Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-06-13
  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 87.26 MB
  • Developer: Symantec
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 209


Norton Secure VPN is a security app from a consumer brand trusted by millions of consumers. Protection for your device against cybercriminals, browse more anonymously, change your location, and helps block advertisers from tracking your online activities! Turn any public Wi-Fi into your personal hotspot! ► HELP PROTECT YOUR DEVICE FROM CYBERCRIMINALS When you connect to public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals may spy on your online activity and steal your sensitive information, like passwords and credit cards details. Norton Secure VPN uses the same encryption technologies that leading banks use to help protect your data. ►BROWSE ANONYMOUSLY Mask your online activities and location with our no-log VPN. We don’t track or store your online activity, so even we won’t know what you’re up to! ►CHANGE YOUR LOCATION Just change your virtual location so your IP address can’t be tracked! ► BLOCK AD TRACKERS ADVERTISERS’ TRACKING COOKIES We help block ad trackers by intercepting cookies and removing your identifying information. Websites will no longer be able to track you to deliver unsolicited ads at a later time. ►TURN PUBLIC WI-FI INTO PERSONAL HOTSPOT Turn any public Wi-Fi into your own secure virtual private network to help keep your personal information safe, and your online activities private. ------------------------------ The KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk. Use Norton Secure VPN to help encrypt the information you send and receive, for protection against this new threat. With Norton Secure VPN, you can pay bills at the airport or check emails at a café without worrying about cybercriminals stealing your passwords or monitoring your online activity. Going online in public just got better. Get Norton Secure VPN and go online in public, more securely and privately. ------------------------------ ► SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • Norton Secure VPN Subscription: Provides more secure connectivity for your mobile device. • 30-day trial requires activation of annual subscription. • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • Subscription will renew automatically at the end of the subscription term unless canceled. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. • You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. • Annual subscription is for one device only. --------------------------------------------- For feedback and suggestions, visit the support forum: For a detailed list of features, visit: --------------------------------------------- •Start your 30-day trial* to help protect your Wi-Fi connections now! *30-day trial requires activation of $29.99 annual subscription. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. More details below.



  • The worst

    By wyd11112368974781910274680193
    This is the worst app ever
  • Caused more problems than it fixed

    By TVSTS
    Tried this app for about a week. After a few days I had bad connection issues with my iPhone. I also could not open a lot of web pages. As soon as I deleted the app and rebooted the phone, all problems went away.
  • Expect more from Norton

    By Punhanda
    Confuses certain apps that are expecting a sign-up from a unique IP address. Interferes with regular flow of work every now and then. It should work silently in the background.
  • Doesn’t do the job

    By inkstainedwretch ,retd.
    By now, one would think the Norton outfit could make a really good VPN - while it may hide content, when used over Verizon’s easily ID’d FIOS lines, it seems to still allow tracking to the location of a wired device - or track the location of the tower serving a wireless device - how do I know? Yesterday, using my i-phone as a terminal, Firefox/protected browser mode/alleged trackless Duck2dGoose search/most secure mode, full Norton Secury/Dual router system ala Steve Gibson/no data over cellular/Norton VPN to call up a newspaper six states away, With an ad: “for people living in Mytown, St. -a restaurant a half-mile away!” Clearly, something is wrong here - probably too small an encryption key, and only a single-stage reception/release point v. a thoroughly protected TOR system that would scramble even the type of data going out (html? Pop3? FTP?) to central location, distribution to one of a dozen N. American sites, then reception and turn-around. The Norton firewall also prohibits site blocking, by name or URL or UID. And worse, Norton-branded “high security” router is a no-go folks, it can only be programmed from a wireless device. OK, I’ll have to use TOR , and run the risk of timeouts 9 out of 10 times, or just give up my home PC for random wifi locations, until one of the most respected names in the biz can get it right again (the cursed thing is Verizon FIOS provides the best quality service, and since we rejected high-security smartphones made in Canada and Motorola sold its phone division, Apple makes the highest quality Portable terminals. Then again, the Internet wasn’t designed for commercial service at all, and ignorant users, coders and equipment designers are all doing a C- at best job.
  • Idk if it cancels

    By Human Judge
    I donut know if after I say yes to the 30 day free trial, then delete it, it still keeps the 30 day trail and then makes you pay.
  • Yes is good

    By Lokito %
    Good protection!
  • Works Great On Phones & Tablets, But...

