Experian Credit Report

Experian Credit Report

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-05-16
  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 103.50 MB
  • Developer: Experian
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 36 104


Get your FREE Experian Credit Report & FICO® Score* – anytime, anywhere! Checking your own report doesn’t hurt your credit, and there’s no credit card required. And now, for the first time, you can raise your FICO Score instantly with Experian Boost™. You’ll get the extra credit you deserve with the utility and cell phone bills you’re already paying. See what's helping or hurting your FICO® Score, learn how your credit report impacts your score and interact with your credit in a completely re-imagined way. Always be in the know with credit monitoring and alerts that notify you when key changes to your Experian Credit Report & FICO Score occur. Plus, take advantage of Experian CreditMatch™ to find better credit cards and apply with confidence thanks to matches based on your FICO® Score. KEY FEATURES: FREE FICO® SCORE* Track your FICO Score and see which financial behaviors are helping or hurting. Automatically updates every 30 days upon sign-in. FREE CREDIT REPORT Better understand the kind of information lenders see – like credit accounts, inquiries and public records. Automatically updates every 30 days upon sign-in. EXPERIAN BOOST** Connect your accounts to increase your FICO® Score instantly. Look better to lenders and save money by qualifying for better rates and offers. EXPERIAN CREDITMATCH*** See credit card matches based on your FICO® Score. Compare your best options and make your choice. CREDIT MONITORING & ALERTS Know when your FICO® Score changes, new accounts are opened in your name or new inquiries appear on your credit report. Push notifications send alerts directly to your device. CREDIT AT-A-GLANCE Easily see a breakdown of your accounts. Use the Credit Summary wheel to see the five key elements that make up your FICO® Score. SUBSCRIPTIONS Experian CreditWorks subscriptions purchased through your iTunes account will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current monthly subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. To manage your subscription or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase go to My Account -> Manage Membership within the app. ABOUT EXPERIAN Experian is the first company and credit bureau to offer online credit reporting services in the U.S. We’re now the leading provider of credit data and services with credit information on approximately 220 million U.S. consumers and more than 1.5 petabytes of data. We empower consumers to manage and improve their financial status, while helping protect against fraud and identity theft. Experian is deeply committed to educating consumers through financial literacy and funding programs, working with non-profit and public education leaders across the country. Privacy Policy: https://usa.experian.com/login/#/publicPrivacyPolicy Terms & Conditions: https://usa.experian.com/login/#/publicTermsAndConditionsFree *FICO® Score 8 powered by Experian data. **Results may vary. Some may not see improved scores or approval odds. Not all lenders use Experian credit files, and not all lenders use scores impacted by Experian Boost. ***Offers are not available in all states. Credit score calculated based on FICO® Score 8 model. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO Score than FICO Score 8 or another type of credit score altogether. To learn more please visit: https://www.creditmatch.com



  • Great app

    By rochie27
    Great app to use. Easy functional and good informative.
  • The best

    By KayFrank12
    Simply the best app!
  • Dee

    By Mrs Dee L H
    Awesome app!
  • First time user

    By LoveATaurus
    I recently begin using Experian and I find it very helpful to me.
  • Credit Plus

    By Taz_Mania
    Love that disputes can be done online & the tools to help figure out how to get scores up!
  • Great Tool

    By Cowhow
    Great way of staying on top of your credit rating.
  • Keep track of your Credit Score

    By Consumerpaul
    An excellent app for watching your score. They could do a better job of explaining their criterion but the numbers are what’s important.
  • Aj

    By Abjalloh
    The Experian app has helped me get a better control and understanding of my credit rating. It’s help me be able to better control my finances.
  • Cannot even complete my registration on the app

    By handbqixkdbwi
    It stuck at the information verification step, after I input all of my information, it pops up an error and asked me to call their number, after several minutes on stupid automated phone service, finally get a human, and doesn’t really understand my issue.
  • Always has technical difficulties

    By Slanted
    One star only because you need a star to review the app. It only work the 1st few days after installing. Then, While all other apps I need to use work seamlessly, this app ALWAYS has the same error message “Either you lost internet connection or we’re having technical difficulties. Please try again later.”
  • Amazing

    By jayfrye10
    Love the updates! I’m notified of any changes to my credit. I can check it out immediately!
  • Excellent!

