My Story: Choose Your Own Path

My Story: Choose Your Own Path

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-01-16
  • Current Version: 4.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 185.52 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 85 596


Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventure and write your life! Be careful what you choose, though: one choice can change the course of the entire story, so choose wisely! DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS Whatever you choose will determine how well you get along with your friends, how popular you are, and who you fall in love with! CREATE YOUR LOOK Personalize your character, choose your clothes and hairstyle. Dress to express yourself! LIVE DIFFERENT LIVES Experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star, a rich heiress, or a New York socialite! Anything is possible! Dozens of interesting stories are waiting for you! What's your favorite genre? Romance, comedy, drama, MY STORY has it all! UNLIMITED TICKETS SUBSCRIPTION • You can subscribe for unlimited tickets, allowing you to play as many chapters as you like during your subscription period. • Subscriptions are $2.99 weekly and $7.99 monthly*. • Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off for at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of renewal • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. • You can read our privacy policy and terms of use at • Purchased subscriptions continue for the duration of the subscription period. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. * Prices shown in $USD. Prices may vary by region in accordance with the App Store Pricing Matrix



  • Hate IT

    By tyurutytuuy
    I hate it a LOT
  • Diamonds

    By confusedsmh
    Why should i buy To read defeats the purpose
  • Okay BUT

    By Adrienne2mom
    This app I downloaded recently has been annoying.I finish a chapter and I have to watch a video to speed the time to get another ticket to get to a different chapter.Overall the game was fine.
  • Please fix these issues!!!!

    By TheCryptKeeper66
    OK so I really love this App but it really frustrates me how you make any simple decisions or the most important decision that you have to pick to keep going cost too many diamonds. I read a lot on this and I still don’t have 32 diamonds just to throw away on a stupid little choice that doesn’t really help me. You all have to realize that not everyone who gets this app has money to buy things all the time. Heck I don’t even have money to buy anything on this app at all. So stop making every choice or every other choice cost so many diamonds it’s outrageous and ridiculous and if this problem isn’t fixed soon then I’m probably going to leave this app for good.
  • Enjoying

    By cococonnors27
    I enjoy reading the stories! I don’t like how outfits purchased can only be used once or how you only get 1 ticket at a time. Other apps let you reuse the outfits without using your gems again and give you 5 tickets
  • Blah

    By what name???
    This app requires you to have “gems” for practically everything. It’s hard to enjoy the app when not having enough gems can effect how your story turns out...the Episode app is better 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Expensive

    By dawsoncreek2763
    I hate how you have only two choices and one of the choices you have to pay with diamonds. It honestly feels like the story is one sided. I would prefer the choices to be cheaper in diamonds or more options to make it feel more like my story and what I would do. Such as if it’s between two characters and I favor one over the other but can’t choose my favorite and forced to choose the other. Then the story gets ruined for me cause it’s based off of the choices we make in the story and it f***s it up. Cheaper diamond selection in the game such as 10, 5 or better choices selections give 3 and make one to pay in diamonds.
  • Oof

    By Galaxy_queen17🍜
    It's cool man
  • Annoying

    By bartendjrb30
    The tickets and diamonds are annoying and I have to pick ugly clothes because I don’t have diamonds and I’m not spending money on it
  • Needs some tweaking with subscriptions not working & more

    By FREDDY :-*
    I love the stories but honestly the amount you have to pay for subscription is ridiculous and expensive being that some of the stories aren’t even updated often for readers to get the full experience of the amount of money they’re paying. Also I made a yearly subscription with 6 months free and it doesn’t even work, so I’ve been charged for the yearly fee for a total of $44 with a $3.99 tax included. I STILL DON’T HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO READ ANYTHING! I want them to fix it so I can read my stories. Is scamming if your charging someone for a yearly subscription but when they pay, they can’t read their stories. Also regarding the diamonds they’re asking for too much! You need diamond to have moments, some that’re not really that axial and I think should be free and the clothes also cost so much money. Being that their target audience is 12+ it’s a rip off because kids don’t have money. And if your trying to get parents to pay for it your going to lose readers because again it’s a rip off. I think the developers should take a look at the app again and revamp it other wise they can lose a lot of readers/ viewers that way. ALSO I WANT THEM TO FIX IT BECAUSE AGAIN KY YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION DOESN'T WORK BUT IVE PAID FOR IT! Thank you
  • Great stories but

