Captivate for IG

Captivate for IG

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-04-14
  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 7.45 MB
  • Developer: Novasoft Cloud Services
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 602


Captivate is the perfect tool to manage your Instagram accounts and engage with followers or likers. * Discover popular/similar Instagram accounts * Analyze and detect users that are not following back, ghost or inactive * Support for multiple accounts * Support for Cloud Service with push notification * Help Center Disclaimer: Captivate is a third party app for Instagram and is not affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc.



  • Won’t load, crashes

    By Julian a arias
    Really? I just download the app, and worked fine and as soon as I paid for pro and cloud. It took my money and now it doesn’t even load it just exits out.
  • App crashes on iOS 12

    By helpmmeee
    App crashes on iOS 12
  • Doesn’t work

    By shelly_pineda
    It doesn’t work at all.
  • Unhappy user

    By cLeshaee
    It worked great on the beginning. Once I upgraded the app doesn’t work properly. Whenever I click “following” it just says processing.... I can’t click anything!! How do I get a refund for the upgrade or get my app to work?!
  • Stuck on verify account

    By Khakies
    Tried verifying my account 20 times. Always went through with Instagram but didn’t work with this app. Pretty bad glitch.
  • So bad

    By Leiy
    paid $10 for nothing... it keeps telling me I need to purchase upgrade... i am getting my money back!!!!
  • Used to work great but no longer works

    By Rbs223
    I paid for cloud service and I appreciated how well it worked, However the app has not been updated since a year ago and has lots of issues. Since last month it has stopped working completely. Please update.
  • Contact loading

    By nzubovic
    Contact loading is very very slow, I found better app but dont want to pay once again for similar app
  • Iz good

    By nabba nabba jo jo
    Si good
  • CEO SF

    By ceosf
    This app is amazing!!!! Makes everything dimple and right at your finger tips! I love this as well as the cleaner App also made by the same developer! Thank you!!!
  • Awesome app but still needs work

    By vriley6
    Hi Developers, this app is great but I am currently having issues with the auto load feature. For example let’s say I want to go to someone’s photo and click on their likes. If they have over 500 likes and I want to see all of those like, I would then run the auto load feature. Unfortunately the auto load feature will not run correctly and does now allow me to see all of those likes.

    By Madman'smoney
    I immediately upgraded to cloud. This app is great for automated follow/unfollow. On average I get 30+ followers a day! Follow me @shillingsboulevard
  • app still limited

    By ariu barzan
    i upgrade to cload service and after upgrade ,app still wants me to upgrade and i limited . i send ticket to developer , but nothing. i bought this app in 9.99$ . but dident work and its so bad
  • I Don’t know how to feel

    By TylaCole
    I have upgraded the app to the fullest, yet when I go to use he app it tells me I need to upgrade. And when I select the option to restore it says it’s restored and still won’t let me move forward
  • Confusing

    By Dentman4411
    Have no idea how to use the app and there’s no tutorials or anything
  • Excelente!

    By JLFit24
  • Robbery

    By charlie wallace xoxoxo
    I bought the cloud cleaner for $8.99 and it only upgraded me to the local queue option, serious rip off would not buy.
  • Can I get my money’s worth please?

    By Spartannnnnnnjr
    So like I payed for this app. And to be honest. There’s a lot of bugs and glitches. I report them. But never get a response. It sure who to contact in regards to help. Or customer service. It’s would be nice if I could fully use this app once these bugs have been fixed. Also I have tried to delete and re install the app multiple times. I’ll be more than happy to change my star rating if these issues can be addressed.
  • Sketch

    By sarahnellum97
    I am so annoyed right now I tried to message them On the app, but the submit a request option doesn’t let me actually sent the email. Sent signing up for this app now whenever I try to call people it says I’m from Germany or Romania or something and I can’t even use my phone anymore I would like to figure out a way to fix this but I can’t even figure out a way to get in contact with the people who make this up
  • Good app but a little buggy with the cloud service

