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  • Release Date: 2016-06-13
  • Current Version: 2.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 39.84 MB
  • Developer: StaffTraveler Solutions B.V.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 442


Staff travel, Non-rev, Interline, ID90, ZED fares, call it what you want... We, airline crew, love to travel! StaffTraveler gets you the loads on the flights you wish to staff travel on. Making staff travel easy and stress-free! - Get the loads for the flights you want to non-rev on, by using the power of the largest airline community in the world - Get exclusive hotel deals, only for StaffTravelers - Get a rental car anywhere. Easy & fast - Insider city tips from the worldwide airline community Please note that you can only login after you have been verified as a (retired) airline employee.




    By WanderlustTraveler❤️
    I never write reviews BUT just when I was stressing over loads, despite the green smiley face ID90 gives you, I wanted to know exactly how many seats is open....this app is so accurate❤️ I love it!
  • Awesome

    By alantwa
    Makes my commute so easy and app works great
  • A must have for airline employees

    By Lerty2222
    Great way to get the loads of other airlines! Most responses from other airlines have been pretty quick as well! Awesome app
  • Great app!

    By KD3001
    Great website for airline employees who need to get up to date information on flights! Makes my vacation and non-rev travel much easier!
  • Nonrev Smarter!

    By Jetpigme
    Quick responses to travel inquiries, efficient and user friendly app. Great tool for nonreving! Don’t leave home without it!
  • Great app

    By faggegyrf
    This app is perfect for airline employees. Quick responses
  • Indispensable for standby traveling with other airlines

    I would never try to travel on standby in the U.S. WITHOUT this app, it would be disastrous 😅
  • Staff Traveler ROCKS!

    By rrflanders
    This app makes traveling so much easier. With the large following and app update the response time to any request I make is almost instantaneous. My only change I would like is the option to type in numbers instead of having to spin the wheel to select them.
  • Best Thing for Staff Travel Since Sliced Bread!!

    By brandonb mco
    This app has improved staff traveling 10 fold!! We can now get accurate loads for other airlines most of the time within a couple of minutes! It has gotten me out of several binds and I recommend to all of my colleagues. Keep up the great work!
  • Amazing

    By InfinitePhil
    Not only is the app itself amazing, but the developer support is as well. I sent a suggestion (not even a bug!) and not even 5 minutes later I had a personal email from the staff. Wow! Would pay money for this.
  • Best Interline App Ever!!!

    By Steven0406
    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This app brings the airline community together to help one another out with our commute to work, or for some much needed R&R by giving us a clear picture of what the pax loads look like for that day.

    By Gab201212384
    If you depend on ZED to commute or just use it as an option to take trips GET THIS APP🔥🔥🔥 You will have useful information to determine wether its worth showing up or not. The token system is key, everyone is forced to help in order to be helped! Thank you for this brilliant idea Devs!
  • Best App for Airline Crews EVER invented!!!

    By Torch Bearer 100
    Get it now! Post loads on your free time! Get loads anytime on any carrier! So so so love this app!!!
  • Cheating system

    By Atml29
    After getting assigned a trip to answer the load for and it opens up for you, u go look for the load and u comeback within 30 seconds its assigned to someone else so u get cheated out of a points u could’ve earned
  • Life changing for a commuter

    By Kimlovesdarren
    Thank you so much. As an airline employee, this app REVOLUTIONIZED the way I travel standby. It takes all of the worry out of it for me! I hated calling other airline reservations for flight info. Wide open to one person is marginal to another... Give me the actual boarding totals and let me decide what is “wide open”. 🤣 Great design and user friendly... love it 🥰
  • Incredibly helpful, MUST HAVE APP!

    By LP415
    Short and sweet, this app is nothing short of amazing when it comes to the speed and accuracy for much needed flight loads. Whether “Non-Reving” or commuting, this app helps make the strategy and plan of attack much clearer and reliable. Thanks for the incredible idea and incentive for quick responses!
  • App overcharged me

    By janicexo
    App overcharged me from the agreed upon price for credits. No way to contact support to fix this. Will not be using again.
  • Great app for on reving

    By Mmanzo98
    Makes non reving so much easier. Best solution out there
  • Great app but bring back the desktop version

    By Noah2551
    Love this app but I do miss the desktop version. Any way we can bring that back?
  • All Purpose

    By Dutchtiger
    Really is just an awesome app!!! Gets me the info needed 24/7

    A very fair system to earn credit. A must APP for standby travelers!!!
  • Really helpful

    By bsbebdbdbd
    This app is really helpful for people who work for an airline and want to travel on another airline like ZED. Saves you time and money if you don’t want to book something without knowing the loads. Love it!
  • So handy

    By F Attendant Jnyc
    Great app that can save you some time and energy !
  • Genius app!!

