Secret Calculator Photo Album

Secret Calculator Photo Album

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-05-04
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 12.42 MB
  • Developer: Wei Wei
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 019


An iPhone calculator that works - and looks! - exactly like any other calculator until you type in your secret passcode. The calculator then turns into a private storage place where you can hide all your most secret photos, videos, notes, files, contacts and more. There also a private web browser included that does not save any history on your phone and allows you to save secret bookmarks within the app. Features: - Save your secret photos and videos - Write and store unlimited private notes - Import and view top-secret files (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .etc ) from Windows and Mac - Store contacts you don’t want in your regular address book - Save all your passwords in one place - Browse the internet without leaving any traces, with tab support - Make secret website bookmarks - And, of course, a great calculator app!



  • Forgot password

    By itsfab50
    How do I reset my password bc I forgot it?
  • Great app, But...

    By good username not found
    This app is pretty great, the only problem I have with it is I don't think you can move photos in between folders. Pls fix
  • Help

    By Jdlee1323
    I forgot how to get into my calculator photo vault. I know the password I just do not remember what to do. And my password started with 0 and it will not work anymore I had important stuff in there.
  • Terrible

    By jdocydmoxlnodldtxrxld
    You can only fit 20 pics or videos in the private vault until you’ll have to pay $2.99 for it. Do not get this app
  • Password issue

    By mon'e2019
    I have this app for a while and i have been using it and i have some photo that need to get a hold of and the app is not accepting my password is it not a way to reset it!?
  • ugh

    By Kiyokoni
    password started with 0 and now i cant type it...
  • Having trouble getting in

    By mrgoodfellalmp
    I forgot my password but I also forgot how to open it so I don’t know what to press to open it anyways :-( help
  • Issue

    By juniorhernandez301
    I forgot password and it won’t allow me to reset I don’t want to lose anything help please
  • This does not hide apps 👎🏾

    By Mbutler422
    There’s really no use in downloading this app because its useless with doing what you really need it to do
  • Like it.,its a good app for me so far.,!

    By Hero623
    Like it.,its a good app for me so far.,!
  • Password

    By mdog2389
    Forgot password any way to recover??

    By RobOlson
    I bought the upgrade at $3.95 but they charged my card $11.76!!! I would NOT have paid that much for this app!! There are many choices for much leads and this is bait and switch!!
  • Help help help

    By What day is it, HUMP DAAAY!
    I can not for the life of me remember the pass word. Is there anyway to reset it or anything. Please anyone help me?????
  • i cannot get into my info.

    By mirawraek
    i’ve tried every password possible and i forgot what button to push after the password but i’ve tried everything. the photos in there i deleted off my camera roll and i want them back. how do i do that?
  • Password

    By really..1
    Forgot my password. Is there any way I can reset it or figure it out?
  • Already bought

    By Maddint
    I already bought more storage on the same iTunes account but got a new phone Xr and the app wants me to pay 2.99 again. How can this be fixed?
  • Same Question as above

    By Toews1990
    After I put in passcode how do u get it to open. I have tried & tried EVERYTHING to hit after passcode to get it to open & it wont. Im starting to think this site just wants everyones pics & isnt real to open & actually use. No place can I find a way to open. Just like person above me that got no answer !
  • Frustrating

    By rsnchito
    What do I put after my passcode?
  • Forgotten password

    By quintonbraxton
    Is there anyway to reset the password so I can get those pictures back? I’ve emailed the developers but have gotten no response
  • Reality of this app

    By KIBA.
    It’s just a horrible app, and I regret wasting my money. Even when I tapped restore purchase, I still never received my refund back. DON’T PURCHASE THIS APP.
  • Password

    By marygarza
    I forgot my password. How do you do a password recovery or reset. I don’t want to loose anything I have in the storage.
  • I feel cheated.

    By MIS-guy
    Bought the premium version thinking it would save my pictures in case anything happens to my phone and when I had to reset my phone I lost everything. Total fiasco.
  • Forgot my password

    By dont1437
    How do I reset it
  • Lost all pictures

    By Great snap app
    App worked fine for a couple months, and then i wasn’t able to get back in lost many things because of this app 🤬😡
  • Great

    By Emmet2521
    Overall, this is a great app. However, please add the ability to save images in the web browser, and also make it so that we could put videos in full screen.
  • Mass Selection

    By Xave123456789
    Please add a mass selection feature.
  • Help

    By thestar100212
    Forgot what to put after password can any one help
  • Add photos

    By Dytrell
    I brought the full version and now I can’t add any photos
  • Issue

    By mr.williams420
    It won’t let me open the app
  • Not working

    By Fight shahs
    Password doesn’t let you in even in its right don’t waste your time
  • Not uploading my photo/video library.

    By CG39667
    I purchased this app thinking that it would work based off of the ratings it has received. I have thousands of pictures in my phone, and this app is only giving me an option to upload two pictures. They are not even pictures that I want to hide.
  • Videos.

    By Spartan Kennel
    I was able to save videos before. Got a new phone & reinstalled the app. Now I can’t save videos
  • Not working please help

    By shahaney
    I have gotten this app and I have been using it and it has been working great but as of a few weeks ago I haven’t been able to get in because it says that my password is incorrect even though I have put the password I have always had and I never changed it I really need help with those can someone please help me I even emailed them and no one is responding
  • Yep

    By Shakur312
    What key does the password end with? + % - ? I forgot.
  • Jsturgis

    By sturgis123
    Works great and is easy to navigate
  • Cool

    By Starman334567
    It’s ight
  • No way to reset password

    By Mattiecal
    I downloaded this app a couple days ago. And I’m 99% sure I’m putting in the right password and it’s not opening. There’s also no way to reset your password if you have forgotten it or the password isn’t working. Terrible flaw. Why have an app where you can’t reset your password if forgotten?? Especially when a lot of personal information is in the app.
  • Password isn’t working

    By Sandruiva
    I settled the password as normal and now isn’t working. How can I reset it without lose my pics??? Thank you.
  • Locked out

    By 123youknow
    I know the password is correct but I’m locked out and the divide key disappears on and off
  • Help me

    By nehla waziri
    Please help me i deleted this all and now is not one my photo help me
  • Wish I had it sooner

    By JJ Dimpsky
    I can discreetly search Secret things and with one move it is hidden. Amazing JJ Dimpsky
  • Question

    By Vicc02
    If I have forgotten my password is there any way to reset it without losing with I have saved in the app?
  • Zero

    By choppppppppp
    My password starts with a zero now I can’t open my pictures 🥺
  • Can’t access

    By MuggaLove16
    I can not get my photos now! How do I get them my pictures where taken from me to put in here now I don’t have them because I can’t unlock the app!! Is there anything that can be done?
  • No password recovery!

    By Akdowoakdkh
    I typed in a simple password to use this app, one that i would remember, and the app forgot it! I cant access my pictures that have already been deleted from my camera roll. Complete scam!
  • Where are my files?

    By julian3099
    I saved my files in this app and I lost them all, who answers?
  • Issues with adding pictures

    By Forlife124
    I like the app but it won’t let me add pictures without trying to make me buy the package. I thought this was fixed?
  • Could we please have animated gifs?

    By Charles wolf iv
    I have a bunch of private gifs and I would love for it to be able to have them in this app. Thanks
  • Why pay?

    By Legoperson
    This is a dumb app... why tf would I pay for this find a free one i just wanted to hide some pictures then it immediately asked me to pay 3 dollars to hide like 12 pictures that’s stupid simply apps like this should be free tbh