    By ItsReallyMaxK
    I download his application to help grow my business instagram profile. I spent a total of $15 plus tax on the pro version with the cloud service upgrade. The app has a feature where you can select 1000 users at once to follow or unfollow and you can do up to 200 requests at a time and the rest you can have the cloud server do it for you after you exit the application and it will continue doing it in the background. Now, I pay $10 for the service and it’s very somebody whether or not it works. Sometimes I’ll have it set to on follow 600 users or so while I’m sleeping and I wake up and it will have only unfollowed 50 people during a 8 hour period (I have it set to execute 50 actions per hours so 50×8 is 400 that means it should have unfollowed 400 people in 8 hours while I was sleeping) it seems like the cloud server works well for the first hour and then after that it just drops off which is very frustrating because I paid $10 for the service to work 100% of the time and it has failed to prove it’s worth. If the developer could contact me about a possible refund or some words of wisdom as to why their service isn’t working as well as it should and that would be appreciated but right now I paid five dollars for the pro feature which I use while on the app and the $10 cloud future that I paid for two years off the app doesn’t seem to work. If this feature work it would be a five star out but I went with three stars because I feel like I’m only getting half the features of what the app is capable of.
  • Don’t purchase this

    By anyone4vino
    I purchase this app for use with my Instagram and it never worked! It continued logging me out then wouldn’t take my password EVERY time! So I continually had to put my password in 🥴 Ugh!!! Also kept getting a message that it was “blocked” because it was from Romania?!? Don’t waste your money in this! Has to be something better out there!
  • Warning!

    By JBLM9070
    I’m warning you, don’t download this app and don’t put your Instagram account on this system. It will get your account banned and disabled, it didn’t happen right away but through the course of months it happened to me. Please note I’m very careful when it comes to my accounts unfortunately I used this app and it got my account disabled. I’m appealing it but I really doubt I will get it back :(

    By mommabearevans
    This app is Soooooooo helpful!!! I manage 4 Instagram accounts daily and I can't tell you what a huge time saver this is!
  • Awesome app but ...

    By bcmorrice
    Love the app and even paid for both features. The night mode is great cuz you just put your phone down and it follows a bunch of people for you within Instagram guidelines. However the cloud feature was 9.99 but only allows you to add 5 people at a time to then Q. Which is dumb because you can do that yourself without using that feature so it’s kind of a waste.
  • Essential for IG Growth

    By Terrel W
    Easiest way to grow your Instagram

    By Pufusup
  • I want upgrade to pro

    By zakosaru
    I like you app and I want upgrade my account to pro but I faced a problem with payment can you help me please
  • Problems with Pro Upgrade

    By (3:).$:$3:8:7
    Based my trial, this app is amazing. So amazing that I decided to purchase the $10 Pro upgrade. Unfortunately, the program won’t update to Pro or let me restore purchases. When I emailed Novasoft regarding the issue, I never got a reply. It would be nice if I could actually use the app.
  • Best IG companion

    By rafaeldavila96
    Are you a social media manager? Grow up your instagram accounts organically with this app. Totally worth 5$ bucks.
  • Not working

    I downloaded the app and purchased to cloud service right off bay and it is not working at all. Keeps telling me to upgrade when i already spent $10 dollars on it.
  • Great app!

    By D Ferrari Wilson
    Amazing app, just like there’s the like section one that does that with comments would be great.
  • I can’t log in

    By shaythebabe3
    Why create an app that I can’t log into? This makes ZERO sense. I can’t grow my followers with an app that doesn’t even work correctly. Such a waste of my time!
  • Your IG account will get flagged

    By hehdhdixiej
    Did all recommended settings and didn’t go overboard at all. In fact, I was overly cautious and my instagram still got flagged, so now I can’t do anything. Don’t waste your time, instagram has figured out this method.
  • Crashes

    By Easziibadd
    Worked fine for a little while then I kept getting the ‘null’ error message. Deleted app and re downloaded - only to have the same error message. Cannot log in. It’s a great app when it’s actually functional
  • Nice

    By alto321456798
    It’s an amazing app :)
  • Awesome App!!!

