Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 21.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 191.62 MB
  • Developer: Small Giant Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 40 045


Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this thrilling, tactical battle RPG! Featured by Apple! "A challenging game of strategy and puzzles" "We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure" Players are saying: "Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!" "Really fun, great production values!" Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on RPG games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the battle now! • Fight - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos! • Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress! • Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops! • Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world! • Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers! • Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance! • Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world! Follow us: http://fb.me/EmpiresAndPuzzles



  • Pay to win

    By neeerius
    It’s fun but in the long term become pay to win, you stop getting your required items to level up your heores and star giving you the worst board in game, isn’t ramdom at all so dont expect even winning the main game!
  • Pay to Win

    By Micheal46635
    Used to be better they’ve changed the algorithm in raids and now it’s obviously a pay to win game. Sad it used to be an exciting part of the game, now after you use a refill which you can earn or Buy you’ll go on a winning streak.
  • An Exciting, Complex Adventure!

    By Grací Otter
    Possibly the best (unintended) feature of this game is that it REQUIRES us to wait. Otherwise, Ouí would play, and play, and play, and play, and play, and play. And play. Ouí can play this game for ten minutes and then get some work done before Ouí can play effectively again. Our only regret is that the app store does not permit us to give this game eleven stars. Grací O’Terr C.E.O. Better Mousetraps, Unlimited
  • Upset

    By TollyPop Lovey
    I haven’t been able to do missions for 3 or 4 days now so I’m losing food and iron. Also, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game, I have 0 5 star heros and there are players on my team that have spent $10 or $0 and have 2 or 3 5 star heros... I’m completely locked out of the missions part of the game. I’ve sent emails on Facebook and nothing but an automated response... referred to website and still received 0 assistance
  • Kicked form Alliance

    By Bizzoww
    Why did we all suddenly get kicked from our Alliances ??? Are you gonna fix this ?!
  • A Fun Time

    By TARDISnKamino
    Highly addicting once you get into the flow of things. Has lots of variety to where it doesn’t feel stale.
  • Seriously?

    By chopstikavenger
    The game started out fun, I was leveling up, getting new fighters, then it all sort of plateaued earlier on than I expected. I’ve been trying to beat level 4 in Ruins of Skyfheim for over 2 weeks now. I can’t level up my fighters anymore without paying. Call me cheap, but I was hoping to get more from the game before having to pay out of pocket to get past what most would consider to be an easy level. Merrp.
  • Actually fun

    By Danleev
    Ad kept popping up in a word puzzle game that I was playing, so after about the fortieth time I finally decided to try it, haven’t played the word game since lol
  • Fun Game

    By Jaal2006
    Something to do while waiting for another game. Started out as click here do that... Now I am part of a Community with daily activities. Other games seems less important. Build your city. Level up your heroes. Join an Alliance & let war break loose. Most important - Have Fun
  • Fun to a point

    By MT_10
    This game is fun up to a point. When you get to higher levels though it tapers off. The ‘raids’ seem to be fixed because way lower ranked teams are able to easily defeat higher ranked teams. Even though they have lower star ( 3-4 stars) at low rank, they can beat high ranked 4-5 stars. The damage output is way out of whack. If they made the game more fair, I wouldnt be able to put it away. With the game like it is now, I just play every so often.
  • Amazing

    By Godric30
    Amazing game. I’m so addicted to it as is my partner. Love it!
  • Perfect

    By 앤디짱가
    I been looking for this kind of game for long time
  • Yeah, it’s a cool app/game.

    By InYourMom'sBasement
    It’s cool, but it will cost you if you want to get anywhere in the game. It’s VERY time consuming, both because it’s addictive, and it takes hours/days/weeks to upgrade your buildings and players. If you’ve got time to kill, kill it playing this game.
  • Fun game

    By nartec
    Great for burning some time
  • Eh..

