Honeydue: Couples Finance

Honeydue: Couples Finance

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-12-17
  • Current Version: 2.18.605
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 147.33 MB
  • Developer: WalletIQ, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 341


Featured by Apple, Forbes as "New Apps We Love", "Finance for Happy Couples", "Inspiring Stories & "Best Tech Apps To Help You Save & Invest", Honeydue is the best personal finance app for couples. Track your balances, budgets and bills together - and engage in meaningful conversations about your habits and goals. WHY HONEYDUE? • Choose how much you share with your partner • See all of your bank account balances in one place, neatly organized. • Set monthly household spending limits on each category, and get notified when you and your partner are nearing it. • Add your own custom categories. • Get reminded you when it's time to pay your bills. • Send a thumbs up to encourage your partner's spending habits, or choose from 18 other emojis. • Ask your partner about that mysterious purchase. • Divvy up expenses, and square up with your partner when the time is right. • Automatic categorization of all your spending, or setup custom categories. • Support most banks in the US. • Bank level security for your peace of mind: Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit. • SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication. • See the big picture and argue less about the little things. • Free up your time from financial chores and go enjoy your day! • It's FREE! Monthly Tips At Honeydue, we want to earn your trust and treat both you and your partner like adults — you can decide what’s fair to pay (yes, even $0). No additional content is unlocked by tipping us. iTunes will charge your monthly payment once you confirm the subscription. • Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current month. • Your monthly tip automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the monthly period. • Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Privacy Policy: https://www.honeydue.com/terms Terms of Use: https://www.honeydue.com/privacy Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at: support@honeydue.com Note: Honeydue is currently available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.



  • Had high hopes

    By MacyTills
    Loved everything about the app but my accounts won’t stay linked no matter what I do. Because of this inconvenience my husband and I are deleting our accounts. It’s a shame because I really liked the set up.
  • Needs work

    By WrightBrained
    This app has a great UI and a nice ability to track payments that are due. You can assign who should see what payment and do all sorts of administrative things. The biggest complaint is that it doesn’t always do what it is designed to do which is notify us when the bill is due. My wife always complains that she doesn’t get notification and I’ve seen the same behavior. This would be the perfect app if the notifications worked consistently like they should.
  • Fantastic!

    By Drakegrad4
    This is a fantastic app! It’s made coordinating family bills together easy!
  • Account locked

    By all my userid are taken
    This app locked my account after adding it and providing proper credentials including 2factor Authenticator and after 3 attempts my bank disabled my login. Fix the issue and I may give it another try... couldn’t even get past first transaction smh.
  • Great app

    By Middlesteve
    Like it a lot so far, but some banks either won’t sync or do sync but then lose connection. Also there is the lingering question of data safety, and how they make money, but I chose to use it so I guess I voted with my download....
  • Great, but could add a few more things.

    By Noel5343
    I love this app! Helps keep track of both your personal and joint accounts and bills! I do wish there was a saving categories. We have a joint account and would love to if it was like “envelops” budgeting, where you can save $20 toward vacation, $100 towards wedding. Something to help organize where our money is saving towards in our account.
  • Great App

    By Yardie73
    I like the app a lot. Would be nice to have a cash flow section and show net worth on the account Tab....
  • Review

    By Ndnsbskszb11
    Great app. Perfect for budgeting!
  • Incorrect credentials

    By A.malmat92
    Tried numerous times to reauthorize my checking account but I keep getting told my credentials are incorrect even though they are absolutely correct (I can log in to my bank app without a problem). This needs to be rectified.
  • Be like Mint

    By 488;8,84&3&&3&:
    I really want to like this app, but it’s missing some basic functionality that I’d like such as: asset tracking, net worth tracking, active bill tracking. For more questions, see Mint.
  • Good app. Needs work. Issues below.

