Honeydue: Couples Finance

Honeydue: Couples Finance

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-12-17
  • Current Version: 2.14
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 125.20 MB
  • Developer: WalletIQ, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 243


Featured by Apple, Forbes as "New Apps We Love", "Finance for Happy Couples", "Best Tech Apps To Help You Save & Invest", Honeydue is the best personal finance app for couples. Track your balances, budget and bills - and engage in meaningful conversations about your goals and habits. WHY HONEYDUE? • Choose how much you share with your partner • See all of your bank account balances in one place, neatly organized. • Set monthly household spending limits on each category, and get notified when you and your partner are nearing it. • Add your own custom categories • Get reminded you when it's time to pay your bills. • Send a thumbs up to encourage your partner's spending habits, or choose from 6 other emojis • Ask your partner if that mysterious purchase was theirs • Divvy up expenses, and square up balances with your partner when the time is right • Automatic categorization of all your spending • Support for over 10,000+ banks (US only) • Bank level security for your peace of mind: Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit. • SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication. • See the big picture and argue less about the little things • Free up your time from financial chores and go enjoy your day! • It's FREE! Monthly Tips At Honeydue, we want to earn your trust and treat both you and your partner like adults — you can decide what’s fair to pay (yes, even $0). No additional content is unlocked by tipping us. iTunes will charge your monthly payment once you confirm the subscription. • Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current month. • Your monthly tip automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the monthly period. • Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: https://www.honeydue.com/terms Terms of Use: https://www.honeydue.com/privacy Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at: support@honeydue.com Note: Honeydue is currently only available in the United States.



  • Lapse in syncing banks

    By Annoyed - S
    It does not sync with my banks in real time , so it always shows the wrong balance and it confuses me when budgeting for my family
  • Doesn’t work

    By jessiee01
    I like how I can set dates for reminders and all that but I can’t connect my bank account to the app. I have the correct password and username yet it still says it’s an error.
  • Almost fun?

    By Mandykate
    So I have to admit that I just got this app today but I love it. Categorizing my poor purchases is pretty fun! I love this transparency between my husband and I. Our before marriage counseling said it was fine to have separate accounts but that we should be open and save together, this seems right in line. Mostly I’m writing this review before I make my final verdict because I had a great experience with customer service. I emailed them this afternoon to ask about one of the features. I assumed it was user error but hubs couldn’t figure it out either so what the hey. I got an email back within an hour with a clear and thought out response. So amazing! I’m excited about combing though all the things this app can do!
  • So far...

    By Grace H. Kim
    it’s a really great app! My boyfriend and I love it. My only gripe about this app is that it won’t update mine as fast as my boyfriends phone. We both have the same phone but for some reason I seem to have a lag.
  • Chase 2fa isn’t working

    By jessejlt
    2fa support is great for many of the services I use, but the app seems to hang when trying to authenticate with Chase.
  • Deleted all transactions

    By Regremic
    We manually added our accounts to use the app as a paperless check register. We had the account for three days and liked it, only to notice this AM that all our transactions have been deleted. So now we have to go back to our bank account to track transactions. Good in theory, but this error is a deal breaker. I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Bugs while signing up

    By skeletor rigby
    I tried to download this app because i heard stellar reviews about it. In my signing up i was “logged out” from an account that i hadn’t fully registered for and then was spammed every 4 minutes with a new verification code to my phone that i only requested once. I had to block the number from sending any more messages and was stuck in an endless loop of trying to sign back on and getting an “unexpected error.” I’m not gonna lie, if i can’t even sign up for your app without bugs, it doesn’t give me a lot of hope that it’ll function properly.
  • Great concept; app doesn’t work

    By pyrolion54
    Love the idea of this app! It’s just what my wife and I have been looking for. However, the app itself doesn’t work. I’ll get just a few steps into the account creation (as far as to give it my name) and it’ll give me an error message saying “for your security you’ve been logged out. Please log in again”. Every time! Again, love the idea but haven’t even seen the inside of the app yet.
  • Great with bugs

    By Maudhd
    Two major bugs. 1. It is impossible to update the phone number, so if you change numbers like I did, your forced to delete your account and so must your partner to reconnect them. 2. Account balance update is super slow and there isn’t a manual refresh button. Aside from that it’s great enough to give it 4 stars still.
  • Not syncing with Banks

