FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-10-11
  • Current Version: 12.3.06
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 175.48 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 150 042


A new season of FIFA Mobile is here. Experience all-new gameplay, graphics, Head to Head mode, team Chemistry, and more with an upgraded game engine. It’s the world’s game, taken to a whole new level for mobile. Build your Ultimate Team and take on opponents as you train any player to superstar status, attack rivals, and engage in fresh daily content all season long. Plus, get into the game on the go with a download size of under 100 MB. BATTLE HEAD TO HEAD WITH REAL-TIME PVP Head to Head mode will have you playing authentic 11v11 football with competitors from around the globe in real-time. It’s one of players’ most requested modes, and it has arrived. In Amateur and Pro Divisions, you could be matched against an AI Trainer to help you improve your skills on the pitch. This mode has its own minimum specifications requirement. Please refer to for specifications and devices that will support this mode. BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM™ WITH CHEMISTRY Start building your Ultimate Team using Chemistry and give your team a leg up when including players of the same club, league, or nation in your Starting XI. Add depth to your roster as you choose players from over 550 real teams, and tweak tactics before every match. Make the right calls and watch your club become the Ultimate Team. ATTACK TO WIN Take on thrilling matches that drop you into your offensive possessions with VS Attack mode. This innovative level of competition kicks your game into high gear while you strive to dominate 90-second matches, climb the leaderboards, and earn seasonal rewards year-round. QUICKLY JOIN A LEAGUE AND CONQUER THE WORLD Join forces and strive for glory with friends and gamers around the globe in a truly social experience. Test your skills in inter-league championships, or take on the best gamers worldwide in League vs. League Tournaments to climb the leaderboards and prove your talent on the pitch. This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Includes in-game advertising. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on



  • Worst game ever

    By futbal star
    Your game was fun until you took away my Hundred overall team and 120 chemistry I had the whole entire Juventus team, Barcelona team, Manchester United team, man city team, and then you took that all away and put me back with 78 overall players it was horrible I got kicked out of my league .
  • Good but needs to stop kicking me out of a live game

    By colddani
    Okay, before I say this I wanna say that fifa mobile is a great game, needs to stop kicking people out of live games. I was playing the icons tournament, and I was about to get enough points to get a great player, and I was just kicked out. By the time I got back on to try to win they were already 5 goals ahead. And that wasn’t the first time it happened. I also was on my last match to win manolas. Being an 87 at the time it was a great feat. Then I was kicked out and it reset my wins making me restart. As I said before, fifa is a good game, but it really makes people rage when it kicks people out in the middle of a game.
  • Market

    By Jovani C
    The game is great but when it comes to selling players, I feel like my players don’t pop up in other screens. I auction mine for a lower price and it doesn’t sale.
  • FIFA Mobile is an EA Sports rip-off DON’T PLAY

    By Trump$tainDon
    The game continues to be flawed in all if the same ways. EA haven’t fixed anything!! 1. The clock runs for 15 additional seconds after gameplay for me ends unfairly for opponents even when they score early and throughout the game. 2. Player controls stop working during VSA play. Swiped shots become back passes. Corners fly across the entire pitch. 4-5 shots per match hit the post. And the game takes 5+ seconds to reset after goals and misses while the clock still runs down. 3. These are the same issues I’ve brought to your attention, posted on your developer board, in social media and on the iTunes App Store and you still haven’t fixed anything. Game is made by cheats to get you to give them your money to try and improve your team. In Vs. Attack and Head to Head games your players will frequently do things like shoot to the sideline, fall and slide tackle when not near the ball or other players. In VSA shots hit the post, rebound to your player and the game stops instead of letting you shoot. The game will black out for 5-10 seconds after a goal or miss but the clock keeps running-meaning you lose playing time, while your opponent doesn’t. Game clock is a joke. Opponents often get 15seconds of time and score goals after your play clock has ended . Even though you can see their progress during the game, proving that opponents get extra time to tie or win while you just have to watch. This IS NOT FAIR as opponents, who are often EA bots and not real people, get 2-3 more chances to score per game than you do. Just like the crooks at FIFA, EA Sports rips people off with a rigged product that cheats and robs fans. Blood sucking leaches have more integrity by comparison.
  • Rigggggged to make you spend

    By Njjww
    In VS attack, head to head, and special events, play is unbalanced and Hangs up 50% of the time - at critical moments. All geared to make you BUY!!!
  • There aren’t worse games than this

    By 28489!((9!;10'bcwhnv
    First, I don’t get the point of versus attack, you’re dribbling at someone who just scored. Just like like in real soccer. Also, my last chance was when there were 20 seconds left, and after that it actually waiting 18 seconds for the guy to score enough goals to beat me. This game doodoo
  • Smh

    By Ahahshshsdh
    Fix the fricking game too much bugs takes long to enter the app
  • Amazing!

