Board Kings™

Board Kings™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-08
  • Current Version: 2.31.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 184.77 MB
  • Developer: Jelly Button Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 33 679


Bounce around and Build Your Board - Are You a Board King? If you love board games, you’ll be head over heels for Board Kings - the funnest online FREE board game around! Build up your board, buy some cool landmarks - and keep your bunny residents happy! Bring your friends along for the fun: invite them to Board Kings and receive some cool freebies, then visit their boards...and steal their stuff! But, be warned - once you start stealing, you’ll need to protect your own board: guard it by placing cop cars all over your board, and make sure to watch out for wannabe thieves! Board Kings is the coolest online board game for everyone! Play Board Games with Your Friends! Hop on the express train to your friends’ boards! Have fun and send them gifts, or… • DESTROY THEIR BOARDS!!! Play your free board game, your way...Grab their landmarks, steal their coins and go nuts...what’s the worst that could happen? • Keep safe your friends’ board game attacks! Put those cop cars on your board and watch out - you might not be alone on your board…! This is Board Kings, where you can be naughty...or nice. Build, build, build your board just how you like it! New to free online board games? Start off small, and start upgrading your board - collect coins when your dice rolls! • Get awesome goodies as you roll the dice! From gems, to extra coins, to free rolls and more - who knows what you’ll collect? • The more coins you collect, the more landmarks you can buy, and the better your game boards! • Customize your board in this free building game/board game: choose your theme, your dice style, and your idol board hopper! • Use your coins to upgrade your board! Keep upgrading for bigger, better boards! And even more goodies are waiting for you...Roll the dice and play through 20 awesome free building game boards, with more boards added in every update! This is how awesome board games should be! Introducing: The Brand New Board Raiders Free Bunny Album! Win BIG with Board Raiders, our brand NEW Bunny Album! Each season’s album tells a brand new story! • Bounce around your board to collect awesome stickers and fill up your Board Raiders Bunny Album! • Win HUGE prizes and bonuses when you collect every sticker in Board Raiders, the cool new latest Bunny Album! Keep in touch! Connect your Facebook to play Board Kings multiplayer board games FREE with your friends! Friends not on Board Kings? Invite them to play awesome building game board games and get free rolls, gems and other goodies!



  • Great game, but I have an issue with the recent update

    By YoshiDude47
    I’ve been playing this game for a good month now and I really enjoy this Gabe’s mechanics and theming, but there’s still one gripe I have, and it’s been with the video rewards. For a while I’ve often had issues with the video rewards system and often times when the video ends it only shows the pink card floating in front but it doesn’t turn to show the reward. I’m sure this is a simple fix.
  • Freezes after watching a video

    By Cheycarm
    Hope you get the game freezing after watching a video fixed. I have to force close and open it again with no reward for taking the time to watch. Also you no longer have the support link active, please update/remove the option in the apps tote
  • Meh

    By GotWeen
    The mini games take too long and are boring as hell. Collecting these cards are monotonous and stupid not to mention useless and also boring.
  • Needs to be fixed!

    By heeeeeeello
    There are too many bugs in this game that cause it to lag
  • Fun game but annoying at times

    By nscamp
    This is a fun game, but the main complaint I have is there are too many pop ups/ads/announcements right when the game opens up. There should be a way to either turn them off or make a small purchase that would get rid of ads forever; an alternative would be to keep the announcements in the side menu area instead of having them pop up every time you start the game. Also, it seems like it’s too easy for people to steal your coins. I leave the game with, say, 500,000 coins, I come back 30 minutes later and I have 1,200. Lol it just seems too easy to lose coins to other people. Other than that it’s a really good game!
  • Too many cash grabs

    By Haixbwkzuxbwnz
    This game is very well made and pleasing to the eye. The only thing I’m not a fan of is how many times the game tries to get you to purchase extra rolls or diamonds or some other in game currency or reward. I’ll open the game and have to exit out of sometimes up to 6 pop ups telling me to purchase something. Even just lowering the frequency of these would make a big difference. But, overall this is an excellent game
  • Poor customer support and too many issues!

