My Visit to the Louvre

My Visit to the Louvre

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2016-07-05
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 142.06 MB
  • Developer: MUSEE DU LOUVRE
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 996


My Visit to the Louvre Be your own guide! With the App “My Visit to the Louvre” you can be your own guide! - 60,000 square meters of museum space modeled in 3D to help you find your way around - find an artwork, collection, or amenity by following the itinerary suggested - all the practical info you need, plus details of cultural events (exhibitions, auditorium, workshops, etc.) - 600 comprehensive descriptions of artworks and of significant parts of the Louvre palace - 600 audio commentaries on the artworks and museum rooms, available through in-app purchasing The application "My Visit to the Louvre" will be improved regularly to make you enjoy new features and improved stability. Your feedback has a great importance for us, thank you to let us know at:



  • Not good without working internet

    By CCpiper125
    I purchased a limited audio component of this app for my trip to Paris as it appeared it would allow me to visit the museum and hear about various pieces of my selected purchase. The mapping component would not work, the app itself is useless without working internet. Perhaps it was because it was so busy there we couldn’t get it to work. I could only see my location on the map when I happened to have any coverage—which was not often or only near a window. I even downloaded the content prior to arrival but the map is not intuitive to operate and can’t help you locate where you are unless you happen to be familiar with the museum layout. I eventually gave up and put this away. I had wanted to listen about objects as we passed near them but it became too difficult to sort it out while there.
  • Louvre app on an iPad

    By hyedad
    The app works well with an iPhone; however, on my iPad, the map keeps crashing. If you could fix that bug, so I could use the app’s map in my iPad without crashing, then I’d give it 5 stars.
  • Worse than nothing

    By TravelinMan66
    We are wandering around the Louvre as I am writing this. It actually leads us in the wrong direction. Can’t find anything using it. While I am on the floor 1, it thinks I am on floor 0 and indicates I need to go up to 1. While the charge is indicated in $, it charges in euros.
  • Almost useless

    By Penguiny2000
    No explanatory info for pieces of art (for that you have to buy the audio guide) and an absolutely horrible map. Useful only because you can look up each piece of art and find out what room it’s in. Then use the paper map to find your way!
  • Audio not worth it.

    By damrspeel
    Very difficult to navigate. Position locator is a joke. Most of the times the exhibits do not show up to listen to. Paper map more effective. Audio choppy at times and a battery drain.
  • Don’t but this

    By Antin kuntin
    It doesn’t work properly, the paper guide is much better. The audio guide is a joke. Worst of all, it drains the battery really quick, in an hour I received 20% battery left warning and iPhone reports the battery as “Peak performance capacity”. If it were mining coins the result won’t be any different. This is supposed to be used by tourists, with limited charging options. What were you thinking? I hoped to have a smart guide in the museum, instead I had to spend the rest of the day without a phone. And apple does not refund this piece of useless add-on. I see the point, it is a guide and there could be many trying to get a refund when their day at the museum is over. But also erodes the trust relationship with apple. What if it really doesn’t work, as in mine and many others case, who is going to defend my right? The next time I purchase something I will remember that if this thing doesn’t work as advertised apple will not be on my side and I will think twice.
  • Better than nothing but needs work

    By Tom Pr
    This app is increasing my enjoyment of the Louvre but needs work. The app takes some tinkering to figure out at first. Then, the you-are-here location dot and « getting there » navigation features turn out to be worthless. The map screen is not particularly easy to use manually, especially since the location dot is wildly inaccurate. Next, few plaques in the Louvre have an audio guide number on them that can be typed into the keypad. I can be in a gallery with no audio guide numbers in sight but if I zoom into the map I can see works that do have audio files. Many of those can be clicked on from the map but not all the links work. Then too there are just problems. Les Noces de Cana is one of only three works in the Mona Lisa room yet the audio file number is not listed on the plaque. When I looked it up manually in the search function it asked me if I wanted to download it even though I had already bought the whole catalog. Finally, as others have noted, the app uses an iPhone battery in 3-4 hours, and I’m starting the day in battery-saver mode. Some of this is just the fact that I’m using the screen constantly but the screen also stays on while an audio file is playing. If you hit the lock button the file stops. The easiest improvement that the developer could make would be to let the screen fade off while listening to audio files. Overall, this is an ambitious app but one that needs a couple hundred more hours of coding to clean it up.
  • Worth it to buy the audio guide