    By uhgvwfeuy
    This game is awesome and has great graphics its players are very cool and so realistic EA sports have done a lot of updates to make this game better every time, they’ve done great with madden and definitely check it out

    By NBA live mobile hater
    Every single vs attack match I have to go against a team with a higher ovr. The matchmaking of this game is absolute garbage and needs to be fixed. It is not that hard to fix matchmaking
  • Not working

    By Me_123321
    When the game used to work it was an amazing game. Now when ever I load it up it says need internet connection, or error even when I’m connected to internet. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still doesn’t work.
  • Why

    By 7assan_almitari
    Why don't you have a kick off or something like the ps bersion
  • Head to head play continually disappoints

    By Guy with a cat
    Head to head play is extremely glitchy. Crashes the App frequently. The other half of the time I feel like I am not playing another person, but the computer (that pulls off miracle victories with low quality teams).
  • Rigged Garbage

    By Tarodg
    What a bunch of pay-to-win, rigged garbage. You watch a bunch of ads, deal with constant glitches and do boring/repetitive tasks. This used to be an iconic game, but EA’s greed has destroyed it. Unless you want to spend REAL MONEY, avoid this game. EA and it’s games are trash now.
  • Flawed in many ways

    By 1966MCS
    The name implies it knows about soccer. Yet the play often does not make any sense. Some examples: you want to control the ball, but you intend to pass to a player that is open. Instead the game passes the ball to a player nowhere near where you indicated. You indicate to shoot on goal, you swipe shoot, shoot, shoot over and over again, yet the player dribbles and passes the ball. You do not have Control. The players also make moves that no real player would make: when you pass a slow ball, the receiving player backs away rather than running towards the ball. When passing the receiving player first runs to the wrong direction before turning again losing time and advantage. They keep running full speed off the field and need half a field to turn direction. When it comes to the level and quality of the team, the OVR is irrelevant unless you play a stronger team. In vs Attack it is often harder to play weaker teams and I often loose against team 4 or 5 OVR lower than mine. BTW I have a 100/120 OVR team... I tried the head to head again but quit when I struggle not only against 92 and 93 teams but even have little chance against a 84 team and only drawing with a 0:0... I had not one shot on the goal!! I see no difference between a 84, a 92 or a 98 team. Finally, the events: why does fifa offer the wins that simply cannot be achieved? Winning anything meaningful is impossible. I played several every chance and still can’t get the main prizes. Example: st Patrick’s day: it offers 8 super players. But if you play ever chance you can win at the most the first. The other 7 are unattainable. laLiga was the same: if played religiously you will have had the chance of getting on 90+ player, but not even complete level 2, not evening mentioning level 3 and 4. Why offer them as wins? It is like offering to win the million dollar lottery if you pick the lucky number 99 but the numbers only go from 1 to 70... good luck!
  • To hard

    By For pewds
    Campane is way to hard i cant do master please fix this im stoping with the game for a while
  • Bring back replay and commentating

    By Atcq93
    I used to love playing back my replay and moving the camera angle. Also commentating has to come back too. The tournament used to be so much better too. Overall everything was so much better in the older version. The best FIFA was fifa15. Please bring back replays and the commentating.
  • FIFA mobile

    By Seraphim Venger
    FIFA mobile is awesome!!!
  • Lost

    By fyihrl
    It keep crashing lost 29mill tryna 96 overall player and it crash dnt got the player and lost 29mill nice ea
  • The game is really good, plenty of events to get good players

    By Speedemon212
    There should be better fixtures to be honest, there have been many times where my team overall is 88 and then I get a 95 rated opponent, the matches should at least be one more rating higher or lower than yours not just over board, and same with other players, who get other players far higher rating than them and eventually lose. There should be equal power between match ups. I just faced a person who was rated 98 while I have a 91 rated team, that 7 more ratings than I do, if you ask me it’s not fair and it’s not only once, it’s many times.
  • FIFA soccer

