FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-10-11
  • Current Version: 12.5.03
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 175.58 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 169 675


Experience all-new gameplay, graphics, 11 v 11 Head to Head mode, team Chemistry, and an upgraded game engine in Season 3 of FIFA Mobile. It’s the world’s game, taken to a whole new level for mobile. Plus, compete in live events featuring the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League! Build your Ultimate Team and take on opponents as you train any player to superstar status, attack rivals, and engage in fresh daily content all season long. BATTLE HEAD TO HEAD WITH REAL-TIME PVP Head to Head mode will have you playing authentic 11v11 soccer with competitors from around the globe in real time. It’s one of players’ most requested modes, and it has arrived. In Amateur and Pro Divisions, you could be matched against an AI Trainer to help you improve your skills on the pitch. This mode has its own minimum specifications requirement. Please refer to for specifications and devices that will support this mode. BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM™ WITH CHEMISTRY Start building your Ultimate Team using Chemistry and give your team a leg up when including players of the same club, league, or nation in your Starting XI. Add depth to your roster as you choose players from over 550 real teams, and tweak tactics before every match. Make the right calls and watch your club become the Ultimate Team. ATTACK TO WIN Take on thrilling matches that drop you into your offensive possessions with VS Attack mode. This innovative level of competition kicks your game into high gear while you strive to dominate 90-second matches, climb the leaderboards, and earn seasonal rewards year-round. QUICKLY JOIN A LEAGUE AND CONQUER THE WORLD Join forces and strive for glory with friends and gamers around the globe in a truly social experience. Test your skills in inter-league championships, or take on the best gamers worldwide in League vs. League Tournaments to climb the leaderboards and prove your talent on the pitch. JUMP INTO UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Challenge opponents in the world’s biggest club competitions – the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Take part in playable Live Events that correspond with the real-world tournaments as they progress through the season. Earn special UCL and UEL Players by advancing through the new campaign. Completing different sections of each chapter not only provides rewards along the way, but increases the value of the Featured Match reward each time! This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Includes in-game advertising. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends. This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Includes in-game advertising. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Google Play Game Services. Log out of Google Play Game Services before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on



  • The worst version of fifa

    By Modo manguera lo mejor
    I like the other ganes like fifa 16. Fifa mobile is the worst. What I like about fifa 16 was, the ultimate tema was mutch better than the new fifa. Fifa is about creating your team and be special and not be like madden mobile.
  • Bugs and too many

    By MKmidim33
    Suckers, now all movements of the ball and players hardly can be controlled, a lot bugs and weird errors, a terrible game. Updated: 30th May 2019 Some people at EA you lots don’t know what you are doing with this game or working on for, same old errors and bugs have come back to the gameplay again and again WTFRUiT? Since the day one when the game released bugs and glitches have been issues. Gameplay Is always bugs, referee is dumb, passing balls are errors, etc. EA focus only on cards games and making money. Disappointed. We all love football and we expect EA to see the issues and improving gameplay first. Also FIFA 19 is an old gameplay engine from previous ones which is good but fixing the details. Dumbs.
  • Free Play Clubs/Nations

    By BloatedRama
    Will you guys ever put out a quick play mode? Or where we can play choose our opponents a live P V P
  • Good concept but extremely buggy

    By yx11996643
    After each update there would be new bugs introduced this game is developed by a bunch of high schoolers Bug of the week: unusable market clicking on my bids would almost always generate a market unavailable error, item looks like won but actually already outbid, several seconds remaining but item already sold to a lower bidder, just awful! Game would hung in the middle of match etc Ea should fire the entire dev team
  • The other team is dumb

    By ACruzSoccer
    So my player got hurt and the ball didn't make a free kick than a it continue when I slide it was a foul that was dumb because I touch the ball. I agree with people your one rating for this. And shut down this game to fifa 19.
  • The game is waaayyy to hard

    By 🏒🏒⚾️🏈🏀🏐🏸🏒🏒🥅🥋🚡🚔🚨
    It sucked, DO NOT GET THE GAME! To hard Bad Graffices and terrible game play, on ipad
  • M24 Match is impossible

    By Genajfvvshsmajs
    I have Ben grinding the campaign forever and for the last about 3 weeks I have been stuck on a match against Juventus 0-3 and come back from that and it is nearly impossible because you can go into overtime or penalty shootout it is WAY too hard. Also I make though passes not offsides and the ref calls it offsides and in head to head I always go Against people starting with 11 or 14 goals. Also in campaign all the defense just meat shields the goal it is so bad and it should be easier to complete the m24 match. Also no overtime on the Manolas matches like what the hell I am probably going to quit because of this. Did I add the fact that I will be side by side with a defender and get a offsides it’s like there are only refs for false offsides this game is not worth it and is pay to win. This game is the worst.😡
  • Fun game just needs to be tweaked

    By Mr.Peanutman1006
    Extremely unfair vs attack matches. How can we level up if we keep getting paired with teams that are 6+ rating higher than us? Please look into a better matching formula to make the game more fun and fair for all. I still have fun playing i just hate playing vs attack.
  • El mejor juego de fifa en móvil

    By ggjxjgg

    By sesegel çocuk
    Fifa dünayanın en iyi futbol oyun ve çok güzel
  • Glorious game and I’m really enjoying it

    By YyanScorp951
    The way it makes me feel just right I love it thank you
  • Great game

    By FishStIcks02
    I love the graphics and different game modes.