    By Dowb
    It’s so difficult to enjoy a game when the game itself has so many issues. Customer Service takes days sometimes to get back to you and when they do the issue isn’t resolved or you are not properly compensated for your losses. I just won second place in there Mother’s Day tournament but was awarded third place. I made sure I kept checking the results, I even made a purchase to ensure I got atleast second and I have no doubt I did. It’s a fun game but I’m very disappointed in the level of customer support as well as the developers. It’s okay to want to make money but make sure your purchasers are fully satisfied.
  • Glitches

    By babydoll 45
    I have major glitches on my board there are people that are there are there really aren’t there on my board sending you a picture to show you.. if it will let me send a picture
  • Your games doesn’t work

    By _gi_gi_
    After every Fuken ad!!!!it Fuken freezes my screen or it clicks on the ad to play some stupid game and it freezes shi like if you guys want us to help you guys with downloading stupid af games but trust we good!!!we don’t wanna play no trashy games
  • Disappointed

    By cjmarti12
    I got this game a few months back and got obsessed with it. I’ve never once paid for stuff in a game but this was my first. I’ve spent about $100+ in this game and it’s gotten to the point now that I’m so far ahead I can’t do anything if I don’t buy. The buildings are tremendously high in coins to upgrade and I get less and less stickers. I can’t seem to win any contests since I don’t get enough moves in to win. Everything is too hard to get. I’m really disappointed cause even though I still play I find the game annoying now.
  • Locks up

    By AprilRM76
    It was great till the last update but now it locks up on the mini game every time. I deleted and reinstalled it and it still happens. I can’t get to the “in game help” cause it won’t get out of the dang mini game!
  • Bad

    By Legit master2000
    The game doesn’t explain anything and you just tap and things move and you have no clue why or what’s going on. No clue how this game is a 4.5/5 they probably paid people to rate it for them or something lol
  • no protections for players

    By opxlion
    hey y’all! i really enjoy this game, like, i’ve spent money on this game, but now i’m legitimately upset. there are absolutely 0 protections for your coins and how much someone else can steal from you. in a single day, i went from 14 million coins, (that i payed for/worked for,) to 200k, and i can’t begin to tell you how much that upsets me. someone got 10 million from breaking my piggy bank, and the other 4 million were lost to two people using the steal mini game. that’s incredibly unfair, considering that i payed for some (a lot) of those coins with my own money. please either institute a limit to how much someone can steal from you, (a fair percentage of your coins, etc,) or if there is a limit, drastically lower it. 14 million coins in a single day is a lot to lose.
  • Great but

    By brownbfr
    My only problem is that it’ll log me out and luckily I use Facebook to log back in with saved progress. The other thing is that the pink video card will let you watch a video but when it bring up the card again it does not flip over to your reward and you have to close the app and open it again — with no reward.
  • Freezing

    By sarp100000000
    Game keeps freezing after the ads pop up :/
  • Time

    By Jaz2k15
    Can you please cut the roll recharged time in half
  • great game

    By Boo Bennett
    totally obsessed with this game
  • Watching videos for prizes

    By kjacket56
    Y’all need to fix the watch for prize portion of the app. I have watched videos and then it freezes and I don’t get the prize. Annoying
  • Glitch-Best Fiends ad.

    By TinyElvisJax
    Every time I get that ad, the game locks up and I can’t move on until I close the game entirely. Of course, there is no reward for watching that ad. Otherwise, we are having a great time playing each other as a family. It’s become very competitive!

    By faquokdudea
    alright its a good game but th WAIT TIMES ARE HORRIBLE! i dont want to wait an hour for 4 rolls so fix those waits
  • Love this game....but

    By SJb772409
    all day today, no matter what I do, it keeps starting over like I’ve never had this game. This is annoying because today is the first day for a Mother’s Day prize. Which i have not received. And probably won’t. I’m sure eventually my game will come back but meanwhile I can’t play it. And that’s a shame because I’m enjoying it otherwise. Update: the developers said i might be signed in on two facebooks. I’m not. I still don’t have my game back. If it’s not back soon I’m going to give up on this game. I’ve updated my review accordingly.
  • Quick response

    By savannaboat98
    I previously left this review below, but they responded within a few hours and added the rolls to my account. I have played this game for months now and am level 67. Since the beginning of this game I have been collecting the Dice Age figures. When you level all of these figures to rainbow status you are supposed to receive 400 rolls. After months of buying figures with my gems, today I got all of the five age figures to rainbow. Instead of receiving my 400 rolls, I only got 4. This is insane and incredibly unacceptable. I expect a response and the programmers to fix this issue. I am so beyond upset about these months of progress all for
  • ?

