WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2017-01-10
  • Current Version: 0.3.3795
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 133.89 MB
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 266


With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.



  • Works Weel with iPhone

    By Radical Grace
    Great app, but does not work with Catalina beta at present.
  • Install perpetually stuck

    By bluce
    Macbook Pro showed an update needed on What's app and now it is perpetually stuck trying to load. Why do they bother?
  • Its good

    By VangelisPrime
    So far it has been great using WhatsApp on my mac. Got most of the features on the mobile version but only thing i usually utilize that it doesnt have is the video icon where u can start a video chat or voice call. Please it weill be nice if yall implement such function in the next update.
  • Works perfectly, needs dark mode

    By PRS_29
    This client for whatsapp is just perfect. It is fast, reliable and very secure. A small addition of the dark mode will it a charm to use!
  • Doesnt work with macOS catalina

    By krishkau
    I am unable to open the app after downloading from app store. App was blocked from opening because its not from an identified developer. I clicked 'Open Anyway' and still it doesnt work.
  • Calling and video calling

    By Atomsic
    Why I can't make a call or video call on this app?
  • Won't run on Catalina Beta (19A501i)

    By Scotteeboy
    Will give more stars once I can check out the software. On Catalina there's a security error that prevents the software from running.
  • Works but it's a web app

    By EdiPhone
    On the plus side it works. Yay. On the minus side it's a web app that uses the malodorous Electron framework. I guess Facebook isn't big enough to write a proper desktop app. Maybe with Catalyst Facebook will scrape together the few pennies of loose change they have in the folds of their beanbags and port over the iPad app. Oh, there is no iPad app either. Never mind.
  • Nees Phone To Sync

    By NikKIDdy
    I love the idea of having Whatapp on my computer, but mainly when I don't have access to my phone. I wish this app. could work independently of my phone like when my phone dies. I'd be fine with it just syncing again when both devices are back on internet.
  • No video calling

    By GROD2358
    The WhatsApp is a simple text messaging app for the desktop. The benefit of the app on the phone is that it allows you to video call or "FaceTime" people regardless of the phone they have (Android vs iPhone). Unfortunately, the desktop app DOES NOT provide the same luxury. I would NOT recommend this app until it has the same availabilities as the cellular app.
  • Not working for macOS Catalina

    By iPou
    I am guessing you guys are working on this, but in the Public Release Beta of macOS Catalina WhatsApp does not work because of a "Not Trusted Developer" error. I have reported this to Apple, but wanted to make sure I informed you guys. Hopefully there is an update soon!
  • Can’t log in :(

    By madibearc
    Super bummed to find out that it won’t let you log into your account or use a different account on the desktop unless you have your phone around to scan the barcode. My phone was stolen a few days ago and and since Im studying abroad I don’t have the ability to just run off and buy a new one. I thought I’d be able to download the desktop app and contact my family but unfortunately that isn’t an option. How disappointing.
  • Slow new update

    By Jeremy Lelea
    The newest update has slowed down this app tremendously. I want to revert back to the last stable version, but cannot seem to find out how.
  • Nice, but buggy

    By TheKarateKidd
    App crashes a lot. Often says "Whatsapp needs to restart due to a problem that occurred." Usually happens after resuming from sleep. Launch time is often slow as well.
  • phone

    By Ucabear7
    I like Whatsapp, but can not use the desktop app to its fullest POTENTIAL. I want the ability to use the phone features like I do on my phone app.
  • dark mode

    By OZ1905
    needs to have a full dark mode option not just chat background color options
  • it is not working after forcing update

    By EnderVS
    Suddently after i try to scan the QR code, it shows a message "please update whatsapp from the mac app store". but no matter if you click the button update or even reinstall the app again. it simply does not work. I am on the latest version. Please fix this.
  • Issue on Catalina

    By iharkh_ios
    App is not working on macOS Catalina. Please, fix it.
  • Wont run after forcing update

    By andiamo71
    All of a sudden on my mac, forced me to update, which I did. Once updated, when I went to scan the code, it keeps asking me to update again. Tried everything, including deletint the app from 'applications' on my mac and doing a fresh install. Still keeps telling me to update EVEN THOUGH I'M ON THE LATEST VERSION! So basically I can't use the Whatsapp desktop app on my mac!
  • Won't run

    By adam.b-34
    Recently the app said it needed to update, so I came here to do it and now that I have, it just keeps telling me to update, even though none is available. It was a fine app when it worked but now it's the digital equivilant of a paperweight.
  • Broken On Catalina

    By Jdifour
    Stopped working on Catalina from App Store. Caught in cycle of 'not able to open as not from identified developer/app store,' and after allowing the exception, still doesn't open.
  • Problem with label

