Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur!

Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-24
  • Current Version: 1.9.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 108.66 MB
  • Developer: Ivan De Cabo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 20 108


A funny 2D infinite runner it´s coming, meet ‘Steve’, you new friend that lives in your notification center. You´re a special dinosaur in a desert world, jump with the perfect timing for your freedom and avoid all cactus obstacles. Unlock new scenarios and characters for play in this endless running game. How far can you run and jump in this ARCADE GAME? Feel like a TRUE RUNNER in this awesome endless jumping game! With a simple click on the screen you will dodge all obstacles in the way. Download this special adventure now on your smartphone or tablet completely FREE! Play with ‘Steve’ anytime, anywhere, by just dragging down from the top on your screen to reveal the notification center and your new dino-friend will be there waiting for you! Thanks to an intuitive and easy touch control anyone will enjoy with our unique characters in this AMAZING WIDGET! Jump and jump with only ONE FINGER! Our challenging environments have been designed like the old school arcade games, do you accept the CHALLENGE? ‘Steve’ is thinking for real runner games lovers. There are a multitude of skins and scenarios waiting for you, are you ready? Compare your mark with your friends and see who is the BEST PLAYER in the online ranking! You have never seen before such a jumper game like this! START THIS CRAZY ADVENTURE! “Steve offers a mindless time-waster of a game requiring little commitment on the user’s part. You don’t even have to launch an app.” - TechChrunch “When I am watching a video I can play this while it buffers,” - Recode --GAME FEATURES-- AMAZING RUNNING WIDGET Welcome to the new action game at top speed, are you addicted to JUMP and DODGE? You will need a real OLD SCHOOL reflexes to overcome the challenge! Enjoy with this wild race, the best run and jump game! PLAY VERY EASY Simple and intuitive control system, all the jumps with ONE FINGER! Dragging down from the top on your screen to reveal the notification center and PLAY! Can you dodge all OBSTACLES? CLICK ON THE SCREEN and fly over the blocks while collect coins in the air in this ENDLESS RUNNER! CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLAYER You will find a lot of available skins to customize your character. What do you prefer? A WILD LION, a SLOW ZOMBIE, a SWEET DONUT, an ADORABLE PANDA, a FAST ANIME CHARACTER, a DANGEROUS DRAGON or a INFINITE NYAN CAT? Can you collect all of them ? Each one of them have SPECIAL MOVEMENTS that you will have to discover while play this running simulator. NON STOP ACTION in this never ending jumping game! COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS Synchronize with your Facebook and challenge all your friends and reach the top of the ranking. Enter in the competitive mode and run past your high scores in the game and become the TOP RUNNER! Show them who is THE BEST in this INFINITE RUNNING GAME! Very EASY to play and totally FREE, with its simple and intuitive interface, run and dodge with only one finger! You'll love this challenge running action game at full speed! Do you like the PIXEL ART? Check out this gameplay video. There are thousands of surprises in this endless jumper game: Start this entertainment jumping game, you won't stop running, dodging and clicked! Free download ‘Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game’ and start this wild race NOW! GET ALL CHARACTERS! VISIT US: PLEASE NOTE: 'Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game' is a completely free game. However, you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in-app purchases on your device if you don’t want to use this feature in the game. 'Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game' was developed as a tribute to Chrome easter egg game without intention of plagiarism or attribution of authorship. Images created by great artist Sebastien Gabriel.



  • Make more games

    By why this game is...
    I’m happy with the two games you have made but I suggest making other games maybe take inspiration from the games I’m about to list -bacon -jelly fill -super cat tales 1 and 2 -Nom plant Or you can make something completely different I don’t care just MAKE MORE GAMES BECAUSE THERE AMAZING
  • ..

    By the great showman flower
    So I think it’s great, just I’m on iPad so I can’t put it in my notifications center.. so yeah :/
  • Bug?

    By it said my penis was to long
    I add it to my widgets and it doesn't pop up. I've deleted it and redownloaded it but it still doesn't work.
  • Fun something to kill time

    This game works pretty well it’s fun and my recommended it to me saying it was good now I see he wasn’t wrong it is widget which I didn’t expect but it’s still cool
  • No internet game

    By wdmcm21
    Best game ever!!!! Reminds me of my childhood and being on computers in class♡
  • Not a normal game

    By Raantuva
    You have to install a widget to play this. Widgets are a very unreliable way to use an app because you can swipe out of them so easily. I don't think this was well thought out and I wonder how Google feels about Steve being used like this without their consent.
  • Cant even play it in the app!

