Picmonic: Nursing, Medical, NP

Picmonic: Nursing, Medical, NP


Make Studying Fun & Remember More in Less Time with Picmonic, the world’s best visual study tool research-proven to increase memory retention 331%! Thousands of entertaining 3-minute picture mnemonic videos & quizzes used by over HALF A MILLION STUDENTS in Medical, Nursing, NP & PA school. Ditch boring textbook memorization, recall information faster and retain it longer to ace your exams with less study time using unforgettable images and stories, it's Cliff Notes meets Saturday morning cartoons! Every day for FREE you can watch one Picmonic video of your choice and do 20 quiz questions plus the Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition. Get unlimited access with an affordable subscription. • Pharmacology + Microbiology + Pathophysiology + Biochemistry + Anatomy • Nursing Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Critical Care • Psych, Peds, OB and more • Systems or Organ Based curriculum & Textbook mappings ***Nursing Students Start memorizing Lab Values. Stop confusing acids and bases. Pass the NCLEX® in 75 questions then go be a great nurse! All the critical info you need to know as a nursing student is turned into 1,000 Picmonics & 9,000 quiz questions preparing you for nursing school, HESI ATI Kaplan exams, and the NCLEX RN or NCLEX PN. Use the Picmonic study tool starting day one to learn nursing smarter. Assigned reading… lol… follow along by textbook chapter watching these cartoon mnemonics to show up to class prepared, then use the Daily Review Quiz that’s better than Quizlet or any pharm flashcards or Mosby flashcards to prep for that HESI or ATI Nursing exam. You’ll remember all the details and stop referencing Nursing Drug Handbooks / Scrub Cheats. Get an NCLEX Qbank quiz question wrong in NCLEX RN Mastery, UWORLD NCLEX, NRSNG, Osmosis or Kaplan NCLEX? Hop back to Picmonic so it sticks! Our characters become your very own ATI Mentor and bond together to act as your Saunders NCLEX RN review book choir, singing you the sweet answers. Now that’s some simple nursing school for you with Picmonic as your RN mentor. ***Medical Students 1,400 Picmonics to master 11,000 high-yield facts from First Aid, Pathoma, Robbins & Goljan while you practice with UWorld USMLE, Osmosis, Firecracker, USMLE RX or Kaplan QBanks. Ace your courses, the wards, USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, or COMLEX and recall what you learned for practical use in your career. Picmonic forms a mental scaffold of memory anchors so that your USMLE Q Bank score is 250+. Get a question wrong, use Picmonic to review and enjoy medical school. Read more information Medscape style and save time vs watching Amboss or Lecturio videos. Repetition is key to success, so utilize our Anki / Memorang style Spaced Repetition Daily Quiz. There’s even a built in USMLE Step 1 study guide! ***Nurse Practitioner Students 1,400 NP Picmonics & 11,000 quiz questions covering all major subject areas for your FNP, ANP, GNP, or A-GNP courses and the AANP or ANCC board exam, you can even follow along with the Fitzgerald or Leik review books! ***Physician Assistant Students 1,400 PA Picmonics & 11,000 quiz questions covering all major subjects for your physician assistant school courses and the PANCE®. You can even follow along with our PANCE 2019 blueprint or the PANCE Prep Pearls book mapping! *Unique courses are also available for Pharmacy, Paramedic, MCAT, College Biology, Psychology & Physiology Premium Access: Upgrade for all features & content in your area of study. Monthly, semesterly and annual subscriptions are available, prices vary by product & location. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and any unused portion of a free trial period will then be forfeited. Subscriptions automatically renew and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the original subscription price, unless auto-renew is turned off thru iTunes Account Settings prior to being charged. https://picmonic.com/pages/terms-of-use



  • Future Nurse

    By Kelanne Baptiste
    Very helpful!!!
  • Saved my life

    By nightmarepoopstorm
    This application is amazing! I used this application for all of my community college classes and aced every single anatomy, physiology and microbiology exam!
  • Love it

    By Yesanddid
    But I can’t make a purchase
  • Awesome app!

    By vrollins
    It has been an amazing addition to my clinical rotations. Just 20 questions a day is the perfect review to keep on top of things.
  • Best Nursing App On the Market

    By Joanne's Review
    I have multiple apps for Nursing for over 10 years during school and while on the floor. This is the best learning/refresher app I have ever bought and can remember everything I learned since I’m a visual and auditory style of learning. Thank you for this amazing app worth the $$$
  • Fun with learn

    By Krisijit
    I am enjoying it. I love the app. Fun with learn.
  • Review

    By melonmadness
  • It really works!!