    By MJP000000000007
    Good game- kills idle time and you get to make new friends with a good alliance. The hero side of the game and the rewards from challenges don’t measure up to the level you achieve. Once you move along to the upper levels you realize that you need much bigger hero’s to compete so you spend some money trying to acquire what you need/want- and there in lies the problem. The success ratio to pull a top rated hero is somewhere around 2 percent- you need 2600 gems to increase your chance with a 10 pull ( 10 at a time ) but I have had no luck at that- a few hundred dollars and I got crap to show for it. I just play now but have no expectations of competing with the big guns ( I’m in a top rated alliance too) because w/o power house 5* hero’s, you just get destroyed. So I closed the wallet- no more money for them. To send this- it won’t let me use my game logon I’d- haha
  • Fun

    By Figuele
  • Great game

    By 242242
    Great game. I enjoy playing and do so regularly. However, it seams that ascension materials have all but disappeared. I use to receive them regularly in chest’s and such. That being said, I can’t remember the last time I received one from any chest or event. So I have several players that are stuck at lvl60 and no where to go. Super helpful, I know. More of a complaint, than a review.
  • The awards & loot is horrible!

    By Hoku
    PLEASE do something about the loot. It’s been HORRIBLE! If you want the gamer to stay motivated, you need to make the loot better, PLEASE!!! Thank you
  • Invites sent and played to level 10 and no reward

    By lawnmechanic1
    Sent on iPhone and played on iPhone for no rewards on either. Please fix ASAP
  • Great game!

    By Qtowens
    Been playing for a couple of months. I like the fact that it is a free game, no money needed to compete with anyone! That said, I am a monthly VIP player as I feel it’s deserving of a small monthly donation to play such a well crafted app. I also like the free daily summons and gems that the VIP offers. Strong, robust community of players all over the web (forums, sub-Reddit’s, etc...) keep the interest for daily playing high. So glad I found this game...
  • Loses appeal over time

    By RST258
    There are many great qualities to this game, but other aspects appear to be lacking (and have been for a while). For every positive thing about the game, it seems there's a negative associated with it. One could argue thats the idea behind game balancing, and it doesn't really hinder the experience early on if you have the patience, but once you get to the supposed "end game" (one fully maxed out team of the rarest types of heroes) the inherent problems start to wear thin. Generally speaking, this is an outstanding twist on basic "Match 3" style games with its incorporation of RPG and base building elements, but after you have played long enough, there aren't as many things to do that actually involve in-depth uses of the boards outside of farming easy levels for supplies that you'll typically end up autoplaying. They add events periodically, but those you also have to spend a lot of time training a team beforehand in order to beat, and even longer if you want to actually place in the top 10% or so to get even more rewards. There are also raids that allow you to battle other people individually, but as someone with a very high team power, many of the times I'm able to beat somebody similar to myself is just based on sheer luck. There are other things to do if you are part of an alliance (which is absolutely essential unless you want to spend far too much time getting rare supplies), but those also have their drawbacks. You can attack strong individual "titans" with your alliance, but in many cases it takes an extensive amount of time to face the stronger titans since they scale up almost exponentially...it's quite discouraging to be in an alliance for a year and go from fighting 5* titans to sometimes beating 7* titans; our alliance's core members are constantly growing, but there is also constant turnover, which makes it impossible to keep a continuously gradual gradient for improving our titan performance. The one aspect of this game that involves the most comprehensive strategy is Alliance Wars, where your alliance battles another alliance in a day-long event. The matchmaking is based on a "War Score" that appears to be determined by your alliance's performance (score-wise) in wars, each member's best heroes, and then it adds a significant score if your alliance manages to win the war, meaning you can go from winning a close, well balanced war to getting absolutely manhandled because the algorithm determined you could take on somebody on another planet in terms of team powers. One could argue that if you're winning 50% of your wars then its perfect balance, but then where's the incentive to try to be better if the game is designed to have you win half the time anyway? Not to mention I'd rather win 50% of my wars and have most of them be close. Instead, all of the wars we WIN are close, and all of the wars we LOSE are complete and utter blowouts. The game is very balanced, but that may be part of its problem. After enough time passes where your heroes are solid enough to the point where you no longer care about getting anymore 5-star heroes, the game is just a standard grind with a couple of events thrown in every now and then that you don't care about because the entire game has just been diluted by its own "balance" and "fairness". If you get this game, enjoy the early times and don't spend an obscene amount of money, otherwise you'll be stuck in purgatory later on with a bunch of great heroes and nothing to do with them but slowly and painstakingly level them up.
  • Enjoyable

