WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2017-01-10
  • Current Version: 2.2019.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 134.68 MB
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10.0 or later.


With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.



  • Great and Convenient

    By Kelvrilo
    Great way to stay away from your phone. I would still love to have the video call feature.
  • Only one Computer Support

    By lie2me
    With the latest version downloaded, I finally got the QR code to work again with this desktop app. It can pair up with the phone finally. Not sure if this new version will support two Macs at once though. Everytime I try, it seems to goof up everything. Priori Review of version 0.xxxxx: I have both a desktop Mac and a MacBook. However, it only supports one of them at a time. You can’t have the application active on more than one at a time.
  • Support Dark Mode

    By Keykam
    Support dark mode!!!
  • More filxable for using

    By Yousiftech
    I have been using this apps for two years it's wondrfull but i need more fixable i can'r answer the call and it's sill using web tachnology .
  • missing video support

    By APValerius
    Seriously, what's the point of this app if all you can do with it is text? PLEASE add video support ASAP!
  • Emoticons are not showing up

    By Parjun
    All emoticons are not showing up. Using app on macOS Catalina. Seems to be a bug in this release.
  • Works well, but still missing dark mode support

    By Nico Buescher
    It's been more than a year now that macOS Mojave brought dark mode, and this app still doesn't have support for it, despite the iOS app having caught up and implemented dark mode support.
  • WhatsApp

    By JoelNathan
    Please Black Mode
  • video chat pls

    By cjmp98
    I miss the video chat on the deskpot app. Now with messenger having it, i dont know, its kind of mandatory now.
  • Solid but notification plays while DNS on

    By TycelM
    Solid app but the app still plays a notification sound in the background even with do not disturb on
  • Good app, no calls, no do not disturb

    By Paul-Moldova
    The app works remarkably well, but it doesn't support calls. Also, it doesn't respect macOS's "Do Not Disturb" setting (letting notification sounds through when it is enabled).
  • Like a codependent girl friend

    By Israel91B
    This could be a great app. Definitely can save you when typing a lot (computer keyboard vs. phone). But it's so dang NEEDY! It's obsessed with the internet that your phone has, so if your phone has lower signal, you can forget about this WhatsApp working. I'm doing a lot of differnet types of work on the internet with no problem, but this app isn't going to connect because it considers the internet I have to be too low.
  • Most recent update causing flickering

    By Spitting_Ibex
    Since updating to 0.4.2089, the app keeps flickering non stop when looking at pictures or scrolling randomly. Not sure what happened hopefully this is fixed soon.
  • Solid app but it needs more

    By Jim Jim Kim Kim
    this desktop app works great in being able to text people straight from my laptop. but, i wish there was a way where i can type in spanish and it not give me all the errors since i use this to text family who dont speak english. i also wish we could have a video and call option on the desktop, which would be an amazing feature to have. if this has it, i would give it 5 stars.
  • whasapp night mode

    By yoandelrey18
    with night mode on whatsapp mobile i was expecting facebook to also introduce that feature to the desktop version, bit i dont see nowhere. i do love night mode, especially because i use WhatsApp a lot in my dark room and the white background just burn my eyes, white is updated, c'mon guys make it happend quick you got the resources to do so
  • Nice, but where is the video-call feature?

    By DAVID COX 24
    I hope during the next upgrade WhatsApp will have a video-call feature. Just like the way it has one on the smart phone. Other than that the app is great! And yes, speelcheck and the ability to type in foreign languages will also be great to have!
  • No video chat, no voice chat.

    By JS201611
    No video chat, no voice chat. No point to install this app. Just use the web base.
  • Solid but needs work

    By 0h_mojojojo
    It would be really nice to be able to video chat from the desktop as well. Other than that it's a pretty smooth transition from mobile to deektop.
  • share menu

    By RasoulKarimi
    hi tnx for grate app, i have a question how can i add whats app icon on share menu for share image or other on from that menu?
  • Sorry, I don’t believe in forced updates...

