WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2017-01-10
  • Current Version: 0.3.2848
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 129.95 MB
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 108


With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.



  • No Status Views

    By lilhadi
    Overall application is working normal. But there's some of the bugs that aren't debugged by the developers from the day first. Just take the example of Status Views. You're unable to see who has viewed your status, only the figure is mentioned that how many views you got.
  • Slow and inconvenient, but your only option

    By kezz-
    Desktop version allows you to type faster than on a mobile device, but man, this is so badly implmented. It disconnects and asks you to check connectivity on your phone every now and then, so especially on slower networks e.g. in the plane this is almost useless. For any work purposes, use Slack, you cannot even compare these two. The only good thing with this is the wide deployment of whatsapp.
  • April 24th Update Works!! Previous TWO updates crashed in 10.9.X

    By meiro
    Developers got it right in v0.3.2848. Finally. Thank you
  • Thing Keeps Crashing

    By chrisd3lacruz
    I swear everytime I open this, after a couple of minutes it crashes and closes! I have to keep opening and closing, opening and closing. MAN! I'm just gonna get a different app, it's been over a year like this. Also, I can't really use the emoji's on the touchbar properly and there's no grammar correction support. BYE.
  • Dose not support Tibetan Language

    By བློ་བཟང་ཚེ་རིང་།
    Whats app ignore that fact that thousands of Tibetan people uses whats app for daily comunication. Tibetan language should be enable.
  • Good but no video chat?

    By g a t i t o s
    I got this app to video chat with my mom and girlfriend. I use my phone to video chat them but it would be AMAZING if I could use my mac to video caht them just how I can use my mac to facetime my friends. Would you guys be considering in adding a feature where you could videochat on your computer??
  • WhatsApp Desktop still will not open

    By PleaseFixYourUpdate
    … even after running the update. And attempting to open the update from this page results in an eternal spinning wheel. Anybody else encountering this?
  • Was great then the commies took over!

    By 4benji
    WhatsApp was great, it was simple enough to teach your grandma, fun to add a smile to your friends, quick in getting that all important piece of humor or message across, had VoIP and video chat. Then the commies seem to have taken over! Suddenly more than 5 people is illegal, a no-no! Users are forced to upgrade - no choice! Where is the great free world loosing out? On the positive side it supports multiple languages from Arabic Hebrea and Ethiopian to Ukraine and Vietnamese! Hope someone will be coming to work a bit happier thi9s morning.
  • Great when it works, but crashes repeatedly

    By matth103
    Had this software for a few years now and over that time the developer has failed to make the app stable. It closes itself every few minutes, which extremely annoying. I'm running it on a 2016 Macbook Pro 15" with touch bar and the latest up to date MacOS. I've continually updated Whatapp to the latest version as well and the problem still persists. However, when it's open it's great, although it would be nice it worked independantly of the phone. I.e. you need your phone connected to your wifi for it to work.
  • Perfect!

    By Darkrai1012
    Love to have WhatsApp Desktop, I can easily manage my chats, see some pictures in a bigger screen and there was an update the app crashed on launch and I like more to use apps from the Mac AppStore so updating is easy; I posted a review they actually fixed the issue and contacted me to download the app again as it was working good again.
  • Great middle child to IOS and Android

    By Jwpastor
    This app runs perfect on my mac and iphone, as well as my friends win pc and Android phone and gets along well holding hands with both systems. The most dependable way to message with Android users from IOS. Love the end to end encryption, and the ability to send files and even videos. WISH LIST: 1. An iPad version 2. A message self destruct timer for sending sensative data.
  • Issue fixed

    update:Team reched out with issue being fixed thank you. // Won't even open after download, tried all different things. uninstall/reinstall, admin permission, nothing works....app just wont open. useless
  • Used the website download instead

    By Cali_Coz
    Dowloaded it from website before. It's been working since and just received a notification from the WhatsApp team saying they fixed the issue on the app via appstore. Well, I guess the app works great then! Suggestion: Needs video calling!
  • Used to be good

    By Hackman01
    Crasehs quite often with the latest update
  • Integrate the touchbar for Macbook Pro

    By Sandip91
    Please integrate the touchbar feature into the app so that we can use the Emoticons and Stickers directly from the touch bar
  • Doesn't open

    By Dheerusv
    The app won't open at all. It just bounces and that's it. I cannot see the app opened.
  • Doesnt Open

    By 93614TJP
    Doesn't Open. Click and nothing happens.
  • whatsapp causing mac mini to reboot