    By Lady amorly
    At first it all seems kinda silly, looking at the weird pictures, but it actually works. It even makes it fun to learn! Ive recommended this program to every fellow nursing student that I know. Picmonic’s is a definite asset for all nursing students!
  • Love picmonic

    By Aminafarax
    Loooooooove picmoniccccccc
  • The videos lack detail for USMLE step 1

    By Are. E
    I bought the subscription for step 1 and I am currently toward the end of my first year moving on to the second year. The videos are not enough detail. I love the illustrations and the organization with first aid reference page but the video doesn’t cover things in the first aid, it’s just barely touching the material. Not all the topics in pathoma are covered, this is annoying because then I have to go look for sources elsewhere to cover everything. Sometimes the examples and illustrations use more of a difficult language, my friend whose English is not her first language sometimes don’t understand some of the illustrations, I would suggest to make it little more simple so everyone understands. Please add some pathophysiology details to the videos, right now these videos are better for nursing school but the selling cover reads USMLE step 1. I don’t see the videos to be to that level yet, it needs major improvements and needs to cover more topics in north first aid and pathoma.
  • This app is great but expensive for medical students!

    By Vy Huy
    Hello app developers, Thank you so much for such a great app. It’s very helpful with my study of pharmacology. May I please ask if you offer discount for medical students?
  • Premium account

    By brittanyj504
    Every time I try to access from my phone, I get a notification that I need a premium account to view content. But I have a premium account, and I’m signed into the account.
  • A lot of information

    By Bdubbsbritt
    This app is very nice to help memorize things, this year I used it for fundamentals and anatomy and physiology, I wish there was more information, it has my book, but the information within each section did not include the things my class introduced. I wish that there was more on the subjects such as culture, it only touches on a few different cultures but I didn’t see anything about what a nurse also needs to know like not being ethnocentric. The anatomy part is cool, but when quizzing, you are asked to name this part of a bone or what muscle is depicted here, and it only shows the symbol they used in the story’s so there is no way to simply take a guess without uncovering the image. I am going to continue to use this for my a&p 2, microbiology and pharmacology. Overall it’s a great app, I haven’t had any problems with the app crashing. It’s more of a lack of content.
  • Great assistance

    By 1Bigmonkey
    Love the app so far-
  • Wonderful asset that I wish I would’ve used sooner

    By Buh-lake
    So I’m second block in nursing school, and coming off a rough second test for my psych portion, I used this to study for the med surg portion of our semester. After using this I scored the highest grade in my class on the test and my highest grade in nursing school to date. The spaced repetition is wonderful for remembering s/s, interventions, and values. I highly recommend this to anyone needing a more interactive way of learning about the etiology of diseases and how to treat them.
  • So thankful for this app

    By Tammaay
    Scored high in med micro with this! So worth it!! Thank you so much Picmonic!
  • I just to expensive

    By peoples md
    Could be a great tool, but not all of us can afford this expense
  • PA studies

    By Ed11!
    This is an alternative to dry textbooks and a way to maximize studying !!
  • Fun-monic

    I am so pleased with my 6month subscription to Picmonic. I have barely played a few of the stories and I’ve already learned so much. Thanks for creating this, Ron and Team!
  • Great tool

    By tinkkelositbean
    I am really enjoying this app. It is making the topics very fun and engaging. 100% recommended for nursing students!
  • If you’re an NP student you need this

    By Wade Cloud
    If you are working and going to school fitting in study time is hard and sometimes you are so tired with family and work you just fall asleep with your head in the book or read the same page 10 times without understanding what is going on. Picmonic allows me to study and review in short spurts all the time. I use it on my phone and quiz and review all day. It’s a lifesaver!!!
  • App crashing

    By yasiii1
    Great app but crashes after only being in the app for a few minutes how do u fix this??
  • It notifies you when you need to study!!!

    By this1time
    It’s weird I actually like to study now
  • So thankful!!

    By Purplepink15
    This app is really useful!! If you’re struggling and fundamentals, this app will be a good resource to utilize when learning the basics.
  • 5hand stars

    By Fdhshsgsgdsf
    I have ADD, struggle with memory and with paying attention to anything longer than a few minutes!! Picmonic’s short stories have helped me tremendously and love that I can use the app so when I’m on the go! Haven’t had any issues with it at all!! Between the stories and quizzes, I’m retaining way more information than I was before I started!!
  • Beneficial

    By Adel Emm
    This app requires a five stars rating only if they made it a little more comprehensive. One thing that I don’t like is in quizzes; at some questions you may find 5 multiple choices with a duplicate 2 answers, meaning that you will have one one answer that is not duplicate and unsurprisingly the right one. Apart from that, this app is a great tool to help study pharmacology.
  • Cancelation process

    By hilduchis21
    So I recently bought one year’s worth of this app. It said when I paid that I could cancel any time before the expiration date. I want to cancel now because in a year I don’t think I’m gonna remember to do so. Please advice on how to do this. Thanks!
  • Good way to remember important information

    By Anothervietguy
    I am using this to help me memorize important facts on my nursing exams. It working well for me.
  • Easy to learn on the go !