    By jbig ugfrrbihgvgu hi
    I got 50 blocks but it won’t let me go to the cowboys board.
  • Fun game

    By nandhd ene
    Fun game the rolling mechanic is sort of slow though

    By wizard5839
    This is the best game in the whole world! A game I can finally play with no glitches and I can play with friends!
  • Love it, but...

    By Anonymous123???
    I downloaded this game yesterday and had so much fun! But, I just wish you had unlimited rolls. Because every time I run out of rolls, i have to stop playing.
  • Great Game, But..

    By _ButterflyMan
    Paying to level up after all the upgrades are done doesn’t really make much sense.
  • Not happy

    By mazza555
    I just completed my mega bunny set all of them are rainbow! And I was suppose to get 400 rolls and it only gave me 4 rolls! I have spent money on this game I enjoy this game but it doesn’t give you the stuff you earn (this isn’t the first time this has happened) but I have had enough now!
  • Too much time

    By dinosaur 2468
    I think this game takes way too much time. You only get four rolls per hour. ( that means that you get to play 5 minutes an hour) I feel like there should be an update to make it so you get to roll about 20 times an hour. I’m fine with being patient with games but this one just is not enough playing time!!! I hope it is updated
  • I’m Angry

    By im really confused
    I can’t tell you how mad I am - I bought coins in game and I understand that stealing money is part of the game but other players shouldn’t be able to steal money that you buy with your own money. I payed for it so they stole like $5 from me essentially.
  • Disappointing

    By laryfarms
    I really enjoyed this game until it updated and I lost ALL progress. I liked the game so much though I decided to start again. It has now happened to me yet again and I’ve been restarted to the very beginning. I am extremely disappointed in the time I’ve wasted. This game will be fun for you as long as you lose interest before it updates and it’s ruined. UPDATE I reached out to support with no response or anything. Truly wish I could give this less than 1 star.
  • Unfair game play

    By ElFubar
    I think I’ll start by giving a quick list of the pros of this game. With exception of the multi player aspect, it really is a fun, cute game. And a rather enjoyable waste of time for people who like the building/leveling up type of games. But that’s about all the good I can say about it. On to the problems... you’re basically playing (or competing) with other players for resources (coins). Not a new concept by any means... You have the ability to visit other players boards and cause them problems. You can steal coins and lock down building, which prevents them from advancing. I could live with that too a degree. But the game goes too far. There is a spot on everyone’s board labeled as “steal” where if you land on it when it’s available, you’ll be giving three choices (a choice between three other players which are covered up). You pick one, and steal coins from that play. This might be an ok aspect of the game. But certain factors make it really unfair. First off, the person you steal from has absolutely no protection from it. To use Clash of Clans as an example, in this game, you can’t be attacked or robbed if your online. In Board King’s your fair game, off line or online. Secondly, the amount you steal is 75% of what that have. This alone is way you should NOT play this game. I was playing last night, and built up over 200k in coins for an upgrade. And right as I was making the purchase, I got robbed for 150k. A friend of mine got robbed for over 1.2 million coins due to another unfair factor of this game. This other factor deals with “in game purchases”. Clash of Clans is guilty of this too, but Board Kings takes it to a new level. There is a factor in the game needed to advance to the next level. You have to collect gold bricks to advance. These bricks spawn on your board at random, and you have to land on them to collect them. And long story short, it’s takes hundreds to thousands of rolls to get them all legitimately. You will end up finishing all of your building upgrades long before you ever get these bricks. And if your buildings are done, you’ll start stockpiling coins. And because of that, you’ll end up losing millions to other players because you can’t advance. This is what happened to my friend. This aspect will pressure you into buying gems or other things to help you not be a victim. Seeing this game for what it, I uninstalled it last night. I’m done with it.
  • Fun at first. Impossible to beat.

