Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2016-11-02
  • Current Version: 2.0.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 218.50 MB
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 960 995


Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on. You can now also use Microsoft Teams to manage your personal life - chat, make plans, share shopping lists, tasks and even your location, coordinate events with fellow club or family members and make decisions quickly. Teams provides a single hub to help you stay connected, get organized and bring balance to your entire life. Easily move between your work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day. Whether you’re sprinting towards a deadline or helping your kids with their homework, Teams can help you achieve more. Connect & Communicate • Chat 1-1, use group messages or dedicated channels to communicate with the entire team** • HD audio and video calls for scheduled face-to-face meetings from almost anywhere** • Mention individual team members, or the whole team at once, to get your colleagues’ attention** • To-do lists, calendars, and cloud storage access right in group chats • Personal chats, documents, & files can be securely accessed Organize Your Whole Life • File sharing & editing on the go makes managing your work projects a breeze** • Intelligent search finds documents, spreadsheets, & photos in chats and team conversations ** • Custom notifications give you control to stay focus on what matters most** • Work calendar & personal calendar both in one app • Group dashboards to view important items, shared locations, & upcoming tasks within a group chat Safety & Security • Enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Microsoft 365** • Location sharing to let colleagues, friends and family know where you are* • Storage in the Safe where you and your group can store, access, and share important data like passwords, frequent flier miles or your hotel reward number *Must be enabled and active **Commercial features of this app require a paid Microsoft 365 commercial subscription, or a trial subscription of Microsoft Teams for work. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department. By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at [email protected]



  • Visually unappealing

    By juuhddj
    When I started online school, we used teams to turn in assignments and work. I personally disliked the app because the visuals were confusing and unappealing. If the app had more color and had a section for extra credit assignments, I would be pleased by it. This is why I am so glad our school is now using Google classroom.
  • Work on this problem for phone and iPad

    By Ynwa_85
    We can’t share sound when we share videos from YouTube When we share display and we share YouTube videos the other say we don’t hear the sound. Could you fix it please 🌹
  • Cool Tool...

    By visiondparks
    Great tools for Teams. Meetings with customers and group presentations are perfect on Teams!
  • I need an update

    By w gcza
    Please add (include sounds button )for video,and make it possible to download attendance list
  • Wewew

    By kwksksn
  • Complete utter garbage

    By ksksksjndjndbfbdbsbd
    Connecting to a call is very difficult and it will not even let me sign up on computer for school forcing me to use this horrible app
  • Teams video basic

    By nja210
    Teams has worked fantastic for virtual communication, but the virtual meeting platform could use some extra love to allow registration options and more depth in general.
  • Problems I have EVEYTIME

    By Noice Kids
    Ok first of all, this app is working. You can get into calls and whatever. That’s the only thing actually good about it. Problems I have VERY often: No 1: First of all, this app is not bad bad. It’s fine. Why? Because of all the bugs in this app. The main thing is basically the chatting and meeting. That’s fine. No problems with that. But when I want to leave the app and go to another app like, YouTube, Roblox, Google, etc. As I click on an app, it will immediately kick me out of the meeting, which is very very annoying. So then I’ll have to keep joining back every time I want to go to another app. No 2: Second problem is that when I’m in a call, of people are trying to type in the chat, I can’t see the chat. This is really irritating because sometimes they type in chat very important stuffs and I can’t see the chat. Yes, I know there is a button on the top right hand corner that say’s Chat, but if I click on that I won’t see the chat either way. No one’s typing in the chat but they are? Very weird. However that’s not that bad since I can just ask what it is because I can’t see the chat. No 3: This one is also quite irritating. I can never be able to join a team. So then I try a link to join the team. This pops up and says “Team deleted or your no longer in this team” I click ok then something else pops saying “Join Team” click that nothing even happens. Yes there is a code to join a team, however that doesn’t work I try to enter the code and when I’m done typing in the code it doesn’t me bring me to the team. In conclusion: This app has a lot of bugs. But it’s also quite a good app. The first problem happens very often but sometimes not. The other two happens all the time. I really don’t know if it’s something with my device, like the type (Mobile, Pc, Laptop, etc.) or maybe the version. All in all, this app has some bugs, but it’s useable. (Thank you for reading this super long review tho)
  • Improve something