    By Ravi Sanagapalli
    hi, whatsapp is causing macmini 2018 with mojave to reboot. latest update. please fix
  • Doesn't Work on MacBook Pro

    By GWA777
    The app doesn't even open on my MacBook Pro. Need to fix it so it works.
  • not working at all

    By come oooon sony
    no window at all, just the icon in a tray
  • dont work

    By Syleidlab
    the app since the moment I istalled dont work.
  • Bug

    By Lfountain
    Won't even open.
  • not working

    By waldowya
    app wont open. even after downloading it from App Store, and whatsapp offical website.
  • Won't open

    By McLovin042
    like a lot of people, the app does not open on mac after download. tried reinstalling, but no luck :(
  • Not opening

    By wuzwashere
    just installed it and it keeps crashing when I try to open. The app won't open.
  • Won't even open

    By hayyyy812
    I just downloaded WhatsApp on my laptop and the application immediately crashes everytime I click on it. I've tried deleting it and redownloading, as well as restarting my computer. Still crashes! :(
  • nooooooo

    By yasbornready
    it is not be open!!!!!
  • Crashes at launch

    By pigpeyn
    Won't open at all.
  • will not open

    By Digiworkz
    whats app will not open on my mac mini running macOS Mojave version 10.14.4.
  • whatsapp don’t working in my mac

    By eljoneveuy
    I have a macbook 8,2 whit hig sierra and WhatsApp don’t working, the app don’t open. Please I need help
  • App won't open

    By Harvesthills
    I have no idea why but the app won't open on my Macbook Pro. I even deleted it and redownloaded the app. All to no avail. Please help.
  • wont open on my laptop

    By J.A.S.E.
    unfortunately, as i do love the app on my iphone, for some reason it will not open on my macbook pro. i tried updating my laptop and restarting it and the app still wont work. im quite disappointed
  • Botched upgrade

    By tmenner
    I upgraded recently from v0.3.2043 to the current version v0.3.2386 (on MacOS 10.13.6), and for some reason the newer version did not replace the older version. If I start WA from the Applications folder or the Launcher I get the old version; but if I go to the Apple Store and WhatsApp page, I have the option to ‘Open’ WA which in fact launches the newer version. I haven’t yet been able to figure out how to fix this - but other than that annoyance I’ve not had the problems with crashing as others seem to be reporting.
  • Reporting a bug

    By yinchen1990
    I was able to use whatsapp on my old laptop. I just got an 15' macbook pro, and was not able to open the app after it is installed. No error message shown, but just nothing was open when I clicked on the whatsapp app.
  • keepings crashing

    By hiya888oio
    running mac os mojave macbook pro 2016 16 gb ram
  • Please!

    By zorannikolic
    We neeed call and video call...
  • Will not open - Mojave

    By the sharpeye
    Downloaded app. It will not open up.
  • Not working

  • This is Great but if best to have same app for IPAD

    By MLHS
    This WhatsApp Desktop is great, it will be more great it this is port to IPAD ver will be super. Nowdays only work from IPAD.
  • Not working and no contact form page

    By MJúnior
    My WhatsApp desktop was outdated so I decided to upgrade it. After downloading and installing the newer version (from App Store), it simply stopped working - not even starting up anymore. I have tried to locate any solution to this problem but there is no "contact us" page on their site and noting on their FAQ page covers this issue. I am very very disappointed.
  • Won't Open

    By AndreyaJVR
    The app won't open on my Macbook. Works fine on Macbook Pro and desktop, but on the Macbook the app bounces in the dock and then immediately quits. Tried reinstalling, nothing seems to help.
  • not compatible with 10.14.4

    By parkerbro9
    just downloaded for the first time and it won't even open. seems not compatible with 10.14.4
  • wont open

    By 5SOD
    I have tried re downloading this app so many times and restarting my laptop but it won't even open when I click on it.
  • Does not open.

    By TeeEcstasy
    App continuously crashes and never gets the chance to open. Yes, I did reinstall the app a few times. Please assist.
  • wont open

    By thankyouuuuuuuuuuu
    just downloaded, it wont even open
  • I wish

    By NeneBabee24
    I wish you could make it so i can call from my MacBook as well on this app
  • App doesn't open!

    By Christine Tai
    The app doesn't even open!
  • Terrible

    By BlackBeltJJ
    I didn't even get a chance to use it. It wouldn't even open the application on my computer. Waste of time.
  • the app is not accessible

    By Omaer alt1
    unlike the iPhone the app is not accessible for voiceover users on mac