    By RaffaelaSP3
    I can´t put label on chat anymore.
  • repeat cycle

    By JohnieNemo
    the app is great but right now on my macbook its hung in a repeat cycle. click to update-- goes to app store-- click to open -- opens app -- click to update--- all over again. do you have a fix?? im overseas and this has been my primary form of communiction. thank you
  • Back to 5 Stars

    By Corker2k
    It wasn't working, but now is back to being one of my most used apps!
  • asks for a non existing update

    By wewantbetterapps
    when I launch an app it asks me to update it. I click update and it redirects me to app store where I can only open the app instead of updating it because I already has the latest version currently released on app store. It would be greate if they can fix this issue, because currently you can't use app on the mac.
  • Can't Open

    By Brian Whitton
    Prompted to "Please Update WhatsApp from the App Store", but there's no update available in the mac os app store.
  • Broken: "Please update from appstore"

    By Nafisdewji
    I've used this app for quite a while now but suddenly it keeps giving me the "please update from appstore" prompt. I even unintalled it and reinstalled via the mac app store and still it gave me the same error. Please fix.

    By dylan4ever!
    Can't open the most recent version of the app on the latest Mac OS. It just says to update to the latest verstion of WhatsApp upon opening. However, I'm on the latest version. Please fix.
  • Version 0.3.3328

    By Pelnyc
    I am currently in a very tiring circle jerk with this app. It pushed me to update to the latest update via the web, which then prompted me to open up itunes to update it. I then went to do the update as I have been made to do with past versions and i was welcomed to a screen telling me to still update. I have ran through various trouble shooting methods including but not limited to checking to make sure that I have the current version actually updated (which I did) to deleting the app entirely several times (with complete system reboot). Nothing seems to be working. Please, please help with this.
  • Broken

    By XUSFX
    Asking for an update while on the latest version.

    By whitneyelisabeth
    I love this app - it makes working so much easier but they put out a "bug fix" and the whole thing crashes! Please fix it.
  • Latest version won't start on my Mac!

    By royclif
    I love WhatsApp and use it all the time on my Mac and iPhone, but I just updated to the latest desktop version (0.3.3328) and it upon opening, it gives me a message to update to the latest version, even though I just did. I have tried restarting and deleting the app and re-installing, but always takes me back to the same place. Frustrating!

    By Hellonheelzz
    I did the update but which shows successful on app store but the App itself wont recognize it, everytime i launch it it shows the updte button
  • Update on MAC OS not working

    By ExecutiveOne
    After last update unable to open app even deleted and reinstall with latest MAC OS
  • Does Not Work

    By MazenHalabi
    It keeps telling us to update after we scan the QR code then takes us back to the store to download the app again. over and over in an infinite loop.
  • it's terrible now

    By Me_190252
    it was working just fine before this update, now it doesn't work
  • Stuck in Update loop

    By Stafaaa
    Will not update on my mac, both manually, or when installed from here, the app store. No matter how many times I remove it and reinstall it, it always needs an update that can never be accessed. So basically useless as it won't allow me in without updating. Was working fine up until now. No way to contact support— just an FAQ page.
  • Got stuck on endless loop

    By a d sphere
    App stopped working. Deleted and downloaded a fresh one, now I'm stuck on update loop that takes me back to the apple page where I downloaded the software. Very annoying! Dont waste your time.
  • version 0.3.3328

    By ACHCheng
    this version keep telling me to update, when it is the same version in the App store.
  • Needs improvement

    By 29PMagMoose
    Please add video chat capability on the desktop version!
  • No Desktop Facetime or Video Option

    By HerMeOut
    This app would be so much better if there was a desktop video option.
  • worst messaging app ever

    By amiraliio
  • Only one Computer Support

    By lie2me
    I have both a desktop Mac and a MacBook. However, it only supports one of them at a time. You can’t have the application active on more than one at a time.
  • Could use some more features

    By rileighadrienne
    Would love to be able to use this application without having to have my phone connected to the internet. I would also love for the video call feature to work on this phone. Not sure if there is an application for non-mac laptops, but it would be nice for there to be one and to be able to video call with them as well from an apple laptop.
  • There no video chatt option

    By OdieJess
    Over all the app is great but theres no video chatt opption. If there is one I cant find it.
  • Horrible new design

    By Qwerty1978@
    Why did you change the design of the emojis. They look horrible this way. Please return to the old version designs
  • crashed

    By arian6551
    it's always sayin trying to reach phone so i can't use it seperately from my iphone...
  • Can’t upgrade

    By updatemywhatsapp
    I need to upgrade my app to use it on my desktop and it takes me around from the browser to the app store with no option to actually update so I cannot use the app at all
  • It´s not opening

    By marcelg86
    The latest version is not opening for mac