent KOA help and support one final plea to restore and also answered the questions on the form again for the fifth and final time
  • Relax on making higher castles

    By Raahyyy
    This game is going to end up like GOW. We lost so many when you guys went to castle 31 then 40 over night. Now it’s going to 45? The game is hardly fun with the 40s. Anyone under a 35 has no chance. Migration has helped, but when you do castles, do it 1 by 1 and give time between each one instead of jumping 5-10. The game needs balance. And space. I really hope you consider not going to 45, but instead going to maybe 41 after more time. Then space out and add 42sh upgrade, etc. a lot of us invest a lot of money, and people are already trying to sell their castles and quit with news of 45sh upgrade.
  • almost like chess

    By Knightmare kingdom361
    Super fun battle game almost like chess build your city within the castle send troops out to destroy your enemies or reinforce allies that simple fun fun
  • Money hungry

    By nonon takoda 61
    Need to focus more on the game and less on the money need to give a little. Give some free stuff more often and stop with the features that require you to spend money to unlock. Ain’t wasting a penny on your game
  • Bug in game

    By Lillaena
    Whenever I buy the (labeled) large hero exp for 2k it never shows up in my inventory. Small hero exp for 5k and dragon exp will go in the bag but not the 2k exp. that’s not cool
  • False advertising

    By Chriscap13
    The ad was 100% different and showed basically a different game. This game is a map builder with times. Like you build a farm and wait 5m for it to build. Not command and army from the castle walls and direct where to fire. False advertising
  • Game

    By Ashshelledwards
    This game is amazing
  • Confused

    By 1upX100
    Love the game Why can’t I see the battle on my phone using the camera like the ad shows where’s the option?
  • KOA

    By Perry Matlock
    People in 68 years of my life I have played many games KOA is in the top 10 of all time gaming playing. Great for all ages and planning up dates are 100% for each player. Come join the many different people playing and having exciting game playing experiences. 'KOA is the greatest'
  • Chinese favoritism / horrible development decisions

    By Hukgr
    The devs have punished cheaters within the game, yet it was a very light slap on the wrist. The games highest powered player was caught on video blatantly cheating and the devs did nothing about it because he is Chinese and a big spender. If you’re not Chinese chances are the devs do not care about you or the quality of gameplay you receive. The developers are slowly ruining the game more and more with each update. This last update completely ruined the labyrinth where you could get by with just the lab resources now you cannot. Game ruining development will be the downfall of this game. Stop messing with things that are perfectly fine. IF IT AINT BROKE DONT BRAKE IT. Horrible development decisions. Get a grip. Sad developer responses honestly just feel like a slap in the face. The devs do not care one bit that the vast majority of the players hated this update. Stop breaking your game funplus. Listen to your community. Stop living up to your D better business bureau rating. Do something that people want for a change. Please do something, because you’re ruining this game faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Just think for two seconds about what you’re doing and if you’re being accepted by the community. At the moment you are not. It’s a complete joke and a slap in the face to everyone that plays this game. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE WHO PLAYS IT. DON’T KILL YOUR GAME LIKE SO MANY OTHER COMPANIES HAVE.
  • Cheating encouraged

    By KayePutnam
    I’ve played this game for two years but I’ve had enough, the game allows the chinese players to cheat without punishment while offering them greatly discounted deals not available to western players....sad
  • Ten thumbs down

    By pea.brain
    This game wants only one thing. That’s all of your money. It’s set up to make you spend on everything.
  • Unbalanced

    By Slipscat
    Cheating is a major problem in this game. For a pay to win type game, that’s a major issue. Keep your money. There is no endgame balance in this game. New content is made for big spenders only. The free and low spenders get one update a year and it’s usually not a big content booster. Just stay away from these pay to wins, it’s not worth it.
  • Built for Bullies

