• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-08-25
  • Current Version: 3.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 268.31 MB
  • Developer: Playrix Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 256 169


Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place! ● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels ● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with ● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up ● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest ● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more ● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends! Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu. Enjoying Gardenscapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at



  • Amazing game

    By leshud98
    I would recommend this game to anyone who love puzzle games. I personally love that this one has a “story” as you complete levels.
  • False advertising

    By pattilutenat
    I have this game on my kindle and it is nothing like the ads they are running in other games. Shame on you
  • Beware

    By BGoh789
    The hard levels practically require bonus items and really it just isn’t fun after while. The stars required don’t ever seem to go anywhere and the game is pretty disappointing. I’d stay far away or stop when you get to the higher levels and it becomes near impossible.
  • Fun but it will take your money

    By Sgt Crocker
    It’s fun and passes the time so well that you won’t sleep till around midnight
  • bad

    By vov4ik240685
    снова тупые уровни в конце когда почти выйграл тратишь по 10 ходов а выйграть не можешь. хотя остается всего один гном, вымогает аж.!!!!!
  • Costs too much money

    By Anabun
    I’ve played this game for years now and on level 4200s. However, I’m getting to point where I’m going to quit for good. This game used to be fun, but recently it was made harder and harder, to the point of not being able to complete a level without using multiple boosters + 900 coins to extend 5 steps. The result? You either spend actual $ to buy coins and boosters, or you stop playing altogether. Personally, I’m tired of having to spend money and will delete this game.
  • Frustrating

    By JubileeDee
    Fun at first. The only was to progress through is to spend a lot of money. I’m done.
  • Don’t start this game!

    By WelcomeHomeSW
    I really love the premise of the storyline and the fun of designing gardens that are the PREMISE of this game. But... The challenge it’s like being at a f-ing casino! The game is is REALLY stacked against you, and the rewards are inconsistent. And you have very few choices in developing the gardens and whatever tasks you decide to do that takes stars to win them and all that... The reality is that the game doesn’t follow its own rules! Once you figure it out like how many pops it takes to make something happen... all of a sudden it’ll take more! And the amount of wins it takes to accomplish one simple thing (like cleaning up a fountain or planting plants...) they just stretch it out into a ridiculously long project. It’s a loss leader... Don’t start!
  • It’s okay

    By Pretty.oniq
    Cool game. Need more stars for playing levels , need more awards periodt.
  • The ads for this game is very misleading

    By lmangar
    I have never seen anything in the game that remotely resembles the preview (ad) Very misleading however the actual game is a lot of fun and sometimes a bit too challenging. I’ve been playing it for a couple of years. Love fixing up the place!
  • Not enough reward

    By Glyn C.
    One star for passing a level and EVERYTHING cost at least one star to complete an action. Not to mention the levels are set up with not enough moves so the only way to pass most levels is to spend coins. I gave it a 2 star because it is a fun game but just takes so long to complete!!!
  • Fun I guess

    By Lawn-E!
    I love it it’s just really annoying that you have to work so hard for one star and thAt some of the tasks have nothing to do with the garden. Like spending 2 stars to get someone some lemonade. I got this to design a garden not to get some kid a hat or a kite.
  • Game

    By Bifold turf
  • Garden

    By beauhla
    Beautiful garden until at the end when I was forced to buy that UGLY water pump and bench set. Don’t like to be forced to buy and rewards nor pick what the game wants me to!!!!!!!
  • Rate

    By Forttruck
    Fun game
  • Love it

    By YesJESUSlovesME
    This game is sooooooooo much fun but it takes a long time to finish one level the highest number of levels I beat in a day is about 9 but other than that it is so much fun I highly recommended this game
  • I Agree with SMOKED JOE

    By salexxis
    I enjoy this game but I don’t I will spend another $10 on it ever I will just delete and rate even lower. Can we play and move forward without spending money?
  • False Ads

    By Cathyj_359
    Nothing like the ads I saw about it. Such a waste of time.
  • False advertisement

    By Breezy4646
    I’m giving it a three cuz I like the game but all the ads I see for this game are now false advertisement and they r showing things that r not in the game at all just to attract new people to play the game and I think that’s wrong! They should only be showing actual game content that people will be playing in the game and not stuff that’s never even in the game! It’s actually really frustrating for me cuz what they r showing in the ads looks like a game I would like to try but then I would keep playing this game hoping I just needed to get to a certain point in the game to be able to play the kinda stuff that was on the ad but no it never comes and it should be illegal for them to do that! It would be like going out to eat and ordering a pizza but what they bring to ur table is just broccoli and u think maybe the pizza is coming but it never comes just more broccoli ugh!
  • Someone