    By Fhdjdhdu
    This was my absolute favorite game in the beginning. It would get a little more challenging with each board and the little mini games were a great quirk. Then I got to the inferno bunny board and beyond. The buildings go from 400 grand to update to over a million. I literally use all my rolls with the times five so I can get close to what I need to upgrade anything to move on. I get up to about 300-700 grand when all of sudden u have hundreds of thousands stolen from coin king. Which is a game where random players pick a lock to steal your money. I can’t upgrade anything while actively playing because out of no where it never fails to have someone steal more than half of my cash. You literally cannot play past a certain level without spending your own money to get either rolls or gems to buy upgrades.. They seriously need to rethink some of the higher levels and maybe the coin king amount and how many times u can be hit in a row. I can count five times in a row where I’ve been hit today alone. A little frustrating...
  • Fun game. Some ideas for it ❤️

    By the geek with the space buns🐕
    This game is great! I was a little confused at first about me not being able to roll when I was out of moves. I like how we don't get ads just randomly but when we pull an ad card. I don't really like ads in general but, this is a cool way to get some sponsors. I love that we can create our boards and go to others too. It would be Fun if we could like change our charicter if we didn't like the ones we chose at the beginning. Thanks for reading
  • Update broke the game

    By missizzy13
    Game updated and now won’t load. Error message pops up too quickly to read, then goes back to the ‘play’ or ‘login and play’ choice. I don’t have Facebook so I can’t try the ‘login and play’ choice. I’m in the mid-sixties on the levels and actually had just won a bunch of rolls by collecting the game pieces so I am really ticked off that the game basically just broke on me. Edit: It just opened. All of my progress - my completed sticker sets, my completed idol sets, all the rolls I’d won - gone. I’d spent money on this game. I never will again. Edit part 2: since I had already lost all my progress, I deleted then re-downloaded the game and my progress came back... for now. Going to be hard to trust that it won’t just disappear again after this. New update May 10th: Just finished getting the the rainbow level of the common idols for the Dice Ice theme. Usually worth 400 rolls, right? I got 4 rolls. That’s right... 4. This is getting ridiculous.

    By CJM0407
    The last iOS update caused me to lose my game progress and I was on level 37! It took months for me to get there and collect all the idols, gems, etc. I contacted them and they said they updated my progress. It worked for 1 day, then it erased my progress again and I was back to level 1! I contacted customer support again, they replied to my email and asked for my friend code, which I provided...that was on April 25th! They have not restored my game progress, nor have they replied to any of my follow up emails in the past 2+ weeks. I have also reached out to them via social media. I am very upset because I spent time and money on this game, but they really don’t care. They have COMPLETELY IGNORED all of my attempts! I am going to request a refund for all of my money and DELETE THE APP!
  • Honestly I love the game BUT

    By s6xy61rl420
    It’s constantly crashing or freezing the “free cards” don’t pay out anymore they just make the game stop working!! Every time I go to the Facebook page to collect free gifts. It NEVER works! Have you guys just gotten that greedy or just lost all interest in making your customers happy?? Honestly get your shiiiiiitttt together and make the app worth our purchases please!!
  • It was fun...

    By Tylre Wirth
    I played this game heavily up to about level 40ish. I made the occasional purchase because I had never been more addicted to a phone game. Then the $35 promos started coming out. I stopped spending money, and progress went to a halt. I couldn’t compete in the mini games because everyone was SO far ahead every time. Then the non-competitive challenges also become impossible (without paying) and the prizes for non-payers were tiny to nonexistent. All I ask is to make this game playable for the non-payer or even the occasional ($5-10/week) player. Or even split paying players and non-to-low paying players. Do something please. Just tryna roll my dice a couple times a day... maybe upgrade 1-2 buildings...
  • poop

    By 510 новых уровней! Класс!
    infinite rolls for everyone please
  • Not player friendly

    By Thebigwoods
    Someone will steal all of your money 1 second before you use it. This is unacceptable
  • What a ripoff.

