ServerLife - Tip Tracker

ServerLife - Tip Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-04-13
  • Current Version: 1.21.23
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 31.33 MB
  • Developer: MZBApps LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 323


ServerLife is the best Tip Tracker app that enables you to clearly see the money you earn. 135,000 people like you have entered over 6 Million tips! Are you tired of never knowing exactly how much money you make because it ends up as cash in your pocket? ServerLife will solve that. ServerLife is perfect for anyone whose income is variable and fluctuates from week to week. Hospitality Industry (Servers, Bartenders, Hosts) Uber & Lyft Drivers Shoppers (Shipt, Instacart) Hair Stylist, Barbers, Makeup Artists Fitness and Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers Real Estate Agents Sales (Commission based) Freelancers & Entrepreneurs Small Business Owners Self Employed Individuals Postmates Couriers Independent Contractors Enter your earnings at the end of your shift and easily see your totals. You'll be able to clearly see which days pay the best with our powerful filtering and comparison logic. You can easily track the following values for each entry: - Tips - Hours - Notes HISTORY Quickly see how much money you’ve made. The History page will show you the total tips and wages you earned for the any week, 2 weeks, semimonthly, month and year. DAILY AVERAGES Want to see the daily average for any month and year - head over to the Averages page. This page breaks down the daily averages for any month and the entire year. REMINDERS You can configure ServerLife to remind you to enter your tips. We all get busy and forget important things sometimes. Have ServerLife remind you to enter your tips at the same time every day. START OF WEEK Does your pay week start on a Tuesday? No problem you can change the start of the week so that the charts and totals will align with how you get paid. NEXT LEVEL Want even more from the app? Take your tracking to the next level with the in app purchase of the Advanced features. With the in app purchase you'll be able to see: - Work Schedule - Credit/Cash Tips - Expenses - Sales Total/Tip % - Hourly Wage - Covers - Tips/Sales per Cover - Miles/Deliveries - Mile and Delivery Fee - Tip Out WORK SCHEDULE Tired of always referring back to the picture you took of the schedule? Quickly enter your schedule, sync them to your phone's calendar and add default reminders so you're never late again. EXPENSES Have additional expenses that you payout to work, i.e. childcare, meals at work, transportation, or Tip Out multiple positions? Track them with Expense categories. HOURLY WAGE Want to include your hourly wage with your tips? Track your hourly wages so that your earnings are more accurate. GOALS Studies have shown that when you set a goal for yourself you are more likely to progress faster towards that goal. You can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals with any of the 17 fields the app calculates. TRACK MULTIPLE JOBS Work multiple Jobs or different Positions that have a different hourly wage? You can track the following with the in app purchase: - Multiple Jobs, Positions (with different hourly wage), Sections, and Shifts (save the typical start and end time and it'll populate when you enter your tip) COMPARE Compare all of these on the Compare page. Here you can compare your Jobs, Positions, Sections, or Shifts to see which one you're making the most money. FILTER Once you start tracking your Jobs, Positions, Sections or Shifts you can filter any of the pages to show any combination of these. You can also filter to show Paychecks or Tips. IMPORT YOUR DATA Upgrading from the Just the Tips or TipSee app? Email us your latest backup file and we'll import it for you. Step by step instructions are located on the Import button on the Settings page. SAFE AND SECURE Your data is always safe and secure. You never have to worry about backup files or when was the last time the data synced with the cloud. All of your data is saved to our private cloud securely every time you make a change. It is available on all of your devices. Even if you lose and get a new phone your data will always be safe.



  • Wonderful!

    By PaulyChitChat
    Excellent app! Excellent customer service! If you need to track just about anything with your tipped job, this app is for you!
  • Tracking

    By Reviewster YEAH
    Doesn’t track more than 12 months despite paying
  • A Necessity for Servers (and any other tip-earners)

    By m.a.reiss
    I LOVE being able to see my stats now that I’ve been using this app since last summer. It’s cool to compare the months and really see just how much (or how little) I earned. I highly recommend it to anyone who receives tips as income.
  • Amazing App, But...