    By Balance=Fail
    Pathetically slow on desktops, laptops. Network bandwidth went from 800 megs to 80 megs. That issue was supposed to be fixed.
  • Grrat

    By Hasdrtyvhy
    Great for browsing most sites but still has some security issues that can be hacked pretty easy. But I do like how it blocks ads and pop ups
  • Scam

    By Warrior+Dude
    Don’t do it you are forced to pay $30 each year, even if it’s an accident. Do not get app! Apple, take down this app, PLEASE!
  • It’s ok

    By Staceymac11
    When it’s on I feel so much more secure on the Internet now that I have Norton VPN. It’s off more than it’s on. When it’s off, I can’t do anything with my phone. The system needs work
  • Everything was good until about a month ago

    By 3@456
    Now it seems that hackers have found a way to conveniently put it into the connecting status when I connect to sites that can be exploited. Now I have to keep looking down at the icon and disconnect and reconnect as needed. I was reading a report last night and realized it had been disconnected have way through; which means someone could have read have the report. Its time for another update. It also looses its connection very often even if the computer is sitting idle it’s not as secure as it was and I’m not sure if it’s safe anymore.
  • Still needs more work

    By VB__13
    App still has connection issues wheee you have to go into the app & select connect (sometimes this requires a few times to do). At times the icon on the screen at the top will show as connected but in the app it shows a pic of the entire North America continent & below says your data & device are NOT secure & may be visible to others (it says a lot more but that’s the gist). When it does decide to connect, sometimes it will have a green indicator plotted on the map, sometimes not which makes me wonder if it truly is connected. Please continue to fix this to where it is reliable & not something I have to go into the app to either turn on or confirm that it’s actually on since the screen indicator says yes but app says no.
  • not work on same apps

    By manolozx66
    no work on apps like fox or nat geo from mexico
  • Great

    By Scjnb
    Great product!
  • Like it ?

    By Grannie. Linda
    I like the idea of security. But would like to be able to share it also with my husbands phone. I was told I could add additional family members but the only thing I can install is on my phone and it's limited at that. If someone could explain to me the procedures, I'm sure this would be a great app. Love that my location is anonymous, And my Wi-Fi is protected. Like having the ad blocker, and knowing that my information cannot be read. Seems to be working just fine other than the sharing. Thank you
  • Works fine but slower than hopped

    By stanrev
    Use Mediacom cable at contracted 125 mbps speed. With Norton VPN now seeing 40 to 50 mbps on all devices which includes iPhone XS, 2 computers and two iPads. Product is user friendly and not intended for geeks in my opinion. Satisfied with product.
  • Lol

    By PART TWO !
    Lol I’m just using this for v bucks
  • Same Problems....

    By cowgirlshorses
    As everyone else. I just purchased this app a week ago. It won’t stay connected on either iPhones Xr. Then I didn’t finish my install on one phone & I went to do that & it told me I’d reached my limit of 5 computers! How could that be when I’d only successfully gotten 3 of 5 installed? Really ticked me off! I was tempted to ask for refund. So, we’ll see if they get all these bugs fixed before the fee doubles in a year. If it’s NOT fixed, I will be canceling my membership as $80./yr for a non properly functioning app is ridiculous!
  • Norton VPN

    By HamFacs
    NORTON is the Best, When it's Working.. It seems to be getting better as you plod along Fixing the "Bugs".. I have Numerous Norton 'Aids' for Years & even with some 'Glitches' THEY ARE STILL THE BEST 👍....LCH
  • Absolute BS

    By Traumaties
    I downloaded the app for what is advertised as a “ 30 day free trial” as I completed the ok for the trial, I was immediately billed $32.65 for an app I canceled and deleted off my phone within an hour.. I don’t suggest anyone agree to a trial with this app as ITunes states they don’t feel my issue warrants a refund.
  • Always shuts off.