    By mistyBro9
    I’m reporting this game as a total waste and ripoff. After spending plenty of money and playing for quite some time it’s near impossible to level up without making purchases. I’ve noticed they keep upping the prices on my account as well. However, for other accounts that don’t play as much their prices are lower. They rope you in and then jack up the special roll prices. I’ve noticed times where my rolls depleted by 50 when I’m only rolling on 3x’s my roll. I’ve emailed them and they didn’t do anything. Recently I landed on vending machine and bought a mini character to complete my multi colored set for a bonus of 400 rolls. They gave me 4 rolls. Bad thing is it was during a bonus game so I couldn’t hit the bonus of 800 rolls, gems and coins because of it. They even emailed me admitting to the problem but didn’t credit my bonus game win because of their screw up. I’ve also not received items while making purchases, like bonus cards, rolls and gems. The free cards are worth 1-3 dice and mainly freeze up when you do get a decent bonus card. They say make purchases to receive better cards- ha! I’ve only received duplicate cards and can’t complete sets even with spending money. I’ve also screen shot my roll counts on some days only to log in and see my count be less that what I logged off with. So, don’t spend your money. It gets worse with level advancements! The better you get the more they ask for and the more they make challenges harder. I’ve leveled up to over 150 and you don’t get anything better than leveling up at 10. It’s pointless.
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By pgcherry
    Liking it
  • A time and money pit

    By Sayroar111
    The interface is great, but the challenges are ridiculous to complete and more often than not, you expend more resources to win the prizes than you actually receive from the prizes.
  • Videos crash

    By RobinBH
    I watch the videos everyday. And more often than not, after the video ends and back to the game board, the screen freezes. The only way to resume playing, for me anyway, is to close the app and restart. Losing whatever incentive I should get for watching the videos repeatedly. Please tell me this will be fixed. I really enjoy the game when it works. But it’s gotten to where it isn’t fun anymore. Especially when no ‘prize’ for enduring the ads.
  • Pay to play

    By Blindblom
    I’ll admit that this is a fun addicting game but once you hit the pay wall just beware. The developers make it impossible to advance unless you spend lots of money. They give you the option of watching an ad to get a free card which consists of free rolls, a gem, coins, or an extra cop, but 5/6 times the card doesn’t turn over and just freezes. So you are just left watching an ad for absolutely nothing. Countless people have complained about the glitch but it never gets fixed.
  • Many problems

    By MadFash5529
    There are several issues within the game. When I upgrade my buildings, it takes my money and doesn’t even upgrade it!!! It’s super frustrating saving thousands of coins to upgrade and having that go to waste and have to save all over again. Also, when you try to watch an ad for a prize card the whole game freezes. Like, you watch the ad and then it freezes, forcing you to exit out of the game with no reward. When you watch an ad, it benefits the developers but gives us nothing, which is tricking people so they can get money. I also recently paid money for a pack with coins, rolls, and gems. NEVER PAY MONEY ON THIS GAME. I purchased the pack, then literally seconds after somebody stole almost all of the coins!!! That is SO unfair! There should be a limit to how many coins that can be stolen. Thanks for giving my money to somebody else, Board Kings.
  • Developers are thief’s

    By Chickinlil1984
    Terrible customer service. This game has stolen rolls from customers who have paid money for them. They say you get 400 rolls for getting a rainbow set nope you get 4! They give you very limited rolls and want you to spend hundreds to actually be able to play for longer then 10 minutes! Unrealistic and they should have more rewards so you can play and actually level up. So disappointed in the company!
  • Great game but some issues

    By Pretian
    I love this game, it is great and addictive, but when I bought a 4$ pack it showed the idle cactus but when I bought it I did not get it. But still great game
  • It reset my account

    By Want dbz
    I love the game a lot of fun but it reset my account and I don’t know how to get it back I don’t want to restart that’s not right I want my account back or I’m gonna delete the game.