Captivate for IG

Captivate for IG

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-04-14
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 7.83 MB
  • Developer: Novasoft Cloud Services
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 038


Captivate is the perfect tool to manage your Instagram accounts and engage with followers or likers. * Discover popular/similar Instagram accounts * Analyze and detect users that are not following back, ghost or inactive * Support for multiple accounts * Support for Cloud Service with push notification * Help Center Disclaimer: Captivate is a third party app for Instagram and is not affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc.



  • Captivate

    By Itssolitmydude
    Big got fixed! Still a little sketchy because of the bug I had but other then that it’s great
  • I love this app

    By kaylaaannis
    I highly recommend for following and liking pics for business reasons etc
  • Great app

    By Bennyhjvvv
    Highly recommend
  • No working

    By juanguiris
    I can't agree with the terms and conditions. Please fix it
  • Crashed... locked out

    By 24/7dancer<3
    I am paying for this and I can’t even log in..... can you please fix?
  • Do not download!

    By Shablaaam
    I downloaded this app yesterday, loved the idea, and later during the day I paid $10 for the cloud upgrade. This morning I can’t even open the app. It crashes every time I try to open it but now they already have my money. Such a waste of my time & money.
  • Account Deactivated!!!!!

    By Vnillabean
    Years of growth with thousands of followers all gone thanks to this app. I even stopped using it for a few days as they suggested if you get rejected actions, and my account was still deactivated. Trying to get in contact with Instagram to get it back. Uninstalled the app and suggest you do too. It appears that it follows people behind the scenes even when you haven’t requested to do so, which would make sense why my account was flagged/banned.
  • Great App

    By rafaeldavila96
    Option to select followers with no relationship should be added. This means I can select people that don’t follow me and leave people who already follow me unselected so no actions are wasted!
  • Msbiljaa

    By msbiljaa
    I was a bit skeptical about this app, as of course a lot of things in life are too good to be true BUT I have to admit I am very impressed with everything that it does! Happy customer! Keep it up 😁
  • Not a thing bad to say

    By Allhailthepope
    I paid the 10 bucks to upgrade to the cloud Service which can run in the background or even when your phone is off it runs seven of my accounts pulling in about 500 followers a week each 10 out of 10 would recommend
  • Nut butt

    By BEAUst
    Yes sir yee
  • Needs an Update to Fix

    By youknowim2good
    This app needs an update to fix the new Instagram update where they send you constant Phone Verification requirements if they believe are using third party apps like this one and make it really hard for you to use Instagram at all since they think the users of this app are “spam accounts” and aren’t safe for their community. This app has worked great for over 6 months, but the creators need to find a way around instagrams new ways. Hope it can be fixed because this app was amazing!!
  • Greatttt

    By ReíReí
  • Will deactivate account. Do not use this app.

    By Vezzaa
    I used this app to grow my accounts but Instagram is becoming the new myspace and is going to be obsolete soon.
  • How can I get my $$ back?

    By JenBCreative
    My Instagram just stopped working! Please help! I bought the $9.95 version and added a few hundred to the cloud to follow. After two days I started following 1000 people. Great! BUT now when I post new posts no one sees them but my friends!!!! IG has me flagged or content blocked!!! very unhappy :( how can I get a refund? This program hurt my business leads!!

    By Lew8907
    do you not use this app. At first it was really good but Instagram has really really became strict smh. using captivate will now deactivate your account . I am now trying to get my account back smh . Then I cant even get my money back .
  • Doesn’t work

    By Ohbou
    I’ll run an action or night mode and although it says the action completed, my follow numbers stay EXACTLY the same and it actually did noting. I emailed support 2 weeks ago about this and no response.
  • Warning. Lost account

    By Afganblues
    Do not use. Lost both my accounts after using this program. Used it successfully for many months but now IG is cracking down and YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT!!! I really liked this at first but with the change IG has made you risk losing everything.
  • Two factor authentication

    By Spaniard34343434
    Needs an update to get past two factor authorization so that it is computable with instagram and doesn’t need verification every day

    By Adrian Kayvin
    Not only did they deactivate my account, but I accidentally bought the in app purchase with my fingerprint id and apple won’t give me a refund. So on top of not using this app it also stole money from me.
  • Wish there were more features like auto likes and comments.

    By Ben's Beats
    Great app but I wish it had features such an auto like for photos and an auto commenting tool.
  • Smh wow

    By gioflores96
    So, I go into this app looking at the insane amount of people that “don’t follow” me but when I go to my Instagram they are following me. What’s going on?
  • Crashes

    By Jaye1119
    I’ve tried to download and re-download this app over and over. I can’t even get the app to open it just showing the opening screen and immediately crashes. Please fix this because so would like to use this app!!
  • Charges

    By gypsyespy
    Charges me monthly without having a subscription
  • Getting worse

    By iwanttogiveabetterrating
    Now the app is not loading all the accounts that need loading.
  • awsome

    By Alien.Ahmadi
    It's really practical, fast n easy to use!!!
  • Trash

    By Nshejsheheha
    Avoid. Wants you to pay.
  • Annoying

    The fact that they make it seem like it’s free but then you have to pay to use the app is retarded like there’s always a catch👎
  • Not free

    By Devin I
    It’s not really free!
  • Amazing!

