Billionaire Casino™ Slots 777

Billionaire Casino™ Slots 777

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-10-20
  • Current Version: 3.7.1181
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 103.88 MB
  • Developer: Huuuge Games Sp. z o.o.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 15 495


Enter the world of Billionaire Casino to play the best slot machines & casino games. This definitive casino experience guarantees insane amounts of fun and allows you to win incredible prizes! Whether you want to join your friends in a club, or play solo, we’re sure that you will enjoy yourself playing our selection of Casino games, with over 100 SLOTS, AS WELL AS POKER, BACCARAT, ROULETTE and many other games! Download Billionaire Casino™ now! THE BEST SLOTS & CASINO GAMES Vegas at your fingertips! With incredible graphics and some of the coolest twists, our slots offer an unique experience! From nostalgic classics to modern originals, our slot games are guaranteed to provide you with loads of fun! It’s not just slots we offer, either! Check out our other casino games for even more chances to become a Billionaire! A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE Create a club with your friends, or join an one and meet new people! A social casino like no other awaits in Billionaire Casino™! Compete with other clubs in Leagues and get massive rewards for helping out your fellow members! Complete club events by playing slots and other casino games! Winning is even more fun, when you do it together! BECOME A BILLIONAIRE Inspired by the best of what Vegas has to offer, Billionaire Casino™ brings you the greatest multiplayer casino experience ever! The best slots featuring Wild Symbols, Free Spins, Multiplier Reels and MASSIVE Jackpots are sure to bring you a fun and satisfying experience! Join our amazing community and connect with people from around the world! Nothing is impossible in Billionaire Casino™. Our casino games: - Modern slots - Classic slots - Poker - Blackjack - Roulette - Video Poker - Baccarat and more What are you waiting for? Download Billionaire Casino™ now and start spinning the reels on our slots, hitting Wilds, getting Free Spins and winning Jackpots! There’s no better feeling than a big win, so join us now in this amazing social casino experience! SUPPORT & HELP: If you need help or support, please contact us at: The Best Free Casino, Slots Games and Slot Machines are produced for you by Huuuge™ ► The game is intended for a mature audience. ► The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes. ► Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards. ► Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling. Read our Terms of Use (, Privacy Policy ( and other important information. Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only.



  • Don’t pay to play without deep pockets lol

    By bigSolo410
    Please stop charging for fun. Please stop the “ladder” algorithm spending should not be a punishment. This is worst than gambling DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY TO WIN. Play for fun enjoy the graphics if you have spent stop spending. 100$’s wasted. Losing streaks increase blatantly as the advertisement increase. I have never won a full jackpot I’m over lv 1700
  • False advertisement

    By Katt_BoTTii
    I seen this app on Facebook how prople have won big money real money yet this app clearly states it doesn’t pay real money... So which one is it
  • Lose

    By doktordedikation
    Steals your money events are the worst. Hardly ever get free spins and pays hardly anything when you do. I will NEVER spend real money on this site. The higher the wager the more is stolen. Nothing but crooks!!! App needs to be deleted so people don't spend their money here.
  • Finding my account

    By thomas calas
    Good if I can find my account with my new iPhone
  • Pop ups ridiculous

    By Duke Papa
    Ever tried to play on a mobile device with all of the pop ups? Ridiculous.
  • Don’t get trapped

    By KayKayV1970
    Been playing this for a long time...then took a break because all that happened was me losing hard earned money. Came back, spent an embarrassing amount of money again like an idiot just to lose, lose and lose some more. If you bet 5 million or above you might as well take a $100 bill out of your wallet and tear it up. The payouts are horrible! I have been to real casinos and have a great time because I actually get play for my money. Huuuge casino and their other Billionaire casino app are identical as far as payout. The packages are way overpriced. I used over 150 gold lotto tickets to get one gold puzzle piece... Losing constantly and having to spend hundreds of real dollars to get one very short lived lucky streak is NOT incentive for me to continue supporting this app. Do not give me the line that everyone has the same chance and if I keep playing I will eventually get lucky! Your company has gotten greedy. I am done letting you make a fool out of me.
  • Great Game

    By MrW0nderfuI
    You will win lots at first then become unlucky:) keep going and your luck could change again...
  • Don’t do it your money disappears.

