Captivate for IG

Captivate for IG

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-04-14
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 7.83 MB
  • Developer: Novasoft Cloud Services
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 369


Captivate is the perfect tool to manage your Instagram accounts and engage with followers or likers. * Discover popular/similar Instagram accounts * Analyze and detect users that are not following back, ghost or inactive * Support for multiple accounts * Support for Cloud Service with push notification * Help Center Disclaimer: Captivate is a third party app for Instagram and is not affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc.



  • Verify

    By gamer vloging beast
    I was going to use this app but when I log in I have to do a verification in ok with that I do that then go back to the app and it says I was not logged in so I tried it again it did the same thing it will not let you verify
  • Does this app still work after the IG new update?

    By digi marketr
    I’ve used this app in the past but stopped when ig did there huge algorithm updates. Is it safe to use it again or does it not work anymore? Just wanted to know from you guys, Thanks
  • Checkpoint_required

    By Alex Temnorod
    Whenever I try to login it says check point required I need help
  • Disappointed

    By ana Cota
    This was beautifully working for a while but now it doesn’t follow even when cloud action says active. I thought this could be an one day cool-off strategy but it has been stuck for few days.
  • Cloud queue not working

    By Abstract Anish
    I bought the cloud version, and whenever I add 1000 people to follow it doesn’t follow them, it just stays in pending
  • Not working with instagram anymore

    By Jennifer C Wood
    It worked for a while but has since stopped allowing me to follow people on Instagram. I paid for this app and was only able to use for 3 months.
  • Paid Version Stopped Following

    By waffel2236
    Free Version worked. So I decided to pay $15 for both Pro and Cloud. Worked amazingly for 2 days. On the 3rd day it stopped working. Hasn't followed ANYONE in a day and half. I've cleared History, Deactivated/Reactivated cloud, Refreshed Cloud, uninstalled and reinstalled app. Nothing is working. 2 stars because it did work. 1 star because I spent $15 on something to work for 2 days 5 stars of you can fix my problem. Edit: I have did some research and read the Dec notes. Apparently iG is going thru some new changes. I'll give it a week. 3 stars for now.
  • Why isn’t captivate working anymore?

    By eleeeeeeeenaaaaaaa
    Captivate used to be my favorite app but it ain’t working anymore and who knows why. Anyway could u please fix this app asap.😫😫
  • Not what I expected

    The biggest problem with this app is imagine you follow the followers of someone. As you are mass following them, you do not no if their pages are private and after sometime you realize that you cannot follow any person out of this app and on instagram anymore! Why? Because these many page owners you tried following had private pages and that you are in pending mode! The worst part is this app does not provide you with an option to cancel your sent follow requests to these private pages... I also sent them a request to cancel all those pendings and this is what I received: You cannot cancel follow requests via our app. Check the activity log for people you have followed. Robert Novasoft Support My question from Robert is how on earth I or any other individual could cancel 100s of these pendings via Instagram!? Because everybody knows that Instagram does not have an option for mass canceling of such requests...
  • I never leave reviews

    By DcReationzz
    But this is so helpful I had to give you guys 5 stars And the cloud is worth every penny 👌
  • Great App Helpful

    By MasterGameing
    It's a very good app IF you are willing to pay $5 for PRO but if you have the money it's the BEST APP EVER! -With much thanks, Jack
  • Didn’t work properly + no refund

    By Eva N D
    The pro version of this app didn’t work properly on my brand new iPhone XS and developer claims they are not able to refund + Apple says the same thing. Waste of $5, waste of time.
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By Kbenn5286
    Just paid the 5$ to try this out. Used it according to IG rules and because of instagrams new update it caught it immediately! I had to change my pw on my IG to avoid it from being blocked. Waste of money!
  • Idea is great, I’m having trouble verifying my acount

    By MrTootsieRoll
    Amazing app, the idea is great. There is a problem where I can’t verify my account, it just sends me to and keeps loading for ever. Could someone please help me?
  • Great tool!

    By bigboimike
    Helpful in building gaining followers in an honest way. #Engagement
  • Great app

    By Smite-almighty-Smiter
    The developers of this app are superb. App’s functionality is very good and it gets the job done in the most useful way. Cloud feature is amazing I highly recommend it.
  • I wish

    By ax1592
    I wish it didn’t cost money to auto follow more than 50 people :(
  • In a verify account loop

    By ktiiz
    I’ve tried verifying my Instagram account five time both through email and text. And yet, I cannot login to this app with my account. I’ve entered in the code in, it goes to the web version of instagram and logs easily into my account there. But it never goes back to the captivate app not connects this verification to the app. Frustrating. Can’t even get started.
  • Not opening

    By TakGiovanchi
    Neither of your apps are opening
  • Crash

    By Dannaysha
    App keeps crashing I hate it
  • Great app! Super helpful!

    By Carson120
    This app is extremely helpful for growing your or your clients instagram pages. The only thing I wish you could do is have a special notes page where you could keep track and mass select certain users. Apart from that the app is extremely helpful!
  • What the heck is going on?

