Board Kings™

Board Kings™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-08
  • Current Version: 2.24.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 165.27 MB
  • Developer: Jelly Button Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 27 458


Hello and welcome to Board Kings! Board Kings is a new exciting and hilarious multiplayer board game brought to you by Jelly Button, the creators of Pirate Kings. Board Kings combines features from classic board games everyone knows and loves with epic social perks and hysterically funny graphics. NOW INTRODUCING...BUNNY ALBUMS! Our new Bunny Albums bring you a new way to WIN BIG! Collect wonderful stickers as you roll through your board to fill up your Bunny Albums. Each album tells a story. Collect all stickers to reveal the complete story and win huge prizes and bonuses! Roll your Dice & Build Landmarks Meet your first board – it’s empty - for now. Roll your dice and move your idol piece around the board. Collect coins and build landmarks for your bunnies and make your board city shine! Win extra prizes like coins, gems, and extra dice rolls when you land on one of our special tiles and collect a free boost card! Build buildings and place landmarks on your board to boost your bunny residents’ happiness to level up. Visit Other Boards and Do Some Damage! Playing classic board games is always nice - but the real Board Kings fun begins when your idol piece lands on the train tile *evil laugh*. Visit your friends' boards, destroy and conquer their buildings and take control over their landmarks. Steal their coins and wreak havoc - Just make sure not to get caught by the cops! Defend your Board If you're visiting and destroying other boards, you can count on other players trying to invade yours. Place police cars across your tiles, keep your eyes open, and chase vicious intruders away. The better you defend your board, the easier you can build it up and make your bunnies happy. Other Boards and Themes Await! As you progress in this board game and make your bunny residents happy, collect the pieces of the golden trail to progress to bigger and better boards! The more you progress, the nicer and better equipped your board is. The Board Kings world has 18 boards waiting for you and our bunnies are working to create more at this very moment! Become the Board King, now! This board game is free-to-play, but you can also purchase additional items. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Any Suggestions or new ideas? Experiencing any problems? We love our players! You can reach out to our support team from inside the game! Your board awaits!



  • Gets boring after a while

    By daniw413
    Gets boring after a while. Same thing over and over. Each board should have its own unique challenges; be more interactive. Most people I know that have played this will start playing often, then will slowly stop playing. There’s nothing new.
  • Amazing

    By Gerroffe2
    I got this game off of an add and honestly I didn’t think it was gonna be that great. After playing it for a while I got so addicted and ended up making all of my friends download this app. They all told some of their friends and now every five minutes I get a notification telling me that one of them stole my money. This game is great! There should be a way that you could get more if you roll doubles tho, or get more rewards for random stuff.
  • Prize room

    By Tiffanymarose
    Fix the prize room it should go further
  • Dice Rolls (PLEASE FIX)

    By angiexbabyxo
    I absolutely love this game and so far the only thing I feel like I have to complain about is the game is stealing rolls .. for example I can have 4 rolls and after 2 rolls I have 0 .. that's 2 rolls that have gone unused .. BUT .. sometimes I can have 10 rolls and in 3 rolls they're out .. that's not alright .. people spend money on games and enjoy it for more reasons than one .. please fix ? I genuinely love this game and have gotten so many people in to it .
  • Will not load

    By Chelmarbren
    I absolutely love this game! I haven’t played it in a while and i just recently started again but the game will not load. I’ve been sitting on the loading screen for almost 25 minutes now. Still nothing, please fix this. 3 stars only because it won’t load and i can’t even play
  • Seems like a bit of a scheme.

