Secret Calculator Photo Album

Secret Calculator Photo Album

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-05-04
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 12.42 MB
  • Developer: Wei Wei
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 945


An iPhone calculator that works - and looks! - exactly like any other calculator until you type in your secret passcode. The calculator then turns into a private storage place where you can hide all your most secret photos, videos, notes, files, contacts and more. There also a private web browser included that does not save any history on your phone and allows you to save secret bookmarks within the app. Features: - Save your secret photos and videos - Write and store unlimited private notes - Import and view top-secret files (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .etc ) from Windows and Mac - Store contacts you don’t want in your regular address book - Save all your passwords in one place - Browse the internet without leaving any traces, with tab support - Make secret website bookmarks - And, of course, a great calculator app!



  • It is great!!!!❤️💛👏😊

    By HeathArnold
    It is Just fine
  • Help

    By nay707nay
    I forgot my password or how to unlock the app ..... it’s the code and then I press what?
  • Amazing app with one simple flaw...

    By Tuckbot007
    This app has been amazing to me. The last app I had crashed the moment I tried to make a second folder, and never opened again. Needless to say, I was overjoyed when this app pulled it off without a hitch. It holds all your photos well, and it’s an amazing hiding spot for anything you don’t want people to see. My only issue is you can’t rotate the pictures screen, so if you have a photo you took sideways with your phone you have to view it vertically, making the image small, and placing 2 huge black empty spaces on either side of the photo. Simple fix, but I can’t give this app 5 stars until it is done.
  • Forgotten password

    By TravGTP
    Is there a way to recover my password!? 🤨
  • Contact bug

    By ramin58
    I cant call or send message to the contacts saved in the app,pls fix this
  • Crashes

    By Barenmind
    Can’t seem to get this app to run on my Apple 6s. It crashes every time I open it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it will open the first time for about 5 seconds, then crash and closes within seconds every time I try to reopen it.
  • Great

    By hez17
    But is there a way for forget password?
  • Thanks

    By ADD71610
    This app is so smart it even works as a normal calculator I use it every day it’s fast secret smart and awesome so just thank you to the creators of this game you guys are so smart
  • Really good before

    By Laurel/yanny
    I forgot my password is there anyway to reset it?
  • privadas y personales

    By pomo hndz
    pues me encanta puedo pensar qe es un lugar donde puedes guardar cosas muy privadas
  • Forgot password/how to login

    By S7555
    What do you do if you forget your password or secret login?????
  • Calculator+

    By Anniston Leigh
    Great app. But my question is can you lock yourself out? And if you care what happens if you do?
  • Amazing

    By God beliver
    I have had this app for a month and my friends are so confused why I have two calculator apps and I tell them that one of them is a vault and I think it’s so funny!
  • I forgot my password and can’t get back in it 😭

    By brownie_bunny9
    can you reset the password or something ?
  • Excelente

    By Manu8660
    Buena y rápida
  • Muy buena

    By Fonguin
    Me gusta mucho
  • Love it!

    By wewereinfinitexx
    No issues at all! Works as described
  • Good but...

    By Bear56356
    I really like this app and how easy it is to use. Really appreciate the ability to delete pictures that are imported from my phone. Only thing that would make it even better is if you could include a slide show feature in the albums so I can see the pictures without having to manually scroll to each one.
  • Forgot What to Press For Password

    By laliiipop
    i haven't used the app since May & i forgot what i needed to press for to be able to get into my thing.
  • Hide your things here 🤔

    By t0p m3m3 b0i
    I use calculator a lot and not because I’m a mathematician
  • All features not working!

    By Word_Man23
    I have over 1,000 pictures and videos on my phone. When I opened the app to access my pictures and videos, it said I only had 256 pictures. I tried to purchase the full version thinking it would unlock all my pictures/videos, but nope that didn’t work! I also tried contacting the developer via email with no response. Save yourself the time and don’t purchase this app.
  • How it it is good and bad

    It is a good app but you don’t need to charge us for more things
  • Garbage

    By Mr. Adamant
    You have to buy a premium version to store more than 20 photos. No thanks.
  • Great app, very happy with it so far!