    By ITech Oly
    This app does exactly what it says it does very simple and effective. It is so much better than many of the other apps I have used to lower the amount of ghost followers and people who don’t follow me. Use this one!!!
  • doesnt work

    By anarabodiford
    i payed 6$ so i can get unlimited follows and it only follows 30 ppl!!! i want a refund
  • Absolute necessity for anyone trying to grow on IG

    By Sheaiaoak
    I have been using Captivate for over 2 years now. At first there was no cloud service and you needed to keep your device unlocked, app on screen, and in the charger for hundreds of hours straight. Then the lead developer added the cloud feature and there were some bugs. But now, the app does whatever I want and exactly how i want it. I want to thank Mr. N for taking the time to make this app, fix every bug that arrises, and provide such an easy-to-use UI. I want to also make it known that I am in no way shape or form associated with Captivate or anyone that works with them aside from contacting the developers via email to give some ideas. I know that whenever I see a positive review on the app store, yelp, google, etc., I always think “this is just the owners making fake accounts...,” so thats why i wanted to say this
  • Dodgy app

    By xxxjagxxx
    My cloud server queue was set to inactive and had been inactive for at least 5 hours when I started to notice that my page was still steadily following people (non English-speaking accounts). I made sure everything was deactivated in the app, and even closed the app. My follower count was still increasing by about one per minute. Eventually I changed my account password and the activity stopped. Deleted the app. Waste of money.
  • Can’t log in

    By Victorianoelmae
    Every time I try to log in, I am prompted to verify my account with instagram. Once I verify it, it stops at the instagram site and I still can’t log in to Captivate. I have tried and tried and the same thing happens over and over. If I am given a solution and can log in, I will update my review.
  • Suggestion

    By ImNotPoor
    I have been using both Captivate and Cleaner for a good time now. I have already left a satisfied review, but am coming back however to leave a suggestion that will be a game changer and make this app catch up with its competitors. What I would like to talk about is “Mass Liking”. I am aware that this is already possible, however only though searching of hashtags. It would be great to have an option that allows liking the latest of posts from selected users. The second recommendation that I would give is to make the Grid Mode for hashtag searching to allow specific selective options. Such as date posted, disabling/enabling followed/following users posts, and activity rate. I see so much great potential with this app. Thank you for your service.
  • Missing 1 big feature, almost perfect

    By tylrsbaked
    I wish there was an ability to follow everyone posting on a specific hashtag, instead of just liking their post. Other than that, I get like 100 followers a day , great steady growth !!
  • Age Category

    By Prickey03
    This app is the truth but it I’ll be better if you had an age category.
  • Awesome

    By hannahmccann15
    Love this app!!! It’s helping me build my business
  • This app is legit!

    By DayveSanz
    So I downloaded this app a while back and paid for the cloud service they offer and for a reasonable
  • Upset

    By Fabulous Gen
    I want a reimbursement of the $10 I spent on the cloud service that clearly doesn’t work. I keep checking the “activate” button to activate my cloud service and nothing is happening. I selected many photos and many users to be liked and followed and they are supposed to be added to my cloud queue but I don’t see anything in my queue. Nor do I see any activity in my cloud log. I want my money back. I’m very upset about this. It’s a shame that this app doesn’t first allow you to have a trial for such features before they make you purchase. Would have never made a purchase had I known it wouldn’t actually work. Please give me my money back!!!
  • Every time I sign in it verifies and I’m logged in the Instagram app

    By pqoeifh
    Every time I’m signed in it verifies and takes me to the app. It’s so annoying.
  • Great but...

    By rufflefast
    It auto follows other crap accounts over time. I keep having to unfollow random accounts I never started following to begin with. I have the pro account and should not be getting spammed with stupid profile accounts.
  • It does the job, but so many problems

    By CustodioRichmond
    I bought the pro and cloud of this app because the free trial was great. Don’t get me wrong, the app does what it says it does but needs a lot of improvement. First off, they’re support is gone. All the problems you have in the app should be on FAQ and if you try to contact them about a problem that isn’t on FAQ, they email back saying check the FAQ. Second, you can’t switch accounts. I added 3 accounts but every time I try to switch, it doesn’t allow you. Third, the features are outdated. It’d be nice if we can search by group but I doubt that’ll happen