    By Presciousascanbe
    Admittedly only been playing for a week, but seems like a solid strategy/puzzle/rpg game that’s easy enough to put down at a moments notice, or get sucked in for a good hour.
  • It’s ok

    By Sckvsdvjisdijbreijfbdsivbijv
    It’s ok
  • Not 2 b a troll

    By 1432190
    Not 2 be a troll but this game is cheesballs
  • Best game ever

    By badboybaxter
    Come build a empire and fight the creatures that awaits you. This is the best game ever !!!
  • Great game to keep you busy

    By JMann712
    Great game to keep your mind busy and not get boring.
  • Empire and puzzles

    By holidayroar
    This game is so awesome I love the details I love how we create our own base it’s totally fun
  • Cheaters

    By travistravis1334444
    Knows when you need items to ascend and therefore won’t give them to you. That’s a lame business model to keep people playing
  • It’s meh

    By MaySaveYou
    I’m not impressed by this game. I mean I have people with level 1 character killing my ascended character with ease. Not to mention since I have been playing trying to get 3 in a row or combos is like pulling teeth. The game is not fun when you are losing every single time to randomizing the color schemes. It seems like every time I play it either is on the opposite side of the board where the characters have already died or non existent. Only reason why I still play it is because I keep thinking it will be my chance. Sadly never is...
  • Nothing to do with puzzles

    By Poseidontg
    I got bamboozled. This is an rpg with minuscule chance of playing puzzles. At some points you have nothing to do on the game. This happens when you run out of energy. NOT WORTH IT.
  • Amazing Games

    By unicorn cindy
    I love this game because we can level up heroes and choose our fitting alliance! I love this game sooo much, and I enjoyed it very goodly! If you haven’t try it, you need to try Empire and Puzzles!!😀
  • Trouble getting green 5 star hero

    By Cuppdaraida
    My only complaint is I cannot get a five star green hero to save my life!! If my wife ever found out how much on gems I’ve spent she would probably kill me!!! Even when it’s the month for a possible double summon with a green hero I can’t even get that one. Would love to find one in my in box!!!! Please and thank you!!
  • Dishonest

    By Macanudog
    Everything about this game is great;except raiding.When you raid it doesn’t matter what you do,the game just makes you lose.Its not random,you don’t get the colors you need,the other guy won’t die,even when he has no life bar,and you die easily.I won’t spend a penny on this game until its fair. Hey developers, I’ll never spend a cent on this dishonest,cheap game. I’ll play it but I’ll never pay! This game stinks. Whoever is behind it stinks too. I was gonna buy the Christmas special but then I lost twenty times in a row so forget it.Twenty times!That can’t be equal odds. Never spend a penny on his game, starve the developers until they give an honest game.It doesn’t matter what you do,you’ll lose your raid unless you pay. This game is cheap and a cheat. Every time you get above 2200 you’re going to lose no matter what you do or who you fight until you get back below 2200. Just got bumped back below 2200 again,just like always happens,if you don’t pay you will not get above 2200. Just lost four times against an inferior opponent, back to 2100. Still can’t get past 2100.Same thing today, get over 2200 and then you’re going to go back down again even with an easy opponent.Got about 2200 again, couple of easy matches back down below 2200 again. cheap cheating game.
  • Chinese

    By novathune
    support Chinese plz.
  • Fun pay to win game

    By Timss4
    The game itself is fun, but you will go crazy trusting it to give you fair loot or accurate percentage possibilities. example: You need to “sacrifice” heroes to train up other heroes. Each hero sacrificed raises the possibility to level up the special move of the hero your leveling. EVERY SINGLE TIME it’s anything below 95%- it’s declined. Nothing happens- I literally sacrificed heroes for nothing. There’s not even a possibility to level up special moves without sacrificing 10 (the max) heroes. The game is still fun, but they purposely hold you back.
  • Nothing but a money grab

    By Jedi 4590
    Used to be a fun game now it’s ridiculously hard and nothing but a money grab if you don’t get the special monthly hero’s your toast, the raid system is complete garbage somehow the AI know exactly what hero of yours to kill and it does it constantly, what used to be a nice game has been totally destroyed by micro transactions and the need to make more of the almighty dollar. If I could rate this a zero I would.
  • Horrible

    By John's ipadd
    If you like being stuck in the same spot forever this game is for you.
  • No skill required.

