Picmonic: Medicine & Nursing

Picmonic: Medicine & Nursing


Make studying fun during Nursing, Medical, PA, and NP school with Picmonic, the world’s best visual study tool for medical and nursing students! Ditch boring textbook memorization and ace your exams with less study time. Picmonic is research proven to make studying more effective. We take textbook information for high yield topics like Pharmacology, Microbiology, Med-Surg, and more - and turn them into unforgettable images and stories you can learn to recall information faster and retain it longer. Join over 500,000 students who improve memory retention by up to 331% and score 50% higher on exams with Picmonic. ***Nursing Students*** Start memorizing Lab Values. Stop confusing acids and bases. And, be ready for the NCLEX® and beyond. We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in nursing school and turned it into 1,000+ Picmonics covering over 9,000+ facts tested in nursing school courses, HESI/ATI/Kaplan exams, and on the NCLEX® exam including… • Pharmacology • Med-Surg • Fundamentals • Psychiatric • Pediatrics • Obstetrics • Anatomy & Physiology + more ***Medical Students*** Master high-yield facts from First Aid, Robbins, and Goljan while you practice with UWorld and Qbanks. Ace USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, or COMLEX and recall what you’ve learned for practical use in your career. We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in medical school and turned it into 1,400+ Picmonics covering 11,000+ facts tested in medical school and on the USMLE and COMLEX exams including… • Pharmacology • Microbiology • Biochemistry • Anatomy • Social/Behavioral • Organ Based • Pathology • Physiology more ***Physician Assistant Students*** We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in physician assistant school and turned it into 1,400+ Picmonics covering over 11,000+ facts tested in physician assistant school courses and the PANCE® exam including… • Microbiology • Pharmacology • Pathology • Epidemiology • Anatomy & Physiology more ***Nurse Practitioner Students*** We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in nurse practitioner school and turned it into 1,400+ Picmonics covering over 11,000+ facts tested in nurse practitioner school courses and licensing exams like the FNP including… • Anatomy & Physiology • Pathology • Fundamentals and Health Assessment • Pharmacology • Obstetrics • Psychiatric Disorders • Pediatrics • Epidemiology more ***Pharmacy Students*** We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in pharmacy school and turned it into 500+ Picmonics covering over 3,000+ facts tested in pharmacy school courses and the NAPLEX exam including… • Anatomy & Embryology • Physiology • Epidemiology • Pharmacology more ***Pre-Health Students*** We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know as a pre-health student and turned it into 100+ Picmonics tested in school courses and the MCAT exam including… • Psychology • Human Physiology • Biology and Genetics • Anatomy more ***Premium Access*** Upgrade to Premium access to unlock all Picmonics in your area of study and all Premium features. • Picmonic offers monthly, semesterly and annual subscriptions. Prices vary according to subjects offered. Prices may also vary by location. • Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. • Your subscription will renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. • Your can turn off auto-renew at any time and still have access until the end of your current subscription period. • You can manage your subscriptions via your iTunes Account or by going to “My Account” in the Picmonic iOS app. Terms of Service: https://www.picmonic.com/pages/terms-of-use/



  • Endocrine glands

    By Champlin sky
    These creative images aid my studying of textual concepts in an enthusiastic manner
  • Browse function

    By Baws32
    The browse function is unavailable and not able to search particular topics I need for nursing school!
  • But it’s an great app

    By annajo88
    It would be nice to be able to download the app on my MacBook.
  • Good study material

    By srm5711
    I like the app but I’m not sure about the price.
  • Registered Nurse

    By Aliooopshe
    I love this app. Very useful for any student st any stage of their education. I use it with my granddaughter. She loves it too. Helps her understanding of the world around us and everyday stuff.
  • Exactly what I need for nursing.

    By Hd1838529
    This is the app and program I need to memorize all those random facts in school. Totally worth the money. I’m sure it’ll pay for itself with saved time from studying
  • Love it!!

    By KTD134
    I LOVE PICMONIC!! It has helped me SO much on all of my exams. I found Picmonic back in 2014 when I was studying for Step 1. It helped me tremendously with microbiology. I used it again for Step 2, the app is pretty darn flawless.
  • FNP studying for boards

    By winlands
    I’m about 9 months out from taking boards and thought I’d try this as part of a study plan. At first I did NOT like it, but the more I use it the more I realize how much I’m actually retaining! For me, it works best to watch one video then take quiz immediately after.
  • Marvelous!

    By Malenita12
    I wish I knew about this app before. It’s my salvation for biochemistry. Thank you so much!
  • Wanted to use it...

