SaferKid Text Monitoring App

SaferKid Text Monitoring App

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-09-26
  • Current Version: 2.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 43.35 MB
  • Developer: SaferKid, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 430


SaferKid is way beyond parental controls! It grows and changes as your children do, from first device through adulthood. Enter your child's age, and we'll help you: - Block adult content, - Monitor text message history, - See phone contacts, - See phone call history (on other platforms), - See web browsing history, - Give them more privacy as they get older, - Limit screen time, - Get alerts if your children get dangerous apps, - Get reviews on 200,000 apps with parenting tips, - Get expert guides on how to talk to kids about sexting, bullying, adult content, and more! SaferKid was developed after studying thousands of bad things that happened to children as a result of using mobile devices, including extensive research with members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Use it keep your child or teen safe! SaferKid provides end-to-end parenting support from when your child first gets a device through adulthood. It's the most comprehensive parenting solution on the market and the only one that anticipates danger and warns you BEFORE bad things happen. Get SaferKid and start protecting your children and teens today! SaferKid contains three main features: - SaferText - SaferKid Alert, and - Parental Superpowers SaferText is a breakthrough child safety tool that allows you to see your child or teen's text messages, web browsing history, phone call history and phone contacts. To keep trust in your family, your kids will know that you have SaferText, and you can gradually disable its features as kids get older to give them more privacy. Parental Superpowers allow you to turn your children's apps off at night, on a schedule, or any time. They also help you block adult content protecting children from inappropriate content. SaferKid Alert regularly checks to see if your children have installed any of over 200,000 age-inappropriate apps on their devices. If we find an app, we send you an alert. We also let you know what's inappropriate about the app and how to talk to your child about it. SaferKid memberships start at just $14.99 per month, and one membership covers all of your family's devices. - Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same price each month - Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Free trials are forfeited if you choose to buy a full subscription before the free trial ends. Free trials contain all the same features as full subscriptions. At any time, you can review our Privacy Policy at: Our Terms of Use is available at



  • Unsatisfactory

    By vgore2411
    Cancelled my subscription during the week trial...still got charged $140! Not happy with this company!!!
  • B R O K E N

    By OmegaZOX
    Heya, I’m a kid that was been effected by this “glitch”, as some would call it. This app “hides” or deletes your apps. Let’s say the time is 8:00 and you can get on at 7:00, but no apps? That happened to me. I lost lots of data, texts, photos, 3 years worth of gameplay. And more! I do NOT RECOMMEND this at all! If you see this take it as a clear warning, I don’t want others to go through what I had to.
  • Don’t waste your time and money

    By BridgetEB1985
    The app works just fine during the trial period. I’ve had this app for two months now. After that, and you are billed all data will not sync. Messages will come up and say that there is new data on the child’s phone available to review. If you click on it, the app freezes and crashes. If you choose to not click on it, and just tap on the icon and go in that way to review the new content, nothing new will be there, aside from the sync timer. If you try to uninstall and reinstall, you’ll be lucky if you get any data for the current week. Don’t bother with tech support, they take forever to get back to you and resolve nothing. Waste of time don’t bother.
  • Can't get to work

    By aphrdite1
    I have tried and tried and tried to connect the texting portion if this app. It is connected for what apps my child has, but will NOT allow me to monitor the texts.
  • Terrible!!! Waste of my time!

    By GWez72
    After hours and hours of the horrid setup process I was unable to get this to work properly. Tech support responds the next day via email, they really need a 1-800 tech support or something more efficient to help consumers with this very complicated and frustrating setup. After following all of the steps by tech support In an 11 hour process it doesn’t work and my child’s iPhone is left with a frozen keyboard that doesn’t respond to any reset. Never again!!
  • Couldn’t get it to connect

    By Shawn Cannon
    Wouldn’t work on my kids device. Wouldn’t install the device management.
  • Deleted text don’t appear

    By Little reviwer
    This app is pointless. If your child deletes the texts quick enough, they won’t upload. That completely defeats the purpose. Unfortunately, we purchased 3 months and realized it a week later. I would not recommend this app.
  • Worst app EVER

    By sdd617
    Completely locked my child out of their iphone apple id! Couldn’t send imsg’s or facetime or do anything. Even after deleting the device from my profile and removing from his phone! Now he can’t send any texts or anything at all! Worst app EVER!
  • Disappointed

    By Elo1221
    I got this app because my children spend too much time on their phones. It worked at first but now it takes 5 minutes to enable and disable their apps. You could not even choose what apps are always enabled. My child has messenger kids and I want that always enabled because he can call and text me
  • Good for kids before they are allowed social media.

