News Break: Local & Breaking

News Break: Local & Breaking

  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2016-07-15
  • Current Version: 3.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 63.66 MB
  • Developer: Particle Media Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 77 670


News Break is your destination for local content. Operating anytime at anywhere in the United States, News Break keeps you informed about your local community, town, and city in light speed. Better informed, better life. News Break is a geolocation-aware app that always puts you at the center of local content discovery. It is made just for you: who is genuinely curious about what’s going on in your local communities and around the world. From curated local briefings to professionally hand-picked national/world headlines, from emergency alerts to 360 full coverage to….., News Break is always the must-have news app that gives you insights and value. Highlights - Local Briefing/For You ● News Break brings you a curated daily brief about news, traffic, event, and beyond...Dig gems that really matter to you! ● Editor-picked national headlines tell comprehensive and in-depth stories. Go deeper on every story! ● News Break’s news content discovery engine aggregates rich content from more than 10,000 trusted sources, including Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, Newsweek, HuffPost, Reuters, The Associated Press (AP), Bloomberg, Time, and more... Browse content at any time, any location! ● A highly personalized feed caters your curiosity and reading interests, making you read content that’s really interested you. Read stories with purpose and value! Better Informed, Better Life - Know Your Town ● Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings, and more ahead of time from one app. ● Read personal and vivid stories from our local writers and content creators. ● Treat us as your personal newsstand, magazine collector, restaurant reviewer, and more. ● Go beyond the mainstream & cacophony of information, explore your community and discover hidden gems. Create Civic Value - Support the Cause ● Use News Break meaning revive the local news ecosystem and support small publishers ● Increase local story volume and geographic coverage to stimulate local storytelling and community power Be Yourself, Be Cool - Follow or Block the Trend ● It’s totally cool to stay on top of some topics, or totally hate them! News Break allows you to follow what is trending, or completely block some topics you don’t appreciate. ● You can laugh, share, think, cry, upvote, downvote, comment, reply...News Break is a free ground that welcomes you to express emotions & opinions. ● From HBO’s Game of Thrones to hot video game Fortnite; from funny standups to the latest internet memes...find yourself be surprised. Download today and stay informed on the local news! Better informed, better life.



  • Too Many Adds

    By Dslbob
    Not too bad at first but now every time I go to read a news story I have to watch advertisements. No more, I deleted it.
  • I 1965 newsman

    By 1965 newsman
    Can't comment or reply more than eight lines then the whole comment goes away and can not be retrieved.
  • Glitch and crash

    By upload date
    Whenever I try to to the article on my notifications the app will sometimes give me app that has a mini game on it but the only problem is that it won’t let me leave when I press the x I have to close the app and reopen it and I lose my article that I was going to read
  • Great up dates on news as it happens

    By sir jamed
    Quick news reporting great app
  • News break

    By northplattenosy
    Fast easy way to catch up on the news that interests me.
  • Great app just too many ads

    By HaziTru
    Love the app, keeps me updated on local news but sometimes it’s so many ads I just say forget it that news isn’t that important to sit threw all the ads.
  • Mostly advertising

    By sjit ap slayer
    App is %99 useless.
  • News

    By 57babies
    Awesome way of keeping abreast of news from local to worldwide $
  • Great App

    By Manny S. 786
    Great overall app and easy to navigate.
  • Local News

    By House2018
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this app
  • News

    By boniroseMS
    It’s very informative.
  • Celebrity Gossip Ruins This App

    By OldCoyote8
    I don’t care if Kylie Jenner or Mylie Cyrus jumped off a yacht while making out with a manatee. I cannot figure how to turn these off, and if I don’t find out soon, this app will go the way of MySpace. I did not give it the dreaded 1 star. Because it got right the ability to channel local news to my phone. I love that part of this app, but they are triggering my inner resentment for pop culture with the constant invasions of my private life with alerts to celebrity nonsense.
  • Fantastic!

    By Retta C
    Love being informed, appreciate all the hard working reporters 🧡
  • More ads than news

    By Justin13280
    Lots of ads. Too much stuff to filter out. Would rather just search for news on my own.
  • Fake news alert

    By Lisalynn214
    This site has a ton of fake ness websites and articles that cannot even spell words correctly. After months of fact checking read after read I am deleting this app, since I cannot even reach out to anyone for this site regarding the false news I have seen over the months.
  • Good news app

    By ALB4U
    All of your local news, breaking news and national headlines. This news app covers it all.
  • It’s all about money

    By Micky653
    Ads ads ads. A bunch of liberals news so negative
  • Interesting news and my comments

    By outspoken thats me
    Always comment on things of interest to me I like to keep up with all the news and what’s happening around our region
  • Pretty good