    By EricaPyt
    We got the Nintendo audio guide and struggled for a ridiculously long time to use it effectively, while the phone app was much simpler to use and had all of the same commentary (with the $5.00 purchase). Often the Nintendo guide did a better job of recognizing our actual location, but phone app was significantly easier to figure out how to get from A to B. We were there about 7 hours and we did kill the batteries on both the Nintendos, and my battery backup for the phone meant we were still covered. I wish I’d started with this guide a lot earlier in the day, but we did ultimately rely on both this guide and the rented one.
  • Useless

    By Norm E
    I too will be seeking a refund. I bought all the audio guides and there is no way to sort them or find them by where you are, you just have to scroll endlessly to try to match up the thumbnail photo with the Art you’re standing in front of.
  • audio guide doesnt work

    By jn6zo
    I downloaded the audio guide for 5 dollars but i cant listen to it. It seems that it is trying to play something but there is no sound. Wasted money and time
  • App failure

    By NW Bayshore
    Very unhappy w this app. Could not connect during our visit to the Louvre. Waste of money.
  • App is unstable

    By Rick Steve's app is far better
    Everytime I am listening to it it, the app suddenly stops working, waste of money.
  • Disappointed

    By Whitmill01
    Took forever to download and never was able to use it.
  • Do not buy!!!

    By Lanetried
    Will be contacting Apple to get my money back but - heads up- do not buy this!!!! This is billed as an equal to the audio guide available at the museum. I downloaded the files at home before my visit. At the museum I turned off everything- cell, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Still This app had my newish iPhone running nuclear temps even while incommunicado- I’d been in the museum 20 minutes and my phone went from 100% charge to 80. By the way there is a “charging station “ on the printed museum map, and in live signs- it’s not operational. So I rationed what I could listen to and was able to listen to 10 descriptions (these are average two minute audio files) before my phone went completely dead. This app is broken and you would do better to buy the audio guide in person (there was no line on a Monday in September if that helps). I not only missed out on info but it was a huge travel inconvenience as I had destination and translation info on my phone. Unacceptable.
  • Poorly designed

    By H&DinParis
    The App is very poorly designed. Doesn’t really tell you how to get to where you need to go to see a piece of art. Even the items in the catalog aren’t sequentially arranged so as to make them easy to find and listen to the description on them. Once however you miraculously locate a work you’re interested in, the description is pretty good. Needs some serious work!
  • Almost useless

    By iTonomous
    Terribly designed app. No way to search for narration by number, poor location tracking and if you leave the app the narration stops. Used the app at the Palace of Versailles and was blown away by how intuitive it is. Narration can be paused, skipped and loaded all without leaving the lock screen. The Louvre app gets none of the things correct and crashed more than once.
  • I would like a refund!

    By the4goods
    I bought this app while in le Louvre, after massive battery draining, the app was loaded, and could never successfully down load the audio guide. It begins to down load, then resets before it em gets down loaded. And it is not as if the app can pick up whereby leaves off. IT RESTARTS every time! So we were NEVER able to use this app in the louvre, or even in Paris, or anywhere in France for that matter... it would not even load, so we could listen to it on the plane as we flew home! I’m disappointed and feel it was money very poorly spent. I would like a refund of some kind. We were not reliant on WIFI, I had a SIM card and had data. Very disappointed!
  • Good but is missing some key features.