    By _yvngkiing_
    Ive been playing for about two weeks now and overall it is not an awful game. My big problem with the game is that I always land on the machines tile that “wants” you spend diamonds (you don’t accumulate a lot of them and you can use actual money to buy more). Every time I play the game I seem to find myself on that same purple diamond tile. This cause me to stop having fun and later uninstalling the game.
  • Disappointed

    By togfhigchh
    I actually enjoyed the game, however I made an accidental purchase in the game store and emailed them multiple times, and even went as far as to try and contact them on twitter but nothing. I’m fine with not getting my money back, but to not even get a single response from anyone is terrible customer service and I am very disappointed
  • Restarted game

    By bmth143
    I just opened my game and the whole thing reset I am not sure if it was hacked or what but I was a level 8 board and I got on the app and it started a new tutorial
  • failed to refund purchase

    By karlab1989
    bought something during a promotion. my card was charged but i never received the in app purchase. tried to reach out to company and they said forward us the email however there’s to email to forward anything too. disappointed as i loved this game and never had a problem until it came to getting my money back. won’t purchase anything again.
  • Gems keep disappearing

    By ZmbPnda
    Several times now my gems have disappeared had 60+ gems a couple hours now I only have 35 gems I didn’t spend any during that time since I didn’t even have the app open, this is not the first time either. I probably will uninstall which is a shame cause I did enjoy the game aside from that issue.
  • Bad support didn’t receive pkg I paid for 2 times!

    By Yolandanelson31
    I have had to contact support several times and this is what I got: Dec 1 response Dec 8, Dec 23 response Dec 26, Jan 21 response Feb 5, Feb 1, Feb 3, Feb 5 response never received (for items not received that I paid for). They have pkg promos that are in conjunction with the game promo, if the promo is over why would I want the pkg? The first few support request were not all that important I just noticed a problem (of course I was the one being cheated) the last ones where for a paid for pkg, I included a receipt was included with all 3 tickets and they send me an email saying that they can’t give a refund because Apple is the money taker, then had the nerve to ask for a receipt even though there was one attached to the message they sent me. Apple says these things must be worked out with the game developers but when the game developers ignore your request then what? At least on Google I can get my money back without jumping through hoops. Plus if the support didn’t see a receipt that was right under his nose how am I suppose to know if he gave me all of what the package contained, since this took place on Feb 1st? I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from this game if you are playing it on an Apple device, sign into it from an Android device so if they decide not to give you your package within the 15min window, you can request a refund.
  • Won't load on iPad

    By K. Powerhead
    The game shows the loading screen, but when it's basically full it just keeps cycling through the flavor text and never loads
  • Issue to recieve invite prize.

    By LiSNguyen
    Hello? Board Kings Do you guy close the bonus event? I have a lot of friends add me and me do the same but the game didnt count it and just stop at prize 48?
  • Awesome Game!

    By Hdbushbsijs
    I’ve been playing for quite some time now and I personally think that this game is really entertaining! I only have one suggestion, even though I know that this probably won’t be convenient for the game. My suggestion is that you get more dice, or even better make them infinite! I know that this might not be a good idea for some but I just love this game and I love playing with my friends and I can’t get enough of it✨ Overall thank you so much for the game!
  • Rating & review

    By Shiphop23
    I absolutely LOVE this game! Even on the low days which every games has!! You guys are AWESOME!
  • I really like this game

    By marry abshire
    But I never get my rewards but it’s still fun just wish I would get my rewards when will the rules be ready again for you to add people or so you can get the rolls in the Rubys
  • Ok.....

    By SophieIsDeBest
    This app is normally great, but during the last even I earned around 255K, but when I logged on I never got it! Not a HUGE deal, but when I logged in today I was missing 1M coins! This IS a big deal! Please fix this! Also, you guys need to have some time in between events, you’re cramming too much stuff into the game at once!
  • Cool

    By Leanna89
    Ok so far. 💁🏻
  • Add me

    By KingDom08
  • Add me! 😁

    By $hea-Z
  • Just no

    By marlinazul00
    The game has no game play besides rolling. That’s it. You buy stuff but that’s it supper boring
  • Unfair Game

    By yurkkk
    I love this game but I am at level 51 and my roll limit is still only 50! My friend is at level 16 and his roll limit is at 60. I get 4 rolls per hour but my friend gets 5 rolls per hour at level 16! Unfair. I am at level 51 and get only 3 roll booster! I don't even have the option for 5, but my friend says at level 25 he will gain that 5. Like this game is very unfair in that aspect. Im annoyed
  • Board kings

    By dishgirl219
    Me and my friend Diane love this game we play daily come on and join us

    By SuperTardisLocked
    last night when i went to open the app, the game loaded as if i had never played before. this is extremely frustrating as im currently past level 30 with more than 3,750 bunns. i love this game but this is extremely frustrating. i’ve decided to do nothing for now, having no idea how to possibly restore my progress ans not wanting to accidentally take any action that could result in definitely being unable to get that progress back.
  • Great game

    By ashl89
    Great game
  • If you are in to waiting.