    By J - it's me
    When I buy an antivirus program it runs 24/7 Norton VPN SHUTS OFF all the time. Are they saving server reroute money ? I paid for a24/7 VPN, WHY Does it always SHUT OFF
  • Don’t waste your money

    By Ct99337
    App continuously disconnects....very unreliable.
  • Junk

    By aewbn
    Terrible. Always have to reconnect and that takes it forever to do.
  • STAY AWAY - The rating keeps going down...was 4.6

    By Br1ght Ideas
    Update 3/9/19 - Now, the only way you know this VPN has failed is that your browser or other apps quit responding while in use. And by-the-way, when this happens your data is exposed. I’ve cancelled my subscription which auto renewed in April. I had to contact support to have them do it because their website redirects every attempt to cancel to a questionnaire which when closed, leaves the auto renew turned on for the account. Such a crap way to do business. To bad too. Norton is leveraging its good rep to sell third rate software at best. I’m just happy to get rid of this garbage. ___________________________________________________________________Update 2/12/19 - This program had gotten better...prompting a retraction, however, since the last update: Now when the program drops the connection, which is once again often, it still shows an active VPN connection in the status bar at the top right corner of my screen. When I open the app it shows a map of North America and says I’m connected and displays a green circle around the map but both my data and device are described as “possibly visible” and “exposed” in the descriptions. So basically it looks like everything is good when the app is closed but I’m not protected by the VPN and only become aware of this if I open the app. I would post screen shots if I could. Then I have to disconnect and reconnect several times to get a working connection. I am using a 2018 model iPad so it is not my device. I keep paying for this because I really want it to work and trust the security of the app when it is functioning correctly. It is starting to seem silly though. ___________________________________________________________________September2018-The program constantly drops the connection and needs to be restarted over and over and over...before it reconnects. Once it reconnects its a toss up as to whether or not it will stay connected. I've used Cyber Ghost and even the free version of that vpn worked better than this and I'm paying for this.___________No, I did not contact tech support. This is sold under the Norton product name. Norton has been around almost as long as the internet and has built a solid brand in device protection. That this is not a 5 star rating is disappointing for sure.
  • Works fine

    By Greatrrrrrrrdrrr
    Seems to work well thus far
  • Consumer Cellular

    By Alberdia
    Works great for Wi-Fi connection but blocked internet connection when on Consumer Cellular data plan.
  • Is not free

    By Mingpeicobb
    After I follow the download instructions and next page says after 30days will automatically charge $29.95 such scream!!! I thought suppose it’s free. 🤬
  • App

    By jwr04
    Costly app. Was not told when purchasing product at Norton (based on recommendation from Rush Limbaugh) that I would have pay $30 year from Apple Store for EACH devise. That's $150 per year for the five devises my Norton plan provides. Then reading here about problems folks are having.... going to request refund from Norton. Pretty tricky
  • Does a good job...

    By N58CY
    Works well on my iPad. I had an issue where I had to erase the software and re-install because when I selected Romania the VPN would no longer connect to anything. I have not tried that again...
  • Connection Problems, 1 license

    By DLL2507
    I tried this and had two problems. 1. Difficulty connecting to the VPN server. It would connect initially without problems. Reconnecting after my phone went to sleep for a period of time was impossible. 2. Only one license is included. I cannot cover my phone and tablet with the same subscription.
  • User

    By Chief 4501
    So far very reliable no issues I see no bugs so far.
  • I rate it good

    By Kritter7138
    It seems to be working well. The only trouble I have had is consistency on my wife’s Samsung google Chrome book. At times the app doesn’t activate protect mode when she turns on her laptop. She likes to shop for food deals on line and add trackers don’t constantly track her. She gets so tired of ads popping up on Facebook reflection what she was searching for. I have Norton vpn on both our iPhones an my home pc. So far, love it.
  • Don’t waste your money