    By G-Lou19
    Gives me everything I need in great detail involving my credit and identity. Explain exactly what I can do to increase my credit score and alert me to suspicious activity. Very useful app.
  • Don’t do it

    By NavarrePerk
    Don’t download this app. It will ask for all your information Social Security everything and then you can’t sign in gives you 1-866 number that hangs up on you. BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
  • Great information. Thanks

    By fashionfocus
    Great information
  • App

    By Murph2019
    The app and service are terrific and I am very pleased with the rating process as well
  • Expierian

    By Eagle054
    Still trying to learn all the aspects of the app. Good to have things accessible on a app though
  • Awesome app

    By Calitwins2018
    Great app from Experian keeps you informed and and up to date. Think could be a little more accurate on credit that it refers you can get approved for and can’t but other then that great app! Recommend
  • Experian

    By McChaz5
    Most trusted credit bureau.
  • App is buggy. Customer service is terrible.

    By Imyopusha
    Downloaded this app to help improve my credit score. I locked my credit then unlocked it to try to apply for another credit card. Got a notification that the CC company couldn’t run a credit report because my Experian report was locked. It was not locked, I made sure of that. Had to search around for the number to talk to an actual person because the number they provide only gives you automated options. Finally got in the queue to talk to someone, waited 15 minutes and explained to the lady (who was clearly not from the US) and explained the situation to her. She answers with “there’s no lock on your credit,” so had to explain the situation AGAIN to her, which she then proceeds to check if there are any locks on my credit (SERIOUSLY?). As I’m trying to explain AGAIN the situation, the call drops. I get no call back from anyone and waited in line again for 10 minutes (and I’m at work this whole time) and decide to just hang up. PLEASE get better customer service. I don’t care if you outsource but if they can’t understand what I’m trying to explain, there’s a huge disconnect and it only make your customers even more frustrated.
  • Love this app

    By Just downloadeddd
    I love that I have access to all 3 credit bureaus. I also love that it provide FICO scores instead of vantage scores
  • Love the App

    By ktraegde
    The app works great and provides user friendly overview of the account.
  • Long Time User

    By Doug76208
    Been using for years, I think the app is great, would be a 5 star rating but the price has been getting a bit high over the years and if it continues I’m going to have to drop it.
  • Good app

    By jazzntazz
    Definitely one of the best apps for keeping track of your credit
  • Junk app

    By Shadowop1
    Worked fine the very first time I looked it Junction app never worked again Everytime I try to log in it keep telling me invalid credentials Then I try with husbands and it don’t work ( junk)
  • Great app but...

    By McLovin1569
    I just wish you’d get updated more on credit score sooner my score is from a month and a half ago...
  • I’m 40 and just decided to finally decide to work in my credit.

    By stealthboodle2
    I’m a 40 year old male and never really worried about credit. I guess cause of growing up with parents they were in the real-estate business and also the vp of my fathers trucking business at 18 I always paid for everything with cash or just wrote a check on the company. Well do to a one of our drivers of my dads trucking business having a horrible fatal accident in my fathers truck it caused a snow ball effect and my father not only lost hi trucking business with 4 6 axel dump trucks he also lost 7 apartment buildings my home and his and my moms. So to make a long story short I was homeless out of a job and lost. I never new much about credit and how it worked. Well over the past 4 months I been checking my credit and trying to build credit. This app has helped me tremendously along with the other 2 bureaus. I was shocked to find out the wrong info on my report also to find out that someone got cell phones cable and other items in my name. Filing a dispute is easy and being able to check my report everyday and getting the alerts is good. I got my very first credit card and my credit went from a 412 to a 617 since using this app and working with the bureaus I know it’s not that high but watching it climb gives me something to watch for. Thanks a lot for all the help. Great app
  • Experian App

    By Stacc_a_holicc
    So far so good I will update the review in a few months.
  • Trash

    By Trappedin88
    Locks you out of your account then gives you a toll free number to call.Live operator isn’t available.Animated voice only that doesn’t give you the option to choose to speak with a human operator 👎🏽
  • Greatest tool

    By Memeblitz
    Experian has been a God sent. I have been working on getting my credit back on track for years, and this app has helped me become successful at accomplishing it.
  • The app was great

    By CreditApp
    I have no problems with the app so far. I’m able to check my Experian credit score daily and my accounts update in real time. I am satisfied with the app.
  • Experian App works great for me

    By Claytho
    I love the free FICO score feature. It’s simple to use and has cost me nothing. I check my FICO every couple of weeks and I get immediate alerts if anything happens to my Experian credit report. So if an identity thief tries to open something under my credit, I would get an immediate alert and could handle accordingly. Who needs Lifelock?
  • Great app!