    By $$$$$$👍👍🤙🤙$$$$$$
    B EST game ever
  • Long Loading

    By farkleishous
    Unless you want to sit there for an hour waiting on everything to load then I don’t suggest it. But however the few times I have gotten to play it because I had the time to be plugged in considering it takes a lot of battery power which isn’t their fault but back to what I was talking about this game takes serious time to load so again don’t waste your time unless you want to. The few times I’ve actually played a decent amount of time it was fun though once I got to play.
  • Good Designed

    By roozrooz
    Perfect and exact design to imagine real football club
  • Hi

    By hdhfhchdujd c
    This game is really fun. You just have to know how to upgrade your team
  • Please fix this problem

    By tvuggcit u
    The overall game is good but there is one problem when I open the game and link my account with my account with Game Center it automatically brings me into home screen and then I can’t able play the game and pls fix this.
  • Idea

    By chitphyowai
    Manger mod
  • Diamond Masks

    By Jamkat42
    I wasted 5,000 Rubies in a pack that contained 2,000 Diamond Masks. Where can I spend those Diamond masks when they do not even show in the menus???
  • Crashing

    By dkdjrbfjdkrjfjrkfns
    Keeps crashing
  • Hh

    By aaaaaaahhhhhhqqqqqllllllllll
  • gameplay

    please update the game, its keep on freezing. im using iphone 7+ which is still suitbale for playing heavy games. the freeze is irritating, please update it soon.
  • العبه حلوه بس تحتاج بعض التعديلات

    By مشاكل في التطبيق
  • Good game but bad vs attack

    By ilia1384
    This is a great game but it needs to be fixed in vs attack part particularly and h2h either but except these it is a good game...good events... It is user friendly and attractive...
  • Can’t login anymore

    By tosbabs
    I used to login with my Facebook... won’t even give me the option now
  • Premium carniballer

    By tmule316
    I went to redeem a premium carniballer player and the game locked up. Spent 4000 points and game locked up and restarted and no player. Balance of 2000 left.
  • Unfair game

    By dghcfbg
    I dont understand how when i have the ball when its 90 minute with added time the game ends right away but when the other team has the ball is keeps going explain? You only prioritize your money so i dont recommend to play.
  • Needs something

    By ffffdssr
    I love the game but something is missing.I would like to have friends to play with. And able to build your own stadium.Also I need a training mode.the worst part yet is that when I play people have OVR95-119 which is not fair.i want something in my level
  • Mucho mejor de lo que esperaba

    By ez6q2567
    Los gráficos están bien, la jugabilidad y también su distribución
  • Bug

    By JN7Atl
    The game freezes when it opens!!! I get a notification for carniball premium players and can’t click claim reward or do anything at all.
  • Great but I lost my team

    By kjahebfklsagvcsjalgcvodnacg
    When the new season cam out and I lost my team
  • Please add subs because in fifa on Xbox’s you can add subs

    By jejjx)xiwjdxjwiksxiw
  • FIFA

    By JaimDragOn
    this is the best game in the world!
  • Too much auto play

    By chad3438
    Too much auto play people just start the game with a strong team and let it play by it self this sht piss me off auto play is too strong and smart most people don’t play no more after getting a good team they just let the computer play for them
  • Bruh

    By its da kiid
    It’s not letting me get in to the game
  • Not bad

    By Mani.T
    You know actually the resolution is really fine but what’s bad about the game is that it’s too laggy and it usually has some problems while loading a page or a game and i think that it can be much better than what it is nowaday
  • Matchmaking is weird and unfair.

    By rxp3292
    I consistently get matched up with players way high above my overall team level. Only when I lose a couple of games in a row purposefully is when I get matched somewhere near my own overall. Irritating.
  • Pay to play

    By :&,$3$;
    So my opinion about FIFA 19 is you buy lots of items,players,cash to be really good at the game. I enjoy it but it seems like you have to buy lots of things. This is my opinion.
  • Buggy Game Fix It Please

    By Future Cardiac Surgeon
    I enjoy this game I do really do but after the update I can’t even get it to load properly. Someone in the development area of this game please look into this game and get this fix.

    By Dumbo9
    I bought a VIP Rank 12 Package with 2000 paid FIFA points and NO GEMS WERE ADDED to my account, where do you send all claims and complains!???
  • The game Is to good

    By ArCz_
    Love the game I can’t stop playing the game
  • Bug

    By creo98
    Can’t seem to run at least one play without skipping, dis game n the creators are getting on my bad side