    By Tasieakacasper
    You have to wait an hour for a ticket and you only get one ticket. You have to use it in order to get another ticket they don’t add up so you can’t read at least four chapters in a row like episodes. And don’t get me started on the diamonds smh when you buy an outfit you don’t keep it for the rest of the story that’s a waste! I hope they read the reviews and change some things to make ppl want to keep the app because I’m going to get annoyed really quick and delete!
  • Great!

    By awesome app...!!!
    I just don’t like waiting for tickets to read the next chapter!
  • The game

    By Jay N Ford
    Fun game but too long for tickets and always want diamonds for the better stuff!!!! To many diamonds at once if you ask me!!!!! 25 diamonds jus to make to story better smdh!!!!! To get cloths everything costs diamonds and the free outfit no one ever likes it crazy!!!
  • Review

    By bmkkk000
    App so far has been super great. No crashing. No glitching. The stories are amazing, but the money for tickets and gems is RIDICULOUS. 5 dollars for 50 tickets is unreasonable especially since you use them in two choices or in a few outfits. I’ve tried your deals but none of them are worth it. I’ve spend about 25 dollars just on one story to get a good ending. I don’t think it’s right at all and personally think it’s a rip off. Episodes is cheaper and better quality. I think you need to lower prices and to not let us only get one ticket per hour.
  • It’s okay.

    By carlieb92
    Fun stories to read and interact. But WAY too many fees. You have to pay real money to make the game what you want it to be. You can’t do anything without, pay this pay that. It’s extremely annoying.
  • Unrealistic standards

    By kay051402
    I really like the story lines that they offer but it’s a struggle when you only get 1 ticket and they don’t even stack up. You wait an hour just for 1 ticket and if you don’t use it you don’t get another one you have to use it in order to get another ticket and you still have to wait an hour. On top of that you need gems for literally everything especially a lot of answers that aren’t quite fair, and if you run out of gems you can’t earn them by watching a video you have to buy them. Which is actually a lot and if you don’t want to spend the money on gems and you pick a certain outfit just to save the gems for an answer you get actual rude comments just because you picked an outfit that in the real world you really couldn’t afford. That’s a big issue.
  • Better then episode

    By haylee 2019
    This app in my opinion is much better than episode with this app the wait time is around 50 minutes for each ticket but it gives you the option to watch adds and reduce the time dramatically so most times it's only 10 minutes. Other apps like episode are 3 hours wait with no way to speed things up. The app does encourage you to spend money but you don't have to; when you wear a simple outfit many times people tell you that you look bad and lazy bit besides that the diamonds don't really mess with the game play all that much.
  • Stop trying to charge us for gems/tickets

    By hAiLeY660
    You honestly can’t do anything without tickets and gems and they barely give you any and they have crazy prices for them if you are going to buy them and FYI no one is going to buy them just let us have fun and play the game for free
  • love it!

    By AnitaJayy
  • What tickets?

    By sandsmam
    This app is ridiculous. I just want to enjoy a good story, but it’s nearly impossible to earn tickets to do so. You only get 1 ticket an hour, and you only earn them when you run out. Stingy. In order to get tickets faster you need to watch ads. I don’t mind watching ads, but with this app I spend more time watching videos trying to earn tickets to read, than I actually spend reading. What’s the deal? I see many other people talking about this same issue in their reviews, so obviously it’s a problem, why has it not yet been fixed?
  • Fun BUT

    By Geeshamagoosh
    I don’t like having to spend so MUCH money for tickets, diamonds, clothes, decisions, hairstyles, etc. You should be allowed to at least keep the clothes and hairstyles you’ve already paid for instead of having to buy the same thing again and again. There should be more free ways to earn tickets and stars. It’s ridiculous to be spending so much money on a game that doesn’t outwardly reward you for playing.