    By beevveerrllyy
    This game is not fun and is nothing like the ad for it. It would be very nice if they would have accurate ads for the game. Even though the ad is not the game I would like to play a game like that and I think it would be very fun. Thanks for reading.
  • Kind of disappointing

    By jplayme
    I got the game because I wanted to put gardens together and change the look of it as I wanted, to help me unwind. Instead, I have to play a silly matching game to earn 1 star at a time. Very frustrating. The levels are far too difficult to pass in my opinion. They don’t give enough moves. If I wanted to play those games, I would get Toy Blast or something. Every task, including making phone calls or having a visitor requires a star. I wish that you got more stars for winning or easier levels. The Butler is strange but a good idea I guess. I wish this was set up differently to make this more enjoyable. I have only had the app for 3 days and I am already finished.
  • Good but so bad

    By BumpySimon
    Look this is so hard it’s a good game but it’s so hard. So I kinda HATE IT.
  • Lots of fun at beginning too hard later

    By Helpanickname
    I just picked this game back up after stopping for 6 months. Now I remember why I stopped. Every five levels there’s a level that takes days to beat. Sure hard levels are to be expected but every five levels one I can’t beat for days? And the daily reward-I’m on level 1700 and have rec’d the jackpot a grand total of two times, lol. All I have rec’d since picking the game back up a week or ten days ago is extra lives. No wonder you will need them to not beat the levels and buy extra stuff. Afraid this game is now only a money gimmick.—-Didn’t post this picked it back up have same problem now but every other level.
  • Decent game, but still not worth it

    By BobbbbyD8
    It’s a pretty fun game; I like Township and Homescapes so I got this. There’s just a couple of problems. 1) A lot of levels seem impossible; I just spent a week (not exaggerating) trying to get passed a level. 2) Some scenarios are crazy; you need to pass a level and get a star if you want to CALL someone. SERIOUSLY??????!!!!!!????? 3) Things are overpriced; if you fail on a level, you have to pay 900 coins to get 5 more moves. It gives you three of each powerup, then you have to pay 1900 for three more. Overall, Playrix makes great games like Township and, a little worse, Homescapes. But they really need to do a little more work on Gardenscapes.
  • Frustration.

    By Tawn66
    I like the game but I am so frustrated with the amount of time it takes to get through some of the challenges it has to go. It’s not fun anymore.
  • Not worth it.

    By kitty user
    Me playing this wasn’t worth my time and the ad for it!? NOTHING LIKE IT, so make the game more like it please bad ratings are already coming and if you don’t mind at least make it easier to have a garden not a full on puzzle game, content me on youtube if u need me At: Pastel_angel xox
  • Love it!

    By Stelz11
    I love the game, it’s so challenging. I wish I could skip all the talking though!
  • meow

    By Katherine_Lynn_Gordone
  • Sunshine

    By Getting slim and trim
    I like the game but I seems like they cheat you out of a lot of your rewards. It’s already bad enough that you don’t get a lot of coins and you have to either buy or spend days saving up.
  • Love this game

    By whoville52
    Fun, great for relaxing. They’ve done a lot of upgrades over the past few months to make it easier to get coins. My only complaint is that you have to use the infinite lives time right away, can’t save them for when you actually have time to use it.
  • Bogus

    By jmansid
    The higher you get in the game the fix is in and almost requires you to “buy” rewards to move forward. I’ve deleted it as it’s pre programmed and frustrating slow to progress with menial tasks. I’ve read other reviews here that confirm my suspicions. Disappointing as the premise seemed fun.
  • Addictive

    By Rabbit at 100 Acres
    Love this game - creating all of the beautiful gardens. I do have suggestions. There should be additional ways to earn boosters such as when completing the hard puzzles you should get something beside a star or it shouldn’t be almost impossible to hit a jackpot on the daily spin. There should also be a weekly pup challenge to earn extra coins so you wouldn’t be SO tempted to spend extra money SO often.
  • Fatan

    By golesang
    I love this game but sometimes it make me angry. He want many coin for everything 😣. Sleep, wake up , one of chair...
  • The advertisements for this game are misleading.

