Flip Rush!

Flip Rush!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-20
  • Current Version: 1.1.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 247.63 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 431


So Flipping fun! Have fun playing solo mode or racing others! Fly through space at high speed, but make sure to land that flip. Switch between sports cars, hoverboards, trucks, people, and so much more! Go fast, jump high, and FLIP to earn coins and upgrade your stats!



  • Yet

    By yeet09876543211234567890
    Omg I hate the game but I love it too yeet haha
  • Flip rush

    By ابو حيدر معزب
    It is the bestest game I played
  • Flip rush

    By silly4silly
    It is a good concept, and it is really fun. But the adds. I know every one complains of adds, but this is different. There is an option to watch an add for double the points, which is great, except that you get a long add anyway. It’s annoying. That and the levels are all the same, but I can live with that. I don’t like the adds though.

    By jokester0217
    I love it
  • I’m MAD

    By reviewer who gives the TRUTH.
    Ok this is a very fun game. Just there are WAY to many ads. I know there has to be ads in order to be able to have this app free but like every single time you lose than there is an ad. This game should only have 1 or 2 ad every once in a while not every single time you lose I mean it gets so darn annoying after a while.
  • Addicting game

    By 59723496
    Best game ever. Can’t stop playing it. There is 1 thing I wish that there were different tracks like a winding track and a loop track. Then you can buy new tracks with in game money
  • Great game but...

    By 🙂🙁
    Too many ads!😒
  • 😛

    By 😍😁😂😎🤪🦄🦋
  • It’s ok 👍

    By plmkoijnuhbgyvtfcrdxeszwaq
    This game is good but there was some problems I hope you can change the problems people have been having because they are the same ones I have otherwise this is a fun game
  • Do not download

    By 12367973
    This game is the most you know i got so soooo I did this ufutufyietibtgkv Indic is duo icupc
  • great game, but...

    By allie.c98
    when I first downloaded this game, the levels didn’t include any of the loops you see in literally every level now. while I guess those are fine, they add nothing but a weird sense of aggravation to the gameplay. part of the draw of the single player game is the perfect landing that grants you 5% more fuel. after a loop, it doesn’t matter how you land because you can only achieve a perfect landing from doing an actual flip. considering the game is centered around flipping and things involving flipping like the perfect landing, I really don’t think the loops were a good addition. if this were a racing game or something more like that, those types of things might be more enjoyable. I came here for flips, not loops! also, the glitches that came with the loops are awful! I would really like to see the old version of this game back.
  • biggg problem but amazing game

    By Queen awsomeness
    I have been experiencing a horrible glitch where instead of going on the loop my car is going through it and I have to restart the entire game. It has cost me sooo many levels and I’m really hoping to get some help
  • Cool

    By adrian goodman 17
  • It’s fun, but there’s many things to improve

    By laceyquiggle
    1. The game gets laggy is “multiplayer mode” 2. Multiplayer mode” is fake. You don’t play against other people, you just go against AI. I kind of wish I could against real people. 3. For my last complaint, I kind of wish there was a drag strip, so that you could reach your top speed more often. Besides all of this, I think the game is fun.
  • I'm done...

    By Gjfigjg
    This game was really fun, then they slowly start to take the entire game over with ads and ads and ads, just like they do with any game, and I'm not spending money to get rid of the ads, because the game will die as soon as I pay...
  • Joshua

    By VanessaBlue81817
    Is there a way to change your characters outfit color,if so can you tell me how.Also can you add more people characters please(male and female)
  • I don’t like it

    By cupcakeybakey12345
    The game started off great but then it got bad. The game started getting really laggy to the point where I couldn’t even play anymore. I started playing and then I fell through the track and then I restarted it and it did it again. It would have been good if the lagging wasn’t there, but I did have to delete the app because I couldn’t use it.
  • Best game ever, Except

    By xXLuckyDog3Xx
    When you are about to go on a loop you sometimes can get caught on the bottom of the loop on accident with your roof but than it “kills” you and I is pretty annoying
  • Money

    By kimberlykat824
    This game is great I’m so addicted. But there’s always the thing that want you to pay money I’m ok with them but $20 is this a joke. Who would pay $20 seriously!
  • Love this game so much it’s the best game I’ve ever played it’s great

    By mgght
    You should download it
  • Good game with a few problems

    By heildante
    I have essentially “beat the game” as in unlocked every avatar and get 100k coins per flip. Here’s what I have to say: Purchases: The purchase options are terrible. They aren’t worth anything, playing for an hour probably is enough to achieve what they offer. And I still get offers for things such as 1$ for 9k coins, which is 1/10th of what I get for one flip. So I suggest they either have an algorithm that determines the value packs or make them more worthy Bugs: I found and occasionally abused a bug which is basically an issue where you can fall off the map. The first time it happened I’m not sure what caused me to be in the right spot, but eventually I figured out if I land in certain places and get my avatar to roll back enough I can fall off the map and flip infinitely until I run out of gas (which takes a while because of how much I have upgraded it) Overall gameplay: Multiplayer is fake. It’s against bots that get better as you upgrade your avatar Avatars: Some are much better than others in the sense that they are easier to use. The monster truck is what I have found to be by far the best, very easy to land and it rolls over almost every time instead of “exploding”. Another problem I have with avatars is purchasing them. After you have purchased one (maybe others don’t have this problem but I do) I have to go out of the purchase menu back to the main screen and then go back once again to the purchase menu to purchase another. TL;dr: you can only purchase one avatar at a time which becomes tedious if you have a lot of money. Levels: The levels really don’t change at all, so the game gets very boring and not challenging. Upgrades: The upgrading gets to a point where the game almost becomes ridiculous. My gas probably lasts around 5 minutes without landing any flips to get more gas. Updates to game: it seems they occasionally update the games with minor things, mostly visual changes and possibly adding “looped ramps” to the game, this could be a thing only found on higher levels but I suspect it’s just a more recent update. Lag: the screen does occasionally freeze, and I know it isn’t my phone as other people had this same problem. It’s a quick freeze maybe for a fraction of a second but it can happen a few times in one jump, making the game annoying to play. Overall this is a fun game to play while watching tv or just bored, however it does need some updates and fixes. While this review listed all of the negatives there are fun parts.
  • It was great