    By RockGuitarist1
    Love the app and use it a lot. 2 annoying issues with this app though: You can only refresh accounts every 24 or so hours. You’ll get an error if you try earlier than that. Mint (your competitor) allows me to do it however much I want. Second issue is that when I make a loan payment, I see the negative deduction on here as I would expect, but then on the loan account I see a deposit transaction, basically offsetting it completely in the budget section.
  • Love the idea but bad app

    By Taurus123
    I love the idea of this app. But it just doesn’t work reliability. I have constant connection issues with the banks, my wife’s card is missing transactions. Notifications are often misleading and you have to re-categorize expenses every time. Other small issues are present like I can’t swipe to go back, a gesture that has been available system wide since 2012 isn’t supported.
  • Good App, bugs appeared and not fixed

    By HosSamy89
    I am using Honeydue as my split expense app with my wife for some time now, and we're using it on our iPhone X. Recently, the app is so bugy and some main features are not working or not properly functioning. These are the issues we face currently: 1- The "Settle Up Balance" feature is not working AT ALL. Whenever we try to settle up the balance as paid, it just add it to the log but the balance stays the same without being zeroed down. I tried even to edit it after that to add the settlement expense manually but it doesn't allowing me to edit. 2- The dates of transactions in "Transaction" tab is not visible anymore, so it became a bit hard to track from the "Split Expenses" tab the dates of the transactions or splits done in the past. 3- Not able to add new categories for my transactions which I could do seamlessly at the beginning The app is updating automatically so I don't think it's update problem. We are currently searching for other apps to replace Honeydue since it became so frustrating to use it anymore. But since we're using it for some time, we don't want to change. So, this is our last chance with the app. If you couldn't provide us with solutions, we will change the app.
  • Good idea... horrible execution

    By Seminiano's
    Newest update: Contacted support again and no reply. Balances still take about a week to update and no pending charges ever show up. Done with this worthless app and the horrible support. Update: I did get a response from the developer via this review and I emailed their support on December 1st 2018. No response from the email and nothing has changed. I sent another email... Let’s see what happens. App is a good idea but the bank balances and transactions update about 3-4 days after the actual transaction making it hard to keep up with the actual balances and keeping true to a budget. I would recommend a different app that updates transactions and balances better. I would give a no star rating if I could because there is no place to ask for support and the web page is junk.
  • Amazing

    By Lexander C.
    9/10 - Brilliant app. My wife and I use this app daily. We stay on top of our bills and due dates. It syncs with our banks which I find really useful and amazing, however there are quite a bit of synchronization issues but the app is in its infancy so hopefully they will improve that feature. I wish the calendar view allowed you to go further ahead, rather than limiting you to the 2-month view and last but not least, I wish there was a way to match up transactions with bills (i.e. if I pay my phone bill and it hits my bank account, it can then be matched up with said bill under the Bills tab), so it marks itself as paid. Perhaps after a few iterations of teaching the app what to look for (esp. when using auto-pay), it can then automatically match up transactions with their respective bills.
  • Best money app hands down

    By mdsunhee
    Love this app. My husband hates talking about money but somehow speaks the Honeydue language. He regularly reacts and comments on transactions and now stays on top of our finances without me nagging him. We text each other about our budget instead of arguing about it over dinner. Highly recommend this app for all married couples.
  • Frustrating

    By Ty Crable
    It’ll download all of my transactions that are expenses but NONE of my income! *sigh!
  • Expense Sharing

    By WhoDis?!86
    I previously gave this app 3 stars because some transactions didn’t show up in the transactions tab, somewhat defeating the purpose of the app. I have since discovered that the transactions (in my case ebay/PayPal and ISP payments) were categorized as Miscellaneous Transfers rather than Spending, and thus did not show up in transactions tab. I changed the category on those transactions so hopefully that solves the mystery!
  • Almost good

    By ntnnnnnnt
    It started off great, the concept seemed amazing, but way too many issues. In order to keep track of who spent what you have to way weeks in order for your charges to stop showing up as pending or they disappear. I’ve emailed them countless times and they can’t seem to fix this issue. It’s too much of a hassle.
  • Helpful app, recs for improvement