    By 45975252
    Not only did I loose a billion dollars over night. When I contacted customer service they pretty much called me a liar. I would have left negative stars if I could. It took a month of saving to get that much on the game just to loose it. What a joke. The developer is a joke.
  • Buffalo Rush is a cheat!

    By NerdyMe
    The other games in Billionaire Casino might be legit, but I have 37 different screen shots ( from one round of play) that show matches that I didn’t get credited for such as 3 matches in adjacent rows with and without a wild card, credit for one match but not for another on the same roll, and not getting credit for adjacent buffalos. Again, 37 different times in one game, plus I missed getting a few screen shots because I pressed a wrong key. Yes, it was fun and kind of addicting, but if the rest of the games are like Buffalo Rush, then I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you.
  • Good app

    By Unclepdavis
    I like playing it.
  • Fun

    By the mouse fan
    I’m having fun...haven’t gone broke yet! Well see
  • Just another teaser

    By Odjida
    Bet all you want or as little as you want, you never win !
  • Deleted

    By Big Iowa
    So many pop ups before you can even collect your bonus which is a very small amount considering you will lose most of it before you even win and when you win it’s not that much. Very disappointed with this slot game. I literally had 10 pop ups trying to get me to buy chips. I like playing games to kill time but when you never win and do t have much playing time it’s no fun.
  • Fun fun fun

    By Dinos71
    Awesome game!
  • Impossible to win

    By jessicagartland
    This game has gone so far downhill. You used to stand a chance, but now you just have to keep buying chips to spin. You might hit a really big win but then the game will make sure you lose it all and then some. My statistics show that out of 90,000 spins I’ve hit about 12,000. That means all of those other spins just burn chips. You used to be able to win and advance but the creators are super greedy and the game will make sure you lose and lose until you either wait a few days for your daily bonus to rack up (and then you’ll lose that, too), or buy chips to play. Don’t waste your time (or money)!
  • Rigged casino

    By skltor
    You don’t win and when you lose all your money they shoot you a deal that you have to spend your real money for fake money. Then you lose that then another deal for less fake chips and for more real money. It’s a rigged casino in favor of huuuge. Huuuuge rip off
  • Billionaire slots

    By Nurse Dusty
    Great fun so far . Just started .
  • False advertisement

    By Goaltender 32
    I just wanted to say that I’m amazed that the advertisements that are running on other gaming apps for Huuuge are false. I have been spinning on this game for over a year and a half. Never once have I seen anyone hit 120 free spins on Mage’s Lair. Also the unobtainable jackpots are a joke. I’ve noticed that every update is only for the benefit of Huuuge,not the players. I understand that players go on auto for extended periods and that is your way of kicking them,it seems like they are the ones who are still beating you. I will not spend a dime more on a game with such false promises.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • Thieves at billionaire casino

    By pitchheffy
    I purchase 99 cents they take 9.98$ on multiple occasions, I disputed bank gave money back, it happened again bank sided with them, now i make no purchases and theyre taking 22.95 and 17.95$ on christmass day MOTHER FUKKERS!!! I now have to cancel my bank card FUKKING THIEVES!!!!!!
  • Jackpots!

    By CinBoBin
    Playing this game for a while now and still enjoying it! Especially like the better than average payouts ( oh yes, and the jackpots I’ve won, HUUUUUGE, Thanks for this app.❤️
  • Catlover

    By cat kady
    Since the last upgrade payouts are way down. It’s supposed to be fun not a cash machine for you. Disgusting how you can cheat people and advertise fun. Pile of garbage. Forget your formulas. I Majored in math and you full of it. Buy buy buy. You lose lose lose. GARBAGE. FIND SOME OTHER GAME
  • Billionaire casino

    By bbdellheim
    The game is very addictive but you lose a lot more than you win and when you win a good amount they take double of it back and you end up spending more than you really want to spend because you start getting into it and I take all your chips maybe you should give a little bit more in winnings and same with the puzzle pieces usually the only one you ever get the whole puzzle is the 10 million won the other two big ones you’re rarely ever get
  • Question