    By Tired Nursing student lm
    Downloaded the app. Tried it. Liked it. Subscribed... still can’t access the content because it still hasn’t updated from the trial to a subscription. No choice but to cancel.
  • This app is everything:)

    By Katm24
    My favorite app for studying I turn it on every time I’m reading learning her studying I recommend all the way you’ll regret it so worth the money
  • A Nursing Students Lifesaver!!!

    By Dagos1234567890
    The most effective and amazing app I’ve ever used!!! Descriptive, explanatory, visual and more!!! The subscription is more than worth getting!!! No regrets!!! Thanks Picmonics!!!
  • Great app!!

    By Brea941
    I love this app so much! It is helping me with nursing school!
  • You can follow along in your book!!!

    By this1time
    This app is rad! Everything I need and super convenient. Makes studying way more fun.
  • Few things it needs

    By kierra rios
    The app is amazing. I gave it a four because I wish it went more in depth on the stories. It has more info in the sections below, but if your listening to the education it’s hard to read that information. Overall, it’s a great app.
  • I wish I snagged this at the beginning of my RN program

    By SP4RTACU5
    Oh well, next up. FNP picmonic.
  • Needs a better memory algorithm

    By EricJ28
    If they had a spaced repetition algorithm more like what Osmosis uses this product would be a 5 out of 5 stars. However because they don’t, you see too many of the same cards and have to sort through which cards to bury and ask to be shown less AND IT IS A BIT OF A HASSLE!
  • Vital app for any nursing student!!!!!

    By Daniels1314
    I absolutely love Picmonic. I am a lpn and went to a vocational school. I’m now considering going back to school. I started using picmonic to refresh myself in preparation. I have learned and retained more information with this product than I did in school. I learned the info in nursing school long enough to pass a test but with picmonic I’m retaining info and able to use it during critical thinking exercises. Thanks picmonic.
  • PicMonic is the GREATEST!

    By Lucasso!!!
    I've been using PicMonic ever since my second week of Medical School. Now as a fourth year I continue to reap the benefits of this memory learning tool! The numerous facts that PicMonic has embedded into my memory make me into a better clinician. You should use it!

    By Dr. PMNHP
    Simply Genius!!! I needed this 3 months ago
  • Great app. Makes you retain information

    By Chakchako
    I am studying for my nclex and had a hard time remembering most facts. Im a graphic learner( i learned that from going through mnemonic technique seminar). I effectively retained information in my memory if it was with a story and graphic........ and i needed exactly picmonic. Picmonic provided information that are needed in nclex and it highlighted useful information with a story and graphics. How i wished i had stumbled with picmonic months ago.
  • Love it❤️

    By Dear dera
    Just started using it today...very educative and simplified!❤️
  • #VisualLearnerDelight

    By AlphaPheonix
    What ever it takes, within the legal limit, to graduate RN school. Two days in and I can already state that this is WELL worth the $15 a month!!! Thank you so much!!! Really, thank you. I love it!
  • Best way to retain what you learn

    By G33kyGurl
    I’ve always resorted to the cram and dump method for remembering numbers. Picmonic is so very much better and remarkably quite fun. I may actually remember most of this material for life.
  • Great memory devices for Medicine

    By Anya U
    This app is very user friendly and it really helps me remember random little details of disease that are frequently tested on board exams.
  • Great for podiatry school

    By Natelesueur
    The videos are short and the content fits perfectly in line with USMLE (first aid books). It is only $180/year which isn’t bad of you’re just using it one year to study for boards. The pictures may not be as well illustrated as “Sketchy”, but the fact that it’s so much cheaper, has shorter videos, and has a user friendly mobile app, makes it much more reasonable to buy. So far I’ve loved it.
  • Amazing

    By Talatuwa
    Just what I need for my day to day refresher. Stay at home mom, Picmonic keeps me refreshed.
  • Happy I found this

    By mprplmny
    I really enjoy this APp
  • Great for all types of learners!

    By EricaMelody
    This app helps SO MUCH because of the visuals and stories and quizzes! If you’re struggling with your classes and certain topics, TRY THIS APP. At least get the free trial for seven days or something BC THIS APP REALLY HELPS!!!
  • Trash app

    By Unhappy Guest23
    Poor quality, freezes crashes and doesn’t open.
  • The learning sneaks up on you!