    By Nashaat
    I started using this app a year ago, now I have a control of my credit.
  • Monitoring

    By sherm3592
    I have had not one complaint with the accuracy and completeness in which Experian has kept me abreast of activity and inquiries on my credit. I truly recommend Experian to any and everyone.
  • Boost

    By gnukbz
    Experian Boost is awesome!
  • Please don’t text him anymore

    By my twitter notepad
  • Experian

    By Myiaboo
    Great app! I love having my credit score at my fingertips .
  • Great Credit Guard

    By Frankt2000
    My last couple of years have been credit challenges do to bad choices on my behalf and who I let into my life resulting in bad credit. Experian has helped me see what my not so good choices cause and prevent further abuse. I can enjoy ease of mind from the dark web or scanning of my debit card without my knowledge. It’s having a security credit guard on your side. Thanks Experian!!!
  • Great with CreditWorks

    By jdentler
    Excellent UI/UX. One complaint about pulling the other two credit scores: When enrolled in CreditWorks, the price should be reduced. Update 10/9: Thanks for listening, Experian! 5 stars. Update 3/17: I guess 3 scores isn’t discounted for premium members anymore. Booooo! 4 stars
  • Awesome!!

    By Elmostro247
    Is perfect to keep an eye in my score.
  • Low information Content, high sales content

    By tar and feathers
    I pay for the premium version which ostensibly provides all 3 services. But only the Experian updates FICO on demand; the other services are only updated monthly and typically lag Experian and feature outdated info. The menus are designed to keep you away from studying the hard data, and offer no easy way to file appeals and disputes= which one would imagine should be a significant reason we pay for these sites. What the menus, splash page and user interface do well is to steer you into morass of credit card offers. Bottom line, you pay Experian to have Experian market to you.
  • Experian

    By Rayjjc

    By Victim Of Experian
    My wife and I were recently victims of fraud. We wanted to do something to protect our credit. We signed up for an Experian family plan. You will feel victimized again and more at risk. I feel like I’ve been scammed. Their customer service can not help you with the simplest of problems. They are contracted call centers not located in the United States. You will be left vulnerable having provided your information to this company. I feel like I am more at risk now. I would request a refund and ask they delete my account but I doubt very much that I can get ahold of anybody that can actually help me. I want to get this message out there to hopefully protect anybody from going down this path. Nobody deserves to be victimized like this.
  • Open / Closed Accounts

    By $gen
    I like Experian very much but I wish they would separate the open accounts from the closed ones. It would be easier to see everything at a glance and not quite so confusing.
  • Great app

    By rainy day account
    Easy to read, it gives good recommendations on how to improve you credit score.
  • Seamless application!

    By BobbyLongg
    Experian is a well developed app that is transparent with your credit balance/worthiness and offers a wide selection of tools to help you monitor your credit and access tools to help you improve your school over time.
  • Love the app.

    By H.Blithely
    Super user friendly, easy to navigate.
  • Worth the money if you want to review your credit

    By Vw!!!
    I like having the ability to review all three agencies and get notified when changes take affect. Only thing is I would like the ability to dispute old reports. Other than that it does what it says.
  • Ron

    By Polokdjdjd
    I don’t normally write reviews, but this app is quite amazing. It’s all in one, it’s so good that I decided to purchase the monthly installment for the extra features. The only downside I see to it is how long it takes to long in, sometimes. In occasion, it’ll almost like crash on the log in screen, but other than that, really good app and service for your credit score. 👍🏽
  • Helpful

    By Ned47
    I have a couple of other apps to track my credit score. I like Experian because it’s easy to read and your FICO score is very important when it comes time to get loans.