    By KeilyHerron
    i hate that when i’m in a call but i’m on a different tab doing work. when i go back to the call there’s this little tab saying “Are you still there?” i would press the im back option but it will reload and kick me out the call and i’ll have to ask for permission to join the call all over again and i’m in school so it will look sketchy that i “left” the call
  • More calendars scheduling options

    By EAview
    As an Executive Assistant, would like to have the option to manage additional calendars.
  • Jeff

    By syubcxdyunb
  • Slow and doesn’t show everthing

    By dookie website
    I’m getting really mad at the app it doesn’t show some of my classes and out of no where it doodles and lags it’s like if fornite was on a laggy Flip phone it doodles of and turns my camera on or microphone when it wants to not when I don’t want to.and the lagging makes my teacher freeze and boom there on a lesson and a class mate is asking me to help them and it’s just takes me out and just now that app closed on its self
  • Game-Changer

    By SquareOFortune
    Makes work possible. We have so many things to manage that it would be impossible to organize communication for various project categories without something like Teams. The best features are the chat rooms and threads, because sending quick files and pictures is speedy and easy on the go. Meetings are great too, because the calendar shows times/topics and allows a quick-join via notification when someone starts the meeting (even if it’s a few minutes late, so you’re not wasting time in an empty conference). Adding guests and external meeting members is relatively easy and works better than other programs I’ve used at previous jobs. Calls sound as good as normal phone calls, video chat works great, even over cellular, and consulting with teammates then transferring them calls works smoothly. A few very minor bugs have not hampered my enjoyment of Teams much, but I do have to mention them to be honest: - Voicemails don’t usually play until I click on several voicemails back and forth, and when they start, they often don’t output audio via Bluetooth accessories (speakerphone or receiver only) unless I had the aforementioned wireless headset connected when opening the app (so closing/reopening the app often fixes that, but not always). - If I have poor cellular reception, there is audio lag between people on the phone, so we’re sometimes accidentally speaking over each other. This is likely just an inherent complication of translating secure digital audio into something cellular carriers accept, as I don’t usually experience this when connected to WiFi or with strong cellular signal. - Copy/paste works ok if you want the entire message, but if you just want a phone number, email, website, or street address within a paragraph, it can sometimes be trickier since it tries to intelligently add metadata to the copied text so it can open the corresponding app. Pasting inside an edited message often doesn’t place the pasted text where the cursor is, but instead puts it near the end of the message or in a random spot that might be in the middle of a word. The workaround is simply creating the edit in an external note app. All-in-all, I could never go back to the old apps I’ve used for work, and have enjoyed having our entire company’s internal communications in one place (except where emails are more appropriate, of course). Happy to see the new features and improvements we’ve enjoyed over the years, and excited to see how it gets even better going forward.
  • Viruses

    By iiNatalie_BTSii
    VIRUSES (naw just hate school)
  • Keeping the team together.

    By Dan in the field
    Teams works great to get a face to face meeting together. You can quickly schedule a meeting and teams will notify your group. Works good for crews working in the field. They can sign on from the car the office the hotel room. You can have a regularly scheduled time or pull up a meeting in 10 minutes. It works great.
  • A Spartan 300

    By Deployed 2020
    Can’t accommodate more than 300. No notice provided when maxed out so callers don’t know why connection cannot be made.
  • Good and getting better

    By StrategicAngel
    My company has implemented Office 365, so I chose to standardize on Teams as a one stop place for my team for communications. I like how you can integrate so many different apps for project management. I also like how Incan get notifications or communicate easily on any device quickly using the Teams apps. The only issue is discovering more ways to use teams effectively such as best practice. I have also noticed that sometimes connecting or network issues are a problem. Overall I think it is a nice product that appears to be getting better. They just need to work more on connectivity issues, although some could be related to individual networks.
  • Thx

    By tvtvyvcd*vuy
    My school is very happy with teams because it really helped us so thank u
  • Hate school

    By jxbxjdjdhd
    Hate school
  • teams review

    By wqdjk
    terrible app it needs to be shut down.
  • Files

    By cruz is
    I can’t open the tab and doesn’t show all my files
  • Useless

    By bbx666
  • We need to be able to invert our camera!!!