    By planetofthecrepes
    So I went to Versailles before the Louvre and downloaded the Versailles App. I felt like an adept tourist at Versailles skipping the long audio line. And the guide was very good IMO. So I got the Louvre app with a good gut feeling. Here is my feedback on the experience. Pro - Great content. Probably exactly the same as the Nintendo guide you can buy at the Louvre. - uses GPS. I think the Nintendo guide might also have GPS? as I saw people walking around with maps. - Cheaper if you don’t want all content. I just wanted to see the paintings and skip everything else. They had just the paintings bundle for 2 €. Not bad... don’t know how much guides are at Louvre but I expect a lot more. - content goes home with you. Not the you are going to listen to it once you leave... but you could. It’s yours forever instead of just renting the content. Cons - Audio turns off when you turn the screen off to your phone. Versailles app didn’t do this. This means your screen needs to be on and app open. Wastes a lot of power. - Can’t rewind audio. If you miss something you have to listen to the whole audio again. REALLY?! - The paintings bundle didn’t include all paintings!!! It missed the highlight paintings and s lot of the letter French paintings. Really?! I would’ve rather just payed for all content if I had known. For me, between the 5 € app of all content and the official audio guide I think it is a toss up. I’d probably still get the app over the Nintendo. I just like using my own phone and headphone and having the content when I leave. Pretty annoyed about rewind and that some paintings were left out though.
  • Louvre

    By mkpml
    The museum was amazing of course. But u fortunately my app didn’t work. It kept quitting throughout my visit. It would play an audio for a few seconds and then the app would quit.
  • The file is too big to download

    By heavy travellor 8888
    I purchased the app while at Louvre, the app downloading was constantly broken as the file size is too big and had to restart downloading again and again. It wasted the precious time at Louvre and essentially became a distraction Rathaus than help.
  • Terrible app... I paid for it but did not download

    By Rathiak2
    Terrible app do not use... I did pay for audio guide but download did not work... Louvre customer service was terrible to.. did not help
  • Very confused

    By GassenferthLouise
    The idea is wonderful, but the app is not clear.
  • This app makes no sense

    By Alz730
    I downloaded the masterpiece audio tour and it directs me to other locations not included in the audio tour. My girlfriend purchased the full audio tour and it was so large unable to download while at the Louvre
  • the paper map was more useful

    By SaTaN2006
    there are no descriptions of any of the artwork. it just directs you to pay $5 for the audio tour.
  • No written descriptions

    By nik.savi
    This app is useless. It doesn’t have written descriptions for any of the works. Only has audio. Waste of time.
  • Don’t buy this if you’re at the Louvre

    By MKreviews1979
    This app might be worth it if you download it in advance, but if you buy it while on the Louvre Wi-Fi or using data while in the Louvre, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to download it. My download never got past 1% in the museum, and I had to go ahead and get one of the museum issued audio tours anyways.
  • The app is only partially to blame, but incredibly hard to navigate

    By irishdancer16
    I can hardly tell where I am most of the time - the different levels of the building need to be labeled more clearly. It’s also confusing where to find audio in the app.
  • Do not buy this audio guide

    By z9881
    I downloaded the app and purchased the comprehensive guide in advanced, while my husband rented the Nintendo guide at the Louvre. I was really disappointed when we would go to different exhibits and I would put the audio guide number in and it would say “invalid” while it worked for my husband. I check again to make sure that I downloaded the full audio guide, which I did. Confused I went to information to see if they would assist me, but the gentlemen said he didn’t know anything about the app. I asked if there was some one there who was familiar and he said no. I went to the audio guide desk to see if someone could help me, and the woman there stated that it’s not the “official” Louvre app. I told her I downloaded it from the Louvre website. She couldn’t/wouldn’t help me. I went to another audio desk and the gentlemen said he wasn’t sure either. Needless to say this was a waste. Do not download this app. Buy the Nintendo audio guide at the museum.
  • Not impressed

