Moleskine Notes

Moleskine Notes

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-04-05
  • Current Version: 2.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 180.24 MB
  • Developer: Moleskine Srl
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 80


Moleskine Notes is designed to be used with the Pen+ smart pen, a range of Paper Tablet smart notebooks and Smart Diary/Planner. Together they define the Moleskine+ Smart Writing System. Moleskine presents a new set of tools to write, draw and work with. A specially designed notebook, smartpen (Pen+) and App that work together to instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper. Easily create digital text and images and share them right away with your smartphone or tablet. The Moleskine Notes App is the perfect place to keep, find, edit and share your digitized notes. When you use the Pen+ to write or draw on the Paper Tablet your strokes are simultaneously captured and transferred to the App. In the App, use tags keep your ideas organized. Edit your notes using colors to highlight key ideas or correct a mistake. Sync you content or ideas to your Google Drive and Evernote clouds to ensure your thoughts and documents are always connected. You can also pair your handwritten notes with real-time audio recording and replay your synced notes and voice recordings straight from the App. --------- Highlights --------- The Moleskine Notes App is part of the Moleskine Smart Writing Set. The set has the following capabilities: Digital Storage: Moleskine Pen+ is a smartpen that writes on paper but also mirrors into smart devices. The pressure recognition of pen tip is very sensitive. So your handwritten notes and sketches have just as much detail as your physical ones! Transcribe & Search handwritten notes: Your handwritten notes can transcribe into digital text through MyScript’s engine. Once handwritten text is transcribed into digital text, you can export the data, tag content, or search by note pages. Your search results will display notes on the screen. Easy Share: Your handwritten contents can be shared via the app and SNS, and can be sent email by a single pen-action. Record & Playback: Playback the pen stroke data or the audio file that is synced with the strokes. A digital version of your stroke data and audio will be stored in the App and will be accessible anywhere you go. While you record your voice during writing, you can replay your written notes and recorded voice simultaneously according to the timeline.  Data reproduction: Your drawing can be exported in a scale-able image format, namely SVG or PNG or JPG, which allows you to reproduce them. Internal Memory: Moleskine Pen+ can store up to 1,000 pages (5 Notebooks) by itself without being connected to smart devices. Once you connect Moleskine Pen+ to smart device, the app will automatically archive the notes by date, location and page. *Main updates* 1. Search: Now you can search your handwritten notes based on transcribed text & tags! Don't forget to set your Transcribe Language to enable this magic! 2. More Share formats: Export your note in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Onenote.



  • Do not Invest your time and Money in this

    By leers342
    I love writing and this was a way to keep notes digital. But the software has its kirks as all software does ( Actions and Timepage also do) BUT customer support is terrible!! My pen was unregistered and I cant get it to connect to software again. After long waiting for reply and simple emails with instructions Customer supports demands that I produce proof of purchase to get any further support. I dont have it anymore so I am out of luck. But I am stuck with several books stored etc... So I give my money again to them and get another 200usd pen or reconsider my strategy.
  • New update causes app to close

    By BabyDahl2
    So I like the new look, but the app itself seems incredibly unstable. Every time I open it and go to my notebook the app closes out on me. I can download from my pen, but that’s about it!!! Without the functionality of the notebooks, I’d rather have the old app back!
  • Very Frustrated & Disappointed

    By variableman23
    I bought the Moleskine pen three months ago and fell in love. The transcription function on the app worked really well, fulfilling a life long dream to save my handwritten stories in a digital format. I recommended the pen to everyone I knew. I used the pen every single day for work. Then, in March 2019, the company updated the app to version 2.5. The pen still photographs my handwriting perfectly, but the new version of the app is not capable of transcribing my handwriting anymore. I wrote to Moleskine customer service nine times to explain this very specific problem, but they would not help me return to the older version of the app that I loved. The final email from customer service left me in the cold: “we do are not able to see any defect on out app from our side.” I can no longer recommend this app to anyone looking for transcription. I am deeply disappointed after enjoying three months of great work with the app and then losing my favorite writing tool with a single app update.
  • I still want to enjoy it