    By Hallowentz
    What is the point of this? you cant even play it inside of the app. the widget is a cool idea but i would like to be able to see this on my entire screen!!
  • I love it I love it I love it

    By good and bad but a must have
    It didn’t work for me for a sec now it does
  • It didn't work

    By Savannareveiewer
    When I went to add widget it didn't say add widget like it did on the menu I don't know how to add it which means I don't know how to play and that's why this rating is so low
  • Game

    By kl hg gxhchcncncncj
    Cool game
  • Blah blah blah

    By trust me 1234
    Not a good app!
  • So fun

    By Poppy_Krisp
    This game is pretty fun, and not to mention it’s really cute!!! I love how I can just swipe and play. It’s time consuming and a great game.
  • It’s great

    By coolJo100
    It’s super convenient. Pretty much just the Dino game on Crome. I’ve had it for a while and think that the idea of not having to open my phone to play is awesome. If I’m bored and have no WiFi it does what it was designed for. And it takes up no space
  • Please help

    By yftcyfycfucfy. fytf f123448888
    I can’t get in the game .
  • I won’t let me play

    By robfrom book
    It won’t let me play
  • Confused

    By best_app_ever_!!
    Ok so I’m pretty confused on how to start the game so help me please

    By 💪✋🤏🤘✊👇
  • Good

  • Doesn’t work

    By RoswellEric
    App doesn’t work.
  • 😡

    By Jo 💙
    All fake this app is fake and don’t work
  • لعبتكم خايسه

    By لعبنكم خايسه
    لعبتكم خايسه
  • Best app

    By tdkfhushfdk
    Whenever my computer are you didn’t work I use too play those and I have a bette experience
  • I CaNt UsE It:’(

    By pvp game battle
    ImA bE A kAREN and SaY hElP BrInG me the manager (I’m on an IPad sadly)

    By hdhdhbssgysjsbdhdhsbhd
    ur mom
  • My opinion about the game

    By Good maps man
    I like it . Who doesn’t like to play a game and the character name is Steve the dinosaur ??
  • It works Great

    By Landyrick8576
    It works well I think there should be a widget arcade were you can play games like pac man or space invaders or even 2048 the number game
  • Steve

    By ChickenEatingPup
    Since they got rid of the little Dino game you play on the computer for most people finding Steve was a great day. I like how you can have little characters too
  • Hi

    By 27472828484729102044847272
    I use an iPad and the instructions for this game don’t workt
  • Steve

    By Pj tuzzolo
  • I need help

    By congun3
    I’v played this game on my moms computer and it’s fun’ so I got it on my iPad I followed the instructions but when I pressed and held the app icon it never said ad widget I need some help, when I played it on my moms computer I would so give it 5 stars
  • Help please!!

    By Bethie 💗
    I hate giving apps bad ratings, so I’d love for this to be resolved! I downloading this hoping for a game similar to the one I loved playing in school when the internet stopped working on chrome. However, I can’t even get to the game in the first place! I’ve tried adding the widget exactly how the directions said to multiple times and checked in the correct place for it, but it just won’t pop up. I have an iPhone XS if that makes a difference. Again, sorry for the bad review, just wouldn’t work for me!!
  • Cool Game

    By Élite Netflix Obessed
    I love this game so much! I’ve been playing since 2017 and really love it. Thanks for creating such an awesome game❤️😍👍

    By veganmeatloaf
  • Steve

    By robloxbud
    Now I have my own Dino, Steve! This game is so fun! I would recommend to my friends

    By ~• D R A W I N G K A T Z •~
  • Doesn’t work

    By KyleF97531
    The idea is awesome and I really want to try this but I can’t add the widget I been trying but no luck, please help
  • Realy good game you can only use it on phone

    By bverduga
    Realy good
  • it won’t let me play

    By m&m's😎
  • Matthew

    By madison burdman
    So fun so good I am a teacherAnd I am making my students do this forHomework even better than the original one made by Google have your students do it for homework teachers
  • 💕

    By 987654321....
    I think he likes me tee hee 👉👈
  • Super fun!

    By thisnicknamewastakenlol
    This game is really fun! It has no adds, except the ones where you can watch them for coins. It’s super fun and I’m already super addicted :D
  • Cute but not that good

    By ChoirNerd1999
    It’s a cute idea to replicate the google dinosaur game as a widget, but the screen is so small it is hard to tap and stay on the widget without covering it with my thumb so I can’t see and anticipate, especially as a right handed person, it would be more comfortable to tap on the right side of the widget, but I can’t because that’s where the cacti come from so I have to be able to see and there isn’t enough room to reliably tap underneath. I would rather play in an app, even if most of the screen were blank, so I would be able to tap. The reason the game on browser works so much better is it is much easier to hit the keyboard than have your fingers on a touchscreen competing with your line of sight.
  • Tom Brady!!!

    By japqwe
    I liked the game in all but they ruined it with adding Tom Brady as a character lol. Otherwise awesome game.
  • Important

    By supper important and kind
    U know I love it how when people leave a review they r supper honest and like really nice of how they word things about weather it was a bad game or a great game they find a way to tell the people that like it’s a good game but u know really wasn’t a game for me ❤️ everyone keep up all the courage btw I’m 12 and I just wrote this💜 blm and always spread positivity
  • J

    I will not let you play???
  • Having problems

    By its a wast of time
    I am having problems adding to my Wedjet
  • UPDATE!!!!!

    By Gurl on fire 🏹
    I love the game a lot, bbuuuuttt, I was wondering why you didn’t just also put it in the app, like sometimes it’s a bit of a small screen..... but all in all, I love the game!!!
  • I can’t do it

    By menising smile
    I tried following what it said but I couldn't figure it out. I looked in settings but I couldn't find anything. Maybe it’s just that I have an iPad instead of a phone or that it's a 7th gen but...
  • Great Game

    By Gaby 🤡🔫
    I really live this game! I didn’t get any glitches ,or lag so far! So if your bored I highly recommend this game