    By Fsuzann
    While the commentaries I listened to were quite good, it’s incredibly frustrating that you have to keep the app open and not lock your phone while listening. Also, it kept saying I was one 1er when I was on 2er. I understand how that might be hard to differentiate, but perhaps allowing to choose what floor you’re on would be helpful. Also, the directions didn’t work. It would lead me into a wall, literally. Sometimes it simply wouldn’t give me an option for directions. Definitely download the commentaries at a place with strong wi-fi. I stood right by the wi-fi sign and it still took 10 minutes. (And I just did the short one)!
  • Falls short of its potential

    By RamblinSam
    Plus side: you get a whirlwind tour of what the Louvre has to offer. Negatives: the locator does not easily locate. I thought I'd be able to plot a course for my visit, no such luck. I'd also like descriptions and background details of the featured pieces.
  • Waste of time and money

    By Tadigi
    Way too confusing for a tourist
  • Not worth it

    By rumalapsi
    There is no information about the works of art in the app, and it doesn’t tell you exactly what room to find them in, just the floor and wing. My map location did not work either (it kept placing me outside the museum on the banks of the Seine) so I could not use that to find what I wanted to see.
  • Skip this app and just get audio guide

    By Melinko01!
    The app doesn’t have info for the majority of the exhibits which defeats the purpose. The search method is ok, but it would be better to use the numbers provided on the exhibits, like the ones you get at the Louvre. If I had to do it again I would have just did the audio guide that you can rent at the Louvre- more info and more exhibits offered. The map function is so-so. It didn’t show where I was, and wouldn’t allow me to search other floors. Most frustrating was the fact that the audio was a pain to pause, if I wanted to discuss something with my wife. Also, navigating away from the app (to google something interesting for example)caused the audio to stop and then restart from the beginning when I went back to it. Overall it’s good in theory but needs a lot of work.
  • User experience

    By Doodiefahmi
    The UI/UX requires a lot of work to make it more intuitive and easier to find and explore works while walking around.

    By AwEBauer
    Guys I’m serious; I should have listened to all the negative reviews, this app does not work. It is TERRIBLE. I tried numerous times to download the $4.99 audio guide AND the .99 selections audio guide; I had a high speed connection and full WiFi and it still kept timing out - never downloaded - poor WiFi is not the issue,it is the App itself that does not work. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. Save your money spend €5 on the audio guide at the louvre or better yet take a guided tour. This ruined my visit here.
  • Download before you go

    By Pure-energy
    WiFi is on and off, and when you lose connection you have to start downloading from the start. It’s so frustrating!
  • Didn’t work

    By Samdom69
    I purchased the full Louvre guide and tried to load it many times. My phone has tons of room but it kept giving error messages that it couldn’t download. I tried from different Wifi places, including the Louvre. I also couldn’t load the map. How do I get a refund?
  • Terrible

    By Victormhdz
    I bought the audio guide and downloaded it at home. Once at the museum it was gone! I tried to download it again but with the phone network connection it never worked
  • Not sure I liked it

    By Neolithic Nerd
    After reading the reviews, I figured if I downloaded before getting to the Louvre I'd be fine. At the same price as the audio guide, I seemed a good buy. Well, first thing I wanted to see were the Dutch masters and they have so little info about them on this audio,I was thinking it didn't work. I saw all the other folks listening to their museum rented audio guides quite enviously while being highly disgusted with this one. Not until I got to the romans & renaissance hall did it start giving me any decent info. Cons: the informational number sequence on artwork doesn't match with this (I got lots of "invalid number"),has a very frustrating non-alphabetical list of paintings, the gps locator not very accurate in telling you were you are in relation to the artwork you're trying to find. Pro: I get to keep it and listen to it at my leisure. Great idea, mediocre delivery.
  • Crashes constantly

    By DeanOrlando
    While the audio, maps, directions and supplemental pictures are a great idea, the app crashes every ten minutes or so when you are actively using it.
  • Worthless

    I wanted to use my phone as a substitute for the clunky headphones you can rent. This is worthless. It took 40 minutes to finally download the guide I wanted and now I have yet to see a painting that actually is listed. None so far have a four digit code needed to get a description. As someone else said, it’s kind of ruining the whole experience.
  • Really is as disappointing as the reviews say