    By Blast furnace rat
    Love Picmonic , videos are easy to understand and quizzes are a great way to review!
  • nursing student BIBLE

    By EmmaStudentNurse
    Oh my god where has this been all my life. I’m a visual learner. This is incredible, thank you to the creators. Found out about this from the NRSNG podcast (another great resource).
  • Nursing School Aid

    By Fun12345abcd
    As an audio-visual learner, this program has been extremely helpful in learning the multitude of information that cannot be data dumped after an exam...because it all comes back around again. I cannot tell you how many NCLEX questions I’ve gotten right because I was able to recall crucial information that I had remembered from a Picmonic.
  • There should be a Picmonic for EVERYTHING!!!

    By lsshepp
    I NEVER take the time to write reviews but I just couldn’t let the opportunity to shout to the mountaintops about this app! I just downloaded the app four days ago and will have learned almost half of my Nursing textbook. I am so grateful that I found out about Picmonic before I finished nursing school because now I have the confidence to really and truly understand the concepts that are being taught. I am literally so excited to learn every topic that there is a Picmonic for. I truly hope that they are able to expand into other topics beyond the medical field because I am going to be a customer for life and I will be sure to recommend Picmonic to very person I know. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! This has restored my passion for learning.
  • Confusing pics

    By AZRN student
    The pictures are very confusing and I don’t think correlate at times but the information and the fact you can use it as a quizzing tool is nice. If they simplified the pictures the app would be better
  • Kind of expensive for students

    By mickk93
    I am a nursing student and we all know how much money we spend on books. Students are usually broke, so $15 a month seems kind of steep to me. This app let me try 2 picmonics for free and I do like the set up of it. I think it helps with remembering especially if you’re a visual learner. I’d probably get this app if it was free to use or maybe $5.
  • Love it

    By Dr91436
    The most wonderful way to learn medicine. Easy and to the point. Easy to recall. Love it. Thank you so much.
  • Skeptic

    By Just us chickens
    I was pretty skeptical, but this app really makes difficult concepts stick in my brain. After 15 years of nursing I’m finally making sense of things!
  • So helpful

    By rn2beisme
    Picmonic is a great way to learn if ”just reading” isn’t working for you. It helps to solidify what you have already learned and it just makes sense.
  • Really great !

    By Kadie kat
    I’m happy that this has a few of the required nursing textbooks that we have to use in class. It has picmonic a for most chapters and serves as a great overview and tester of the knowledge provided within the app. The features of story mode and educational mode are also very cool. You can speed it up and slow it down to your liking! They also have several other ways to learn the material other than testing yourself from the book. They also offer nursing concepts and test according to NCLEX type question. But that $70 phew Chileeeeeeee digging deep into my pockets for that annual fee but can’t say it isn’t worth it so far! Ps videos are on average 45 seconds - 2minutes ! Great way to sum up a lot in a small amount of time! Love it ! I recommend!!
  • Picmonic

    By Ed's babe
    Super helpful. I love love love. Too bad I found this on my last semester of nursing school.
  • excellent app

    By Santa's Little Yelper
    This app really helps.
  • Endocrine glands

    By Champlin sky
    These creative images aid my studying of textual concepts in an enthusiastic manner
  • Browse function

    By Baws32
    The browse function is unavailable and not able to search particular topics I need for nursing school!
  • But it’s an great app

    By annajo88
    It would be nice to be able to download the app on my MacBook.
  • Good study material

    By srm5711
    I like the app but I’m not sure about the price.
  • Registered Nurse

    By Aliooopshe
    I love this app. Very useful for any student st any stage of their education. I use it with my granddaughter. She loves it too. Helps her understanding of the world around us and everyday stuff.
  • Exactly what I need for nursing.

    By Hd1838529
    This is the app and program I need to memorize all those random facts in school. Totally worth the money. I’m sure it’ll pay for itself with saved time from studying
  • Love it!!

    By KTD134
    I LOVE PICMONIC!! It has helped me SO much on all of my exams. I found Picmonic back in 2014 when I was studying for Step 1. It helped me tremendously with microbiology. I used it again for Step 2, the app is pretty darn flawless.
  • FNP studying for boards

    By winlands
    I’m about 9 months out from taking boards and thought I’d try this as part of a study plan. At first I did NOT like it, but the more I use it the more I realize how much I’m actually retaining! For me, it works best to watch one video then take quiz immediately after.
  • Marvelous!

    By Malenita12
    I wish I knew about this app before. It’s my salvation for biochemistry. Thank you so much!