    By jill3478
    I love moleskine and while I wanted to love the pen, this app needs updated badly. There are so many up and coming note taking apps that I can’t connect to because of the way the app is setup. Even in Evernote, it’s limited. I also tried Adobe Creative Cloud, but the color in the notes is gone. Overall, updating the app for a smoother experience would help.
  • Almost There

    By woltab
    It would be wonderful if I could backup on iCloud and Notes.
  • I Love This App

    By Happy Planning
    I have shared this app and smart pen with all of my coworkers and friends. I love that as I write on paper, it uploads my appointments into a digital planner as well as into my iCal. I also love that it uploads in to Evernote and I can access my planner from anywhere. In a perfect world, I would like the pen to be skinnier and more comfortable to hold as well as I wish it is a gel pen. I also wish the planner could be tweaked to include 15 minute increments all day for the schedule and a notes page opposite of the planning page. Otherwise, this is amazing.
  • Doesn’t Work With Office365 (OneNote)

    By westerdave
    I just purchased the Pen + Ellipsis and tried to link this app to save written notes to OneNote which is part of my Company’s Office365 subscription. I’ve come to discover that this will only work with personal Microsoft OneNote accounts, which makes it worthless in a business setting (at least for my purposes). I was able to get the windows app to recognize my corporate account but it isn’t compatible with OneNote. I did plenty of research and this was not readily apparent anywhere. I found language well into the support site while trying to troubleshoot. Just got off the phone with Moleskine support to learn that none of this is returnable because the package has been opened.
  • Just another overly complicated writing app

    By Justinr9999
    It syncs with Evernote and some others, but they require access to read your notes and the privacy agreement was broad and complex, in addition to the fact that I had to agree to something they did not provide a link to read. Sounds like a scam to mine my notes. The app itself does not do handwriting transcription, so you might as well just take pictures for free of your notebook pages because that’s all you get out of this device. Your notes won’t be searchable, but they will be backed up. This may be worth it for some, but for me I’d rather use my pencil and a plain old notebook and take pictures of very important pages for backup rather than complicate my life with pen charging, etc. What if I lose my pen or leave it at home/work? Additionally, the notebook has pages protruding from the sides to make it appear like a tablet (lame). Without hard cover protection, these will only get destroyed in my backpack and daily life, much as the robust edges of the old style notebook. I’m returning the pen and the notebook. Poor design, poor implementation, lack of features. This seems more like a public beta test to me. Once features to transcribe my handwriting are implemented so I can search my notes, I’ll give it another shot.
  • Needs to synchronize

    By DebDAG
    Though I love the concept, this app needs to synchronize between my iPhone and my iPsd.
  • Close but no

    By JKHewett
    The pen works great and syncs to the app without a problem. The calendar integration works well. The problem comes when you try to share with any other application. It doesn’t matter if you try as txt, pdf, or graphic the app cannot share to any other application. My reason for trying this app was to take notes that could be shared with my team. No such luck.
  • Book Disappeared

    By Symphony2
    My third Moleskine book disappeared. When I synched my pen it began to overwrite a previous book, thereby making those pages unreadable.
  • Horrible

    By AIAA
    I just got this 2 days ago. I don’t even know where to begin, and how to describe the let down. Want to start off by saying that I never have taken the time to write a review , but this was so disappointing I felt compelled to write something. The app is not very intuitive, it’s hard to get good instruction on what does what , seems to be very little effort on the company’s part to make things clear. My huge complaint is the actual functionality of the whole system. Writing recognition is a total disaster! I bot the smart planner and wether I write in block letters or in script, it doesn’t even come close to being an accurate transcript. I tried everything, read instructions, adjusted angle of the pen, you name it, I did it. Just did not work. There is no sense in it synching right away with Ical, if each and every time, you have to correct the entry! It’s crazy bad. Hopefully I get my money back, if not, chalk it up another failed writing/digital system. I am A huge Moleskine fan, but the smart writing system is a huge fail.
  • This app is an absolute disaster