    By Tbudget
    Helpful app. Recommended improvements: carryover leftover budget for each category to the following month; more frequent updates and notifications; a visual of the each category (eg sliding bar showing how much spending left); a way to account for expenses that don’t occur each month (eg taxes, tuition, etc).
  • Love this app but it’s missing some features

    By Hmaehr8
    I love the concept of this app and it has a lot of great features. A few things that would make it a lot better: The ability to split finances within the “Bills” section. It would be amazing if the app would automatically split bills in half or by a chosen percentage and assign to each partner. Add due dates and reminders to split bills. Have the split bills be contained within the regular bills. It would be nice to view split bills separately but I’d prefer to have all bills in one place by default.
  • Good but needs a few more features.

    By Phuncky
    I like the design of the app and ease of use but need a few features to be able to use this full time. 1) custom categories is essential. I can’t categorize things in these narrow categories. 2) tags. I tag things for tax purposes so I can find them at the end of the year. 3) a website or native iPad app so I can use this on a bigger screen. Will monitor and see if these changes happen to get me to move away from Mint.
  • Credit card business not included in your list

    By Ccolaman
    I like the app very much but unfortunately a credit card I have isn’t included in your extensive list. Everything else is working just fine with no problems. Hopefully you can connect with credit one and get them on with the program Thanks
  • Needs improvement

    By Brit174819
    Almost every time we use the app, it tells my husband and/or me that we need to reauthorize or sync our accounts. It’s super annoying and it makes me question how secure it is that we need to keep entering our bank information in repeatedly.
  • Real Time Updates

    By KingSiona
    Needs better real time updates with banking account balances etc.
  • iPad?

    By Hankito
    So..you couldn’t make it doable on the iPad too? That’s where I’m more likely to use this. I’ll gladly change it after I can use it on the iPad too.
  • Needs work

    By edgari1986
    It has great potential. Some accounts keep getting disconnected and when I email them they have a problem getting my account info because the app forces me to use the iPhone native email app. I have different emails and it should really let me pick which email I want to use.
  • Dates are not correct

    By AJFielding
    Basically every transaction recorded in this app is one or two days off. It gets hard keeping track of everything when it’s all wrong
  • Almost there 😕

    By ClaraBeee
    I really think this app could be useful but I really wish there was a way to add transactions manually. A lot of people are on debt free journeys with the Dave Ramsey program and use cash for groceries, fuel, etc! It would be soooo nice if that was an option. Please add this feature 🙏🏼 I also, knocked down another star for the transactions posted don’t match when they are posted at the bank even though it says the banks have been synced. The transactions sometimes don’t appear for 1-2 extra days. Kind of defeats the purpose. I could just use my bank app and a budget book.
  • All Good After Update

    By Twitchy1017
    Update 4/6/19 Everything seems to be working and my wife and I look forward to having a nice app to share budgeting info. Thanks for the app and fixing issue ———————- Keeps looping back to initial setup, app works perfect in wifes galaxy s7 but I can’t get rid of setup steps on my iPhone
  • Fix the bugs

    By xtinapaulina
    Can’t do anything on app because setup keeps popping up and prompting me to put in our names and pictures etc, but can’t get past that. Very annoying. Fix this please!
  • Extremely Buggy

    By sylver7227
    I read some articles online about the best budget apps for couples & this one was one of the apps listed. The articles said that it has the best features for free but it did warn that it is very buggy. I decided to give it a shot anyway. Unfortunately, it will not allow me passed the setup process even after I confirmed my email address. From what I’ve seen so far, it is a very promising app & I'm sure it’ll be amazing once the bugs are worked out.
  • Doesn’t work.... very annoying

    By Karora83
    Keeps asking me to set my partner every time I try to open the app! Useless....... and waste of time
  • Show me the app!!!