    By J0Cii3
    I really enjoy these type of games, but legit everything needs gems lol I had to go to prom in a gym clothes 😂😂, it would be such an awesome game if you didn’t have to pay in gems for everything literally.
  • Their is always room for improvement

    By Gracelivi101
    I love this game it’s my favorite. But I have been waiting almost a year for games to be continued and I don’t like the idea of gems tickets or lesbians in the games. I love this game but you need to finish surprise that you’ve started instead of worrying about new games. The stories are good but like I said continue the he old ones.and stop with the gems and tickets and lesbians I don’t mind gays though.
  • Don’t really get to create your own story

    By Ren543210
    They say you get to choose your story but they leave out that it comes at a cost. If you don’t pay, you only get one option. Therefore, you are not really making your own story. You need tickets to read a chapter. Once those run out and you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you can read the next chapter after a wait time of 50 minutes. Then if you do buy something, they double charge you but don’t get double the product! This would be a great game, if you actually got to choose your story but not at a cost of one’s own actual bank account. Need to make earning diamonds free and cut the 50 minute ticket wait time to like 15minutes.
  • Diamonds and tickets hella annoying! UNINSTALL!!!

    By Katrice89
    I love the game but the DIAMONDS AND TICKETS are beyond annoying!!!!!! I have to pick clothes and actions I don’t want to choose because I ran out of diamonds! UNINSTALL! Waste of a perfectly good game! 👎🏽
  • I hate these kinda games

    By AMYP740
    I hate games that u have to wait to go to the next chapter unless u have real money to pay for more reading ticket thingys its annoying af!!! ~_~

    By Hmmm hmm hmm
    This app is awesome ONLY due to the fact that story line is amazing. Other than that prices are ridiculous. First when you download the app they get you by using the 25 gems they start you off with for free for your outfit & hair for that chapter then after in some cases you have to pay to make a certain choice which is NUTS. The outfit selections they give u is HORRIBLE. All the good ones they cost gems... then they leave u with one free outfit and thats a PINK SWEATSUIT to go to prom in.... and that is completely messed up!! Had i read the reviews first before downloading i would have knew not to spend the free 25 gems on an outfit that will last only for that first chapter. They dont even have the decency to put the outfit u first buy as an option later on in the game... this developer is serious money hungryy!!
  • I genuinely enjoy this type of app but...

    By the_supersquid
    It’s too much money.. charge a couple dollars to download the app instead of trying to make people pay a ridiculous amount of money to be able to enjoy it. Even the story you unlock from paying is underwhelming and not worth it. Wasted my time and money and I just wish I could have enjoyed it.
  • Good but...

    By Olpiva
    Why is everything drama
  • Stuck on first chapter!

    By ghostersss
    There’s this part where I have to pick up a diary in the dear Mona story and it doesn’t let me move on I pick it up and then it restarts and puts the diary down I’m just irritated because I’ve been trying to get it done but I can’t please fix it!!
  • dear mona

    By hijkhlkokchc
    i love this so much! thanks
  • Fun but too expensive!

    By Cherise113
    Great concept, but it costs too much for outfits and smart decisions and the characters are very vain and think too much about fashion and how you look!
  • Eh

    By Cacilsa Nelson
    I don't really have much to say about it except that all the good options are too expensive. The only reason I'm even writing this review is because I get currency for it.
  • Very disappointing

    By dc0707
    This game seemed really fun but honestly it’s a total ripoff. First, they want you to have gems to buy literally anything. If you don’t buy something that looks good and you are forced to wear the “ugly outfit” then throughout the story the other characters will guilt you into changing/buying a new outfit. Second, the price of the gems...are you kidding me? They are ridiculously expensive. Overall, good idea but very poor execution.
  • Love it but

    By Wakeup1718
    You need gems for just about everything . And once u buy an outfit and u change you have to buy it again! It’s ridiculous. I’m not putting any more money into this game, no matter how much fun it is. If you could watch videos or something like that to earn gems it be so much better. But literally this game just wants your money.