    By TheDanBurkhardt
    Nevermind that this app is just a lazily forked and re-branded version of Neo Smartpen app, it’s an unmitigated disaster at doing the very thing smart pens are supposed to be useful for- backing up and digitizing notes. I invested in 5 moleskine Ncode notebooks and this app doesn’t tell the difference between any of them. If I use two notebooks of the same type, I have to lock one, and then unlock the other. This process is HORRENDOUS. No shortcuts through Siri or a widget app or anything else to make it simpler. To make it worse, backups to Google drive are spotty and totally non-functioning for me for the past several weeks. Numerous other notes: - The design of this app looks like it came straight out of iOS6. The UI is a disaster. The scroll wheel interface is garbage, time-wasting and frequently overscrolls - Backup is garbage - Notifications are non existent. The app isn’t smart enough to remind you if you haven’t backed up to cloud in a while and doesn’t let you know if your account is disconnected. - Interaction with the pen is through a UIAlert!? What is happening here??? Why, why would you do that? It’s the roughest and least user friendly product I’ve ever encountered tried to a major brand. Moleskine should be embarrassed to be associated with this application.
  • Need moleskine pen

    By RogerCa
    Can’t use it on my iPad with Apple Pencil, it wont let me use the app until I set it up with a moleskine pen which I don’t own nor I intend to do, making my way back to notability as I’m typing this review. I’d like for he devs to work on an app like notability with all its features but with TH moleskine looks, I use actions and Timepage for a while now and absolutely love them, moleskine looks are classy and great and this app is a missed opportunity that I wish they turn around. The day you folks make that happen I’ll be using that app.
  • Not working

    By Pom1965
    Fail to let user calibrate the pen. Not working since the beginning. Unbelievably poor product from a top stationary company.
  • Captures look like chicken marks

    By aathanas
    This app and the pen seem to be useless. Certainly not value for money. The captured files look like chicken marks, the search doesn’t work and the pen is a plain old ball point that is not a pleasant writing experience. Hugely disappointing from Moleskin.
  • Doesn't work with Evernote.

    By FrankieT
    Update: it doesn’t sync with Evernote any more. It pretends it’s syncing. But nothing goes to Evernote. FIX IT PLEASE. Update: I liked this before. But now it doesn't work any more. PLEASE UPDATE THE APP. I really like this combination. I find it useful at work and personal use. Now they need to enhance the app. For example I'd like to manage my To Do list. In addition to sync with Evernote (which I am very thankful that it does) I think they should back up to iCloud as well. I want to be able to access my notes on my iPad and other iPhone too. Currently you can be Bly connect to one device. I'm sure there will be enhancements coming.
  • Cool product with terrible functionality

    By Drannieatl
    I bought this after reading technical reviews praising it's capabilities. Note to self: talk to an actual user, or read the app reviews before buying! I was stupid enough to buy a second pen after losing the first one within the first week. The pen/paper communication is seamless; the problems begin when you want to convert the information into a format you and others can read, review, or modify. The text conversion is bad. The picture conversion is clunky. The sharing options are limited. There is no real support, only a YouTube video that makes it all look seamless but provides no step by step guides. After living in Italy for awhile, I understand this to be a quintessentially Italian product: beautiful on the outside with limited functionality, and zero hope of actually getting it to work. And asking for support?? You might as well have killed the Pope. I'm assuming all of Moleskine is off for riposso, having pranzo and a Prosecco before taking a nap. Grazie per niente!
  • Avoid!

    By Tinathir
    Moleskine completely misses the mark here. Buggy from start to finish, and awkward even in the rare instances when it “works” as intended. Precisely not what you’re looking for if you want to capture ideas or take visual notes.
  • Ouch

    By Jvaleski
    The pen syncing and connectivity stuff works great, but the app itself suffers badly from Chinese-to-English translation issues. It was clearly ported to US/English hastily. It could be amazing if those issues were resolved and the app UX/UI experience was refined and better designed. I’m impressed with how well everything functions though. It’s nice to be able to use it while it’s not connected to the phone/app, and then sync it all later. The transcription functionality works surprisingly well too.
  • Clunky with iPhone X

    By Rodhead
    It’s not up to the challenge. Needs improvement
  • It’s Great When It Works

    By mlpdp159
    The truth is that it’s great when it works. I bought two at the same time, anticipating that my wife would use one. My pen was a disaster from the start, never worked. Product support is just awful; unresponsive, late by weeks in responding, canned answers that I could have gotten from a well honed FAQ if the they had one. I have a least 7 service request numbers that have gone unanswered but acknowledged that they got it. $200 down the drain but mostly the indifference by Moleskin is the most annoying. By the way, my wife’s pen works fine.....
  • Iphone X

    By Ginicucara
    Does not work
  • Works great!

