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  • Release Date: 2016-06-13
  • Current Version: 2.0.15
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: StaffTraveler Solutions B.V.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Staff travel, Non-rev, Interline, ID90, ZED fares, call it what you want... We, airline crew, love to travel! StaffTraveler gets you the loads on the flights you wish to staff travel on. Making staff travel easy and stress-free! - Get the loads for the flights you want to non-rev on, by using the power of the largest airline community in the world - Get exclusive hotel deals, only for StaffTravelers - Get a rental car anywhere. Easy & fast - Insider city tips from the worldwide airline community Please note that you can only login after you have been verified as a (retired) airline employee.



  • Notification permanently lost

    By Baby Tine
    I joined this app in 2/2019. I’m DFW based cabin crew. I used to get notifications all the time and raced to provide info for credits. After a few months, all this stop. I haven’t gotten any more requests for loads. And I’ve had to buy a round load about 4 or 5 times already because I travel the world often on those long stretch of days off from drop trips. Was the membership conditional meaning we only provide and ask for loads for the first 5 months & after those 5 months, we stopped getting requests for loads so we are forced to buy loads? Baby Tine
  • Lifesaver

    By BCF9
    This app is such a lifesaver for living the non rev life. Fast accurate load responses and I like giving back as much as receiving! Thanks
  • Everyone needs this.

    By Melanie13155
    This app gives me life. Sadly the Facebook pages dedicated to sharing loads nowadays are useless .... no one ever answers. You'll get answers so quickly with this app!!
  • Game changer!

    By Flying momma
    Absolutely love this app!! The premise behind it is genius. It’s a great crowdsourcing app with accurate and valuable information. It’s fun earning credits and seeing where people are traveling!!
  • Essential for International Non-revving

    By ElvisZoo
    We traveled to London and Athens in mid-July and having StaffTraveller gave us 100% confidence in the loads.
  • No Notifications update

    By Spin737
    Staff Traveler support got back to me very quickly. Simple delete/reinstall. Back to 5 Stars.
  • Last minute relief

    By Love2 nonrev
    Airline staff are so responsive to give loads in a very quick response! It has helped me commuting many times at the last minute, that I try to do many load requests as well. Great app to have and to share with others!
  • Awesome App

    By Fretdem25
    A coworker of mine introduce me to the app and trust me it’s pretty amazing accurate information and give u last min loads what more can i ask for!!!
  • Non Rev

    By tankerdriver135
    Makes non reving a lot less stressful. Helps a ton if you like to travel. Or a commuter.
  • Excellent standby travel tool

    By Jrjetjock
    Excellent standby travel tool! This has saved us a number of times, and keeps getting better as the community grows.
  • Non Rev Must Have

    By CWCnotafan
    This app is a lifesaver!
  • Best app for us NoN -ReVs

    By Tlh2014
    Honestly best app when you’re trying to commute and must decide between a flight in one terminal or the next. I posted and within minutes a had the kids I needed ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you
  • Best non rev travel app ever

    By B1231009
    This is my go to app anytime I am trying to travel and need to see loads! This was a great idea and so easy to use!!!! Thanks for this!!
  • Must Have App for Non-Rev Travel

    By Rustynail03
    Staff Traveler is the quick and easy way to search for flights and request flight loads. Staff Traveler uses a credit system. If you give a requested flight load to a fellow Staff Traveler user, you receive a credit to request a flight load from another airline. Because of this system, load requests are answered very quickly, unlike requesting loads through Facebook where your request may take a long time to be answered or not answered at all. This is a must have app for non-revenue traveling!
  • Fantastic App! Join! Help fellow staff members!

    By Ver1.1
    Great app! Easy to use. Informative. People helping others. Just what an app should do.
  • Game Changer

    By Delta P90X guy
    This is an absolute game changer for offline non-rev travel. The hardest part was not knowing the loads for offline flights. Not any more!!! This app has helped us many times.
  • ESSENTIAL for non-Rev travel

    By TxAg1981
    Oh my gosh! This is the best app for international non-rev travel
  • Non-Rev Dream

    By B737aa
    Must have App for getting loads on other airlines than your own for ZED travel.
  • Best Non-Rev App!!!!

    By Bootsf15
    This is the best app for Non-Rev Travel Seat availability /Status! I personally enjoy looking up flight information for people, it almost like a game and it helps other company employees in near real time gain information about seat stays for ID 90 Travel.
  • You need this app

    By mtcatc
    Every non rev traveler needs this app! It is amazing!!