    By 4237288181727645782
    I love this app it is so addictive
  • Not getting diamonds

    By big sue91
    I love the game but for some reason I’m not getting my free diamonds when I download the apps and complete whatever level I’m supposed to complete. I’ve done two separate ones and haven’t received my diamonds.
  • Stories are great but...

    By ararfinnerty14
    The stories are good so far. Just wish there was an easier and better way to earn tickets and diamonds. Kind of a pain to pay if I want to keep reading, or give my character better choices.
  • Love/ hate relationship with this app

    By Jalisa2010
    The books are so good!! But the amount of unfinished books are ridiculous start reading only to be cut off is so annoying! And the amount of gems you have to spend to be able to do anything is crazy and earning gems is impossible!
  • Thieves

    By jaselin9222179
    They charged me twice in one week for unlimited tickets that is renewable every week. I canceled my subscription and check my account and got charge twice. Step up your game.
  • Good content, but has app has MAJOR FLAWS

    By .MK_816.
    This app had good stories, but that’s it. I can’t give this app a good rating bc there’s WAY too much advertisements between chapters and ‘to speed up’ earning the ticket. That’s ridiculous! If ur gonna make us watch ads we should get rewarded with a gem or a ticket per ad. Also as far as premium choices, they’re to pricey and when u choose the free option for clothes or hair the other characters (even ur so called friends) make fun of u or make a nasty comment about ur clothing choice. Like what the hell?! I don’t always want to (or can) choose the premium option so the story shouldn’t put u down for choosing the free option bc that’s j ridiculous and stupid. I have apps like choices and episode and so far I gotta say this one is not my favorite. I will not rate this game any more stars until the issues regarding the excessive ads and the negative responses towards free choices are fixed.
  • Not a free app once you need diamonds and tickets

    By BH386
    Need other options to earn diamonds and tickets.
  • Animated rape...and forced relationships

    By lvuwthasml
    There were several times I did not get to choose my path or it still did things when I chose otherwise. I’m finishing the story to see how bad it really is but I don’t like that it made me have sex with someone when I chose not to and then forced me into a relationship when I chose someone else. The story is not really in your control.
  • Very fun

    By sombel5
    This app is fun to play and interesting to find out what happens :)
  • disappointed

    By Sheylbee
    The app is genuinely fun. It has entertaining stories and story lines that keep me coming back to the app. That being said, the price is outrageous. Spending gems on gems on gems is the only way to enjoy the app. Yes you can get around it by being forced to wear pjs to prom and staying home instead of doing fun things in the game, but it’s just annoying at this point. Yes there is a way to get gems like watching videos and downloading apps, but 80% of the times that i have watched the videos and download countless apps they don’t even give you the gems. It’s so annoying idk if it’s a glitch or just a scam, but really debating deleting the app. I wish they would be a little less selfish and let people enjoy it because it would be my favorite game. Maybe they can lessen the rules and gem restrictions in the future. :((( :///
  • Fun but entirely to costly

    By justonethought
    Had a great time playing but I am not going to have to quit due to the cost. The app doesn’t give very many options to earn free gems or tickets although you need them constantly. And unless you want to pay for the gems, you aren’t truly choosing your own path. Your path is being chosen based on how much you want to spend. Truly disappointing!
  • My story

    By yazipoihbear
    This book is the best but the time to get you tickets takes forever but 5 stars great book 😊
  • Great

    By thhshdhdu
    It is the besttt i love the drama and juicy parts i give it a 100090900209292822892299292
  • My story

    By awsome game named my story
    My story is a great game I love to play it