    By Hermione Granger for life
  • EA’s Greed Ruins Another Game

    By Tarodg
    The fact EA would release this game under the once great FIFA name shows how far they have fallen. This is nothing more than rigged, pay-to-win, garbage. YOU HAVE TO PAY TONS OF MONEY TO COMPETE. EA has simply pushed their game manipulation too far, and it makes playing their games pointless. Just look up all of the lawsuits against EA for cheating people; you would have to be an idiot to play an EA game at this point. Plus, this buggy app very seldom works correctly. EA must have the worst servers in history, causing constant connection issues and forced closes. And more than once they did not give me rewards owed to me, and a quick internet search shows I am far from the only one they have stolen from. They are known crooks and I would recommend avoiding giving them money or personal information. There are just too many other options out there now to put up with the way EA treats players. They even manipulate the reviews in the App Store. Players just need to stop the useless campaigns, like No$ForBugs, and simply stop playing. I am confused by how EA is still is business at this point, they really are the worst (look it up, they win awards for how awful they are).
  • I love this game so much

    By OscarCZ
    Whoever created this is good please give me Neymar Jr.
  • PTW has gotten worse

    By Skipper5052
    EA has made this game much more PTW than any of its predecessors. Kind of a kill joy when you get destroyed by people who obviously pour money into the game.
  • The control stick is trash

    By Liam12170422
    Whenever i try to move the control stick it goes over to auto and ruins everything screw you fifa i hope the company goes bankrupt
  • Fifa

    By i hate hate fortnite
    The game always puts me up against way higher overall player then me and it hard to get the rewards
  • Trash

    By rhsjdjdjf
    This game is trash because it glitches and make the opponent score is vs attack this is so bad and annoying
  • SCAM!!!!!!!!

    By Kaneki_YT
    First, I pay 5$ for the Uefa final pack and since I’m young I have to ask parent permission on the phone like it sends a message asking them.My mom does accept it but when it said that the purchase was complete nothing happened and when I went off the app and back in the the game, nothing happened which is weird and other people have been having the same problem which is why EA is only wanting your money and I can tell because my money I had went down which is a big scam so never spend your money on this specific game only.(It’s for your own risk)and EA is doing nothing about it which means you should play something else like PES because they don’t scam and give lots of rewards not like FIFA who will scam you for your money and, if you don’t believe me other people are having the same problem which will result in losing money so I have a theory that the government is working with Fifa to just make money and make people lose everything!!Furthermore this is illegal because taking away money from new people and original players is basically meaning that you are a scammer which result in prison and the end of Fifa.
  • Loading screen time

    By hai boi mr crabz is gæ
    The game doesn’t even let me on basically. I can’t get on because of how long the loading screen takes, I wait about 10 minutes at the most, and it’s at the lowest point. I can’t play a game that doesn’t allow me to even get on. Sorry, but it could at least be way better. I suggest making less updates around every month because that makes the game bigger, and it takes longer to download everything towards the loading screen. Fix this problem, please.
  • The game has a bug or is hacked

    By knows soccer
    You play in the head to head and loose against a 85 rated team when I’m 103 rated team. Reached out to EA never heard back spent ton of money and totally feel screwed. Be aware
  • Needs a (small) update

    By O.G_Sparta_
    Very laggy at times, but over all an amazing game.No ads played and can be very interesting if your a fan of soccer
  • Jekskek

    By Minh2k2
    Game very great but should add the switch player
  • How I feel about FIFA

    By Davidoo3
    FIFA is a really great game that I really like I love this game to my Heart so thank you for making it. Thank You
  • Glitch

    By CSML1117
    It was decent but it glitch and never let me play again
  • It’s a good game but there’s this glitch

    By Faithfulsolid11
    So when I was playing vs attach my player kicked the ball and the goalie blocked it so then my player proceeds to kick and the ball went in the goal but then it switched to another chance and didn’t give me the goal and it cost me the match. Please fix this because it’s happened to me more than once and it’s really annoying. Edit: after writing this it happened again and now I can’t play tots
  • Terrible

    By ghjuttfet
    Your matchmaking system is so terrible. When you play h2h or any other online match you go against other players who obviously is going to win. You guys should really fix that. Nobody would have interest in this game if it is like this. Crappy as hell.
  • Unplayable at the moment

    By JaviC26
    Game has stopped loading properly. I’m asked to claim VS Attack reward so I click to claim. The pop up disappears but can’t do anything else after that.
  • Three years experience

