News Break: Local & Breaking

News Break: Local & Breaking

  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2016-07-15
  • Current Version: 3.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 60.40 MB
  • Developer: Particle Media Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 925


Stay up-to-date on global and local news while saving time with the newly designed News Break app powered by Interest Engine®. Reading news on an old-school app like Yahoo, AOL, Google News? Stop app flipping and have your news tailored to you with News Break. News Break is the only news app that combines 10,000 trusted sources like CNN, NBC, Fox News and more to provide the best content as fast as possible! Follow news stories on your favorite topics with our artificial intelligence algorithm. Filter out millions of news articles & radio broadcasts daily to find stories that are most relevant and breaking to you. You are what you read, so be selective and read the news with News Break. NEWS BREAK FEATURES: Stay Informed - Never Miss Breaking News + News Break brings you the news on big events like the Election or local events. + Stay informed on world news, national news, local news, celebrity news and weather news. + You’ll always have today’s breaking news delivered directly to your phone. Stay Focused – News content tailored to your personal interests + Our artificial intelligence Interests Engine discovers the best news for you daily. + Select news about anything from gardening to cooking with News Break’s premium content. Local Weather & News – Know Ahead of Time + Up-to-date local news, weather reports and forecast for every city and town. + Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings and more ahead of time from one app. NEW: Radio – Listen to Your Favorite Stations & Broadcasts + Choose from over 80,000 local radio stations across the country + Listen to News, Talk Radio, Sports, Music & More! Video & Gif – Enjoy Watching More Content + Bored of just reading and want see what viral video is trending? Find it with News Break! + Checkout hot trending videos and watch a video for all your interests. Trusted Sources – Only the Best Content for Our Readers + We’ve reinvented the reading experience and give you content on topics you care about. + Patented news content discovery engine aggregates content from more than 10,000 trusted sources. Explore breaking news, viral videos and enjoy a reading experience fully customized to your interests! Subscribe to every niche interest you have and enjoy personalized news from News Break! Download today and stay informed on world and local news! APPLE WATCH FEATURES: + Get the latest local breaking news instantly on your watch screen. + Use to text-to-speech article and read it later from your iPhone. TODAY WIDGET FEATURES: + Get the latest nearby breaking news without unlocking the phone. CHANNEL SHOWCASE: + News Break works directly with high-profile media publishers to present to you our featured channels. + Home & Garden: Design, Decor & Shopping tips to make your home better. + Food & Recipes: Hand-picked high quality content from Pinterest, Allrecipes, Buzzfeed, New York Times(NYT). + Technology & Science: Geeky news everyday! Inspiring ideas and entrepreneurship stories from TechCrunch. Hacking news and gadgets from Engadget and trending software from cnet, wired and gizmodo. + Dealnews: Best deals from dealnews, slick deals, amazon, eBay and more Q&A: How do I make my reading experience more personalized? News Break is powered by IP protected Interest Engine®. Your reading experience is fully tailored to your personal interests. Just Search and Subscribe to start reading. Can I block certain publishers from showing up? You bet! You can always block websites or news sources that you don’t like. For every article, you can find the ‘minus’ sign on the bottom right corner. NOTE: If you are representing a publisher and want to show your articles to our fans. Please contact us:



  • Ads break app

    By Towerdog112
    The news break app itself is not bad I like it. However, the initial ad gets stuck and nothing works accept purchasing the game. Then when you go back the news flash app is still stuck. The only way to get past it is to force close the app and reopen and hope you get an ad that does not get stuck. Sometime this takes 3-4 times. Just another example of an app company that values revenue over a good customer experience. As long as the ads are so persistent I do t have time to fool with News Flash app. And that’s a shame cause otherwise the news app is pretty good at pulling stories relevant to me and from many sources. Please fix. And get the ads out of here! Or at least get a better ad service!
  • Useless