    By BossHogg911
    I wish I never bought this, I’ve not had it one full day and I already have had enough of the program not working. It fails to connect every time I get on my phone, often knocking me out of my home WiFi. All the devices I have this on have the same issues with it failing to connect.
  • Turns Off Automatic while online

    By wofayaw2
    The app is effective in protecting but frequently turns itself off while in use and must be checked frequently to be sure it’s on while online.
  • A trial really

    By alanhai
    I was trying to Wachovia a move for free and it tells me to download it and I do and right away I had to do a trial this is the worst. Although it is free after the 30 days it automatically takes money out your apple account! mean seriously!
  • Don’t buy it here

    By komich
    I was very excited about the possibility of secure connections over public networks. I was also looking forward to protecting all my devices, as the advertisement claimed: 10 devices fr $3 a month. However when I have it downloaded it from the Apple App Store, I could not connect, and had to chat with the customer support. After about 30 minutes online, restarting iPhone and deleting and reinstalling the app, I’ve managed to connect. However during the chat with the tech support person, it transpired that the $29.99 charge is only good for one device. He said that if 5 or 10 device licenses could be obtained only through Norton website, for the same price as I device license at AppStore. The bottom line: the app is not without bugs and is hard to install, and it is better not to buy it from App Store.
  • Unsubscribe

    By Ssttuka
    Hello, I can not unsubscribe from Norton VPN ... I want the cancellation and I can not do it for the app or the website.
  • Be connected and be secure!

    By pjw and sjw
    You will never have to worry about hackers etc. this is a great and easy app to use. You can trust this app because of its inventors Norton.

    By jfreem14
    This company just stole money from my account! Don’t know how I’m going to get it back. I did not order this.
  • Lost connection - no response

    By 19DW51
    2 weeks ago I lost connectivity with Secure VPN on my iPhone. Still getting the same “Server Error - please try later” message, very frustrating. Sent 3 messages- crickets. As of right now I am unprotected and looking at other products.
  • I hate this

    By hdhdhtehjdjdjdndbbxbcvcvcc
    I got hacked
  • Can’t get it restarted each time it turns off

    By AET2015
    I just deleted it from, and reloaded it to my phone. I hope it helps, as I will shift to another, more reliable VPN if it does not become more reliable. I can’t recommend this product.
  • iPad version

    By OneVoIP
    When will there be a version of this app available that I can use on my iPad in either landscape or portrait mode? As I am visually impaired and I use my iPad most of the time, I really need an iPad version that can rotate the screen. Thank you. A long time Norton User...
  • Troubles with getting it to work

    By jollylady
    I used it for a few minutes and it seemed to work... then it just stopped. Nothing I did...including removing the app and reinstalling would make it work again. I cancelled my subscription will find another app. I’m very disappointed!
  • Slight adjustments and I’d give a 5 star

    By Ryan Crossan
    The app is easy to use and is intuitive. Although the app freezes up sometimes I personally don’t get much of an issue with that on IPhone 8+. The speed is average or slightly above that of other mobile VPNs but the connection is more stable than any other mobile VPNs with entire 12+ hours without a disconnection but where I give only 4 stars is the lack is choice in servers. You can choose the United States region but cannot choose which server so either the Los Angeles server or New York server is basically chosen at random. This in combination with the disconnects that DO happen even if rare are much more annoying due to having to disconnect and reconnect multiple times until you get the desired server. The BEST part is the price. With a MONTH trial and only $30 for an ENTIRE year amazing price
  • Crash and burn

    By bubble tummy 111
    I purchased this app a while ago ! Something happened now the app will not Register ! Or load on my iPhone or my I pad? Now I’m out $29.00! Thanks!Norton
  • Satisfied

    By pass'n thru
    5 stars for me. Don’t know why I didn’t consider Norton earlier? No issues currently and I’m pretty confident they’ll be addressed if and when.
  • Not good

    By oldtornado
    Never can login on iPad. App is bad. Going to cancel and move on.
  • I feel better with norton

    By nste dog
    I feel so much better with norton vpn, been having a problem with signal jammers stealing my info, I think I'm good now.