    By josborne31
    I watched some ads for this game before downloading. Looked fun. But once I started playing I realized the game was totally different from what it said it was in the ads.
  • Bait and Switch

    By wish i read refiews first
    DO NOT download if you are expecting a game like what you saw in the video ad, where you choose tools in order to fix problems in a catastrophe scene, there is nothing like that in this game and there are threads all over the internet about it.
  • Addicting

    By Darcyea
    Love this game and I’ve been playing for over a year but they provide so few coins for winning a game and it costs too much to buy anything.
  • Algorithms are embedded

    By jlkoch326
    This game cheats. Algorithms are embedded to block you from beating levels in an attempt to get you to spend money for coins. I have rated this game several times and the number of ratings has never changed hmmm (4.6/5 unlikely). Not very ethical business practices. Please don’t respond to this with, “we’re sorry, please contact our service technicians to see how much data your using so we can get this fixed.” Smells like more bs, but when there is no accountability on the internet, why not? Sad. Deleting the app.
  • Expensive

    By snookie 33333333
    Game becomes to difficult Dmcdianem
  • Bogus

    By Lily pickel
    Too expensive. They falsely advertise...then you try it and they purposefully make it addicting. The harder levels are impossible to pass without paying. They program it at just the right time for you to run out of coins to end up with one piece left on a level. The amount you can earn is not relative to what the boosters cost. I don't have the money to waste on this.
  • It’s Meh.

    By jilla309
    The game is cool to kill some time. However, the rewards don’t match the gameplay. It requires coins to continue and buy power ups, which you earn during gameplay, but they are disproportionate to how much things cost. I completed a level relatively quickly, had around 27 moves left which they trade in for exploding power ups, only received about 127 coins. That’s BS!
  • Scam......

    By scam......
    This game is super fun and addicting but I’m probably going to just delete it. The puzzles are a lot of fun but you don’t earn enough to build your garden. You end up have to PURCHASE coins and boosters..... this is a free game. I should not have to buy anything to keep playing. Also, a majority of the coins that I win keep going into a “safe” that I thought I successfully BOUGHT one time but apparently you have to keep buying it. Total waste of money and my time. Which is a shame because this game could be a ton of fun and do so well. You also run out of lives EXTREMELY quickly so you’re forced to either buy more or leave the game and wait anywhere from 15minutes to well over an hour for enough lives so you can keep playing in order to FINALLY get enough stars to build your garden, and at that point more tasks have built up. So it’s really honestly not worth your time. Definitely not worth taking up space on your phone. And DEFINITELY not worth buying any coins, stars, lives, or boosters. It’s unfortunate. I’m so intrigued by the design of the game and the puzzles are so much fun. Definitely deleting this. Very angry about it and I feel like I’ve been SCAMMED. and LIED TO. Thanks for nothing. Don’t waste your time.
  • Stuck

    By MerriAZ
    I have been stuck on level 160 FOREVER. I refuse to pay money to pass the level so I guess I’m done playing this game. Making a level impossible to pass means I’m out.
  • Fun but expensive

    By Diva3mom
    I really enjoy the game but find it really expensive at times, wish more coins would be earned
  • Ridiculous

    By horiblegame
    I enjoyed this game in the beginning. But the rewards are to low. They are forcing you to buy coins and specials in order to beat levels. Deleting this game. Too frustrating to play to try and unlock one star per level. Then everything you do is multiple star. Zero satisfaction. Bye
  • Confused

    By Bitty149
    I got an advertisement for this game that looked like a fun survival game and then I downloaded it and it was gardening I’m so confused
  • Nothing like the ads

    By Honorificabilitudinitatibus
    According to in-game ads, this game was using different tools to fix various problems. It seemed interesting, so I downloaded it, only to find that the gameplay was NOTHING like the ads. I played for a half hour, then promptly deleted it.
  • Game

    By Vicky lad 89
    This is the worst game you shall not play it
  • Excellent

    By Everygame is awesome
    I usually hate these games, but there is something about Gardenscapes that makes it more fun, I think of it as my personal garden, I have been playing for a year, it’s one of those games that you can play whenever. The levels can get to be extremely challenging, but it is extremely fun to build your own garden.
  • Lexie

    By lexexpress
    Seems like it takes forever to move from one area of garden to another! But still a fun and enjoyable game