    By None91739
    I guess the 1 star reviewers don’t realize this app aggregates news from other sources; they don’t write the content themselves. It is silly to complain about headlines or grammar, which the app does not control. It needs a function to clear browser cookies built in to circumvent newspapers that only let you view a fixed amount of free articles.
  • Local news

    By dsasm
    I installed the app but I am not getting my local news.
  • News

    By modal A
    Always up to date !
  • Mixed feelings

    By Honest Reviews_
    I really do like this app, but too many times there are pop ups of irrelevant things and now there are pop ups of things saying “a hacker is tracking you, install an app” Please fix these issues, no one wants an app that allows bugs in our phones or malicious software
  • News break

    By Cassiecat25
    I like it but I’m hating all the ads that have started to pop up and are difficult to take out!
  • In the know

    By Possum lady
    I really like being informed on news that’s happening.
  • Quick fast easy

    By Ginger Besr
    Quick fast easy
  • Too many ads

    By redfangwolf
    Some of the ads you can’t even read because they’re over saturated with ads. I’ve seems multiple ads drop on top of each other.
  • Unhappy reader

    By Papa Smurf 46
    Not very good reporting never tells the whole story then you have to click to read more and very little more there to read except more adds but when it’s politics it’s over told on and on “Not a very good news site”
  • Worthwhile App

    By Samantha3093
    I love this app! Keeps me up to date with local news for both places I reside. Interesting stories and useful information! Favorite app I’ve had in a long time
  • Commentary on Gymnast Simone Biles

    By j c sos
    I’m concerned with comments by your reporting on this gymnastic female by I believe Peter Albrecht Simone Biles today at 5pm left me with “well” and bad taste.
  • Good news app but....

    By tacoma42
    Good news app but the only notifications I seem to get is about celebrities which I could care less about. Really.
  • local news

    By jojo445566
    local news notifications are usually one day late
  • Thanks

    By lewdeen
    I love News Break it keeps me up on the latest happenings in my area. Thank u so much. Keep up the great work! Diane Johnson
  • Local Breaking News

    By jgreenNC
    Since using this site, I get all of the local breaking news immediately. It’s really nice to stay current on all of the news happening around you.
  • Wrong location

    By Koalabear1962
    I’m getting news and breaking news for Oregon but I live in Florida. I’ve never even been to Oregon. I also can’t find where to change the location.
  • 5 stars

    By star98756
    Amazing gives me what is going on by me
  • N

    By By Laceypandora
    At one time was a really great app until it got too flooded with advertisements and missed leading and missed directing articles, such a shame.
  • Could be great.

    By newsless99
    Send you to sites that limit views. Does not work well with other websites.
  • Informational

    By Jefjes86
    Very informative and some funny stories.
  • Not local!!

    By mystifiedmike
    I keep getting news for the state of Maryland, I live in Cooperstown New York.
  • Not instant

    By Papasmurf1097
    Needs to be faster in spreading the news. Usually I get them hours up to a day later. I wanted this appto get news instantly. 😡
  • Needs Landscape view

    By Mtj1969
    Does good job on local news. My only complaint is I’d like to see an improvement to having landscape view and ability to zoom on photos from articles.
  • Review

    By cooper, da
    Very informative
  • Newsbreak!!!😀😀😀

    By btmom411
    Thank You I Love Newsbreak! It keeps you informed and all my local breaking news LOVE IT!!!! ThankYou News Break!!
  • Seemed innocuous... then the Brietbart headlines started

    By mickeysice
    Woke up to a “6 dead by gunfire in Democrat controlled Chicago” headline and now am uninstalling. Be careful of who controls your news!
  • Nice información.

    By rogeliocg
  • Newsmax

    By kathyraw
    Although I enjoyed reading the articles every time I wrote a comment it was deleted and I do not understand why. I wasn’t saying anything radical. Some of the other posts were full of curse words and vile comments and then mine was deleted. So I just removed your app from my phone.
  • Too many bad sources

    By Frustrated Doh...
    Won’t be a good app until they allow you to block the garbage “news” sources.
  • Makes phone nearly unusable

    By Hate forced ad
    After installing this app my phone began to freeze randomly for 10-20 seconds no matter what I was doing, other apps took considerably longer to load. Immediately after deleting it things went back to normal. It gets two stars because it did provide relevant local news (frequently links to local articles which were impossible to find on the local papers app or website) but it's not worth the trouble it causes.
  • Annoying App

    By asmc1982
    Every time you try to read and article, it keeps jumping around to the bottom of the page. You scroll back up & it does it again. Extremely aggravating.