    By HDSpring
    I can’t get the ad to go away so I can read the news. Liked the app and can tolerate ads but can’t close it and read the news.
  • Smh

    By ohhhelllnawww
    Tons of Racist and Bigots!!!! I’m here just to even out all the bull crap on this app... They are even bias with their post .
  • BS

    By not going for the BS
    I’m trying to DELETE your app!! Because you talked bad about the family in Phoenix like they don’t matter!! I want no part of you guys bs
  • Location

    By trumplady
    NO, You may NOT have permission for my location!!!! PISS OFF SORRY SUCKERS
  • Keeps crashing

    By Erek
    Keeps crashing when I go to Technology section. Ironic.
  • App is now useless

    By alnovena
    I have enjoyed using this app for news updates but the empires and puzzles ad has made it un-useable. The ad runs and the x button doesn’t work so I can never get into the app now. If I close the app the ad runs on startup. Shame. Deleting it then will find another. You should police your ads because your losing customers.
  • News Feed

    By call Walla bear
    Always enjoy looking over the events of the day and week.
  • Good Reporting

    By Gipper@84
    Like to Thank News Break for the Good journalism they do on News break,!!
  • Greedy ?

    By jjjjjkkkkkkkl
    Every single time I open the app i get stuck in an add that I’m not able to close. You need to fix this,I don’t even open the app anymore just see the headlines. Apple and android already provide their own news apps that have no adds that I still use but would still like to use your app since it wasn’t like that before. Please fix soon or I’m going to delete it .
  • Local News

    By KPTom5
    This is an excellent source for local news. Most of the time they are quick with the story, although there are times when they are a little slow.
  • Money?

    By pgbryguy
    Does this cost money?? It said processing payment?
  • Until you allow closing the playable apps without engaging, I am done.

    By The word guy
    No thanks
  • Consumer

    By inform reader
    Great updates
  • Suggestion

    By lkjhggggg
    Could be a little more timely.
  • Updates

    By spurking
    I enjoy the updates and the fact we can comment on the stories
  • Ph.D. Student: Philosophy Criminal Justice

    By CJL34613
    Love getting text on Criminal Activity which I forward to my research files. Also it is important to get a “heads-up” on what is happening near, around and in our state on crimes in progress and offenders on the run! Great job and keep up the great work.
  • I had to delete

    By Andrew123098
    I had to delete news break, because I could find no way to mute it, without muting all other similar notifications. But I love this app, especially how it travels with me. I get useful local info, no matter where I am.
  • Review of News Break

    By DarSueSS
    I love to read the review. I despise the ads and constant interference!
  • Too depressing

    By trailer builder
    Had to delete after only 5 days. Literally every news update was a God awful tragedy that had taken place somewhere in my state. It was a good app if only it would report ALL the news, and not just the tragedies
  • Best News App!!

    By J_Ring
    Hands down best news app! I get notifications about local news before my local news apps most of the time. It also updates your location automatically - I went on vacation and was on the way back from snorkeling and saw police boats go flying past soon as I got to shore I got an alert that a girl was killed by a coconut tree that fell (crazy right?). This app pulls stories from a bunch of news apps so you not only get news fast, but you can also get news from more than one point of view. They had an issue with ads getting stuck when opening the app for a few weeks, but fixed the issue.
  • Like it!!!

    By HR Pennie
    Good to get some local news.
  • Adds

    By Banks082781
    It would be great if it were not for the add that pops up when you open the app then the add will not let you exit
  • Love getting the news first hand

    By Will-O-Wicket
    Love love love!
  • Old outdated news

    By I7N9Q65G86
    They reported the story on Kevin Durant being a gametime decision two or three days after he had already played.
  • Review

    By TJ Green Beans
    News in interesting but the writing is poor.
  • Great for news - but wish there was an ad free option

    By Liz Hollaway
    Great for news, but wish there was an ad free option. More detailed customization of notifications would be nice as well. I’d like to be able to turn them off for some categories.
  • Ad glitch

    By QSmity
    The most annoying glitch ever! An ad for some stupid game keeps popping up and it won’t close. This app was really useful but now it doesn’t work. DONT DOWNLOAD
  • App Review

    By StewDawgStew
    I like the app. However I was in Vegas last week for a few days. Returned to LA and after a week I’m still getting Las Vegas local news. My zip code is inputted in the settings. Fix this!!
  • Local News

    By bgrzcgudr zrf
    Never loads just comes up... Get your local news lol. Ya ok.
  • Awesome!