    By popcorn2125
    Yesterday I was purchased the cloud upgrade and it was all good until today I woke up to use the app and it just crashes... I restarted my phone... I deleted and reinstalled the app.... like what...?
  • Works good until it crashes or won’t start

    By Radmxfl
    Read title
  • Newbie with it...

    By camferg1
    But over the past 12 or so hours, getting plenty of new follows, and living the automation of it!
  • Amazing

    By rileylong
  • Good

    By flashypriince
  • can’t login and work it

    By ahondacivic
    Doesn’t work
  • Cloud service

    By Kalashaf95af
    Please provide me with some info regarding the cloud service. I paid for it but I don’t know if it’s working properly or not. Best regards
  • This app SUCKS❗️

    By rethridge92
    This app will not let you log into your Instagram. I think the developer uses your password and your user name to hack your Instagram! Do not trust this application it is a fraudulent application! Never even let you login! But it asked for all your information. SCAM!
  • Very buggy

    By WebbMax
    Kept asking me to verify account which I did when it opened a browser. I return to the app to armory to login and it's asking me to verify my account again. I do this a few more times and gave up. App doesn't work!
  • Love it!

    By royce223
    i use this app almost everyday, the cloud service is a huge help!!! i started at 200 followers and within a week i had almost doubled!
  • Extremely useful

    By Darthcollin414
    It is definitely worth the 10 dollars. It has helped me get so many followers not only on my business account but my personal account.
  • Great app but silly restrictions

    By 1stParasite
    Why doesn’t this app work in the background? Can you add a list of actions and the ability to undo them? As a que?

    By QuadCities871
    I paid for it. Used it fine for about a week. Then Instagram updated their website. And now it’s useless. Best part? I don’t get my $10 back. Horrible customer service!
  • Horrible app, DOESN’T work! NO REDUND

    By annydave
    This app does not what it promise. Can’t get no help from the customer service, or a refund. DO NOT GET THIS
  • Did instagram blacklist this app?

    By JessicaGottlieb
    It used to work. No more.
  • Biggest Scam

    By White Noize
    Once you get the App it auto pays $9.99 for a monthly subscription. When you try to cancel they say no. I’m in the process of taking them to small claims court now
  • Don’t use it!!!

    By Iiivetteee3
    I got this app several months ago and everything was perfectly fine. Instagram is now cracking down on people who use these type of accounts and WILL SHUT YOU DOWN! Both my accounts are no longer available and it’s really hurting my online business!! Save the troubles and seriously do not use third party accounts!!!
  • Horrible app and waste of money.

    By matitzabk
    This app does not work as intended. Please do not bother signing up.
  • Blocked

    By GeoGuyB
    Instagram just had a update that now blocks this app from working
  • Can’t load people’s following

    By Marceta33
    When you go on someone’s profile and click to load when they are following an error comes up saying can’t refresh. You can load who ever is following them though but not the other way around?
  • Awesome!

    By Kamajiiii
    Very useful app!
  • Don’t buy cloud service

    By Ian19790
    I paid $10 for the cloud service and it got blocked by Instagrams algorithm a few days later and can no longer be used. Submitted a case to apple for a refund but apparently it’s not eligible.
  • Feeling cheated

    By TJTechBoy
    I was using this and enjoyed it. Easily would have been rated 5stars, unfortunately it doesn’t allow me to add users to my que, (I have bought pro and cloud on this and cleaner) I feel overall cheated
  • Dodd

    By 200appitouch
    Hey there, I really liked your app, this is awesome 😎, I really enjoyed it at the beginning until the free trial came up to me that I have to upgrade, I was trying to follow people and soon the free trial is over. What is up with forcing people to upgrade with $5.00, that is not fair. You can’t just take their credit card and steal money from others, that is not fair. Can’t we follow all selected ones for free all the time? I would really appreciate it If there is a temporarily free trial time out without having to go through paying For ex: “please try again in 1 hour, your free trial is up”. I get your trying to make money for a living. But you need to plz stop making us pay.
  • I LOVED this app until Instagram told me to change my password...

    By Chad Garber
    Instagram commanded me to change my password because It new I was using third party apps and that this was breaking their terms of service. I wasn’t aware that this was breaking Instagrams’s terms of service. This should probably told to is upfront.
  • Cloud upgrade

    By cdwghvktf
    This app is great but what happened to cloud upgrade, I got it on April 10 and then April 13 it said I needed the upgrade, I pressed restore purchases and it said restoration complete, but every time I tried to do the cloud the same appeared and when I tried to search if a new upgrade or something popped up all that appeared under upgrades is help center or restore purchases , so what exactly happened to the cloud upgrade
  • Not getting what I paid for

    By belchj4653
    I paid for the cloud version and it is no longer available to use. Ig is closing down these kinds of apps. Now I feel like I’ve wasted money on an unusable app. Automated apps will get your account shut down.
  • Breach of contract

    By AQJ1120
    The main feature of the upgraded/paid version is being able to use cloud service. This has suddenly become unavailable with no responses from customer service or recourse for getting a refund. Do not make the mistake of purchasing this.