    By Kimijo1960
    I'm confused.... I hear about people winning Big money on here... But, your site says you can't Win Real money on here!!! So if I play, and Win Big.... can I get Real money or Not???? Thanks!!!!
  • Don’t spend money

    By ADcar1218
    I like playing this. But definitely don’t spend money. I bought a 60 day reward package. I maybe got 4 or 5 days and it hasn’t hit since. I did the same on Huuuge and that game hasn’t worked in weeks. They put out an update saying they fixed it. But it’s not. I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, done a hard reboot on my phone. And it still isn’t working. Don’t bother wasting money here.
  • Garbage

    By Winkle777
    Garbage game
  • Fun

    By schillburg
  • Feedback

    By hugemistake
    Why do you have to update and you cannot use huge billionaire if you don not.
  • Winning

    By Lori c....
    I love love love playing billionaire casino. The only thing I would recommend is allowing us to buy more chips for say $100 you can get 10 billion chips or 15 billion chips for $149 something like that. Buying all the small amounts makes me almost want to quit the game because I lose it so fast.
  • Really fun

    By 000500031000
    This is one of the best slot games I’ve tried. Really good deals on buying coins, but the purchase of coins does not depend on your total winnings.

    By crazy777300
    This game has a lot of what most people want in a casino game. 21, video poker, slots... The games play at a good pace and payouts are fair even grand. The choices of slot games are vast and very entertaining. You can choose to play on a team or individually. I would recommend a team for friendship, camaraderie & laughs. Some of the chats are a crackup. Also, you financially benefit from being a team member by receiving bonus chips from weekly team ratings & your team mates jackpots! If you are serious about having fun & playing casino games join our team Jackpot XL.
  • What happened?

    By foofieeater
    I was at level 56 ,then all of a sudden was starting over ! ???
  • Charges

    By short stuff 64
    Why are there charges to update my game
  • I love this game.

    By Boone Farm
    This game is the best.
  • Billionaire

    By bigboy439
    This game is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get huuuge fun!
  • One

    By vamdamn
    One star for forcing my hand to update who the heck does that.
  • Miss Viper

    By Charlieann.
    Love this game. I am going to tell all of my friends that it’s the best Casino game I’ve found yet. Unlike most’s a fast spin to take your money...”and a waste of my time to even play others”. Thank You BILLIONAIRE...👍🏼
  • It’s so real

    By todreds
    This game has a way to make you feel like you’re playing the real thing. Only thing is, you never run out of money. You can and will get hooked!! But in a good way. I love this game. All the fun of the real game without any of the real risks.
  • billionair casint

    By Theajay
    numb fun
  • Don’t be fooled

    By Ariel 8803
    This was a great game to play until they pushed an “update”. Now it is even harder to hit ANYTHING! I’d rate this a zero but I had to give it one star to write the review.
  • Me

    By mm pp mp...
    Mi pi
  • Don’t be sucked in...

    By Momtewuz
    Fun when it’s new..they are really generous at first... Then you get nothing and I mean NOTHING!!! Tease you “scatter” don’t really think they exist. Force you to wait and play with free billy money, then they take away even quicker! Yeah, I know it’s “free” but infuriating nonetheless
  • 🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🤯🤯

    By MO3🤑🤑
  • Tooooo many glitches

    By Tito Francono
    Fun but too many glitches. Gets frustrating
  • AlBstrng

    By Island girl 671565
    Awesome game waiting to win the real jackpot!
  • Worst game ever

    By isanepuppydog
    Tire of all the pop ups everytime I go somewhere in the game more pop up need to fix this issue or I am not playing the game anymore
  • Over 100 Million to 200K in 2 min

    By DSUCelebrity
    I enjoyed playing this game until my money disappeared. I now remember this is why I deleted the apps from my phone the first time. I'm sitting at work and I hit a huuuge win for about 160 million. I play slots at 2 million a spin I look down after auto spinning after about 3 min and I notice I have 46K. 😂
  • Fun game

    By Freddy 2012
    It’s a good game addictive careful
  • Word Cross

    By Reggie53
    This app locked up and forced me to download another game in order to continue. Not cool.
  • I want my chips

    By Puzzelwiz
    Don’t reload this app. They promised me 146,000,000,000? Never got them