    By Frankie Sanchez
    Best app ever.
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    By Deb Hux
    Nothing like getting News Updates through out the day. Helping us to stay on top of the news all day long! Great job!
  • Review

    By Charley2533
    Very bias news, most articles are negative about Trump & his administration. No matter what side you are on, people need to hear both sides in order to be informed. (Example: abortion in Ga, you repeat the same material over & over-just from different news sources and most of those are exaggerated. I know there are articles that tell the other side also.) I subscribed hoping to find an unbiased MSM but, have found this is just as bad as the others. Your site is NOT user friendly, the return key should not be used to post your reply-it makes your reply jumbled & makes one think you don’t know punctuation. Return should be used for what it is-return, break in a paragraph, etc.. Should be able to copy & paste from Google/other sites & post from your camera. If you are going to send alerts, send them when you post the article, not HOURS later-makes no sense!! Receiving an alert on an article that is 5 hours old, isn’t much of an alert-is it? Sorry, but you asked.
  • Review

    By philineese
    Love that I can check and see what is happening in the State. Thank you
  • I love reading it all day long...

    By PNHaines
    The stories are changing all day... All are very interesting and some are local, State, political and National!!! Movie star stories too!!! You must check it out!!!
  • I can’t get the ads to close.

    By CRCL64
    I really used to love this, but recently every time I’ve tried to read a story, a game shows up and refuses to close. Plus there are so many ads in each story that it’s almost impossible to read the story. I don’t have time to go through all the nonsense just to read an article. I have deleted the app and unless there’s some major changes I will not be using it again.
  • Review for app

    By lovemyhemi
    It is great. Love hearing the news right after it happens.
  • Irritating

    By Luvs BCs
    The last couple of times I opened this app a game appeared and it wouldn’t close. I’m done.
  • Breaking news

    By Siij
    So Fast love the breaking need reports
  • This app is better than our local Statesville paper.

    By JHMboocat123
  • Notifications

    By J_W_55
    Super annoying to be asked every time I use the app to turn on notifications. Once should be enough!
  • Great News Feed

    By damijim
    I like how this app sources various news feeds and doesn't start forcing a bias based on past articles read. Apple and Google news now only show me the same type of stories over and over with no diversity. I can't stand how everytime I open a new article, it wants me to enable notifications. If I say no, don't ask everytime I try to read something! I can handle the ads, but stop telling me to turn on push notifications! I don't like them from any app! It would be five stars if not for this.

    By Pacria (the real one)
    These people actually posted about a cannibal serial killer eating delivery men and feeding neighbors at bbqs and it was completely false. People want news they can trust. Not a bunch of bull$h!t.
  • Alex García

    By cantinfas
    Porque no pueden pasar noticias en español gracias
  • Not great

    By Hay1999885
    Articles are ok... but when I click on any hyperlink it doesn’t work... if I can’t click on a link in the article to learn more about it then I don’t see the point in the app. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Breaking news is true here

    By sherylphi
    I really like your ‘truly breaking news’. It is good to know the news each day as it ‘breaks’ and the articles are to the point and well written. The alligator news break was especially cute the way it ended about the real threat to TN being the Florida gators.
  • Nice

    By listening in the Black Hills
    Great local articles.
  • The breaking news

    By 78901 cheri
    I love the app
  • NewsBreak

    By lkjtu
    Love it!!!