    By Trbutche
    I have the Ellipse+ Moleskine pen and the smart notebooks and planners, and they all work exactly the way they are intended. I love that when I write in my planner (though I’m not using it full time yet, since it’s for 2018) it shows up nearly instantly on my iCal calendar, same for my notebooks, when I have the app open, it shows up right away, or very quickly after connecting when I use the pen without first opening app and connecting. I’ve not yet figured out the auto save feature, (I have it set to auto save to Evernote and nothing seems to be there) I wish I could find a user guide for the app so I’m not just “playing around” to figure out the features, even though overall it is very simple to use and figure out. I also have a LiveScribe and I prefer this one to that. Edit: on the IPad version there is a link at the bottom of the menu that allows me to back it up to Evernote, but I cannot see that on my phone app. Maybe the phone app needs an update to work better with the IPhone X screen settings? Would be nice to see the same options on both devices.
  • Email function doesn't work

    By sbgunther
    Just spent $200 on this, but the email function is not working. Way annoying to have to waste the first few pages of paper testing this.
  • Not happy...

    By Higgisan
    It doesn’t work and I can’t delete it or reinstall to try and correct. Very poor experience. Don’t waste your time with it.
  • Poor user experience

    By hoorayberet00
    Summary: If you have not purchased this corresponding physical Moleskine product, I cannot recommend this app. This app is similar to the other digital Moleskine apps that currently do not provide an enjoyable experience. Although this app's intention advertises a way for creations and thoughts the user can excludes use of Apple Pencil, Pencil stylus by 53 or anything but the Moleskine Pen that they are trying to sell folks. However, the other Moleskine journal app provides support for alternate input methods. Unfortunately, it is outdated. My takeaway is that I feel the company doesn't place me and my needs at the center of everything they do. I look forward to seeing apps that are serious about providing creative, professional users who require powerful tools that can handle their tasks. I was hoping for the same feeling I get when using their physical products.
  • Exciting Product - Works Very Well

    By Bill.A.Bong
    Overall the Smartpen and Smart Notebook are working perfectly. To address some points made in previous reviews: - Works perfectly with iPhone 7 and IOS 10 (App V 2.0.1; Pen Firmware v.1.05) - It does need the n-coded Notebooks - Pen has been switching on every time the tip is pressed to the n-coded paper for more than 1 second (can also manually switch it on with button on pen). - Once you start writing on n-coded paper with Pen on, it accurately records the writing Don't forget to switch it on). Many pages can be written and the data stored in the pen - the data can then be transferred to the 'Digital Notebook' within the Moleskine Notes App, or to Google Drive, or Evernote. - Pen data transfer has been working perfectly for more than 2 weeks (used every day). Just select the 'Pen Data Transfer' in the Main Menu in the App. - If you make a Bluetooth connection with the app open (select the pen icon at the TRH side of a Notebook page within the Notes App), then you can watch your notes appear in the app in real time as you are writing into the n-coded Notebook. So far every word written has been accurately transferred into the Notes App, and transferred to Google Drive. I really like that I can select a pen color and thickness that is remembered from session to session. Also - I can make my date entries a different color (red) than the other text in my digital notebook, and highlight selections. Being able to instantly email a PDF of a page to myself by touching the pen to the envelope icon on the n-coded paper is also really useful. The pen seems to last 5-7 hrs between charges. Overall - a great product. The biggest weakness is the lack of documentation. It really takes a few hours of using it to become familiar. There are many ways the app could be improved, and lots of possibilities for enhancing the functionality, but this version works and is useful. Follow-up: just received a 3-pack of College Notebooks from NeoLAB Convergence (Amazon). Loaded the Neo Notes App, restarted the pen Bluetooth (holding power button for 5 secs) and started writing on the n-coded paper. The Notebook appeared in the App and my notes appeared. Works perfectly. Now I can use Notebooks to work up ideas, and the Moleskine for permanently recording them.
  • Pen transfer stopped working