    By thejenks28
    Would love to be able to actually explore the app but I can’t because it keeps wanting to “set me up” and invite my wife Every. Single. Time. I. Use. The. App. Even when she accepted the invite, it still does this every time I click “show me the app”. I then click on another part to explore and boom, right back to literal square one.
  • Too bad I can’t use it cause I’m not a couple

    By theatre knitter
    Was going to use it to manage my SINGLE finances, guess I won’t now.
  • Maybe my wife messed it up

    By CraigGro
    At first it looks like this would be a great app... except for my wife.
  • Major Flaw

    By Esmitty225
    Like the app so far, but there is a major flaw. If you update the password on your banks website, there is nowhere for you to update the stored password in the app, so that account will no longer sync.
  • Bugs!

    By tma1577
    Really liked this app when I started but there bugs. I can’t refresh my bank...it says “you’re time has expired when answering security questions “.....even though I’ve done that a million times over. I have logged out, back in, refreshed...it’s just not working. Very frustrating , as I paid a “tip” and spent time organizing all my money and now I can’t do anything else but just find a different app. Very irritated
  • Was a 5 star but then it wouldn’t work

    By kinderkidd17
    I finally got my partner to get on the app and it worked for a little bit (less than a day) and then after a couple hours it had to me invite him again. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and now I can’t log in to it. The codes aren’t working.
  • Functional (50% of the time)

    By Beemer345
    It works half the time. The other half I spend countless hours back and forth with customer service just trying to log in to the app. It literally kicks me out of the app every other day and doesn’t let me log back in. It’s very difficult to trust this company with my finances when I can’t even log in to this app. On top of all of that, the reset password email links don’t work AND verifying my phone number doesn’t work. How in the world am I supposed to log in to my account? This incredibly small issue should not even be an issue! If I can’t even log into my app, we are going elsewhere for our needs.
  • Great app! Here's some suggestions to make it better

    By Antoniodab
    iPad optimization - The bigger screen real estate would benefit working in the app a lot. Web app - Sometimes it's nice having a website to go to when you're on a computer rather than your phone. Scheduled split expenses - The split expenses feature is really nice and useful. But would be nice to add a date to some expenses so we know when they are due.
  • Not all transactions showing

    By ztaiclet
    This seems to be a great idea to help couples manage serperate bank accounts but when some transactions are not logging it beats the purpose of having this app. I've messaged support on this and they asked about which transactions were not showing and have not heard back from them. If they get this fixed it would be a top app to have.
  • So convenient

    By GMF1185
    I love love love this app! I can adjust my balance whether or not not I want to spend minimum amount or not. Thank you for creating a wonderful app.
  • The Customer service is fantastic

    By JimmyBoy401
    I had a problem with my cards and loan accounts connecting. One by one they were all having an issue with connecting to their respective bank. Contacted customer service for help and got a reply very quick. It was next day in the morning when I realized I had a team member on the case. I really like the projection maps and how my family credit card shows the total balance but only my charges show on my individual sheets so once it was all working I got set to budgeting. Super easy app to figure out. The set budgeting is extremely helpful and that’s exactly what I wanted but it also shows retirement accounts and now I can see my stocks and bonds too. Very very please with Honeydue.
  • Too Complicated

    By Robynface
    We each downloaded the app and signed up but it wouldn’t link it kept saying the other person already had an account. I even made two accounts- with a different email because it said I had to delete the old account. Very annoying. After 45 minutes of trying to make it work, I gave up.
  • Requires phone number. No privacy

    These developers dont have to collect so much stuff from users. But they do, because they can. Read the privacy policy
  • Amazing app 👌🏽📈😍

    By Cordavis19
    I just wish they had a feature where the couples can add their income so the users will know if they go way way over budget also helps cut spending and maybe local deals at grocery stores gas stations etc thanks
  • Cash option

    By Unaccomplished
    Pleasssssse offer a cash option for accounts.
  • Disappointing

    By Justwant2makevidz
    We were really excited about this but for some reason we just keep getting errors when we try to connect to most of our accounts. The app simply does not work.