    By Gigi & Joey
    What a great concept and what a great app for every non-rev!
  • A lifesaver

    By Chad McJannett
    This app is a must for every non rev traveler in the world.
  • Awesome airline App

    By Canyonblue
    As an airline employee who travels a lot - this app is priceless. Getting accurate last Minute flight load information is priceless. It takes much of the stress out of traveling standby. And giving back by providing info to others is a easy way to go.
  • Love this app

    By AAemp
    This is so amazing for airline employees. You get answers almost immediately for the majority of requests. I love that you can answer other requests to earn credits so you don’t end up having to pay for credits. The only thing I’ve had issues with so far is that sometimes I type in a routing and it doesn’t pull anything up so I have to to do it individually from point A-B then B-C. Not sure why it does that sometimes but overall I love this app.
  • Thank You!!

    By egterri
    This app has saved me so much time and has eased my non-rev stress, making the experience so much more enjoyable. Big easy to use.
  • Awesome

    By Japcap
    This is an excellent tool for non rev travel. Great app all around. One improvement could be to allow the person checking the loads to suggest a better flight for a additional credit.
  • Fantastic app

    By **orangefan**
    Easy to use, accurate information, quick response time.
  • Beats bugging your friends!!!

    We recently travelled to Europe from the US and it is just too difficult to rely on your friends especially when you factor in a time difference. The app was our best friend for assuring we chose the right airline and flight!
  • Commuter must have!

    By Cindydm
    I recommend this app to every commuter I encounter. It’s absolutely amazing! Airlines respond within a few minutes which is great since most commuters are always checking out flights last minute. Thanks for making commuting a little less stressful!
  • Best app ever

    By katier418
    Quite honestly the best app out there for non-revving. It’s easy to use and accurate and a life saver. Thanks for making non-revving easy!!
  • Amazing

    By Mafersalas
    Awesome app for those who travel sby
  • Wow! Best load info and hotel crew rates!

    By hotspring
    Love this app! Must have for any airline employee who travels.
  • This App Rocks!

    By flynakd
    Thank you! What an awesome idea! This is great!
  • Best app for non-rev

    By Tennismag
    Super fast and accurate !!! Thank you all for making it happen!!
  • Multiple flts

    By 4eyed5head
    I think this is thee absolute best app for flt crew ever!!! It requires us to help each other, what a concept!!! This is the way we should operate! Just one suggestion, that there be a way to apply a multi-leg segment option when it’s time to find the flt info for crew. When someone Send a request and it’s time for u to load in the numbers, we can only submit the load for one flt but what if the requestee has a connecting flt there’s no space for us to enter info for their 2nd segment. We don’t always get to take nonstops. Also can u explain why when I’m answering a request, many times I will hit the request and it opens up as if I got it, but it will disappear seconds later saying someone else got it first. Then why would it open on my screen as if I got it? Otherwise I LOVE STAFFTRAVELER!!!!
  • Amazing!!

    By Shellshock7
    This is a great idea and a must have for any non rev using zed fare! Will be using this quite often :D
  • Easiest way to check airline Loads.

    By Mallred32
    If you are an airline employee and trying to use non-rev travel benefits on other airlines then this app is the best/easiest way to find out the load on other carriers!
  • Essential App

    By BoxAviator
    This app is an absolute necessity to get around off -line.
  • LOVE

    By datmegs
    This is the best app for commuting flight crews! I usually get a response from another air carrier in 1-10 minutes. This really beats using a Facebook group to get load information! Amazing app! 5+++ stars
  • AmaIng and helpful app

    By Ndnfkfkfld
    Truly helpful app not only to find connection and rout info, but also obtain reliable passenger and non-revenue passenger info.
  • It’s great

    By nnnnnnnńñ
    We all work together to help one another lov it!
  • Truly Helpful

    By wheretoo?
    What an amazing app! So grateful to have accurate flight loads to help get us non revs to our destinations in these very trying times of standby! Those smiley faces are so inaccurate.
  • I love it

    By Sitex
    We need more non American carriers in this app
  • Superb!

    By beberiksnwnd
    Super helpful. I cannot live without it anymore!! Whoever created this, you are a genius ❤️❤️❤️
  • Life saver!

    By Full Hat
    So great to have a way to communicate with flight attendants from all other airlines ,to help us guide our travels with real numbers ! Thank you for making this possible !
  • Non rev gold

    By Run.perryman
    This has to be the most useful app ever created for non revs. It makes my commute so much less stressful. I’d give it 10 stars if I could!!
  • Just Awesome

    Amazing app!! Saves so much time tracking down loads and I love you can pay it forward with the credits
  • Get it now!!!

    By Rnichol
    Getting loads for planning if great but also seeing all flights to your destination is great. Yesterday I entered ATH to FRA. And saw all of the possible flights on tat day for that route. Picked one, got the loads, booked it on MyIdTravel and made the flight. A good day with less tension.
  • Really helpful!!

    By MiaNicoleAllen
    A commuters lifesaver! Load requests answered in under 5 mins. I love it.