    By Mikeypr15
    I am a flight attendant for a major airline and this app goes above and beyond in helping me with my non-rev! Saves me time and money! I highly recommend it to all you non-revs out there!
  • Let’s travel

    By Rjsarasty
    The best app by far, for airline staff traveling with ID50/90 or ZED tíquets.
  • App does not work

    By G021985
    I received an email that my airline credentials had been verified. I followed the link to finish setting up my account but the app does not work. When I login (or try to login) the app either says that I have not been verified yet or it just simply does not even allow me to login. I emailed support address before writing this review and after 3 weeks have still not received a response. Sounds like a good idea for an app, to bad it does not work.
  • Quick access to flight loads

    By LLS '09
    Whoever made this app is so genius. The responses are great because you basically can respond to load requests anonymously. This is amazing as I commute to work and travel frequently on my off time.
  • Highly recommended!

    By guccimeng
    If you work for an airline, I highly recommend this app. Your requests gets answered within minutes if not seconds! I commute for work and sometimes I'm unable to fly through my own airline so this app allows me to check when I fly with other airline using the ID90 privileges.
  • The Only Way To Fly

    By d48m55
    Love this site when traveling on other airlines. Thanks 👍👍
  • Finally something that help non-rev

    By hottiecu
    I love how you do Origen and destination and it gives you all the flight between cities pair. I get a response in less than 5 minutes. Love the app it makes my travel less hassle and helps me plan accordingly.
  • Staff travels

    By Buggyoneyoda
    I downloaded this app it was great when I went on my trip. But then a month later I tried looking at it, I was getting trouble I couldn’t even get it to open up it was telling me to put in my email which I did but it still didn’t work till today..I deleted it and reinstalled it ..I need help.
  • Who would have known

    By Kelsey032195
    I never knew something like this app existed and I am forever grateful now that I know
  • Amazing

    By Inkyboy86
    This app is a lifesaver! Very easy to use and saves a whole lot of time!
  • Love it now!!!

    By 727 Guy
    The app is great now since the update. Don’t have to use Facebook to sign in anymore. Well done!!!
  • Sharon G

    By patutele
    Love it. It’s an amazing tool😊
  • Essential App!

    By Jtplt
    I rarely write reviews but I have to rate this app with 5 stars! If you are a commuter or just traveling on a pass, this app will make your days so much easier! All of my requests get responded to astonishingly fast and the info is correct. The developers respond quickly to questions. Very, very happy with this app! Highly recommended!
  • Works great. Best app out there

    By Soccer sections crashes
    Beautiful app. However, as soon as you try to open where it says tips, the app crashes
  • So well done

    By Rosanitahere
    This site is just so well done. What a great idea...whoever all thought of this, I wish it had been me. It just works so well, and it’s fun earning credits by replying to others. I almost never go on line voluntarily to rate apps. That’s how much I appreciate this one.
  • Are you still working

    By basehit125
    Trying to log on but unable to. Is app still active? Thanks
  • Best app ever

    By AlecLarson67
    This app has saved me waaay too many times. Thanks to the creators of staff traveler!
  • Airline Codes with Numbers

    By BPed
    I don’t think you fixed it. Just tried B6 and F9.
  • Love it!

    By Fatty McGhee
    I was amazed I did bonkers about this. A colleague turned me into it. Exactly what is needed. Timely and accurate flight loads. Haven’t tried much for airlines outside the US, but here in the US it works great! Thank you
  • Awesome app!

    By sQ12234
    Love this app!! It’s super helpful whenever you need to know loads quickly!
  • Log in issues

    By Capt. Ballard
    I’ve been having difficulty getting into the site since the update I was sent an email to confirm by clicking the link it’s not working. I tried again it said I would get an email and I should check my junk mail but there was nothing there and I know my email is correct because I changed my password with no problem
  • Beautiful design but frustrating

    By SillyMacBoy
    This app has a great new design. Pretty easy to use the few times I actually get to use it. Three stars lost though since I can never actually use it to enter loads. Since the new app was released, I’ve earned one credit. Since everyone’s notifications were turned on by default, there’s no chance to log on and answer what happened to have popped up, as I did all the time in the old version. And since I have a full and exciting life to live, I refuse to get what seems like tens of notifications per minute from the app. So it is a great looking app that is really crappy if you want to live your life and not be drowned in notifications.
  • The latest releases fixed everything

    By Diego12345678
    This is a great app for any airline employee who travels On ID tickets on other airlines. Few ideas: allow users to set times for notifications to avoid receive notifications in the middle of the night. Enable alerts so when aircraft capacity is changed or flight is cancelled on a flight that we have requested load then we receive a notification about it. Use existing data as analytics sources to provide certain trends information on flights load based on routes, season etc
  • Easy, fast and informative!

    By Dan O'Leary
    This app has quickly become essential for my commute to and from my base. The brief verification process let’s me know I’m getting trusted information from fellow airline employees, and I am happy to help others like me by providing load information from my airline. Definitely a must have for non rev travel.
  • Unable to login

    By Got Chau
    With the new update I can’t login
  • Old app better

    By Moose874
    This is an example of why: If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Newer isn’t always better. New app has issues confirming account. Had many people did you lose because of that? Try testing all aspect of app before you publish. Can not sort “Your Requests” alphabetically. Can not sort “Your answered requests” by date/time. Only app version. You say a web based browser version soon? Should have held until it was ready. Why release half a product. You’re like apple- fix it later?