    By Heathen Dog
    I’ve been playing this game for almost since it’s release date. Coming up on three years now. I really do enjoy it and appreciate all of the graphics, game play, events, and side games. Except... Unfortunately, it is designed for bullies to get ahead.... pay to play. I spend money on the game, but not as much as the big spenders. In our kingdom, the bullies attack constantly. They don’t attack for resources, because I did something to upset them (declared war), or for any strategic reasons, they just do it because they want to and they can win since they spend ten of thousands $ on the game. The only way to defend against them is to play defense, that is to shield. Shielding cost gold. Although the game allows you to earn some gold, you cannot earn as much gold as needed to stay constantly shielded. That cost money to buy gold to buy shields. I would leave this kingdom in a heartbeat, if I could. The developers, however only allow certain players to “migrate” to other kingdoms. Our kingdom is a kingdom in which they chose to allow people to enter only, not to leave. Now, more bullies arrived. Thus, my only recourse, is to continually being beat up (lose everything, this taking a month or more to rebuild.. or pay $100s to do so) or to stay shielded. It is losing its fun. They need to come up with a better way to keep bullies from bullying outside of the designated events. I really don’t mind it during the event, as that is part of the war game. I mind it when they just attack constantly for no reason and to earn no resources. I am going to continue playing, for now, but I’m getting close to leaving the game, I think... as soon as I find another game I want to try.
  • Rich mans game

    By True Gamer 1169
    Developers pay people to attack you so you will spend more money. Don’t play unless you want to spend a lot of money.
  • “Hello my lord, we’re not actually sorry.”

    By kate.r.jobes
    Money sink, pay to win players will always dominate. There’s NO WAY to defend yourself -at all- alliances in my kingdom keep getting bullied by these pay to win players. If you want to fight or even defend yourself, be prepared to spend TOO MUCH MONEY. I’m about to quit since my alliance is finally being bullied to death. All the pay to win players from Asia have banded together and are making this game... well you can’t even call it a game... it’s a “We’re going to hit you every day, but if you dare hit us, we will publicly shame you and destroy your entire alliance.” Not fun anymore. Not even a game anymore. You can’t participate at all. I’m very disappointed in KoA, in the beginning it was good. Now it’s just a greedy app. How bad is it? A man in another alliance lost his daughter in surgery (I’m talking 8 years old) kingdom called a peace treaty, the one and only Asian pay to win dominating alliance with a message of “Your daughter deserved to die and no one cares.” (Posted to that little announcement banner that everyone has to see) And went on attacking people. These are grown adults saying these things by the way. I tried to report it but nothing happened, the man that lost his daughter was being hunted by these guys immediately after so he quit. MAKE THIS GAME A GAME AGAIN AND I MIGHT COME BACK. You can’t defend yourself your alliance members or participate without spending -lots- of money. I have vet bills to pay so I can no longer keep up with what these guys want from us. Thanks to my alliance members this game was nice for a little while.
  • Great

    By 12shadesofbrat
    Love the game I met a lot of very cool ppl....learned a lot Love 320 kingdom best ever noggy is the man shout out bite me and all of god alliance andman redlight hubby flo xena spider man norther.....and last if I could change anything it would be that annoying kc chat that comes across the screen from other kingdoms it’s stupid
  • Buying stuff

    By Knotted stronger
    The game is definitely one of the way better kingdom based games. One thing I do dislike is when you spend money you don’t get points toward a bonus gift or anything. I feel like some games you get your moneys worth. Not so much on this one.
  • My Take

    By Me#1TopRamen
    Very very fun. Top shelf.
  • Have Patience

    By ConSDD
    This is a really fun game if you don’t get frustrated first. In the beginning you’ll make plenty of mistakes and get bullied by stronger lords. Have patience and keep at it. Join an alliance and find the lords that bullied you so you can return the favor.
  • Sadly Deleted

    By Elizabeth D89
    This game is absolutely addicting and perfect game to kill time. (That was my original review) Now I do like this game, problem is money spenders can now be even more powerful with the Prestige banners. K89 is becoming a dead kingdom thanks to an alliance who go around spending money and bullying people... People are literally quitting the game. Maybe the game can do an update where time and effort mean more than spending🙄 But I guess that won't bring in the big bucks
  • Miss my friends

    By Gamebuster123
    So I was away for awhile due to work and I had let me alliance know. I’ve returned back to the game and seen everyone leave the kingdom. I got in touch and found out it was the migration event. I have 2 castles in a dead kingdom I would love to get back to them.
  • Migrating.