    By WVe121212
    The game outcome is determined by the puzzles you get. You can have all the power you need and get a bad puzzle and lose to a much weaker player. Puzzles are generated by the game and you get a series of bad puzzles in hope that you spend money too power up.
  • Updated review

    By Kysmom65
    The first year and a half of playing this game was amazing! It was designed fairly. Now it’s a pay to play for sure. When I would summon in the beginning I would almost always get a legendary, a few times I got 3 legendary at once, but now it’s all changed for the worse. You can’t pay enough for a legendary! I pulled 30 hero’s and got 95% 3*, no 5*. That’s a lot of money! They could at least throw in a 4*. 😡 The game play and graphics are amazing, I have no complaints at all in that regards. But it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay $300 for a legendary.
  • Love the game

    By Marlanden
    I love the game, but the current version keeps asking me for a credit card to update, like it is wanting money.
  • Long lasting fun!

    By Brave Lace
    This is the first game I’ve played where I haven’t wanted to stop! I check in daily to see my progress. Usually I play a game for a month then quit because I get as far as I can without spending a fortune to get better. This game is different. Everything is earn able. Or, to enhance your hero’s, you can pay a little bit and it goes really far! Love it! Well designed, responsive, and fun!
  • Pay wall. Greedy bs

    By Tombs69
    Went to download recent update and was directed to PayPal. Now $5.97. Already spent twice that on in game purchases. Not doing it. BS. Good luck Small Giants. Shame on you
  • Overall good game

    By Jeff knows best
    Aaaaaaaaaah Reducing the prize loot for raid tournament after one tournament not cool!!!!!!! Went from 3 chances at 60% for epic tokens to 20% with only one chance. Good Ascension items basically went to zero. Odds of getting ascension items is ridiculously low from anything. Been stuck with a 5* hero one tier from fully ascended for over 6 months. Because I need 2 more mystic rings. Only chance to earn them was a challenge where you had to come in first on the legendary tier. Can’t even come close since I can’t ascend any of my 5* heroes. Featured chat message is a good step towards better chat. People still using outside chats to make up for not being able to post game information and tips in a more permanent location. Be nice for alliance members to be allowed to see your heroes for advice on who to keep. Typing them all out is impossible and people not being able to see the card have to go to outside sites to see special skills.
  • Hi

    By MCB365
    I love this app😜🥰🥰
  • Fun

    By unhappy 99
    It’s a really fun game but do not repeat do not spend any money on getting heroes there’s no way to get the materials to fully level them up . Best way to get 4 & 5* heroes is to upgrade your training center to level 20 but don’t expect to full ascend your heroes the materials are not available. I’ve been playing for over a year so just a word of advice
  • Definitely recommend!!

    By PlayWithIt
    If you like playing “Candy Crush” & “Clash of Clans” then this is the game for you!! It’s like playing both games at once!! The Best!!
  • How do you level up heroes?

    By Sakman2014
    The game is ok but it doesn’t let me level up heroes. There’s no guidance or assistance from the makers. Very frustrating
  • Fun and frustrating

    By WhyCheatMe?
    Great game mechanics ruined by the fact the developer will make sure to stack boards and colors against you if they think you are progressing too fast. I would have spent more money in game, but you can’t beat a rigged system. Sad they do this to protect their casual gamers. It takes the fun out of this game when you lose due to rigging instead of being rewarded for your skill. It’s a lazy way to keep casuals relevant. Sad! Edit: All around, still the same. Manipulating win rates by controlling what color gems fall to either insure you do damage if you are due a win, or do not do damage if they decide you have been doing to well. This is such a lazy way to control gameplay. This game could be truly great if they would let it be truly random gem falls, instead of controlling ranking by manipulating when a user can do damage by not allowing a color to fall, therefore not letting a player do damage, ensuring the player a loss when the player is too high in the algorithm because you have ranked up faster than the lazy devs at Small Giant think you should.
  • A puzzle with teeth

    By shootybaking
    I love this game. At first glance it seems silly, but the more you play it—the greater the story I only wish there was more interaction with your heros and heroines!