    By Rollin Pigeon
    My wife got her account to sync. I tried to add my account from Simple and it loaded 3 times but when I close and open the app again my accounts aren’t there anymore. Could be a useful app but not if I can’t get it to work.
  • Transactions are backwards

    By burtonmattc
    I heard this app was really useful for money management. As I was organizing some of the transactions, I realized that half of them show a positive balance when I purchase things. So instead of saying I spent $5 on gas, half the time it records that the gas station paid me $5 dollars. There is no way to manually edit these transactions to fix them... but seriously? Should this even be a problem? This seems like a very basic issue for a money management app.
  • I appreciate the upgrades.

    By Imcookin
    Still waiting for a way to pull together reports that can emailed and texted. Necessary for tax purposes.
  • I like it

    By CaroBabbo
    We’ve started using it and so far so good. Little tricky setting up credit cards because some of our cards have to same bank behind them. We were using same login and password because bill pay was coming from different websites. Would be nice if you could just use the company name instead of the bank. Keep up the good work.
  • Perfect

    By Clpeteja
    It’s so easy to add bills and your accounts to manage your money. It’s nice to have transparency with your significant other so they 1.) don’t spend extra money you didn’t plan and 2.) they can help save money for a bill that needs covered. We have our own separate accounts but we are able to contribute equally. This helps work together towards your wedding, that house you’ve always wanted, saving for house repairs, or for having a little family!
  • No notifications.

    By wizz_
    No way to turn it on.
  • Great App but won’t connect to bank accounts

    By !!!!???(())
    I love the app’s ability to share the budget with your spouse. Unfortunately, the app won’t connect to our bank account. We tried to get the help desk to ... well, “help,” but they never respond.
  • Best app!

    By SirenCub
    This is exactly what I was looking for. The only issue is the split expenses icon will disappear from items that were split. This makes for managing the budget more difficult since it looks like I haven’t tagged transactions.
  • Great app, just a couple kinks to work out

    By Burna Muzik
    Beautiful app, me and my girlfriend adore it. Notifications for bills, show you budget, where you're going wrong with spending. Split up expenses with your spouse so that there is no arguing about it. Kink is sometimes the budget is wrong, and how much you actually have in your accounts. But I alway just go check my real bank app. But as far as keeping track of bills and spending, this app is the truth.
  • Function & Design

    By MarriedGuyPDX
    Hi, I’m a married man with several children. My wife and I both work, we have normal expenses for a family of six renting and saving to buy a home. This app allowed my wife and I to better review our overall financial picture on a month to month basis and in large grouped periods. It helped us identify gaps in our spending that other personal finance apps could not. We believe this is because HoneyDue is designed with couples and shared expenses in mind. It’s design actually fits the way we spend money. Very functional, I can’t wait to see what improvements might occur in the near future. I’m so ready to add that 5th star to my review.
  • Money

    By dthbimskfoamsbvf
    I tried to sign up for this app, started an account and invited my bf to join. Then they asked for a tip to be taken out of my account every month. Since I haven’t received any services from them yet, I didn’t want to give a tip. Unfortunately, the app won’t let me go any further in the set up of my account until I give them a tip for services not provided. Makes me question their business ethics and wonder what other expenses this app has I store for me that they are not willing to publish ahead of time. So, I deleted the app due to distrusting them.
  • Me and my Fiancé LOVE this app!!

    By WestonNelson
    This app is great for keeping track of bills and totals together and all in one place. It is so very easy to watch your budget and help plan stuff together while keeping an eye on all accounts. One other amazing thing about this app and its staff are when i emailed in to support later in the night not expecting a response for some time because of how late and if they were busy. I received a response in less than FIVE minutes! And then my problem was solved in 10 to boot! Over all a great service and idea, cheers to you all!
  • If You Want to be Better Than Mint

    By Trovinator
    This app is very good. It’s practically mint with a different UI and some extra features. There are two thing it should have that would put it over the top for me. It needs budgets that are calculated weekly. I track my gas and dating spending weekly. It should also total your bank accounts when in the all that. I like to know how much money my partner and I have without pulling out a calculator. There should be an overall total, a total for checking, a total for savings and a total for credit cards.
  • Should have banks not just in USA