    By TonyP927
    This program was great until it demanded a forced update without warning. Sorry, but that is piss-poor software management. I will not be using this app anymore.
  • CPU and GPU high usage

    By MikesitoX
    needs improve the hungry resources
  • Such a joke comparing to Telegram

    By dude9966
    No dark mode Not able to work independently, without the phone
  • Facetime

    By MoonTree12454446273
    I love that I can use this on my laptop but I would love it even more if I could make calls and facetime with my family.
  • Dark Mode

    By iHashmat
    We need dark mode for our tired sights in the night!
  • no voice call and video call

    By AOA198999
    i wonder when they will update because even Telegram and facebook has it also.
  • Good app but needs some improvements

    By Gelarehhh
    Great app, only if it would not leave the message when you delete a message saying “this message was deleted”! If I delete a message that’s because I don’t want others to read what I wrote! Also, if the desktop version would allow video call it would be much better as I could do my videocalls on my laptop
  • Absolutely useless

    By ancie67
    Not only it requres your phone to be online to send and receive messages, it blocks input keybord switch and locks it in English, what makes it totally useless for it's main purpose - chat on computer.
  • Keeps Crashing

    By Charbonnel
    This new version crashes at least once a day, but often much more than that. Zero fucntionanilty.
  • TouchBar stopped working

    By sebastian16bv
    before the update, whasapp will work with touchbar allowing you to use emojis directly from TouchBar, now touchbar doesnt work (it still works on WEB version.... but not on desktop version)
  • Uses a LOT of CPU

    By DV Henkel-Wallace
    Works fine except that when doing nothing it still uses almot 6% of my CPU! This is under both Mojave and now Catalina. That's crazy, especially when the phone is apparently doing most of the work.
  • Darkmode please

    By ichanz
    minus Darkmode, and sometime download picture are slow
  • NO Video???

    By Larkin Barkin
    A $20,000,000,000 app, but you can't afford to build a Video or even a VOIP client? REALLY???
  • Great but MISSING major piece!

    By Thatonegrlkaren
    I love that application on Desktop however i really need it to support VideoCalling on Desktop version. If the desktop version had the ability to support VideoCalling it would be beyond perfect for me. Therefore it is why i gave it 3 Stars and not 5.

    By Slymm21
  • Black is amazing

    By John Riches
    Dark mode will be greate please make an update for that just like that on the iPhone too
  • Giving it a two stars because...

    By pickacoolname
    Giving it a two stars because I was in a work call and I had the "Do not disturb" set to ON for my Mac Catalina. However, it keeps pinging me for new messages.
  • last update doesnt show emojis while chatting

    By Clubboba
    After the latest update the emojis dont show anymore while chatting. Also we've been waiting for dark theme for so long now..

    By igortiger
    I am seriously giving Whatsapp for desktop one star because they still don't have dark mode for the native mac desktop app. It took Whatsapp long enough to add dark mode to the iPhone app, and it looks great now. Sometimes I have my brightness set a bit brighter becasue most of the other apps I use on my mac do have dark mode, so man is it annoying to have a brighter than hell screen when I switch to apps to Whatsapp, especially at night. Whatsapp/Facebook, please add dark mode to the Whatsapp for desktop app on mac.
  • easy to use

    By xjbcp
    neat and clean. easy to use.
  • Needs to be as efficent as other apps or even just the mobile app

    By Good app but needs IMPROVEMENT
    I hate how theres no minimizing option for this window. It’s either completely open or not at all. I would like to be able to easily send documents through the desktop application, but forget that too. Might as well just use your phone… quite backwards if you ask me.
  • Video Chat

    By Jamaaaahh
    I love being able to use this on my computer. It would be perfect if I had to the option to video chat.
  • mobile app is REQUIRED

    By eric’s report
    It needs to be flagged in bold large text that the desktop app *requires* that a mobile version of the app *must* exist on your smart phone. If you do not have a smartphone or do not have whatsapp on a mobile device this desktop app will not work.
  • Dark Mode ?

    By Arianator Nikhil
    I love the dark mode on my iPhone, Waiting for it on MacOS
  • Lack of multiple login

    By Omid Ahmadi
    The only problem of whatsapp is you can not login on more than 2 station and is the important problem. Please add the feature, becuase is very important
  • It is great

    By Rosabirinah
    Well, I forget my phone at home and was still able to text through another device I had in my possession. I would def recommend the app.
  • dark mode!

    By king kontinuum
  • 0.4.930 is a dog

    By phyllosopher
    It’s annoying that they FORCE you to upgrade, and then the upgrade won’t download and install. On the phone, it’s a great app and I love it. It’s very helpful WHEN it works on the desktop but hey, don’t kill the working version to replace it with a dead dog!
  • I want to select the download folder

    By Pheraaz
    I hate this new feature where I have no option of selecting the download destination. I DO NOT want all the downloads to go to downloads folder I HATE IT and I have to use the website based version where I can still choose the destination folder
  • Total Garbage

    By ReplyGuy55
    Won't even open. When it does, is constantly asking you to reauthorize your account w/ a QR code. How does a company as resource-rich as Facebook make software this terrible? Embarrassing.