    By ScaraHite
    This is a neat app. Looks and works just like a calculator but also has the ability to house photos, passwords, contacts and other files you don’t want just anywhere on your phone. Anything you want password protected can be put on here for the most part. App runs strong and has had no problems this far, would recommend 👍🏻
  • Stop working

    By NYH83
    Not sure what happened but I try to add photos and it just resets itself also tried to upgrade to full version same thing it kicks me out. I already upgraded other support packs and restored purchases multiple times in app. So not worth the hassle
  • Forgot Password

    By nkeoostgaczbckfjd
    So I forgot my password and I’m afraid if I redownload it my photos will be Gone help asap
  • Useless Garbage App

    By yotemcskote
    App detects approx 20 of my 2000+ photos on my phone, making it essentially worthless
  • I love this app

    By lovely cow 73
    I love this app but the one problem is you have to buy things I know that’s how they get money but you can’t have more than one folder because you have to buy the other one
  • I forgot my password

    By @hunterthelittleasiankid
    How do you get a password back when you forgot
  • H

    By goldlonghorn
    I don’t think the packs are working I bought two and it won’t let me have anymore photos in the gallery

    By Adobe-viola
    This app seems good but NO WAY to RECOVER OR CHANGE PASSWORD. I Have photos I need to get to NOW and CANT.....HELP PLEASE
  • It won’t let me get my photos out

    By bigboipatrick576
    I put photos in that I need out
  • Sooo good

    By hi just so good
    This app is so good to hide your personal information and etc. This app allows you to make your own code and the best part is that it looks just like a calculator.
  • Crash

    By FoxLand524
    I don’t know what to do, the app keeps crashing right after I open it. I tried restarting my phone and re-installing the app but it didn’t help.
  • Issues

    By DragonSlayer10,000
    So I got premium. It’s amazing, but the app itself has many issues. A. The browser ALWAYS crashes the app. B. Where is landscape mode?? C. Can’t I just import all of my contacts and passwords? So I don’t have to do each and every one of them? Please fix these issues, so I don’t have to regret premium.
  • Horrible

    By MCarmona0812
    This app is a waste of money. Absolutely the worst. It freezes constantly and I have to always completely close it at least 4-5 times before I can save a picture.
  • Best calculator ever

    By Jon all mighty
    I love it, it’s a basic calculator and has everything I need: 4 x 4, an album to hide stuff, and a browser I need to pay extra for. Great!
  • It's ok

    By AlecM.
    The app has some bugs and crashes. I would like the website data to be saved optionally and same with the tabs you opened. Also pressing the divide sign 2 times make it disappear. Also make the calculator app have more features than the classic iOS calc. It would also be nice to be able to customize the name and logo of the app, IV seen it be done before.
  • Gifs

    By AlphaVoidYT
    There no movement to Gifs Like it’s just a picture I want gifs please
  • Can’t access my data

    By kathy887887678
    I tried to access the app and it’s not taking my password. I doubt I forgot my password but I just can’t open my data. I’m struggling to figure out what I need to do to re access it and I can’t find any solution. I wish there would be instructions somewhere on steps to take or information on who to contact in this case. Everything was working fine originally. Now I can’t access my stuff and it’s so frustrating. I think there’s a glitch or something going on. I rate this app 2 stars.
  • Select Muitple

    By DatOneMixKid
    This app should be able to select multiple at a time to export out to photos but no we have to do it manual going through each and every one
  • SOUND???

    By Wolfsoulz78
    it’s good but why is there no sound on my videos?
  • Sh*t. Won’t stop crashing.

    By 🖕🏽👻🖕🏽👻🖕🏽
    Why is this flooded with 5 star reviews when I can’t import 1 photo without it crashing
  • It won’t let me get into it

    By Sms42 mmmmmmm
    It won’t let me go into it. I’ve put in my password numerous timesavers. It had worked one time for mmmme but the moment I back out trying to add kore stuff to the vault it takes me back to where I put in my password and whenever I type it out it puts a decimal in it has anyone else had this problem ? Someone please help me figure this out. I’m very confused
  • I love this app

    By alexis brooke slagle
    I love this app it is so amazing and it is like a little diary for me
  • Very easy to use

    By dingusthedong
    This is a waaaayy better way to store pics than Snapchat “my eyes only.” Nobody really suspects anything and even if they do, you need a password to unlock it.
  • No good

    By kenny1929383
    It is bad, very bad, it is slow, it does not work. pessimism
  • Password

    By kiyurenae
    How do I recover my password because I really want my pictures??? Please help
  • These app is a rip off

    By zzzzxchkfidgs
    These app dose not work