    By scarcat26
    I love the grafics in its features
  • Game is trash

    By chickennoddles
    It’s boring and it’s hard to get a lot of coins to upgrade your vehicle.
  • Flip rush

    By hbhgggdurhjttd
    I love this app or game
  • Fun but fake

    By Rocktime903
    The multiplayer mode doesn’t matchup you up with real players instead of it does AI’s I figured this out by completing disconnecting myself from the WiFi and cellular and ended up somehow still in a matchmaking game and the same repetitive Single and “Multiplayer” mode.

    By OkayBaiBaiDumby
  • Flip rush

    By Min2nd
    It's super glitchy and you have to slap it to choose your car or person.and the people flip so easy
  • This game is pretty good

    By Elizabeth Gutierrez❤️
    This game is good but the 3 level is hard for me because it’s like hard with my small tiny hands but I really love this game it’s so cool and yes I am really young and yes I am on a iPhone 10 max
  • No More Fuel

    By CherryMode
    I like the game I just hate the fact that you run out of fuel when the level is almost over
  • I’m too good for the game

    By Gmoneyyyyyyy$$$$$
    I’ve upgraded my speed to level 965 and I’m now making 29400 coins per flip and my fuel level is at level 158, which btw the fuel level is irrelevant at this point bc I can go level to level to level and hit perfect landings and still have 99% of my tank left on the run. One thing I have noticed that upsets me badly is the fact that since my speed is upgraded so much I will often times go too fast coming off of a landing and it ruins my run by being too fast to lend upright, it does that a lot at the start of a run and it’s very aggravating because I’ve been playing so long you’d think that the high speed level would be a good thing but it’s actually become quite the curse. I’m also disappointed in the multiplayer aspect of this game as well as I always win, it seems like it’s not actually multiplayer. I get the feeling the other ‘players’ I’m facing are cpu.
  • Flip rush

    By annie1moo
    I love this game it’s very fun and challenging thanks for making this game
  • Flip rush

    By person #3245
    This game is so fun and really addicting but I have one problem with it…TOO MANY ADS This games has more ads then any other game I have ever played!
  • Literally no exit to ads

    By Cmill145
    I have to play this in airplane mode because the ads actually do not end. Ever. This is horrible.
  • Jujhhhuj

    By Malamia
    Hythg hynu
  • Very fun

    By omgomgomgnonicknames
    I play this game every day. It is so addicting and addictive. It is very fun!
  • Good game but it does not have much fuel

    By math guy 20
  • Wow

    By hdjfbjfbfjh
    Love it so much
  • Good game but one thing i dont like

    By ssswolf2000
    The game is amazing and im addicted but it gets flipped on the top way too easily and its kind of annoying but everything else is perfect
  • Katierose

    By katieronse0904
    I want to see new cars
  • This game

    By Soccerlufe
    This game is awesome but every time I need gas I have to watch a ad and it is always the same ad
  • Lots of fun

    By snooze707
    Offline and on good game two thumbs up
  • It’s awesome!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By koalalovepiggy
    My rate was it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A welcome change

    By I'mTrump
    I seriously had to write a review for this, and I NEVER write reviews. This game is a breath of fresh air! I welcome the way the developers handle ads, I always insist on watching them so I can get a boost in game. However, they aren’t forced on you after every level you play, and the ones that are forced, are instant or 6 seconds long to move on. What an amazing way to handle it, it makes me more inclined to watch, because I am assured that everything in game is obtainable without it. Above and beyond, this game is spectacular. If I could say one thing that I would like to see, is a multiplayer feature that allows you to connect to your friends through either Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. It does provide a multiplayer mode and it’s great! But a way to paly with friends would be an awesome addition to an already amazing game. Highly recommend!
  • no ads option

    By twentywrld
    i need a no ads option like their annoying i’m just trying to play the game
  • BEST GAME EVER 😱😱🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗

    By Bella Grace Lane
  • Do addictive

    By vanessa brauner
    You need to Play it It Is Amazing
  • Reporting this app as inappropriate

    By dddbbbbaaaa
    This app is said to be for 4+ my son is 6 and while he was playing there were sexual ads pooping up at bottom of the screen. Those ads should NOT be allowed for a children’s game!
  • I would give it a four star

    By juanysnow
    Its good but when you try to revive it puts an ad but it’s a very good game
  • New Update

    By Vanessa in Tucson
    New update will only allow to play ads. Nothing on screen is working.