    By Me849373828373
    This app is almost perfect, almost. The only complaint I would have is that a lot of times when I try to go on it, I would be logged off... and when I would try to log on it would tell me I can’t log in at the time. Kind of annoying. But like I said, a great app other than that problem!
  • Must have for servers & bartenders

    By pwreviewsapps
    This app is so smart and helpful! Tracks all of the important metrics and gives you a ton of financial info in an ‘easy to view’ way. Works great with all Micros, Aloha and Linga reports
  • My new best friend

    By .Mea
    I don’t trust the accountant where I work, one week I’m earning 4.15 an hour, the next 4.50, now it’s 4.30!? 🤨 If the guy can’t keep my hourly rate straight, what’s he doing to my tips, then? So I began keeping all my cash out slips attached to my timesheet- but if I’m being honest about myself, I’m awful at keeping track of all that paper, not with 6 kids to look after, as well. I was going to start keeping a spreadsheet off all my info, but I couldn’t even figure out what all I wanted to keep track of exactly. So I did a bit of Googling, and I found this app, and I’m so glad I did!! 😅 It took me a second to figure out how to enter in my info, but once I read the FAQ, it was a breeze. I haven’t run into too many problems, except I haven’t received any notifications reminding me to enter my tips despite having turned everything on. One feature I would like to see added is the ability to enter in credit card tips, but not cash tips - as it is right now, I *have* to enter *both*, and at my job, cash tips aren’t printed on my server reports, so if I want to go back and enter all my old slips that I’ve saved, I can’t because I can’t remember how much I made in cash those days. Otherwise, this is an amazing app and it’s an invaluable tool for any server, delivery driver, vendor, etc.
  • Financial College Counselor

    By InvestInSuccess
    Great easy tool to use to track earnings.
  • Awesome app.

    By gotomagg
    This app is so easy to use and keeps all of my income organized. I highly recommend it.
  • Great customer service

    By NLTara
    I downloaded and signed up after a coworker suggested it. After signing up and buying premium I was having account issues and couldn’t save anything, but costumer service was quick to answer on the chat feature and fix whatever was going on. I haven’t used the app for much yet, but it seems like it will be just what I needed to track my earnings rather than saving a bunch of pieces of paper from my server reports. Five stars so far.
  • Satisfied Customer

    By bromine1!
    Amazing app, can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner. Exceptional tool for income from tips!!
  • It’s pretty great!

    By LaboileRules
    Only con is that there’s no way to send info to anyone that I’ve recorded. Like the accountant for taxes for instance. Besides that, it’s great. I’ve worked in the restaurants a long time & always kept a paper notebook tracking all my income, tip out, hours, etc. It’s always taken way too long to see what sections & nights on were the best for me until now. Finally!!!
  • Love it

    By andreaclaireB
    Y’all did a fabulous job creating this app. Finally I can keep track of all my stats and more importantly ... my money. It’s a great tool whether you’re brand new or old school.
  • Awesome

    By Servergirl1321
    I really love this app. I’ve used multiple apps and this one is definitely the best out there. The only thing that I would suggest, is put start and end times which allowed the program to count the hours itself so that paystub’s that are completely accurate down to the minute.
  • So helpful and easy!

    By mdudeck2344
    I Easily puts all numbers in organized areas with little effort
  • Best app ever

    By Kracket7
    I use it everyday and love it!
  • Stupid.

    By bojackisgreat
    Can’t even use the app because my “username already exists” even when I made a new account.
  • Love this App!!

    By lindsey340
    Such a great app. Easy to use. Can’t say enough good things!
  • Yes

    By kelsy!
    I love it! Reminds me everyday!
  • Very helpful

    By iluvtimehop
    This app is great! Love it! And the customer service is outstanding!
  • Great app

    By ehutch77
    I’m a server and this app is great for everything I need and want to keep track with!
  • Perfect for keeping track and easy to use!

    By rm26612
    I used to do everything by hand for 7 years straight. I’ve worked at the same restaurant for 10+ years and started keeping a record so I could look back to the year before and see if certain holidays were busy or how busy it was when our season was starting. I was starting to forget to keep track most nights and my coworker recommended this app to me, and I’m so glad she did! Even with the free version you can enter tips, wages and write notes (ex: short a server or season business starting to pick up). I haven’t tried the premium version yet but I’m thinking about it because it has great tools that would be even more helpful!
  • Best tip app

    By hmsutton
    Easy to use. Incredibly informative if you input all information correctly. Easy tracking system & comparable features with Prime.
  • Bonerdonor666

    By bonerdonor666
  • Not worth the paid app!

    By Aylaeth
    I’d rather just write down on paper what I make daily then use the paid app!
  • makes life a little easier

    By Nick seib
    i used to have a paper wall calendar i would use the same way. this is just much more convenient
  • Very helpful

    By hitleriii
    The best thing to help me manage my money
  • Works perfect with my pay schedule

    By King97623
    Being able to customize weekly, biweekly, or twice a month allows me to keep track per pay period.
  • Absolutely love it!!

    By Lalee1999
    I love this app and recommend it to everyone
  • Amazing app!