    By TNReese1202
    This app is great for kids who only text and make phones calls. Updates almost instantly. I wish that the internet feature would show exactly what they are looking at rather than taking you to its home page. The cost for this app is kinda steep as there are many other apps out there that do somewhat of the same thing. Easy to setup.
  • Easily Uninstall It From Childs Phone

    By SpoofingEncryption
    I signed in myself as the child AND parent just to test and see, I was going to spy on my girlfriend because I have my suspicions.... ANYWAYS, I’m pretty good at finding work around and if you’re planning on using this on a smart teen or someone tech savvy, then don’t. If you go to your settings from the child’s phone, you can EASILY remove access from the app and take away its trust permissions, deleting the profile as you have to set it as your own. But overall, it works as it’s supposed to, a little overpriced though.
  • Free for one week but never works

    By SaltyBoi846
    Trying to install in my son’s phone and every day said needs the MDM profile and need to wait 24hrs to see his text messages but never work and I cancel they have my information about my credit car and they charged me $148.74 and have to cancel my credit card
  • Loved it!

    By chiranseo
    This is a great app with good tech support. It manages kids devices very well and monitors all their activities on the phone.
  • Five-star app

    By chikukma
    I tried so many child lock apps but SaferKid actually works. It does exactly what you want to do. It has locked many websites which I don’t want my kid to see.
  • Highly recommended

    By terekemen
    Recommended to those who have kids that spend time on phones. This app allows them to open apps when i want, and let’s me turn them off when I want. Easy to install on Android and iPhones. It is easy and safe to use.
  • Great App

    By anhchulua
    I feel much safer with this app as I know what my 8 year old is doing on his phone. It keeps track of his phone usage and allows me to control his phone without taking it away from him.
  • Perfect app

    By nethenkmss
    I love this app. This is exactly what I was looking for. I can see my daughter’s deleted text, block adult apps, calls made and all her activities on mobile. This is a Godsend app, every parent should install.
  • Very useful

    By rickrururk
    This app not only looks great but also works quite well. It allows my son to have fun on his phone, and let’s me know he’s not seeing something it shouldn’t. It has been amazing to keep an eye on him. I can see their deleted texts and code words now! Lol.
  • Wonderful app

    By saobabyras
    Excellent features. I have been trying to figure out a way to keep an eye on my teenage son. Now I can easily do it from my phone. This makes it easy. I tried three other parental control apps, and this was definitely the best. I am really happy.
  • Just Go for it!

    By junghanana
    Child safety is one of our major concerns today. Thank you for making SaferKid. I own an Android and my husband has an iPhone. This wonderful app works on both and allows us to keep a check on our kids' activities. Highly recommended.
  • In love with this app

    By ruleofkim
    I love this app. It has so many features that help me keep an eye on my kids in a better way. I can read their text messages, block adult content, know which apps they shouldn’t be using, and check their web browsing history. Really satisfied and highly recommend it to all parents.
  • A Safe, Secure and Reliable Parental Control App

    By roudermass
    I have two kids and I am always worried about their activities, mobile usage etc. One of my friends recommends SaferKid to me. Honestly, it is one of the most useful parental control apps I’ve come across. Solves every problem I’ve had. Highly recommended to all parents.
  • Best parental app ever!

    By tremekum
    Love this app. Downloaded to monitor my 11 year old's phone. I love all the features and the control I have to keep my child safe. Easy to use. I highly recommend this app for every parent.
  • Awesome App

    By rutenee
    Awesome app. Was sold by the free trial. I can see what my son is doing, see who he's texting/calling, lock/ unlock his phone, and much more!

    By godmkum
    The best app to keep your teens safe. I love this app and I have it on both of my kids' phones. I recommend it to every parent. It is a must!
  • Absolutely love this app.