    By QueenofAntarctica
    This app would be so useful if it could sync banks from around the world not just US. There are many people who do business in multiple countries. My husband and I teach in China for most of the year but still have student loans and a mortgage back in the US. It would be amazing if we could sync our accounts from China and the US all in one place. We do most of our small transactions in China but our big bills are in the US. And there are many people like us who have footholds in multiple countries. It’s a shame that all the apps that help you track your finances are country specific
  • Works sometimes

    By cspa2
    This would be exactly what I have been looking for if it would just work consistently. About 50% of the time when I open the app, all of my transactions have disappeared. It’s hard to keep track of your finances when they keep disappearing.
  • Can’t add bank account

    By User12223456
    Was really looking forward to trying this app. Went to add my bank account and app keeps telling me I’m entering the wrong credentials — I’m not. I’ve verified that the username and password I’m entering is the exact same as what I enter on my banking app. Without this feature to monitor me and my fiancé’s joint bank account, neither me nor my fiancé find the app useful. Not interested in the hassle of adding a bank account manually either. Disappointing.
  • Only had the app an hour

    By Yoyoyoyoyo1231414
    As you can see above, I already love this app. Already have my life more in order! Got all my bills written down and adding just a few more accounts to the app! All in less than an hour! Excited to see what else they have the offer as the app gets better. Even though it’s already fantastic!
  • Doesn’t update my account

    By CryBlast
    I emailed over a week ago about issue. I’ve heard nothing back. It updates my husbands account but not mine. I’ve had the same balance since November 1st.
  • Simply The Best

    By veryOrange
    Everything I need in a personal finance app nothing I don’t need. Goodby Mint, Prisim, and Personal Capitol. Simple bill tracking with the convenience of seeing my account balances all in one place. Thank you. Impossibly fast developer responce to my questions and clean easy to use UI that looks good on iPhone X.
  • Doesn’t update timely, not a lot of banks

    By vumblevee
    The app is a wonderful idea but it doesn’t update timely. It takes about days to update, and by then it’s days late. There aren’t a lot of financial institutions connected to it yet, like Ally Auto Finance. Really hoping for updates soon!
  • Could not add my accounts at first, but support got them working

    By tmerritt530
    I was able to get my accounts linked after reaching out to the support team. I have revised my rating up because it was overall a good support experience and now the app works wonderfully! It is really handy and insightful when sharing and discussing finances with my fiancé.
  • Want to Love It

    By shingofan
    This is a really good app, and I do feel like most of it is simple to use, and tells me what I need to know. That being said, there are still some bugs that make it frustrating. Most of the bugs I’ve encountered are in the Banks section in the More tab. It’s constantly not showing banks that are active and viewable in the Balances tab. Or it’s showing the wrong one: my fiancé has a Capital One credit card, in the Banks tab it shows up as American Express, but when you click on American Express it brings up the bank settings for Capital One. His actual American Express should be there but disabled. So it’s only showing 4 banks when he should have 5, and the banks showing are different than what they click into. And a suggestion that I would like to put in is on the Budget tab, I wish you could toggle the spending categories that show up in the budget circle chart up top. Like, for example, I would like to only see total spending from Food & Drink and Shopping, to see unnecessary expenses, and not the whole budget. When my necessary expenses like Rent are all mandatory and included, it’s harder to get a snapshot of things I DO have control over. Just my two cents. Still am using it because it’s a good overview of both our expenses, but not using it for budgeting or bill management.
  • No iPad support

    By JimO-PDX
    Two stars because it's for iPhone only. I am not going to use it if I have to enter info on the iPhone only. Did not take the time to create a log in if I am not going to use it.
  • Efficiency Lost

    By Lagniape
    My husband and myself like the app however recently in the activity feed it is filled with so many articles that our account activity is spaced out so far apart we can’t actually identify anything efficiently to understand recent spending or what we’re looking at. Before I could open up the Activity feed and see all the activity from all our accounts. I didn’t actually have to go hunt for it in between articles and adds if that makes any clearer sense.
  • Further improvements needed

    By Khizar 5hah
    The app is almost perfect but more things are needed. Like time ranges other than months. Need sub categories like lunch within food.
  • Terrible.