    By Savalot87
    You get to play the game for about 15 seconds (4 rolls) and then wait for an hour to play another 4 rolls. It’s not worth it. Find a different game. You’re welcome.
  • Best game of 2019

    By cory_dearinger_
  • Customer support

    By ~Jess23~
    I really don’t like doing reviews, but There are major flaws in the game, however, I do love playing it. My biggest issue is when you submit an issue via email straight to customer service and they respond with “we apologize for your issue, here x amount of gems and dice” and you still don’t receive anything. Don’t respond to people’s issues telling them that you have provided them with gems and dice for their issues with the game, if your not actually going to follow through. This has happened at least 3 times in a response to an email I sent straight to customer support. That is terrible customer service.
  • Fun but annoying

    By Em'sreview
    I think the concept of this game is really fun and I really enjoyed it at first. However, now that i’m at a higher level, it’s impossible to level up because people keep stealing my coins and I can’t upgrade my building. I also typically go through all of my rolls without landing on the train space, so I almost never travel to other peoples boards. But it seems like people are constantly coming to my board and stealing my coins. I kind of want to delete the game because it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Really fun

    This game is really fun and you should definitely try it. It is one of those games that you need to wait a bit. Other than that I would really recommend it!
  • It. Is awesome

    By skrjrur
    You should get 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😉😍😍😜😜

    By R@nD0mPeRs0n
    Whenever I come back in the game after more than 2 hours and land on the vending machine, the time hasn’t gone down. PLEASE FIX!
  • Amazing

    By Crazymomhead
    This game is fun to play and as it says in the title I only play it when im board
  • Please fix

    By Cbabiee
    So I was upgrading one of my buildings that was ridiculously over 1.5 Million coins this Jeffero guy that I’m not friends with stole all my coins and the upgrade didn’t take. I’m very upset because Iv been stuck on the same bored for awhile now and I have to get over a 1.5 million coins to upgrade these last three and everytime I go to upgrade it gets stolen from people I’m not friends with or I can’t even go to their board or even get revenge so please fix this or I won’t be playing anymore . Iv worked to hard and spent to much money on this game 😡🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
  • In game currency doesn’t deposit

    By fleabledilebewee
    The game is overall fun and I enjoy the concept. However, do no try to speed up the process by spending money. I bought $25 event package during the Building Party event on February 9th. The purchase when through and I was billed but did not receive any of the in game currency. The pack contained 800 Rolls, 325 gems, and 389k gold, and a “special gift”. After the purchase said “successful” I received nothing in return. Then I checked my bank statement and found a $25 charge on my card. Fun game but don’t waste your money!
  • Great game!

    By Rbee D
    The game is super fun!! But ran out of rolls everytime and just wish they add more ads to get more rolls. Have been waiting for the free pink card for ad to come up but usually get coins. I would watch ads to get more rolls tbh. But other than that this game is super fun!!
  • Pay to win

    By Goffer43
    This game is extremely pay to win, you'll notice it within the first few days you play it. The rolls ARE NOT random play for a week and you’ll see. I only kept playing to beat the first hell stage and for some reason I’m still playing. The pop ups are toxic as well Gotta go through 40 of them before you can play. Even when your playing you’ll play for 5 min then your out of rolls until 50 min passes by then you can roll 4 more times! Wow! your game is trash
  • Good game

    It’s really fun
  • F2P garbage

    By Chip H.
    Whenever you picture the worst of F2P shenanigans, this game should come to mind. Impossible to do anything meaningful without waiting multiple hours between sessions. Mindless, pure RNG “gameplay”. Frustrations out the wazoo. If “building” a board game over several months by pressing a single button over and over is your idea of fun, give it a try, but otherwise stay away.