    By Mmtf1251
    After the app update, the pen only works when the app is open. It will not allow me the option to download the pages of data written when the pen was on but the app was closed. I hope someone bothers to address this issues and support this product.
  • Awesome app to draw or write with : follow directions and it works :)

    By Moleskine Fan
    This app will not work if you don't follow the directions to register the pen to your device, which is done when you install the app. I realized this when I tried to ignore registering it and it wouldn't pair with my device, which it then did when I properly registered it via the app. Then, as advertised, the moment my pen hit the page it began drawing and producing it on the app. There isn't a way to "add" pages because the app automatically knows what page you're writing on. For example, if a choose a random page in the middle of the book, the app will know this, so if I go back and write on an earlier page in my notebook, the app will reflect this, and I can flip through the pages in the app the same way I can in my notebook. This is awesome for someone like me who loves to draw and loves Moleskine, and who also wants to transcribe what they write by hand (which I prefer over typing) easily and seamlessly. What's also great is that I can write while the app is off, and as soon as I open the app it reflects everything that I just wrote. The pen is well made, it looks substantial but isn't took thick or heavy, light in fact, and the ink is fine point and easily refillable. The notebook, which at first seemed strange with the pages protruding from the sides of the covers, is actually impressive in quality and most importantly, feels really nice and smooth to the touch, which is what Moleskine is known for. The pages literally don't move as would regular pages on another type of notebook. It's pretty impressive and feels really nice to the touch. The website has a tutorial video on their site explaining everything from install to use. I was wondering if the purchase would be wise and I've come to love the feel of this notebook and pen the way Moleskine has made me fall in love with their other products. Two thumbs up. :)
  • Doesn't work

    By GBNYC
    Doesn't seem to work, at least not with iOS 10
  • Incredibly frustrating

    By Kermielovesyou
    So I am kicking myself for spending $200 for this thing. Followed the directions exactly. When I go to use the pen, nothing shows up in the app as it is supposed to, even though it says it is connected. This means I am writing test notes all over the first page of notebook that costs about $30 to replace, in addition to the frustration of the notes. Perhaps the pen I received is defective, otherwise the instructions as they are listed are skipping a step. How do you add a page to the notebook? I don't know. Can't find it in the paper instructions or online. Incredibly frustrating. Spent well over an hour trying to troubleshoot this. Felt like throwing it through my closed window. Just in case it was me, gave it to my husband (who is even more tech than myself) and asked him to get it working. He spent even longer than I did. Was so so so excited about this product. Now I am embarrassed I bought it.
  • Ignore Negative Reviews

    By wallemon
    Ok, the system isn't perfect and doesn't cater to everyone's specific whim. Get over it. The system does what it promises and is one of the best interfaces on the market to blend both paper and digital media. I won't repeat all the features here. You can read that at their website. For sketches and graphics, the system works very well. If you want to archive written notes in multiple formats to a variety of systems, that also works well. I do think the OCR could be improved, however I don't believe a better one exists on the market at this time. If you want perfection, grab a laptop and type your notes. If you want to quickly and easily archive your handwritten meeting notes or sketches, this is a great system to do so. Albeit a bit pricey.
  • Confusing UI

    By cmckni3
    Confusing UI and no Dropbox support are big negatives. The app has Google Drive support, Evernote support, and email support. I find it strange that the moleskine journal has Dropbox support and moleskine notes does not.
  • Big disappointment

    By jjamie
    It worked very well for one day. On the second day, the app was only able to get notes from the pen when it was directly connected.
  • Too bad it only recognizes the paper tablet

    By Notbadmaria
    I've tried using other ncoded notebooks and memo pads and it never registers. All my writing goes to waste
  • Good, but excited for future updates

    By Maple's owner
    Great start. Works just like it says, interface makes sense and the search option is great. Able to upload pages to multiple types of programs. Although I wish it was possible to send multiple pages at once. It would also be great to have the transcription recognize multiple languages at once, rather than having to select just one. Also looking forward to larger notebook options, transferring text from the small notebook doesn't work great with word processing programs. Overall though I'm really happy with it!
  • So far so good

    By Nate::
    Ok this is pretty great, getting used to the interface only took a few minutes of fooling around. Not buggy at all either which is impressive since it's so new. My favorite part is how tapping the email button on the book selects in on the app, that made me happy.