    By BadTipSeeupdate
    Great app. Great support. By far the best tip tracker I’ve used.
  • What a sweet App!

    By ....mo_\\|~<15
    This is so great. I’m glad I can keep up with my goals in an efficient and clear way. The app is easy to maneuver. I love how it keeps graphs of my work. This is the best ever! I would recommend it to any servers!
  • Terrible

    By Girl3859174
    I used this app in the past to be able to track my tips and I liked it because I could add in my hourly wage and it added it calculated everything to show my average hourly pay. I changed jobs and when I went back into serving i started using it again and some of the features I was using before are not free anymore. Then I got a notification this morning that my “free trial” is about to expire but I never signed up for any such trial. So I found a way better app that is completely free and shows me a daily weekly and monthly report and is way more user friendly.
  • Lost data after not upgrading

    By jkhjjhg
    My “free trial” expired, and the calendar with all my recorded data disappeared. What? Worse than if I hadn’t downloaded it at all, as it was the only place I was recording things, and there was no warning about the “free trial”.
  • I love this app and their customer service!

    By Veronicat06
    Let me just say that I used to use tip see and started using ServerLife and feel in love with it. I use it to track literally any money I earn. I got a new phone this past couple of weeks and could not login to my account to save my life. I was so bummed that I thought I would have to start over. Their customer service hands down is amazing! They replied with in minutes from me contacting them and got me in my account! Thank you so much!! I am thoroughly so impressed and grateful!

    By mdoll.xoxo
    Must need for any server who is financially independent.
  • Mixes paychecks and tips

    By FreshFern
    You have to pay $4.99 for most all of the features aside from entering daily tips. I wanted paycheck tracking so I paid the $4.99 and am very upset with the quality. This app tracks and averages both tips and paychecks as tips even though you have the option to enter them separately under their own respective categories. They need a fix to keep paychecks separate from tips. I could have just kept the free version and entered my paychecks as tips since that’s what it ends up doing anyways. It also doesn’t keep paycheck hours separate from daily shift hours so it double tracks your hours. It asks you to track how many hours you worked per day and it also asks you how many hours your paycheck was for and then it accounts for all hours together rather than recognizing your four 8 hour shifts are the same as the 32 hours your paycheck is for so it shows you worked 64 hours rather than 32. I’m sure there are more issues. I’ve only had the app open for about 5 minutes.
  • Great app!

    By Sweets1973
    This is a great app to track your tip income. Would like to see its capabilities expanded some as discussed but overall it’s awesome!
  • Definitely useful for the everyday server

    By Ty082586
    Easy to use, super handy, necessary for the server with lots of cash.
  • Great app

    By keepcave
    It shows graphs of what you’ve earned hourly if you enter your tips + hours and you can also enter your sales for it to calculate the tip percentage. Pretty cool little app, I’ve found it handy
  • Awesome

    By Diana Antohe
    Awesome app! I m using it from 2 years amazing to compare the amount of money that you make over the years, the weeks! Great job!!
  • The best app for service industry

    By Dharris721
    I love this app! I used to just record tips and sales on a daily basis in my note app in iPhone. Now I can enter them in this app and see graphs and visually compare days and weeks and months and years. It's neat all the calculations it does for you as well. I'd recommend spending the extra cash to buy the paid version bc you get all the good stuff, like I mentioned above, with it. Great app!!!!
  • Very compatible

    By YT squishafly
    Works great for what I need I used the free trial and was hooked it is very user friendly and easy to use
  • Friq’in Awesome

    By Lanman79
    Friq’in Awesome at Tax time
  • Super

    By Caksack
    Love this app !!!!
  • Exactly what I wanted/needed!

    By The Wipplash
    I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and I can’t think of a better way to track my income from work. Super intuitive and for the stat freaks like me it’s super easy to see your weekly/monthly/yearly histories and averages. Already recommended to all my friends and I suggest you hop on as well!
  • Good app

    By Eskimopride07
    When adding other jobs should give you pay rate and not just for one job
  • Great!

    By Roasted Peppers
    Love this app. It’s simple and does exactly what I need it to do.
  • Overall

    By yattabing
    Perfect actually
  • It’s

    By urmomisastupiduglybutt
  • Great app!

    By sunriseon65
    Wanted to upgrade from my old tip tracking app and this was the perfect one! The support team did a great job importing a couple years worth of data so I didn’t lose any information. Definitely worth the money for those who like to keep track of their tipped earnings! Edit: Feature suggestion-The app gives you the ability to log your days off and the reason for it (regular day off, sick day, playing hooky 😉) it would be nice to track the days off in the way you can track your tips.