    By Opey9519
    I discovered Picmonic from a ARNP student on YouTube and she swore by it...let me tell you, this app and system seems so ridiculous when you first try it. I thought it was confusing and busy but I did a few anyways and then I realized once my brain accepted what was going on and stopped thinking and just watched, it sneaks up on you. Watch the story and educational parts and then do the quiz. When doing the quiz, I found myself visualizing the characters. Read the facts that go along with the quiz answers for expanded learning! I wasn’t entirely sold that it would work until I was reading and taking my notes and found myself having an ah-ha moment and I thought “ohhhh that’s because the Bacteria sliders...” and I realized that it had me. It was truly IN THERE and I didn’t even realize it. I really think Picmonic is saving my sanity in (ARNP) grad school. The characters are the “same” throughout each lesson but with changes as needed to add (Fever Beaver, anything that is hypo has a hippo). You get a free trial, so what are you waiting for!?!?
  • Thanks

    By sakimz
    Picmonic make me learn quickly and their daily quizzes make me to recall better after days and greater help for space repetition! Now learning facts is more easy!
  • Best app ever!

    By KenzieMurph.
    Yes, the app is expensive... it’s 80 dollars a year which is kind of crazy... I think you should just be able to pay one time and be done.. Only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5... BUT I will say that I have learned soooo much just going over these! It really has made me excited to learn, because of the cartoons, the educational, and the story mode!!! I’m so glad I came across this app! It is absolutely phenomenal! Really... I wish it had a feature where if you didn’t understand a word or never heard of it, you could tap it and it explains or gives a brief definition because going back and forth to google is annoying lol, but other than that... I will say this is the best learning app ever!!!
  • Just starting pharmacology.

    By errncarrie
    Love love love. Picmonic is Verizon engaging and eliminates the boredom of reading hundreds of pages.
  • Needs improvement

    By negativemojo
    Would be good if the wrong answers had explanations also
  • Cole

    By ThomasColeBailey
    excellent way to make studying interactive and memorable while having the opportunity to take a break from the textbook .
  • It great but ...

    By enbnicole
    Ok as a college student I pay 14 dollars a month for this app ... and I can’t even have full access with paying that much and if I do the math I’m actually paying the most at the end of the year when looking at all my options for payment plans but ... giving 80 bucks upfront for unlimited access isn’t that easy as a college student ... I think the app is great these prices are the problem ... I just trying to get some study tips and graduate without breaking my pockets
  • 👍🏻

    By Modesto Wayne
  • Picmonic

    By Evil-Queen-1986
    Originally I was skeptical about using this system, I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money. However, I have learned, understood, and retained so much more information than traditional studying. I recommend this especially for pharmacology!
  • The app is simply not good

    By BbBurns
    I have to say I love the service but the app is simply awful. The offline feature doesn't work (it says it's all downloaded but I get failed to load image along with the text, and that's after I put my phone on airplane mode since even if there's a little signal when I'm underground it will try to load from that and will keep trying to load forever). And that's not to mention the fact that offline quizzes (maybe the most important feature to actually retain the information) is not supported. Also I gave up on trying to use it on the iPad since it thinks you are trying to access the service on both your phone and the iPad at the same time, their solution was to quit one app completely before opening the other which resulted in me doing this dance of alternating quitting and opening until I simply deleted it from the iPad and made a web link to access it on safari. Anyway the app is basically a source of stress and frustration when Picmonic is supposed to be an aid during an already stressful period in our lives.
  • Thank God for this!

    By CollegeGrl1
    I’m currently in A&P I accelerated over the summer and this has been the best tool! Honestly I probably wouldn’t pass this course without this app!!! Thank you! You are helping my dreams of becoming a nurse come true!! P.S. if you could add to the anatomy an interior Picmonic of the skull that would have been so helpful!
  • Must have for nursing students

    By nursing911
    This is extremely helpful tool in nursing school.
  • Pretty cool

    By Kemarahy's mom
    I’m in school for LVN. I’m just starting so I’m still taking my prerequisites, I find this app really cool and I find the characters funny, but very helpful for me, when I use it I remember better. The more you use it everyday the better results you will see! I see it as an investment for myself, and I can study anywhere even for a few seconds!!!!
  • Question and Answers

    By DianaNoemi
    I do like very much this app , although as I am going through the quiz and then the answers, I think the answers should have explanations just to help make better sense.
  • RN

    By Sidept
    Awesome program. Only complaint I have is how they force students to pay up front in order to save money. Nonetheless, it is worth every penny!
  • Great

    By JELLY and BABA
    Great source for learning
  • Amazing

    By Believexox
    This app is so helpful. Nursing school is very stressful, but after using picmonic to study, I go into tests feeling confident that I’ll pass. I’ve gotten no lower than an 85 on my exams since I started using this. I also don’t have to spend all my time studying. I have time to relax and do things that make me happy.
  • Ad

    By adehaza
    I love it! I LOVE IT! I love it!!
  • Nursing School Student

    By Born2bunker09
    GET THIS APP!!! I bought the subscription.