    By tylin.
    Helped reach out to so many people so quick!
  • Fake

    By loufloyd1965
    I paid for the cloud service so I could follow Instagram accounts without having to do it myself and it doesn’t work like at all. Doesn’t load any of the accounts. Complete waste of money.
  • Thank you!

    By Thespilla
    Thank you!
  • Got banned

    By fitlikemike
    This app is terrible. $15 for something that gets your account banned?!!? Real nice huh. Used it for half a day on the cloud version and my new page that I had already grown a bit on my own got banned.
  • Capped at 50 then you have to pay for it

    By Fibber007
    Videos and Sponsors promoting this app do NOT mention the fees... to only access 50 it’s not worth it to download, just follow/unfollow manually
  • Not working

    By StasiaW87
    I’ve been trying for 2hrs to login. ITS NOT WORKING
  • I payed but it says Free. I need some help thanks

    By dimhar
    I payed 10 dollars why does my license type says Free(with Cloud Service) shouldn’t it say Pro (with Cloud Service)?
  • Just stopped working

    By Kronikguru
    Just stopped working I’m getting a sentry block error
  • Was the best app

    By Ahdurjrhsiwehdh
    App use to be amazing an work really well... Instagram shut it down, an all third party apps hooked up to your account... RIP Captivate 😪
  • Loved, now struggling

    By flylashlynzie
    When I first started using this I loved it for my business. Now, I have been locked for a few days and I can seem to get In touch with customer service because the email option doesn’t work.
  • App can’t connect to IG “checkpoint required”

    By Joe6134
    The app isn’t connecting to Instagram (the app’s only purpose). It asks for you to login, asks you to “verify”, then redirects to Instagram in your browser, then - nothing. No matter how you try to log in to IG it won’t proceed. Installing and reinstalling doesn’t help either. You guys need to take a look at what’s wrong.
  • Forced follows without consent

    By JimadoriiCrafts
    The idea of this type of app is great. You follow lots of people within intervals to not trigger the Instagram algorithm that can temporarily or permanently ban you, then you do the same to unfollow, all while also being able to see who is and is not following you. Handy right? However (a little caveat here) I stopped using this app and never rescinded access to my account then I manually unfollowed all of the people I used this app to follow (mainly because lots of these follows are bots or people that really don’t care about what you’re posting anyway - fake followers - and Instagram will notice if you have lots of fake account bot followers). After unfollowing everyone I had followed using this all I was only following 70 select people that I either know or follow their work and hadn’t followed anyone else after. Then a random user’s posts were in my feed (my profile now said I was following 71 people - ok...sort of weird). I unfollowed them (thought I’d missed one). Then it happened again. I was following 70 accounts then suddenly I was following 71 again without me having manually followed anyone at all. This last time I blocked and reported the user that I was “following”. Conclusion: This app allows other users profiles to make yours secretly force follow them. If you’re following lots of people you won’t notice it because they’ll blend right in, but if you only follow a select few then it’s SUPER OBVIOUS, (seeing as this was the only outside source that had access to my account). Password changed. Access revoked. Bye bye. It’s not worth getting banned or having your account hacked to even use this app if you’re actually trying to get a real following for your profession, your art, or whatever you share on Instagram.
  • App is crashing

    By cucumberslice007
    The app is crashing again, and the processing of the account actions is getting slower and slower. If you guys need help with new servers to speed things up I’ll gladly fund haha. I love this app, it just regularly has issues.
  • Not getting what I paid for

    By belchj4653
    I immediately bought the cloud version after hearing great things. But I could only use free features and now that my “trial” is over, it won’t let me do anything. I don’t even have the option to purchase the upgrade again... because it has already been bought. Very frustrating.
  • Awesome!!

    By bgor10
    This app has been a huge help for me in building my brand! It has had a few problems but easy fixes that they fix quickly. Recommend to many!
  • Good

    By Prihigashi
    Does the job but I’d love a comment tool or like tool automated instead of following.
  • Zero Customer Support

    By Jesshow13
    This app was working great for me and then this past week I wasn’t able to log in so uninstalled and reinstalled it. The account I added won’t load and it loads a different account I have but not on this app. I’ve sent 3 customer support inquiries and just received an automated response. I read the frequently asked questions have waited 48 hrs to let my account “cool down” even bough I was safely within instagram’s limits. I’m still stuck and need this remedied. When it works it works great but if you need any type of help you are on your own with support.
  • Not ok

    By nevergonnagiveyoumyname
    It worked fine, and then it stopped working. Was told to update the app, did that and it’s still not working 😑 not happy
  • It was better , now is good

    By يزيدورو
    Before It was able to follow the maximum limit of 7000 followers but now it barely can do 1000 ! . The more you raise the Nr of followers , the more crashes may happen . So I stock with 1000 just to guarantee the process .
  • Very buggy

    By Dentman4411
    The cloud service is supposed to run 40 actions an hour. It does not do this. Loading following fails every time. I had to buy cleaner app to remove followers. I bought pro and cloud for both apps and they just aren’t consistent.