    By Ewm$
    The information is great, but there is no way of finding it in a useful way. I was sort of able to use the basic tour (was able to accidentally stumble on a few things I wanted) though it was very frustrating and mostly useless. With weak wifi and cellular service in all of France, the Greek and Roman tour didn't download until I was on the tarmac in the US a week later. Definitely a waste of money.
  • Crashes and Audio Issues

    By RappingTonyG
    Crashes occasionally. Audio sometimes randomly stops (killing and restarting helps). Doesn't seem like there is a way to fast forward or rewind while listening.
  • Can’t Believe an App this Bad is from The Louvre

    By Photo Nurd
    This app is terribly unorganized, clunky and THE AUDIO DOESN'T WORK!! So, they didn’t even bother to fix the only reason for this app to exist. Go find a free app or pay for something else. This app is a huge disappointment... especially considering the museum may be the best in the world.
  • Outstanding commentaries but...

    By Gfdgsfg
    The saving grace of this app is the outstanding commentary. It is lush and generous and illuminating. That alone makes the app a worthwhile purchase. However... The technical implementation of this app is a disaster. Without careful planning before your visit, you could actually ruin your experience of the museum struggling to tame this wild beast of an app. First, and most important, it is a terrible battery drain. The phone heated up so badly I could have cooked an egg on it. Two hours of use will kill your battery completely UNLESS you go into Settings and disable its access to everything: Location Services, Siri, Notifications, and cellular services. Don’t worry, you won’t be losing anything important by doing this. The app’s map is useless for real-time geolocation and navigation. And... The app’s free content is useless. (I guess you get what you pay for.) The audio guide is worth the extra bucks but you absolutely MUST DOWNLOAD IT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE MUSEUM. The Louvre’s free WiFi network is too slow. I saw all sorts of people struggling to connect and growing frustrated at their inability to load their purchase. Finally, be aware that the commentaries, excellent though they may be, are only available for ~600 works. That may sound like a lot but it represents only the tiniest fraction of the 35,000 works on display in the museum. It is shameful that the Louvre lags so far behind its sister museums in producing a functional smartphone-based app worthy of its magnificent collection.
  • Disappointing

    By Thygor
    I cannot recommend this app, unless you are an art history expert! I found no way to search for a piece of art, except to scroll through each of the 600 audio files! This is especially disappointing as the couple of audio files i listened to were very interesting and well done. I asked 3 louvre employees where I might get assistance, and they had no idea.
  • Doesn't download content

    By Circus fan
    Update: after attempting many, many times I was finally able to download all of the content. It took well over an hour to complete. It actually looks good now that I've looked at it. I just purchased the entire content for $4.99 and it will not download at all. I'm at my house in the US with strong wifi, but it's not downloading anything and eventually times out.
  • Great idea, can't get past download phase

    By Abq Michael
    Bad on me, I didn't get the App until I arrived. Then I tried downloading the big 600 meg content package while there. That didn't work. Ok, I get it. Bigger pipe needed. Back at my room, trying every which way to download (wifi , orange 4G), and still not getting much past 15%. I think it's their servers plus the download software. Here's a hint or two developers. Break the big downloads into smaller packages. That way users can dribble it out whether on bad lines or from overloaded servers. Next, implement a recoverable downloading process. It's really a solved problem and there's a lot of software solutions out there to build on. Finally, move your servers to the cloud so you can easily scale on demand.
  • Excellent Tour Guide for the Louvre

    By mgroves
    The previous 1 star and 2 star reviews are curious; they do not describe the app I dowloaded and used. It is important to download the audio in advance of a trip to the museum; it does take some time; but once you have it works very well. Descriptions of the paintings and sculptures and some scholarly commentaries in French and English are offered. The art works are numbered. Tap in the number and--voilà--you have the commentary. 600 of them. You are told where to find them, the room and floor, and you are given some suggested itineraries, depending on your interests. Furthermore, one can take a virtual trip through the museum by looking at photos of your favorite works and the listening to the audio guide.