    By quriaaaaaa
    I really love the Microsoft’s teams app and find that there’s nothing wrong with it except I find that I look weird on others computers because it flips it so if there’s ANY WAY that could be fixed the app would be perfect!
  • Great app

    By kahoot 69
    Fricken amazing being connected to work all the time
  • Worse thing for school

    By Make the game on the iPad
    Teams and anything with Microsoft is bad OneDrive anything it’s so bad I rather use google services please make it better it is one star it deserves
  • Horrible for teaching

    By vegan too
    If you want something to go wrong every day select Microsoft teams you constantly get kicked off students will not be able to get logged back in you cannot control any features and it’s horrible on your Wi-Fi.
  • Helpful and secure, but needs improvement

    By Gjb444
    Problems I’ve encountered: Sharing video clips just does not seem to work The video chat feature lack features like breakout rooms. It also seems to not be as clear a connection as other programs.
  • Love it

    By kekeloveroblox
    We need teams so we can learn and the most important thing is it lags
  • Need to remove or make configurable

    By 6 sigma reviewer
    The biggest gripe is when you schedule a teams meeting everyone gets invited even if you deselect the automatic adds before you send the appointment. The rest is pretty good

    By eeeee121212
    sashineleba sashineleba sashineleba sashineleba - Madloba ❤️👍🏻
  • Pfp please?

    By Asachea C.
    I want to be able to change my account profile picture. I am a student and my teachers want us to change our pictures so that they can see us and know what we look like, but now that Teams updated and changed that ability I can’t change it. I had a profile picture before but now it’s gone.
  • Microsoft teams

    By clark4us
    Not letting me answer calls
  • Enhance the Functionality

    By CeeJayeCee
    I only use Teams for work and the app is fine for me. However, I don’t like that I cannot delete some of these messages in Chat. Serious upgrade needed because that part is annoying.
  • The best video conferencing app

    By Basel Gammash
    I love it
  • Trash

    By TheAxlmolina
  • It’s unusable

    By liamc04
    The app freezes whenever I open it on my iPad, so I can’t use it. Please fix this. If you are a teacher looking to get an app for the classroom, please get google classroom. It’s better in every way
  • Not sure if it’s just my IPad

    By MNmMmNnNnnnMmNnMmNnmmmNm
    I can’t find the teams icon to join a meeting and I think maybe my iPad is old or the app needs to update but I hope you can find a way to fix it or at least tell me what’s going on 👍
  • Bugs

    By SaltineKrackers
    Teams is a great app and the only problem i have with it is when i use it on my phone. The screen blacks out randomly and completely. I’ve done things to try and avoid this glitch like refrain from using other apps or interacting with things that wouldn’t normally be necessary but every time i get a blacked out and frozen screen. I hope you can fix this bug soon.

    By Non you busniess
    I hate this cause I hate school!
  • Surveys

    By Rtdvcxhir
    Need to be able to modify surveys Delete and redo them as well

    By memeowers
    The app is great, I just hate school.
  • Teams...

    By lexmagrex
    Better then zoom, easier them Webex... Teams, good program, happy with it.
  • Glitches

    By Dkfjejkdcjdjekdjdkfn
    There are so many glitches
  • I don’t have much to say but..

    By armykpoplove
    The raise hand thingy isn’t on my ipad💔
  • Teams is fine

    By ghbhbnvftgd)hf;7 g(&g (6
    To much lag and kicked out a lot
  • Hate this school is bad

    By nick12346799
    I hate this school app
  • Good idea but...

    By qqwertyjelly
    Do not get this no matter what the connection is trash and you are very glitchy, I’ve tried both zoom and teams on different devices and zoom is better. Everybody is like “oh zoom can get hacked it’s happened a few times teams is so much safer” ya zoom can get hacked but so can teams. Zoom preforms way better I recommend downloading that instead of this trash
  • Not good

    By analis417
    Very bad quality do not like
  • Hi

    By :726:?/72727:920
    It’s trash