    By Hasslebeard
    Too many purposeful disconnects by EA. Head to Head disconnects often. XP counters that don't work. When corrected I'm robbed 1000XP. Very little rewards and much too late. Player offers in events lag behind ten points IF YOUR LUCKY (dream on). Even the VIP points move backwards! Ads don't always work. I'm shocked when they do. OVR change is way too slow with or without $. Resets reduce advancement. OVERINFLATED pricing. VS Attack system poor, no matter how much improved your team. Matches don't complete too often. Rewards for end of season play may be worth 1/10th.
  • really bad

    By Fer77735
    why dont check the same level of chemistry when play head to head
  • Cheats

    By Selhime2
    Love the play of the game but real tired of the cheats on verse attack. Play and tie or even when then it roles to final screen and says lost to which i lose a level at times. Also hate that unless you pay to get players or use cheats that you can only get so far in verses mode before it constantly stacks against you so you lose and cannot advance. Its supposed to find teams equal to you and my last 15 games have been out matched by level 10 more or higher with a 3 point higher rating with 120 chem constantly.
  • Vs mode

    By Red-11
    Match making needs improvement in the vs mode, to me it doesn’t make sense to give the stronger player better chances to score
  • Best game ever

    By Talkbox026
    I know that it is on the ps4 but on mobile even better you can play whatever you go. Anywhere anytime.
  • Fun game!

    By Mic03jvw
    I really enjoy the game and honestly don’t spend any money on it. I do wish you could change the team names, and logo. Great game all in!
  • Best FIFA game

    By matteoac
    So awesome This is the best game ever
  • Purchases

    By $$$-@/"&;)-&!;$*]+#%^
    I love the game as it’s a good game and it’s maybe the best mobile soccer game. But for some reason I can’t make the purchase? How do I get to purchase it.
  • Dumb things

    By Kamel krew
    Sometimes my players don’t have a brain.They get a beautiful through ball just have to beat the goalie then stop running and let the other team get it.Also the AI makes you just run at the ball which has cost me more than 10 goals and it’s annoying but other than that it’s a fairly decent game
  • Great

    By Deng 23
    Of all the mobile soccer games I’ve played , this one is legit !
  • 😔

    By Bottlespur
    For the amount of money people pour into this game, shouldn’t it be good? Look at DreamLeague soccer. It’s 10 times better than this hot mess EA calls a game...
  • Atrocious

    By Kjhgbbnh
    Impossible to win penalty shootouts. Will guess 3 out of 5 right but the keeper still misses the ball completely so they score all of them, and I will without a doubt have one of my shots saved since the game tells the keeper exactly where I am going to shoot. Also, strikers that are 85+ rated shouldn’t miss sitters all the time. I would win every game if it was even SLIGHTLY realistic.
  • Totally worth it

    By exfcj*
    This is the best game I have ever played. I like the player ratings and the different types of ways to play different things
  • Fix these annoying glitches please🙏😡🤬🤢🤮

    By FC barcelona rules
    1. When I am reconnecting then the opposition immediately scores in Face to Face. 2. I can’t get 91 or 93 OVR even when I am already 90 and I have 3 90s and no player is below 84 OVR And please fix and reply please!!! THANK YOU 🙏 Bye 👋.
  • Bad during vs attack

    By Jaketh3hobo
    Sometimes when I would play vs attack and listen to music the game would just freeze for a good 30 seconds and ussauly I would lose after that. That is very frustrating if your in the higher divisions like me or are about to drop divisions. I have lost many winnable games because of this glitch
  • It’s rigged

    By RobloxLover1118
    I love the game it has so much to do but it started out with a problem where I couldn’t go to the market. By then it went from using 2 dollars for nothing to losing 1250 not getting a UCL final pack. EA, plz help me if you see this.
  • Vs attack insanity

    By zaquius
    Whilst playing vs. attack in fifa mobile one is constantly put up against teams with much higher overall ratings and chemistry ratings for instance The other day I was feeling good with my 88 overall team with 120 chemistry when all of a sudden I am playing back to back matches with 100-106 overalls who also have 120 chemistry. I would greatly appreciate if FIFA could fix their game to where all players could equally win and have fun without the torment of monsterous teams.
  • Xp

    By K3V1N1115
    The xp numbers are king of bugged, like in mine it showed 2D62/2800 xp
  • Such a scam!

    By Yeah killer
    I rate 97 with all the trading I did for my players, and rarely beat anyone even if their rating is low 80s. Players don’t react to commands and do their own thing. The passes they do is like if they were rating 120 compared to the simple passes I attempt to do and fail. Think it’s set up but defeats the purpose of the team rating.
  • I hate this game

    By ahshushrdir
    I hate this game if your reading this this game is a scam and I stupid you don’t even get a real team content is bad graphics are bad I rather play the lowest rating game in the world than this game I rather live in a trash can than play this game