    By sinne poet
    I downloaded it because my 12 year old was cursing over text and starting to figure out he could delete texts so I couldn't see. Now I can see everything! I feel a lot more at ease with him having this app.
  • Great App

    By ruilmorss
    Great way to keep track of kids and make sure they aren't overusing their cell phones or doing things parents wouldn't approve of!
  • Highly recommend

    By prium maka
    This has been a key tool in managing our sons usage and screen time. Love the ability to manage it remotely and to see the actual texts and breakdown of what he is looking at. Highly recommend it.
  • 5 stars for sure

    By riuxemme
    I love this app.. Tells me everything my son is doing. Calls, texts, apps... I can even manage the apps and when he can and can't use them!
  • Brilliant App

    By gaitrokcmo
    Does exactly what every parent should be doing to help keep their child safe. Very reliable and gives me peace of mind.
  • This app is outstanding

    By detemke
    My teen son hates this app. He abused his cell phone privileges so now he has to be closely monitored. This is the app to remotely control all of the social media apps on their phone. Great app!
  • Does more than I expected!

    By nardemrekm
    We got our son his first cell phone for his 11th birthday. I was nervous about it, but I downloaded this app before giving it to him. I don't want to be that mom that always spies and pries into my kid's life but I want to make sure he's safe and not doing things he shouldn't be doing. This app is perfect for that.
  • Great app for great parents!!!

    By ptoxicc
    If you are at all concerned about the safety of your child online, this is the app you must have. You have complete control over the access and abilities their phone has, and you can adjust the privacy levels to give more freedom (and take it away). This is a must have for any parents who want to keep their children safe!!!
  • Excellent App!!!

    By rupbachep
    I've tried several apps like this one and by far this is pretty awesome! There is a free trial and the service is great. It's easy to use and has many features. My favorite is the lock and unlock at any time. Seriously parents, it's awesome!
  • Love this app

    By Amber Lindeman
    Works like a charm... if your worried about social media. Just block it! Developers are always listening and are super responsive to input. Love this app!
  • So far so good!

    By Brock Locke
    I have only tried this saferkid app for the last week but I love it! I can lock her phone so no more apps till morning which means a good night sleep and better grades!
  • Highly recommend

    By Hannah Buvelot
    I've tried a number of similar systems and this is the only one that covers everything I want when it comes to securing my daughter's phone.
  • Best of the best

    By Thidcxejj
    After looking at many safe kids apps, I love this one, I can see what is texted, I can control the apps being used. And instead of taking the phone away for punishment I block the usage of the apps. They really thought of everything!
  • Awesome App!!!

    By Montesaxuk
    Was hesitant about getting my 13 year old a phone. With this app though, I feel I have more control than before he had a phone. Super awesome!
  • Love this SaferKid app

    By Max Hillsi
    After trying out many other parental control apps I found this one and loved it! It has everything I need to monitor my kids and is super easy to use! I definitely recommend this app!!
  • Love it

    By Caleb Calyute
    Love the fact I can control what my daughter does on her phone without taking it away. I didn't realize there was a free trial and then pay, but cost is very reasonable. Thank you for that!
  • Amazing App!!!

    By Brianna Randall
    Amazing app!! Love the features and ability to control my son's phone using mine. He really dislikes it so I love it!!
  • Must have!!!

    By Maya Simcha
    Great app for controlling children's devices, monitoring texts and blocking apps with ease. You can see contacts and web history, too!
  • Love it

    By Bibondas
    SaferKid is the best app so far. You can see who children text and who responds, and it provides custom reviews for parents for any app that I need to know about. It's real peace of mind for me. Awesome.
  • Awesome App

    By Kiachooki
    This is a really great app to use to monitor your children's devices. You can set schedules to block apps but also make changes on the fly when you ened to. The interaction between the Parent app and the child app is great. I have had to lock the phone and the lock was within 5 seconds from the command being sent. I have recommended this to my child's therapist who has had other parents ask about an app to help with their children's phoneso. FYI to the children that say this is an invasion of privacy, until you turn 18 privacy is a privilege not a right. Any privacy that is given should be earned. Thank you for a great app.
  • This app actually works

    By Buhygfe
    SaferKid is the perfect application if you want to truly track activities of younger children and to lock down their devices appropriately, use it. I would give this 6 stars if I could
  • Great App

    By Ben Frayne
    My daughter is 14 and this app has been so helpful. She is my responsibility until she is 18 and by golly, if she wants a phone, I have the right to see any and all activity on her phone.
  • Very Good

    By Gachazul
    I love the lock unlock feature and that both parents can control from their own phones from anywhere!
  • Fantastic app

    By Alice Fitzo
    I love SaferKid. It's so easy to use and has lots of great benefits. I like to scroll through the browsing history to see any videos which my kids are watching.