    By annamichelle0
    Tried to initiate using this app - i was excited. Tried to connect to my bank and nothing. It just kept timing out. Went to sign into my bank account to verify my username and password and all was good. Shut down my phone .. tried again. Tried about five more times - nothing. Looked for customer service - oh wait they have noda. Stressed and irritated now.
  • Best app for couple finances!

    By 8n6i3a
    This app is the best. Love that my husband and I can track our finances together. The only thing that could make it better would be the ability to makes weeks go Friday to Friday since that’s usually payday.
  • Good idea but buggy

    By mazzeestar
    I wish this app really worked! It won’t access my main bank account and doesn’t pull down transactions from a couple credit cards. For the accounts it works for it’s great tho so hoping they figure out these bugs
  • Best budget app I’ve found!

    By Childrrs
    I’ve tried mint, EveryDollar and finally something that works. I’m really loving this app in so many ways; design is simple and clean, easy to use and customize. Today is the first day my spouse and I sat down to due bills, and there were no arguments, no surprises, we were both on the same page!! Thank you Honeydue❣️ So now I’m on the hunt for a personal budget app for young adult children, to help them budget new income, and college debt. So please honeydue, where can I find this in a personal budget app?
  • great idea but too many bugs

    By Nanaha111
    loved the idea. but cannot successfully invite partner to use. too many restrictions and kept saying my email is invalid. Tried it three days delete and resign up 3 times and still cannot get both of us set up on the app at the same time. it’s time to give up.
  • Makes things easier

    By Hala H.
    Pretty cool to see all our bills in one place and not have to have awkward conversations about who owes who what.
  • Best couples app

    By rodriler
    Just tried this budget app and love it.
  • Best bills app for couples

    By Ninja Jay Dubz
    We searched for wedding apps, and found this new one for couples. We also tried Twine and Prism but this is so much better. We can track our bills and our budget, even bank accounts. Best money management app out there! I wish it could track credit scores though. Or pay bills.
  • Way better than twine

    By MartinK2006k
    I was using twine to save and budget for awhile, but found this app last week and love it. Couples finance has never been easier. We got married recent and looked for wedding apps - this is easily my favorite.
  • Updated: Wish it would sync bank account!

    By gracefbaby
    I really want to love this app and use it with my husband, but my bank account won’t sync. I have People’s United Bank and every time I try to connect it I get the same result. I type in my user name and password, then it prompts me to type in my phone number for verification, and every time it sends me the security code the app quits on me and starts back from the beginning when I open it back up. This has happened probably 10 times. Please fix this bug!! I want to use the app to its fullest! Update: Honeydue support fixed this issue almost immediately and now I’m happily using the app! Thanks for the quick work!
  • Cannot connect bank account

    By giggzari
    Couldn’t connect my bank even though my credentials are correct
  • Great concept; annoying bugs

    By WokeeMi
    My fiancé and I started using Honeydue to track our spending and stay on budget. The app’s functions are great - really helpful to see all the accounts laid out, all transactions, and track our spending by category. However, this app can be incredibly buggy, which makes it very annoying to work with. A great feature of the app is being able to create new budget categories (for example, Wedding or Pets) and move items into this categories to track spending. So, it’s incredibly frustrating that the app can never seem to figure out recategorizing items! I had to recategorize a Whole Foods charge three separate times - I’d make the change, see that it was moved to the correct category, and then log in later and see that it had reverted to the original (wrong) categorization. Other problems - sometimes the Transactions tab won’t load at all and changes you make do not show up automatically (you have the force quit the app and reopen). So much potential here if they just fix all the glitches!
  • Really helpful

    By mannysf415
    I used to use quicken but this app is so much better. My wife and I can finally see what's going on without hassling each other for passwords for bank accounts. New bill reminders feature is a life saver.
  • Tip Us

    By Cheezepigs
    Here’s a tip doesn’t help people finance if you are making us pay for your “free” service. If I knew what/how you can save us money don’t ask for it upfront. Worst market decision to follow up on.
  • Thanks for the fixes

    By JLGonzo
    Please add a function that adds up all of the spending limits and gives you the total.