    By devilsangel2254
    They need to make it so that you can pick which kingdom you migrate to. Most players have castles in a kingdom but have to abandon them due to other players not respecting the rules or just people deciding to target specific castles making it so they can no longer progress or have fun on the game.
  • Kings of Avalon

    By Pipmol
    Very challenging
  • Money driven game

    By casul193
    Never seen a game where all they want is to steal your money. Can’t win in this game unless you much so much money
  • BS

    By KOA Crap
    New update is crap. Many will leave the game good job fun plus on killing a game. If you don’t live in China don’t download the game is set up for them to rule. MZ did the same thing you are doing with game of war and it also lost a ton of players. Mods get free stuff so make me a mod haha just kidding already stopped spending will play till I zero myself and I will be done as well.
  • Just another GREEDY game ddveloper

    By GIJEFF69
    PAY TO PLAY....
  • They only want your money! If you don’t spend they will find a way to STEAL from you.

    By Ace_370
    They push update after update that forces each player to spend and spend even if you have already been a buying player then in two months they will add something else costing you thousands to compete with their chinese players. They force these update and if it changes something you have already invested in then your out of luck. Specifically the update 5.0 that reset lucky shot without any warning and this reset made my account lose items worth $70 but no compensation as been issued. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THE HORRIBLE GAME! Chinese will have every advantage and discount available to them including cheating which they do nothing to stop.
  • 👌

    By Naymyo Lwin
    I like this game.The best game I ever play.
  • Good game bad support

    By Insomniiackk
    Might be kind of long but bear with me for a min. Love the game and met good people on it however anytime you need support they are Mia and ignore you. All it takes on the game is for one individual to get their feelings hurt to tap report twice to have you banned permenantly with no review. They say you should be banned for 7 days only on the second time but that is not what happened. After emails and many many in game tickets still nothing. My alliance leader contacted in game help called mod and they were assisting them until they stopped and still after days of waiting still no word from them either. Either they are doing like the admins of the game or the mod, like me, is being ignored as well. If it was not for this I'd give a higher rating but apparently the company does not care about that. Plus this game is very pay to win game on top of no support.
  • Love the game but hate it

    By briann909
    I love playing the game but every time i try to hunt or anything in all honesty it kicks me out the game. Please fix this
  • Terrible customer service

    By The Investor
    This game may be fun but don’t expect to get any help with your account if you have a problem, I can’t log onto account linked to my Apple Game Center account for almost two weeks, I have sent multiple emails with all requested info and screenshots, I get nothing but a standard response to let me know that my email was received, my account may never be recuperated with customer service like this!
  • Game

    By rorrazo28
    Not to good of a game. The developers are trying to make you spend money like crazy, coming up with new way of making power. It is DEFIANTLY a pay to win game. If interested in a war game download Rise of Civilization, much better game.
  • Best game

    By alexander padilla
    This is the best I have ever found it’s very addicting love this game
  • Very misleading

    By djakfnf dndndn
    Misleading from what ad shows. For that 1 star
  • New updates

    By glad_hobbit
    The new updates might be the only reason That makes me consider quitting!!! Specially with the new labyrinth! If you want less people to play, I gotta say well done you’re almost there!!!
  • Upgrade 5.0 ruins already bad game

    By CieamKgE
    Upgrade was really a downgrade for the player, less for the player more $$$$ for FunPlus. Completely ruins game for low or no money players. Even midrange spenders can’t keep up with big spenders. Do not bother with this game.
  • Nerf

    By Dude85024
    Stop nerfing things!
  • 5.0 update has ruined game for 99% of community

    By taylormade084
    After the latest update they took a way for free to mid level players to make upgrades out. Many of us use this method to play and still didn’t amount to anything compared to big spenders. But still they took it away forcing many to leave the game. 5.0 was worse upgrade todate