    By :( miss old mangastorm
    This game is absolutely rigged. I’ve been stuck trying to level up for an entire week now. Whenever I get within 500k of leveling up someone steals over 1 mil from me or breaks my piggy. I never had this many people coming for me beforehand. It makes it absolutely impossible to level up and it’s SO frustrating. I loved playing the game, thought it was so fun, but not anymore- now it’s just rigged to get you so frustrated that you buy a coin pack. So stupid.
  • Game won't load since new update

    By debbiedebbdeb
    I love this game. I've played for a long time and payed a lot for extras. Ever since the update a week or so ago, I can't play. I just did the new update too. Help please! I want to play again.
  • Improved

    By Jamie❤️❤️❤️
    The game is great, the graphics cute. There are also events to win bigger and to keep you busy, which is cool. Why did I dock off one star? Because what is NOT cool is that one random person just stole 1.5 MILLION coins (yes, million) in ONE GO and I worked so hard to get that far, which is so unfair. I take three days to get that many coins, and that person gets to steal from me once and take everything. So disappointed, please make some way to “lock” your board while you’re away. Edit: You guys? I have lost my faith. I move through the boards, one by one, and find that each board is more boring than the last, to the point where every one of the later boards is just a square. Come on! You can do better than that! I have no excitement to continue anymore because the latest boards are so boring. The first few ones were pretty cool, now I just don’t have the energy anymore because I know nothing great is awaiting me. Please fix that, I used to love this game!
  • Build up to get stolen

    By Mdjfish
    If you need a save a lot of money it won’t happen unless you get lucky. You get 10k from being able to buy an upgrade just to log off and find all your money stolen. They should put a timer on from when you get stolen till the next time it can happen
  • Good app

    By noahvincelette
    This game is so addictive.
  • Great game but...

    By sunny hearts
    I love this game so much that I play it everyday but sometimes when I upgrade a building using the gems it doesn’t work, it just takes my gems and does nothing.
  • Good game but...

    By i puosn ;3&,;
    It’s the best game that I have ever played before it’s fun and good graphics but I wish you didn’t have to wait that long to get rolls it’s almost an hour for 4 rolls and the total rolls you can get is 30 I think but that’s the only thing that they could fix but it’s still an awesome wonderful game to play for all ages
  • Board kings

    By Ss horn
    I gave this a poor review because it needs help. 1. It keeps freezing up. 2. I think you need a way to allow people to throw other people off their board for so many gems. 3. This could end up being a fantastic game with help I think. You took the board I was playing on 57 and made me start over! This game stinks! I want my board back!!
  • Amazing

    By Andrea49041
    So Addicting and fun
  • the game itself works fine. but...

    By mkultimate
    this is a good game for having a bit of mindless fun for a bit, but other players should not be able to “steal” more than 30,000 coins at a time. i had just over 116,000 coins. around 72,000 were stolen, and then another ~20,000 from a different user. upon seeing i had only 24,000 coins left, after working very hard to save my coins to level up my buildings, i nearly cried from frustration. i feel miserable when i hit steal and it’s anything more than 10,000 coins. this makes the game very unenjoyable. please fix this. edit: upon reading other reviews, a lot of people dislike this feature. i left the game a few hours ago, just over 50,000 coins in my bank. came back to just over 10,000! f*cking exciting! there really should be a limit to how much other players can steal from you and how many times you can be stolen from in a 24 hour period. i shouldn’t have to plan my entire day around not losing all my f*cking coins. that’s a really sh*tty feature if you ask most of us. in the past TWENTY-ONE HOURS, i’ve had roughly 200,000 coins stolen. this is irritating. my little brother isn’t even this big of a d*ck when we play monopoly, and monopoly destroys relationships. it isn’t an “exciting” and challenging feature when all it does is make your users stop playing and leave you negative reviews. fix this sh*t, thanks.